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      12.10.2010 10:37
      Very helpful



      A great guitar for a great game.

      The ever popular Guitar hero by activision is a music game where you use a guitar style controller to play lead guitar or bass in many well known songs.
      You can get one guitar controller and the game, or buy the game solo. But if you want to play cooperative or 2-player then you will need another guitar.
      Activision and red octane released the wireless guitar controller for you to buy to enable you to play with a friend.

      This guitar itself is based on a Les Paul, so thats the shape sorted!
      The guitar itself also comes in two parts, the main body and the guitar neck. The two pieces just slide together easily and make a satisfying click, you know they are joined properly!
      On the front side of the guitar body you have the following :
      Strum bar - Used to strum up or down to make the guitar react as if it had strings. Just above this is a small array of red led lights. They will light up depending on which controller number you are.
      To the top corner of the guitar you will find a directional pad and playstation button. The d-pad allows you to select and move up/down/left/right through menus. Reducing the need for your normal pad to be used.

      To the bottom right of the guitar body there are two buttons and the whammy arm. The buttons are start and select, used as normal with games, start pauses the game etc. Select can be used to initiate the power ups, which can also be done by quickly lifting the guitar neck end first.
      The whammy bar allows you to change the note when being played by giving it the echo/ wobbly noise. You can do this whenever you get a long note to play. Or slightly long note depending on how good you get.

      The neck of the guitar has five buttons on it situated toward the end of the guitar. The buttons are green, red, yellow, blue and orange. These correspond to the notes you see on screen. You hold these down in order and strum in sequence to "hit" the notes. The harder the level the faster and more combinations of these five buttons you will be required to achieve.

      On the back of the guitar you will find the battery compartment, which takes two AA batteries. They last for a long time so no need to panic there! You will also see two small levers too. One is to release the neck, for storage purposes, the other is to remove the faceplate of the guitar. You can buy new ones or even release your boring one and repaint or customise it. There is also the guitar hero logo stamped into it too.
      If thats not your thing you can always use the supplied A5 sticker sheets to customise your guitar!

      The wireless reciever plugs into one of your usb hubs and is shaped like a guitar plectrum.

      The adjustable shoulder strap is great allowing you to have the guitar hanging low or high for those tricky solos!

      So overall a great controller for one of the best music games available. They can be pricey but they are great controllers, which work well. A great controller, you have the game, you now look the part! Awesome!
      The other note i would like to add is just how sturdy and well built the controllers are! Really good quality, and so they should be for the price!


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      28.09.2010 12:23
      Very helpful



      A super game with a super set list. This is worth your money!

      Guitar Hero 3 Legends of rock was the first of the music series to blast its way onto the next gen consoles the Playstation 3 , Wii and Xbox 360.
      The first three games, guitar hero, guitar hero 2 and guitar hero 80's rock were all available on the Playstation 2. So much excitement surrounded this game.
      The game was published by Neversoft and Activision, who obviously hit the nail on the head as the game has sold like hot cakes.
      It was released in 2007, a while back now, but still holds its own in the music genre games.

      The Legends of rock comes in a really bright package, fiery orange and yellows make up the background and then into the foreground you see 3 characters, Slash, Judy nails and Larrs

      Now legends of rock came as a bundle, with a guitar, or as a solo game. But you needed a guitar either way to actually play the game.
      The player uses a guitar-shaped controller to simulate the playing of lead, bass, and rhythm guitar parts in songs by playing in time to scrolling notes on-screen

      You choose yourself a rocker from one of the 13 pre-designed guys and gals. Or you can create your own.
      During any song you play your avatar or rock legened will perform the music being played.

      So choose your favoured rock maniac and get into the game.

      Now to start with you are given pre determined set lists to play through. Each venue has a varying number of songs to play. When you reach the end of the venue you will be confronted with a boss, basically a solo guitar battle between you both.
      Now play through all the songs as best you can, try to hit as many notes as possible. This can be easy to near impossible depending on your chosen level of difficulty.
      This ranges from easy to expert.

      There are 74 songs on the disc, all master tracks no covers, and you can add more by going online and downloading more tracks, for a fee of course.
      And they are spread over 8 tiers or levels with increasing difficulty.

      Now the idea is to hit the coloured notes on screen with the guitars corresponding buttons whilst strumming the strum bar in time/rhythm.

