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      06.02.2010 12:08
      Very helpful



      A trusted, non greasy hand cream

      Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream

      I shall begin with the basics. I'm thankful to have received both large and small sized hand creams, with the smaller being 30ml and bought by my boyfriend's mum to keep in my handbag. I believe that the 100ml version sells in Boots for £3.19 and if my memory serves me right, the smaller version came with some nail polishes so I'm not sure whether this is sold individually at this size.

      The reason I started using Nivea Hand Nourishing Cream was due to working as a bar maid at weekend evenings, where I would constantly wash my hands and working on a farm on Sunday mornings where my hands would get dry very quickly.

      The cream comes in a pale blue tube, which gradually turns white towards the middle, with a darker blue plastic lid. The darker blue Nivea Hand logo is incorporated into the middle.

      According to the packaging, the nourishing hand cream "softens and nourishes dry hands and cuticles" and the effect is long-lasting. Included in the ingredients are natural minerals, vitamins and macadamia nut oil.
      Apparently the cream, if used daily, will improve the skins elasticity, leaving hands and cuticles smooth and supple. (Information found on packaging.)

      - My thoughts -

      I love this hand cream. You don't need a great deal of it unlike other hand creams that I have used in the past, which is good as even the 30ml cream lasts for a great deal of time, depending on usage, obviously.

      The cream is absorbed so quickly, which is useful for me as I always apply hand cream at the most inconvenient times, for example, just as I'm about to type on my laptop.

      I can feel my hands are more soft after using the cream and it smells quite nice too, although, thankfully, not an over powering fragrance.
      I would recommend this hand cream over any other as I've never had any problems with it, I cannot stand to apply hand creams which leave my hands feeling greasy for any length of time.

      This hand cream is so good that my Mum likes to 'borrow' it as often as she dares. This is a good sign, as my Mum is very picky with the products she uses on her very dry hands.

      Overall, a great value for money cream as it lasts a long time due to not needing excessive amounts.


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        05.02.2010 23:27
        Very helpful



        Some of the odd things about moi.

        5 reasons why I think I'm strange

        1. Alcohol.
        So, this might not seem strange to some people but I haven't quite understood myself.
        I'm 21 and a university student. I deferred for a year before going to university and worked in a pub. It was a joke that my drinking habits at the time were practice for when I got to university but as soon as I got there I tended to avoid alcohol. I even gave my flat mate some bottles of alcohol that I had in my room because I didn't want them. This summer I have worked in a different pub and I love my job serving drinks and talking to customers but when I'm on the other side of the bar I don't feel that I want a drink. Even on holiday, which was for my 21st birthday, I didn't feel like I wanted a drink, even as it was free and it was my birthday. What is wrong with me?! I guess I'm just not cut out to be a drinker.

        2. Spending too much time thinking about numbers.
        I was born on the 15 of the 9th month but I like the number 8 and I'm not obsessed, but spend a lot of time thinking about these numbers. I even told my boyfriend that I'd like to get married on either 08.08.2015 or 15.08.2015 just because I like the dates.
        When looking at the time, it always tends to be 11.11 or 12.34 or 23.45. I used to send my friend a text at 23.45 with 'The 23.45 news'. I guess it's more of a personal joke but I still think about it now.

        3. I can't stand people touching their own or other people's necks.
        In the past, I couldn't wear necklaces but have now got passed this stage but can't bear to watch in films, or real life, when someone touches their own or someone else's neck, whether in an intimate or violent way, it just makes me cringe.

        4. Socks.
        I love buying socks, I think this may stem back from having to wear certain coloured socks and school and wanting to rebel but never doing so. I have so many pairs of socks, or rather did until the washing machine decided to eat them! The weird thing is that I don't like to wear them. At primary school, I was always told off for taking my shoes and socks off in class... I don't like to wear shoes in the house, I hate it when people tell you it's OK to leave your shoes on, no it's not! I like my feet to be free, which is why I have already started wearing my Fit Flops, I started wearing them in January. I've just moved to the south of France so can get away with this on the beach but the French people tend to ask me if I have cold feet all the time.

        5. Decisions.
        I take after my mother in this respect; I can never make a decision, although 90% of the time I will make the decision that my first thought was correct. I find it's weird and getting worse, even down to which bread I buy in the supermarket. I think this will annoy my boyfriend when we settle down properly together.

        Thanks for reading; I hope you're weirder than I am!


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        04.02.2010 00:09
        Very helpful



        A few of the good things in life, or rather, my life.

