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      22.11.2010 12:39
      Very helpful



      Again another good album from Arjen Lucassen (Melodic and Symphonic Metal / Rock)

      About the Album and Artist:

      As you may know Arjen Lucassen, is a Dutch ProgRock/Metal composer, as probably mentioned before in my Ayreon´s Review this incredible musician is known for his many contributions as guest musician and also for making his own music projects asking other well known musicians to participate.
      In this case we'll talk about one of his projects called Star One, at the beginning the idea of this project was created with the collaboration of Iron Maiden´s singer Bruce Dickinson, where basically Arjen would have been composing the Music and Bruce would have written the lyrics... seems that the known reasons why didn´t this happened was because Arjen announced this over the Internet and Bruce´s manager cancelled the deal. Later on, basically Arjen didn´t drop the idea and after some negotiations he decided to make it happen; so he created the 1st album and he named it "Space Metal" which was based on Sci-Fi Movies and TV shows... the album was a total success (of course, for those who love ProgRock and Metal music).
      So this time we´re going to focus in the Sequel to this cool music project, so Arjen wanted to name it Star One - Victims of modern age, which is also based on movies but he picked more dark and thrilling Classic SCI-FI ones...

      The themes of the album's songs are based on the following SCI-FI films or television shows:

      Disc 1:
      1 Down the Rabbit Hole - Introductory Song/The Matrix (In allusion to Alice in Wonderland)
      2 Digital Rain 3 Earth That Was
      4 Victim of the Modern Age
      5 Human See, Human Do
      6 24 Hours
      7 Cassandra Complex
      8 It's Alive, She's Alive, We're Alive
      9 It All Ends Here

      Bonus CD:
      1 As the Crow Dies
      2 Two Plus Two Equals Five
      3 Lastday
      4 Closer to the Stars
      5 Knife Edge (ELP - COVER song)

      In this project Arjen Invited these well known musicians and singers to participate:

      Russell Allen (Symphony X Vocalist)
      Damian Willson (Threshold Vocalist)
      Dan Swano (Nightingale, Katatonia, Bloodbath etc...)
      Floor Jansen (After Forever)
      Joost Van Der Broek (After Forever Keyboardist)
      Gary Wehrkamp - guitar solos (Ayreon , Shadow Gallery)
      Ed Warby - Drums (Ayreon, Hail of Bullets, Gorefest)
      Peter Vink - bass

      Track 1 Down the Rabbit hole :

      This Instrumental Intro starts with as usual a Fantastic Keyboard atmospheric patch-sound which reminds a lot of Arjen´s Trend mark, very emotive with this fuzzy leading Keyboard melody takes you to the intriguing world of SCI-FI/Fantasy Universe. (This song obviously refers to Alice in Wonderland).

      Track 2 Digital Rain:

      So It begins the album with this power metal riffs companied by tremendous background Organs and powerful drums, the song is based in the whole story about the movie "The Matrix", it has a lot of dark melodies and with yet great vocal arrangements combines Dark tones with glorious Light choruses mixing destruction and peaceful feelings, really great tune, if you like fast power metal with beautiful music arrangement, also we hear amazing Lead keyboard solo by Joost Van Der Broek.

      Track 3 Earth that Was:

      Then we have the third song also commencing with really thick guitar riff, also it has sad theme atmosphere, the song is based on the movie "Serenity" call me ignorant but I haven´t watched this film yet LOL, , anyway I´m planning to get it and watch it not only because Arjen made a song about it but also caught my attention after I read about the plot. The song has a lot of great melody compositions and cool instrumental parts, I really enjoy it but it´s not one of my favorite tunes.

      Track 4 Victims of Modern Age:

      This is a very interesting track, not just because is based on one of my all time favorite films directed by probably one of the best Directors of all time "Stanley Kubrick" yes and that movie is "A Clock Work Orange" if you haven´t seen this film or "2001: Space odyssey" I RECOMMEND YOU to do it! If you´re fan of the "Seventh Art" of course.
      So the song, has this catchy melody signature pretty cool Guitar and Keyboard + drums all together makes it a bit particularly different, but of course its Rock and Metalish... lyrics singed by Russell, Damien and Floor gives us totally atmosphere of the Story, simply theatrical and bit kind of Broadway Metal musical style.

      Track 5 Human see, Human do:

      This track simply rocks the hell out of your Player, great start with fast paced guitar riffs and beautiful keyboard background sounds, is mainly Power Metal with symphonic and spacey touches... really cool, song is based on "Planet of the Apes" Movie, pretty thrilling and the theme suits the story very well done, again, Keyboard solo is mind blowing all full of emotion and feeling. Great tune!.

      Track 6 24 Hours:

      Ok, this is one of the best tracks of the album in my opinion also because is really cool how it fits the Story in the movie "Escape from New York". Begins soft with awesome clean vocals made by Damian W. following the melody Russell A. with his powerful angry vocals is just amazing how the song develops, really grows on you, I can´t stop listening to this tune...
      in the middle we have these darkish riffs accompanied by Dan Swano´s Vocals and also Floor Jansen´s beautiful voice, then it calms... and there´s is this so cool Keyboard Flanged patch lead melody which totally rocks your mind and ears... awesome track honestly.

      Track 7 Cassandra Complex:

      So this song also is going to catch your attention, as the title says has this cool particular lead melody really complex and mixing several music scales... passes through all states being weird, sad, and beautiful arrangements ... is weird, as the movie plot itself "12 Monkeys" if you don´t pay attention you won´t understand the story and so this track, very cool what Arjen wanted to do in this song, really insane but cool.

      Track 8 It´s Alive, She´s Alive, We´re Alive:

      Ok this is my least favorite tune, also the movie didn´t like it very much although the story is very interesting ... the movie is just not that interesting because it was a bit slow, IMO of course, is based in "Children of Men" post apocalyptic movie where this song is not quite I expected but is not bad song. Fast melodies good riffs and descent vocal arrangements, could have been more epic ... given that the story is Epic right? Don't worry you´ll get what I mean in the next song.

      Track 9 It all Ends there

      Well if you didn't quite dig previous song... not because it was bad but because it deserved something more thrilling... all right, you got it!, in this one! Haa! excellent song based on the Epic SCI-FI classic "Blade Runner" the songs is as thrilling and dark as the Film, is amazing the vocals arrangements on this one... outstanding performances by Dan and Russell, also worth mentioning the chorus performance made by Floor, all melodies are incredible. The song just ROCKS! Amazing work ... you must listen again and again this tune, it also have beautiful Guitar solo and lots of feeling, then again we hear more of Russell´s incredible vocals... then at the end there´s a climax, melodies grow and grow making this track EPIC, of course is one of my favorite on the album, but hold on because it´s not over yet.

      Bonus CD (Only if you bought DIGIPACK LE)

      Track 1 As the Crown Dies
      Well in this Bonus Cd I might say I find these songs so really freaking good! On this song, Arjen Invited Mike Andersson, this guy has a lot of feeling, great tune based on the movie "The Road" simply amazingly emotive melodies and fantastic music composition.

      Track 2 Two plus Two Equals Four

      In this track we have on vocals Rodney Blaze, the song is based on the movie "1984" haven't seen either this one, but the song is really cool, also Rodney made pretty cool work here, song is very Rockish style, don't know why but this song reminds me a lot of some Ayreon´s songs. Great tune and ending also melody grows from darkish and painful to glory and epic light... really cool track.

      Track 3 Last Day

      In this track Arjen´s sings himself the song is based on movie "Logan´s Run" also we can find cool Guitar riffs with keys ... the song has these soft parts where Arjens sings with this Flanger effect which is also a trade mark from his works... again pretty cool Keyboard solos and patches, I can´t get tired of his compositions.