      That basically gets you into the game, the better you perform the more points you accumulate, which will buy you more goodies later on, such as new outfits, guitars and bonus songs.

      You can have two players in this game also.

      Co-op, play together through a song to get a high score or if you or your partner start flagging get booed off stage.

      You can have a two player battle also, compete against each other to get the highest score.
      You can also play online against other players from all over the world.

      The game also as I mentioned earlier a rock star creator. Here you can design and make your own rock legend! You can change pretty much all facial features, hair, and clothing too. You can also customise your guitars, mics, bass, and drum kits.
      Create your won band name and logo too!

      Overall the game is brilliant, its fun to play through and slamming around on a guitar is just so much fun!

      Buy it and be part of the massive world community of Guitar Hero.

      It really is amazingly good, I cant fault it at all!!!


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      27.09.2010 13:34
      Very helpful



      a Super game, graphics, songs. Just not for me!

      If your a fan of guitar hero then you will be no stranger to the "band" game releases Activision make. Another band orientated game is this Aerosmith.

      The game focuses on the band Aerosmith, with all members of the band portrayed brilliantly in their graphical ways.

      The game takes you through the Aerosmith story, from when they first started out in small venues such as the Mendon Nipmuc Regional High School in the 1970's up to the heights of their career with much larger and more impressive venues.

      The game packs quite a good amount of songs too:

      Draw the line, Make it, Love in an elevator, Pink and walk this way, some of the better songs on the game. However there a massive amount of covers on this album too, 16 in fact. That's a lot when you consider there are 41 songs overall. However this is due to the extra songs be either support acts or who have been close to the band. So this makes up for there being so many. Quite clever

      The game play is much the same as the previous guitar hero game, hold down fret keys and strum the strum bar in time with the note patterns, which scroll down the screen. Complete the songs with as few misses as possible. And get a great score!

      Or risk get booed off stage by missing too many notes!

      This game sold more than 567,000 copies in its first week and cashed in over $25 million. Not bad when you consider this game got mixed reviews.

      Personally if I were to look back on this purchase I wish I hadnt bothered. While it has some good tracks it just doesn't do what the guitar hero games do.

      If you're a hardcore Aerosmith fan then maybe this game will be for you. But if your like many others who like some of their stuff stay away, save your money and get the next normal guitar hero game. Band specifics are only good if you love a band!
      And i dont love them THIS much.


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    • FIFA 09 (Xbox 360) / Xbox 360 Game / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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      27.09.2010 12:36
      Very helpful



      A great with only very few niggles . Otherwise super!

      Fifo 09 although outdated is still a brilliant game . This addition has improvements over the last, but is still not quite perfect- yet!

      When you have got the game loaded you will find yourself in an arena area taking control of Ronaldinho at the centre circle with the ball facing a goalkeeper. This arena allows you to get used to the controls by doing various things, practicing tricks and trying shots. Quite a clever intro into the game really. Helpful if you want a quick mess about to pick up a few tricsk before heading into the game. You can choose the player for the arena in the options section. So if you can even have yourself if you create your own player!!

      From here you can skip through to the main menu which gives you the different game modes as well as options for set up.

      The game oprtions include:

      Manager mode, gives you the option to select a team and can manage them for upto 12+ seasons. Good idea.

      Be a pro, here you select a player or create your own. This is definately a good feature as you can make yourself! Thumbs up, unless of course you want to be a goalkeeper then your not aloud to do this, you must be an outfield player. This displeased me somewhat, as its the position i play!!! I would like to see this changed in future games.

      Tournaments - Here you can compete in tournaments or create your own.
      Such as the Fa cup etc. You can choose what teams play aswell.

      Now onto the actual game play. The graphics are awesome, very good physics of the ball and player movements too. Even the goalkeepers act like real people. However the goalkeepers AI can still be a haphanded attempt to react or even act. Its seems such a let down they have come so far yet still have these niggles to moan about.
      Commentry is also much better, being spot on with advancements in the game, although it still gets repetative. They did release a downlad pack with more comments but even so, these should be installed when you buy the game already!
      There are loads of leagues too many to mention but in the english leagues it goes from the premiership down to the conference. So just a few teams, and thats not including the rest of the world.

