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      15.07.2007 23:44
      Very helpful



      A bad habit that i hope this review inspires you to stop

      Smoking should be banned in public places for the sole reason that it doesn’t just effect the user of the cigarette but also the people around that particular person. There are over 4000 chemicals in just the smoke alone, which non-smokers breath in and allow into their body.

      I no that the no smoking in public places ban has just come into place and I think it is brilliant personally, as you can probably tell I don’t smoke at all and I am technically known as a passive smoker, I breath in other peoples smoke because they are to ignorant to go outside and smoke instead. Since this ban has come into play though I have noticed that everywhere is a lot cleaner you see all the smokers outside the pubs and food areas and its so much better, I feel like I’m breathing proper air again.

      Smoking also effects the workplace also you may not know it but it is a proven fact that 50 million working days are lost as a result of smoking-related illnesses, which is a very big number if you are in the workplace as a owner of a business or a high manger you need to explain to the people above why workers that you are in control of are missing days.

      That statistic isn’t just smokers either that is passive smokers also that miss days due to the places that they were last night and how many people where smoking in that environment, again this refers to my point that smokers don’t just harm their selves but others around them. IN both work and health wise.

      Another real horrible fact about smoking that shocked me, was that anyone with lung cancer that was in a smoky atmosphere was likely to die from it. The statistic is that 90% of lung cancer patients will die from smoking.

      The NHS aren’t having a brilliant time with smoking effects either. It costs them in excess of 610 million pound a year to treat smoking related diseases, this is money that could be saved and used to help out are dilapidating NHS service.

      These are just some of the diseases that are triggered by smoking:
      Gum disease
      Muscle injuries
      Neck pain
      Back pain
      Abnormal eye movements
      Severe circulatory disease
      Fungal eye infection
      Osteoporosis (in both sexes)
      Penis (Erectile dysfunction)
      Peripheral vascular disease
      Chronic inflamed bowel
      Diabetes (Type 2, non-insulin dependent)
      Skin wrinkling
      Hearing loss
      Stomach ulcer
      Impotence (2 x risk)
      Tendon injuries
      Optic Neuropathy (loss of vision, 16 x risk)
      Ligament injuries
      Tooth loss
      Macular degeneration (eyes, 2 x risk)
      Immune System (impaired)

      Another fact that I found interesting is that our government here in the UK in the year 1998/99 raised 8.9 billion pound, yes billion pound from tobacco duty. Now this make me question the society and government. If the government are raising that amount from tobacco in one year then why are they trying to stop us from smoking?

      Is it because they care about us? If so then why aren’t they looking after our public schools more or this is a very extreme idea but just maybe improving the NHS that everyone knows is going down and needs a lot of attention. Specially when they are spending 610 million pound on smoking related diseases.

      This may interest all mothers of children aged between 13-19 that 450 children start smoking each day. This personally shocks me as I have gone through the school years and form the many offers I have had I have not accept any of them due to knowing the effects. But 450 people decide to take that cigarette and try it, which I think is horrific for all parents, to think that they may witness their child die before them if they carry on smoking.

      And I think everyone out there knows that if a mother smokes while pregnant that the baby could come out disabled and not being able to live its life to its full because its ignorant mother couldn’t stop smoking. Smoke has terrible effects on the baby’s health immune system and how its body functions and its growth also.

      There are 92,000 deaths each year from smoking within the UK and that isn’t a majority of a certain age category that is of any age from passive smoking or smoking themselves.

      There is a ray of hope though Slowly but surely, Britons are kicking the habit. At the beginning of the 1970s, a half of all men and more than two thirds of women smoked. By the early 1990s, only a quarter of men and women were still using tobacco. This is a great statistic that shows us that smoking is becoming less popular.

      There are many people/groups and products out there not to help you quit this habit before it grabs hold of your life and causes you to end your life early. You can but a lot of products from patch’s to chewing gum that will allow you to be smoke free.

      You can also seek help through support groups within your local area or you can go to your nearest hospital and they can give you an information pack on how to quit and where to seek advice for quitting.

