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      14.12.2009 21:47
      Very helpful



      Great Product for girls or boys that they will have hours and hours of fun with

      I brought this along with some other items from the Dream Town range for my four year old daughter a little while ago, and she has really loved playing this set especially.

      She really loves drawing and writing, and loves writing little notes and letters to her family but the other things that made me buy this toy was that she also has always always enjoyed standing by the letterbox each morning waiting for our mail since being about 18 months and then she brings it to myself or her daddy. So this is what made me buy this toy as I thought she would greatly enjoy playing post ladies and it could possibly be a future career for her !!!

      Well I was right she has loved making up pretend mail for her dollies and teddies and me and daddy and then posts them in the post box and then changes into post lady pat (that's what she calls herself) and then delivers them to us, its so funny how she will knock on the door and we have to open and she will pretend to get us to sign for letters and then she copies our postman, by shouting " have a nice day, see you in the week", she really is adorable sometimes.

      This set includes a Post Box, Satchel, Envelopes, a real working Stamper, Post Cards, and Stamps. It's all made from durable fabric as with the other toys in this range, and I find it very durable and good quality and always easy to set up and great for creative and imaginative play.

      The post box is a pop up type postbox made from a nylon type fabric, very similar to the dirty washing bin things you can buy, which is easily stored away as it folds down. The satchel post bag also is very durable and made from hard wearing material and my daughter has swung this bag around no end, and has not shown any sign of wear. It also has all been wiped down easily enough with a wet cloth, when she has spilt stuff in them or sticky fingers.

      The postcards, stamps, stamper etc are all very nice, cute pictures and bright colours and she still has a few left as I brought some stationary sets from Poundland to top it all up, or else she would have ran out within a few days.

      There are also some good deals on at the moment in regards to this product, especially when brought if you were buying the Cherry Blossoms Store or other selected products on Argos, as you then get this set free. But the normal price is around 17-20 pounds.

      This really is a fantastic product that encourages their role playing and imagination also encourages my daughter to write and draw pictures more, which I love as it also has helped her learn everyone's name in her family and how to write them, on her envelopes.

      Great product as usual from the dream town range.


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        14.12.2009 17:08
        Very helpful



        If price is not an issue than you will get a gorgeous wendy house that little girls will love !!

        I brought this toy recently for my daughter whom is four years old, and she absolutely adores it, and has played with it non stop, and also her little friends that come and play after school are loving it too.
        I must admit although she had seen the adverts on television and did the usual "mummy mummy, quick come here!! look!! I want that" but I hear that about 100 times a day from her, so then she took to ringing it in the Argos book with her crayons so many times it was ridiculous , but I thought it was quite expensive for what I thought was basically a tent, but she was very persistent. (Takes after her mummy!!) So eventually I gave in.

        Anyway I had some vouchers for early learning centre and then received a 20 percent discount from the ELC Birthday club, so I ended up buying this house for very little.

        The best price I can find on the net at the moment for any of you that are tempted is probably still ELC, which is priced at 70 pounds but if you use a voucher code, which you can get easy enough from Hotukdeals.com then you can get 20 percent off this price taking it down to 56 pounds.

        When received it was really nicely packaged although the box was not as big as I had originally expected, so I thought maybe the tent was a bit smaller than I had thought but it was not, its just that it all comes flat packed, ready for assembly.

        The size of the house is height 115 cm width 100cm and depth 100 cm. So ok its a bit of pain space wise as we only have a little house, but it is good to store away in the aspect that all the additional accessories that you can buy for the house such as the cooker that comes free with this product and then items such as the sink, washing machine, lounge furniture etc that you may purchase separately can fit very nicely inside the house.

        I have found the quality brilliant, and also very durable although I have read lots of reviews where people have thought its flimsy, I suppose it depend on what your child is like, my daughter is quite good and respectful of her toys yet my son is like a bull in a china shop, so probably would not last five minutes with him.

        It has a really gorgeous fabric cover, with the cottage design on, which fits over poles in a similar way as most other wendy houses. It also has doors and windows that really open, which my daughter loves. My hubby was meant to find this house extremely easy to assemble, the poles were slightly tricky to line up correctly with the fabric, but a bit of patience is all that's needed and a steady hand, hence the reason my hubby ended up throwing a pole, getting a coffee and retreating to the bedroom to watch Top Gear, while I finished off, was very simple for me to do though.

        The house is in lovely colors, and very girly, although my nephew whom is the same age, has enjoyed playing with it as well,
        Its great for their imagination and creativity and my daughter can spend hours and hours in here, shouting out from the front door that "no boys are allowed" and "mummy can you pop over for a cuppa!!!" She has had tea parties, discos all sorts of great events have taken place in this house and she has not got bored at all. She has also pretended it was a vets, shop, doctor surgery and my favorite was when she pretended it was a hairdressers, and she ended up telling her dollies they had to start using treatments and they should really think about using better shampoo to make their hair stay in a better condition, was so funny. She has two aunties that are both hairdressers, so I think it must be in her blood.

        The fabric cover for the outside of the house is really easy to wipe down also, my daughter has got all sorts down it before, and each time has been very easy to wipe off just with a wet cloth.
        Inside the house it's all printed as though you were in a really cottage, so is really and again all easy to wipe down in case sticky fingers get everywhere.

        Price wise I know people think that it's overpriced for what is essentially a wendy house but if you shop around you can get some good deals on this range and package deals if you are buying the other accessories.
        You will not regret this buy, I can promise you that any little girl will get so much enjoyment out of this toy, it's just brilliant for role playing and pretend play and is so nice to see them use thier imagination especially with a toy they love so much.

        It really is very pretty in design and my daughter is very proud of it, and its the first toy she shows anyone whom comes to play.


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        • The Vampire Diaries / TV Programme / 98 Readings / 90 Ratings
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          27.10.2009 14:36
          Very helpful



          Great new series and will be great success Im sure

          Well it may be my age, I'm 30 next year!! But I have all of a sudden started getting crushes like when I was a teenager. It all started when I watched Twilight and then read all the books, that's when my fascination with Vampires began.... How weird I hear you say, and I agree with you, but I just can not help myself. Even my hubby tells me that I sound like a teenager when I'm sighing at the gorgeous Edward Cullen and the even better Salvatore Brothers.

          After reading all the Twilight books in the matter of a week, I was lost without my daily fix of vampires and romance, that's until my friend told me about a new television series that had started in the US, called The Vampire diaries. One of our other closest friends moved over to the states a couple of years ago and she sent my friend the first six episodes to watch, so knowing my pain of withdrawals from my Vampire fascination she kindly lent me the dvds to watch.

          The Vampire diaries are based on a series of books written by LJ Smith, she has written many books about vampires, witches, werewolves etc for the teenager sort of genre and although I have never read any of these books, my friends teenage daughter tells me they are excellent, and from what I have seen on the internet, she has become a common fixture on the New York Times best sellers list.

