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      13.07.2012 18:06
      Very helpful




      Flicking through my latest issue of "Look Magazine" I came across Michelle Keegan's top beauty secrets, I know most of the articles of this sort are probably a load of rubbish, however, I still read them every time!! According to the article Keegan uses Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate to get her beautiful sun kissed skin, now personally, I'm sure she is just naturally tanned but after looking on several review sites (of course!) it did look like it might be quite a good one! So I thought that I would give it a go!! After trying to find this tan EVERYWHERE I noticed not so long ago that Boots have brought the line into their wide range of self tans! I bought this tan and also the mousse (which I will also review) People that have followed my reviews for a while will know that I am something of a biscuit smelling, tan-orexic fake tan connoisseur (of course I try to avoid the biscuit smell!!!) - so did I manage to avoid it with this tan?? Let's find out.....

      Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate

      The tan is quite pricey at £22.50 for 200ml but luckily when I went in it was 3 for 2, so of course, even though I really didn't need to, I took full advantage of this offer and bought 3 Vita Liberata products (more reviews to come...!!) I have since looked online and I think you can pick it up from around £10 - £25 so it really is worth having a look around to try and grab a bargain! I certainly will be!!!
      My usual tanning regime is as follows: Bath the night before which consists of; shaving, exfoliating and having a good old scrub, I would also use a light moisturiser in preparation. The next night about half an hour or so before bed I will shove my hair up high and out of the way, ensure all deodorant/make up is washed off prior to tanning. Then I apply a small amount of light moisturiser to my feet, elbows, wrists and knees. I always, always, always use a mitt - orange hands are a BIG give away (although so are white hands - you don't want to look like you're wearing white gloves so don't miss them out completely!) I always start on my upper body as I personally think it takes a little bit longer to dry no matter what tan I use! Once I have done an even layer I just check in the mirror that nothing has been missed out and go over any patches. Then the next day I will wake up looking like a wild jungle lady who has been rolling in dirt all night, one shower to get rid of the guide color and we (hopefully) have sunkissed skin! Sometimes it can be a little disheartening as the tan does fade a little and you see it going down your shower drain but the tan you usually get left with is much more natural... NOW onto VL!!!!!
      So VL say that the tan is:
      - Quick drying
      - Moisturising
      - Evenly fades
      - Odourless
      - Official X Factor tan!
      I will take each point in turn with my review, starting with the speed. As a tan buff I have trialled LOTS of tans, in comparison to some on the market I do think this tan is quick. I tend to find that the gradual moisturisers are the slowest to dry. As previously stated I do find that my upper body takes a little longer to dry and this is the same with this tan but often I find myself flapping around my room to get dry... this is not the case with VL. So point one - true!

      Does the tan moisturise my skin? Well it certainly doesn't feel dry. As applying onto your skin it does feel luxurious and creamy but not at all greasy. The tan is a lovely rich brown colour and it does smell like chocolate.... Almost good enough to eat.

      Does the tan fade evenly? Well, this is a problem I have suffered with a lot in the past. I always exfoliate (ok most of the time) and I always moisturise (unless I am being lazy!) so when my tan starts to fade unevenly making my look like I am suffering a skin disease it does not make me a happy bunny. So far so good with this tan, I have had no problems at all. One of the biggest offenders of this is St. Moritz but being about £15 cheaper you would expect that I suppose. Point three, check!

      Did I smell like biscuits?

      NO! Hurray! On waking up the next day there was a tan smell, but I think that's pretty normal after sleeping in it so I'm not going to mark them down on this. After showering and throughout the next day I didn't notice the usual lingering smell that can often come from a self-tanner. The chocolate smell didn't stay either but I would say that's a good thing as I think it might have clashed with my perfume a little. The colour is a very natural dark brown rather than the usual orange tinge that you get with fake tans, I use the rich product but if you have lighter skin there is a less deep tan that you might want to try.

      I would say that this tan has the X Factor - I am more than happy with it and will continue to use it. When you think that you would spend around £15 - £25 on a spray tan I do also think it is worth the money, but being a skrimper and a saver I won't carry on purchasing it at this price. Unless there is a great offer on then I will be purchasing online in future. I think I get about two uses out of the bottle which isn't too great but I do tend to lather is on - if you want more out of your bottle then of course you can use it more sparingly!
      All in all a great result, watch this space for more reviews on the range :-)


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    • The Five Year Engagement (DVD) / DVD / 9 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      13.07.2012 18:05
      Very helpful




      After an interesting moment of walking into the wrong screen and being surrounded by children watching Ice Age for what felt like 10 minutes we eventually sat down to watch "The five year engagement" I had purposely not watched a trailer for this prior to viewing as sometimes I feel it gives away the best bits and you are just left with the missing "fill ins" to the puzzle which sometimes can be slightly disheartening. I had however, heard very good things about this film. Someone had told me it was deemed "The funniest film since bridesmaids" so looking back to that viewing, sat in the cinema crying my eyes out with laughter, it's fair to say I had pretty high expectations. Unfortunately those expectations weren't met. Here's why.....


      Emily Blunt and Jason Segel take the main parts as the leading couple who decide to take a longer engagement than originally planned after some unexpected events occur. I have to say that Jason Segel is one of my favourite all time actors with "I love you man" and "forgetting Sarah Marshall" - two previous movies he has starred in being two of my all-time favourites. Meaning again, I had sky high expectations.
      Having not seen the trailers I expected the film to be about two people possibly putting off the wedding with lots of comedy value, in actual fact they were wanting to get married but life kept throwing things at them meaning they had to keep putting it off, putting serious strain on their relationship and in the meantime "Emily's" sister gets married, has kids... to the "best man". To be honest it was a lot more serious than I had hoped, sure there were lots of funny parts and "laugh out loud moments" but again just not what I had hoped for.

      Personally I would say it's more ROM than it is COM and after over 2 hours it ends up feeling more like a 25 year engagement rather than a 5 year engagement. The film starts out with the two Tom (Segel) and Violet (Blunt) living in San Francisco where Tom is a sous chef in a top restaurant, Violet is a student looking for a doctoral programme and of course in true movie fashion, she gets one, but it's far, far away in Michigan. Of course Tom agrees to move all the way over to Michigan to start a new life and they put off the wedding... after that we see adultery, extended stays, job rejections, family weddings, family deaths and everything else that comes with life. Tom turns into a depressed, crazy bearded hunter and they eventually go their separate ways.

      I won't say too much but we do get to see a happy ending - although of course, we had all guessed there would be!! Walking out of the cinema I did feel a little disappointed, yes the cast were brilliant, the storyline worked and it did have plenty of comical moments - but there was something missing. I'm just not quite sure what exactly that was but I think it was the lack of comedy that I had expected. I don't think I would watch the film again, or at least I certainly wouldn't buy the DVD.

      On reflection, I can only think that they possibly cut out a lot of scenes to keep the rating down to a 15 as I have been told a lot of things that were on the trailer weren't on the final film so it will be interesting to see if they come out with an unrated version, I still think the film would drag out though. I would say that the movie is around half an hour too long. Whilst this review is predominantly negative I would recommend it, but just think of it more as a drama with some funny inserts and I think you will enjoy it much more.


