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    • Saving tips / Discussion / 45 Readings / 41 Ratings
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      05.01.2013 20:14
      Very helpful



      A few tips and hints on how to save and get things back!

      Over the years I've tried LOTS of things to try and save money or get things back from products that I've purchased so I thought I'd share below to hopefully help others do the same!

      CokeZone points

      Website: www.cokezone.co.uk
      If you're a big lover of Coca Cola then you've probably noticed that they advertise CokeZone points. This is one of the ways you can get something back from the product that you have purchased if you take the time and effort to save the codes and visit the website.
      Each specially marked pack will give you the following:
      A single 330ml can will reward you with 1 point (usually found on the ringpull)
      A 375ml bottle will also reward you with 1 point (found printed under the label on the bottle)
      A 500ml bottle will reward you with 2 points (also found printed under the label on the bottle)
      A 2litre bottle will reward you with 3 points (also found printed under the label on the bottle)
      A 10/12 fridge pack of cans will reward you with 10 points (i think these are found inside the pack on a card)

      The code can be entered online or via text to 88555 (however the latter option will most likely cost money) and your account will be rewarded with the points in correlation with the can/bottle size. The website also gives you the chance to get 2 bonus points with its poll.

      Rewards on CokeZone
      Link: http://www.cokezone.co.uk/rewards?categoryId=1
      You can then go onto the websites rewards page and browse through the selection of products, experiences and competitions that you wish to spend your points on. These range from 2 points +.

      I know this isn't a saving tip but it means that if you drink A LOT of coke as a few of my friends do, you'll atleast be getting something back from your purchase!

      Online Survey's

      The Student Panel: http://www.opinionpanel.co.uk/community/student/
      Whilst at University I signed up to The Student Panel to give try and gain a bit of pocket money in the form of an Amazon voucher however during that time a lot of the survey's had already been fulfilled to the quota that the panel needed so to get enough points you had to be fast! You manage to get £10 worth of Amazon credits just for signing up and can receive between £1-2 for each survey and can be redeemed at £25.

      Springboard UK: https://www.springboarduk.com/PORTAL/default.aspx
      More recently after finding out about Springboard on another money saving review on here I signed up straight away. Most survey's reward between 25p and £2.00, once you've reached £25.00 you can cash it in to your paypal account, receive a personal cheque or make a donation to a UK charitable organisation.

      Brand match/ offer vouchers / savings coupons.
      I manage to save quite a bit on things that I buy through making sure I save vouchers that are given to me at the till during a purchase. I shop at Sainsbury's as I have a colleague discount card (I work in Sainsbury's first Hospital pharmacy) so each week upon payment I receive a 'Brand Match' voucher telling me if I've saved money or saved money and along with that often receive extra bonus nectar points or money off coupons. These used to be accepted at Tesco but I think they run their own similar scheme now as do Asda.

      In the hospital my pharmacy is in there's a WHSmith's next door and every week they have different coupons that they hand out, most recently for a free Graze box. These offers may seem like a good idea at the time but I often have to warn patients that sometimes you have to put your debit card number in which can mean they can charge you at a later date.

      In Boots as well as gaining advantage card points you sometimes also receive vouchers at the till. Whenever I am given one for £5 off No.7 products I always treat myself to a pack of their face wipes that usually cost £7 for £2.

      I'm a HUGE fan of complaining if something is wrong with a product or a service that I'm receiving. Here's a couple of examples:

      I went last year (In August) with my friends to the branch in the Metro Centre for a meal before we saw a film. To cut a very long story short the waitress misheard mine and my friends order and we were brought the wrong meal 3 times before we decided to explain that we didn't want to wait. I went up to another member of staff and asked to speak to the manager and he directed me to the toilets. At the time we had our drinks taken off the bill and were given 20% off vouchers for our next visit (basically he handed them out a day before they were supposed to be given out with the bill). I got home and emailed the complaints department and only really got a response in December. When the manager of the branch called me up I explained how disappointed I was at the time but now also at the length of time it had taken to get a response. I was then told that I could just be offered a voucher but that would limit my friends and I to a certain amount we could spend. I was then offered a complimentary meal at the restaurant at any time I wished, all I had to do was ring and let them know I was coming. We're planning on going and ordering A LOT of food!!

      2.Tesco Broadband
      As my review on here states I had a terrible time with Tesco Broadband. My problems finally got sorted out this week however and I was finally cut off from the company! I went through the complaints department however and explained to them how unhappy I was that I have had to spend more money calling them from my new provider. All I have to do is send them evidence of my bill and I will have the money reimbursed.

      A couple of years ago I bought some Sainsbury's Chicken strips, whilst eating them I choked on a piece of plastic that had been in the middle of the strip. As gross as this is, I put it in an envelope and took it into the store along with my receipt and the packet which included the 'TRY promise'. I was laughed at at the time as I was a member of staff but they soon realised that I didn't find it funny. I was given a £20 voucher for my inconvenience!