      Overall a brilliant football game which is accurate and looks great. Its fun to play be it 1 or 2 players. Be it cooperative or against and be it even online.
      Fifa 09 is definately a football game to remember!


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      27.09.2010 11:31



      A game that should have been very very good, aherm but its isnt.

      Virtua fighter 5 was sega's answer to namco's Tekken series.
      Well the fight between the two is more of a walk in the park.
      To put it in the shortest term possible virtua fighter is in a different league, but way below ground.
      I thought i would give this game a trial as there were no real fighting games available. Well what a waste of money time and effort.
      If your a fan of the series then it probably hits the right buttons, but for me it was just ugly. Yes the graphics are nice, but the game just doesnt hit the spot in terms of gameplay.
      There are numerous characters and lovely background fighting arenas. But they just dont cut it. Yes it may have realistic water, but that does not make up for the lack of anything else.
      How do you pull off combos on this game? Thats right you dont, because you cant, becuase its impossible and unnatural to complete the long list of combos. So its back to the old school button bashing - yay, overjoyed reaction!

      Do not buy this game , its one of the worst games i have ever played.
      Awful, come on sega this is just lame.


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      27.09.2010 11:28



      A super game for yourself to play or get a mate to join in the fun!

      This game is put simply- amazing!!
      Star wars meets lego and my god do they work so incredibly well together.
      The game focuses on all 6 epsiodes of the film and recreates them all brilliantly. Every character being made into a lego man is just clever, commical and entertaining.
      As you go through level by level the more bricks you destroy the more studs you collect. (very common in lego sets)
      So there are a set number per level which you need to collect, if you get them all you will recieve extra special goodies. The same goes for finding the red brick which is hidden within every level but is hard to find.
      The levels vary in length and difficulty, the really cool thing is on every level you can change your character into one of five/six others. The idea behind this is to make sure you dont have 6 other lego men running around with you. Keeps the screen uncluttered. A great help.
      The lego series of games have really gotten hold of many people because they are suitable for anyone who likes lego and if you like star wars all the better.
      There is adult humour in the game too which is good to see.
      A definate winner in terms of great gameplay, smooth graphics and best of all everything is made of lego- what more could you ask for?


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      27.09.2010 11:11
      Very helpful



      A great game that combines awesome graphics with superb arcade racing fun!

      Burnout paradise is the next gen HD game in a series of the game.
      Burnout came onto the scene a long time ago and made waves in the gmaing world.
      The first real game you could crash cars at stupid speeds into oncoming traffic other cars and building and actually see them shatter.
      Gt gave us the graphics and realism, burnout gave the world speed and carnage together.
      When the new game arrived on the Playstation 3 and xbox it combined hd graphics with the usual exploding vehicles, awesome stuff.
      With over 70 vehicles and many many things to do you will keep coming back to burnout.

      The best new features of the game is day and night changes, hurtling round the place at night is great fun, especially wehn you smash both headlights out!!

      You also have the option to zoom about on bikes too, super fast adrenaline filled fun.
      So this really is a step up in terms of gameplay and graphics, they give you different race/objectives to do. burning route, race as fast as you can to beat the timer to a specified point. Marked man - try to get to a specified area without being ran off the road by your tails. Race- as normal race against opponents. Stunt run- gain as many points as you can by perofmring stunts, jumps etc. and the old famous road rage, beat the target number- they get quite high!


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    • Splinter - The Offsring / Music Album / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      27.09.2010 10:34
      Very helpful



      Overall a superb, balanced album!

      The offspring release their 7th studio album and this is called Splinter.
      The front cover shows a statue with it head starting to explode, small pieces flying away from it. The offspring and the title splinter are at the top of the cover.
      The rear cover has the same statue but with no head and a flower poking out the top. The songs are listed to the left. When released this was originally £12.99. and the run time is only 32.02 minutes for the 12 tracks.

      Neocon - The intro of the album is a drum beat repeated, with a little bit of singing, and a little bit of guitar added into the mix. It is apparent this is only an intro. Lasting 1 minute 6 seconds, there is no link to the next song either.

      The Noose - A great little guitar intro, then the songs starts off with a fast paced verse. The chorus is as you would expect from the offspring, fast and memorable. This song leave little room for a breath if you're singing along. Very punky in parts but then a lot more mature in others, a dramatic end to the song too.

