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Member since: 20.04.2011

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      20.04.2011 23:57



      Stuff to cover ya spots

      This concealer is quite cheap and quite good. You can buy it from many different shops including boots and also online. I like it because it covers my spots and when I get dark shadows under my eyes, it covers those too. It is not shiny on the skin and it matches my skin tone. It doesn't smell of anything so you can use it by your nose. I like this concealer but it not's not my favourite one. It's small so it fits in my handbag and I can use it on the go to cover my spots. If you drop it on the floor, it doesn't break because it's strong. My dog chewed it and the casing only cracked a little tiny bit. I like the way Rimmel is spelt because it doesn't rhyme with serious words, only pimmel and kimmel and also dimmel, so I buy a lot of their products because they look good in my bathroom.


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