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      08.02.2011 14:19
      Very helpful
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      Protect your home with someone else

      Like most people who are in charge of looking after the househld.Every year I look around for the best deal for my home insurance.
      Last year ,that company and cheapest quote , was from Budget.
      Everything with these companies always seems hunky dorey with these companies ass most never need to claim.
      This year with the bad weather however.I had the misfortune to need to use my home insurance.
      Some may not know that these companies are underwritten by insurance providers.
      Budget had got me a deal with Congregational and General.To what would be my dismay.
      I called to make a claim and all seemed well.Until a week later I had not heard anything.I gave them a courtesy call to catch up.On informing them I was put through their automated phone service and sent to the underwriters.Who informed me all they did was send out a claim form.(That they had not done).It was up to me to get quotes and send them back.Very well,but please inform the customer of this on the initial phone call you idiots.
      When I wanted to make a complaint ,as it came to nearly two months before it was finalized ,they bounced me between the two companies.
      I am afraid that when I worked in customer service ,the law was ,your point of sale had an obligation to sort a problem out for you.
      Then my renewal came up and they were £12 per month dearer.Until I phoned and cancelled my renewal.
      And the important bit .PAY ATTENTION PLEASE.If cancelling renewal ,cancel your direct debit with your bank.As Budget do not always cancel renewal.And if you do not contact them ,they will roll into a second year.Usually at a higher cost to you.
      So my opinion would be ,pay the extra couple of pound,and go with a reputable company.


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        10.02.2010 10:27
        Very helpful
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        It is a juice drink,not pure juice.

        Minute maid is a company produced and sold by no other than coca cola.That was a revelation to me.Coca cola is not someone you generally think of when thinking of fruit based drinks really.
        The company started in the 1940's,but at the origin,it was to refine the quality of pure orange juice.
        The company originated in Massachusetts.Expanding in 2003 to being the supplier of juices,teas and juice drinks for coca cola.

        So the flavour I decided to try was the apple and mango juice drink. I was grocery shopping and since becoming pregnant, I become thirsty ver easily. So in the true manor of what minute maid is all about,convienience.I picked up a few 330 ml bottles.Luckily for me,Jack Fultons were doing a massive offer of 8 of these for £1.50.
        There is a limited amount of things I can eat and drink at the moment,slowly getting better over the pregnancy.But a feww of the things I am safe with is fresh flavoured products,whether they be fresh or manufactured.
        So apple and mango sounded quite refreshing to me.And it is.As I am after blandish type edibles and drinkables,I was grateful that instead of being sharp, as it would be if it were 100% apple,the mango calms the zing down nicely,although the mango flavour is not discernable at all.

        The bottle is see through,which I always like ,as you can see the quality of the product ou are purchasing.
        Produced with a green label ,that is indicative of the healthy factor of the drink,and indeed ,advertised on the corner of the label,is the fact that this bottle contains one of your recommended 5 a day fruit and vegetables.
        It also lets you know clearly that this is a juice drink,not a pure juice.Although it is made from concentrate.

        The bottle of 330ml contains.

        83 calories. 4% rda
        17 g sugars 19%
        fat 0%
        saturates 0%
        salt 0%

        So not something I would want to drink a lot of,it is not awful.And the intakes are not broken down.So the high sugar content may well be natural sugars from the fruit,to an extent.

        There are a lot more flavours to choose from,and they say they supply ,cafes,restaurants and convenience stores.So should be widely available.

        My summary is ,this is a lovely ,fresh flavoured drink.It will quench your thirst.Just the right size,easy to carry around,and fit into lunch bags.


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        • Sorority Row (DVD) / DVD / 61 Readings / 56 Ratings
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          09.02.2010 21:35
          Very helpful



          Mediocre throughout ,with good directing trying to save it.

          I have only just watched this,this evening.As when it was on the big screen,I had had my bellyful of films such as scream,scream 2 ,saw,etc,etc.
          So by the time I saw this,I just thought ,same old same old. And I was not wrong. But it is still full of blood,sexual scenes,so not recommending that because it is bland you let anyone young see it.