      Spare change kitty/ Save the change
      I try to take out the money that I'm going to need for the week and only spend what's in my purse. Then on Sunday whatever's left I put it into 'the kitty'. After the month I see how much is in there, depending on the amount I either put it back into my account or treat myself to a little something.

      I'm with Lloyds TSB and have signed up to the 'Save the Change'. The scheme runs every time you spend money on your debit card. Every time you spend Lloyds will round the money up to the nearest pound and transfer the amount to your savings account.

      Sweet and Crisp competition codes
      This is another way to get things back from the products that you're buying. Most chocolate bars and occasionally crisp packets have competitions on them to win a prize or to try and win some money back. Last year during Cadbury's 'Unwrap Gold' promotion I entered the codes from my chocolate bars religiously. I eventually won VIP tickets into Cadbury world in Hyde Park. Unfortunately I couldn't get time off work and would have had to pay for my own accommodation and travel. So I emailed the company back and complained (I told you I LOVE complaining) that I hadn't really won anything as I couldn't get the time off. I was then sent a Cadbury Hamper which included chocolate and two Cadbury Olympic 2012 mugs. It wasn't much but it saved me buying chocolate for a while and the mugs have saved me buying any for the house!

      Getting down to a make up products "pan" and making sure you get more from your make up
      I have ENDLESS amounts of toiletries however I seem to just keep buying them. So my goal over the next few months is to try and get to the end of all of them to save some more money.
      I also find that my skin is best (after years of trying various foundations) when I use MAC studio fix foundation. However at £20.50 a pop it's not a cheap foundation to get through. My trick is when my foundation starts to look like it's running, place the pot into a mug and boil the kettle. Once the kettle has boiled pour a mug of water around the pot-I'm always cautious to let it get above the top of the bottle so leave myself a bit of space. I tend to be able to do this three or four times before I need another bottle and you get so much more from it.

      Tin collecting
      Aluminium tins are recyclable as are most things but these can earn you cash! My Dad saves tins that he's drank from and gets them weighed in at the local scrap yard. He does take a fair few bags and gets about £20 back from them. The more you drink from a can the more you will get back. Scrap yards will take anything-last time I was there I saw someone weighing in old curtain rails!

      Turn things off at the wall and DON'T leave things on standby!!!
      I have become a little OCD since moving out of my parents. To save on electricity my friend and I have a rule that after we've used something we will turn it off at the wall. We were hugely worried about the bills but after six months of being in the house we have managed to rack up £293.89 (as of 5.1.2013) of credit as we've been using less than estimated! The only things left on in our house all day is the telephone and the fridge/freezer!

      I am a huge fan of nectar points! You receive 2 points for every pound you spend and it is a GREAT way to save money at Christmas! My points are gained through getting petrol from BP and Sainsbury's alongside my weekly food shop.
      You can however get points from a wide variety of places that you may not have expected all of which can be found on the website. My favourite thing is the Nectar app for my iPhone. It enables you to get bonus points when buying certain products and can instantly tell you how many points you have when you access the app. Don't forget to take your own bags shopping too as you get a point per bag!

      Supermarket tips
      At the supermarket it's VERY easy to be dragged into BOGOF offers but take that extra few minutes to make the calculations on how much you're really saving. I watched a programme last summer about how companies can be very misleading with their offers such as 2 for £2. I think the example was on bottles of coca cola that were 99p each. The obvious answer to the sum is 2 bottles would cost £1.98 so you'd end up spending an extra 2p! I always make sure that I look out for these and tell the checkout person to ensure I make a saving!
      As obvious as it sounds-go shopping with a list and a budget! My housemate and I managed to get our weekly shop for roughly £13 last week as we planned our meals for the week and made sure each meal would have ingredients that could be used in most meals.
      Finally if you find a product on the shelf that is still usable or can still be consumed but the packaging is damaged but the item is not reduced do not be scared to ask. The price on the shelf is there for a product that is in a good condition. Last year my partially sighted friend wanted to buy 2 packets of Cushelle toilet tissues however there were only two on the shelf and one had been ripped right down the front. All the toilet tissues were undamaged however just looked a little dirty. I took them to the customer service desk and asked for a reduction and got 75p off the original price.

      Shop around!
      It does seem A LOT easier to get everything you need when you go to the supermarket but the pound shops have AMAZING deals in them as do Wilkinsons and other stores. I manage to get most of my cleaning products for a pound and under from Wilkinsons and in the poundshop my favourite purchase is definately 3 tubes of Colgate toothpaste for £2!!


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      • General / Discussion / 41 Readings / 36 Ratings
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        31.12.2012 16:56
        Very helpful



        A fun little get to know me quiz

        1) What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
        My desktop background is of my 3 year old nephew. I'm really into photography so I tend to put my own photographs as my wallpaper.

        2) Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, French food or American?
        Italian. I could eat pasta all day every day!

        3) Do you have any tattoos?
        I have three stars on my foot that have a special meaning to me :)

        4) Do you have any siblings?
        I have an older sister 27 and acts about 2!

