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      22.07.2012 17:40
      Very helpful



      Excellent and engaging, well worth the money

      Having bought this on recommendation I would recommend this game to any wii owner without hesitation!

      Unlike normal platform style games this game has so many different levels, tasks, things to do and bonus levels. Set in a whimsical Lego world all your favourite Harry potter character feature as little Lego men, women and animals. The attention to detail is superb, everything is Lego even the owls! Between levels there are little video style clips of the Lego characters enacting the plot of the books/films. As there is actually no talking everyone can understand their cute Lego noises which makes it even more comical!

      Game play
      It can be played single or double players and requires wii remote and nunchuk per player.

      Aim of the game
      There are many things to do not simply playing from start level to end.
      Learn new spells - including Wingardium leviosa, Lumos and ridikkulus!
      Collect yellow bricks - for completing specific tasks
      Collect red bricks - hidden around Hogwarts
      Collect as many studs (like coins) as possible to buy things
      Unlock new Lego characters (approx 150)
      Free various students in peril - students in various types of danger around Hogwarts
      Collect pieces of the Hogwarts house shield

      If you just play the game from level 1 to end you actually only complete about 50%, there's just so much to discover including many bonus levels in Gringotts. When you unlock a dark magician like Voldemort or Tom Riddle you can go back and replay the levels as there's more to do with new kinds of magic!

      As there is so much to do the game lasts many many hours and in my opinion is well worth the initial outlay as it is so engaging, humorous and full of variety that it entertains children and Adults for a good long time!

      Although the game follows the book/film story very closely you do not need to know them in order to play and enjoy the game. There are step by step instructions that tell you why to do as You walk through each of the 1-4 stories.

      The only downfall I can think of is that when I two player
      If the characters nice too far apart the screen splits and
      I find this quite awkward to follow visually.


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    • Mothercare / Highstreet Shopping / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      22.07.2012 10:21
      Very helpful
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      Great for window shopping!

      When you get that BFP (big fat positive) on The pregnancy test and you want to shout it from the roof "I'm pregnant!!!.... what do you do.... go baby shopping of course!!!

      Our nearest Mothercare is 14 miles away and has a free carpark with plenty of spaces in easy walking distance from the store entrance.

      They sell everything you could need for your new baby and everything they tell you that you need your new baby. becoming a parent is an expensive business!!! However it's really what you make it to be!

      They have baby clothes, prams, strollers, bathing equipment everything you could possibly thinks tiny person needs...and more!!

      For me going to Mothercare was A great experience in seeing what was available to buy and sort of costs you can expect to pay, knowing that mothercare prices are top end! A lot of their items are overpriced and you can find online for much cheaper but it's brilliant being able to see what is available and try before you buy!

      The staff in our local store were not very friendly or helpful so I don't rate them on service.

      The quality of mothercare brand items is excellent so you do pay for the quality. They seem made to last. With that in mind I would thoroughly recommend buying any of their products second hand ...then it's win win with reduced cost but great quality!!!!


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        22.07.2012 10:03



        Mmmmmm fruity tastic!

        On a fairly tight budget I picked up a few bottles of this on a 2 for £1 offer. This brand is always on offer somewhere so very good for budgeting!

        It smells absolutely divine, really fruity sort of like raspberry ice cream drizzle sauce! It is really thick and gel like in texture. It lathers up really well so a little goes a long way!

        In terms of washing quality it always leave my hair very clean, so much so I don't have to wash every day like I normally do. However I do feel it strips the natural oils of my hair a little too much, it can leave that 'squeaky clean" feeling to the hair. I think if can dry out the hair a bit too much but doesn't seem to be a problem when combined with a good conditioner (would not recommend the Alberto balsam companion conditioner in this range as it isn't very moisturising)

        Overall great smell, good for the purse and does the job intended.