        Things that are free and make me happy

        1. Taking photos.
        Everyone laughs at me and knows me as the person who always has her camera in her handbag. I don't see this as a problem as this is how I remember the good times in life. It's amazing how a walk on a nice day with my camera can bring me so much pleasure and what's even better is that is completely free!

        2. Watching the sun set (especially over the sea).
        I like it when you happen to look out of the window when it's nearly sun set and the clouds and sky are lovely pink and orange colours. Watching them gradually change and then carrying on with life.

        3. Freshly cut grass / Freshly baked bread smells.
        I love the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer, I'm sure some people that suffer from Hay fever may not agree though! Reminds me of being younger and waiting for Dad to finish cutting the grass so my sister and I could play... And big grass fights at the park.
        As for fresh bread, it reminds me of going to my Grandma's house when she got a bread maker, although I think she's gone back to buying Morrison's bread. The smell as you wander near the bakery section in supermarkets is divine, although I have to try and stop myself from buying it all. Now I live in France, which is even harder as there are lovely fresh baguettes every morning!

        4. Receiving post. (especially unexpected letters)
        Not that many years ago I remember reading magazines and people would be looking for pen pals. The only post I tend to get nowadays are bank statements. Until last week anyway, I moved to a different country and my family have decided that I'm unable to cope and are sending food parcels, I love it! So far I have received one, and know of one on the way, although I'd much rather they just sent me a nice letter than a parcel, I'm sure I'll survive, it's only France!

        5. Walking in the countryside, or on a beach.
        Maybe this isn't always free, if you have to park or go on holiday, but I'm lucky enough at home in the UK to live near some fantastic countryside and not far from the coast and in France I live two minutes away from the beach so I can just go for a wander and watch the world go by.

        6. People watching.
        My dad and I tend to do this on holiday. While laid on sun loungers, it's nice to see people smiling and joking and wonder what's going on. I can remember my sister and myself playing 'guess the conversation'. I don't think I have much of an imagination nowadays but I did when I was younger.

        7. Popping the foil on a new jar of coffee.
        Mmm, another great smell.

        8. Licking the bowl (not literally) when baking.
        I love memories of baking with my Grandma and when I worked at a pub and the chef baked some cakes, we'd always get chance to have a spoon of cake mixture if there was any left.

        9. Having someone in the street smile.
        It's so nice and makes the day seem great, even if the weather's not.

        10. Cuddles.
        I like cuddles, hugs and sometimes even kisses. When they are genuine and with someone you care about they can take all your troubles away.

        Some of these may seem random / crazy but they are just what I like to think are the small pleasures in life and I'm sure I will have missed off some really good ones but never mind.

        It's nice to think that not everything in life comes with a price tag attached.


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          03.02.2010 21:39
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Great for holidays, but handy to have some eye make-up remover to prevent next morning Panda eyes

          Firstly I'd like to point out that I'm not loyal to these cleansing wipes. I tend to buy whatever appears to be the best deal, more often than not in the supermarket. I have however learnt not to buy the cheapest wipes as I believe they don't perform as well as I'd like them to.

          Nivea is a trusted brand and I use a few other Nivea products, which I have never had any problems with.

          The wipes are presented in a light blue packaging and according to the label, the cleansing wipes, "Cleanse, tone and invigorate in one easy step. Removes make up and waterproof mascara for a fresh skin feeling." The label also clearly shows that the wipes contain Lotus Extract and Vitamins and are alcohol free.

          There are 20 wipes in a pack, but I bought a 'double' pack, therefore receiving 40 wipes. I think 20 wipes is a good amount to have in one pack as if there are any more and the seal is left open, this may cause the wipes in the pack to dry out and therefore not cleanse the face when required to do so.

          These wipes are for normal and combination skin which I consider myself to have.

          According the back of the pack, my skin is left feeling refreshed and it will
          remove waterproof mascara.

          I do believe that my skin is left refreshed and the smell reminds me of a holiday, for some reason, but I don't think the wipes remove all traces of mascara. I have woken up the next day after having used these wipes, to find small amounts of mascara still visible and smudged into my face.
          I do recommend the wipes, as they are certainly some of the better wipes that I have used and are particularly good if you are buying them to use on holiday, to save taking lots of toiletries, or if you are in a rush (which as a student, I usually am) but I prefer after having used a wipe, to use a gentle eye make-up remover (I love Body Shop's Camomile Gentle eye make-up remover, plus it lasts for ages!) just to remove the more stubborn mascara.

          Great value, particularly if they are in on offer in either the supermarkets or popular chemists.


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          • Milka Daim Chocolate Bar / Chocolate / 24 Readings / 22 Ratings
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            30.01.2010 20:56
            Very helpful



            One square led to one packet

            First bar of chocolate I bought in France last week.