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      13.07.2012 18:04




      CHECK IN

      Set within 1000 acres you will find this beautiful hotel which screams luxury from the minute of arrival. I stayed at this hotel with my boyfriend and grandparents the last weekend of May and loved every second. Since we were running a little late, as usual, my grandparents waiting in the reception for us, our plan was to get the bags out the car and leave them with them and go park the car. As soon as we got into the main forecourt a member of staff came and asked if we would like him to park the car for us - certainly something we could get used to. The building itself is stunning with a seating area to the front and set back up the stairs there is a grand reception area. Check in was from 3pm onwards and the standard check out is 11am. The reception team were extremely helpful and we were checked in with our keys in less than a minute, the hotel itself seamed rather busy with wedding parties but due to the size and prompt service from the staff it didn't seem it!

      THE ROOM

      We chose two of the standard rooms but standard really isn't a word I would use to describe them. With huge beds, fluffy pillows, tasteful interior and fantastic modern bathrooms we felt at home right away. Our room overlooked the main forecourt but there was no noise whatsoever to complain about. The room included an en-suite bathroom with a bath and shower over, toilet, wash hand basin and lots of little goodies including shampoo, conditioner and soaps. If anyone's seen the episode of Friends where Ross stays in a hotel...well let's just say the temptation was there! The TV had free channels, radio and then movies you can pay for. There was also a free internet connection along with a hairdryer, iron and ironing board, telephone, tea and coffee facilities with Yorkshire tea, Twinning's various fruit teas, Kenco coffee and some yummy biscuits (which didn't last long)

      THE GRUB

      Since the biscuits didn't quite cut it we decided to go down to the "19th bar" and grab a sandwich and a drink, if you are on a budget this place isn't for you. At around £8.00 for a sandwich and chips I thought it was a little expensive, but it was lovely the chips were homemade and came in their own little funnel. We sat on the patio outside as it was a nice day and although there was a wedding party around it wasn't in the slightest bit rowdy and we got to enjoy a live singer that they had hired.
      On the first night we decided to eat in 'Hadrian's Brasserie' and I don't think I have ever been so full in my life!! We opted for two courses (main and dessert) and got a couple of starters to share between the four. The food was beautiful and we all agreed that the meat was cooked to perfection. I had the lamb shank and could not fault it. The nicest meal I have had in a long time - and I don't think it's been topped since either! Again the prices were rather expensive but well worth it for a little bit of luxury! After our meal we went for a nice drink in the 'Whisky Snug' an open room overlooking the courtyard with comfortable sofas, a beautiful open fire and staff on hand at all times. After our rather large meal we could only fit in one drink and then it was off to bed to sleep it off.
      Breakfast the next morning was fantastic, buffet style with the choice of continental breakfast, hot full English items or a menu with specials on including egg and soldiers or poached egg on offer too so we really were spoilt for choice. I opted for the continental breakfast on the first morning with the plan to indulge the next day and I wasn't disappointed. A member of the waiting staff came and asked if we would like tea of coffee and brought two pots over, there were also various fruit juices on offer. All of the cereals were Kellogg's and there was an assortment of jams, Nutella or Marmite on offer for the toast. Feeling rather full again we all set off for the day.


      There is plenty to do around the area and if you log onto their website you will see a big list of attractions nearby. The hotel also has quad biking, zorbing, 4 x 4 off roading, clay pigeon shooting, paintballing, kayaking or archery. We decided to take a trip out to Hexham and visited Hadrian's Wall. The hotel also offers lodges, I had a quick nosey at the floorplans and they look lovely + very large but I am not sure about the pricing (if you are interested I am sure this will all be on the website)
      On the second night we went to the "19th bar" for tea and the food there was a little more toned down but equally as enjoyable. The staff really couldn't do enough and were extremely friendly. We enjoyed a fair few drinks in the bar afterwards and the setting and atmosphere was perfect. The next day we had a venture around the beautiful grounds (I have included some pictures!) and relaxed in the Jacuzzi which also had a nice big pool, a large slide, baby pool and café area. The changing facilities were very clean and modern. We didn't have any treatments in the spa but the therapists were very friendly and the spa rooms looked very tranquil.


      The whole stay was very fuss free and ran very smoothly, the staff ensured everything was perfect for our stay and the hotel itself was very elegant. I would certainly recommend this hotel and cannot wait to try the others as the chain seem to have quite a few all over the UK (I might have a save a few pennies first though!!) Judging by the website they often have offers including special prices on room rates, afternoon tea, golf breaks, spa days and plenty more. I Check out the pictures of our stay! If you have any questions then ask away.... I hope you enjoyed my review!


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    • Ariel Excel Gel / Household Product / 3 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      13.07.2012 18:03




      Why did I buy this product?

      In a hurry one Sunday afternoon I went to our local Tesco local stores to do a quick cupboard stock shop, I could have imprinted DO NOT FORGET LAUNDRY CLEANER and I probably still would have forgotten. Halfway home of course I realised I hadn't bought any and passing our local home store Barnitts I figured it was worth a peak to see if they had anything. I'm usually a religious bold liquidtab buyer but as I had guessed as I grumbled at myself walking in...they didn't have any.
      I noticed the Febreeze logo first and since I love the smell of Febreeze and always mist my clothes with it whilst they are on the airer I figured I would give this a go. I am always wary of using new washing products as I have had irritation from changing brands in the past, however, I have always liked the Aerial products when I have used them in the past and since I didn't have much choice so thought it was worth a try. The gel was £3.49 which I remember thinking wasn't bad at all and probably cheaper than I would have paid at Tesco's!!
      The packaging is very appealing in a white squeezey tube/tub with a bright blue label and turquoise blue flip lid on the bottom, it is in an unusual shape - almost like a rugby ball which has been chopped at the ends! There are a few different types/smells in the range and each one has its own colour. There is a removable gel pot at the top which you lift off, fill up, and put it in the washing machine resting on your clothes. It says you can wash your clothes on a temperature as low as 15 degrees!!!! To be honest I didn't even know it went that low... whilst I always try and "turn to 30" I am a bugger for having it even higher... so this was a bit of an alien concept. I decided to do as I was told for once in my life and turned my machine right down! I filled my gel pot halfway as indicated and squeezed out the lovely turquoise blue liquid and the smell hit me as soon as I popped the lid ...ahhh....fresh laundry... exactly how you would want your clothes to smell!!!

      Drum roll please!

      Once the cycle had finished I walked into the kitchen and opened the washing machine door, the smell was beautiful, as I emptied the machine and put my clothing on the clothes horse I was convinced it felt softer than usual (I hadn't added any fabric softener!) and no Febreeze spray was needed. My clothes were lovely and clean - being a TAN-AHOLIC sometimes my clothes (especially my whites) have slight orange remains and don't always clean right first time but I was very impressed with the results as they came out spotless.
      I have to say I haven't gone back to my liquidtabs and there is no reason why I would. I like the way if I put a smaller load in I can use less whereas on the liquidtabs you obviously can't split them in half!! I have also found often the liquidtabs burst at the bottom of the packet so I end up not being able to use maybe two or three per packet I buy. I think this is more value for money and you get great results. The bottle is recyclable and it works on a low temperature so it's environmentally friendly!
      I would recommend this product but look out for those bargains! Any questions feel free to ask away :-)


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    • iwantoneofthose.com / Online Shop / 2 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      13.07.2012 18:01





      Frantically searching the web for a present for "the guy who has everything" can prove to be a great chore and certainly a problem that has faced each and every one of us. Whilst I love buying presents for people you always get the odd person who has everything they need and could possibly ever want... here comes the dilemma... what do you do?
      Simple I type www.iwantoneofthose.com and it never lets me down! Admittedly I have to say sometimes the presents I purchase aren't always WANTED ...but... they always make people smile! From a gold "last rolo" in a red pouch to experience days this website has a brilliant range of quirky gifts you aren't likely to find on the high street. The website is similar to www.firebox.com and www.notonthehighstreet.com but out of all of the similar sites I have used this is the one I always find myself coming back to.


