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    • Tesco Car Insurance / Car Insurance / 35 Readings / 29 Ratings
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      26.04.2008 10:00



      We'll enjoy spending our shopping vouchers.

      Please do not rate this review - still waiting for Dooyoo to move it to proper channel.

      Thought this might help some fellow 'frugal living enthusiasts' in these difficult times!

      Yes, you really do get £50 of free food shopping vouchers from Tesco Car Insurance. Ours arrived during the week and we are going to spend them today.

      This did, in the end, make them the cheapest for car insurance quotes, by the time we had subtracted the food shopping money (which to us translates just the same as 'real cash' as we need it anyway) - they were £70 cheaper.

      Who did we compare it with?
      Sheila's Wheels
      A dozen sites on the comparison list.

      This was based on
      the most basic level
      8 years no claims
      3rd party fire and theft
      wife on husband's insurance
      no frills
      car on drive
      20 yrs driving

      Will definitely use again (and try to time renewals with promos!)

      Their service guys were young, knowledgeable and helpful and didn't keep us hanging on the end of a phone for 2 hours or subject us to call queues or tinny music, or a call centre in Delhi where the operative had difficulty understanding us! What a Relief - all you want really - plain old service.


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      • Sony Ericsson W810i / Mobile Phone / 29 Readings / 28 Ratings
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        20.04.2008 11:43
        Very helpful
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        Looking for a better upgrade and different brand

        My reviews are different. I don't fill them with blurb from the packaging that you can find yourself in an instant on Amazon. I tell people how long I have owned the item, why I bought it, what I compared it with, how I ended up choosing it, whether it lived up to those expectations, and in general what I think of it.

        I also add the 3 important ones:
        Would I buy it again?
        Would I recommend it to a friend?
        Who WOULD I recommend it to?

        I have had this phone for 2 years. I also looked at the other Sony Ericsson ones in the same range, and at Motorola. The main reason I chose this one was that I tend to stick to the same brand but wanted to add the radio functionality. However,because of my dissatisfaction, this is going to change.

        I chose this model because I was looking for a phone to also use as a radio. However, I found that the only channels I could get were my local radio station, and BBC Radio 1,2,3,and 4.

        Even these frequencies kept changing and needed frequent re-setting. However, the reception was fairly clear when I did get them - moderately useful to have around in your pocket/bag so as not to miss a fav prog when travelling etc.

        I have a long-standing issue with Sony Ericsson regarding my phones not ringing! My last phone kept changing to silent ring every time I shut it down and so does this one - it's maddening. Friends have given their input too, to no avail.

        However, I've never had a problem with the calling side of things (Orange.) When I had it, internet was sporadic so I cancelled it. Texting is fine though. Camera software clogged up my PC and pictures were fuzzy - not of a quality high enough to use online.

        The upshot is - no, I won't be upgrading to Sony Ericsson this time. It's an ok phone, but so are a lot of cheaper ones. The extra money isn't worth it for the radio/music - we might as well use ipods.

        I think I'll go for a go for a more lap-top -like keypad style phone - one where you could choose between button/keypad style would be great.

        Phone MIGHT be good for:
        Student/teen age consumers with loads of time to text and fiddle with radio frequencies.
        Radioholic travellers who need to travel light and can't bear to miss a prog. (on the BBC only LOL!)
        Users who are happy to just accept great music/phone/text service.

        You can find out the techie-blurb on their site!


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