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      03.07.2012 21:07



      Would recommend to anyone with a baby, 5 stars!

      I ABSOLUTELY recommend this bouncer to every parent with a small baby- for us it was a life saver. My son was quite the screamer as a baby, always wanting to be held and rocked, without which he would never fall asleep. Prior to this bouncer i had tried a rocker and another a bouncer from another brand and they were totaly rubbish compared to this. It bounces at the lightest of touch, is very comfortable and nicely padded for baby, and has straps to keep baby in place. The bouncer also comes with an attached blanket which wis a bonus and a removable toy bar with adorable little toys that attracts and entertains baby. There is also a vibration option but we've never had the need for it.

      The maximum weight this bouncer can take is shown as 11 kg on the box HOWEVER, my son used it till he was well over 18 months! Yes his legs eventually started sticking out but he still loved to lie in it and often fell asleep in it. Also the bouncer is extremely light, making it easy to move around the house. The actual seat padding and blanket can easily be removed for washing and drying. Also once baby starts kicking his legs, the bouncer actually bounces at the movement, keeping baby very entertained!

      There is only one downside to the bouncer and that is the straps, they are quite tiny and by 3 months they were much too tight for my son. However, having said that, we found the straps weren't really necessary and we've never had any accidents with him falling out or anything.

      Overall, the best bouncer i have ever owned, loved by me and my husband as well as our baby!


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