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Member since: 10.08.2012

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    • Blackberry Curve 3G 9300 / Smartphone / 6 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      11.08.2012 00:02



      Great for practical use, not a glamorous phone

      The Curve 3G 9300 is a practical phone which suits those who need quick access to their e-mails and an easy-to-use keyboard to reply. The keyboard buttons appear small but are very easy to use, and the helpful spellcheck allows you to monitor your outgoing measages. Call sound quality is clear and the scrolling button is simple to use, however it can temporarily stop working if it gets wet. The battery life for the Curve 3G 9300 is long and reliable, even when using apps; however apps are slow to start and run, becoming frustrating at times. Music playback is of an average quality (sounding grainy at times), but can hold a decent amount of music, images and videos on the memory. This phone has no glamorous accessories but does everything that is required as a practical phoning/texting/e-mailing device. I would reccomend this phone for business on it's simplicity, but there are phones of better quality in this price range for those looking for a glamorous smart phone with apps.


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