          Her trilogy series of books the Vampire diaries has now been adapted for a television series and is being shown on the US channel, The CW, and although they only started a few weeks ago, apparently there is a huge following already, probably following on from the success of Twilight I would imagine.

          Now you are going to have to wait a while before its in the UK, Its scheduled for the beginning part of next year on ITV2 and I'm already counting the months, as I'm on a bit of a cliff hanger now knowing that I have only watched 6 episodes of 22 episodes in the first series, and episode six really leaves you on tenterhooks and I'm absolutely dying to know what happens next.

          The series is based around a seriously gorgeous vampire called Stefan Salvatore, whom has returned to his home where he grew up (when he was human that is) in a little town called Mystic Falls. Stefan is a vegetarian vampire and will not feed from humans (very Edward likes to be honest) and is determined to live some sort of normal existence. In the first episode you see Stefan enrol in the local school and that is where he meets Elena, whom is a spitting image of the deceased previous love of his life Katherine.

          Stefan is about 150 years old in human years, but is an immortal age of 17 and although I still do not know everything about him and his past as I have only watched 6 episodes, I'm already in love with his character. He seems so wise beyond his years and cares for peoples feeling and will not put anyone in danger and especially not Elena.

          Elena is a normal human teenage girl, but one whom along with her brother Jeremy, has just faced an awful few months following the loss of her parents in a car accident.

          She has become very distant and has shut away her feelings and shutting out her friends and other than writing them in her diary she had become very isolated. In the first few episodes it shows her picking her self up and trying to be more positive which is hard while she is also coping with her younger brother whom has been dealing with things by using drugs and also readjusting to life without her parents.

          Well as you can already guess I suppose, Stefan and Elena like each other and start dating, sound boring????? Well cue Dameon.

          Dameon Salvatore is Stefan's older brother and again insanely handsome, and again a Vampire but unlike Stefan he does feed on human blood and loves it. That's where things in Mystic falls start kicking off with Dameon causing havoc with his random attacks, and people thinking that a wild animal is on the prowl.

          Dameon and Stefan have a very difficult relationship due to the fact that they were both in love with Katherine (whom is the image of Elena) many years previous, now as yet it has not explained exactly what happened to Katherine, and although its explained a few huge facts about her I do not want to ruin the plot as one of the best things for me was watching the story and secrets unravel. But let's just say you will see plenty of sibling rivalry in the first few episodes.

          Dameon not only likes human blood but he is also a bit of a womaniser and throughout the first few episodes you will see a few girls go to pieces due to his incredible manipulative and magical powers, he has the ability to not only charm them to pieces, but can also magically manipulate them into doing pretty much whatever he wants and also it helps that he is insanely gorgeous.

          There many other characters also in the show that can not go unmentioned as they play a huge part, so below is a brief description of what role they play, as if I start writing too much about each character ill be here for ever;

          Jeremy Gilbert: - Elena's little brother, taking drugs to help with his grief, in love with Vicky Donovan.

          Jenna Somers: - The auntie and legal guardian of Elena and Jeremy, young and single and very funny, determined to help her niece and nephew and become a good guardian.

          Bonnie Bennett: - Elena's Best friend and very protective of her, also going through the first developments of becoming a witch, has started having premonitions.

          Caroline Forbes: - Friend of Elena's, bubbly, talkative and a bit of a typical cheerleader tyre, becomes a victim of Dameon's powers.

          Matt Donovan: - Elena's childhood sweetheart ex boyfriend, typical jock type, big brother of Vicky.

          The show is defiantly following on from all the success of vampire related books and films of late and for lovers of shows and films like Angel, Buffy, Twilight etc and I really do think that this is going to be very big next year and will be a hit.

          There are many things I like about the show, for example the way each character is really interesting, and have interesting back stories behind them, although they have not all been revealed as yet. Its like Dameon whom ok is evil and feeds on human blood, but there is still something there that makes you think that there is good in him somewhere and something must have made him this way and also did I mention he is very good looking... haha!!. I also like the humour, for example there is a scene where Caroline asks Dameon why he does not sparkle like Edward Cullen in the twilight books and he says because "I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun", really did make me chuckle and in the same scene he says Edward Cullen is so whipped.

          The show has all the ingredients of a hit, the cast are incredibly good looking; it's exciting, magical and full of mystery. I really do feel that people whom are into this kind of show are going to absolutely love it; I know I am already hooked and literally can not wait till it starts next year.

          I really could go on for ever writing about this show, but I do not want to spoil any of it for You all but I would defiantly recommend this show, if not for the entertainment value then defiantly one for the girls to check out some seriously hot tottie.

          Also just worth a mention also, the music in the series in great, again very Twilight esque for example there are bands like the Muse. But there is some great songs from a guy called Jason Walker, really beautiful especially one song called Down. Check it out on You tube, it really is a beautiful song.


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            01.09.2009 12:36
            Very helpful



            Great classic toy, great durability, can be used from one child to the next and so on.

            I brought these wooden bricks from the Early Learning Centre about six years ago when my son was a baby, and they have since been played with by my daughter, nephew, nieces and friends children and they still are in immaculate condition and still a great toy.

            There are 100 bricks included in a different variety of colours and sizes and shapes, such as squares, oblongs, arches, triangles etc etc.

            They come in a canvas type bag with handles, so easy to store and carry around with you if taking them for your child to play with while out.

            I think they were a great educational toy also to encourage you child to recognise colours and shapes but I also used them as a maths aid for counting and also for things like which one is biggest games also.

            I don't think any child ever gets sick of staking them up and knocking them down, especially on wooden floors where it makes more noise. This toy is always recommended to help improve your child's fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination, which I'm sure most parents would agree that they do.

            Early Learning centre have now started selling the pink version of the bricks also, although I would not have purchased these for my daughter as I had no need, as they stay in such good condition that she just used the ones she had, and also with the pink ones you could not use them for helping learn colours, so I think to get more out of the product I would defiantly always go for the normal pack.

            These are a classic toy, which will always get plenty of use and hours of fun

            They are currently 13.00 in the Early Learning Centre


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              01.09.2009 12:13
              Very helpful



              Great toy for hours and hours of fun and imagination.

              My daughter for her birthday wanted lots of role playing dolls, such as a kitchen and a shop etc, and my mother in law brought her a market stall shop which she loved, so in addition to this shop to make her role playing experience of being a shop keeper even the better my mum brought her The Early Learning Centre pink till and scanner.

              Upon opening the till, I was impressed with the contents as for £20 you seemed to get a good deal for your money, included in the packaging was;

              The cash register
              Chip and Pin device
              Money: notes and coins
              Some plastic food (a lemon, banana, apple and a pepper)
              Some Cardboard and plastic food packaging ( baked beans/milk/tuna/weetabix/lollies/pizza/teabags and orange juice)

              The till was really easy to set up with it just needing the batteries popping in and you were all up and running and ready to open your shop.