        5) Have you ever broken a bone?
        No and hopefully I never will!

        6) Do you believe in superstitious things such as breaking mirrors?
        I think it depends on what it is...I wouldn't ever walk under a ladder but its more to do with what if it started to fall down while I was under it rather than it'd bring me bad luck. I also won't walk over three drains but that was something stupid that we started at school!

        7) Do you like those 'end of the world' movies?
        I can't say I've really ever watched that many! I do love a good thriller though!

        8) Do you eat more fruits or vegetables? What's your favourite fruit and vegetable?
        Probably more vegetables even then it's very slim pickings!

        9) Who were you most likely to play during school nativities?
        I was the Angel Gabriel on more than one occassion. The first time I threw baby jesus off the stage! LOL!

        10) What's your opinion of the dentist?
        As a child I LOVED going to the dentist! However now I'm older I don't like the bill!

        11) Have you ever had a speech impediment?
        I don't think I do but sometimes I think I stumble over my words too much, but don't we all at times!

        12) If you had to choose, what is the worst movie you've ever seen?
        Oh god, it was something with Will Ferrell in, Everything must go! So bad I had to google the plot because I couldn't remember the name!

        13) Do you like meeting new people?
        I love meeting new people but I tend to make a judgement and stick to it. More often than not I've been right this year!

        14) If you could, which celebrity would you date?
        Oh my life who knows!

        15)What would you take with you to a deserted island?
        A camera, some good friends and plenty of food and water!

        16) Do you know how wide your hips are in exact inches?
        No idea! I think women are far too obsessed with measurements and weights!

        17) What would you say is the worst part of high school?
        Name calling, gossip and drama.

        18) How old will you be on your mother's 68th birthday? Is that old to you?
        40 Oh my life! thats scary! Not old but a scary thought!

        19) Ever thought you were dying of something?

        20) Have you ever wanted to be a doctor?
        Oh god no! I definately wouldn't be able to handle the patients!

        21) If you were dying who would you say goodbye to first??
        Oh god I don't know. I don't really want to think about that it's NYE!!

        22) Do you like to babysit children?
        I LOVE babysitting my 3 year old nephew. He's my best bud!

        23) Do you often forget where you put things?
        Never although my housemate likes to scurry things away!

        24) Do you go on a lot of holidays?
        Nope :( I'd love to go on more though!

        25) Have you ever met someone with the same biggest fear as you?
        I don't try to fear things but because of being stung when I was little I do have a fear of wasps...as do many others!

        26) Would you rather write with a pen or pencil? Why?
        Pen. In my line of work things need to be written down so they can be seen and worked out quickly. If I wrote in pencil I'd most likely erase it!

        27) Where was the best school trip you ever went on?
        Disneyland Paris

        28) Are you a controversial person?
        Not at all. I love my own company too much.

        29) What would you say your average word per minute count is on a keyboard?
        I did a test once and it was quite high and I'm pretty good at touch typing which helps at work!

        30) What was your favourite and least favourite subject in school?
        I absolutely hated maths but I'm realising now how much you need it and actually love basic maths! When I was at school I LOVED cooking!

        31) Do you bite you nails?

        32) When was the last time you went to the library?
        Lordy moses a while ago!

        33) Do you like fiction or non-fiction books more?
        Non fiction!

        34) Do you treat others as you'd like to be treated?
        Always and I never speak down to an elder even if they're wrong

        35) What type of child were you?

        36) Are you someone who likes to get into arguments and fights a lot?
        Not really. Although I do like to get into them with companies that do me wrong! I cannot stand bad customer service!

        37) Do you swear a lot?
        I do but selectively and where appropriate.

        38) If you had to get another tattoo, what would it be and where?
        I've thought of a few things but I'm not sure I'd get another one!

        39) What's your favourite TV show?
        Grey's Anatomy,Chicago Fire, 2 Broke Girls, Friends etc etc etc.

        40) Does personality weigh out the sense of good looks?
        Unfortunately not. Living with medical conditions myself I know that people can really like you and be put off my something that doesn't look "normal".

        41) What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?
        My bed and full length mirrored wardrobe

        42) If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
        I wouldn't change a thing. I was made the way I was made and all the troubles I have have made me into the person that I am today

        43) Do you have any regrets? If so what are they?
        No regrets.

        44) What colour hair do you have?
        Black cherry by Garnier Casting Creme Gloss

        45) What colour eyes do you have?

        46) Favourite sound?

        47) Favourite quote?
        O.O I can't think of any. 'If you don't stand up for something, you will fall for anything'?

        48) Are you trying to achieve something at the moment?
        To get myself back on track. To get back into my blog writing. To keep being happy.

        49) If you could do one thing for someone what would it be?
        treat those around me to things that they want

        50) What would you change?
        my bank statement!


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        • What's In Your Bag? / Discussion / 19 Readings / 18 Ratings
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          31.12.2012 13:04
          Very helpful



          Hope you've enjoyed whats in my bag!

