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Member since: 24.10.2012

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    • Gatwick Express / Transport National / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
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      25.10.2012 11:18



      Let down by staff

      I think I must have come across the same member of staff as the previous reviewer. I got off the train at Gatwick recently, scanned my ticket and passed through the barrier and was called back by the staff member on the barrier demanding to see my ticket. My husband who hadn't yet gone through the barrier asked him what the problem was, and without the person even looking at my ticket he said "her ticket's not valid, she just followed someone else through the barrier"...then he looked at my ticket and gave it back to me. When I took it, he said "don't snatch", and then said something which I didn't hear as I walked away. I went back and asked him what he'd said, to which he replied "you''re an ignorant person". I asked him for his name and he refused, covered up his badge and said "what's your name?". I went to the Gatwick Express Info desk and asked how to make a complaint. The person I spoke to said he was the Duty Manager and would deal with the matter personally, took my details and said he'd get back to me. I've heard nothing since. Obviously this sort of thing happens regularly as the previous reviewer has witnessed. The staff are allowed to get away with this behaviour because nothing is done when you make a complaint. Imagine if I'd been a first time visitor to this country and was treated like that. What an awful first impression of the country this would have given. This matter needs to be taken seriously and appropriate action taken against those responsible.


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