              My daughter has loved this toy, and being pink I think this has obviously proved a lot more popular as most mummies with little pink princesses on your hands know all about.

              The toy is really easy to use, the buttons are big and user friendly, there are buttons to enter in the prices, and the button to activate the opening of the drawer to the register, the microphone took a little getting used to for my daughter, you have to keep your finger on the button for the microphone to work, but she has got it now.....Unfortunately!!!!! The LCD screen showing what you have entered also is easy to see and user friendly for the little ones.

              This toy has been a brilliant toy for her imagination, she has had great fun shouting at her daddy to get her a fruit shoot from the microphone that is attached, and has also used it to tell me she needs the toilet!!!! Nice!!!

              My daughter as most children of her age has a very huge imagination and this toy is brilliant for that, she has loved to pretend she is a checkout girl, and sets up her shop along with half the contents on my cupboard also, she stacks all the tins etc on her toy box and then invites us to her shop.

              Upon choosing your items and stacking them up for her, she then scans them through the pretend barcode scanner, she has even started pretended they wont scan and then shouting for her assistant ( aka Baby Annabelle) to get her a price. The scanner is easy to use its basically a little button that when pressed with a can, or item etc it makes a little buzz sound like you get when you do your shopping at the supermarket.

              The chip and pin device is a great addition to the cash register, and my daughter loves this the most, I think because she sees myself and her daddy using the chip and pin, it makes her feel like a grown up by pretending to use her own. It's very easy to use also you push in the plastic card, and then press a couple of buttons and it flashes little green lights to say it's approved.

              Also the education side of this toy is great, as they can learn about handling money, recognition of numbers and also even down to the social skills, by saying thank you and please to your customers, and helping them with their shopping etc, all these things make the toy a great asset to any toy box in my opinion for girls or boys (although boys may want to go for the other colours)

              The durability of the toy is brilliant, it's really chunky and easy to wipe down etc; my daughter has already dropped it down the stairs twice and is still in tact. Very sturdy toy and made with great quality as you would expect from the early learning centre.

              ELC sell this product along with the blue one also for £20.00, they also have a special offer at the moment where if you buy the till you get a free shopping basket, which again is lovely for role playing and again good quality and sturdy design.

              Overall this toy in my opinion is a must have for any budding checkout assistants.


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                17.07.2009 11:06
                Very helpful



                Great place for a visit for all ages and perefect addition to any trip to Stratford upon Avon.

                Stratford on Avon's Butterfly farm is a popular attraction in our area with families, it's based in Stratford upon Avon and is only a few minutes walk from the town centre, and is very well sign posted, even having its own bus, which runs around the area. I think this makes a great addition to any family day out when visiting Stratford.

                There are also many children in our area whom visit the Butterfly Farm on school trips especially at primary school and nursery ages, and they always seem to enjoy it, no matter what age or sex.

                I have been there a few times with family and friends and every time we have had a really lovely day, it really is a really gorgeous place to visit in my opinion and very interesting, I also think the staff am brilliant, very knowledgeable and great with the kids.

                Well I am going to try and be brief as there is so much to see there is no way I could write it all down, so basically its like huge greenhouses, full of gorgeous different species of butterflies, from your normal UK species, so species from the Amazon and giant Owl butterflies there are so many its just amazing to see. But not only butterflies grace this farm, but there are many other lovely creatures that you can get a look at, such as; leaf cutter ants, caterpillars, giant millipedes, snails and crabs, over 15 species of spiders and scorpions, parakeets, rosella birds, parrots, doves, sunbirds, cockatiels and even a couple of iguanas, and there is probably so much more that I am forgetting.

                I would advise everyone to be prepared for tropical temperatures, it's really warm obviously for the butterflies and animals that are used to warmer climates than our own, so you really do not need a coat or anything too heavy on, or else you'll be sweating buckets. It is really nice though if you have been trekking through the attractions of Stratford and the weather has not so good, which lets face it, is quite normal for our country, its so nice to walk into this lovely environment where you feel you have stepped inside a rainforest and with the sound of the water running, its such a relaxing place to visit and there are plenty of seating areas located around the farm for you to sit and soak in the atmosphere.

                My best bit, although not everyone would enjoy this (my mum could not stand this at all ) is that a lot of the butterflies are flying around you, and sometimes you will be looking at something and before you know it you'll have a couple of them resting on your back or your arm or your head, its so sweet. So make sure you do not forget your cameras as I have the most gorgeous photos of my daughter with butterflies on her head and also I have a great one when she was one, and she was in her pushchair and one landed on her hand and she just sat there with her mouth wide open.....its my favourite photo in the world. But if you are scared of moths and stuff like that then I would imagine you may not like this place, as there are some very large butterflies, and if you are scared then it may make you a bit squeamish.

                My son has just been doing a project on rainforests at school, so he went on a school trip there a few weeks back, and he loved it. The staff showed them around and explained which butterflies were found in which rainforest and explained all about all the different species. They also did an Amazon challenge, which was basically a tour based around their topic, so was great for them. They also hunted for the iguana, unfortunately this time they did not find him at all. It's a bit hit and miss really with the iguanas, they tend to hide, but I have seen them twice out of the four times I have visited, so not too bad of odds.

                Apart from the main area there is insect city, arachnoland and the caterpillar room. All are brilliant, I must admit I'm a bit scared of the arachnoland and I don't like the scorpion, but my son loves them to bits, especially the huge scorpions..... You know what boys are like with this kind of stuff my hubby is the same, and they have some that glow in the dark, so I was freaked out, I really do not like scorpions. My son even held a tarantula is his school visit...eeerrruuuugghhh!!!

                Last time I went with my daughter we spent a lot of the time in the caterpillar room, as she was convinced she was going to find Eric Carle's hungry caterpillar in there, chomping on an ice-cream!!!! Bless her!! But there was a lovely female member of staff there whom went through everything with her and explained how they change, and showed her loads of cocoons and the pupae etc, by the end of the talk, she is now a little four year old expert!! Well she thinks she is.

                I could go on forever explaining all the different areas, plants, animals, attractions etc but then this review would end up an essay, but I can promise you a really lovely time no matter what your age. There is a gift shop on site that have some really nice gifts ranging in prices and styles from small souveniours like pencils etc to special ranges of gifts, like butterfly t-shirts, plates etc.

                I would warn though, in my opinion this is not a whole day visit, I would imagine 2-4 hours at the most, but you can still make a day of it anyway, with the surrounding attractions at Stratford upon Avon.

                We have also just had a picnic at the side of the riverbank when we last visited, and went to the park and had a great day, we mainly did this as we did not want to spend a lot of money and with the financial times the way they are I would imagine a lot of families are looking for affordable things to do in the holiday, if not affordable then free!!.