      Long way home - Repeated is probably the best way to describe this song. As other people have said the song is basically the chorus and has very little in the way of lyrical ingenuity.

      Hit That - This song starts off with some keyboard playing to give an electro style. Dexters voice is brilliant on this song throughout the verse. When the chorus starts the band really come alive together. A very catchy song which was released as a single too. The video featured a graphic style man and his dog. This song really shows how the offspring can create new songs with a different but familiar sound. Sublime. This is an instant hit, easy to sing a long and jump around to! 10/10.

      Race against myself - One of the tracks im not overly keen on. Yes I do love all offspring songs but some just aren't quite up there with the rest. This song does start with a heavy intro. The lyrics are ok, even though they are sung well, as always, but it just doesn't do anything for me. Yes the chorus makes up for some of the song, but not enough to make it a great song .This one could have been left off the album.

      Head around you - Strumming and a clam almost whispering Dexter start this song, then from nowhere the verse starts and bam. Guitar, drum singing, blurt right out in your face. Its heavy its awesome. Great solos through the song too. Its not too fast but it rocks, and it rocks hard. Play this one loud!!! One of the best songs on the album without fail. This was also a single release. Top marks, great playing, and great singing just brilliant! A full of energy and life song!

      The worst hangover ever - This song in my opinion seems very childish for the band to produce. Some band like greenday etc would come up with this crap. So I was disappointed when I heard it. Boohoo. No more to write or rant.

      Never gonna find me - If only, the song starts quite well but I believe it fades away to nothingness. Ideally so we cannot find it! Aherm. Links quite well to the next song though!

      Lightning rod - An interesting start to a song, but this is soon replaced with Dexters voice and the addition of a heavy guitar riff to back him. The familiar drum beat is also added for good measure. This song is quite heavy, and the way it sounds calmer is due to how Dexter is singing. A very fast paced song, something the offspring can do well.

      Spare me the details - This song is my personal favourite, A great intro with acoustic guitars and drumming. Dexter's voice is as always, pitch perfect. The song is not heavy during the verse or chorus, and has the same riff playing throughout with the addition of picking here and there. The lyrics are simple and easy to memorise. You can sing along easily and anyone listening can and will be infected with the happy sounding song. There is one part toward the end of the song where the verse takes a bit of a heavier form, Dexter's voice is amazing to listen to in this song, as all the emphasis is on him. Top song and the best one on the album. Amazing.

      Da Hui - Stupid pointless waste of time. Don't even bother listening to this song. Well I say song. It's a let down on the album and to me it's a let to the band. What were they thinking?????

      When you're in prison - Quite a clever song, done in an old style, being all crackly and weird. Quite funny but should not be on the album as an actual song.

      It is clear to see the offspring have moved on from the last album. But in saying this there is still the same old offspring in there with memorable riffs and amazing lyrics sung brilliantly by Dexter. So the offspring are older and more mature, the songs have followed but you can still find the same offspring underneath.


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      02.09.2010 09:50
      Very helpful



      A great way to fill any hole or crack. This stuff does what it syas it will!

      Polycell's Polyfilla is a househould number one when it comes to cracks holes and screw holes and many other small ish plastering jobs.

      Polycell is reknown for its two tick symbol yellow being on top of red, along with its trademark blue and white packs.

      Now Polycell mixed polyfilla is a god send lets be honest. When you find a crack or hole you want to fill there is nothing worse than having to mix the stuff to get the right consistancy etc etc. So rather than put the consumer through this it now comes ready to use staright out of the tub/tube.
      This also reflects the price too ranging from £5 for a kg tub, £4 for half a kg and slightly less for tubes.

      The actualy polyfilla looks quite mousey to be honest if bought in a tub and has a weird label like thing over the top of it. This is there to make sure the mixture stays "wet" and does not dry out and should be left on until the tub is empty.
      To apply the polyfilla you will require either a trowel or indeed a wallpaper scraper, which i think is best personally. Ensure the hole to be filled is clean and dry and there are no loose bits hanging around. Then using one corner of your implement scoop some of the mix up, now its always better to have less to start with. You can really pack it into the hole. Then add more to give a smooth finish. Plus if its a little bumpy you can sand it down afterwars with sandpaper. I do find however sometimes when you try to smooth it over with a trowel or scraper it seems to pull an ever so slight piece of filler away from the edge you scrape from? Dont know if thats a general thing or just me. But again its no big deal, its easy to touch up.
      Now the polyfilla itself takes about an hour to dry fully if used in say a picture hook hole - 2-4mm in diameter and not very deep. Larger holes require the filla to added in layers. If you try and fill a big hole in one go you will see the middle sink inwards and will need adding to anyway.

