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      27.01.2010 06:54
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A must buy for any iPhone/iTouch owner.

      Flight Control is one of the many popular iPhone/iPod touch game apps available from the iTunes store for just 59p! Its simple interface, funky graphics and easy controls make it a game that will have you hooked for hours at a time.

      The basics of the game are to get planes and helicopters to their correct landing strips and helicopter pads. To do this you touch the flying object with your finger and drag it to its correct landing strip or helicopter pad. This will create a white dotted flight path so that you know which object is going where. As you progress through the game the planes and helicopters become more frequent and you have to adjust for this by thinking more quickly and moving faster so you don't cause a collision. The game can be rather slow at the beginning so you have the option to speed it up until it becomes too complicated in which you can then slow it back down. There is also an option to pause the game incase you need to stop playing for whatever reason.

      There are 3 different airfields to choose from. All of these are fun and being such a simplistic game it's nice to have a little change even though there is not much difference between the levels. Having said that you get so much into the game you seem to forget about only having 3 different level designs.

      The main menu is easy to navigate. You get to choose from Play!, Airfields. Stats, More. Play is obviously to play the game. Airfields is where you get to choose what level you want to play on. Stats is where you get to see all of your stats on each level and your highscores. In more it contains a tutorial on how to play the game and credits.

      It is one of the best app games available at the moment and being only 59p makes it a bargain. Admittedly it is even better than some of the £5 game apps out there and it won't disappoint you.

      Overall two thumbs up from me.


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      • swagbucks.com / Internet Site / 67 Readings / 62 Ratings
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        20.01.2010 03:09
        Very helpful



        A good free prize website if you are willing to put in the time and effort!

        Hey guys whatsup.

        What is swagbucks?

        Swagbucks is a website in which you earn "swagbucks" and swap them for a prize(s).

        How do I earn?

        ** SB = Swagbucks

        There are a number of different ways in which you can earn SB. All of these are relatively easy to do and shouldn't cause you any problems.

        1. The first and most popular way to earn SB is by using their search engine. By doing this you win SB every so often and they are added to your account. The good thing about this is you can set this as your home page and just use it as your normal search engine. The search engine combines both Google and Asks. The bad thing about this is that it can bring up searches not relevant to what you have searched for or advertisements before the actual search you were looking for. You also have the option of using their taskbar which can be easily installed.

        2. By signing up for offers such as a 14 day love film trial or applying for an egg card. You click on a link from the swagbucks.com and it will take you to that website. You complete the offer by entering your details. Soon after this or instantly your account will be credited by the amount of swagbucks the offer was worth.

        3. By simply shopping online. There are hundreds of different websites included in this such as Apple, Footlocker, Dell, Adobe, Sony and much more. After shopping at these website via the link on swagbucks.com you will be credited with the amount of SB the offer was worth. Before going to buy anything online or signing up for a website that may cost you money check if it is on swagbucks first. You may be surprise by how much SB you earn for that prize you want.

        4. By trading in your old mobile phone(s), video games and consoles. So if you have any old mobiles, games or consoles lying around gathering dust, send them off to get yourself some SB. After doing this again your account will be credit. You should see a pattern in the way that this website works.

        5. The fifth way is by inviting your friends/people or promoting your swagbucks link that is unique to only you. If you have a website, blog or anything in which you can put a swagbucks.com banner up on so that people are able to click on it. Clicking on it will take them to swagbucks and after registering you can earn up to a maximum of 100 SB per referral but only if they do any of the above methods. This meaning you won't get any if they just register, your referral has to stay active on the site. An easier way is to simply ask someone if they would like to sign up and you can do this by sending them a link very similar to this http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/JasonMiller(this is my referral link). If you could help me out by signing up with mines that would be awesome.

        How long will it take me to earn my prize?

        It will in most cases take you 6 month to 1 year to get something such as an iphone or games console but there are less expensive products like fragrances that you could get within a month or two. It really depends what you have your eye on.

        What sort of prizes can I get?

        There are a fair few prizes that you can choose from. They range from electronics to mp3's to fragrances, books, gift vouchers for Amazon and PayPal, movies and so much more. Check out the website for a full list.

        My Experience

        I joined the website a few years ago but drifted away from it. There was no particular reason for that I just stopped using it. About 4 months ago I was searching how to make money online and I stumbled upon swagbucks.com so I decided to start using it again. I tried my old password and username and to my surprise it still worked, with my SB still being in the account from the years before. Ever since then I have it set as my homepage and use it as my main search engine. I find it very easy to do and I win upto about 5 SB per day just from searching. I haven't tried any of the other methods yet I just feel i'm doing okay with just using the search engine. I have 180 swagbucks just now but I just recently donated 50 SB to Haiti fund. It's just a part of my daily routine of being on the computer now.