            I have just arrived in France and went to buy the basics from Carrefour, fruit, veg, bread and chocolate of course! As a loyal Cadbury's fan, I should add at this point that I have been a little less loyal since being with my boyfriend as he is a Galaxy fan, but anyway, I was worried what chocolate I would decide to adopt during my stay in France.

            Daim, I remembered is actually quite nice, so added to Milka chocolate, it was sure to be a winner and I was right.

            The 100g bar, which seems a lot thinner than British chocolate bars :-( seemed to go down a little more quickly than I'd anticipated, so it was a good job that the chocolate was two bars for the price of one.

            The Milka chocolate is nice and smooth and the Daim pieces were small enough to feel that extra luxury although at some points I was slightly worried about ruining my teeth.

            I would definitely buy this again and I know Milka chocolate is now popular in the UK, I've seen lots of it in WH Smiths in Sheffield Train Station for some reason, but I do prefer Cadburys.

            As I'm in France, I will take it upon myself to try out a lot more of the chocolate available to me here, a detox from Cadbury's but not from my favourite treat altogether :-)


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            • General / Discussion / 18 Readings / 15 Ratings
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              30.01.2010 20:10
              Very helpful



              Enough about me, what about you?

              1)How old are you?

              2) Colour of my eyes?

              3) How tall are you?
              5'6" 1/2

              4) Hair colour?
              Brown and avoiding hairdressers as last time it was a complete disaster!

              5) Any brothers or sisters?
              1 older sister

              6) Do you prefer cats or dogs?
              I've only ever had a cat as a pet but I'm being swayed towards dogs at the minute, although in Nice (where I am at the minute) they seem to be everywhere, even in the shops, which I'm not keen on!

              7)What job do you do?
              I'm a student and when I'm back in England I work as bar maid and on a farm at weekends.

              8) Do you like your job?
              Yeah, the people I work for have been really good to me. I like to serve alcohol rather than drink it.

              9) Favourite dessert?
              Ooh, this is tough! I'm a chocoholic but it might have to be my Mum's trifle at Christmas.

              10) Food that I loathe?
              I'm not the biggest meat eater in the world and hate to see raw meat.

              11) Sweet or Savoury?
              Sweet all the way!

              12) The last 3 films I watched?
              I've just moved in with my friends from uni and we've not had much to do so we've watched
              The Devil wears Prada
              The Notebook
              all in a week

              13) Song I can't get out of my head?
              I don't know a specific song but Paramore songs are in my head a lot at the minute.

              14) Favourite Programme?
              Skins, although I can't watch the new series at the minute, gutted!

              15) Next Holiday
              Not sure if living in France actually counts as a holiday, or whether going back to England does. I don't have any proper holidays planned. My last one was Egypt to celebrate my 21st.

              16) Favourite Country?
              St. Lucia.

              17) Favourite beach holiday?

              18) Favourite hobby?
              Photography. I love looking through old photos, even if they're of people I don't know but more so if they're photos that I've taken.

              19) The last thing that made me laugh?
              French TV.

              20) Favourite cocktail?
              I decided on a new favourite the other night, but I can't remember its name as it was the first and I had a fair few more after that one!


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              • Birds Eye Potato Waffles / Other Food / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                30.01.2010 19:31



                Great tasting, cheap and easy potato waffles

                Bird's Eye Potato Waffles, saviour of my first year at university!

                When I moved to uni I needed food that was quick and cheap, to avoid spending unnecessary time in the kitchen and so that I could replace them easily if my flat mates decided to 'borrow' something.

                I once had Waffles and mint sauce as a meal, but I was desparate!

                Since moving in with my boyfriend, I have bought a few packs and put them in the freezer and at first I got funny looks from him but now I have to replace the packs at the speed of light as he has converted to my waffle ways.

                His personal favourite is to have the waffles with Heinz Spaghetti hoops. I'm not sure if I have a favourite 'dish' using them to be honest but I quite like tuna mayo with a bit of cucumber on waffles, makes a change from sandwiches.

                Great as a snack, or to add to a main meal, instead of making chips or when there is no time to cook a jacket potato.