      Track 4 Closer to the Stars

      Now in this song I must say... it's definitely my favorite Track of whole Album, this is like the Climax of this whole work, Arjen´s seems to reach the stars honestly with this Tune, the theme is based on one also of my favorite Movies "Gattaca" for this song Arjen asked very well know great singer "Tony Martin" he just can´t be more fitted to this song, the whole music makes you think about how amazing the universe and galaxy is incredibly unraveled, with great keyboard Organs, awesome guitar leaks and beautiful vocal compositions.

      Track 5 Knife Edge

      This is a bonus COVER from the Great prog band ELP, what can I say I like this cover! But of course is pretty Metalish-Rock style, keyboard performance is quite cool by the way... also worth mentioning that all Vocalist performing on this Cover made an incredible work, the song fits perfectly the Star One ambience.

      My Opinion and Rating

      Score I will give 4 / 5
      Ok I must say I really enjoy the Album but I liked more the 1st Album Star One - Space Metal although the approach that Arjen´s took on this Cd is really good also if you love SCI FI then the music speak by itself. So anyone who enjoy good melodic and Symphonic Rock / Metal, certainly would enjoy it.
      Hope you liked my review, otherwise I´d love to hear your opinions!

      Thanks for reading



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        15.11.2010 09:57
        Very helpful



        Great old VCARD! good price... STILL RUN many update PC Games

        -Little bit of history-

        Well according to the analysis done 6 years ago or so, the performance of graphics cards ... years ago revealed that the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT was actually the best card you could buy in terms of the price and performance of this card, 3DMark which by then was not so mediocre, was ahead even of that old card ATI Radeon HD 3850 that also was one of the best, LOL ok this is Obsolete and I know that makes no sense to do a review of a Video Card so old!, but unfortunately I hadn´t had a chance to upgrade my video card as well which I mainly like to buy the best today as the Nvidia GTX 480, OF COURSE! and spend about £300 at the moment, leave me alone... :P
        Good, please keep reading as you´ll understand my point here.


        Talking about this old test specifically focused on the 3DMark06 score, a benchmark rate that was performed at YouGamers and served to make a ranking with graphics cards and processors even more interesting for the potential buyer, of course all this back in that time.
        The tests made at the time were in standard environment with a resolution of 1280 x 1024, without Antialiasing and no AA filter, and back then, there were compared with the prices that were published in CNET, an online technology website, with great prestigious and currently still so.

        The list is updated twice a day, do not know if it still does, and it turned out an interesting way to assess the performance of these solutions according to the price and performance, although it is clear that consider a single test is not total assurance; conclusions are not absolute, you also need to pay attention to all the reviews you can get so you can really know for sure what you're going to buy, has a long life and good performance.


        With everything and that, at that time back, the assessment was very interesting, the NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT card which I got... (and will continue to, don´t know for how long? LOL) ... was the most valuable card in the market, ahead of the ATI Radeon HD 3850 and GeForce 8800 GT, GeForce 8600 GS and Radeon HD 3870, following on that old list, and that was why I decided to buy it.

        Now ... as my PC is not as up to date, I have a P4 3.0GHZ processor at that time was also an ultra powerful processor, and today with these multi-core processor is impossible for this to continue running the games that coming out now ... The last game I could run decently and with the lowest settings was the COD4 and Crysis that are still being for sure amazing games with incredible graphics! But unfortunately today and the new games need new processors with at least 2 CORES and my P4 unfortunately does not work, also because its architecture is old too, but to do essential jobs it does the work ... I mean, surfing, watching movies and listening to music ... for design is fine, I use it with very good performance to run programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, but that´s about it.

        -My Point of View

        The card is now a bit outdated I'm not going to recommend you buy it and if you find it used yet you can afford for 50 pounds or less depending.
        I think the card had enough potential and lasted more or less about 5 years of good use, knowing this if you currently want to buy the latest most powerful video card for sure will last a little over 5 years.

        Well, no more saying, the point of this review, it was to mention how good it was back then but also made it to give you an Idea when choosing Video Cards... so I recommend that if you want a good video card, pick the Nvidia cards, for its superb performance and durability, and I hope this little outdated review will serve not to buy this card but, when purchasing next GFX cards you´ll find it making these studies I did at that time, also if you need a simple PC with a decent card for ultra cheap cost this Video card Still exists and is available! LOL.

        SCORE 4.5/5 (Back in that time)..... now is easily a 3/5 (BTW Im playing Civilization V and STARCRAFT 2 with this CARD!) the card is fine!,,, problem really is my CPU anyway...

        Hope you enjoy my review

        Greetings and thanks


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        20.10.2010 10:43
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great Keyboard for working also very cheap and great quality!

        So finally decided to make a review of my good non-expensive Logitech keyboard, also got this one at Panama on the same trip me and my wife did couple of months ago... So I wanted to show you my experience with it.

        At the first time thought I want to buy a good keyboard, because I think is very important for me to have a kind of comfortable keyboard and also wanted to be cheap! Lol sorry just wanted to buy many things had to save in every item I got there... so since I spend great time at my computer working... so is important for me that the keyboard doesn't stress my hands and also wanted to be useful. At one point thought on a keyboard that I´ve seen before and I liked as soon as I glanced at it... unfortunately they didn't have that one ... so I had to buy this keyboard which of I´m going to speak a bit.

        The package comes with a Manual (who needs this anyway??) and with a CD with the drivers; the installation went really fast and without problems, just plug-in and PLAYBALL! Heh...

        **** A bit of detail ****

        The keyboard isn´t a ergonomic one, with multimedia features, of which Im going to mention later, it doesn't has a rest area for the palms of your hands, which is not cool because also is important that your hands to be rested, for this, I just put like an add-on cushion thing that I bought additionally...

        So at the top of the keyboard we can find the keys with regular functions like Sleep, Internet browsing, Calculator and Mute, all these can be re-configured with the Logitech software (I THINK), haven´t installed that yet anyway ... not bad, honestly don´t use these special keys that much...

        Beside this, the keyboard is pretty standard with UK Localization, is pretty light in what refers to weight, also the keyboard is rather quiet, and it depends on user preference on whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage, in particular to me does not bother me, although I should clarify that I like the sound of older mechanical keyboards, I know, this is OBSOLETE!.

        Contrary to this, this one does almost no noise; it seems like old shoes walking on moss. If sound is your thing, you'll do better with a Das Keyboard II or something similar, but you will pay (literally) for it.

        Again with more of technical features:

        Width 45 cm
        Depth 15.5 cm
        Height 1.8 cm
        Weight 490 g
        Localization UK
        Connectivity technology wired
        Interface USB
        Key/Button Function Sleep, internet browsing, calculator, volume, mute
        Features Spill proof, tilt legs
        Expansion / Connectivity
        Connections 1 x USB - 4 PIN USB Type A
        Cables Included 1 x USB cable - 1.8 m
        Compliant Standards Plug and Play, CE, UL, TUV, VCCI, BSMI, cUL, FCC, KCC, WEEE
        OS Required Linux Kernel 2.6 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista / XP / 7
        Service & Support 3 years warranty
        Service & Support Details Limited warranty - 3 years

        **** My Opinion ****

        The keyboard is a great device, provided with arrangement of some navigation nothing special of course. I'm completely used to it, and since is of great value, also I can tell you that since these keyboards offer 3 year warranty, I would easily say is more like Lifetime warranty, because it won´t break, unless you smash it against the floor because you´re losing in a shooter game or something, not my case of course... LMAO.
        Anyway I recommend it also because is pretty cheap and is of great quality if you´re not planning to invest lots of Money on a keyboard, this might be your best choice.

