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Member since: 16.08.2007

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    • Sony Dual Shock 2 / Game Controller / 17 Readings / 14 Ratings
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      16.08.2007 10:19



      Great buy and better then the wireless controllers

      This is a great controller what makes this controller great is that it works. Unlike many of the other controllers that are offered this oneI works. Many companies offer a wireless controller that supposedly does the same thing, but trust me they dont work. your best bet is to buy this one, because it actuall works. My controller is responsive and still works great considering this is my fifth year with the controller, i play a lot of games and this controller has lasted long enough to with stand all the beatings i give it. Dont buy the imitation products or the wireless controllers because those just dont work, trust me I've had them before but the Sony brand one is by far the best one.


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