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      18.12.2011 15:54
      Very helpful



      Potter returns for the last time, a thrilling climax to an end of an era!

      So the eagerly anticipated conclusion to the Harry Potter adventure is finally here with the Deathly Hallows Part 2. To many people of my generation we have grown up with Harry Potter being an important part of our late childhood and adolescence so it was important that the final film lived up to the excellence of the books. To all you hardcore Potter fans out there, in my opinion this film certainly disappoint!

      The second part of the last book Deathly Hallows 2 sees Harry, Ron and Hermione battle to destroy the remaining Horcruxes. They know that with each Horcrux they destroy Lord Voldermort becomes ever close to being defeated. This task appears impossible with Lord Voldermort in the possession of the elder wand as well as an army of Death Eaters all striving to capture the famous Harry Potter. We are enlightened to an interesting twist as the films develops with the fate of Harry and Lord Voldermort dependent on each other, but who would come out on top good or evil?

      After some disappointment with a few of the previous films this one certainly restored the faith amongst Potter fans of the expected action filled, dramatic and magical scenes. The use of special effects and breathtaking scenery showed that no expense was spared when making this film. I will argue that the ending was in fact brilliant, although many have stated that it was a complete let down. It was an extremely difficult part of the story line to replicate in film, the make up and dress of the older versions of Harry, Ron and Herminone were realistic. The final scene gave a sense of victory, relief and showed the true magical wizarding world in its entirety.

      The battle scene showed how the makers could produce a brilliant action set, sticking as close as possible to the story line of the book, the enthralling scene had me on the edge of my seat (despite me knowing what happened). The only criticism was that I felt the film didn't produce the emotion that I was expecting from the deaths of Lupin, Tonks and Fred. The books gave a heartbreaking feeling, whereas I felt the film didn't allocate enough time on these important aspects of the book and thus the effect was only satisfactory.

      To those who have read the books and watched the previous films it is a must watch and although many have different opinions of the film the general consensus was that it was a decent effort at depicting the sheer brilliance of the books. Those who have little knowledge of the Potter series will find the last film and many of the other films rather confusing, however they will gain a better feeling of shock and surprise.

      I personally love the film and it is certainly one of my favorite Potter films even after only watching it twice. It would prove a brilliant Christmas present and can be enjoyed by all the family, definitely a worthwhile purchase.


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