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    • Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB / Smartphone / 14 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      14.01.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      Best phone I've ever had, will take a lot more that the 5 to make me change.

      As a photographer, buying a mobile phone has always been about the camera it had as I only ever used it to make and recieve calls and text, I didnt surf, use the calenders ect. I still own my samsung D500, D600....upto my last Nokia N95. So when I had a chance to upgrade I was torn because after starting up my own business I needed to use the other applications in a phone a lot more.
      So I bit the bullet and got one on contract. OMG! I have now owed mine for a year and although I could upgrade soon, I am more than happy with my white 4s 16gb.

      Plus points:

      Camera - 8mp is more than enough as the lens takes excellent pictures. I wasn't a fan of touch screen capture but this one works well although the best thing is being able to use button capture (+ volume button). Geo-tagging of images was a new thing for me and I use this everyday! when ever I see something/somewhere I want photograph properly I take a quick snap so I can go back there and find it. I haven't really used the HDR fuction much but it seems ok, generally I use my DSLR for that type of photography, but having the option is pretty cool. The video camera is really good too, although I generally don't use it too often as it takes up alot of my memory as I only have a 16gb. LED Flash is good, but not amazing. Its okay for general photo's though and still works well at night, the flash obviously wont light up a large area, but you can buy an add on flash if you need it which it awesome.

      Apps - I found the general things like phone book, calender, reminders ect really easy to use and now live by them, all of my business information is stored on my phone, and syncing it with my laptop is really easy. The app store has taken alot of my time because of the games I have found! There are so many for free, but I have also paid for some really good apps that work with the camera like iphoto, imovie, PS touch and also have found some excellent tutorial apps like lightroom retouching tutorial. /being able to quickly and easily use things like access my bank app, ammend my home banking or work spreadsheets all while out and about is well just awesome.

      Connectabilty - I am able to link up all of my ios devices such as my Ipad (3rd gen) and my partners iphone 4s, as well as my daughters ipod. This means we can all share the apps we download, share contacts, reminders, but also use the 'find iphone' app. This is amazing! if my partner gets lost while driving or cannot find an adress I am able to locate him and direct him. It also means if my daughter is out I can locate her and know she is where she says she is lol. Finally being able to use the personal wi-fi is a huge plus point for me, if I am out working or travelling to a job, I can use my phone to act as a modem for my ipad and use the larger screen for working or browsing.

      Durabilty - Now I did have one issue with my iphone which was the headphone connection stoped working, I rang apple who were extremley helpful and they sent me a box to send mine back free of charge and replaced it with a new iphone. Since then I have had no problems. I have always kept it in a case as I move around alot through work and it drops quite requently, but its very sturdy and hasnt got any marks. My partner doesnt use a case and his looks as new as when he first got it. The glass cover has no scratches and really keeps the phone safe while giving it an expensive feel. The 5 has a different back which I'm told scratches very easily.

      Size - it could be said it is a tad heavier than some other phones and the 5 is lighter, but I think its fine, not too light that you could easily fling it or drop it, but not to heavy that it becomes tiring. One huge plus is the screen is a great size and the retina display is truly amazing! but the phones size fits perfectly into my purse so I can easily take it out and about without having to also take a purse or keep it in a pocket.

      IOS - I was worried about upgrading this and would it be compatible with furture IOS releases but so far its been fine, I upgraded to ios6 with no problems and love the panarama camera feature.

      iCloud and streaming are handy extra. Although the cloud storage isnt big enough for a permanant storage option at 5gb, the photo streaming is brilliant and lets me share images between the iphones and ipad.

      Power slot - Wasnt sure how to name this, but the wider pin dock connection is great as we can all use the same power leads, use the same docking connections and there are so many different devices you can plug it into, and I know that it will be at least a year before apples new lighting one takes off and has anywhere near the same reach like being able to plug it into your sofa!

      Add ons - There are so many cool add-ons like different lens, game add-ons, you can even turn it into an arcade machine lol I struggled at the start with some of the gaming as not have a physical button especially for direction was a bit clumbsy for me, but I purchased some fling controllers off ebay for a small amount and they work brilliantly on games like COD BOs zombies.

      Bad points -

      Memory - I got a 16gb and thought this would be enough, but it isnt :( Once you have filled your contacts, added your music, took a load of pictures/video, and downloaded a ton of apps its full! I have always had phones with Micro SD slots so didnt really think about it when buying this phone, which doesnt have expandable memory. The cloud storage is handy but not very big and you have to pay to get more, which I havent done, I instead take my files off quite regularly and store them on my hard drive.

      Siri - It was very cool to use Siri when we first got the phones, but was very limited as it did not have UK businesses available, this has since changed but I havent really used it much....I must have a play and see if its better?

      Battery - For general stuff the battery is pretty good, but if you use some gaming apps it just zaps all the battery :(

      Overall -

      I didnt realise how much I would say and apologies for the lengthly review but I just love this phone, it is easy to use, does everything, looks great, is sturdy, and is hugly compatible with everything. I know there are lots of android options out there, but as the trend setters apple obviously know what ther are doing so for the less tech savvy, there the ones to go for as they do exactly what they say on the tin! In my opinion its the best phone I have ever had, has helped me with my business and give me peace of mind when my teenager goes out lol. It will take more than the iphone 5 to make me change it.

      Hope this is helpful,

      Rose x


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