                Opening times

                Every day in the Summer 10.00 am till 0600 pm.
                Every day apart from Xmas day in the winter 10.00 am till dusk.


                Adults 5.75
                Seniors and students 5.25
                Children under 3 free
                Children over 3 - 4.75
                Family 2 adults and 2 children 16.75

                Group rates for over ten
                Adults 5.25
                Seniors and students 4.75
                Children 3.80


                Stratford Butterfly Farm

                Swan's Nest Lane
                CV37 7LS

                Tel 01789 299 288

                With the school holidays starting today, then if you are in that area or visiting that area than why not give it a try, you will be not disappointed and also normally during school holidays they normally have loads going on, for e.g. bug hunts and talks and tours more specific to the children.


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                • Lego 5585: Pink Brick Box / Lego / 87 Readings / 86 Ratings
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                  15.07.2009 10:09
                  Very helpful



                  Great Starter kit for any little girl or Lego enthusiast.

                  We got this set for my daughter for her birthday after continued arguments in our house involving my daughter trying to get her hands on my sons Lego, which he would never ever let her play with, which I did understand as a lot of his Lego is star wars Lego, and some models alone cost 50 pounds, so he does like anyone touching them let alone his destructive little sister.

                  When it came to her making her birthday wish list she said she wanted Lego, but said it had too be pink, which I laughed at, as I did not think in a million years you could get pink Lego, so was surprised and also delighted to see when doing a web search that they did sell a pink starter kit box. (Item number 5585) and was stocked at many places including Argos.

                  We brought our Lego from Argos at a cost of 9.99, so I think its quite reasonable to be honest, I know many people find Lego very expensive, but on comparison with many sets I have brought, I think this is quite good value, if only for the peace I received from the children arguing about it. Although I have caught my son borrowing a few bricks out of her box, bless him.

                  This Lego set comes in a lovely two shade of pink box set, and as like the other Lego set boxes you can buy, the boxes are very sturdy and with the rounded edges etc and the easy to open and close lid, it helps protect those little fingers.

                  Now when you read about this product and it says 200+ pieces you always for some reason expect this to be a lot of bricks, I know I always did, but its so deceiving really, once you empty the little packets, there's barely enough Lego to even say it's a quarter full, but as a mother to a 7 year old boy whom loves Lego, I was already prepared for this after experience with buying sets for him, so I brought one and when she received some vouchers from family, we also purchased another box.

                  The actual Lego inside is really nice, and there are three shades of pink (including other colours also) which my daughter has loved playing with, there are also some lovely pieces like a picket fence and some flowers and many more, I think it would be nice to have a couple more pieces included such as a few more windows and doors, as you only get one of each, which is a bit difficult if you are wanted to make a town, or in my daughters case, she was making a pink Tesco's!!!! (My children are nuts!!)

                  The only other disappointment I think we had and also I know other Lego lovers have had is that there are no mini figures included, I think this would be a brilliant addition to these boxes, as my daughter hates using the male mini figures that my son sorted out for her, and is not happy with making a figure out of the bricks provided, so she ends up just pretending with one little princess Leia Lego figure (that she has somehow stolen from my son) that lives in the pink tower all by herself!!! ....I will defiantly have to try and get some of the lady mini figures for her, or else it's going to be Chewbacca she will be stealing from her brother next.

                  As for the longevity of this product as most people whom have experienced Lego, it can be passed from generation to generation and is normally something that you can get years and years of enjoyment from...... even my husband whom is thirty, although he would be embarrass to admit it, loves playing with the children with their Lego, building a town or a castle etc, and on xmas day when he helped my son make his Lego x-wing fighter I think he was going to do a lap of victory when they eventually finished it, so I think its safe to say that Lego in general is something that is defiantly 100% not a passing phase and will always be around.

                  The recommend age range is 4 plus.

                  Overall a nice little starter kit for any child, but obviously due to colour I would imagine mainly girls would like this.


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                  • Janod Toy Market Stall / Fancy Dress / 96 Readings / 94 Ratings
                    More +
                    13.07.2009 11:24
                    Very helpful



                    Great toy, with lots of accessories, and great scope forl playing and learning.

                    When asking my daughter what she wanted for her birthday, she was very quick to answer, reeling off a list of toys that she had become very fond of at school in there role play area, these included things like a wooden kitchen, a wooden dolly bed, a wooden chair, everything wooden and everything make believe.

                    She loves role play and she is one of those children whom is very happy to play on her own as well as with others and gets lost in her world of imagination.

                    One of the favourites on her birthday list was a wooden shop. We had told her maybe the birthday fairy could not bring this as she had asked for many other things that cost lots of pennies, and maybe she'd have to wait for Santa to come. But as usual in our house ....somehow Nanny gets to find out!!! My mother in law, being a terribly kind grandma is terrible when it comes to birthday and Xmas presents and totally spoils the children and she decided she would buy this for Isabella's birthday.

                    We did some research and there was not that much on the market and the ones you could buy came with no accessories, and by the time you brought all them you were looking at not much change from 100 pounds.

                    In the end my mother in law settled on the Janod Toy Market Stall and purchased this from EBay for a buy it now price of 45.00.

                    When my mother in law brought the present round on the morning of her birthday I must say to begin with I was totally shocked at the size, it was much smaller than I was imagining.

                    The diameters of the toy are 38 x 24 x 43 cm.

                    But although to begin with I did think this was too small for the money paid and thought my mother in law may have been ripped off, with use I have realised that it's a perfect size, my hubby read the leaflet and it said that for children that are older than to use this on a table top etc for better enjoyment, so I have been putting my daughters on top of her wooden toy chest and its been great, and there's just enough room to then get on her till next to it.

                    My husband got the lucky job of putting together all her toys this year.... And this one was defiantly one of the easier of ones, it all comes flat packed, and he found this very easy the instructions provided they were really clear and good and had it all together within 5-10 minutes.

                    The stall is quite attractive and defiantly with the colours mainly being pink and yellow and natural wood colours, I would say it would be better suited to girls, although my nephew whom is three has loved playing with it also. Some boys I suppose don't mind pink. It also has a very nice pink candy stripe roof and a heart embellishment on the top panel.

                    It has a blackboard with clock on the back of the stall for your little ones to write down the days specials etc. I have found this a great way to encourage her to learn more on telling the time and also the blackboard has been great for her to practice her name when we are writing "Isabella's Shop" and also we have practiced other words and numbers on it. There is also two pieces of chalk included also.

                    It also comes with 4 mini little blackboards for you to write down the price of the fruit, again really good for practicing numbers, maths and communication skills although my only little nag would be its in Euros, but my hubby had some white blackboard paint and he has made the euro signs look like pound signs, we just did not want to confuse her.