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      • babyandbump.com / Internet Site / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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        22.07.2012 09:53



        Very active forum

        Baby and bump is an online forum community designed as a support group for people at all stages of pregnancy.

        There are a huge amount of different forums/discussion boards aimed at different stages of pregnancy from conception to delivery and taking care of newborns.

        As a mummy to be it is so valuable to be able to log in and instantly have hundreds of other mummys to talk to, share experiences with and also share worries with. If you are concerned about something you can usually get an instant reply of reassurance from other people who have had the same problem and often offers of solutions.

        You can start your own topics to ask questions and read all of the other threads. It's very simple to navigate. You can track posts you have replied to under the 'user CP' function which is great and you can unsubscribe from threads if you no longer want to track them. You can put cute little tickers on your signature and spend hours generally perusing baby related discussions! ( great for having people to talk to in those first few weeks before you announce your pregnancy!!)

        Posters will often use acronyms which take a little getting used to: BFP, BFN, AF, DD etc but you easily get into the swing of the lingo!

        However by virtue of the type of group there are a lot of women who are struggling to conceive or who have problems in pregnancy who turn to this group naturally for support. Therefore in my opinion it does seem like there is a higher amount than average of complications and problems being discussed which for a first time mummy can be quite daunting!

        The boards are not heavily moderated so people on there will give their opinions freely and sometimes quite scathingly, it is worth remembering to take some responses with a pinch of salt as there are some very rude Opinionated people online as with all areas of life.

        The website does offer links to articles which range from discussing baby names to lists of "must have items". Again this is useful information but worth beig sceptical as the site is afterall a business do people adverse heavily, their must have items are often unrealistic designer items than cost an arm and a leg!


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        • Pure Digital One / Portable Radio / 15 Readings / 14 Ratings
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          22.07.2012 09:40
          Very helpful
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          Simple but not always effective

          We were given one of these little radios as a gift, it is compact and can operate on batteries or mains power.

          It picks up digital radio stations however the reception can and times be crackly and in our new house we cannot pick up any radio station.

          The antenna is really very long and even fully extended does not always work....although our cats like flicking it when it is up!

          In our old house it worked fine and was really nice to have in the kitchen, though if you stood in front of it in a particular range it would crackle and lose reception which was quite Frustrating.

          The volume does turn up to a decent level so you can hear it throughout the house and it does not lose sound quality when turned up full volume.

          There is no display to tell you the station or name of the son being played which was a nice
          Function on our old digital radio.

          Overall while this is a nice little device for basic listening the reception ability is quite
          Poor and display is very basic.

          I would recommend this for someone looking for a basic radio and who lives in a good reception area. I wouldn't go for it if you are quite rural as you may be disappointed at reception quality.


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            30.01.2010 12:12
            Very helpful



            Simply the best bridal shop in Essex, possibly in the UK!!!

            Special Occasions is a gem of a shop, a bridal store based in Stanford-le-hope in Essex.

            We encountered very poor servce from a different store in Lakeside but did find THE dress. At £1000 I thought I'd ring around other local stockists to see how much they charged. Special Occasions was only 10mles away but were charging £650 for the same dress by the same designer so we decided to pay them a visit, and I'm so glad we did.

            Website: www.essexwedding.org it is a fairly basic site but gives you everything you need, details, what designers they stock and lots and lots of pictures!

            1&2 Kings Parade, Stanford-le-hope, Essex, SS17 0HR. Stanford-le-hope is a fairly small town so it is very easy to find. Sat-nav will take you there too.

            There is space right outside the shop or a free car-park very close by. Despite being a small town parking does get fairly full on a weekend but I've never not been able to park and have been there about 5 times!

            ~~The shop~~
            Compare to other bridal boutiques it can be descibed as a little shabby so if you are superficial or the classy bridal experience with champagne s what you are after this may not be your shop, but you do have to be prepared to pay for this kind of experence and Special Occasions have the best prices on dresses so cut back on some overheads, which I can hardly complain about - neither can my wedding budget!