          This film was released in september 2009.The only name that I personally have ever heard of is Rumer willis,and her character doesn't stand out to me in particular.Even though she is one of the main sorority girls.
          Same base line as every other american teen horror. Teenagers left on their own in sorority houses. Pranks that go wrong,killers,who dun its,and jump,nervous ,guilty teens.
          The plot is a bit weak to say the least.There is slight anticipation and hammer horror,but that is more down to the directing shots than the storyline itself.

          There are a mixture of characters ,but all typical of this genre of movie.
          There is the nervous wrecks,the biatch,the smart one.etc,etc.
          The movie never goes too far off campus,and its just parties and girls acting loose.Breasts and buttocks to keep the men watching.

          Maybe at 30,I am too old for this rubbish.Or maybe there is no saving features to this movie and I am developing a taste for movies that dont have whiny ,naked girls.

          The directing has some quick and sharp angled cuts,which are typical for a horror.And it may have been a better film if it had not had to follow a string of copycat style films.You may feel like this review could have had more plot,but who wants spoilers?

          I will never get that time back now,I am devastated.


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          • Balls Of Steel / TV Programme / 52 Readings / 49 Ratings
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            07.02.2010 23:45
            Very helpful



            It depends what sense of humour you have to whether you like this.

            Balls of steel is a programme where the unsuspecting poor public are unscrupiously wound up by people who have got "balls of steel".
            They push the politeness boundaries and have to beat the other contestants at having balls of steel.
            There are such characters as comedian Alex zane.His main feature is to set up fake game shows,where he winds contestants up by doing things like ,wrong answers to questions,and buzzers that do not work.

            I think Alex is a bit rubbish and not to my taste in this programme.However there is also Thaila Zucchi,remember the lady who went into Big brother as a mole,and the lady of the Satanta adverts.Well she does even better as the well known and ever gutsy Bunny boiler.Blatantly chatting men up while their girlfriends are stood next to them.Whilst the men fumble over what to say ,the girlfriends getting more infuriated by the second.You wonder why the unknowing public take so much.I definately would not be polite at someone chatting my husband up,and if they persisted Im afraid I may even get physical.
            The black militant guy is my favourite.A man who yes by his name ,is a coloured gentleman,and shows the world how politically insane we have become,and alarm sirens go and he starts a tirade of abuse and accusations if the world black is used ,or the like.
            He plays on the fact that people have forgotten that words are always able to be twisted,and he twists them into a racial attack.Instead of standing their ground in their innocence,the public become coffufled and start blurting out apologies about they didnt mean it like that.
            They show so many acts per programme,and are interviewed by the presenter Mark Dolan.He is also a comedian,but stays safely behind his desk.After introducing the acts and showing the comedians in action,the audience have to vote for which act wins.
            The winner recieves,well...balls of steel trophy.
            This may all sound in bad taste but you should watch at least one of these programmes,to see that it is actually done tastefully.
            There are a few acts that bore me,like Pritchard and Pritchard,they are a bit Dirty sanchez type comedy,the self infliction just never has appealed to my sense of humour.
            But that is the point,all the acts have different comical approaches,and that is why they have different fans.
            My summary would be,if you like a bit of unrealistic humour or blatant cheek,watch this,you wont be sorry.If you do not get practical jokes,do not waste your time,you will not enjoy it.


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            • Coriander / Plant / 73 Readings / 70 Ratings
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              05.02.2010 22:17
              Very helpful



              If growing is managed,can be handy to flavour up bland dishes.

              Following my herb review, this is dedicated to Kat696 as she requested this. xx

              What is Coriander?

              Coriander is the herb also known as Cilantro, and botanically known as Coriandrum Sativum. It belongs to the same family as parsley and carrots.
              It smells and tastes a bit like sage and lemon.
              This herb was first thought to be found in Israel,and the leaves and seeds are used widely in the art of cookery.
              It became semi naturalised here after the Romans introduced the herb to Britain.They used it, mixed with vinegar and cumin to preserve meats.They also used it to flavour their bread.

              Growing Coriander

              Coriander is grown as an annual. It is not a herb that is favourable to transplanting and often bolts and flowers after transplantation. The preferable method to avoid bolting, whilst escaping losing your young plants to late frost is to plant indoors in biodegradable pots. When ready to take outside you should have less bolting, as you are leaving the plant in its original surroundings before the new soil is near the roots.
              The container should be about 8-12 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
              They love good drainage as they hate having wet feet and do not react well to over watering.