                    This item came with eight wooden crates and 24 pieces of wooden fruit which consists of;

                    Green apples
                    Red/orange apples

                    And to complete the list of items included is 10 pink paper bags for your little one to bag your purchases up with. The shop has a little peg on the side so that you can hang the bags to. The bags are quite a thick paper bag so I think she has eight left, which I think after playing with it non stop in the last few weeks and with the arguing with her cousin over whom is the shop keeper and playing tug and war with these bags to have eight out of ten in tact is not bad going.

                    I have also loved watching my daughter playing with this, watching her being polite and helpful when serving her customers, and understanding the concept of money. But by far the best bit has been when she screams at the top of her voice " Half a pound of Bananas" and " Apples, Apples, Apples for sale", she sounds so sweet and so funny.

                    Overall my daughter has loved this stall; she has learnt and played at the same time and has had great fun which I love in turn.
                    She has kept it really lovely and claen and she is very proud of her shop. Also durability wise, it's quite sturdy, despite being quite thin panels of wood, which had worried me, there are no signs of wear and is not as flimsy as I thought it was going to be.

                    I still think the price is slightly too high and could do with being a tenner cheaper in my opinion, but that's certainly does not detract from the enjoyment my daughter has had with this toy.


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                      13.07.2009 10:32
                      Very helpful



                      A great product with great durability for your little ones, and would reccomend this to all !!

                      My daughter has just celebrated her fourth birthday and has received loads of presents as usual, we have such a huge family and no matter how much I beg them not to, they totally ignore me and buy loads of toys.

                      So I thought I may as well start reviewing some of them.

                      Her main present for her birthday was a beautiful wooden play kitchen, which is fantastic, and quite a few people whom knew what her main present was going to be, brought her loads of accessories to accompany it.

                      She was brought a set of play saucepans (Plan Toys item number 34130 Saucepans cooking utensils set). They came in a normal boxed packaging with the picture on the front but inside everything was individually wrapped in protective bubble wrap type sheeting, so no scratches or marks when toys arrived.

                      Upon opening them I was really impressed, they are made from metal and wood, and are very attractive but still not too heavy that some damage could be done when her brother annoys her!!! Which was a concern, how come if I brought my seven year old son a pink toy kitchen, he would be mortified, but he keeps trying to play with his sisters??? Also I was concerned that being metal they may mark her wooden kitchen, especially as the rings of the cooker are painted on the top and feared it may scratch the paint etc, but there has been no damage whatsoever.

                      The whole set consists of the following;

                      * A frying pan with a wooden handle
                      * A wooden spatula
                      * A casserole type pot with wooden lid and handles
                      * A wooden spoon
                      * Another casserole type bowl, but in smaller size with wooden handles but no lid

                      I felt size wise as well it was perfect for my daughter, you tend to in some of the play sets around find that the saucepans, casserole dishes/bowls etc can only fit in one piece of play food, but she gets a few bits in her casserole bowl and makes the role play side of things more realistic.

                      She has played with these saucepans for quite a few weeks now, and I can not see any scuff marks or any signs of damage, and I have seen no downsides to this product.

                      She has loved this toy and if looked after and with the durability of the product I think she will enjoy these pans for many years to come.

                      Overall a fantastic product, attractive design, realistic sizing's, good value for money and really great fun for any budding little chef or homemaker!!

                      Best price Amazon £13.13 (with free delivery)


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                      • Skibz Dribble Bib / Nursing / 107 Readings / 104 Ratings
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                        10.06.2009 14:30
                        Very helpful



                        A great quirky item, that mums and dads love, but price can be very off putting.

                        Well before you shoot me down for spending a ridiculous amount of money on what's essentially just a bib, I think we can all admit to a bit of impulse buying a times, especially when it comes to something quirky and different.

                        I came across skibz quite recently when I visited the baby show with my sister, whom is pregnant and although my babies have grown up a bit now (6yrs & 3 yrs) I went along with my sister to give her support and advice when purchasing the things she needs for my little nephew who is due in August.

                        Well throughout the day I was telling her to not waste money, and that babies really do not need six pairs of trainers or designer dummies and bottles etc, and then we came to a store that I'm afraid I could not resist.

                        Skibz are a bandana style bib, in a fantastic range of colours and patterns, such as ginghams, camouflage, animal prints, spots, strips, stars, floral and many more. They are so funky and will be a great addition to your little ones wardrobe.

                        They were designed by a mum from Somerset whom designed these bibs due to be unable to find a fashionable enough bib for her child to wear all day long. I don't know if I'd go that far, but I can understand that there is a gap in the market for more fashionable bibs, as they are normally pretty standard.

                        The reason I liked them so much, is that I have numerous pictures of my children at parties, weddings, christenings etc, where they are wearing the most gorgeous outfits and then a plastic bib on the top, which obviously was really practical and I would rather that then they ruin their clothes, but theses bibs, really add to the outfit, and although I may not of brought them on a regular basis maybe to accompany an outfit on a special occasion, I think I would have been tempted.

                        Now my first thought when I saw them is that although Ok they are really gorgeous and very quirky, but I expected that the quality and performance would not be up to scratch and that these were probably a waste of money.

                        But after reading the information given to us from the stall owner, these problems apparently were not there. The information provided by the company and their website advises that;

                        * Skibz are extremely soft and comfortable, fitting snugly around the child's neck to prevent moisture from dribbles or food spillages getting onto the clothes or skin.

                        * They're highly absorbent. We insist that Skibz not only look great - they actually work, too. Their unique double-layered backing system literally draws moisture away from the skin, eliminating soreness and chaffing under the skin.

                        *Skibz are made to the highest quality, with traditional rolled edge seams and an adjustable quick fastening.

                        Now again I'm quite sceptical and when told the price of each bib, I nearly died, a tenner per bib!!!!!! I kept thinking how many bibs I could get from Asda for that price!!!!! But I had wanted to get my sister a little present and also a friend of mine, who is very into her designer labels etc and I knew she'd love one of these....so I stood by the store humming and arghhing for ages, and then the stall owner offered me a two for 15 pounds deal, so I thought id try them out. I love a bargain.

                        I picked a blue gingham one for my sister's baby, and a floral one for my friend's daughter.

                        Now although my sister's baby has not been born yet so I have not seen hers in action, I have seen my friends daughters wear hers many a time.

                        My friend loves them, she advises me that not only do they keep her daughter really well protected from all her dribble and milk etc, she also said that they look fantastic with her outfits and that everyone comments on how beautiful they are, she has since brought quite a few others and she advises me that her best deals have been on eBay.

                        Another friend of mine, attempted to make her own version of these, and although still very cute, they were not as absorbent as the Skibz brand.

                        So although like other mums would think, it is a very expensive bib, I think as an impulse buy, or a gift, or for a bib for a special occasion like a wedding, Anyway in my opinion it's a great item that many mums will love.