            The shop is fairly large as you walk in there is the counter, straight ahead is a very long line of bridesmaid dresses and then to your left is the racks upon racks of bridal gowns.

            There are at least 4/5 changing rooms and space enough for about 5 brides to be trying on gowns at any one time! There are plenty or mirrors as well so you can see the dress at all angles.

            ~~The staff~~
            I couldn't fault the ladies there, a real mix of older and younger staff and always at least 5 in to assist on a weekend. They are all so genuine and friendly, not at all pushy. I have never once felt obliged to buy or order because they were making me, they really give honest opinions and if something doesn't suit they will tell you.

            One lady who helped me choose my dress said she was upset as she couldn't help me try it on when the real one arrived and she was sad she hadn't seen me.

            They always remember us when we go in to the store - unlike another Colchester store which I have visited the same number of times and each time the woman is false and doesn't recognise us.

            Special Occasions claim to be the largest bridal retailer in Essex, I would agree. They have at least 300 dresses to try on. They also have about 200 bridesmaid dresses in a rainbow of colours, styles and shapes.

            They stock bridal gowns by many major designers including (but not limited to) Veromia, D'Zage, Alfred Angelo and Phoenix Gowns.

            They stock dresses up to a size 32, some of the assistants are 'plus sized' as am I and the shoppng esperience ws very comfortable.

            They stock dresses to try in numerous colours white, ivory, oyster and then pink/red. Many of the dresses they stock can be ordered in up to 70 different colours.

            Again they stock in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Dresses by Alfred Angelo, D'zage and Forever Yours. Again they can be ordered in a number of colours.

            Authorised stockist for Rainbow club and have a very good selection to try.

            Numerous tiara, jewellery and veils to try and buy.

            I cannot fault this shop on their prices, they are the most competitive I have seen. Good to know you aren't paying over the odds for anything. Dresses are all under £900 bidesmaids can be catered for from £99. Veils and tiaras are all under £100.

            No appointment needed, turn up and try on! This is great as in other shops you get allocated an hour but in Special Occasions you really can take all day, you could try everything on if you wanted to and they wouldn't mind.

            They are open every day except Sunday and Wednesday. Open 9:30am-5:30pm. They have a toilet and plenty of seating so you can bring lots of people to try things on with.

            It can get busy on a saturday but everyone there are always really happy as they're shopping for their dress so its a lovely experience.

            They do not limit the number of dresses you try on, they let you go round look at ones you want and pick them out. If you need help finding something specific the ladies wll give you their adive and with 22years in the bridal sector it is very good advice!

            ~Ordering time~~
            The lead time on most of their dresses is about 4 months butmine came n early. One downside is that they don't hold your dress or do alterations in store so you take it home and store it. They provde lists of their approved seamstresses to do any alterations you may need and they will only charge for the work they do....(unlike the lakeside store who carge £50+ for basic hem type work!!!!).

            All in all this is a brilliant store, their customer service is superb, the dresses are all genuine major designers but at the best prices I have found (and I rang round a fair few). The ladies are so friendly and helpful that it certainly makes it a wonderful dress shopping experience!

            I rave about this shop to anyone I know who is getting married. If you know you can get the dress you want for less money why wouldn't you?? And you have a lovely experience thrown in for free!!!

            (I have also uploaded this on reviewcentre.com)


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            10.01.2010 11:56
            Very helpful



            Worth every single penny, £40 bargain

            I have had three friends boxsets in my time - yes 3!

            The first set I bought was from ebay, paid £90 and they turned out to be poor chinese copies. They did well enough for a time but quickly started breaking. A testament to why you shouldn't buy copies.

            Last christmas with vouchers we bought the boxset in a black box to replace the copies for £50. We thought this was a bargain, until we realised that the copies had the extended episodes and the new set did not. *sigh* we made do until this year the 15th anniversary edition was spied for £40 on Amazon, boasting all extended episodes, we couldn't really say no.

