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    • Angry Bird iPod Speaker / Speaker / 12 Readings / 12 Ratings
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      02.09.2012 12:11
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      good budget speaker

      I've seen these in hmv and a few other shops over the past year and I've always been tempted to buy one but never got around to it until lately. I bought this from www.amazon.co.uk for just 19.99 which I thought was a bargain considering I've been seeing this retail at £50/£60. I am an angry birds fanatic which I'm aware my sound really sad to the average Joe, so I'm not sure why I put this off buying for quite some time.

      The design is pretty obvious really, it's the red angry bird. This is made of a thick plastic when I touch it, it feels really sturdy and good quality. The measurements for this are H 181 x W 175 x d 236 mm. It isn't too big that it can't fit on a shelf and it isn't too small so the sound will be rubbish. I have this on my shelves along with all my CD's and films and it looks quite good.

      This doesn't have any features, it just have a power button, volume button and a sub woofer. You plug your ipod into it via the red wire and work all the tunes through your ipod. Which means someone as old as me can work this without any difficulties. I thought it might of charged my ipod at the same time like I have seen some of the others do but this one doesn't which is a shame.

      I'm not too good with the technical wiz kid side of things but this has a large speaker located at the base of the bird. the speaker is 30 W, I don't know if this is good or powerful but for what it is, this drowns out my full house when turned up full with my Ipod on too.

      This turned up to the max along with the subwoofer gives off a clear sound with no hint of any distortion. It's really clear so every song sounds amazing, especially at full blast. Overall this is a really good budget speaker and fits in great with all my angry bird items even if I'm not using this.


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