          For Christmas I received a wonderful Ted Baker shopper bag that I'd been dying to purchase for ages but could never justify buying. The design is a light pink background with sparrows and birds on branches all over. The only flaw with this bag is upon unwrapping it had been flatpacked for ease. The base could use some cardboard in to flatten it out.

          The inside is black with a smaller inside pocket which I have found perfect for putting my phone in so it's easy to get to!

          So in my bag I have:
          My Apple iPhone 4 in it's case in the inside pocket
          My Karen Millen glasses for reading anything small
          A pair of panda mittens incase my hands get too cold
          A Primani umbrella incase it I ever get caught in the rain
          My house and car keys!
          My purse which contains money, debit cards, vouchers, receipts, nectar card, advantage card and much more!
          A make up bag that contains a mirror, lipbalm, lipgloss, sanitary wear and a bobble!


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        • Barry M Glitter Nail Paint / Make Up / 13 Readings / 11 Ratings
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          31.12.2012 12:50
          Very helpful



          Gives nails the WOW factor

          I'm not allowed to wear nail varnish very often with my line of work as it doesn't look professional I was bursting at the seams to go out and find some festive nail polish to wear over the festive period. I got myself down to Boots and found the Barry M stand decorated with hundreds of gorgeous colours waiting to be picked. I decided that seeing as though I don't get to wear nail varnish as much as I'd like throughout the year I would go all out and buy a glittery polish to make my nails festive.

          I purchased my 10ml bottle as part of a buy one get one half price deal in Boots and couldn't wait to get home and try it out.

          On first application the nail varnish is quite thin. Nails are coated in a clear polish with aqua glitter sprinkled across and gives very subtle coverage, this seemed to be a fantastic coverage to wear to work (when allowed on Christmas eve!) I continued to play about and found that the nail varnish took around 4 coats to create a full and even coverage of glitter on my nails.

          I was quite impressed with the polish and didn't go for a top coat as I'd spent a long time painting my nails with four coats! My nails were perfect however with wear and tear of unwrapping presents, washing up and general around the house bits I soon found that my nail varnish was chipped and starting to come off within 3 days.

          I love Barry M nail varnish as I find it affordable and managed to stay on for the length of time I required it for. If you wanted it to stay on longer than 3 days I'd recommend keeping on top of coats of polish and perhaps considering a top coat.

          Aqua glitter is listed as NP340



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          31.12.2012 12:27
          Very helpful



          A lot more hassle than they are worth!

          Moving into my first house with my friend we wanted to try and get the best deal we could for broadband and a home phone service. I went to comparison websites and found that Tesco Broadband came up with the cheapest line rental costing: £13.75 and broadband for £2.50 for the first 12 months and £6.50 after that. The offer also came with a free £30 voucher which seemed like a brilliant deal at the time as it meant we could stock up our cupboards as well as save on our broadband and home phone package.

          The router was posted to the house with a welcome pack and setting it up was really simple and done in less than five minutes. We managed to connect our phones, tablet and desktop pc effortlessly. We thought we were up and running. We were wrong.

          We had very slow downloading speeds when the internet was working properly however most of the time that we were with Tesco Broadband we couldn't connect at all. I rang Tesco numerous times and went through procedures to try and get the service we were paying for but not receiving. However again we were left with no connection.

          In September I telephoned Tesco yet again and explained that I wasn't happy with the service as we had been with them for 2 months and we hadn't had any satisfaction with themselves. I was told that another router could be sent out to me to try and rectify the problem. After leaving instructions to send the router to my neighbours house if I was not in I expected to have received the router after atleast a week. No router ever came.

          I called Tesco back yet again and was told by a member of staff that they didn't see what my problem was as they had been 'monitoring' the service to the house over the last week (my friend and I had been on holiday) and the service had been running much better. I then informed the operator that we had been away and it was brilliant to know that the router was running so well when it had been unplugged at the wall!

          I then tried to cancel the service after deciding to go to a different provider. This is where my biggest problem has been. At signing up I was told that you have a 4 month cancellation period. I tried to cancel on a date convenient for me however the member of staff put it through and told me when I was going to be cut off when I was told that I was able to make the cut off date one convenient for myself. Now on the very last day of December 2012 I'm still waiting to stop being sent bills from the company telling me that I owe them (currently) £60+.

          Over the months I have spoken to many members of staff who have mostly been rude, unkind and patronising! I have also made many complaints to the company regarding the service 'provided' and the attitude of members of staff. One night I was also told by someone to "call back the next day when it was more convenient as there would be more members of staff'. Tesco however seem to take the attitude that whatever they have done is not wrong and do not place error on themselves. I was told that it was best to email a complaint however a couple of days later I have received phone calls telling me the same excuses time after time.

          The company has been alot more hassle than it was worth and I have not written the full story as it'd take a day to read! I would say for a little extra money to another provider is worth it so you don't end up stressed and with no internet!!

