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Member since: 03.05.2012

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      03.05.2012 23:59


      • Reliability


      Overall a very good product that I would recommend to anyone!

      I was a little hesitant about buying this, but in the end, I am very glad that I did. It comes packed with a few apps, but the apps that are on the appstore are sure to fill the gap for whatever you need. I find that I use it almost as much as my laptop now, expecially now that I have my bluetooth keyboard for it. So now for the pro's and cons.

      - The Retina Display (Everything that I have seen has been clean, and crisp, and it is also very good for reading)
      - The graphics on it are amazing for a mobile tablet. Some of them just leave me speechless (Infinity Blade, the game)
      - The appstore which is almost sure to have what you are looking for
      - The battery life on it is amazing! (Mine was on for 1 week without a charge)

      - New IPad Battery takes a long time to charge.
      - No Native Flash Support


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