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Member since: 30.07.2011

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      30.07.2011 12:40



      I reccomend it for the price-performance ratio. Great for writing and movies,ok for gaming

      I have a custom built system that is a bit older,and recently upgraded my video card from an Nvidia 5600 agp to the 7950GT. The problem was that I loved gaming and I still had an old acer 14" monitor that my mom gave me,so I wouldn't be able to realize the potential of this awesome card. I hopped online and found this monitor for sale on Amazon for 130.00 bucks,so I decided to try it out. As soon as it came in the mail I hooked everything up and attempted to use the install disk,which for some reason wouldn't work on my Vista Ultimate. I downloaded the appropriate drivers and restarted. Now,the immediate difference of course was the size,obviously. But what about the aspect ratio,coloration,etc? The downside was hardcore trailing during games(specifically cod mw2) and the fact th monitor didnt come with a DVI-DVI cable(luckily I had a spare). The upside was vibrant colors,easy to read text,and excellent pic quality for movies,etc; Samsung has me hooked due to such a great quality product at such a low cost. I also have their surround sound (HT-D4500 Blu-Ray 5.1 Surround Sound ) and will continue to be a customer until they fail me.


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