      If you use the tube version of the filla, you can literally stick the nozzle straight into the hole and squeeze the tube. This way you can fill without any mess at all. Then use an implement to flatten off afterwards.

      Polyfilla once dry can be painted over and even drilled into so useful in more ways than just filling holes! And to clean your tools after just use some warm water. If its been dried on for a while you may need some washing up liquid too.


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      01.09.2010 13:26
      Very helpful



      Supe pad, that feels good and is well weighted.

      If your familiar with the Playstation 2, lets face it who doesn't, then you will also be familiar with the consoles super controllers also.

      With the release of the second generation of playstation Sony released newer and better pads to accompany it. The dual shock 2.
      The name dual shock came about because there are two motors in each arm. Each motor has a different weight attached to them. One does the smaller rumbles the other the larger, or they can both work to together giving you a mini earthquake in your hands!

      Obviously along with the new features you get the same old layout, with a d-pad and triangle, square, circle and x buttons. You get the start and select buttons and the four shoulder buttons or triggers depending on which prashe you prefer.
      These pads came in glittery black, standard, or in a few colours also like red,gree,blue,white- well clear ish and silver.

      OHHHH and dont forget the massive Sony logo in the middle of the pad above a small PS image too.

      You can now enjoy vibrating gaming!

      Well done Sony for creating the ultimate controller and making it even better!!


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    • Lego 8683 Minifigures / Lego / 16 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      01.09.2010 11:29
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great Lego minfigure lucky dip!

      Lego has been around forever and a day, and thank god too. The wonderful toy which appeals to all ages has been in child hood and even adult memories.
      Lego being the original building block toy has many different and varying designs and themes.
      With Lego though you usually look on the internet or in a catalogue and you can see their product ranges.

      With all Lego products you will more than likely buy one that comes with minifigures. These little characters enable you to bring your creations to life. Small guys and girls with various accessories. They come with pre decorated bodies, usually to match with the theme of the set you bought. You can change their hands to different colours if you have more figures, the same goes for their heads and hats/caps/hair.
      As always the figures are bright yellow! And made extremely well!

      However this time round rather than buy out of a book and get what you want, Lego have had a very good idea and have basically thrown you into a lucky dip. That's right the newest release in terms of mini-figures that is, is the Lego mini-figures.
      A yellow packet with numerous figures on the front and the Lego logo on the left.
      The deal with this is that you cant actually see what is inside the packet. You could get one of many different characters from any of their ranges.
      Who will you get?, A knight in shiny armour, a spaceman, a cowboy perhaps. Maybe even a police man, you might come out with robin hood!

      The great thing about this is that you just don't know until you tear open that little yellow bag!

      As with all Lego stuff they are made to a superb quality and these are definitely no exception! The only problem is the high-ish price tag! They cost around the £2 mark.. A little expensive for what you actually get. But the money is being spent on the packaging too!

      So why not throw yourself into a Lego lucky dip and treat someone you know, be them 8 or 28, a great little gift to bring a smile to anyone's face!


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        25.08.2010 14:21
        Very helpful



        A great package for anyone wanting a Wii!

        The new wii motion plus and wii sports resort package was released not so long ago. The pack basically included two items, the first was the new motion sensor block and the second was the wii sports resort game. The game and motion plus cost roughly £40 now this sounds expensive which to be fair it is. But if you already own a wii then you will know how frustrating the normal wii-motes can be sometimes.

        However Nintendo did a good thing here and instead of just releasing this as a separate they bundled one new motion plus wii-mote and the wii sports resort game in with the Wii console. So now any Wii console you buy will more than likely be this package

        The Wii is the latest console from Nintendo, utilizing a unique motion sensor control system and innovative games for all of the family, now including the super new sensitive motion plus.

        The wii Originally got released in a glossy white finish, but more recently it has been released in a brilliant glossy back version. I have owned a white version and it looked brilliant, being clean sharp looking. However this was kept by others so at Christmas I managed to get myself a lovely limited edition glossy black Wii. The black Wii looks more elegant and more sophisticated. However just make sure your wearing cotton gloves to pick it up or move it. Finger prints show up so easily, its quite annoying.