              If you are growing your own vegetables as well as your own herbs. You will be able to create a very well known, substantial homely soup very cheaply.

              Suitable for vegetarians.

              Carrot and Coriander soup.

              Prep time Under 30 minutes.
              Cooking time 10-30 minutes.


              1 TBSP of vegetable oil.
              1 TSP ground coriander.
              Salt and Pepper.
              1 Onion,sliced.
              1.2 Litres/2 pts of vegetable stock.
              450g/1lb carrots, sliced.
              Large bunch of coriander, Roughly chopped.

              1.Heat the oil in the pan, add onions and the carrots. Cooking for 3-4 minutes until softened.

              2.Stir in ground coriander and season.

              3.Add vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Simmer until tender.

              4.Blend with a hand held blender or otherwise until smooth. Reheat and place in a clean pan, stir in chopped coriander and serve.

              Medicinal uses.
              The Coriander does not seem to have an extensive medical existence as some other herbs do.

              Its main uses are to be chewed or steeped as a tea, to relief flatulence and stomach upset.
              The other is to crush the seeds and add to hot water or tea and make a paste.
              Then apply paste to affected area, to relieve rheumatism.

              A very versatile herb when all uses are taken into consideration. Have a go and see how easy you find to keep it growing in your garden.


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                01.02.2010 17:47
                Very helpful



                Good kindling.

                As a now established interred Worksopian,(I try not to brag about it too much!!).The Guardian has become a very common face of the area.Everyone thinks of this local Guardian,long before they even consider the national Guardian.

                So where is Worksop first of all?

                It is a run down broken Town on the Northern edge of Nottinghamshire.Most of the shops are closed,or just charity shops.The pubs are boarded up and deserted.The main high street travels up to a beatiful road uphill.Tis beautiful as it leads OUT.Towards the paradise that is clumber park and Sherwood forest.
                We are in a good position for commuting as we are roughly 20 miles from Sheffield,less from Doncaster and about 15 from Rotherham.
                Worksop is a typical downtrodden exmining Town,that has ,since the early 90's suffered a severe drugs problem.
                People certainly dont visit Worksop on purpose.Ooh we do have some aspiring legends.Lee westwood ,golfer came from Worksop.His father teaching Maths at Valley Comprehensive.Gave me a detention once.And the not yet vindicated alleged murderer Neil Entwhistle.

                The Worksop Guardian

                This paper became merged with another local paper a few years ago,called The trader.They are still run as seperate papers,but The Guardian has pretty much turned the trader in to one giant advertising leaflet.

                The Guardian can be bought in pretty much any local shop around Bassetlaw area.For around 55p at the moment.It has fascinating stories about the local wildlife,I mean population,and who is in or out of court that week.What false promises the local MP John Mann is claiming he will forfill this month.
                There are usually local achievements from local charities and schools from the area,and houses for sale.These are the things that can only be found in our paper.But then there are your typical sales,advertisements.Obituaries and births.And local sports on the back pages.
                To be honest I only buy this when I want to look at the job adverts.Other than that it is fantastic for cleaning up your dogs poo.
                The saving grace is AA Grundi who tells it like it is and is as annoyed with the state of this delapidated Town as some of the residents.He upsets quite a few on the way I may add.

                The Guardian


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                  31.01.2010 20:14
                  Very helpful



                  There is a level of herbal knowhow for everyone.

                  Herbs have always been a highly useed form of plantage.
                  Seeing as I have my mind on preparing my garden,ready for it to do its magic.Some of my reviews may vere towards the natural side of things.
                  I find gardening and the plants I come across on my journey an amazing learning curve.
                  I will be forever in the shadows of our ancestors who spent their whole lives dedicated to the knowledge of plants.
                  We are lucky ,for those that came before us found the most out about these plants,mainly by trial,error and observation.
                  Herbs have many uses,cooking,dyes,medicines,perfumes,tinctures,teas,insecticides and ritually to keep evil at bay.
                  If you really want to study herbalism,there is an extensive library on these plants available widely.
                  PLEASE NOTE

                  Herbs are not harmless alternatives.Some can be lethal and just as dangerous ,if not more so than contemporary medicine.Please take care.