      The website is bright with a purple and white color scheme, well laid out with lots of simple headings and very user friendly. Down the right hand side are the IWWOT top ten, right now these include:
      1. Perfect Sit Up @ £54.99
      This is an exercise tool to help you with the deathly sit up!
      2. PS Vita (Wi-Fi Enabled) @ £239.38
      The long awaited new games console
      3. Crazy Golf Balls @ £6.99
      The set comprises four balls:
      - The Exploder, blows up into a spectacular cloud of billowing white dust.
      - The Phantom basically vanishes on impact into a watery mist.
      - The Jet Streamer ejects 15 feet of spiralling streaming ribbon when thwacked
      - The Unputtaball simply won't go in a straight line on the green - however you hit it, it wobbles all over the place.
      4. My Scratch Map @ £10.99
      I think this is a fantastic idea and great for anyone that is planning to travel - all you do is scratch the country each time you go on holiday as though it's a scratch card and it looks brillirant
      5. Five Piece Wine Gift Set @ £6.99
      This contains:
      * Spiral Corkscrew
      * 2x Bottle Stoppers
      * Bottle Collar
      * Foil Cutter
      6. Retro Sweet Jar - Small @ £11.99
      It is what is says on the jar, a perfect present for the old school characters among us
      7. Pocket Fishing Rod @ £17.99
      A rod if you want a spontaneous fish on the go!
      8. Foul Fashion Men's Shirt - Multi @ £27.99
      Now this shirt just reminds me of Gerard Butler in The Bounty Hunter - it's the kind of shirt you wouldn't even let your beloved pops wear!!
      9. Camera Lens Cup @ £10.99
      Again... pretty self explanatory - a cup that looks like a camera lens - great for any photographer lovers - it even has a little compartment for your biccies! What more could you want?!
      10. Glowing Glasses - Single Wine @ £5.99
      Plastic glowing wine glasses - I might have to purchase for my next camping trick - you will never lose your drink in the dark again!
      There is a gift finder where all you have to do is input the price you wish to pay, the recipient and their personality for example:
      Recipient examples:
      Best friend, dad, co-worker, mistress, little angel
      Personality examples:
      Geek, city girl, hot lover, couch potato
      And then the prices range from under £10 to over £100.


      The returns policy is the same as most - refund within 14 days of purchase and returns are processed within 7 days. They will refund your postage if they send you the wrong item, the item is damaged or faulty. They have a full online returns policy which is easy to understand and thankfully although I have not yet had to return anything looks easy to follow. They also have their own complaints department if you have any further problems.
      IWWOT have their own newsletter which you can sign up to receive, I personally trialled this and found although it was great to receive the offers and promotions, I didn't want them clogging my inbox all of the time so in the end I unsubscribed. Personally I feel a much better way would be to see these on your online account, that way, they are relevant as you are wanting to shop at that time - I don't need any more temptation!!!
      A good feature on the site which I think most online retailers are now starting to do is a review feature meaning you can rate and review a product once you have purchased it. This is great because as a lot of the products are quite quirky sometimes you are unsure how the person receiving the gift might react but it's slightly reassuring seeing comments from others. You can also win a £50 voucher from IWWOT if you do! I always try to review the products if possible but unfortunately I haven't yet won!!
      Overall I would give the site a big recommendation and I would love to hear all the crazy purchases you have made/make!! I hope you have found this useful! Any questions ask away......


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      13.07.2012 18:00
      Very helpful




      A bit of background

      Ok so for Christmas I got the "Hey big spender" case full of soap and glory goodies...which is RIGHT up my street. I'm going to do a review on each item as I use it...it might take some time! One of the first items I used was the cleansing wipes which was extremely handy since it was one of the products I forgot to take over Christmas that I cannot live without!!

      Did they WIPE the smile off my face?

      Most definitely not! They feel super soft on your skin and they have that beautiful fresh and clean S&G smell. They are supposed to cleanse, tone and smooth your skin but it you apply a little pressure due to the grooves in the wipes they are also supposed to exfoliate and help reduce the size of your pores or as S&G say it may "visually shrink, if you want to be specific but when it comes to pores, our motto is 'see no evil'.." I wouldn't say these wipes are too good for removing eye make up, my mascara doesn't really like to budge but it does leave my skin feeling silky smooth.

      Eye candy

      The wipes really are sweet on the eye! A lovely pretty pink and white packaging, the bold writing and the witty slogans! I can't fault it and I just want to leave all the products out as they are too cute to hide away!!

      My conclusion

      Usually depending on whats on offer and how rich I feel I go from Boots branded wipes or Garnier. I would place these more in a Garnier category but they don't remove make up half as well. It kills me to say that the Garnier wipes are probably the better product as they remove the make up too but I can't fault the wipes for this as they never claim to remove your make up just to cleanse your skin although the name "off your face" kind of hints at the fact they would. Which they certainly do! I think once my eye make up has been removed I would pick these wipes over any others. You can buy these wipes on offer reduced from £4 down to £3 at www.asos.com and you get 25 in the pack. I would recommend these wipes but maybe not for heavy make up wearers!!


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    • Toni & Guy Beach Curl Spray / Hair Care / 0 Readings / 0 Ratings
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      13.07.2012 17:59





      Why I came across this product

      As a child I had the most beautiful natural long ringlets, as time has gone on I now seem to sport a natural frizzbomb. I can remember so well growing up people stopping me and commenting on my "lovely" hair, and I can remember thinking "liar!!" all I wanted was silky smooth straight hair. But of course, you always want what you don't have. If you're tall you wish you were a little shorter, if you're short you probably wish you were a little shorter... and so and so on. Anyway as time went on I found a brilliant cure named hair straighteners, or so I thought. I insisted on straightening it with my hot irons every single day so I could have that flat, lifeless hair I wished I had as opposed to the volume and bounce I had! Well. Shot myself in the foot a little there didn't I! Now I would give anything for those wretched ringlets but I'm never going to get back my natural curls. But now, of course, I don't like straight hair... I want big bouncy curls and waves (yes I am a typical female!) so instead I have to spend a little more at the boots counter and experiment different products!


      Whats on the can?

      The first thing that attracted me to this product was the packaging, I have tried alot of Toni and Guy Products and have always been impressed so when I saw the shiny silver can with the bold hot pink writing I thought I might give it a go. "Beach curl spray for wild waves & curls" now to me this means a natural loose wave. Worth a shot. The product set me back around £5.00 but looking online now I can see it can be purchased from a pharmacy shop for under £4.00 for 200ml. The can says "This thickening spray helps seperate curls and waves to create a dishevelled, loose, beach-effect"


      My use of the product

      Does it do what is says on the tin??? Yes I think it does, I think it's probably a product that would be different on certain hair types and perhaps now work as well but it works wonders on my mop!! The way I use it is I shampoo, condition and towel dry my hair. I then spritz twice all over my head and work it into my hair by combing and then scrunching it a little then let it dry naturally. It does say for extra volume use a diffuser and then curl but personally I don't like diffusers so I haven't tried that myself. Since my hair insists on not growing the curls are probably a little tighter on mine than they would be on longer hair but I would still describe them as loose. I have found that if you use a little more of the product then the curls go a little oily and crunchy (sounds lovely doesn't it?!) so really do try not to go overboard with it! If in doubt less is more!! I can't really describe the smell but it is BEAUTIFUL, a very light yet moreish scent and certainly a summer smell. I have found most of the Toni&Guy + Lee Stafford products smell very similar. The product does last on my hair all day without the waves dropping out unlike some curling products, personally I do also much prefer sprays to creams.


