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      14.09.2009 15:40
      Very helpful
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      Amazing to the core

      This is by far one of my favourite foo fighters albums and since i have them all i can draw a good comparison. The combination of easy listening adn hard rock reallly brings this one together as a masterpiece that is quite unique. From the off the album grips you into the world that is Dave Grohl and his counterparts. If only there were more bands like this in todays music industry. A crossing of music genres and amazing lyrics combine to create what can only be described as genius. A few of my favourite tracks include 'come alive' and 'stranger things have happened' which are at opposite ends of the scale yet the foo fighters manage to pull it off with great success. The song that really gripped me tight was 'But, honestly' which I have since adopted as my ringtone and has been added to my all time favourite song list. The lyrics, the music, the singing and the skill with which this album has been constructed gives an end result that will blow you away and reignite any desire left within you for rock music. I have truly been rocked by this album.


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