      All I have to say to all you smokers out there is that I hope you notice that all society isn’t happy with smoking and that we all as a team are looking out for your health and I hope you make the right decision after reading this review to quit either for your future son or daughter, or just for your own health.

      To conclude this review I feel that the smoking ban that has been put into place is a great thing for all of our society it allows passive smokers to breath in clean air it allows public places to be smoke free and a better environment, also it singles out the smokers so they have to go outside to smoke which gives them another step in the direction of quitting.

      I was in favour of the smoking ban.

      © Gregster123, July 2007

      Thanks for reading


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      • Apple iPod (5G) 30 GB / MP3 Player / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
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        13.07.2007 00:35
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A great MP3 player that i feel has a very long life ahead of it.

        Price: £149.94
        Built in games
        USB Connection
        Headphones included
        2.5 inches LCD display
        30gb Memory capacity
        Rechargeable Batteries
        Software CD supplied
        USB connection lead
        Height: 4.1 inches
        Width: 2.4 inches
        Depth: 0.43 inch
        Weight: 4.8 ounces

        Where to start with this highly intelligent and amazing piece of equipment, it truly has lead the mp3 industry as soon as it hit the shelves. The famous ipod known through the world made by apple, and known as one of the best mp3 players around with a massive storage capacity to store days of music, and all in that little pocket of yours.

        This ipod is 30% slimmer than all gens before it, and the screen is 60% brighter is you ask me apple have really pushed themselves this time to create a memorial piece of technology.


        Click wheel: This truly is the most amazing piece of technology that I have touched and used that is open to the public, with just the lightest of touches it lightens up the 2.5 inch screen and opens you up to a world of your desired music, allowing you to scroll through colossal amounts of tracks or artist or albums in just a small touch.

        When I first really seen was an ipod back in school I didn’t have enough money to buy one and only the more wealthier people had one, I thought to my self as I watched them play with the ipod that I will one day know what it feels like to circle my finger on that unique design on the ipod and open up my music collection all in one touch.

        I believe that the unique sensitivity of the ipod click wheel is unique to the apple logo and will never be forgotten, the click wheel in my view is one of best pieces of technology out and is truly a great design made by apple that has carved there name into our societies history.

        Memory capacity: This is another feature of the great ipod, the ipod has came along way since the very first one was released in a black and white screen with a low amount of memory to store your loved songs. Since that apple have created bigger ipods with a black and white screen but bigger hard drives, to colour display ones, to the one I am now talking about the 30gb video, which has a colour screen and can also store movies and videos for you to watch at your convenience.

        I am a very big fan of the high memory of an ipod and I love being able to just keep filling the ipod up with constant music files and yet still see that I have many gigs to go before I even come close to filling it up. I believe that 30gb memory is more than enough for me as I do not use it as much as I use to and I also don’t carry movies with me etc, but I thought I would buy the most up to date one as it will not go out of fashion for a long time. I only store music on the Ipod, and I am so glad that I bought it, it can hold all of my music collection and most of my families and still I have half of the ipod to still use. It truly is amazing and I love the memory capacity, there is now a 80gb one out but I believe that I would never reach that amount in my life so 30gb will do me.

        Photo Quality: The quality of the photos on the ipod are truly brilliant they are fully of detail pushing the 2.5 inch LCD screen to its very best showing the highest of quality and also allowing the photos to be viewed in a slideshow or singly by using the click wheel.

        Games: This is one of the first mp3 players that I know of that has a range of games to play on while you listen to your favourite track or while you are on your way to work sitting on the train or in traffic, they classic but yet the best, brick, music quiz, parachute, solitaire. I love to play music quiz because you have to really use your knowledge on music to guess the right answer. With 10gb worth of music don’t expect me to know every single track do you???

        iTunes: I love using iTunes also I find it easy to use with a lot of simplicity, all you need to do to upload music is insert the CD into the computer, tell iTunes to export the music to the library then as soon as I connect my ipod to the computer it automatically updates the music while syncing. I think this is brilliant an improvement from the drop and drag methods used by certain mp3’s.