                I'm actually missing waffles now, if only we had a toaster in this flat... (currently in France, not at the boyfriend's house)


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                • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 9 Readings / 6 Ratings
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                  30.01.2010 18:21
                  Very helpful



                  An average day in the life of my bag

                  My bag at the minute is a bit empty as I've just left England to live in France for 6 months so I thought I'd try and leave the junk at home but I have

                  - my phone
                  - my French phone (only bought this yesterday)
                  - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220... This is ALWAYS in my bag, just in case.
                  - My purse (which has a broken zipper thing to the change so I should try and fix it. In my purse I have far too many cards for supermarkets and RAC cover and ID cards and loyalty/discount cards, etc. As well as some notes, coins and a hair bobble.
                  - A biro, because you never know when you'll need to write something down.
                  - Vaseline.
                  - A few English coins as I've forgotten to bring a separate English purse.
                  - Chewing Gum, Wrigleys.
                  - Flat keys
                  - The pill

                  In my bag back home I'd usually have
                  - Hand sanitiser
                  - glasses in case (in case I'm wearing contacts)
                  - House keys (to my boyf and my mums houses)
                  - Car keys
                  - iPod (for the daily train commute)
                  - Nail file, because someone needed one once and I didn't have one and the person thought I would so I have since then
                  - Diary
                  - Chocolate!
                  - CD Player Front from my Car CD player, so no-one breaks in (again)
                  along with whatever my boyfriend has managed to shove in which is usually a bottle of water and some snacks and probably his keys.

                  Obviously all these things depend on where I'm going and what size handbag I have on me!


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                • Blackwell / Highstreet Shopping / 9 Readings / 7 Ratings
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                  30.01.2010 17:58
                  Very helpful



                  Pretty useful but not too many bargains!

                  The only Blackwell shop that I have visited is in Sheffield.

                  One of the best things about Blackwell is the price of newspapers. 20pence for a newspaper and I believe 50pence for the Financial Times, bargain for any business student that can't get away with just reading articles online.

                  I like browsing the greetings cards in the shop and there have been some sales in the past where I have take advantage of discounted cards to use in the future.

                  I have bought a book on photography which wasn't relevant to my course but interested me and they do have a loyalty card, which is good, when I have the time to find it in my purse.

                  I have also bought a laptop case from the shop which has become very useful is safely transporting my laptop home and back to uni.

                  They do sell stationery but I have thought that some of their stationery is over priced for students and prefer to browse other shops too.

                  In my first year at university we were encouraged to rush out and buy a pack of books from the store, which led to a big queue out of the door.. This year, I took advantage of researching which books we needed before the whole year headed out for the same books, in order to buy any available second hand books, just to save some money, as they are usually in great condition anyway as most students only tend to pick their text books up when it is exam season.

                  I have found the staff in the store to be a bit 'distant'. Sometimes if the store is quiet they are too involved in conversation to make an effort with the customer and at other times the service seems to have been much slower than it needed to but overall it is a useful shop due to its location, right next to the main entrance of the university.


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                  30.01.2010 17:31
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Public Transport, it's like Marmite

                  Last year, between September and December I was a regular user of the Cleethorpes - Manchester Airport train, getting off at Sheffield Station.

                  I didn't have many problems whilst using this service although on rare occasions I thought that the customer service was lacking.

                  Recently, the catering service has been suspended from Doncaster - Cleethorpes as there was not enough interest in the service apparently.
                  Perhaps the reason for this is that the staff serving food and drinks don't tend to have a smile on their face and some of them whizz past you without you getting a chance to show an interest in buying a drink, which means you have to wait and buy from the station you're stopping at (unless of course they don't have one).

                  The conductors don't always come checking tickets, which is annoying as others shout down the PA system at each stop demanding you get your ticket out immediately, even as the people getting on haven't had chance to step foot onto the train.

                  Overall I have found the train to be as pleasant as a commute from Grimsby - Sheffield can be, but it is slightly annoying when the staff cannot produce a smile to make you feel slightly better about your journey.

                  On one occasion the train was stopped at Doncaster to couple up with another and some passengers were told to move, and others to sit down, then the passengers told to sit down were made to move, so there were two trains worth of people on the one train and there was no real explanation or apology from the staff and noone was told where they could express their opinion on the issue to. This annoyed me slightly!

                  P.S. I cannot write about the toilets on the trains as I have never visited these.


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                  • Room 101 / Discussion / 18 Readings / 12 Ratings
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                    30.01.2010 17:14
                    Very helpful



                    My opinion on what should disappear forever.

                    My wishlist for things to go in Room 101 starts with;

                    - Clowns -
                    What is the point in clowns? Most kids are scared of them (perhaps some big kids too) and they are among many things, a reason not to go in McDonalds as I hate Ronald the clown.

                    - Slow walking people -
                    I understand that some people enjoy to stroll around, looking in windows, but do they have to be so ignorant to the people that want/need to get passed!