          Tesco Broadband contact information
          Website: http://www.tescobroadband.com/
          Twitter: @tescobroadband (although they don't reply all the time)
          Telephone number: 0345 30 400 30
          Email address: support@tescobroadband.com (Expect a two day or longer response time)


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          • More +
            02.09.2011 13:06
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great exercise tool to practice shorthand

            Whilst sitting my degree I had the wonderful opportunity to sit my NCTJ exams along side my course for no extra cost, unfortunately due to medical problems I didn't have alot of time to spare meaning that I didn't get to successfully pass my NCTJ (BUT I did pass my degree which is the bonus!!).

            Studying at Teesside University I had the absolute pleasure to meet and be taught Teeline by the author, Dawn Johnston. Lessons were 2 hours long at a time and could on some days be extremely grueling and daunting but Auntie Dawn as we began to call her was extremely patient and understanding of our troubles with the subject.

            Working through the book in sessions we were also given daily homework which we used the book and cd for. Tasks in the book are written in Teeline and can be repeated as many times as you need to as you have a CD to help with tasks. I would reccommend using a notepad for this rather than using any space in your book!

            The tasks are easy to follow and there are the answers in the back of the book which I have to admit some people on my course would read from those rather than try and read the shorthand out loud in front of the class.

            The book is a MUST have for journalism students that are studying shorthand at university (ofcourse if it's teeline this won't help anyone who learns pitmann)


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            • More +
              02.09.2011 12:47
              Very helpful



              An eyecatching gorgeous smelling 48hr deoderant!

              Never being a fan of spray deoderants I always look around to see what the cheapest nicest smelling deoderants are on offer at the supermarket.

              Seeing this roll on on offer for 99p at Sainsburys and smelling the gorgeous scent of the deoderant I decided to give Garnier a try out. I had only ever associated Garnier with hair products (that also smell delicious) and was extremely excited to give this mineral dry roll on a go.

              The bottle is very eye catching and is unlike any other bottle out there on the market. The shape of the bottle makes it extremely easy to hold and the packaging is lovely on the eye. With a white container the lid is an eye catching green and purple which matches the labelling.

              The application ball works well and does not jam like some other roller balls that I have come across in the past. Working the product smoothly onto underarms a gorgeous fragrence is left behind and can last you upto 48hrs protection!

              Drying quickly there is never any problem with marks on clothes and having to wait around for it to dry before putting on your outfit for the day.

              If they made this in a perfume I would use it all over!


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            • facebook.com / Internet Site / 16 Readings / 13 Ratings
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              02.09.2011 12:31
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              A social networking website to stay in touch with friends

              If you haven't heard of Facebook.com I would love to join your bubble. I as many others have become, are part of the Facebook generation.

              The website is a social networking website thought up by creator Mark Zuckerberg during his time at Harvard university. The website aims to bring people together with each user in charge of their own profile page being allowed to choose who they are and arent friends as well as being able to 'like' certain pages.

              To sign up to the website simply go to www.facebook.com and the details that you will need to input are on the right hand side of the webpage. The login boxes are directly above this, to log in you use your email address and a password.

              Once you log in you will be greeted with your Newsfeed. The content of the feed will be filled with up to date information of what your friends status are aswell as posts that they have put onto other peoples profiles and other information such as group status'. This page is split into three columns which I will talk about from left to right.

              The left hand column at the very top includes the facebook logo which refreshes the page when it is clicked on the next button is friend requests, next to that is messages and after that is notifications. Each time you recieve one of these it will be flagged up with a red bubble with the number of them that you have on display. Directly below this you are able to see your profile picture and a link to edit your profile, you can edit information on display on your profile such as place of work, places of education, personal information as well as interests and hobbies.

              Below this you will be able to see a number of links which are under the "favourites" section. This includes newsfeed, messages, events, and friends. By clicking on any of these, it will take you to the desired page. Below this section of links you can find a Groups section. The links will be the titles of the groups that you are part of and will have a number of notifications that you still have to read in the group along side it. Below this you will find your Apps. These will be pages that you have had to accept to like such as games and competitions posted by companies.

              The middle section is the main news feed which enables you to catch up with friends latest information. Facebook enables you to catch up with the top news or the most recent. The first selection of Top news gives you a newsfeed of status' and posts over the last few hours where most recent will give you updates from as little as just a minute ago.

              You too can post your own status for others to see on their wall as well as post links, photos and videos on the main bar at the top of the middle of the page. I have seen a variety of status' from 'OMG had the best night last night with [insert friends tagged names here]' to 'i have just fed my cat'.

              The third column of the page is mainly used for suggesting friends and advertisements.

              Your main profile consists of the same kind of layout with the middle section displaying information and the latest tagged photographs of yourself. Your profile picture is to the right side of the page with friends listed underneath. In the centre of the page you will see your past status updates and things that people have posted onto your wall. This layout will be the same when you go onto a friends profile.