        Another great feature I love of iTunes is that it keeps track of all the recently added songs so that if you cant find the specific song through the search bar then you can click on the play list in the bottom left hand corner which stores all recently added songs and allows you to find them there.

        iTunes also keeps track of how many times you have played the song, so you can see what songs you played the most which comes in hand in shuffle mode. I personally find iTunes easy and simple to use but that is only my personal opinion on the program, I have the latest iTunes 7 which is great and allows me to play and view my music easily.

        You can download the latest iTunes from apple http://www.apple.com/itunes/overview/


        Battery life: Apple claims that the battery on an ipod can last for 14 hours, I personally have not known no-one that has got this out of their ipod, I believe I could get about 8 hours out of my ipod and that is with shuffle on and in hold mode, and every so often changing the song. I personally felt that apple should make improvements to the ipod especially the battery life before moving straight onto improving the hard drive capacity, I mean I’m a fan of more memory but not if you haven’t got the battery life to play it.

        Another thing I don’t believe is good of apple is how you need to pay extra for a wall charger for your ipod, I only got a computer charger for my ipod which doesn’t bother me but can come an inconvenience when you forget to charge it on your computer that day but could charge it on a mains if you had the actual adapter.

        Appearance: The thing I hate the most about the appearance of the ipod is that is scratches really easily which seriously effects the way that your ipod looks and feels. When you first peel that protective film off the ipod LCD screen its in pristine condition with not a mark on it, but without a protective case it will scratch really easily.

        I suggest to all that are thinking of buying an ipod to first purchase a gel protective case or some sort of protective case to protect your ipod form the wear and tear because in the long run you want your ipod to look its best and also be able to see the screen.

        You can buy a good case off of amazon for £17.43 http://www.amazon.co.uk

        Music loss: I have many times had my computer swept clean by various viruses or by professionals to make my computer run faster and every time I have forgot to back up the music and I have received my tower back and logged in to find that I connect the ipod to my computer and iTunes syncs up but yet my music isn’t on my computer but still on the ipod.

        This frustrated me after a while so I went on a quest for an answer to this, it is to do with the protection of the digital rights to the song and the artist. So you don’t steal music of your mates ipod who paid for it and listen to it for free on your own ipod. I cannot argue that this is wrong because its not, if I was a big artist in music I wouldn’t want people stealing my music. But when you have to reload a good 25-30 albums up to your computer it can be very time consuming. I then completed my quest within two hours of starting, finding out exactly how to retrieve music from my ipod back onto my computer with ease. It took a good 1 hour to complete the transfer from my ipod to the iTunes but it was better than uploading 25 albums.

        I must summarise this review off before I carry on for page after page, the ipod is a brilliant piece of technology capable of holding 7,500 songs, or up to 9,375 photos or even if you are into your films 37.5 hours of video, I feel that all these statistics are unique to the ipod.

        In summary I believe that the ipod is a master piece with a few disadvantages but these being out weighted by the advantages of memory, looks, unique appearance and futuristic technology. The ipod does come with a heavy price tag but it is well worth it, and I believe it will be an mp3 for life and will only need to go when you cant fit all your music onto it.

        Just remember all the problems can be resolved and I hope I have provided some help for all you users of the ipod out there how to sort out these problems and enjoy your ipod to its fullest.

        © Gregster123, July 2007

        Thanks for reading.


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          10.07.2007 00:57
          Very helpful



          A geat game that will entertain alot of gamers for a long time.

          Game Information
          Title-Hitman Blood money
          Release Date- 26 May 2006
          Developer-IO interactive
          Age rating-18
          Number of players-1
          Online game play- No
          Game site-www.hitman.com
          Product site-www.edios.com
          Memory card usage-2200kb minimum

          Edios, any gamer who knows his stuff will know that this publisher is really well know through out the gaming industry, they have produced some very well know games in the industry Tomb Raider was probably their biggest seller with millions everywhere addicted to the very sensual and adventurous Lara croft the game was such a big hit that there was movies made about her adventures other games include Championship Manager 2007, Reservoir Dogs, and The well known Hit man Series.