        Overall score is 4.5/5


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          19.10.2010 10:21
          Very helpful



          Simply the best Ayreon Album you can get... and one of the brilliant Rock Album of all times...

          **** Intro ****

          Since I´m in the mood of reviewing more Music (In this case again Progressive Rock) I´ve decided to take a look into one of the coolest bands or let´s say more likely a project started by the great Dutch rock composer Arjen Anthony Lucassen.

          **** Ayreon Project ****

          Everything starts with an idea from this music genius, Arjen Lucassen, he wanted to put together a concept record, which tales the story of a blind minstrel boy from the Medieval times, called Ayreon. One day, this particular person started receiving visions of an apocalyptic future in some way may resemble like a prophecy. But imagine, if you're a lunatic in the middle ages, and I get visions of futuristic war to set sail (not to mention he was blind), not understanding a thing ... people start looking at you in weird manner so all may think he just went crazy...so he leaves the town, and decides to go see Merlin this famous magician and so the story begins.. Anyway, it is a great album in my opinion, but I won´t go further into detail to not spoil anything and also to not diminish the Importance of the album of what I'm going be reviewing next.
          Ok it doesn´t worth mentioning Arjen´s brilliant Ideas and excellent guitar skills, besides composing, he´s also performing almost all voices and instruments, BUT! he just couldn´t be alone on this project... so he decided to call various artists to participate on this, artists that he believed they were right to fit every role in this fantastic masterpiece. So making this happen, calls people to do the voices from all characters, also calls for excellent musicians to play some instruments, either for interpreting them throughout the record, whether for a particular solo or some specific musical excerpt.

          This first release is called "Ayreon - The Final Experiment." But when Lucassen followed to keep going with the same story with other thematic albums, the name of that particular release became just "The Final Experiment." So his following ALL-STAR band drafted by Lucassen; to arm concept albums to continue the story, was going to be finally renamed "Ayreon".

          **** The Story ****

          Now let´s go and start talking about this 2 DISC album "The Human Equation" would be the fourth part of this story (7th album). The story is about a guy who is in a comatose in a hospital, cared by his wife and his best friend. Supposedly, he got into a coma after crashing his car ... but it is unclear how this could happen, because he was alone and there was nothing to crash with.

          While the guy is in a coma, his emotions (fear, love, reason, anger, etc) will start to talk, and make the plot of this concept. So this internal debates will take the right place to drive the guy to find out how it came to being in a coma, and deal with their traumas ,deepest fears and past actions or mistakes in life... these may help, or not to get out from his condition, so all this going to happen in 20 days (so each song will represent a day) so every day the feelings and emotions will take part in this journey inside this guy on the verge of death but yet alive or at least struggling to get out.

          **** Artists ****

          Alright, now let´s see the artist that were invited to participate on this album let´s see in the vocals we have: Arjen Lucassen representing Main character best´s friend; Devin Townsend representing " RAGE "; Devon Graves representing " AGONY "; Eric Clayton as " REASON ", Heather Findlay " LOVE ", James LaBrie (Dream Theater) as " Lead character ", Irene Jansen (After Forever) representing " PASSION "; Magnus Ekwall as " PRIDE "; Marcela Bovio as "Main character´s WIFE"; Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth) as " FEAR ", Mike Baker (Shadow Gallery) as "Main character´s Father ". Then we have on some instruments: Arjen Lucassen Playing all guitars, Keys and Bass guitars, Ed Warby playing the Drums and percussion; John McManus playing the flute and whistle; Jeroen Goossens playing alto flute, bass flute and pan flute ; Joost van den Broek playing some Keyboard solos; Ken Hensley doing a Hammond organ Solo; Martin Orford playing Synth Solo Oliver Wakeman and Robert Baba also playing keyboard solos.
          Alright now let´s focus on the tracks and with a bit of detail 20 songs splitted in two Compact Discs there´s so much music and story (I´ll sometimes refer "Me" as the main character).

          **** The Music ****

          On the Disc one:

          Day One: Vigil
          The Intro, They are at hospital, Wife and Best friends surround "Me"... the cardiac monitor sound both singing really delicate with care and sadness along with a slow soft paced keys... they wonder if "Me" will listen.

          Day Two:
          The theme starts with pace, so that once the party of fear, electric guitars come with the Drums, putting in a somewhat chaotic atmosphere with melodic powerful riffs, then down the tone and lead the discussion between "Me" and the Reason, new chaotic, sings the Passion, after Pride, in characteristic style to make way for a new discussion between me and Reason. Then a second round of choruses, everything becomes more romantic, love begins to speak, to tell us that there is still hope, we are not alone.
          Start a part that can send us to a Dark Side of the Moon, keyboard like space excerpt, along with ringing in the scales, giving way to the entrance of the keyboards, which have a flanger effect like pretty cool. Then start a guitar, a sound of desperation, to return to the keyboard, also with despair, high notes, which could be asking for help, to lead way of the chorus of the Passion and Pride. A sudden silence, so it begins this thrilling story inside this poor man´s mind.

          Day Three: Pain
          So a guitar with acoustic sound enters.. While the keys with flanger effect puts a painful atmosphere.. Then Agony speaks.
          ... Me and Agony arguing about the strength and weakness.
          Begins the discussion between Agony and "Me"... Simple rhythm drums goes along with the melodic and ironic tone of Agony, suddenly we listen a keyboard and drums that enters with great power and within the Rage screams, excellent combination of soft melody and dark-semi death metal. Then we go back to calm drums and then we can feel the real anger and desolate.
          Then an acoustic guitars leads the way for the upcoming contrasting flute between the harmonic chaoses, gives Love a chance to enter at this point, with sweet voice that and at the same time lets Rage intrude again flawlessly.

          Day Four: Mystery
          There´s an acoustic guitar with sweet tone within electric guitar licks in the back
          , then Best friend´s voice sings with the melody ... without changes on rhythm voice get clear and also starts Wife to sing along, after this comes a genius and beautiful Instrumental passage where keyboards with patched "Organs" makes you wonder and intrigue.. Power guitars join and it's just amazing... both Wife and Best friend discuss about his condition.. will he survive?... then more beautiful instrumental... at the end "Me" participates desperately... they both ask again if he´ll make it... "Me" Yells "I don´t know".

          Day 5: Voices
          Begins with Combined acoustic chords then enters a nice Violin melody, it shows us somehow anguish and yet hopeful, also enters a Flute giving a joy melody. Great Vocals between Pride and Me develop, it gets soon stronger with powerful guitars also comes within a low deep fantastic voice of Reason, guided by the rhythm of the drums and short guitar lead arpeggio.. both Reason and Love start the arguing.
          We move then to peaceful part, then here Fear comes so once he finishes a nice guitar solo melody a perfect fight defined by the music, we go back to Reason Love and Fear discussion. We head back to the same rhythm of the beginning acoustic guitars and violin all peaceful of the Pride. Suddenly it changes and next track is about to begin.

          Day 6: Childhood
          This song begins with a back Keys atmospheric patch as if gives a sound of kids old game.., this music stays while letting enter voices that will guide the discussion. A rhythm that represents loneliness, pain and nostalgy... After a silence we listen nice acoustic guitar with a flute in same kind of Jethro Tull
          along comes the Keyboard solo, after this begins a triumph like melody in very "A Final Countdown" mood very old-school but yet amazingly fresh sound.