        If I have missed anything out or you want to know more leave a message in the comments or send me a message and I will update the review, thanks.

        See you in the next review!


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        • Gear4 HouseParty 4 / PC Speaker / 34 Readings / 33 Ratings
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          18.01.2010 00:57
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Very nice, sleek and amazing sound quality.

          Hey guys whatsup :)

          This is my first iPod dock that I have ever bought. After weeks of searching and looking at different ones, this is what I settled for and omg what a nice speaker system.

          What Is The Sound Quality Like?

          I was blown away by the sound quality of this system. I thought if I was paying a middle of the road price that's the quality of sound I would get which I was fine with but don't let the price fool you. The 30W speakers definetely do itself justice. The sound ranges from 0 - 40. I can never put it past 30 because it is way too loud and I always get told to turn it down. There is no hissing or distortion of any kind no matter how loud you turn it up. You can really feel the bass if you turn it up loud enough, really good if you are throwing a party.

          What Is In The Box?

          House Party 4
          Remote Control
          AC power cable with UK/EU plug
          3 iPod dock adapters(2G touch, 4G nano, classic 120Gb iPod)

          What Can Be Used With The Dock?

          There is an AUX option so that you can plug other mp3 players into it and not just apple products. This doesn't affect the sound quality at all. There is no mention of apple's iPhone on the box or in the manual but you can still use it with just one slight problem. As soon as you plug the iPhone into the dock it brings up a message telling you "This accessory is not made to work with iPhone" just select no to putting your phone in airplane mode so that you are still able to receive calls and text messages in which the message or ringtone play's through the speaker system. If you receive a call it stops the music plays your ringtone and once you are done with the call it starts playing from where it previously stopped which is a pretty neat feature.

          What Settings Does It Have?

          There are 7 different equaliser settings to chose from. They are - Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Bass and Flat. You can also chose not to have any of these turned on which is the option Off. The setting that I use 90% of the time is Rock. You get the best sound quality from doing this even if the song is not a rock genre.

          What Cool Features Does It Have?

          It has a built in FM Radio with 10 programmable preset stations. A good feature to have if you get bored of your iPod and just want to listen to the radio. Howover I can never find a good signal but the radio is still listenable.

          How Does It Look?

          A medium sized dock with a stylish feel and look to it. It has a fabric grill on the front with a hidden LCD in the middle which is displayed when you turn up the volume etc. It has a hidden cable compartment at the back to plug in the power charger or other music players. The controller is really small and all the buttons you need are there which are easy enough to press. The controller is very responsive to the dock even if you are sitting far away from it. On the top of the dock it has blue led buttons ( Power, Mode, Previous Track/Rewind, Next Track/Forward, Volume -, Volume + ). A very modern looking dock.

          Is It Portable?

          No the iPod dock is not portable and can only be plugged into the socket. A little disappointing to no have the option to put batterys in it.

          Overall two thumbs up from me.


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            17.01.2010 04:57
            Very helpful



            A top quality album.

            Jay Sean

            Jay Sean has become one of my favourite artists after hearing this album.
            The smooth/upbeat RNB instrumentals and Jay's soothing vocals make this album a must have for any Jay Sean or R&B/Hip-Hop fan! Being a british singer it can be hard to get known in the US but after the release of his chart topping song Down(Feat. Lil Wayne) he has become a massive hit in the states. He has been signed to Cash Money records which has other arists such as Lil Wayne, Birdman, Bow Wow, Kevin Rudolf signed to it.

            The Lyrics

            The lyrics on each track are really well put together,meaningful and can relate to most people's life experiences. Most of the tracks are love songs but has a 3 or 4 upbeat numbers which do bright up the album.

            Track Listing & My Rating

            Down *****
            Fire ****
            Do You Remember ( Feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon ) ****
            Love Like This (Eternity) ****
            Do You *****
            War ***
            If I Ain't Got You ****
            Ride It ****
            Far Away ****
            Stuck In The Middle ( Feat. Craig David ) *****
            Lights Off ****
            All Or Nothing ****
            Stay *****
            Cry ****
            Down (Candle Light Remix) ****
            Stay (Boy Better Known Remix) ****

            My favourite tracks on this album are Down, Do You and Stay. Stay, All Or Nothing, Cry and Ride it were on his previous album "My Own Way". I don't really know why they are on this album also. I think it's because he is now known more in the US and wants more people to hear them. Excellent additions to the album anyway, no complaints from me. Also on the American CD Stuck In The Middle feat's Jared Cotter instead of Craig David. Both are really good.