                  Such as ,an interesting fact for you here.
                  You know the flowers on the top of a potato plant?Well they are related to the Bella donna family,also known ass the deadly nightshade.They are highly toxic.
                  Do not self medicate with herbs unless you have taken advice from a trained herbalist.
                  Herbs are as powerful as conventional medicine.Where do you think conventional medicine starts its life?
                  If you are pregnant,breast feeding or have a medical condition they may be dangerous.
                  For example,St Johns wort is strong enough to effect the contraceptive pill.Uhoh I here you say.
                  Herbs can be crushed to use their oils ,dissolved in alcohol to make tinctures.The list is constantly extending.

                  For use in cooking.

                  Herbs have been used for centuries to add flavour in bland foods or compliment other flavours.
                  Using herbs is a healthier alternative and helps reduce the need for added salt or sugar.
                  The most commonly used group of herbs is called 'Bouquet garni'.The main ingredients for this are,Thyme,parsley and bay leaves.These are tied together so they may be easily removed from soups and stews before serving.Some herbs are also used to garnish dishes ,such as parsley.
                  Most garden centres will sell culinary herbs and will state on the back if they are edible.Even if you are not a gardener,a small window box of herbs looks after itself,some sage,parsley,chives,bayleaves and others will never go wrong being near your back door,at the ready when you need them.
                  You will find you grow more than you need sometimes.Dont let them go to waste.Rinse,chop and place in icecubes.Immediately cover with water and fast freeze.They can then be popped in to any casserole,stew ,stock or soup,when needed.

                  Herbs as dyes.

                  It is usually the berries,roots and bark of herbs that are used for dyes.The most commonly used for thousands of years,wass Woad,producing a blue colour.
                  The main dyes first used were Woad(blue),Weld(yellow,gold)and Madder(browny-pinks,oranges.)
                  We have since found a vast variety of plants to give a rainbow of colours.
                  To make these dyes colourfast,a mordant needs to be useed first.Natural mordants are rock alum,tealeaves,stale urine,and rhubarb leaves.I know which I would prefer to use!!

                  Herbs for aromatic purpose.

                  Certain herbs have soothing,invigorating or disinfecting scents.They can be used in perfumes,deodorisers and cleansers etc.
                  Herbs can be crushed into scented massage oils.
                  A great herb for smell is Apocathary's rose.No,this is not any rose,it is a shrub.
                  Rose water is used in perfumes and costmetics.Can be splashed on linen to give a fresh scent.
                  The petals of the shrub maybe dried and used in potpourri.
                  As you can tell this is just the surface of how useful herbs can be.But I hope I have encouraged you to learn more about them,and hopefully grow a few of your own.


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                    24.01.2010 23:10
                    Very helpful



                    Great clean place to put your head down after a night in the City.

                    Right at the heart of Chester centre is this cheap and cheerful travelodge.Nothing sparkling,but clean.
                    I booked this a few months ago as I have never been away with my husband on our own,since becoming parents 8 years ago.We still would normally not be able to afford it,but Money saving expert let me know there was a sale on pre booked travelodge rooms.
                    Great I thought,have not been to Chester in over 15 years.The charm and history of the place always make me feel at awe.
                    The booking was done on line and paid easily with my credit card.I recieved a confirmation email which was very reassuring.

                    Travelodge in Chester is fantastically positioned for the City center ,whether it be for shopping or pub crawling.They don't however have their own parking facilities which irritated me,as on going to a new place ,one does not know where there is parking availability.
                    However ,one phonecall to the staff at Travelodge,and they were kind enough to inform me ,there is a multistorey carpark over the road on Pepper Street.
                    Silly me did not think to find out how much it would cost to park all day and night.Or even if I could leave my car all night.Innitiative told me if an overnight stay travelodge said their clientel used it,then obviously that must be the case.
                    I still did not know the cost till I went to collect the car.It is on a paper card system,where you recieve a card on entering ,and before you drive off,take your card to a machine.It is £9.50 for upto 24 hours parking.Which is still brilliant,as you are that close to the centre,a single road infact,that no taxi fayres need paying.