        The wii itself is very small and compact, its barely wider than an inch across and could easily be mistaken for a book end.

        The box the Wii comes in is not hug and is colour coded to the colour of the wii you buy. So a black box for the black Wii and the white box for the white Wii. On the front of the box is a massive image of the wii, just in case you maybe forget what you bought? Or for some other unsuspecting reason I haven't figured out yet?? Anyway it looks good in either colour!

        The box contents -

        1 x Wii - The games console
        1 x Wii mote with motion plus additional sensor- The control pad.
        2 x Silicone wii mote jackets - A silicone jacket that fits around the wii mote to pad it out, for safety reasons. Either in black if you buy a black console or a clear colour if you buy the white one!
        1x Sensor bar - Used to pick up the movements from the wii mote.
        1 x scart cable - Connects the wii to your TV
        1 x instructions - Set up information etc.
        1 x wii sports - The game packaged with the console to get you started
        1 x Wii sports resort - The additional game which features more games and utilizes the new motion sensor!
        1 x stand - A funky gunmetal grey stand to hold your wii

        The wii -
        On the front of the wii you will find the power/standby button disc slot and a small flip open/close door. Behind the door you will find a SD memory card slot as well as a connect button which allows you to connect more wii motes to your wii.
        On top of the Wii you will find a large flip open lid, this houses the old game cube controller ports, due to the wii being fully backwards compatible with game cube games and controllers!

        On the back of the console you will find a cooling fan, two usb ports and the output which connects your TV and wii as well as the sensor bar port, and the obvious power cable.

        The wii is great fun and everyone loves playing it. Although the graphics are not as good as the rivals the fun factor can be higher by getting people involved! Games such as guitar hero and Mario kart just bring friends and family together.

        Most games on the wii can have 1-4 players, some allow more but the majority is up to 4. Some of the games allow you to play with one controller and pass it round taking it in turns. A great idea which works brilliantly! But you would be required to buy more wii motes if you did not want to pas it around.

        The wii also allows you to do more than just play games, you can also go on the internet due to the built in wireless adapter!!
        Check out news/weather or go into the Nintendo shop and download new games.
        The wii motion plus sensor.
        The new sensor is an addition to the existing wii-mote and clips onto the end as does the nun chuck. The nun chuck then attaches to the end of the new sensor.
        The sensor is much more accurate and displays a better movement on screen by mirroring what you are actually doing. The wii-mote did relatively well but this new addition certainly gives you higher accuracy and less frustrating episodes.
        The wii motion plus add-on sometimes needs calibrating, to ensure its sensitivity is at its best. To do this all you are required to do is put it face down on the floor. Within a few seconds it will have done what it needs ready to go again!

        Wii sports was the original game bundles with the first consoles released, and is still included in the newer versions too.
        Wii sports comes in a boring cardboard case but does have a few decent games on there to get you started in the world of Wii.

        First up there is bowling. - Use your Wii-mote as if you were holding a bowling ball and fling you virtual ball at pins at the end of the lane. You are depicted on screen with your own made up character or a random from the game. You can curl the ball and throw it a different speeds. Its all to do with how fast you flick your wrist and if you tilt the wii-mote from left to right for spin etc. I just love bowling, its brilliant!

        Golf is another enjoyable game - Again you have to use the wii-mote as if it were a golf club, as well as learn how to swing at the ball without being to vigorous or too calm. You can also affect the direction by tilting the wii-mote. You can choose the number of holes to play also. Overall actually really good fun this one!

        Another game to get a good work out on is baseball. You take it turns to be the batter or pitcher. If your batting then you will hold the wii-mote as if it were a rounder's/baseball bat. Wait for the computer player to throw the ball at you, time your hit and swing at that ball!! Your player will automatically run around the bases. Depending upon the angle you hold the bat can alter the direction at which you hit the ball. Try and aim for areas where there are no or few outfield players who can catch you out.
        When its your turn to pitch you hold the wii-mote as if you were holding a ball and throw over arm. Again the computer does a lot of the work for your team to try and catch their hits. A really good game, although I don't understanding the amount of battings and pitching's you have.

