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Member since: 29.04.2006

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      29.04.2006 15:11



      Atlantic Electric and Gas = Driving people to distress and suicide

      This is the worst company for having your electric and gas from. First of all when you call them, nobody picks up the phone. If they decide to pick the phone up they will put you on hold and you will have to listen to the horrible music ever. Then comes your advisor who decides to listen to you from one ear and the information is out of the other ear.

      I have written and called them plenty of times that I don't own a property that they are billing me for. But they keep on sending bills to my house. I have had reminders and I have wrote to them about this. Now they are taking me to court and sending the debt collectors round, for me to pay somebody else's bill.

      My advice is not to touch them with a bargpole.


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