                    On booking in,which you can not do until 3pm,which always annoys me.We were recieved by a friendly lady at reception.Explained about the card for opening our room and other doors,and that the reception is unmanned after 11pm and the card is used to get into the building after then.
                    There is a lift as soon as you get through the first locked door.Which is great because being pregnant,4 hours of shopping had given me a cramp,and im lazy!!!
                    We were on the top floor,which still was not that far away.
                    Entering the room,all the linen was white,and it was pure white.Bit plain,but fantastic for knowing you have spotless bedding.
                    The room had a self controlled airconditioning and heating system,which I found great.
                    A few coat hangers and a dressing table with a travelsize kettle,a few sachets of coffee,teabags,sugar and milk.A waste paper bin and a chair.Thats it for the room.They also have a flatscreen small tv with minimum channels.
                    All seemed well,clean room,clean shower ensuite,pokey but good.And then I noticed no promised towels.Two minutes after going to reception,husband appeared with two fluffy white towels.So some people might moan,I did not see it as the end of the world.
                    However,I am a grump if I dont get my sleep,and when we came back to the room,other half tipsy,me exhausted and sober.I could have screamed when the din coming from outside and the walk back made me realise we were next to the very loud music playing pubs.
                    I could have cried,I was just grateful I had not taken the children,they would not have slept through that.
                    As far as I am concerned ,you get what you pay for,and I will certainly use them again.But at least I will know to ask for a room away from the side of the building.
                    There is an array of shopping,pubs and cafes in the local area.Although I noticed a severe lack of Indian and Chinese restaurants,which dissapointed me.
                    This gets one star removed because there was a lack of warning that the evenings become very noisy.


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                      20.01.2010 20:59
                      Very helpful




                      I recieved this little suprise as a gift for Cristmas.My husband is not known for any specific talent in taste,so was a bit nervous as to what this blue bottle was.
                      I had not heard of it before Christmas,and am not someone who runs out to buy something because it has a celebrity name slapped on it.I am not naive enough to believe they ever get near the product at all.

                      However,whoever the people are who decided to use Kate Moss' coat tails to ride on,did quite a great job in my opinion.

                      Description of packaging.

                      The box I recieved was a very sexy violet deep silky blue,bordering violet.
                      I opened the very sturdy box to reveal a cylindric yet hegagonal type bottle ,also in a very seductive colour.The bottle feels of very high quality and extremely weighty and thick.
                      Perfumes do not tolerate suunlight very well and can spoil,maybe this is why they chose a dark tinted bottle?

                      The scent.

                      The bottle is a spray top and comes out quite sensibly,only needing one squirt per wrist.It neither drenches the wrist ,nor needing to be sprayed multiple times.

                      On spraying ,a beautiful smell that seemed familiar to me rose up to meet me.Delicate ,yet powerful.
                      Then it hit me,parma violets!!!May not be what everyone gets ,but this is MY review,so I am stating what I was reminded of.

                      The exact scents incorporated to make this delectable scent are ;-

                      blue pepper,
                      cashmere incense,
                      ebony and wood.

                      Patchouli is a scent that some of my friends that are seriously into aromatherapy simply can not live without and say it has a strong aphrodisiac efffect for them.Maybe that is where I am getting the impression of sexyness from.Its certainly not from an emaciapated model endorsing the product.

                      Infact the perfumer that should get the credit is infact Emilie Copperman.
                      And I think that she is a complete genius for this creation.
                      It is available in numerous sizes and also as a gift set which includes the EDT and a 150 ml bottle of cashmere body cream.
                      I have never been a fan of paying over the odds for a side order of body cream that I will forget to use and will take up room somewhere,until I decide to declutter and wang it in the bin.Just buy me two bottles of perfume instead please!!


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                        19.01.2010 21:58
                        Very helpful



                        Such a lovely day to spend a Sunday.

                        My little piece of heaven,just outside Ollerton,near Mansfield.A beautiful country estate that is now open to the public.It is completely free to enter.A small charge of £3 per car to park is all that is asked.If you are in a mini bus ,such as a day group or excursion,parking is free.

                        So what is Rufford Country park?
                        Well yes,the name states the obvious,but it is so much more than a country park.
                        Founded in the 12th century by Gilbert de Gant,it was lived in by Cistercian monks.The Abbey was dissolved in 1534.The estate was later granted to the Talbot family, and its residents included George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. In 1626, the house was sold to Sir George Savile, and later inhabited by his descendant, the Marquess of Halifax.