          Day 7: Hope
          The most cheerful track, best friend tries to make his friend to come back to life
          happy melodies and very nice organ patched keyboards, Me wants but there´s something that´s holding him back... there´s a pause beautiful acoustic guitars with choirs and then Power Guitar licks in despair to not been able to come back.

          Day 8: School
          This is one of my favorite tracks on the Album, Michael Akerfeldt singing very calm begins the song with soft arrangements with acoustic guitars, again suddenly Rage enters furiously giving an intimidating feeling beautiful and dark harmonized, these repeat, and after enters an epic rhythm like a battle in a movie, two armies prepare to war, so the real battle between Pride and Reason may commence.
          Passion tries to behold them and go back to peaceful guitars, to put an end with the hysterical Rage and his anger.

          Day 9: Playground
          Instrumental Fairy music, we can listen to children playing, a self-descriptable them, we could easily feel inside a carrousel leaded by a beautiful keyboard melody then a flute. Later on, same beautiful rhythm with drums and guitars put together to a short beautiful song.

          Day 10: Memories
          A Cardiac monitor sound, together with an etheral key patch melody, Best friend is worried the same with his Wife, soon the rhythm becomes joyful it takes us to all happy memories. A very cool Keyboard solo, and a Acoustic guitars enhance those moments of joy. After this song paces and Passion and Reason talk, to begin next track.

          Day 11: Love
          Again with nice acoustic guitars, Keys with Flanger effect and then powerful guitars with the Drums strike... they calm down and in a 4/4 rhythm we have happy memories, both keep while "Me" and Love Sing. Later the music intensifies while Passion and Pride discuss, guitars and drums lead the melody, so then Agony joins giving a twisted feeling of fear and anger, after this Fear talk alone, suddenly a Waltz excerpt begins and they both Dance and fall in love...

          Day 12: Trauma
          With a repetitive, dismal and traumatic beat, the Reason sings in kind of bit jesting then Fear enters aggressively to end yelling "You´re better off dead". Both drums and guitars support it, then we listen the Agony a bit far away, desperately it surround us, these repeat and after we listen Passion backed with keyboards and drums... later Reason sings along with keys back chords and with a kind of macabre feeling entering into a pretty doom metal like music, very awesome in my opinion so we listen to Fear sings, fantastic clean and growl vocal arrangements by Mikael Åkerfeldt from Opeth, soon a battle between Pride and Fear develops, so Pride tries to encourage... While bass guitars and keys put an end to the track.

          Day 13: Sign
          Soft paced song arranged by flute and acoustic guitars join the beautiful lead vocals by Love, the melody reassures the main character after this, a nice lead guitar solo making in pretty epic but yet painful the Wife asks for a sign... and the Hammond keys with Flute introes the next vocal melodies by "Me" so later on both Wife and Best friend sing awaiting...

          Day 14: Pride
          A powerful theme begins with distorted keys and guitars... suddenly awesome drums joins with great intensity and cool rhythm. "Me" and Pride start to sing in a very symphonic rock style backed with organs key sounds, after a while stops... and a Flute interrupts all the noise, to organize ideas and grow within the rhythm then this takes us back to discussion. Reason joins the battle with great feeling ... turning all into a very unique beautiful composition greatly harmonized and perfectly made, all characters sing together, after this the Flute melody finish the song.

          Day 15: Betrayal
          A background and ethereal keyboard melody starts, Fear sings, then the Agony tells with the same ambiance, we can feel the pain these internal fights cause to the main character. Reason start with a gentle tone but at the same time painful, Passion backs the Reason, so later returns the pain of Fear and Agony melodies... Again Reason and Passion beautiful vocals try to make him into reason.
          A nice Spacey Keyboard in the background with a violin melody gives a bit of hope then a Key solo very Rick Wakeman´s style pretty symphonic. Later we listen again everyone singing to convince him to free his mind; "Me" ends wondering what´s going to happen together with acoustic soft guitars..

          Day 16: Loser
          The song starts with keyboard noises, Australian Folk sound and pretty wild mocking sounds, then a mandolin is next in a sort of Arabic melody with the same tone together with powerful guitar riffs pretty unique! soon enters the Father mocking his son calling him Loser... the rhythm keeps then with a twisted change begins the guitar solo and after a pretty wild Hammond solo, both challenging and pretty cool... Father sings again and then Rage responds pretty awesome with incredible feeling to counteract the mocking.

          Day 17: Accident?
          This song also is one of my favorite, begins with Keys and acoustic guitars... melody keeps growing, soon enter the drums, all in the same paced soft rhythm Reason sings with the typical Low deep voice, pretty awesome, so then Electric guitars come in, and Wife sings the choirs... later the song intensifies and Agony talks, accompanied with guitars, after this.. song stops and enters one of the greatest guitar solos I´ve heard with incredible feeling, then keys interact as well... is just beautiful pretty symphonic and it´s just an Arjen L. trademark... then after acoustic guitars again together Reason and after the Wife singing, is just amazing.

          Day 18: Realization
          In this song begins with a Flute very medieval style, suddenly guitars and keys explode with the Drums as well, we can listen the characteristic flute again a la Jethro Tull, leading the song to give a heads up to a cool powerful beautiful rhythm with guitars and Hammond organs, just simply progressive and excellent.
          So we enter into this amazingly clever Prog metal passage... and we listen to all voices everyone arguing and yelling against "Me" at this point the Album reaches an ecstasy.

          Day 19: Disclosure
          Acoustic guitars and Cello lead the melody together with Best friend vocals, he ask for an apology, then enters the violin and Wife amazing voice... both explaining the pain they made to him "Me".
          A guitar solo keeps us with the feeling while voice takes a rest; both Best friend and Wife sing together still asking for forgiveness. Later this resembles to Day 9
          Drums and Keyboards explode both guiding Love and Passion, then "Me" answers... and he's back to life.

          Day 20: Confrontation
          A Crash cymbal explodes the bass guitars leads the melody, starts keyboard sounds, guitars gives to us some nice melodies, Best Friend commence to talk
          and conversation between "Me" and Best friend develops.., when "Me" sings about treason all explode and intensifies, the truth is now to be revealed.
          Again sounds explode so Wife and Love sing together, great feeling involved..
          Rolls on the drums and marching rhythm start developing, also we hear keyboards sounds desperately, and Agony receives him and tries to scare him. Passion gives support suddenly Drums changes rhythm, we´re on a WAR, Keyboard leads the attack, Reason sing as well, congratulates him, Pride does its purpose...
          Everything then quiets; we listen to same melodies from the beginning. Fears start talking trying to avoid him from returning back, "Me" Answers back full of courage and strength ... "Look at me I´m alive"! All instruments play again
          Fear shouts with despair...it has been defeated, then a silence.
          We hear... human equation program disconnecting, emotions... "Dream Sequencer Systems offline" "don´t be afraid, let yourself go"... follow your instincts, maybe one day you´ll be Free.
          At the end we can only hear "I remember"...

          THE END.

          ***** Thanks *****

          So if you could follow me and you read all this then congrats because you´ve just experienced the Ayreon Adventure ;) hope you could understand my poor English, thanks for reading.
          My score of course 5/5 Simply Best Ayreon album.


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          • fulltiltpoker.com / Internet Site / 37 Readings / 36 Ratings
            More +
            15.10.2010 05:22
            Very helpful



            Is a very good Poker Room with some flaws that you need to be aware of.


            First of all I want to do this review because I am fan of good poker and wanted to leave my honest opinion about this online poker program.
            This site is slowly becoming a big hall between the leading online poker rooms, and for sure we can say with no doubt that it is the second largest room behind PokerStars "CLAP" "CLAP" (not very enthusiastic)...