              I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. On the one hand it is fantastic for keeping up to date with friends lives as and when they happen however it is also a way for many people to crawl out of the woodwork and be nosey. I have had many people from primary school who I didn't speak to for many years add me on facebook. When I accepted they never said a word to me. A couple of weeks ago I had a facebook cull and deleted anyone that didn't talk to me on there to stop myself from being tempted to waste time on their profiles.

              I would reccommend Facebook to anyone for keeping in touch with friends all over the world, but I would advise anyone to only have friends that they WANT to keep up to date with otherwise you could become sucked in to checking your page on numerous occassions throughout the day.


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              • Barry M Liquid Eyeliner / Make Up / 4 Readings / 4 Ratings
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                02.09.2011 11:46
                Very helpful



                Dazzle bright eyes in a variety of colours!

                Originally buying a Barry M eyeliner from my local Superdrug I opted for a colour that I wouldn't normally go for on my eyes.

                Buying the pink eyeliner I was slightly apprehensive about what it would look like on my eyes. I had LOVED the colour on my hand when I tested it out in the shop but after purchase I was unsure as to whether I had just wasted £4.79.

                Getting home and trying this colour on my eyes was one of the nicest cosmetic surprised that I had ever experienced. I opened the lid which is then turned into the applicator. Within the lid there is a short length with a foam applicator on the end which is covered nicely in product for application.

                I find it easier to apply eyeliner with a foam applicator and find it alot easier to apply than with a brush so if you are the opposite to me you may find that this isn't an eyeliner for you.

                The product went on nice and thickly and made my eye colour pop! I had plenty of compliments from people about how different my eyes looked and how nice the colour was.

                I wanted something nice to wear at Christmas following my purchase of the product and decided that I would also buy the same eyeliner in silver. I fell even more in love with this colour as it is a perfect liner for easy dazzly eyes. I've also used this eyeliner to create little stars on skin instead of using face paint and it worked a treat!

                Definately a wonderful product for simple colour pop eyes!

                Provided from the Barry M website.


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              • Cadbury Chocolate Fingers / Chocolate / 9 Readings / 5 Ratings
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                02.09.2011 11:28
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                Delicious moreish crispy chocolate covered biscuits

                I remember at all the childrens parties that I used to go to the Cadburys fingers were the first item that were demolished by the us all before the sandwhiches and sausage rolls. Still to this day at the age of 22 years old whenever I see Cadbury fingers at a party I load them onto my plate before any savoury food.

                The packaging of the fingers sticks with Cadburys purple shade displaying the product across the front of the packet. In the top left hand corner there is a Cadburys logo and the name of the product 'fingers'. At the bottom left of the packet there is the famous Cadbury chocolate square with milk being pourred over it with the caption "One may lead to another..." Cadburys certainly know that these biscuits are moreish.

                The bisuits come in a plactic tray on which they are spread out across and are sometimes overloaded with (YUM!) Contained in a thin layer of plastic for freshness I always find myself excited to open the packet. On the back of the packet Cadbury say the average amount of fingers is 24.

                Cadbury fingers are thin crunchy biscuits covered in a layer of Cadbury milk chocolate that are seriously moreish. They will always be one of my favourite treat biscuits and I'd reccommend these to absolutely anyone-especially for a party!


                Milk Chocolate 48%
                (Milk, sugar, Cocoa butter, Cocoa mass, Vegetable fat, Emulsifiers (Soya lecithin E476) Flavourings)
                Wheat Flour
                Vegetable Fat
                Partially inverted sugar syrup
                Raising agents
                (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium bicarbonate)

                Nutritional Information *Cadburys reccommended serving is 4 fingers* WHOOPS!
                % shown is of your Guideline Daily amount to learn more visit www.betreatwise.org.uk

                Calories 120 6%
                Sugars 7.6g 8.4%
                Fat 6.0g 8.6%
                Saturates 2.4g 12.0%
                Salt 0.08g 1.3%


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                • Top Shop Clothing / Clothing / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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                  01.09.2011 21:56
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                  A great branch of Topshop!

                  I've been a fan of Topshop for many years and have found myself wandering into the Darlington Topshop even when I've found that there's nothing I fancy buying in there.

                  Since the refurbishment a few months ago the shop that is located on the upper half of the Cornmill shopping centre stands out with it's large black sign and large glass windows showing mannequins dressed in outfits from the shop.

                  Entering the store there are outfits lining the walls- with a centre stand of clothes and a stand out feature rail holding clothes on it which can be moved around the shop.

                  The shoe lounge is located at the very back of the shop with the accessories on the opposite wall. A variety of styles and sizes are on display.

                  The members of staff in the Darlington branch of the store are wonderful and always make polite small talk and when you ask for help do their best to solve a solution for you whether it be holding an item for you or locating an item at another store.

                  The changing rooms are the biggest change within the Darlington branch. Changing the sides of the changing rooms and installing a disabled changing room the walls are painted white with wall stickers on for extra effect as well as a larger mirror to get a better view of the outfits that you are trying on.