                        The Savile family sold the estate during the Great Depression, and it was later acquired by English Heritage. The late 17th century North Wing was demolished in the 1950s.
                        I am sorry another grand family found hardship,but so happy a gem like this became available to all who love the natural beauty of this park.

                        There are little hidden oasis' all over this park.Depending on what you expect from a country park,different aspects will appeal to you.For me it is every aspect ,as I love the country views,the lake,the Abbey and the play areas.

                        Let me try and take you on a virtual walk in words.

                        There are two entrances into this country park.I always take the second coming in from the A1.It has the bigger carpark and just so happens to be the place I prefer to start my walk to see all of the park.

                        When I go,it is a family day out.We get into the property ,and on seeing the pay hut ,there is always a lovely,friendly smiling person to accept your parking fee.There is always somewhere to park,as when the typically used carparks fill up,they will open the overflow carpark up.Which is a massive field.

                        On getting the children out of the car.We walk through the woods.Usually playing games with the children.Spotting squirrels,getting them to find different shaped leaves.Even just running round.No one minds because it feels so safe.

                        There is an ice house so far into the woods.It looks amazingly gothic,fully intact.It is perfectly safe and chained off.

                        After scaring my children with stories of monsters locked up in the icehouse,we walk on towards the broadway,which is a lovely broad and galant looking lawn ,opening up all of a sudden from inbetween the woods.
                        Next we usually stay a while on the broadway green and have a homemade picnic.(Im too tight to pay inflated prices!)
                        After that we take a walk towards the lake,on the way we always stop to show our respect to the family grave site.That is the pet family gravesite.The pet dogs and even a horse.
                        Whilst walking round the lake,we love feeding the swans and moor hens amongst other birds.
                        Halfway around,if starting from my entrance,there is a shop,toilets and also a fjord.Children love to sit there and watch the cars go through.Cars purposely make sure they cause spray for the side show.
                        This is also next to the first entrance that I usually do not park in.Also here is an icecream hut(not always open),and a garden centre(bit expensive).
                        I continue back round to where I entered and walk up towards the newly refaced and refurbished play gardens.You can easily imagine the days when gentry used to play games in garden mazes.There are sensory gardens,mazes,and art gardens.This is where I sit down while my children run round and wear themselves out a tad bit more,ready for home and bed.
                        Then we walk up to the Abbey,not always as ive already been in.For a bit of intouchness time with the past,I love standing inside the Abbey.It is set out downstairs like a museum ,with information board including sketches and paintings.
                        You can also go up onto the upper floor of the Abbey,but it is not fully intact,and roofless.Magnificent non the less.
                        I fall short in my explination of the Saville restaurant as I have not used it,although it has an extremely top reputation amongst people I know have used it.
                        Here there is also the old orangery and a cheaper cafe for people who dont want to splash out on the restaurant.Also another set of toilets,and yes they include babychanging facilities.
                        By now I am so exhausted I let the husband put the children in the car,and fall asleep on the journey back home.
                        And so do the children,bliss for a family of five for less than £5.Where else could you get that sort of budget entertainment?
                        My opinion on Rufford park is I would live there in an Elizabethan style dress as lady of the manner.And I do,whilst sitting on the broadway green imagine being gentry 300 years ago.A romanticized version though it probably is.
                        A last small note,dogs are welcome with your family also but please be respectful and clean up afer your pets.
                        Thankyou and I hope if you go ,you find it ass enjoyable as my family and I do.x


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                        • Morning Sickness / Parenting Issue / 71 Readings / 65 Ratings
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                          14.01.2010 21:51
                          Very helpful



                          hope you are lucky enough to not feel too bad x

                          I find myself,recently,very recently infact pregnant again.I have had 6 pregnancies before including a miscarriage and a stillborn.
                          I there for am not of the club of keep is hush until twelve weeks.My son died when I was 24 weeks pregnant.Am I meant to not enjoy the experience and live in constant fear?I think not,its just not me.
                          Also how am I ever meant to keep the pregnancy a secret?when if anyone is wearing perfume or aftershave that this little baby does not like?
                          It is just not possible,anything and everything I eat at the moment,apart from the odd small items are making me want to throw up.

                          So what causes so called "morning sickness"?