            Then include among other things, that in this poker room you can play against professional players FullTiltPoker that Sponsored members, which are usually present in tournaments and cash tables of different values and levels. Ok let´s start mentioning some "Good" parts from this site.

            -The Design and Features-

            The interface is fantastic, super easy to handle and divided very well into real money games and play money games, I mean you can play free for fun on the play money ... of course like in almost all the tables found around the net, noticed that the menu design is very attractive and very well done menus buttons, boxes etc. All are very well made and user friendly so you feel very comfortable with it and can navigate through the software very easily.

            Then at the menus we can find many things like tournaments, type of games, Cash, we can easily locate all types of tournaments, sit n go'so tournaments or even big tourneys for up to 30000 players, very very easy to find, since each room has Specific Colors tells you what are the pay, awards, schedule and exactly time left for those to begin
            and all useful info you need to know before picking a game ...Perfect, all very well so far?
            Ok let´s move on, also worth mentioning they have a Reward Points system called FTP or (Fulltilt points) that the gain will come as you play with real money in cash tables or tournaments and some sit n go's, which then you can use to buy the FTP Store: accessories, clothing, appliances and almost everything, GREAT! All fascinating (Dollar-Vacuum ultra FAST! lol) ... well let me follow telling you a little more as well I can find great known players such as Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, David Benyamine and so on you can even watch them play in these super high stakes tables, the blinds range from $ 1000 $ 5000 ... and of course the minimum buy-in is $ 100K, LMAO, in addition that there are many more players you can find within the poker software.

            Very well, keeping mentioning all this, let´s talk about a part of the game itself, as you will walk into a table that would be a unique window, all done ok there will be no problem in fact is very cool to look at, I think that the design in general the players and the tables are quite simple but also artistic and pretty efficient.

            -The System-

            Generally works very fast the Dealer does a quickly job dealing; so when all bets are ready, then cards are drawn out in the middle of the table "the Flop!" that would be the cards (in this case for Holdem or Omaha) so this is done super fast and you'll probably say is that a Shuffle??? Let's go then! Haaa, because this software as almost all online-poker tables, are scheduled to somehow the game does not become boring, boring you say? YES ...Very simple this does not work as in real life like the dealer shuffling, changing the deck of cards, separating them, etc.. This takes a little time to do so making it 100% random and natural.

            Yes ... well, let me tell you that this little program or any other poker software is not made to be 100% random, in fact, I would say it is not even 60% RANDOM tsk tsk nope!
            The program is cleverly designed so that in each round either player at least one of them holds a good hand! How come? Ok, I´ll explain, this means that this procedure will be applied at least 85% (I´m not inventing this, I have done my research and also been playing this game for over 4 years) of the hands you play, if you do not believe I dare you look all over the Internet, that what I am saying is REAL... anyway I´m not discouraging you to stop playing Poker online, I´m just trying to give you a warning and to be the most careful when playing.

            Well, let´s keep on the explanation because probably you haven´t understand anything yet, let´s review an example from one of my experiences.

            -The GAME-

            I'm playing with 2 other players at a Cash table $ 1 / $ 2 blinds, then after blinds are put on table and everyone called (not preflop raises were done). I get 7H2D and I'm big blind and the flop appears

            7C 2S 3S

            Wow excellent FLOP for me, Right? What you do not know, is that your opponents will most likely have a consistent hand according to this flop ... believe it or not 85% of the time. And that means?????

            Well let me keep telling... well as I have good hand, apparently, I decide to Raise $ 8 just to win the hand - I say ... uff with this flop I have at least 70% of winning! Because I have 2 Pairs of course leaving aside the calculation of the possible hands your opponents may have... ok, so, one of the opponent folds (the one under the gun, or to be more clear the one with Small Blind) while the other (which is Dealer) makes me a re-raise to $ 15 ... -WOW! I say - (Note this example is real and also very typical in this SOFTWARE and in most of all online poker programs) - so I think this guy/gal may have the following: a set or a flush draw ... right??

            Well let me continue telling what happens, after seeing that re-Raise and thinking this, I say, "ok I'll pay", so I make the CALL, then the turn comes an Amazing 7S ...

            So the table is "7C 2S 3S> 7S" until now... and the pot size is $ 32, I currently have a full house 7H 7C 7S 2D 2S, but becareful ... theres also a possible straight flush Draw in there!, you have to be kidding me (I think to myself) LOL ok I have excellent hand Fullhouse is not bad! I´ll do fine, but as I know this is Fulltilt! Then I make a conservative bet of $10 and then freaking guy does the Call, finally it comes the river and you won´t believe it but is a 6S (GOD! No please) I say - Holy Crap! I can´t believe this - so I think, Man this guy can´t have those Cards I am thinking... (I think a little and say - "This guy has a flush at least! God).

            Ok so the ball is on me, at this point the pot size is $ 52 right now ... I no longer bet, so I CHECK just to be more aware of the possible cyber scam I´m about to see... LMAO.

            So Mr. !$%&/@ bets another $25, or almost everything I have left in my Chips (real money of course), I have to FOLD this because the guy has a straight flush? YES YOU DO PLEASE FOLD - Reflecting, I can´t believe ... it costs me so much and have lost 80 % of my chips already... so I decide with all the grief and pain knowing that something terrible might happen make the bad CALL ... ok, so we do the show down and I show my humble Full House and the unknown Subject shows me 5S 4S... LMAO knowing what has happened since I'm in a horrible bad beat against a Straight Flush! ... BullS*** frustrated I shut the software down.

            -Something to Consider-

            Later same day, in another game to not count all the times that something similar happened to me ... I had another full house that was broken by quads!! ... This has happened to me several times in that same week !!!...god! That's not random! something Macabre is happening behind this software, yes!
            I looked around and actually I was not the only one who felt cheated by this great world poker Emblem there are lots of people talking about this all over the internet... what a shame, I´ve won more money in casinos playing roulette or poker tables at several casinos than with this poker site ...

            -IN CONCLUSION-

            Anyway, despite all this terrible facts, I just want to share my bitter experience with this online poker table. Of course I have not stopped playing at all... since I've also won a couple of tournaments and recovered my bankroll... So Bankroll management here is the most important thing, you have to be careful of this type of crazy things that can easily happen.


            is type of game which is a type of online poker game unique in its style only available @ Fulltilt poker which is that you are always inside the Action! And never have to wait for your other opponents to play...you simply appear at a table in which you are always next to answer, so you play immediately ... and if you don´t want to play the current hand you can do a "Quick Fold", so then you´ll be immediately moved to another table which go back to take action!... and so on, you are constantly in the game without waiting 1 minute !.... what a quick impressive way to get people´s money Right ? terrific business FullTilt guys are making; so for every Pot at every table they get a small percentage ... imagine! There are about 35,000 players playing ... and about 2000 of them playing this RushPoker thing, so every 2 minutes hundreds of hands develop at once! Woah .. incredible.


            Well I hope this review works in some way to you, the only thing I recommend is that if you will play Online Poker with real money, 1st do the Play Money and practice a lot, prior to deposit! Thanks for reading! Until next time.


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              13.10.2010 01:19
              Very helpful



              Recommend it to everyone who likes Prog-Metal and Classical music


              Since this is one of my favorite Prog metal bands I decided to do a review of their 1st release which is titled by the same name of the band, also because there were not reviews about this CD, and I thought it deserves a little more attention because even if it´s not their best work, it has a lot of feeling and shows us what is going to be the great beginning and destiny of this amazing band... let´s talk about the band for a bit.