                  I still find myself wandering into this branch just because it looks so nice even if sometimes the clothes aren't that nice at times!


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                  01.09.2011 21:09
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                  A cute Jersey Ice Cream farm selling delicious home made ice creams

                  Living in Darlington for many years I've constantly heard many people say "There's nothing to do in Darlington" "I wish there was somewhere good to go to spend a few hours". Last summer I found one of Darlington's best kept secrets. Archers Jersey Ice Cream Farm.

                  The farm is located in the Walworth area of town hidden away on a scenic country road. Clearly marked out by tourist road signs once you reach the Ice cream parlour a large hanging sign is displayed outside.

                  As you turn into the farm a gravel path leading you up to the parking area. The gravel area is wide enough for two cars driving slowly. As you reach the top of the road there is a parking area big enough for atleast 8 cars to the right. If you turn left there is a large field which is also accessible for parking with a fantastic view over the fields and the hills in the distance.

                  There is a wonderful walk which you can do around the fields however no dogs are allowed onto the farm.

                  Outside the parlour there is a wonderful small childrens play area with a small wooden play house with a metal slide there are also small plastic tractor which can be pedaled round by the child or pushed around by other children or adults. There are also two other childrens see saw style seats and a small roundabout.

                  The parlour has just undergone a refurbishment which has given the farm a fantastic lift in appearence. The outside area is paved with a light stone which in summer can make a wonderful area to sit outside or just stand and eat ice cream. There is a covered outside seated area which has gorgeous table and chair sets outside. The toilet is just slightly further up from the enterance of the parlour.

                  Once you enter the parlour you are instantly drawn to the ice creams on display to your left. In a large cabinet a variety of the ice creams are on display. There is also a freezer with ice creams to take away as well as a fridge with ice cream cakes which look amazing!

                  The extension of the parlour is absolutely gorgeous. With the main parlour painted lilac the colour scheme is continued into the largely glass walled extension. With gorgeous chandilers on the ceiling the day could be chattered away whilst eating ice cream.

                  A selection of meals are also offered at the farm and are all displayed on a chalk board.

                  The ice cream itself is made from Jersey Cow's milk which live on the farm. The cows are usually found located in the large field, in the large shed or available to have a look at in the smaller car parking area which is great for younger children with an interest in animals.

                  I would reccommend this farm to absolutely anyone as it's a pleasure to go to for a catch up with friends, a family outing or even a meeting.

                  Archers is also available in franchise stores in the North East.

                  Archers Jersey Dairy Ice Cream Flavours
                  Simply Jersey Jersey milk and cream from our own Pedigree Jersey herd. Nothing added - pure taste.
                  Vanilla Pod Vanilla pod made with Vanilla pods grown in Madagascar for that extra taste.
                  Strawberry Packed full of fresh strawberries. Locally sourced when in season.
                  Rhubarb Made from our home grown Champagne Rhubarb.
                  Chocolate Deliciously chocolatey, tastes like continental chocolates.
                  Cinder toffee and caramel Introduced to us by some friends from New Zealand, from a famous recipe.
                  Raspberry Pavlova Made with fresh raspberries and small pieces of meringue.
                  Rum and Raisin The raisins are soaked in white Jamaican rum overnight then added to the ice cream mix.
                  Toffee and Fudge Pieces of Loopy Lisa's fudge, in our toffee flavoured ice cream.
                  Amaretto The almonds are first made into a brittle crunch then added to amaretto ice cream topped with amaretto biscuits.
                  Passion Fruit Proprietor John Archer was raised in Kenya, and re-created this childhood flavour.
                  Ginger Made with stem ginger, before adding chunks of ginger pieces.
                  Liquorice A very distinctive flavour
                  Christmas Pudding All the flavour of Christmas Pudding, but a lighter alternative. (Well - a little bit lighter anyway)
                  Lemon Cheese Cake An exciting new flavour, full of lemon zing !
                  Banana Made with fresh bananas
                  Coffee Our own espresso blend
                  Hazelnut Very rich and nutty
                  Blueberry Made with fresh fruit
                  Mint Choc Chip A children's (and adult's) favourite
                  Coconut With fresh coconut
                  Cookies and Cream Oreo biscuits in a creamy ice cream
                  Fruits of the Forest Using fresh seasonal fruit
                  Lemon fruit ice (sorbet) An alternative to dairy, using fresh lemons
                  Raspberry Fruit Ice (sorbet) Made with a kilo of fruit per five kilo pan
                  Tiramisu With espresso coffee and Fino sherry
                  Black Cherry Disctictive cherry taste
                  Mango Yoghurt A delicately Flavoured yoghurt ice cream
                  Kids Chaos Marshmallows, crispy chocolate balls, smarties and chocolate sauce in vanilla ice cream.


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                    31.08.2011 21:51
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                    A gorgeous chocolatey body butter better than the body shop!

                    Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with Vitamin E claims on the front of the packet to soften, smooth and relieve dry skin as well as smooth marks and tone the skin on the front of the packaging.