                          Well lets clear one myth up."Morning sickness" can and does occur at any time frame,morning,noon and night.Sometimes only for a short time,others suffer all day.

                          Most people will be relieved of this dreaded affliction at around the beginning of the second trimester.Some may be a couple of weeks into the second trimester.
                          For a few unlucky but not average cases,the sickness will last throughout the pregnancy,which is most unfortunate.

                          The main reasons for nausea is an increase in Hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin).
                          It has been suggested that it is a protection for the fetus,and it is natures way of putting us off foods that may be toxic to the fetus.
                          However personally ,while that is a rational answer,it does not explain why I have heard of women eating chalk,coal and other such non food items.

                          Whatever the reason ,it is horrid,spoils pregnancy for me,I can never wait to get past the sickness part.
                          I do feel the other saying goes well and has some truth to it,and that is ,if you suffer morning sickness,you have a strong pregnancy.
                          Personally,i think every baby and every pregnancy and mother to be are different.
                          If you are reading this and are suffering,ginger biscuits.Ginger tea and eating small and often ,rather than big meals improve sickness.


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                          • General / Discussion / 67 Readings / 66 Ratings
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                            14.01.2010 12:17
                            Very helpful



                            I like being me finally,took a long time x

                            Well seeing as I have been a member since August 2009 and it loks like i will stay as I love this little community.It has given me such a great place to look for opinions when I am thinking of trying a product out,that I have not tried before.I think its about time you had the chance to know me a bit better.

                            I am to turn 30 years old next month.
                            I am an Aquarian that is very true to the aquarius traits.
                            I am a mum of 3 girls,previous to them I lost a son at 24 weeks pregnant.He would of been ten next month.
                            I have also just found out I am pregnant.
                            I am a stay at home mum,took me a long time to feel comfy with this ,as I have worked since I left school and even from the age of 13 earned my own pocket money with paper rounds and saturday jobs.
                            Being a stay at home mum is as hard as you make it.If your not finding it a heavy task,its because you are not putting enough effort into your childrens upbringing.
                            I have had dogs all my adult life,always Staffordshire bull terriers.I am fed up with the bad press they recieve.There are other dogs far more agressive.I seriously believe it is a mixture of bad breeding and bad owners that give this poor breed such a bad name.
                            I have had other pets such as guinea pigs and hamsters,some are still with us.
                            I have quite a few hobbies and am always finding new ones.I am a life long learner and will keep learning till the day I die.As I think a closed mind is one that is not learning anything.
                            I cant is not in my vocabulary.
                            I love books,but hate giving them up,so I am slowly being buried alive in books.
                            History,anthropology,old religions and faiths,card making,cooking amongst others can be named as my hobbies.
                            I love socialising on the internet and in real life.Real life socialising usually revolves around the girls though.
                            I could do with two life times just do find time to do everything I want.
                            I am a welsh girl born on Anglesey but as an adult live in Nottinghamshire.
                            I am married to a yorkshireman.
                            My pet peeves are bad manners,and people going out of their way to make peoples lives full of hurt.Enough of that is caused by natural life,why cause more?
                            Well I hope I can keep you up to date on the latest addition to my family,due August some time.Looking forward to not feeling sick all the time.Love to all my Dooyoo family,you keep me sane ish xxx


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                            • tesco.com / Online Shop / 67 Readings / 65 Ratings
                              More +
                              08.01.2010 14:06
                              Very helpful



                              You have to work out the cost of your petrol and time against delivery charge ,not too bad.

                              I really wish I had online shopping earlier than I did.It would have been so helpful to have when I could not drive or when I was going through my difficult pregnancies.

                              The site is so easy to navigate around and has a lot of different categories,such ass groceries,wines,stationery,etc.
                              You can also link to Tesco direct which can deliver furniture and most other objects such as are in stock in places such as argos for instance.