      Overall view

      I really like this product as a quick fix for some extra volume but I wouldn't use the product every day. I have had the same bottle for around 2 years now and I know I'm still not nearly finished because you really don't need much at a time. I would recommend it for holidays and summer days. Once I finally do finish the spray I will be buying another and certainly would advise it to anyone. If you have any questions at all just give me a shout!!


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    • Apple iPhone 4S 16 GB / Smartphone / 3 Readings / 2 Ratings
      More +
      13.07.2012 17:57
      Very helpful





      My phone is CONSTANTLY glued to my hand!! For one reason or another (dropping it in water, standing on it, dropping it on the ground, dropping it down the toilet or simply an upgrade of my contract) I never kept a phone for long and have always been eager for my next phone as I get bored far too easily! And for a while I felt the same with my iPhone 3G...until... I realized how I missed having the use of a video function, a flash on my camera, bluetooth and many other simple features that really the 3G SHOULD have had... I mean... the simplest of phones have had the very same features for a long time!


      So FINALLY the time came to upgrade, now as I said before, I get bored of phones very easily and wondered if perhaps this new model would be too similar to my old one. But I know a good thing when I have one, so I tried my luck at the risk of regret and got the new iPhone 4S.

      But what's the difference?

      Well in summary 3G stands for 3rd generation while 4G stands for 4th generation and 4G speeds are much faster compared to 3G - I'm sure there's a much more technical explanation out there for you somewhere but that's my basic dummy understanding.
      Now onto the differences that made me a happy bunny once again (and a few bits I'm told are different that really.... I wouldn't even know what they are)!
      * It has a "dual-core A5 chip" ....moving on....
      * Not only can you get the phone in black...but white too... now this DID make me happy, however, when it falls into my make up bag... I'm not so happy
      * The shape is slightly different - a flat back and squoval in shape
      * You can use your voice to send messages & set reminders... this is AMAZING... more of a novelty thing but right now... I am loving it!
      * My 3 megapixel camera has now upgraded to 8 (yipeeee) this feature is probably the one that is the best for me. The more technical upgraded camera features are:
      Backside illumination sensor
      Five-element lens
      Face detection
      Front camera with VGA resolution
      * A video.... with the facetime function meaning you can video call other facebook users by the simple click of a button!
      And lastly something that doesn't make me happy... the price... but I supose you get what you pay for!!


      The calling feature is very easy to use. When you click the little green phone icon it comes up with the options:
      * Favorites: You can mark any of your contacts as favorites meaning that it is easier than scrolling through all of your contacts to find your favorite people! Just like a speed dial!
      * Recent: With options two options - all or missed it's simple to find who you have ignored, missed or called in the past couple of weeks. When you are on the all option the numbers that have called you will be highlighted in red and there will be a little number in brackets to state how many times they or you have tried to call. If you click on the arrow next to the name it will give you more options including: text, share contact, add to favorites and will show the outgoing and incoming calls to that number.
      * Contacts: This is pretty self explanatory - a list of the contacts you have saved into your phone! You can edit your contacts to ensure you have adequate information to get in touch with the person.
      * Keypad: Again, self explanatory a load of large buttons you can touch to call whoever you like!
      * Voicemail: Once click of this tab will call straight through to your voicemail...no fuss!
      * Facetime... as previously explained... a video calling function between iPhone users.


      I am a terrible texter, I am forever getting text messages and forgetting about them and not replying, the iPhone makes it alot harder to forget!!! The texts show up most recent first but will record your whole text history like MSN messenger so you always know who text last... this makes it alot easier to remember!!! You can also text whichever way you turn your phone (besides upside down!) So if you turn your iPhone to a side your keyboard has much bigger buttons!


      There really is an app for everything...I think one day our iPhones will be able to cook and do our laundry for us!! I think the oddest app's I have come across are the hand warmer(?!) talking hippos! X-rays and Lie detectors - whatever next! My favorite apps are eBay (make listings on the move and as long as you don't want to set a reserve price and you are on auction starting at 99p it is free to list!) Voucher cloud (coupons on your phone - I think so far I have saved around £60 from this app so well worth downloading as it is free!) Paypal (easy way to receive money!) and I also have all my topshop, H&M argos, missguided apps!! And of course angry birds - maybe to most addictive game EVER!
      *********TO SUM IT UP:************
      My moans have been eliminated ... I am now a happy iPhone user!
      I really would recommend this phone to anyone, I am team iPhone all the way and don't think I will ever sway!! Anyone that is debating whether or not to join, I suggest do it! I hope you enjoy the review, feel free to ask any questions.`


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    • More +
      13.07.2012 17:54
      Very helpful




      The background

      So when my birthday comes up everyone asks me for "the list" I never used to make lists but since everyone classes me as "the girl that has everything she wants" it seems I have become rather hard to buy for... I don't know why everyone else has this trouble. I find it very easy to buy for me ;) Anyway these days my close friends and relatives demand a list! So I more than happily make one of course! When it comes to birthdays I tend to ask for things I don't really need and wouldn't justify spending money on so that they are a real reat. However since my hairdryer broke around a year ago I have been using a teeny tiny pink travel hairdryer and I decided enough was enough. My strands needed a powerful hairblaster! I had a look around and saw some very nicely designed hairdyers, gone are the boring old black models!!

      I found a beautiful zebra patterned Mark Hill hairdryer with lots of functions (which I will go into) and fell in love. Is it possible to fall in love with a hairdryer? Possibly not. But I knew this was the one! With my birthday being at the end of the month along with payday I thought I may as well put it on my list and if I didn't get it for my birthday I could buy it when I got paid. My birthday came... and there was my new Mark Hill hairdryer! So down to the details...

      The details

      The haridryer comes in a huge box full including the hairdryer itself, three "ends" as I would describe them..or a Narrow Concentrator, Lifting Concentrator and Smoothing Concentrator as it says on the box if you want to be technical about it! It also comes with a Mark Hill Style guide which is a glossy booklet with lots of funky hairstyles and products...so basically they're just trying to make you buy more!!
      The features on this hairdryer include:
      - 2 Speed settings
      - Three heat controls
      - A cool shot
      - 2000W
      - 3m salon length cord
      It also is said to have 'shine technology' but I'm not sure how!
      The hairdryer as already stated previously is zebra patterned as pictured above and all the controls are in hot pink aswell as the logo and the air filter.
      I am very pleased with the product as it cuts my hair drying time down and leaves my hair feeling bouncy and full of volume. It probably takes me around 3 minutes to dry my hair now which mostly just means me hanging my head upside down and pointing the dryer at it! It's also not too loud or very heavy as I know some hairdryers can be!! I would say it is average size but its alot bigger than my old little travel blower and there is no option to fold it away for holidays so if you are looking for something more practical this may not be the product for you! The nozzles/ends/concentrators really do help with styling especially if you are doing someone elses hair - two hands just aren't enough for hair styling if you ask me..and that's why we know god wasn't a woman ;)
      The striking animal-print inspired range goes by the name RAW and comes in two other patterns - pink giraffe and black and white leopard - I think they are all beautiful! The range also includes a curling iron and straighteners. SInce I now have some trusty GHDs I won't be buying the straighteners but I think the curling iron may have to be the next purchase!
      My favorite factors from using this product are:
      - The style and design
      - The speed
      - The styling ends for a great blow dry

      Like the sound of it?