            Release Dates

            The album was released on 23 November 2009 in the US and 30 November 2009.

            This is one of my favourite albums that I have in my collection. Can't wait for his next one.

            Two thumbs up from me.


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            17.01.2010 00:08
            Very helpful



            A must have for any fragrance buyer.

            When did I start using it?

            After being bought this as a christmas present many years ago I was curious on how it smelled because I had never heard of it before. Ever since then I have bought it over and over again whenever I run out.

            What does it smell like?

            The smell is really amazing, I wouldn't say it is my favourite aftershave but it is definetly in my top 3. The woody, fresh, modern and sensual smell really does get you compliments on a regular basis.

            What does it look like?

            The bottle that it comes is really stylish and is easy to press. Along the scoosher handle it has the name "Ultraviolet Man". The liquid inside is a purple colour contained within a rectangle glass bottle with a funky wavy design inside it. Take a look at the picture if your curious.

            How long does the smell last for?

            The bottle last a long time as you only need 2 or 3 sprays. This is great as you dont have to run out and buy a new bottle every month. Usually a bottle will last me about 3 - 4 months on average, which is pretty decent dont you think?

            What size of bottles can you get?

            You can get the bottles in size 50ml and 100ml. I go for the 100ml as it is not that much more expensive than 50ml.

            Is the price reasonable?

            I think yeah the price is reasonable considering the quality of the product. It Was Voted "Best New Male Fragrance Packaging Fifi 2001".

            I give it two thumbs up from me!


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          • lockerz.com / Internet Site / 37 Readings / 30 Ratings
            More +
            16.01.2010 19:50
            Very helpful



            This site is honestly awsome, you should really check it out.

            How I found out about Lockerz.com?

            A friend told me about Lockerz.com so I decided to check it out. Once I did I have been on the website everyday for about the last 3 - 4 months.

            How it works?

            Basically you sign into the website and do a daily question("Daily's") eg. iPhone or Blackberry? That is all that is available to do at the moment until the site goes live as it is in Beta just now. Once it goes live you will be able to watch videos and play games aswell to rack up your points.

            What are the prizes?

            The prizes range from computer game's and consoles to play them on to iPods, dvd's, jewlery, macbooks, cameras, psp's and even amazon vouchers or paypal vouchers which can be paid directly into your bank account. These are just some of prizes you can redeem with more than 100 altogether that you can choose from but the more expensive the item is the more points it costs you to redeem.

            How to earn points(PTZ)?

            On the site the points that you earn are called PTZ which can be earned by:

            Signing into the website - 2PTZ
            Answering the daily question("Daily") - 2PTZ
            Refering another person to the website - 2PTZ

            Everyday by just signing in and answering the daily you get 4PTZ.

            Once you have referred 20 people to the website you become a Z-Lister!
            That is all you can do just now until the website goes live and you are able to watch videos and play games to earn more PTZ.

            What is a Z-Lister?

            A Z-Lister is a person who has referred 20 people to the site. Once you have Z-Lister status then you get double the amount of points as a non Z-Lister making it easier to get the prize that you want. Also being a Z-Lister you get a lockerz t-shirt sent to you free of charge(it's a slim fit so go for the next size up).

            Evidence that this is not a scam?

            There a tons of different unboxing videos on youtube from people who have recieved prizes from Lockerz.com. On the videos the boxes have the lockerz tape on them. The site is regularly updated with videos from the owners of the site and if you check there facebook out you can see pictures of the warehouse full of items.

            Lockerz Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/LOCKERZ/80976158596
            Youtube unboxing 1:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlj5z56--vE
            Youtube unboxing 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI6vsFU3C2k

            Just search Lockerz unboxing on youtube if you would like to see more proof.

            Can you sign up if you dont live in the US?

            Yes Lockerz ships to anywhere in the world free or charge.

            When can you redeem your prize?

            The redeem date is usually at the end of every month. Occasionaly there will be two redeem dates so that you have a fair chance of getting something. As the site recieves a massive amount of traffic(millions of members) as the redeem dates gets passed around it becomes very difficult as Lockerz only has so much items in stock in there warehouses. The site is in Beta at the moment but once it goes live you will be able to redeem whenever you have enough points for the thing you have your eye on.

            How long does it take to get my prize once you've redeemed?

            It can take up to 3 weeks but in most cases people recieve there stuff in about 7 days.


            After using this website for a number of months, reading reviews and watching unboxing videos on youtube, I think Lockerz.com is an excellent site to get items you want but can't splash the cash on with very little effort!

            If you would like a invitation to the website send me an email: jay91bird@googlemail.com and I will send you one within the same day.


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