                              Back to what most people use Tesco,com for.Grocery shopping.The site splits itself into different isles and sections ass it would in a high street store.
                              Bakery,frozen food dried food,household goods,and so on.
                              It also has an offers tab at the end of the categories called offers.This is great as you can check everything that is on some sort of offer in the store that week.
                              The tabs are on the top of the screen page and are very easy to see .You also have an option to just shop for your favourites if you are a regular user.Or a quick shop where you type in the product you wish to buy ,such as bread,or milk.
                              I think it can save people a bit of money as you tend to check what you need and buy that ,rather than impulse shop.
                              The thing I have to say is my favourite,is the fact that in a real shop ,if you forget something ,ou either have to trapse back out,or go without.
                              Tesco have the added bonus online of being able to go back and amend your order,up to 10pm the eve before your delivery is due.Its great for people like me ,who always forget something.
                              There is a delivery charge and depending on when you want it can change from £4.00 upto and over £6.00.
                              However I always check online for any discount codes.And it usually is enough to cover my delivery.
                              And as if to prove all of my compliments,they have just delivered amist this awful weather we are having and got my delivery to me,through inches of snow and rural roads.
                              With the discount code I found I have paid all of 50p to get it delivered.It hass saved me driving in all this snow ,with three children.And the delivery at full price is worth paying not to have to take three children around a supermarket.
                              They also have a new substitute price match which previously they did substitutes but not on a price match.
                              The substitute pricematch means if you order say value eggs and they only have freerange in stock,they will take the cost difference instead of you going without that product or having to pay more.
                              The statement and driver will always tell you if there are any substitutes as you do not have to accept them.
                              There are supermarkets I find a bit cheaper but not that have online shopping.


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                              • madaboutcards.com / Internet Site / 52 Readings / 48 Ratings
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                                03.01.2010 23:10
                                Very helpful



                                Go take a peak.

                                I started card making a few months ago.A friend gave me the confidence to try and have a go.
                                Obviously not wanting to spend a fortune incase I did not get on with the hobby.I went looking around and a friend suggested Madaboutcards.com .
                                I am so glad she did.They have a very big stock of supplies for card and scrapbook making.
                                With this site having a that is called the pound shop ,but is very frequently only 50 pence.
                                I managed to get plenty to be getting on with by placing my first order with them.
                                For less than £25 ,I stocked myself with card blanks and envelopes.Ink,stamps,backing papers and peel offs.
                                A few months on,and a bit more knowledge under my belt.I still can not find anywhere more reasonable.
                                I have since been back and ordered more.It almost becomes an obsession.But the products are so nice ,its irresistable.
                                They also do downloadable papers and decoupage.But they have that seperated ,but with a link on their website,called Printable heaven.
                                I have not ordered any downloadables so can not comment on the speed they are sent.

                                The layout

                                It is an extremely well laid out website and easy to find the products you are after.Everything is in working order.No page not found,broken links.And the site is in a lovely dark purple that feels quite soothing.Stops you leaving the screen with a bad head.

                                They do have a minimum order of £15 and orders over £60 are free delivery.
                                I always go for standard delivery which is a few pence off £4.
                                You could always do what I did once,and go halves with another crafty friend.That way you can probably meet the free delivery,or split the delivery cost.
                                I have been on forums and asked real life friends.And deliverable in the UK ,these are still the most reasonable.


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                              • Large Metal Apex Shed / Shed / 33 Readings / 33 Ratings
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                                03.01.2010 21:24
                                Very helpful



                                Dont touch these.

                                These are the horror of any D.I.Yer.They can be bought almost anywhere and tempt people in by the idea of never needing to paint them.
                                True as that may be.They are an absolute pain.They come delivered in a box that makes you wonder where the rest of it is.Believe me ,it is all in there.
                                If you have a large garden like myself.You get the luxury of laying out this mecanno style shed out on the floor.
                                And you probably would do a better and easier job with the mecanno.
                                It takes approx 2 men,2 hours it states on the description.However it took 2 men who build things as a living,most of a full day to build with very strict organisation.
                                It is a ridiculous shed that is completely undurable.If you manage to seal all the leaks,the condensation will soak everything inside.

                                The appearance is quite acceptable,but no one buys a shed as a garden ornament.Which at the moment is all mine is fit to do.

                                The doors are extremely stiff to open,and even harder to close.Making a serious racket when you do try and close them.

                                My husband laughed when I told him to put a lock through the plastic door handles ,as they can easily be ripped of.And in his words."What is the point of putting a lock on ,when a can opener would get in through the side?"

                                Fair point,it will probably be ripped down and ebayed as soon as I can save up for a breeze block shed.Buy cheap ,buy twice definately applies to this horrific piece of engineering.Stay away.Keep your money.


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