      Since I did not purchase the product myself I have looked online and it has gone down in price from £59.99 to £29.99 so it really is a steal - plus if you buy from Boots you will earn 116 advantage cards points to spend on a rainy day! You can also purchase this product from stores such as Argos, Tesco or online at eBay or Amazon!
      I would 100% recommend this product for girly girls and it also makes a great present! Hope this helps...any questions...ask away! :)


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    • More +
      10.06.2011 16:56
      Very helpful



      Great product


      Redken Allsoft Conditioner

      I started using this product when I took my glue in extensions out, I could not believe how thin my hair was and there was no way I could have them back in. After a night of sobbing I made the decision that it was time to go oooh la natural and not have them put back in. In order to make my hair grow back as fast as possible I decided to invest my money on some good hair products instead to get it in the best state I could.

      I visited my local trade secrets and explained my situation, I firstly did a round of Matrix but although it did feel nice at first it didn't last long. I have now been on Redken for around 2 months, the first time I used both Allsoft shampoo and conditioner but used a Kerristace heat protective cream to get the protein into my hair for the strength. I wasn't impressed with the shampoo so I have now gone onto Redken extreme shampoo but again with this conditioner... so, why was I so impressed with this product?

      Firstly the smell is beautiful, it's really fresh and as odd as it sounds - professional... I will have to explain that one! It is a 'just stepped out of the salon' smell. Anyway, it's lovely! The amazing formula is said to smoothe and detangle, minimize frizz and leave you with sleek, healthy looking hair. Usually, I wonder where they gather these statements but this time I agree with it all. After using the shampoo and putting the conditioner on it feels beautifully silky smooth!! It feels like a really intense conditioner but it's not too thick, you also don't need to use lots. Formulated with Silk-Luxe Complex, Redken All Soft Conditioner contains a unique combination of ingredients. Gold camelina adds luminosity and lustre, avocado oil restores moisture and provides replenishment, olive oil intensely conditions your hair and silk amino acids counterbalance any loss of protein.

      Directions of use:
      *Cleanse your hair with Shampoo.
      *Massage Redken All Soft Conditioner into your hair.
      *Leave for 1-2 minutes.
      *Rinse thoroughly.
      *For a more intense treatment leave All Soft in for 4-8 minutes and rinse.


      Overall impressions
      I am very impressed with this conditioner, it is doing everything I needed it to do and it leaves but with soft, shiny and healthy hair! A great investment if you need a better product on your hair, I really can tell the difference!! Mine costs me £12.50 for a 250ml bottle and I need a new bottle every three weeks or so. It is alot however I think it is definitely helping my hair and it needs a helping hand that's for sure!!! I would recommend this conditioner if your hair is not in the best condition!

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ..


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    • missguided.co.uk / Online Shop / 11 Readings / 10 Ratings
      More +
      10.06.2011 16:53
      Very helpful



      Great website

      What they offer
      Missguided are an online retailer that offer clothes, footwear, accessories (including their own range of beauty products) Not only are they way up there with the rest of the online shops but they offer their own blog too!! I was first drawn to this website after scouring all my magazines for new fresh retailers and I have not been disappointed, it may also be worth noting that Look magazine often have a discount code for the website exclusive to their readers so keep your eyes peeled!

      What they say

      "Missguided is a fresh and vibrant online store that aims to stay on top of the latest trends in order to provide our customers with the best that the fashion world has to offer. Here at Missguided we pride ourselves on delivering key catwalk looks and celebrity inspired women's fashion to our customers the second the trends hit. We know how important it is to look your best; therefore it is essential that our prices are affordable for everyone. We believe fashion is a right not a luxury! This is why we focus on delivering a simple to use yet exciting shopping experience, whilst offering the fashion you want when you want it. With new clothes and accessories hitting our shelves daily we aim to stay ahead of our competition. Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway!"

      About the website

      The website has a very trendy girly image, I think it's more like a magazine/shopping website as opposed to just the sale of clothes. The bright colors and simple layouts make things very easy to use and also very appealing. I like the way you can put your clothes into the 'wishlist' and come back to them at a later date. They also have a newsletter that can be sent out to your email address with the latest trend alerts... mine comes through to my work email and it can sometimes be VERY hard to delete it without looking. The site is very easy to navigate around and has the following tabs: New In, Clothing, Footwear, Accessories , Trends and Blog.

      The affordability of this website is brilliant, I would say it is around the same price as New Look however the clothes are much more on trend and they always offer something a little different. At the moment they have some lovely plain one shoulder dresses in for around £15.00 and they also offer 'copy' clothes for example at the moment Lanvin have a beautiful 'quirky face' top in their summer collection with a lovely £300 price tag. Missguided have a top very similar on the website for £13.99. Ever since I have used the website they have a 'Free super saver' deliver on orders over £35 which is great because I HATE paying for delivery!! They also offer 10% discount to all students with an NUS card. You can pay using Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, Switch, Solo, & American Express.

      Delivery details

      Free Saver - Free on orders over £35 (Up to 5 working days)
      Standard - £3.95 (1-3 working days)

      Next Day - £4.95 Order Next day up until 7.30pm Monday to Thursday. Orders made after 4pm Friday and before Sunday 12pm midday will be delivered Monday using this service.

      Saturday - £7 On orders placed before Friday 4pm.
      (This service is not guaranteed for certain post codes listed below, please check before you order). They can also provide delivery to the USA, Canada and International - terms and pricing can be found on the website.

      The pro's & the cons

      - Ordering bang on trends from the confort of your own home
      - Fast delivery
      - Great customer support
      - Fantastic website
      - Brilliant features including trends, newsletters and blog
      - Fast turnover on stock meaning theres always something to tempt you into a purchase
      - Cheap pricing and lots of ways to pay

      - You can't always tell the quality for example the material
      - Sometimes the colours can vary from the photo
      - Usual cons from internet shopping

      My experience

      I have used Missguided for a while now and I love the site, it is so easy to use and I don't think I have ever been on it without wanting to buy something. They have quite a fast stock changeover meaning there is always something new tempting you to make a purchase. I think if I was to compare the clothing to something on our high street I would say that it is very similar to ARK clothing and there have been a few times I have noticed the same products being sold between the stores. I do like the fact though that a lot of the clothes are not in shops on the high street at all and are exclusive meaning that you are not walking around with the same top on as everyone else - there's nothing worse than walking into a club and seeing three other girls in the same dress! The clothes are always on trend and they even have a blog to show you how to wear the clothing, what the celebrities are wearing and other fashion gossip/tips.
      The last items I bought were two dresses, as with any other website shopping online is a bit of a gamble... you never know what your going to get! I wanted a dress to wear for my Saturday night out and ordering it on a Thursday I was slightly dubious but there was no need to be, my items were delivered to my door on the Friday afternoon!! The first dress was lovely - great quality, as shown in the photo, same colour, same cut etc. and only £15.00 - if I had walked into Topshop and seen this dress I would have expected to pay around £45.00 so it is a great saving if you don't mind the gamble! The second dress I bought looked nothing like the photo - The colour looked completely different and there seemed to be some little diamantes on it that I had not noticed on the photo. The up side to this is all I had to do was turn the bag inside out, stick the return label on the front, take it to the post office, send... and I received an email to say my money would be sent back. Now this all happened over bank holiday so I have not yet been credited with the money however I can see that it is due to come in on my online account.