        Boxing is good for a quick work out too. Using both the nun chuck and the wii-mote this time around. By tilting both controllers left and right you can dodge out of the way. And to hit, well you guessed, the controllers' basically mimic your hand movements. So although sometimes no where near as fast as your movements the game can keep up if your slower about, you get to beat your opponent to the ground if your good enough, and have the stamina too!

        The other great game on here is tennis. So swing away to your hearts content and return all those shots being fired at you. This one is easy to explain as its more than easy to understand! Your player wil automatically run towards the ball, all you have to do is hit it!

        Now onto the second bundled game in the box, also in a cardboard sleeve!

        Wii sports resort.
        This game is the follow-up to the original wii sports which comes bundled with every wii.
        This game features 12 mini or sub game including -

        Cycling - Utilises both the nun chuck and the wii-mote. Hold both remotes horizontally and to steer tilt both remotes left or right. Flick both wrists independently to recreate the pedal motion and keep that up for a while. Feel like a work out then this mini game is for you! Its very tiring, but funny none the less.

        Golf - More advanced than the original, still keeping the same motions, swing the wii-mote as if it were a golf club. But with the motion plus added its more sensitive and works this time around with out the unreliability of the first game.

        Bowling - Again this is more advanced than the first version, but has more extras added such as 100 pin bowling too. Apart from this the game is almost identical opposed from improved wii-mote results.

        Table tennis - This has taken a few leaps from the version found on wii play, this one works well as yet again the new sensor really helps out!

        Basketball - Pick up balls by pointing the wii-mote down, hold b to pick up a ball then throw it at the hoop. As doing so let go of B to release the ball. The only difference to really playing is that there is no need to jump around your lounge!

        Archery- Using both nun chuck and wii-mote hit the targets with arrows. Oh but wait that sounds easy, well it is on level 1. But then it gets hard, really hard. Moving targets and increasing distances with wind thrown in for good measure make this game challenging!

        Frisbee- use your wii-mote to throw a Frisbee as close to the target as possible. Your dog will run off to catch it. The closer to the target you get the better your score. You can alter the height and angle of the Frisbee if you tilt the wii-mote in certain directions.
        Once completing this you open up Frisbee golf. Throw the Frisbee until you reach the flag. It's a great mini game and is quite hard in some instances.

        Wakeboarding - Basically your on a board being pulled by a speed boat. Hold your wii-mote horizontally in both hands as if you were holding onto the tow bar then flick you wrists to jump when you hit a wave. You can steer by tilting the wii-mote left or right to gain more speed and eventually gain more height and more points!
        Swordplay - Use your wii-mote as a sword, and bash away at the opponent or friend . A great laugh and really fun, can get tiring but its worth it!

        Cruising - This is jet skiing, race around the course to win.

        Canoeing - Hold your wii-mote like a paddle and paddle like a mad man. This actually recreates the paddling motion too, so left then right, left then right. Its very hard gets really tiring but is another game to laugh about!!!

        Air sports - The final game on the game puts you in a plane to explore the island. You get as close to objects as possible to open up information on them. The more you get in the time limit the better. You control the plane with the wii-mote, tilting and turning it turns the plane.

        The only problem with this bundle is that the wii sports resort requires all players to have the motion plus accessory. Normal wii-motes cannot be used with this game. So if there are more than two of you, you will need to buy another sensor! Ouch.

        Overall this game and motion plus are really great items. The accessory definitely increases sensitivity and makes the wii-motes better to use. It's more enjoyable with the enhancements. So if you own a wii you need this.
        Excellent bit of kit made extremely well, and doesn't add loads of weight to your wii-motes either. Nor does the battery life get eaten away!

        A 10/10 console and for the bundled games too! Get a Wii, that's the best advice I can give you! Buy one , buy one now!


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      • Sony Dual Shock / Game Controller / 8 Readings / 8 Ratings
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        25.08.2010 13:51
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great pad which has lasted through the years from the orignal playstation upto the Playstation 3

        When the original playstation was released the control pads were almost excatly the same in design, although they had less weight and were slightly thinner.
        When Sony had a good thing going with the original playstation pads they decided to go one better. So Sony in all there wisdom reliased you could actually cram a lot more in that pad shell. So in went two motors and two analogue sticks to create the best control pad of all time.
        The name dual shock came about because, believe it or not, there are two motors in the pad one in each arm. They both have different weights attached to them. One does the smaller rumbles the other the larger, or they can both work to ive you a mini earthquake in your hands!
        These two motors were used to give "feeback" to the gamer. Allowing you to "feel" hits or car bumps. Quite a clever idea really.

