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    • Samsung Galaxy Ace / Smartphone / 7 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      08.01.2013 21:28
      Very helpful



      In all not a bad smartphone, keeps you in contact and is more then just a phone

      I have had this phone for about a year now and decided upon this one as there was a special offer at the time for this phone and a free Wii with a 18mth contract. I had previously had the HTC Magic.
      Today your phone is a mini PC where you can stay in touch, play games or search the web and with the Samsung Galaxy Ace all that is possible. It has a very handy note pad app built in which is very useful for taking notes, writing shopping list and generally reminding yourself of things that need to be done. I use this a lot
      It has a 5mp camera which takes very good quality photos for a phone camera. There is also a video recorder option, very handy.
      It has a built in radio which is not too bad and you can also down load any other app required from the android play store if you want a better one.
      It has all the general apps built in that you require, calculator, alarm clock, maps etc. It is connected with your Gmail account so you can check your emails all the time.
      There are unfortunatly some downside to this particular phone for example you can download many apps from the play store however there are quite a few that for some reason need to be stored on the phones internal memory and not the SD card and the problem that I have found is that you run out of space quite quickly if you like to have facebook, newspapers, weather channels and some games you need to keep removing some to free up space.
      You have the option to use the phone as a reader but depending on the apps you already have there may not be the space left for the phone to hold books and the screen is not that big really.
      When searching the web for general things that do not have apps attached like the Dailymail newspaper or ebay then there is a problem that unlike some of the android phones and iphones out there you cannot tap the screen and the article fits to the screen to enable you to read with ease you would need to keep moving along to read the full article.
      I also found that when making a call or receiving a call on some occasions when you want to hang up the end call button has disappered and you are unable to end your call. It doesn't happen every time but occasionally this can be a bit annoying.
      I would say that generally this is a good phone but to keep in mind that there is not a lot of internal storage available so if you like to have loads of different apps especially the bigger ones or if you like to be able to search the web a lot and read articles that do not have a special mobile apps then this is possible not the phone for you. If your happy with a phone that can still do more then just make calls and not really into a lot of web searching or using it as a reader then this is a good and easy phone to use.
      I will look to upgrade when the time comes to one of the HTC versions but as my daughter like to play some games this can be kept as a very handy back up because it has the wi fi built in so we can use it off the home internet.


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      02.01.2013 21:08



      Excellent buy for a starter camera

      I wanted to buy a camera as my old one had bitten the dust but I couldn't afford to buy a Nikon or Canon so with the help of my parents who are keen photographers we came upon the Fujifilm Bridge camera as a good compromise until finance improve.
      I really love the look of the Fujifilm it is not too big and bulky or heavy to carry around. I have also found that the different settings on offer are easy to use as I am not as well clued up on the ins and outs of photography as my parents. They are easy to use because when you select a setting you get a full description of the use by way of the viewing screen of through the view finder depending on the option you have selected to take your photo. Having the option of using either the view finder or the display screen at the back to take a photo is excellent because depending on what your doing you have the option. I would say that if taking photos outside in bright light then the display screen is difficult to use so having the option of the traditional view finder is perfect for such occasions.
      The zoom is fantastic as you are able to take those lovely scenic shots from a good distance. There is also the panoramic option which I have played with a little bit but need a bit more practise with.
      The quality of the photos is excellent being 14 mega pixels.
      There is also the option to use as a video camera to capture those special moments.
      My only negative would be that there is a slight delay when taking the shot which is only a problem when I am trying to take a photo of my daughter as she dosen't always sit still for long so sometimes that perfect shot that was there when you pressed the button is not quite what you get as the end result but this is typical of a bridge camera.
      I would rate this camera as great for starting out or if finances cannot stretch to the more expensive Canons and Nikon digital camera's


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