      The returns policy is very easy to follow and can be found under the HELP section of their website.
      I find the whole experience with Missguided hassle free just as they intended, I will certainly keep shopping at the website and I would recommend it to anyone with a similar dress sense to myself.


      you can also follow them on twitter, facebook, iphone app or their very own blog


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      10.06.2011 16:50
      Very helpful




      .About Soap & Glory® - what they say

      Cult brand Soap and Glory was founded on the notion that you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg to moisturize one. Famed for their vintage inspired packaging and quirky fun titles, the range consists of moisturizers, make-up and perfumes. Founded by a lady named Marcia who is known to love a bit of gossip and is obsessed with a need to create budget-friendly beauty products.
      Marcia (who if you didn't know, also started that now rather big spa chain called Bliss) figured that there were loads of lather-loving ladies out there who wanted to buy really good, generously-sized shower gels and blackhead fighting masks without having to panic when they saw the price sticker. So off she went, taking her nose (to pick great fragrance) and her old friends (who are spectacular at package graphics) and her fifteen years of cosmetic formulating experience (sometimes when she talks chemistry, we just nod and pretend we're right there with her) and launched Soap & Glory. We are determined to prove that you don't have to be bankrupt to be beautiful. Also a good thing to note is that Soap & GloryTM formulas are not tested on animals, only very picky people.

      About the product

      The Soap & Glory product that I will be reviewing today is a superhero-strength skin smoothing body exfoliator with shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar - otherwise known as "Flake Away"

      The packaging of the product great, not only does it look gorgeously girly, retro and pretty in the bathroom in a beautiful pink! I love the pun on the lid "Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant" I first bought this product after using garnier summer body - as much as I rate that product if you don't exfoliate properly after using you will end up with the strangest scaly looking skin so I decided after being very happy with all the other Soap & Glory products I had used to give this one a go!
      In all my false tan reviews I always say to exfoliate before and after use, so here's how to do it ...

      Testing, testing - How to apply

      Apply a handful of Soap & Glory Flake AwayTM Body Scrub onto damp skin and massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone, you can do this with your hands or for added exfoliation you can use a mit (you can usually pick these up from Boots for a few pounds and they just look like rough gloves or S&G do sell their own if you wish!!). Once you have applied this to all the areas you need to (if you are exfoliating before tanning ensure you cover ankles, knees, elbows and any other dry areas) then rinse well, pat dry with a towel and once dry apply moisturiser over the top (I recommend their body butter - The Righteous ButterTM!!)
      And as they say - once you use this scrub no-one with know you've been flaking it ;)

      My experience with the product

      Wow! One of my friends has always been obsessed with Soap & Glory and although I have always bought her it for birthdays I never tried it myself! Well...I was missing out! I first tried the 'Clean on me' body wash and it sold me on the brand. Now I buy most of my bathroom products from Soap and Glory!
      The scrub is actually a very thick, clay like paste with lots of grainy bits and a deliciously sweet, fruity and sugary scent of leafy greens, bergamot and mandarin, with floral and fruity middle notes, and a soft, sexy, musk, oakmoss, amber and woody drydown.. It applies really well with the granules melting away as you scrub.

      The results: very smooth, polished skin ready for the next tan application or if your not a tanorexic like me just nice silky smooth skin! It's also not harsh or rough on the skin so long as you don't pound it in on application and what I really like is the thin layer of oil/moisture that it leaves on the skin (it's not sticky) - this just makes the application of a moisturising product so much easier and faster. You do have to rinse off in the shower really well following use as the grains are tiny so it's best to make sure they are all gone before you attempt drying off!

      Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Paraffin, Limonene, Ethylhexyl Stearate, Maris Sal (Sea Salt), Polyethylene, Prunus Persica (Peach) Seed Powder, C12-13 Pareth-3, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Cera Microcristallina (Microcrystalline Wax), Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Steareth-2, Parfum (Fragrance), Polysorbate 20, Petrolatum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Copernicia Cerifera (Carnauba) Wax, Sucrose, Dipropylene Glycol, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, BHT, Geraniol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citral, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil

      Marcia's Tips

      Flaky-Skin Fighting Tips from Marcia Kilgore (the founder of Soap & Glory... and before that, Bliss).
      1. It may seem obvious, but scrub. Regularly.
      Scrubbing the dead skin off not only smoothes away lumps and bumps, it helps moisturiser sink in faster, since it doesn't get stuck on top of dry, dull, keratinized layers of skin cells.

      2. Avoid long, hot, steamy showers.
      (OK, keep the steamy showers, just avoid the long hot ones). The more water that hits your skin, the more it removes your skin's NMF (built-in natural oils that keep skin soft and supple).

      3. Keep your washing and rinsing quick! Don't dry off completely post bath, just 'blot'. Water left on your skin's surface will soak in with your lotion, giving your moisturiser more 'might'.


      The whole company is just great! From the quirky mottos, the fun packaging and the amazing products that they are producing. I would put this company on the same par as Benefit and find both companies very similar besides one very important factor... THE PRICE.

      This scrub will set you back £6.64 from Boots, ***if you get there fast it is 3 for 2 on selected products*** and you will collect 24 points onto your advantage card. I think if this was a benefit product you would have to bump it up AT LEAST another ten pounds and I think that is what really makes the company stand out and how it has fast become a brilliant established make within the market. I see lots of traders trying to make copycat soap and glory fakes now within supermarkets etc. but the fact is with the price they are selling it for, you can afford to get the real deal!


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        28.04.2011 16:22
        Very helpful





        On my latest 'road trip' in search for a better nightlife than our hometown with two of the girls (which really turned into a 'track trip' as we ended up traveling by train) we decided to go to Nottingham! Originally we tried Liverpool, Newcastle and Manchester however due to price, availability and leaving things last minute (as ever!) after recommendation we decided to try out Nottingham! Our main reason for visiting that particlar city was for the supposed amazing shopping...but we didn't get round to that in the end after a few too many on the night!!


        As we departed the train station with our hefty suitcases (yes a suitcase for one night!!) we were prepared to have to jump in a taxi and had no idea where we were going...it turns out the minute we stepped outside there it was in huge writing at the end of the road. With a mahoosive suitcase it did feel like a long way away but really it was a 2 minute walk! Perfect location!
        We did end up spending quite alot on taxis as it was £5 minimum fare per taxi and on a night out in heels wether the bar is around the corner or miles away a taxi was needed! I guess also since none of us knew the city jumping into a taxi and being taken to the door was much better than running around aimlessly trying to find places!


        On arrival into the Jurys inn building we were greeted by a lovely modern simple yet classic reception area. Once we reached the front of the queue the receptionist welcomed us to the hotel, swiped the card, gave us our room keys, explained how to get to our room and gave us a map of the city. I found the staff very helpful and even though we asked them a million and one questions they didn't seem put out at all and answered very cheery!

        Before the trip me and a friend had decided to 'shotgun' the double as we agreed the single would most probably be a camp bed but as we entered the room we saw one double and a more than adequate sized single bed - guess the joke was on us there ;) The room was again very modern yet minimalist with a dresser and mirror, a TV, a full length mirror, three bedside tables, a chair, kettle, glasses, cups and a bathroom with a shower over bath, sink and toilet!
        We didn't really use the room too much - more of a dump the bags, get ready, go out, sleep, get ready and out again! But it was perfect for us!