              Background of the Band

              SymphonyX or SyX called by some fans like me... (That's where I took my nick from in DarpSyX... heh) was founded in 1994 by the incredible skillful musician Michael J. Romeo Lead guistarist and composer coming along within Jason Rullo on the Drums, Michael Pinnella on the Keyboards, Rob Tyrant lead vocalist (Now replaced by Russell Allen) and Thomas Miller (Now replaced by Mike LePond), Symphony X quickly became one of the best progressive rock-metal bands out there by nowadays with many symphonic elements, many heavy riffs and a neo-classical influence essentially Mozart, Beethoveen, Bach and Rachmaninov, and many others...also we can notice some big influence from old prog rock bands like Kansas, Boston, Queen and such... , Symphony X is a band that has aggressive themes well worthy of a ton of great melodies and rhythms that can easily drag your attention with their complexity and harmonic guitars and symphonies offering a mixture between power and exquisite orchestrated passages... which can really blow anyone's mind.

              The Music

              Now let´s begin with the so mentioned album it was recorded while back in the 90´s where this style of music wasn´t really paid the deserved attention it needed like now(still needs more!); the release introduces us with the 1st song which is an intro titled

              No 1. "Into The Dementia"

              Even if the production isn´t spectacular we can notice clearly the Neo-Dark classical tones of Operatic and Dramatic-horror melodies that thrills the beginning of a music adventure from Ringing bells and incredible super neoclassical perfectly clean Shredding guitar solo by Romeo, it gives us a bit of what is coming ahead...

              No. 2 called " Into raging Season "

              starts with super powerful intimidating but yet inviting riff guitars the song talks itself about the raging epic battle between sort of Gods, its narrative is pretty romantic and also the vocal melodies offers that kind of feeling, also mix between orchestrated keys bass and nice piano excerpts, makes in my opinion a great song with great melodies and nice choirs and again this is just a bit of the taste your ears will enjoy or maybe a "Premonition" of whats coming next!

              No. 3 Premonition

              . Beautiful song which begins with an amazingly arranged beautiful Piano melody made by Mike Pinnella then joins the bass and Drums and its becoming nearly perfect melody ... then song slows down for a second and all instrument joins within this brilliant rhythm and also worth mentioning that Rob (old singer back then) does a great job putting a vocal melody with enormous feeling, Neoclassical is everywhere, with great choirs as well just like a soundtrack from a movie or even better a Rock operatic Play very darkish and metallic.. It´s lyrics speak also in the same vain epic - romantic and abstract with a touching of psychological tales about dreams and ethereal emotions, really great song too but next song

              No. 4 Masquerade

              "Masquerade" is really the point objective of what MJR wanted to project us in this great album basically I´d say the best song from this release, starts with this fast leading 100% Original Neo-Classical Melody of both guitars and Church-pipes patched Keyboards, harmonizing simultaneously just beautiful and amazing, the singer comes along with great power showing us of what he´s capable hitting every note accurately. The song is, pretty in the mood of the "Phantom of the Opera" Musical with Church like Organs riffs tagged along with the bass and guitars of course always in the Power-Metallish way... is simply amazing doesn´t need more than one play to just hit REPEAT!t again and again...

              No. 5 Absinthe And Rue

              on the 5th track then we have "Absinthe And Rue" this one is pretty more in the mood of old progressive and yet with those classical renascence style, with great power riffs and cool choirs puts it another add-on to this music work.

              No. 6 "Shades of Gray"

              In this song they start to slow down a bit, so keeping the calm in rhythms and guitars, however performed with amazing fantasy piano melodies introduces this pretty power-kind of-ballad with progressive elements just very typical from M Romeo always doing it with finesse and genius, of course you´re going to re-listen to it a couple of times to dig it a bit more...

              No. 7 Taunting the notorious

              We found the dramatic and power-metallic song called " Taunting the notorious" pretty much in a Neoclassic Romeo style ala Judas Priest sort of riffs theme.. with incredible Guitar Solos...we can heard also a bit of Thomas miller´s bass tapping great track to keep going on,

              No. 8 "Rapture of Pain"

              We find a theme very rock based style very Rush like template and of course with the Neo touch again and Powerful guitar riffs, with sometimes syncopated and amazing drum rhythms performed by J. Rullo pretty cool tune with fabulous changes in tempo and melody also Vocals goes from crazy ranges from low to high, again full of unbelievable instrumental solo parts which are sincerely amazing, now let's move to the ninth (9th ) track

              No. 9 "Thorns of Sorrow"

              Ok, this tune is also in the same vein of Speedy power metal it also resembles a bit of the "Masquerade" song... this one also has its own feeling and touch inspiring vocal arrangements and beautiful Keys and Guitar harmonies only bad thing the song is pretty short ... but besides that demonstrates again the amazing skills of composition by MJR - finally the last but not least is the 10th track...

              No. 10 A lesson before Dying

              This is the Epic one it´s 12:07 minutes long, and goes from all kinds of passages, from like the slow and introductory thrilling excerpts then goes faster and keeps changing and changing on every part, relates basically the story narrating before dying pretty poetic again which resemblances to all Music and it´s Instruments fitting in like a Roller Coaster of symphonies and emotions, the song is 1000% pure prog with tons of syncopated pieces of music, very exciting song honestly, makes you want to hear more and more. So basically that's all about it in my humble opinion... of course you can easily notice that I´m huge fan of these guys which BTW I believe they´ll be releasing a new Album pretty soon.

              My Final thoughts

              Ok with this little Review... I wanted to share all my experience so what you can read and see what´s this band offering you, if you are into Metal probably you´ve already heard about SymphonyX but if not I encourage you to go and listen to them!... just one thing I´d personally recommend you, is to start listening with their 3rd or 2nd album which are "The Divine Wings of Tragedy" or "Damnation Game" start with those first and then you can pick up the rest... I did Listen to this one back in 98 just after they Released Twilight in Olympus and of course, that CD I´d personally say is one of their best works; actually one of the best albums in the Genre of Progressive Metal, anyway when you listen to the current singer you´d probably say Damnnn dude that 1st CD is not what you described!!! LOL... believe me, start listening to those albums as I said above then when SyX has grown a lot in you, you can easily enjoy their incredible debut masterpiece SymphonyX.

              My rating is 4.5/5 (but I'm giving 5 stars only because I´ve wished it had better sound production)
              Enjoy !


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                12.10.2010 13:08
                Very helpful



                Great smartphone with all excellent Blackberry features and APPS

                Ok since I was in Panama, as other reviews also bought this phone over there for my wife.. and lets talk a bit about the phone and its features...
                in addition to its new cool impressive design, compact and elegant, this new smartphone is a powerful BlackBerry 3G with high-performance features and capabilities including high-class messaging and social networks like other Smartphones of course... and the BlackBerry email solution for an industry leader that people love BB messaging.

                It is as powerful and compact. With less than two inches wide (50 mm) and weighing only 3.3 ounces (93grams) it has access to high speed 3G networks (UMTS / HSDPA), Wi-Fi (b / g / n) and GPS, along with a powerful processor which shows impressive images on a clear high resolution not so big screen anyway... also incorporates an optical track pad (this is the best feature IMO, Im so jealous that this phone is been used by my wife .. Im still using my Bold9000 which its trackball is already Foxed! it needs to be replaced) anyway... lets keep talking about the Pearl so with its track pad is excellent and convenient for navigation, also has dedicated keys for volume and media, it comes with a 3.2 MP camera with flash to improve image quality, and supports up to 32 GB of personal content so you can can your mp3s or videos in it.

                the smartphone also incorporates a lot of functionality and looks and feels great pretty handful...of course that with the BB messaging allows you to stay connected to all your contacts and keep in touch with them to maximize your lifestyle both at work and personal.