                        Price range from 10 pounds and can be brought from thier online shop, or from numerous stockists throughout the UK (see thier website for details)


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                          05.06.2009 22:08
                          Very helpful



                          Bit of a gimmicky buy, but can be really useful and nice for some.

                          My Hubby is like a big pussycat in more ways than one!!!! He loves lying on the sofa with his head on my lap and for me to play with his hair, don't ask me why, I really don't know...but he says it makes him relax.

                          Well he had even trained the kids up on it, honestly!!!! He lies on the sofa sometimes and the kids love jumping on him and snuggling up to him while watching a film, but he even gets them to play with his hair.

                          So a couple of weeks ago it was my Hubby's birthday and my Son had saved some of his pocket money to buy Daddy a birthday present, so I sat with him while we looked on the internet for ideas, and that's when we came across the head genie.

                          We were looking at Amazon, and the 'Head Genie' was one of the best sellers, the first thing my Son said was "that would be good for Daddy; he could play with his own hair then!!" Well it was under a fiver, so we got it.

                          Anyway the morning of his birthday arrives and the kids give him his presents, he opened his 'Head Genie' first, and at first sight he wondered what the hell it was, his first guess was a back scratcher???? My Hubby can sometimes be a little dense. But after my Son explains to him what it's for he seems a bit more interested.

                          Anyway later that afternoon, we all settled down to watch an afternoon film, and as usual Hubby was on sofa, head on my lap and his feet up, ready and waiting! Cheeky bugger, so I told him to get his 'Head Genie' and sort himself out.

                          So he got it out and started to play with it, and within minutes he was making the funniest noises of bliss, when I asked him if it was nice he said it was pure heaven!!

                          Well that intrigued me, so I asked him if I could have a go, now unlike my Husband, I'm not that into people touching and playing with my hair, I even dislike going to the hairdressers to be honest and my first reaction to this device was that of the eebie jeebies, it really did feel to me like something was crawling over me, but I continued, as my Husband said you have to get used to the feeling first before you can enjoy it, after probably a minute or so, I really did start to relax into the sensation and it was quite enjoyable.

                          That was it then both of the kids wanted a go too, again we all had different reactions, my Daughter like me started giggling and kept shuddering every time she put it to her head, and my Son whom is just like his Dad and loves his hair being played with, he just loved it.

                          Since my Husbands birthday, he has used this device loads, and within minutes he feels relaxed although he has gone back to his old ways of getting us to use the head genie on him instead of him doing it himself, he said its much better someone doing it for you.

                          I also recommended this product to a friend of ours whom suffers really badly from stress and he has said that it has defiantly helped him relax.

                          When reading up on this device, the products description says that it is useful for holistic purposes including relaxing and re-energising the body, relieving aches and pains, improving circulation and lymphatic drainage. Also a lot of reviews and web sites that sell this product say its good to get you in the mood for a bit of passion....... Not really needed in my house, as I only have to say give us a kiss and my hubby is in the mood quicker than a sex addict on Viagra!!

                          It does look like a bit of a silly contraption, my Hubby reckons it looks like a broken egg whisk, but its basically a steel handle with flexible metal prongs that have little copper ends as you put they device on your head the prongs spread out and the copper ends are meant to hit all the correct pressure points and are meant to help relax the scalp, neck and temples. As you move this up and down you do get a relaxed sensation through your body, although as I said before everyone seems to have different reactions to this sensation.

                          On the product's description it says that the weightless fingers coming off the device are designed to be moved slowly across the skin, stimulating nerve endings and releasing endorphins in the process. What results, is a warm tingling sensation which relaxes muscles, providing localised pain relief and a general feeling of heavenly well-being. Well I think my Husband would defiantly agree with this, although he received loads of brilliant presents and ones that cost loads more than a fiver, this was by far his best present.

                          I would definatly recommend this product to anybody looking for a source of relaxation or just for a bit of a giggle, it is a gimicky type present and item in my opinion, but it definatly did the trick for my husband and I can see how it would definatly help some people whom suffer from stress or anxiety.

                          Buy from Amazon for 4.17


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                            05.06.2009 20:14
                            Very helpful



                            A great way for you or a loved one to express yourself through a fashion accessory.

                            ***How I became to know about this brand***

                            I was ten years old and my Mum and Dad brought me a charm bracelet, it was a 18 carrot gold quite chunky chain and started off with a little ballerina and a horseshoe on, as the years went by myself and my family collected many more for my bracelet and by the age of thirteen I think I had about fifty charms on it.

                            I treasured this bracelet for those three years but when I got to that all important fashion aware age, I began to think that it was a little bit chavvy and not as fashionable to wear a charm bracelet anymore. So in it went into my jewellery box for safe keeping, and to this day it's still is in there, gathering dust but is to sentimental to ever part with.

                            A few years back while working in our office in Belgium, (I work for a truck breakdown company) I sat with our Italian team and while working with them I kept noticing the girls had these really lovely and very modern charm bracelets, unlike my old bracelet there was nothing bulky about them and they looked really stylish. Upon asking them about them they told me that the company who makes them are called "Nomination" and that there were hundreds of charms available from their online site, certain stockists and eBay and that they were of a reasonable price.

                            When I got back to the UK, I was telling my friend about the bracelet and she told me that she has heard about these bracelets already, from a magazine showing JLo and Britney and that their was one stockist in Rugby, and that I should go and have a look.

                            A few weeks later, I went to the store in Rugby that stocked the bracelets, and I was shocked to find out how very reasonably cheap they were, and how many gorgeous charms you could buy for them.

                            From that day I was hooked, and not only me, but my Daughter, Niece, Sister, Mother In Law all have them as well now, it certainly has made buying birthday and xmas presents much easier.

                            My Daughter was brought many links for her christening presents, which I think was much better than ten silver money boxes and seven silver egg cups like my Son received.

                            They are great presents for any occasion, and I have recently seen quite a few men wearing them also, although I have not converted my Husband to the idea of getting one as yet.

                            ****Who are Nomination****

                            Nomination is the name of the Italian company owned by the Gensini family, who designed and have produced this bracelet and other products for many years.

                            The bracelet was originally design by the founder of the company, a gentleman called Paolo Gensini, whom lived in a small town in Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence Italy.

                            He wanted to design a fashion accessory that was capable of expressing one's personality, values, passions, politic, secrets etc. He then looked at the original concept of the traditional charm bracelet and he then went onto design a more modern version of this.

                            His company is still to this day a family run company and has stuck to its Italian roots, but it has now become a world wide success and a respected company and worldwide leader within the steel and gold jewellery market.

                            The bracelet has been worn by many celebrities and sport stars etc., which has also made the company become more popular and established over the past few years.

                            Due to the popularity of the initial bracelet the company now offer a range of different designs and products for all tastes.

                            Their other products include a variety of different collections and designs examples are their range of watches again with the link option, which I must admit I'm quite tempted to purchase thought it would look nice with my existing bracelet, actually its probably more for the reason I have filled my bracelet and want to collect some more.