        The beds were basic, maybe a little hard for my liking but they were good enough for a nights sleep! There were also extra pillows which was a good job as they were rather on the thin side and at home I like my big fluffy pillows!!
        I think the best part of the room was our shower! I never really expect much from showers in basic hotels but it was a brilliant Mira power shower - enough to help relieve my hangover the next morning! Everything in the room/bathroom was very clean which I think is the main thing when staying in a hotel as so many out there don't pay enough attention to this.

        The Hotel has a restaurant, a bar and a coffee shop. All 264 rooms are equipped with hairdryer and air conditioning.

        Since we were not driving we did not need use of a car parking facility however I am told that whilst the hotel does not offer a car park themselves they have a special deal with a fitness centre and offer a night car parking for £5 which is not bad at all.
        *264 Standard Bedrooms
        *Bar and Restaurant
        *Il Barista Coffee
        *Dedicated Meeting Rooms
        *Wireless LAN in public areas
        *Laundry & dry cleaning
        *Ironing room
        *24 hour reception and security
        *Public car parking nearby (charges apply)
        *Please note that a security bond of £100 per room for groups may be required (returnable on check out)

        Jurys Inn is DDA compliant and has a number of guestrooms suitable for wheelchair access. These rooms have been designed to the highest specifications and include:
        *Lowered beds for easy transfer from a wheelchair to the bed
        *Wide doorways
        *Sufficient floor space to manoeuvre
        *Fully accessible bathrooms, including either a roll-in shower or bath with additional hand rails, lower sink, grab rails and pull cords


        I didn't acutally eat here so I cannot comment on the food but the menu looks brilliant and the place itself looks very well looked after and clean. I caught a glimpse of the buffet style breakfast which seemed to offer everything from cereals and fruit to cooked breakfast!

        Stylish Bar
        "Our bar is the ideal spot for a quick lunch or to grab a bite to eat with colleagues and friends. Dishing up great bar food and drinks in contemporary surroundings, it is ideal for people on the go or even for those who just want to chill out over a light supper. Its unique approach to food expresses itself in the vibrant cuisine on the menu, plus the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of its surroundings. In fact, the food is so good and the staff so friendly, you may even find it hard to tear yourself away."

        Contemporary Restaurant

        "Totally committed to high quality food and wines at very affordable prices, you can thoroughly enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of our restaurant. Serving contemporary cuisine to impress the most discerning palate, our restaurant is dedicated to making your dining experience one you won't forget.

        Serving breakfast and dinner seven days a week, these informal yet stylish restaurants serve up delicious international cuisine that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are looking for a light snack or a hearty meal, our restaurant can suit your needs. Make sure you stop off after touring the city, or even before heading out for a night on the town."

        Il Barista Coffee Bar

        "Il Barista is the unique all day coffee bar available at Jurys Inns. Il Barista coffee is made with passion and served with style. Whether you've time to sit in and cherish the aroma or need a quick pick-me-up on the way out the door, pop into Il Barista and you're guaranteed the perfect cup of coffee.
        Il Barista offers guests and visitors the ultimate luxury experience, boasting an impressive array of specialty coffees and teas, as well as scrumptious pastries. Your mocha, espresso or, indeed, creamy latte will be a welcome refreshment whether you're sitting in or on the go."


        Jurys Doyle Hotels:
        The Berkeley Court - Dublin *****
        The Westbury - Dublin *****
        The Towers - Dublin *****
        Jurys Ballsbridge Hotel - Dublin *****
        The Burlington - Dublin ****
        Jurys Croke Park Hotel - Dublin ****
        Jurys Montrose Hotel - Dublin ***
        Jurys Cork Hotel - Cork ****
        Jurys Kensington Hotel - London ****
        Jurys Clifton Ford Hotel - London ****
        Jurys Gt.Russell Street Hotel - London ****
        Jurys Bristol Hotel - Bristol ****
        Jurys Cardiff Hotel - Cardiff ****
        Jurys Boston Hotel - Boston , USA
        Jurys Washington Hotel - Washington , USA
        Jurys Normandy Inn - Washington, USA
        The Courtyard - Washington, USA Jurys Doyle Inns: (budget hotels)
        Jurys Inn Christchurch - Dublin
        Jurys Inn Custom House - Dublin
        Jurys Inn Parnell Street - Dublin
        Jurys Inn Cork - Cork
        Jurys Inn Galway - Galway
        Jurys Inn Limerick - Limerick
        Jurys Inn Belfast - Belfast
        Jurys Inn Islington - London
        Jurys Inn Chelsea - London
        Jurys Inn Heathrow - London
        Jurys Inn Brighton - Brighton (opening Autumn 2007)
        Jurys Inn Birmingham - Birmingham
        Jurys Inn Corydon - London
        Jurys Inn Leeds - Leeds
        Jurys Inn Liverpool - Liverpool (opening early 2008)
        Jurys Inn Manchester - Manchester
        Jurys Inn Milton Keynes - Milton Keynes
        Jurys Inn Newcastle - Newcastle
        Jurys Inn Nottingham - Nottingham
        Jurys Inn Plymouth - Plymouth (opening late Summer 2007)
        Jurys Inn Southampton - Southampton
        Jurys Inn Edinburgh - Edinburgh
        Jurys Inn Glasgow - Glasgow

        Bus Station Broadmarsh Bus Station - 1 km
        Train Station Nottingham Railway - 0.5 km
        Tube Station U 11"Grugahalle/Messe - 0.3 km
        Airport EMA - 25 km
        Nottingham Castle - 5 km
        Exhibition Center Nottingham Ice Arena - 1 km
        Shopping Area City Centre - 1 km


        Address: Waterfromt Plaza Station Street
        Location: City Center
        Jurys Inn Nottingham
        Tel: +44 115 901 6700
        Fax: +44 115 901 6777
        Excellent 3 star accommodation and a central location on Station Street.


        Spacious Double Room - Suitable for 2 adults £65.00 £65.00
        Spacious Room with 1 double & 1 single bed - Suitable for a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults & 1 child (under 12 yrs) £65.00 £65.00

        Family Room with 1 double bed and 1 sofa-bed - Suitable for a maximum of 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children (under 12 yrs) £65.00 £65.00
        Family room with double bed and couch bed, for up to 2 adults and 2 children under 12. Amenities include: Power shower, tea/coffee tray, hair dryer, multi channel TV & Hi-speed Internet access £65.00 £65.00


        WHAT THEY SAY:
        "Nottingham is no stranger to historical fame, but its rich past and colourful links to Robin Hood are matched today by a vibrant business and cultural life. It has a confident, cosmopolitan air about it, and visitors to this central English city always enjoy a genuine welcome.

        You'll find Jurys Inn Nottingham hotel on the London Road in central Nottingham. It's an easy task to navigate around this beautiful city from the hotel as it's close to the central railway station and just two minutes from Nottingham's tramway.
        You may find yourself looking for hotels in Nottingham for business, or to enjoy many of the family-orientated leisure pursuits that can be found locally, but whatever your motivation, we'd certainly recommend adding to the attraction by staying with us at Jurys Inn!
        Our spacious and comfortable rooms are all en-suite and can accommodate three adults, two adults and two children, or just one person in complete comfort."


