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      15.03.2012 14:52
      Very helpful



      A Brilliant Sequel To I Heart New York!

      I Heart Hollywood is the second in a 5 book series from Lindsey Kelk, the first being I Heart New York.
      I Heart Hollywood catches up with our heroine Angela, who is now thoroughly enjoying her new life in New York City. She is sharing a room with her BFF Jenny, rocking a new look and cosying down with new boyfriend Alex.
      Angela is now working as a freelance writer and blogger, and when the ultimate assignment lands on her desk - to go to LA and interview the heart throb actor James Jacobs, she simply can't refuse.
      Armed with her trusty Marc Jacobs handbag, her 'new' designer wardrobe, and her best friend Jenny this is going to be a breeze............or is it?
      Well no! We have learned enough about Angela in the previous book (I Heart New York) to realise that nothing ever goes smoothly.
      Landing herself into trouble with James Jacobs, work and Alex, whilst falling out with Jenny and finding herself unwittingly thrust into the public eye, it's possible that Angela's antics have gone a little too far this time and she is in danger of losing everything she has worked so hard for.

      As I've already stated, this is the second book to be released in the ''I Heart'' series from Lindsey Kelk and it does not disappoint at all.
      I find that sequels can often lose their way and become uninteresting. This is not the case with these books.
      Angela, Jenny and the rest of the gang have already won a place in your heart by the end of the first novel. The second concentrates more on the relationships between everyone, but does not lose a single hint of the comedy genius that Miss Kelk has taught us.
      It literally took me a day to read this one. I find myself praying for bad weather whenever one of Lindsey's books is released, so that I feel less guilty for spending the day on the couch doing nothing but reading!
      I read books at an alarming rate, but there are very few that I don't sell on afterwards. The ''I Heart'' series is one of the few that remains on my bookshelves, and I feel I can go back to it again and again - especially when I need cheering up.
      I've recommended these books to all of my friends, and those that have tried them have not been disappointed.

      Get reading folks!


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      15.03.2012 13:21



      A Must Read!

      Angela has been happily plodding along in her relationship with her boyfriend Mark for many years now. Her best friend Louisa is about to marry Marks best friend making (in Angela's eyes anyway) everything perfect - what's better than 2 sets of best friends being married to each other ?

      The story starts on Louisa's wedding day, where Angela is of course Chief Bridesmaid and Mark is Best Man. Walking down the aisle in her favourite new Louboutins leads Angela to wonder what her and Marks wedding would be like, after all its bound to happen..........isn't it ?

      Well, no. Later on at the wedding Angela discovers Mark with his pants round his ankles in the back of their car, and another woman. To make matters worse, Louisa and it seems everyone else knew about it - he had been playing doubles tennis with both her and them all along!

      After creating a scene, breaking the Grooms hand, and spending the night crying in her Mums arms, Angela realises that she needs to get away to clear her head. Where better than New York City - the one place Mark would never have taken her!

      Before you know it, Angela is on a plane bound for the Big Apple with just the items she had on her and no plan at all. A kindly driver deposits her at the first trendy hotel that springs to his mind, and thankfully she meets Jenny!

      Jenny works on reception - although she is much more than just a receptionist to Angela. Seeing Angela rock up at the hotel tearstained and with no luggage or reservation, Jenny decides to take her under her wing and teach her everything about both NYC and being a single girl!

      Quickly the ladies become best friends - you have no choice with Jenny, and with a make-over and several cocktails under their belts they take New York by storm.

      This is the first in a series of 5 I Heart books by Lindsey Kelk, following Angela's adventures. You do, ideally, need to start with book 1 and work your way through to avoid any confusion and build relationships with the characters.

      I absolutely LOVE these books. They are the kind of chick-lit that you can just waste a day reading, with a box of your favourite chocolates. They are light-hearted, funny and highly entertaining and I can honestly say that the entire cast has won a very special place in my heart. I cannot wait for the 5th book (I Heart London) to be released later on this year.

      I'd really like to see them turned into films, however having seen the damage that has been done to other great books over the years, I'm kind of torn as to whether it would become a major success or be destroyed such as the likes of P.S I Love You.

      Lindsey is a very dedicated lady. You can follow her on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook or keep up with her via her ever updated blog.

      If light-hearted, girlie books are for you then get buying and quickly!


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      • Room - Emma Donoghue / Fiction Book / 18 Readings / 13 Ratings
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        06.11.2011 15:25



        Well Worth Investing In

        As someone else has already said, the blurb and picture on the front of this book don't give much away at all.

        I found this book to be a gripping read, but in some ways it was slightly disappointing too.

        I would like to have learned more about 'The Man' and about what happened to Jack & his Mum after their escape.

        That said, it is a book that I found hard to put down. I think it took me about 6 hours in total to read it, and I have recommended it to several others since.

        There were times it brought tears to my eyes, and times it had me cheering, there were also times it had me on the end of my seat urging the characters on.

        All in all, it's a brilliant read and would make a good edition to any book collection.

        I look forward to hearing more from this author.


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          06.11.2011 15:14



          A Brilliant Buy


          After having to quit the gym due to increased costs, I decided to borrow my brothers Kinect and purchase the Biggest Loser Game (I'm a long time fan of the show).

          The game is excellent! Before starting, a profile and analysis is taken of your body by the kinect sensor - it's not flattering, but it's essential.

          You can tailor make every part of your workout, from the trainer you use, to the amount of time / days you work out, to areas you focus on.

          You can upload your results to on-line forums to compare with others, and you can adjust your workouts every day.

          Don't think for a second its easy - the warm up alone had me almost crying! You need to make sure you have plenty of space around you, as some of the exercises are floor based. You can stop for water breaks, and if you seem to be lacking behind the voice activation system will ask if you want to stop.

          As well as giving you the exercises to do, the kinect monitors you to check they are being done correctly. If they're not, then they don't count.

          A constant score is kept of how well you're doing, so that you can track your progress.

          Other parts of the game include dietry tips to run alongside your exercise regime.

          I would recommend this game to anyone wanting to lose weight, and get fitter - it's certainly helped me !

          Good Luck !


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