                            They also have in production some gorgeous styles of necklaces and bracelets, with crystallized Swarovski crystals and butterflies made from crystals. They really are gorgeous.

                            They have a huge range and too many to name, but take a browse through their website they have some really great collections.

                            **** What are Nomination bracelets? ****

                            They are basically the same idea as the traditional charm bracelets that we all know of or have seen, but these bracelets have a more modern style, and a bigger selection of charms, again with a more modern range to choose from to form your personalised charm bracelet.

                            The bracelets consist of links; all with a spring loaded mechanism, in a high quality stainless steel that they guarantee will not tarnish or fade.

                            You can then purchase numerous designs of charm links such as; letters, numbers, flags, zodiac symbols, sports, animals, messages, birthstones, good luck symbols' and so many more, there are just too many to list.

                            Also the charm links come in a variety of different specifications, such as 18k gold, diamonds, hand painted enamel, zirconia, precious and semi precious stones.

                            The link charms also have some that have dangly options on them and also you can get double charms, so one charm but double the width.

                            They come in numerous sizes also, dependant on what you are looking for, I have the classic design, but my niece (12 months) has the design which is called smarty, it's a lot slimmer and for her little wrists, it's ideal. There are four sizes in all; big base, classic base, smarty base and tiny base.

                            Basically you start with a normal bracelet with the plain nomination links on, they are basically a stainless steel link with the word nomination engraved onto the front and back that links into another one the same and forms the bracelet.

                            You can then start purchasing your charm links over time, and basically you take off a plain nomination charm, and slip on your charm link.

                            Upon purchasing a new charm link, I put my plain link in my jewel wry box, and after time of collecting the charms you will then have enough plain ones to start another bracelet again, or like I have done, made them into a bracelet for my daughter and then while saving her links and the rest of mine have done another one for my best friend.

                            ****Cost of bracelet and links****

                            The plain Nomination stainless steel links range from 50 pence up to about 75 p, I have never heard of anyone one selling them for more than that, I needed 16 links to fit round my wrist, so my starter bracelet cost 8 pounds.

                            The charms then range from 8 pounds to about 40 pounds dependant on what stones, designs, size of links etc you choose.

                            ****Where to buy****

                            There is only one nomination store which is in Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GE.

                            Although there are many independent authorised stockists, if you go to the nomination website, www.nomination.com/en and there is an option for you to get a list of stockists nearest to where you live and also there are online stockists and eBay also sell the links, although I'd be careful as there are many copies and replicas out there and they are nowhere near the standard you get from the Nomination authorised range.


                            A really nice modern charm bracelet that can be used to show your personality and hobbies etc, also is really nice for presents, I have ones brought me from my children for mothers day, one with a bunch of flowers design and the other saying best mum, and my husband brought me one on our wedding anniversary with a butterfly which was our theme at our wedding.

                            These bracelets can be a really personal thing and can hold a huge amount of sentiment, I love them and I'd be lost without mine, I hope this one will never end up in my jewellery box with my old Gypsy looking style one gathering dust.


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                              02.06.2009 15:45
                              Very helpful



                              A great toy that can be for girls or boys for role play, maths and more

                              The company Melissa and Doug are an American husband and wife team, that started their business over twenty years ago in their parents garage in Connecticut, and they have built it up from there, and now have their own offices, employ numerous staff, and have expanded from just selling in the US to many other countries throughout the world.

                              They sell a range of products for children such as, puzzles, puppets, play food, classroom supplies etc, but every product is in my opinion of a superior quality and standard thus ensuring that their products can be passed from generation to generation.

                              I have recently become a huge fan of the Melissa and Doug range, and have already brought quite a few things for my daughter and son from their range.

                              I feel the wooden toys I have purchased over the years since becoming a mummy have a lot more longevity to them, and that's why Melissa and Doug are so popular in my house at the moment, because it makes mummy and daddy happy to know we are making a wise investment and also my children gets loads of enjoyment from them without the hassle of us telling them to be careful not to break them every five minutes.

                              The Melissa and Doug Pizza Party toy was brought for my daughter with some of my Dooyoo Amazon vouchers for a well done treat as she had just got an award at nursery/pre school.

                              Upon arriving I was really pleased with my purchase it was a bit bigger than I had pictured, and from the minute I took it out the box, I could tell it was going to be a keeper.

                              The set includes;

                              Six sliceable pieces of pizza
                              A coloured tray that looks like a pizza box
                              A pizza cutter
                              A spatula
                              Fifty toppings - mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni.

                              (Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 25.4 x 34.7 cm ; 1.6 Kg as stated on Amazon)

                              The set is all wooden and has a bright and colourful design, the topping are all backed with Velcro, making it easy for your child to make up the pizza they want.

                              The pizza also makes a cutting type noise when you use the slicer to cut into it, which my daughter loves.

                              This set I have found to be very sturdy and durable, it's easily wiped down also, just with a damp cloth which to be is a god send in my house.

                              My daughter loves this set very much, and I think it's a bit different than her normally dolly tea parties, her dolls now get pizza.

                              Its good for all ages and sex's in my opinion, she often plays with her older brother and they pretend to own a pizzeria and plays pizza deliveries with this toy, its quite funny actually her brother pretends to own the pizzeria (in the playhouse) and she is the delivery girl and watching her trying to tie it to her trike is slightly amusing to watch... unfortunately though the box does not come with a lid.... So this game often ends in the pizza toppings going everywhere.

                              Another game I have found interesting to play with my daughter and also my son, is something I read about when researching this product and that's using it for mathematics purposes, so I have used this to teach my son fractions and division and help my daughter with basic fractions and general counting, this has been really worthwhile and they have seemed to have enjoyed this game.

                              In summary this is a high quality toy, great for role playing and that will last for years and I would highly reccommend this product to anyone.

                              The Entertainer (the toy shop) and Amazon all sell this product for around the £15.00 mark, but I would suggest to always check Hot UK Deals first as they often have voucher codes to get money off at The Entertainer, so it's always worth checking.


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                                19.05.2009 12:52
                                Very helpful



                                Great products, great quality and value, but a headache at the end of the day!!!

                                It all started a few months ago when my daughter asked for a wooden kitchen and a wooden shop for her birthday..... and she kept insisting to me it had to be wooden and not plastic.....well although she is renowned for being a little bit of a princess (well in her daddies opinion or though I would probably call her a few other words sometimes) .... I kept wondering why she was so insistent on wood, and then it dawned on me, that everything she played with at school was wood.

                                Well after thinking about it more I thought that it was probably a sensible idea to pay that bit extra and get wooden toys rather than plastic as they do last longer and can be passed down again and again, my children have many wooden toys, and I had never really thought about it until this time, but they have stayed beautiful and have served my son, my daughter and some have even now been passed to me niece and nephew.