                    - Increasing petrol prices -
                    OK, so maybe that might not be able to go into the room but when will they stop rising??

                    and finally... The BIG One.

                    - Reebok Classics -
                    Apparently the most stolen pair of trainers... Why?
                    I think my hatred of these trainers stems back from seeing many pairs of them thrown over telephone lines in a nearby town. I can remember randomly finding one Reebok Classic in a park, how do you lose just one trainer?


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                  • imdb.com / Internet Site / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
                    More +
                    30.01.2010 16:44



                    A good website for finding out more about films

                    imdb.com is a site that I sometimes forget about unfortnately but it does have a number of uses.

                    It is great for finding out the names of actors if you are watching a film and don't want to spend your time trying to remember their name and which other films you've seen them in!

                    I find it interesting to know which mistakes have been made in the film, for example when the camera has flicked back to a person and they've got a different hairstyle or item of clothing.

                    I'm not a fan of the text on the site but as it is so big, it is easier to see some information and the links to other things.

                    I do the section of the site, which I guess isn't always too relevant to films, which shows birthdays of famous people. I'm particularly impressed that I share my birthday with Jimmy Carr.

                    Overall, I think the site is a good way to find out more about films before you think about purchasing one, or even renting some of them.


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                    30.01.2010 16:32
                    Very helpful



                    My favourite footwear!

                    So they're the flip-flop with a gym built in... They are designed (apparently) to tone up problem areas with every step and personally I don't mind if they don't live up to all the hype because they are the most comfortable footwear I have purchased!

                    I lived in my pair of Walkstar Bronze FitFlops last year, it is currently January and I'm living in them already! (I am currently living in Nice and the locals think I'm crazy but who cares!)

                    Working as a barmaid, I have struggled to stand up all night and run around after the customers without aching feet by the end of my shift, but after having bought these, I would always wear them to work, even if it was raining or they didn't match my outfit as being comfortable meant I was a happier bartender to my customers.

                    My Auntie recommended them to me and after trying mine, my mother has a pair which she loves.

                    I just wish that the FitFlop boots were easier to buy, after trying to find a pair in my size, they are always out of stock, which after a few months is slightly annoying!

                    There are many varied styles so they suit more outfits and people's choices in general and I can't wait to purchase another pair for this summer.


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                  • moneysavingexpert.com / Internet Site / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                    30.01.2010 16:22
                    Very helpful



                    My favourite site!!

                    Where can I start? I LOVE this site!

                    I receive the weekly email with Martin's tips on how to save money, which are fab, particularly if something is written that you're particularly interested in.
                    The forum is FULL to bursting of tips and tricks to save money and to make money, as well as friendly banter between members.
                    The site is fantastic for people of all ages and is easy to navigate.
                    I cannot praise this website enough!!
                    I have used this website to try and save money on loft insulation, mobile phones, cameras, getting the best deal for travel money, etc. There is an answer to every question, and if you can't find an answer, you can ask it to the members and they will answer it as best as they can.
                    I have known about this website for less than a year but it is my favourite by far, I have even 'forgotten' about Facebook as I've become so absorbed in reading threads on the forum.

                    Go Martin and all your MSE'ers!


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                    30.01.2010 15:35
                    Very helpful



                    Superb gym & more!

                    I began life as a university student in September 2008, by November, I'd had my free induction at Pond's Forge and signed up that day. It has everything you could ever wish for and more.

                    Firstly, if you join, you're not just a member at Pond's Forge but at other Sheffield International Venue sites, such as Don Valley Stadium, which means you can add variety to your workouts and each location has certain things to offer, such as Pond's Forge has the famous Olympic size swimming pool and diving area, whereas Don Valley has the running track (can anyone remember Channel 4's The Games show?)

                    The staff are friendly, and members get discounted food in the cafe which offers various meals and drinks.

                    I'd always wanted a trampoline as a child but my Dad said no so I joined a Trampoline Club at Pond's Forge and loved it, I'd still be there today if I was based in Sheffield but I'm not currently.

                    The Swimming Pool was always my preferred place, although the gym is a decent size, I have always felt slightly intimidated by gyms and prefer to spend time in the pool. I haven't taken too much advantage from the Sauna and Steam room and unfortunately can't comment on the beauty salon for members, something I kept meaning to try but didn't.

                    There is a great childrens pool... A lazy river to go around, or a rectangular pool which has a wave machine on at certain times, not to mention the water slides, which are worth walking up the steps in a bathing suit for!

                    Finally, the group classes are amazing, my personal favourite was Yoga out of the few I attempted.

                    A vital asset to the city! Superb!


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