                The main features of the new 3G smartphone BlackBerry Pearl includes:
                Sleek candybar that measures 4.25 "x 1.96" x 0.52 "(108mm x 50 mm x 13.3 mm) and weighs 3.3 oz (93 grams), 624 Mhz processor with 256 MB of Memory, High resolution screen of 360x400 (238 ppi), Optical trackpad that makes it fast and smooth navigation, and a comfortable keyboard that lets you write fast and accurate. Mediaplayer for video, pictures and music (playing music lasts up to 30 hours), and dedicated media keys built into the top of the smartphone- 3.2 MP camera with zoom, autofocus, flash and video recording, Built-in GPS for location based applications and geo-positioning of photos also has Wi-Fi (802.11 b / g / n) - is the First BlackBerry smartphone to support 'n ' networks it also comes with Card slot microSD / SDHD memory card supporting up to 32 GB of memory... a lot for my wife.. she doesn´t use at all lol
                The phone also features including voice activated dialing, speakerphone, and Bluetooth (2.1) with support for hands-free headsets, stereo headsets, car kits, including systems that support the Bluetooth standard MAP (Message Access Profile) and other Bluetooth Accessories
                also noticed that with smartphone comes with the software - BlackBerry App World Access, which provides a broad and growing catalog of mobile applications designed specifically for BB then we have the BBerry Media Sync to synchronize photos and music from iTunes and Windows Media Player from smartphone in your PC / MAC.
                the Network Support tri-band UMTS / HSDPA and quad-band EDGE / GPRS / GSM depending on your carrier of course... my wife is using with Orange and since I got it Unlocked so It could be wearing any sim card we are both using Orange now...
                Also has a removable and rechargeable battery mAhr 1150 that gives approximately "5 taking hours on 3G" networks but! if you are a Twitter facebook and other Social network nuts like my wife you can drain the battery in less time than that!!! is the only thing I dont like about these smartphones all drain your battery pretty quickly...
                now talking a bit about the OS this Pearl 3G comes with the BlackBerry OS 5 installed and you are ready to be upgraded to the BlackBerry operating system 6! but my wife haven´t let me do this to her phone yet!.
                The (OS) BlackBerry 6 is the new operating system for BlackBerry seems its not out officially yet but you can find on the net the beta versions... which I´d really like to try out.
                This smartphone is available in two models and several bright colors. The Model 9100 has QWERTY keyboard with 20 keys and the 9105 model has a traditional phone keypad 14 keys which is the one we got.
                Both models have the SureType software that auto complete words, allowing you to send text messages faster... personally I dont use this option because always messes up what you really want to write.. .
                now an important thing to recall video recording needs a microSD card, which can be sold separately
                also the synchronization of your pics is currently available only for Windows-based PCs kinda sucky for MAc users
                In conclusion
                the smartphone is awesome the OS is really fast, connection is good also the signal and Internet Speed is pretty fast... faster than my old bold 9000, the audio is clean also speakers sound pretty good and loud
                the screen size and keys are smaller of what Im used to but well my wife says its great so be it!... also the Camera is better than my Bold9000 which is outdated and with 2MP ... the Camera takes really cool pictures and with great quality,,, Id say like reaaaally great quality compared to my phone :S
                so my final score would be 4.5/5 (Im giving 5 stars )
                If you planning to buy latest BB and dont want to have a Big phone like Iphone for example... and need to stay connected with all your BB contacts this phone is for you ;)


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                  12.10.2010 11:32
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment


                  • Reliability


                  Excellent quality mouse for excellent price

                  If you ever wondered what mouse to get and you to provide comfortable and reliable control of your computer,get the Logitech Mouse M100 full size. to surf the Web, applications worksheets, and even use for Photoshop,this mouse offers you the basic navigation ++ with easy to operate, reliable and comfortable.

                  The Logitech M100 includes the quality and design you could expect from a company which has built more than a billion mice. For a comfortable fit that will keep happy both hands, the Mouse M100 has an ambidextrous shape so they can use left-handed and right, so you can navigate accurately on your computer, it has a scroll wheel side and a zoom button, which lets you scroll horizontally and you can zoom the image instantly easily.

                  The mouse also comes with high-definition optical tracking so you can select text easily and more accurately track-and allows for a smooth responsive control of the cursor and if you like to use for designing this one is pretty good too. Setup is really quick and easy as there is no software to install just plug the USB cable to an available port on your computer and GO! The Logitech Mouse M100 can run on Windows-based PCs and Macs and can enjoy this product dependent on a limited hardware warranty to three years also the price is really really cheap! so if you´re not planning to invest money on a mouse this is it! the cost may vary between 6-10 pounds.. like 8-14 USD... got if cheaper because also bought in Panama ! hehe bought lots of things there .. don´t know but some stuff are cheaper there might be because of the Panama Canal or something? and all Chinese products arrive 1st to that location ... I imagine dont know honestly.
                  Anyway the mouse is really good and doesn't require maintenance at all.. but you still might want to clean it because after one year of use it can get really disgusting hehe...
                  so my score is 4.8 / 5.


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                    12.10.2010 11:04
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                    Good device to backup all Data you need inside your pocket!

                    Got this external drive in panama because I needed to backup lots of info from my PC, 1st of all the size of this HardDrive is really small and is good because you can put even in your pockets, its actually smaller than a passport heh... anyway been using this External HD until now with no problem only thing is I need another! because is already full, anyway the harddrive comes with an internal software to administrate "easier", so easy that I really haven´t payed attention to its software, just plug-in and transfer your Data and thats about it, only thing I noticed is the Speed of transfer is a bit slow, you know if you want to backup 150GB in one try it will take you more time of what you thought; maybe because my Internal HardDrive is kinda old that could be a reason... anyway the thing is the device is pretty useful and does the Job! so thats all you need right? of course, unless you want to use it to play movies or music from it... I´d say not good Idea because believe it or not it may reduce the lifetime of WD portable.
                    In conclusion is a great device and as its name says is really Essential
                    my score would be 4/5 only because I think is kinda delicate and you have to handle it carefully, but I guess this rule applies to all hard drives!


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                    • Sony KDL-32T3000 / LCD TV / 10 Readings / 8 Ratings
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                      11.10.2010 14:50


                      • Reliability


                      Nice HDTV with good sound and great Image quality

                      Recently bought (like 4 months ago) this HDTV because sold the older Panasonic TV, From all LCD TVs I´ve used I must say this is one of the best, Im currently using this as a Personal Computer Monitor at 1920x1080 Resolution and let me tell you the detail is simply amazing, of course that for these you´d need a good video card such as Nvidia 8600GTS which is the one Im using now, basically the TV has 5 HDMI if Im not wrong... wich is great because you can put a lot of devices like Xbox PS3 DVR HDCABLE tv and PC ? is pretty cool switching devices you can easily do from your remote, Sound is really great if you´re not planning to buy a Home Theater Surround sound System, in conclusion the TV is working like a charm.. and I must say I use like like 8 hours a day because is a multi tasking TV haha... anyway I blindly recommend you this HDTV if you planning to buy a new 32" ones this could be a great choice!
                      my score 4.8/5


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                        11.10.2010 14:02
                        Very helpful



                        if you like Pain of Salvation this CD is a bit different but is one of the best CDs from them

