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Member since: 18.08.2010

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    • Beko DWD5411 / Dishwasher / 21 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      18.08.2010 21:27
      Very helpful


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      Very good dishwasher

      I've had this dishwasher for quite a while now and I am very pleased with it.
      Since it has a very low price for a dishwasher, I didn't expect much from it.
      I'm really glad I bought it because it exceeded my expectations and for such a low price I couldn't ask for anything more.
      I've never had problem with it, the dishes always get clean, even pots and pans. My previous dishwasher cost twice as much and quite often couldn't do what it was supposed to, sometimes I had to wash one load of dishes three times before they were clean. Never had this issue with Beko DWD5411. This is why I really recommend it, it does what it's supposed to and proves that cheaper appliances can also be good and reliable.
      If you just keep in mind that expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality and decide to buy this dishwasher I believe you'll be happy with the results.


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