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Demon Tear

Demon Tear
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Member since: 12.05.2007

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      12.05.2007 20:58



      Now considered my favourite movie of all time.

      Wow, where to start...

      Ok when I first bought this movie I actually had a hard time not shaking whilst putting the disk into the DVD player, seriously thats how excited I was. I had waited so long to be be able to see it, I'd watched all of the Japanese trailers on the internet repeatedly and still had no clue to what the movie was actually going to be about. I knew it had Cloud in it and that was enough :P

      Ok first off, I love Final Fantasy and although I wouldn't consider myself an expert on FF, trust me I know my Aeons from my GFs :) And plus I have a Final Fantasy freak as a brother so I'm used to discussing the little flaws and faults in the storylines of the games. In all honesty Final Fantasy Advent Children is a work of art. I've never seen CG animation like it. Certain scenes make you ask yourself "Is that backgroud CG or did they use a real backroud?" Some of it is just that good. The only bad things about this movie is that in certain scences the dubbing is a little off but is hardly noticeable . And unfortunately I have a feeling that this movie will most likely only appeal to fans of the game.

      Throughout the entire movie you see how much Cloud blames himself for Aeris death and how he has literally become a shell of his former self. He simply can't forgive himself for what happened. But I'd rather not go too deep into the story for two reasons. 1: People who are considering buying it would probably be upset if I gave the story away, 2: its kinda hard to explain lol. All I'll say is that it has the same sort of very basic theme as the previous FF movie (Life/Gaia) basically the spirit and lifeforce of the planet itself, Cloud has one kickass new sword, the only summoning scene literally sent shivers up my spine and lastly... "Buy it!" You won't regret it ~.^


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