                        Since Pain of Salvation is one of my favorite Prog-metal bands I wanted to share my review about this CD in particular Scarsick... in case you didnt know Pain of Salvation is a Progressive Metal band based in Sweden founded by the front man and Genius Daniel Gildenlöw(Guitars and Vocalist). This is one of the coolest CDs of their collection, the concept of the album is based on banality and how the world is getting consumed by Society consumerist and wasteful also talks a bit of the American Dream in sort of IRONIC refference... each song touches a bit of the same subject on this for example Scarsick pretty much talks about an introduction to why feeling SICK about what´s really going on in the world or something like that ...that´s how I interpreted, however, song has powerful riffs with melodic and dramatic melodies which can easily appeal to the feeling. The other songs like America and Spitfall also reffers to criticize the people with lots of money, artist etc that believe that just because they´re famous and powerful they can actually rule this world... like Daniel sings... "We´re just people", anyway this album has lots of mixing styles between Rock, Pop, Rap and Metal and Im pretty sure that if you´ve heard progressive rock bands and you´re looking to listen to fresh material you´re gonna find this one pretty interesting!
                        now go get it and buy it! because for sure you are going to enjoy it

                        4.5/5 My score


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                          11.10.2010 13:15
                          Very helpful



                          Good game for RPG and SG fans you wont be disapointed

                          This is an interesting PC game right now Im playing Armored Princess and let me tell you this game is pretty cool because is very original, is a mixture between Roleplaying and Strategy Game, the game is fantasy Medieval style , basically you´re a Hero in this case a Knight and you have at your disposal an army, you will be exploring a World where you will Interact with NPC, Mobs, creatures and what not... the battle works in a similar way to Chess game, basically the moves are made by Turn, you´ll fight with your army which you can arrange and get/buy/find from different places, also you´ll be able to increase your level and attributes and also your Skills.. I know this is like a Quick review but just don´t want to spoil very much of the game.
                          in Conclusion is a very tasty and colorful RTS with RPG elements it will let you setup your strategic armies with fighters, Mages, Priest, Efls, Bowmans and tons of many more races and creatures which you can have at your disposal, the game is pretty exciting, graphics are ok... I think they could have been better but the game is pretty fun to play.
                          my Score 8.8/10

                          ... if you like strategy and Roleplaying then is game is made for you ;)


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                            11.10.2010 12:53
                            Very helpful



                            Amazing shooter for anyone who loves competition buy it!

                            All you ever dream in a shooter game is here, amazing graphics, excellent solo-story mode where you can continue the campaign where you left it in COD4, it's a lot of fun, there are tons of new locations and interactive vehicles, rides, etc and what not; in conclusion you have to beat the game to make yourself pleased.
                            The Co-op game mode is a new feature in this release and is really enjoyable besides the little missions are even fun to play solo so you have extra hours of play in case you wanted more of that in single player story.
                            Finally we have the extremely addicting multi-player xbox live mode, this is all why you want to own this game, if you ever played Call of Duty 4 and you liked the multi-player Team based VS action, then you must get this game immediately. There's an improved interesting ranking system in which you can get until level 70 where you'll be unlocking a series of titles, emblems, Weapons, Upgrades and Kill streak rewards; and you can reset or do the prestige mode more than once...and still be unlocking tons of stuff so there's a lot of playtime, the game play is pretty neat, with the Kill streak rewards you can serious damage to your opposite team, this new feature let's you use additional reinforcement, all you need to do is start having multiple kills in row without dying you can setup your class with 3 Kill streak rewards, for example with 4 kills streak you can get a care package where you can resupply your ammo or call for an air strike depending on the content of the package, if you get 11 kills or more you can be the shooter of an helicopter and start doing a feast killing people and will help you to get to 25 Kills without dying then you'll be able to automatically with the match by lunching a nuclear bomb, that won't be easy since you need to be tactical and need to have skill, but still you will get a load of enjoyable playtime in this mode and probably become addict to the game.

                            The maps are OK but seems like there are like 3 maps that are very similar, also noticed there's only one small map for few team players, I guess there will be coming out map-packs very soon hopefully, but still, you can join any xbox live match and get into game pretty fast, the connection and what refers to LAG problems is almost none... if you have at least 1Mbps on your internet speed then you're fine.

                            Basically the game is worth it and you need to buy it and play to see what I'm talking about


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                              11.10.2010 12:38
                              Very helpful



                              with all the things this box has inside you dont need to be a fan to Get this.. you MUST do it!

                              Ok now that we have this lets see what this StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty CE contains :
                              176-page book with art work of the game
                              A 2GB USB drive identical to Jim Raynor's dog tag, which comes with the original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion set installed
                              A behind the scenes DVD containing developer interviews, cinematics with director's commentary, and more than an hour of content
                              The StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty official soundtrack CD, containing 14 epic tracks from the game along with exclusive bonus tracks
                              StarCraft comic book number 0, a prequel to the comic series
                              A World of Warcraft mini Thor in-game pet that can be used to all World of Warcraft characters on account in Battle.net
                              Special Battle.net downloadable content, also cool portraits for your Battle.net profile, decals and vinyls to customize your units inside the game, and a visually unique version of the terran Thor unit
                              now lets talk a bit about the game...
                              First of all this is what a RTS Game should be If you have played this kind of games you´ll notice what I´m talking about (it happened the same when I played for the 1st time Starcraft, you start playing and from the very beginning (Menu´s and everything ) all is just perfect, detailing is incredible, of course this includes Gfx and CINEMATIC look ultra real, voice acting is awesome, music and soundtrack also is very original (keeping the same feeling like old Starcraft had). Once you get started there´s no turning back you´ll have to exploit all content of the game because is excellent and totally sucks you in

                              The Story basically develops a couple of years later after Queen (Kerrigan) was overwhelm the entire Zerg race, not gonna spoil much about this, lets talk about the gameplay and a bit of the types of game modes you´ll find in this amazing RTS.

                              Campaign mode
                              Basically you follow the role of Character named: Raynor or basically you play the role for the Terran race, in this mode there are a lot of new elements you start unlocking units (unique units that won´t appear in the multiplayer mode) then is the upgrading of these units and also buildings, beside this you´ll be able to hire Mercenaries which are very useful through the campaign and certain missions, and then is this new DNA technology upgrade which grants you special things added to your units and/or buildings, also you´ll be able to play with some of the heroes but only in certain missions... too bad you can´t asign them randomly in any mission, that´d have been great... there´ll be also missions where you´ll be able to play with the Protoss Race, but no luck with playing Zerg (At least in this campaign), what else can I say ... there are like 20h-25h of gameplay + you can replay missions in different difficulty.

                              Custom games and Multiplayer
                              In this section I´m no expert I must admit but I enjoy alot playing against A.I which is really good, there´s alot of competitive action in multiplayer, in my case my Internet connection is not that fast so sometimes I feel I´m getting ripped off start getting Rushes while Im not even done building army, is kinda frustrating... anyway if you ever played Starcraft online you´ll know exactly what to do, you can create your own maps but must be uploaded to Bnet servers and they must approve it. Also you won´t find certain units like medic, Goliath and others that appeared in the campaign mode.

                              Challenge modes
                              This is fun, these are specific missions that´ll teach you basically how to defend, attack and play with all the races, you´ll learn which units are stronger and weak against other enemy units, also, didn´t mention before but you will earn achievements all over the game playing in different difficulties and executing missions withouth mistakes and what not.

                              In conclusion you´ll enjoy to play this game but you´d wish it wasn't that short , I know 26 missions is not short but what the hell I wish it was 150 missions hehe, hope you go and buy your copy because you won´t regret hopefully next year will be released the next campaign Sequel of Starcraft: LotV or something like that where you´ll play with Protoss or Zerg I suppose... don´t know which one, but I´m sure I'll be ready to get it!

                              My score 9.0 (only because didn´t have LAN support and Campaign felt short)
                              for the rest everything is PERFECT and super detailed like no other RTSG ever.


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