            I bought off of amazon, and despite the snow they were delivered in 2 days and we could not be more excited.

            The box is fairly small and holds all 10 series which means it is brilliant for storage in our teeny tiny house.

            Each series is in its own case numbered one to ten. Each disc has which episode numbers it has written on the front. Unfortunately one thing that is missing is each disc does not note which series it belongs to, so if you are like me and forget to put a disc back and end up with a stack it may take a little more time to put them away but its only a minor point really.

            One the back of each series case there is a cute picture of the actors which is quite a nice detail.

            Included in the box is an episode guide. It has an introduction to how friends was conceived and then lists each episdode synopsis, this is useful if unlike me you can't remember what happens in a particular episode and what to check it out before watching. It's a nice touch that was lacking in my previous two boxsets.

            The DVDs themselves are excellent quality. One downside is that the first disk of each series has trailers added for various films etc which is quite annoying but fortunately you are able to skip past them to the DVD menu.

            The discs do come with added extras included quizes, commentary etc but the biggest selling point is that all episodes are extended. Each episode has between 1 and 4 minutes extra footage. Some are unnoticeable as it is just a few extra words etc but some are whole new scenes which really are quite funny.

            When we had the extended episodes first, the chinese imports, we didn't realise they were extended so when we got the second boxset which were not extended we missed lots of the missing scenes and extras. It is really noticeable that on the non-extended episodes they cut scenes, drop a few lines from a conversation which actually really are funny and keep the pace of the dialect flowing. I much much prefer the extended episodes, often they miss some of the funniest parts like Joey's Dr Freud dance shuffle and the conversation about Chicken-ella at Ross and Emly's wedding. There is so much missed out on the non-extended episodes that this £40 boxset gives it really is worth every single penny.

            I love how with these series you see how the actors change and develop from series one through to the final series. They grown as people. One of the funniest points for me is at the end of series 6 where Chandler proposes he is quite chubby and series 7 starts as a follow on and he has lost loads of weight!

            I'm not going to bore anyone with a synopsis of what happens as it is so well known. 6 friends whose lives revolve around each other, centred in New York coffee house. It is funny and sad, most of what life will throw at you is represented in the series, there are many examples of things you can relate to real life. It is a timeless classic and it is really easygoing to watch.

            Highly recommended!


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              09.01.2010 22:52
              Very helpful



              Luxurious candles

              These are expensive candles, I am not going to deny the obvious. The small votive candles retail at about £4, the large ones in jars are about £18. There are lots of sizes from tealights to large hurricane-type-jars.

              However, cost aside, they are pretty amazing candles. They burn for a long time, the wax must be good quality as they are very long lastng, they also give off qute good light (doing what candles are supposed to do!)

              The main USP of these candles though is the scent, they are scented candles and come in a variety of smells including: sweet honeysuckle, mango peach salsa, cherry blossom, candied apple, fresh cut roses and many many more.

              The yankee candle company are the largest US scented candle manufacturer and they are becoming increasingly popular here in the UK. I have bought them in Clinton cards, you can also shop online, from QVC and the Yankee candle shop itself.

              The scent from these candles is amazing. We have one by the bed and when the room is warm it gives off a farly strong aroma, and we haven't lit it yet!!

              We have sampled a few different 'flavours' and they are all as good as each other, the scent s strong, last a long time. Saying that I should mention that the scent isn't overpowering, it does not trigger m asthm (lots of perfumed things do). They are sweet smellng but definately not sickly sweet.

              They are expensive as far as candles go, but you pay for what you get and these bad boys really are worth the money!


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              • Bookchase Board Game / Board Game / 24 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                09.01.2010 16:42
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Great game, really enjoyable

                This is the trivial pursuit for book lovers.

                It has a very similar feel to TP but instead of general knowledge questions the questions are all based on literature.