                    Coming in a variety of sizes the particular sizes the particular size I'm writing about is a 250ml bottle of the product.

                    Suitable for use on the entire body the butter has a yellow tint to it. Once the product is out of the bottle there is a distinct taste of cocoa, rather than the cocoa you'd make a hot chocolate with it has more of a scent of chocolate which is not overpowering.

                    Once applied to the skin the cream is easy to rub in and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy and also dries quite quickly.

                    The vitamin E within the product is known for being good for the skin. This being within the product helps reduce stretch marks and the appearance of scars but cannot guarantee to fully remove them from skin.

                    I have used this product for a long time now and it has helped two surgery scars on my stomach reduce in appearance as well as give me silky smooth skin.

                    The product comes in a white bottle with a blue, brown and orange stickers on the front and reverse which in my opinion makes the product look cheap and hides the superb product hidden away inside. The cheap packaging may put people off buying this product however I believe that it is just as good as an expensive Body Shop Body Butter.

                    I would recommend this product time and time again and is and always will be one of my beauty staples!

                    Water (aqua)
                    Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) extract
                    Glyceryl Stearate
                    Propylene Glycol
                    Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
                    Mineral Oil (Paraffnium Liquidum)
                    Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) seed butter
                    Elaeis Guineesis (Palm) Oil
                    Cetyl Alcohol
                    Tocopheryl Acetate
                    Fragrance (Parfum)
                    PEG-8 Stearate
                    Behentrimonium Methosulfate
                    Cetearyl Alcohol
                    Steralkonium Chloride
                    Benzyl Alcohol
                    Yellow 5 (CL19140)
                    Orange 4 (CL15510)

                    Palmer's cocoa butter is paraben free and against animal testing.


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                    31.08.2011 21:25
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                    A lovely zingy drink that tastes delicious!

                    Being a passion fruit lover when I first saw Drench juicy spring water hit the shelves I knew I wanted to try it.

                    I remember buying my first bottle like it was yesterday. It was a hot summers day and I was on my way to the doctors surgery. I popped into my local supermarket and bought a chilled bottle of the beverage. The bright white, orange and purple packaging matched with the orange liquid drew my eyes to it and it has been love ever since.

                    The Orange and passion fruit flavour gives it a slight tang but is absolutely delicious.

                    Coming in a 440ml bottle there is plenty to keep you going and tastes like a dilute juice. If you drink dilute juice you will obviously have your own preference on how strong or weak you like it. As a child my aunt always used to make me extra strong apple and blackcurrant which has made me prefer my juice stronger. I would say that Drench matches my taste in dilute juice.

                    The juice is made with spring water meaning that it is not fizzy which makes this drink Glugable!

                    Also coming in an apple and blackcurrant flavour this flavour is my favourite of the two. As earlier stated my aunt made a (it really could be world record breaking) strong apple and blackcurrant however the Drench variety is far too strong for me but everyone's tastes are different!

                    Orange and passion fruit drench has been my drink of the summer and I would definitely recommend anyone giving it a go!

                    Nutritional Information per 100ml

                    Energy 162 kj / 38 kacl
                    Protein 0.1g
                    Carbohydrate 9g
                    of which sugars 9g
                    Fat TRACE
                    of which saturates Nil
                    Fibre TRACE
                    Sodium NIL


                    Spring water** (82%) Sourced at Norwich
                    Fruit juices from Concentrate (Orange 7%, Passionfruit 1%)
                    Citric Acid
                    Natural Orange flavouring
                    Natural Antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid)
                    Natural Colour (Carotenes)

                    Each 250ml serving contains
                    Percentages shown are of an adults guideline daily amount based on a diet of 2000kcal)
                    Calories 95 5%
                    Sugar 23g 26%
                    Fat TRACE <1%
                    Saturates 0g 0%
                    Salt 0% 0g

                    Best consumed when chilled
                    Once open refrigerate and consume within 3 days


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                      31.08.2011 18:13
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                      Lypsyl it's the original lip balm!

                      This lipbalm reminds me of my Dad whenever I see it but more often than not it's the smell that gets me all nostalgic!

                      As a young girl my Dad always used to put Lypsyl on me to keep my lips safe during the winter months or whenever I had been bad and been picking them or just had dry lips.

                      The product comes in a round blue tube holding 4.2g of product. I've seen this around being sold on it's own and in pairs at supermarkets and is definately an old favourite to have at hand!

                      The product is quite thick and greasy with what I would call a distinct smell (not a bad one!). It can leave your lips feeling quite greasy but is a good old cheap yet effective lipbalm.

                      The plastic tube protects the product and is originally sold in the tube with a blue thin plastic cover which holds the logo of the product.

                      A small turning wheel at the bottom of the tube allows the product to be pushed up to the desired amount to be applied to lips.

                      With the product being so thick less applications are also needed and with it being the original is flavourless so it's not so tempting to lick off your lips!!


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