          The first Hit man game was produced by Edios in 2002, and was a massive hit here in the UK and in the USA with millions of people worldwide buying it, it was an exciting game that was different form the rest, a game based around a hit man, the unknown land of the underworld that only certain people explored, got put into a game that allowed the whole world to venture into a hit mans world.

          The Story
          In hit man the tale is that you are agent 47 a highly trained hit man that is search for this lost past, he wants to find his true identity, but gets tangled up by this underworld connections and losing control of his main aim and becomes a master of his old trade again killing. As you progress through the series you identify that hitman has grown and is still searching for this lost past but carrying out contracts to survive. The latest game blood money takes you to a whole different level of play with a wider range of options to choose from within the game. I got lost in the plot because the interactivity is amazing making you feel like a real hit man and carrying out real life contracts on people.

          The Controls
          The controls are basic for hitman L2 allows you to view your map of the latest contract, L1 allows you to crouch or sneak which comes in very handy in this game, R2 allows you to reload weapon. R1 allows you to fire and use your weapon and also carry out close combat. I find having R1 as a firing button helps a lot because it allows you to feel like you are pressing the trigger when firing.
          Triangle-Tap-Drop item/ exit map
          Square-Tap- Holster/ Unholster
          Hold-Open inventory
          Release- Close Inventory

          Circle-Tap-Pick up item
          Hold-Pickup list
          Release-Pick up item
          Cross-Tap-Carry out action
          Hold-Action List

          The Game play
          There are many types of game play in hitman, but the main one is stealth. I have noticed that in all the hitman series this game blood money is probably the most interactive of them all, allowing for the perfect hit to be carried out on the target and for the contract.

          Blood money is a very different and a big step in the hitman series, it allows the gamer to really interact with agent 47 and move how you would in real life, also the way that you carry out the kill effects the end result of the contract and how much money you receive to upgrade your weapons.

          Upgrading weapons is a brilliant idea by edios and IO interactive, it allows you to customise the weapons to your advantage and to your suited taste. At fixed cost and as you progress through the game the weapon upgrades become better but with a bigger price tag like in real life. The upgrades that you choose also effect the weight of the gun and easier it is to fire rapidly.

          The weapon choices on hitman are wide also you can collect guns from your victims so you can build an arson of collected guns and also build the guns that are given to you at the beginning of the game to your taste also from the money, that you have earned from the contracts, I found it good that this encourages you to carry out the contract as a real hitman would and kill more silently in disguises.

          You don’t just upgrade weapons though you can upgrade things like how quickly you can pick a lock by requiring tools, bullet proof vest and how much damage they absorb, painkillers and how effective they are, accessories like an undetectable rifle case so you can be searched and not get caught with it.

          The games AI is effected by the level of difficulty you choose at the beginning of the game, rookie the level of the AI is very low, with unlimited amount of saves. Normal the AI are of normal intelligence and you have a maximum of 7 saves per contract. Pro you allowed 3 saves per contract and the AI are very intelligent. Expert the AI are at the games limit on intelligence and you aren’t allowed any saves per contract which make the game even more real.

          The contracts are all very similar just kill the required target, get any important information if needed and escape, but I find that this isn’t repetitive at all. My reasons for this are that you have so many different options on how to carry out a kill with a variety of ways, planting bombs, poisoning food or drink, pushing off rails, shooting them with you silenced, laser aim magnum, injecting them and even strangling them. How ever you carry out the contract effects the money you receive at the end.

          The great thing about this new edition to the hitman series is that it allows you more freedom with movement and how to carry out a required hit. In all the other hitman’s you couldn’t drag the body of a killed victim and hide them in a storage contain on the level or push them in the sea, or feed them to crocodiles and another great feature is if you are caught on camera you must steal the video tape to avoid being caught which is why I love how the game make you fell like you are actually carrying out the hit yourself. The whole interactivity of this game is on a level on its own.