                                So while talking to my friend about this, she introduced to the Melissa and Doug range as she has used many of their products in the nursery which she works for and highly recommends them.

                                The company Melissa and Doug are an American husband and wife team, that started their business over twenty years ago in their parents garage and have built it up from there, they sell a range of products for children such as, puzzles, puppets, play food, classroom supplies etc etc, but every product is in my opinion a high class standard that can be passed from generation to generation.

                                So my first purchase was the band in the box set, which I knew she would love, as she had already had a plastic version, which she had loved, although it had seen better days....especially the maracas that had been over her brother's head more than she had shook them to music!!!

                                I brought mine from Amazon for approx 20.00, and although this sounds a bit expensive, I think for the quality its worth every single penny.

                                The set comes in a little wooden crate, which is great for storage, and also it's nice that your child can learn that this is where the toys belong, and not as my daughter likes to do ...throw everything under her bed or in her dolly's pushchair!!!

                                The instruments included are

                                A tambourine
                                A pair of maracas
                                Clacker's type thing
                                A triangle
                                A wooden block scrape thing.....makes a clocking type noise - it says on the site it's called a tone block! Whatever that is...my daughter calls it the banger!!!

                                I am really very happy with the purchase as again I have already seen the value in the purchase as not only has my daughter been playing with this but my little god son whom is ten months old and my niece whom is nine months old have both enjoyed playing with it, although it does give a recommended age of 3 yrs plus.

                                I think that this product is great to obviously encourage your Childs development through music, as most of us know, a lot of children can learn so much through song, dance and music, but also the quality of the product, you know that your child will get years of enjoyment from your purchase.

                                Also Melissa and Doug also do another instrument set called the beginners band set which has a xylophone, kazoo and castanets, which I also have purchased, but can not really write two reviews on nearly the same products, but again I purchased this from Amazon for 16.99 but at the moment it's available for 15.95. Again it's the quality that shines out to me, its all packaged again in a wooden crate, and all instruments again are wooden and as the first instruments I purchased my daughter has loved them.

                                In summary I do not think you can go wrong with this product, ok you may have to pay slighlty more than the plastic sets avaliable, but the quality shines out in my opinion.


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                                • Vertbaudet / Highstreet Shopping / 50 Readings / 46 Ratings
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                                  18.05.2009 12:45
                                  Very helpful



                                  Nice french website, with bargains and unique items, althou still room for improvement.

                                  I come across this website a few years ago when pregnant with my daughter. I had just had a midwife appointment and she had bombarded me with leaflets, books, bags etc and while looking through everything I came across the leaflet advertising vertbaudet clothes.

                                  It had a fantastic offer on the front offering 15 pounds off a 20 pounds spend with free delivery and also a free gift, so I though it seemed a bit too good to be true but put it to the side just encase.

                                  A few weeks later at my twenty week scan we found out we were expecting a girl, so excited of the prospect of having a pink one ..... I was a woman on a mission!!! Shopping shopping and more shopping!!!! Unfortunately though my husband had to go back to work, although that would normally not have stopped me.... But he continues to moan....." why buy things now, wait till we can buy things together" ....and "come on Kelly, I know it's exciting but you know how quickly they grow out of things" and on and on he went.

                                  So as all you lovely mums know when you are pregnant and hormonal, the man should just agree and say yes to everything and if they don't then you tend to go in a little strop......ermmm....well in my case it involved me crying and moaning he did not want a daughter, then I told him I wanted to go home as I was too fat to go shopping anyway....... When I look back now just makes me giggle.

                                  Upon returning home I grabbed as much chocolate and nesquick milkshake (one of my cravings) and went up stairs to curl up and comfort eat!!! After a few Kit Kats, I decided that I would have a look on the internet at some baby girl things; because that's not breaking any stupid rules...and I would only look!!!!!

                                  Well I surfed around for a while and dreamt of all the dresses, shoes, floppy hates etc etc my daughter was going to wear, then I remembered the vertbaudet offer, o I thought ill get that site a look-see.

                                  Firstly the website was easy to use and is all broken down in categories

                                  Maternity wear
                                  Baby girl
                                  Baby boy
                                  Girls Boy
                                  Homes collections

                                  Well as soon as I started looking at the little outfits and dresses I just fell in love, they were so cute, with floral designs, and matching headbands, funny little bikinis, gorgeous shoes, just loads of the most gorgeous stuff , before I could stop myself I was making a list of all the things I wanted, even coming up with good reasons to buy the things for e.g. She defiantly needed a couple of going outfits, and what girl can live without her bikini and she was due in the summer, so she'd get loads of wear out of it, and she needed shoes and sandals .....oh my goodness when I look back now it makes me realise I was deranged especially now when I think of how frugal I am and also I was already a mummy, so I should have know better, but I'm afraid the idea of pink and dresses got the better of me.

                                  So I thought to myself I can always use that special offer I had received in my mummy to be pack, so I went and hunted it out and I ordered two gorgeous outfits and spent a fiver. At that price my hubby could not moan....could he????

                                  Well the delivery was a bit of a disappointment when I ordered as I saw that it said delivery within 7-10 days and as promised ten days later, a lovely lady knocked on my door with a parcel.

                                  I was so chuffed with the outfits they were gorgeous, and also I liked the fact they were different to the normal high street stuff that I had been looking at and seen every baby girl looking the same in the same Next outfits.

                                  The best thing though was that my free gift was great, it was a lovely bear rug/blanket, all white and fluffy and I was quite taken back that I had received such a beautiful present.

                                  Anyway a few months later Isabella Mae was born and I was so excited when she got a little bigger and could fit into her outfits, the only thing I would warn though, is being a French website seems to mean that the sizes of the clothes come slightly smaller than usual, so although at the that time it did not matter that much, the times since I tend to go a size bigger, and that tends to be about right, although my daughter is quite petite anyway, unlike her mother.

                                  The always have a sale on and I must admit they tend to be good value, and often there are bargains to be had.

                                  I must admit though before I buy anything from their website, I always go onto hotukdeals.co.uk and check out if there are any voucher codes valid to be used, it's been a great help, as they tend to always have a few codes in circulation.

                                  Overall I would say that this site offers some brilliant unique outfits, that you won't see on every baby girl on town, and although I do not think they are cheap, they certainly are not too expensive, although like I said before I always try and get some money knocked off through the codes.

                                  Now the only other downside from this company other than the wait of delivery is in my opinion their boy's clothes are not as nice as their girls, they are getting better and this season has not been too bad, but I still think they have quite a way to go.

                                  Over the years though I have read loads of reviews and comments on money saving expert and hot uk deals saying their customer service is not very good, but I have to admit I use them probably 3-4 times a year and I have never had any bad experiences in four year, I may just be lucky...but I can only go on experience and that is very good.
                                  I think this website is great for a bargain and I would highly recommend it to all.


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