        We all really enjoyed our trip and found Nottingham a great city to stay in, the hotel really was just what we needed. I think if you are looking for luxury then you might want to look elsewhere but if you just need a nice, affordable, clean place to crash with brilliant facilities then this is your hotel. I have heard great things from Jurys inn's on a whole and will deffinatley be booking again on our next trip!
        I hope you enjoyed my review - if you have any questions please feel free to ask away! :)


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        • Benefit That Gal / Make Up / 5 Readings / 4 Ratings
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          28.04.2011 16:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          What a waste!

          That Gal
          I have been "Umming and Ahhing" about this product now ever since I purchased it around two weeks ago and I think I have finally come to my conclusion.

          The product I am reviewing today is a primer, if you have not had much to do with primers before then their main job is to brighten your complexion and hopefully make your make up stay on for longer. I haven't really bothered with them too much in the past.

          Is it really worth it?
          In my eyes...no! I bet you didn't see that one coming. All I ever do is rave on about how amazing Benefits make up is etc. but this product has not won me over. I normally have to really justify a purchase and the high price tag on this baby would not normally get past me, however, after having a pretty rubbish time recently I decided it was time to make myself feel better and headed over to our local Benefit counter, I had this product sampled on me a while back when one of the counter girls trialed some make up on me and have always remembered the funky fresh feeling it gave me...this was the product I was to buy!

          This product alone set me back £20.94 (but gained me 80 points on my trusty boots advantage card) The next day I was rather eager to try my new purchase, and was left very disappointed, firstly it must have taken me about 5 minutes of twisting what I can only describe as a glue stick container for the pink liquid to appear. I was actually about to package it back up and take it back or browse reviews to see if there was any strange nack I didn't know about! The first thing that hit me was the smell...MMMM MMMM MMM - beautiful! It contains soothing raspberry & chamomile, combined with sweet almond & algae extracts which are said to help skin retain natural moisture, for a soft & silky finish. It also contains light-reflecting pigments which are said to brighten the complexion.

          Dull to darling?

          I followed the instructions, I applied it direct onto my face with clean fingertips and blended in an even upward motion...Hmmmmmm... It says on the bottle you can either use it alone or underneath foundation but to be honest I think it made my face look a little red? I have quite a normal complexion, it doesn't get oily, greasy and it doesn't get patchy... so what were these red blotches!? After putting my foundation on the patches were gone but had it really made any difference? Not that I could see! I don't think my make up lasted any longer either!

          So did I go from dull to darling? No! That is the short answer. To be honest I don't think anything happened! I did get told I had a certain glow a week or so back but I think that was more to do with the fact I had just been in the gym!! Besides the smell I think the only other thing that would attract me to this product is the packaging, It is very pretty, but it is not worth it to hide in your make up bag!! I have written many Benefit reviews already and on every single one I have written about the company itself so I will not bore you on this review however if you would like to read about it then please see my earlier reviews :-) If you completely disagree or want to test this product yourself then you can visit any Benefit counter worldwide and I am sure they will stock it, Benefit counters are found in department stores such as Debenhams, Fenwick's etc. or my favorite place...BOOTS!

          Thanks for reading, any queries are welcome as always!


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            28.04.2011 16:17
            Very helpful



            Thumbs up!

            .About the lashes
            I love love love long lashes, but I really think when it comes to buying a set you can't just go for the cheapest! I can be such a cheapskate so will usually opt for what has the best offer, however, with my lashes...it has to be girls aloud.

            When they first came out my first thoughts were that it was just another money making ploy with pretty packaging making the young girls buy them so they can look like their favorite member but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and look of the lashes once applied!
            As you can probably guess they come in five different types: Kimberly, Cheryl, Nadine, Sarah and Nicola all with a picture of the celeb on the front. Usually I would find something like that rather tacky and even though Girls aloud are a guilty pleasure of mine I probably wouldn't have bought them, but being on special offer...of course...I gave them a go.

            Here's what the girls say about their lashes:

            Kimberley Walsh: "My lashes give great length and texture. I love the boost they give to my eyes!"
            Cheryl Cole: "I love the dark glossy look of my lashes. They are a must for a night out - cool and ultra glamorous."

            Nadine Coyle: My lashes are full and layered with a really natural feel. I could wear this fun, flirty style everyday!"
            Nicola Roberts: "I designed my lashes to be really full but still demure. I wanted a natural beauty effect with the length and thickness we need."

            Sarah says: " I love my lashes and wear them all the time. I chose a full, spiky style that elongates my eyes."

            The Eylure brand has been involved with the entertainment industry since its creation in the late 1940's. As the key false lash brand in the UK, Eylure 'The Lash Experts' are said to have long been a favourite of Girls Aloud. The group wanted lashes that fit with their each individual personalities and the beauty looks they wished to create. Designed, briefed and approved by each of the ladies Eylure lashes are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Fabulous, flirty and flexible they are suitable for all eye shapes and all occasions.

            They have an ultra lightweight feel and once applied I can barely tell they are on. Some cheap lashes I have bought in the past can poke at the corner of your eye or make them feel really heavy but these lashes really have been designed to perfection. They are easy to apply and reusable however if I am way too drunk to carry out the make up removal process then they don't look quite so pretty by the morning so I would advise taking them out! They are also contact lens friendly which is good for me as I am a lens wearer! The pack includes it's own little pot of adhesive and application instructions included.

            Never worn lashes before? Here's how to apply
            1. If needed then trim the width and length of your false eye lashes. But first, try the original length and see if you prefer it that way before cutting. You should do this with the little beauty scissors not standard kitchen scissors!

            2. Prepare the things that you would need: a good pair of tweezers (I like the mister mascara tweezers best), some eyelash glue (which is included in the set) and your lashes, of course. A magnifying mirror can also be useful but not necessary.
            3. Before actually applying the lashes, line the upper part of your lash line with black eyeliner pencil. This is optional but it helps to conceal the lash band area.

            4. Pick up the fake eyelashes with a pair of tweezers. You are likely to have more control if you use tweezers than handle it with your fingers.
            5. Apply a tiny amount of eyelash glue by dipping the end of the fake lashes. Wait for about 30 seconds for the glue to become sticky.

            6. Apply the fake eyelashes very slightly above your real eyelashes, and position them as close to your lashline as possible. Gently press the eyelash area with the tip of your tweezers until it false lashes are set.
            7. When the fake eye lashes are set in place, curl them with a good eyelash curler, together with your natural lashes. Apply some mascara afterwards.
            As easy as it sounds this is not a procedure that should be rushed as it can become VERY frustrating when they go wrong!!!


            I have worn all of the girls lashes now besides Nicolas as I am not keen on the texture of them. Cheryl and Sarahs lashes are both very dark which look great on a smoky eye however Kimberlys are by far my favourite lashes and I now repeat buy every time I am set to go out on a night out (I would not wear them as every day wear as some people do), they are longer than the others and I find with a layer of mascara on top they look just how I want them too.
            Of course if you have read many of my previous reviews you will already have guessed where I buy these from...BOOTS! So I can get my lovely advantage card points totted up! They also often have 3 for 2 offers or something similar! I have been told though that Claires accessories sell them a little cheaper so it may be worth comparing the price first! I would recommend all of the lashes in the set I have tried but Kimberly comes off top every time! If you would like to try them you can buy a set with them all in for £24.99 from Amazon...this is also a great little present!! They now also do a range of 'festival lashes' but I have not tried any of these yet!! (If you don't understand my title Kimberly's first solo hit which has recently aired is called Like you like ;)..)

            Please see the picture of my Kimberly Lashes in action below!
            I hope you enjoy my review and if you have any questions please let me know :-)


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