        Obviously along with the new features you get the same usual layout, with the d-pad, triangle, square, circle and x buttons. You get the start and select buttons and the four shoulder buttons.
        You also get an analogue button to turn the analogue sticks on or off. I prefer them to the usual d-pad so always have them on!

        Now a now pad deserves new colours, to start with black and silver were avialble. But then later on new colours came out, such as - red, green, blue, and some clear see through style ones also. There were so many different ones to find or get it was easy to see who the market leader was in the conosle wars!

        You can now enjoy vibrating gaming!

        Well done Sony for creating the ultimate controller and making it even better!!


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        25.08.2010 10:20
        Very helpful



        A great lego model, looks good and is easy to understand the instructions

        Lego has been a large part of my childhood and it has been to many other also.
        This set was released in 2004 and boasted some cool new ideas and parts.
        Basically anyone new to Lego should know that its basically different inter-connecting building blocks. Many different sizes and shapes, which join together easily to create pretty much anything you can imagine.

        The set was called "Make and create : Titan XP" number 4508, in case anyone want to search and buy it!

        The box is in the usual Lego fashion, hints of bright yellow on the sides and edges, with a super image of the robot on the front to really sell the item. On the back you have some more images of other potentially possibilities that you can create with the pieces. The main images are of some kind of flying spaceship style vehicle and a two legged walking robot - looks like it belongs in Star wars.

        The robot is constructed from many parts, and the main colour is light grey, but there are some other colours in there too, orange and a pale blue make it into the set. This really make certain parts stand out.
        If you see the picture you will see what I mean!

        Once you open the box you will see your parts bags and the instructions booklet. As with all Lego instructions they are all in colour and simple to follow so anyone can really build these sets. However younger children may need help, or to be supervised so that the parts go on the robot and not anywhere else, although the recommended age group for this is 9+, so younger children below this age may have difficulty in building or are too young for the parts as they contain a few small ones. So supervision is a definite!!

        The kit also gives you the instructions to build 4 different models and to add to this 13 inspirational ideas for you to create your own ideas too. Ho kind of Lego!!

        Once built you will be a proud constructor of the mechanical colossus which stands 12 inches in height, which is 30cm for those of you who want metric or imperial measurements!

        So a Lego kit which is relatively easy to build, looks great and gives the opportunity as with any Lego set to be rebuilt in as many ways as the imagination can flow!

        Well done Lego for another top quality product that looks and feels of superb quality, worth the money, oh yes. If you have kids that like robots this is a winner!! You may have to search around some what but I have seen prices around £15.

        Deconstruct your titan and a build a robot army of your own!!!


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        24.08.2010 10:19
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        A great little item for those of you who collect Lego star wars.

        If you are a fan of Star wars then you will most certainly love this genius little idea. The same can be said if you also love Lego, and lets be honest most people be it kids or adults adore Lego!
        So combine the two and you guessed it Lego star wars mini figures and building sets from the star wars universe. My friend has loads of thesse so i decided to review them as i thought the were quite quirky really.

        Now through the Lego star wars sets you will probably get a few Jedi or Sith characters. Each Jedi or sith will come with their very own mini Lego light saber. This is pretty cool by itself but then imagine them being colored and partially see through with a great chrome handle for your lego JedI wannabes to grasp.
        Well things are about to get even cooler with the addtion of glow in the dark light sabers. No longer will your jedI feel inadequate when fighting your sith mini figures. The light sabers are exactly the same as the standard ones, with the chrome handles and size, but with the added bonus of glowing! Now your lego men can feel the force and see the light!
        The saber itself measure around an inch in length, so pretty standard but also one of those items you can lose very easily.

        If you are looking to buy one then you will not have to save up as they cost in the region of up to £2 but check out the internet for current price ranges, although you don't get any figures with it just the light saber. But for something so small it looks really good, gives off quite a lot of light and fits in brilliantly with the Lego star wars range.

        So if your feeling that your Star wars Lego mini figures could do with a boost then why not treat one or two to this all you need now is that renown humming and your light saber would be perfect!


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