          You can also use distractions in this game to get a victim into the required spot that you would like them to be in, by throwing a coin in a certain place so the victim goes to the area where they heard the sound, by turning off the light switch so the victim goes and turns in back on while you steal something or slip past him silently.

          The aiming of the weapons on this game can we carried out in different ways you can either have it as first person or third person. Both are very effective, it just depends on the gamer and what they pick. I prefer third person, but first when I am using the w400 sniper with high precision zoom to carry out a long distance target hit, but that’s just what I prefer.

          Notoriety level, this has a big effect on your next contract and how much money you are given. If you are caught on camera on a contract and you don’t collect the video tape then your notoriety level goes up and you become more noticeable if you don’t get it down. You are able to get it down by either retrieving the video tape or by bribing either the civilians, the police or paying for a new identity. These all come at costs though. £50,000 for bribing civilians, £100,000 for bribing police and £200,000 for getting a new identity.

          I found that I do now use my guns as often as most gamers do, I tend to only take the modified magnums and maybe the sniper rifle, and leave the rest in the hideout. But as I said before the amount of money you spend on certain guns effects the whole use of them, the reload time, the amount of ammunition you use, the quietness of them, these are all effected by the amount of blood money you spend on them.

          Also at the end of each contracted you are given a score sheet of how you did in that certain contract how many kills looked like accidents how many looked like you had killed them whether or not you were caught on camera, how stealthy you were if you used a sedative to require a disguise or if you used your gun or a poison.

          The Graphics
          The graphics on this game are literally immense there has been careful detail on each of the characters important or not. The background graphics are also produced to a high standard, with all the atmosphere created to make the game as real as possible. The guns also have a high standard of detail to them showing all modifications clearly.

          The cut scenes within the game are also very attractive and are brilliantly detailed with some great features, you can see that the developers and makers of this game have used all of their knowledge and equipment to really make hit man stand out from the rest.
          I have had experience on playing hitman on both xbox 360 and PS2 and I feel that the xbox 360 does have better graphics which is why it is so expensive with a massive hard drive and a great graphics card which can make the game even more real then it already is.

          The deaths of victims are also brilliant depending on the ammunition bought for the gun and how powerful you have made it determines how much blood is splattered over the walls and how far the victim floats before falling to the ground. This is great if you like watching, victims fly in the air while blood splatters all over the walls, and floor.

          The Sound
          I have found that the music within the game is of a varied type and changes with game play, if you are just moving around the level without suspicion, then the level of music is low and doesn’t make you as a gamer feel agile or scared, but as you move closer to being caught or your target then the music intensifies and you become more aware and cautious which I think is a good touch.

          Another great feature is that when you are hiding away or in zoom mode for the sniper, you can hear the heavy breathing of hitman or the heart beat of when an enemy gets closer towards you as in real life which I think is a great touch and feature of the game.

          You also get to hear the sound of when the bullets hit the victim or target, you hear the muffled sound of the bullet hitting the flesh and bone of the virtual target and then coming out the over side, and hitting the wall, with the splash of blood close behind.

          Replay Value
          I feel that it would take at least 2 days to complete this game at a high standard with high money received, it may sound easy in the reviews and the advertisement but its not there are many obstacle’s in your way that you must overcome to get to your target unnoticed. Which is the difficult part, I mean we can all kill, but who can make the perfect hit?

          Replay Value=10
          Overall Score=9.5

          Ending Comments
          Hitman is a very well know game and a loved game all round by the many nations in the world, and I understand why it is a brilliant game with many features to help the gamer interact with the game and use there money or weapons how ever they please, with many ways to carry out a kill or hit on someone, depending on your mood or how profitable you want to make the kill.

          Where You Can Buy It
          Amazon new £21.98 or used £8.69
          You can also buy the official strategy guide for £12.34 new or £4.57 used.


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