                Up to 6 people can play. If you have more people or want to play a shorter game you can play in teams. The playing pieces are little bookcases.

                The aim of the game is to work around the board and when you land on the category square you can answer a question to win a book for your library. You need to get one book for each category (6 categories in total) and then head to the centre of the board to win the game.

                You can win the pices by answering the question correctly, you can pick some up from the library square if people have left some there during the course of the game, from the library, book corner or by 'stealing' from other players if you receive an 'award or sentence' chance style card that permits you to do so.

                If you have played trivial pursuit before the rules are very easy to pick up as it is such a similar game. If you haven't played TP before it is still easy to get to grips with as the instruction sheet is clear and concise with coloured pictures which are easy to follow.

                It is a little time consuming when you first set up the game as you have to stick little labels on each book (there are 36 little books) but once you have done this once it is easy, you get the board out of the box, roll the dice and the game is underway.

                You aren't restricted in movement around the board, you can go whatever way you want which is fun as you an target categories you need the book for. Also it is quite cool as you can colect more than one book for each category which means you end up with a stack of books.

                Although there is no restriction in direction of movement you have to move the exact number of spaces you roll and you can't go backwards and forwards to land purposely on the space you want to.

                One flaw is that all 6 books fit on the bokshelf playing pice, only before the stickers are added. Once the pieces have their stickers they are marginally too wide for all 6 to sit comfortably on the bookshelf so you have to stack them and they fall off as you move your pice. it is a little annoying but we tend to keep any spares in a pile in front of us and have 5 stacked on the shelf.

                In the box you get:

                * The board - nice and brightly coloured
                * 6 different coloured bookshelves - your playing pieces
                * 36 books - six of each category colour - the prize for answering questions correctly
                * A set of small labels (or Dust jackets) - optional for use on the small books
                * 1200 multiple-choice question cards
                * 42 Award & Sentence cards
                * 2 dice
                * Rules

                There are lots and lots of questions - there are six categories including: Crime & Thrillers, Poetry, Plays, Children's literature, Science fiction and classics.

                The questions are multiple choiced answers. I have played with some book buffs and we find it fun to try and aswer the questions without the multiple choices. Having the multi choiced option means that it is a great game to play with those who don;t read a huge amount as some of them are really very tricky and others really quite easy, the questions are well balanced.

                This can't be bought in many places, it retails at about £29.95 but we really enjoy it and is well worth the money. It can take a long time or you can play shorter rounds, the rules are easy to adapt to suit and we have had great fun playing it!


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                • elegantsteps.co.uk / Online Shop / 35 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                  07.01.2010 21:54
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Fabulous shoes!

                  I stumbled accross this site whilst looking for the perfect wedding shoe. They also stock party shoes, evening shoes and handbags. I can only review from a bridal shoe perspective.

                  They have an amazing range of shoes in various style, heel sizes and colours. You can search by shoe type: round toe, full shoe, closed toe, open toe, peep toe etc. You can also search by heel height and shoe colour.

                  I was really struggling to find nice shoes with no or low heels, all the stunning ones had skyscraper heels which I would break my neck in. It was refreshing to be able to search for low heels and that search to return a good variety rather than a soltary ivory ballet pump.

                  The store does not really have their own brand of shoes but they stock many of the top names including: Rainbow Club, Rainbow Couture, Amanda Wyatt, Paradox, Belle, Benjamin Adams, Hassall, Else, Shades, Touch Ups and many many more. They really do have a good selection.

                  The website has very clear pictures and is easy to navigate. You can select products to compare - although this function seemed quite tricky and I could only get it to compare products on the same list so I could not select one shoe and continue browsing and then compare.

                  The prices on the site tend to be about right, in that they are not over-priced. They are not cheap but then many of the shoes are designer. Having compared prices I find elegant steps are about average. They do however have a price promise which means they will match and better other prices if you find the shoe cheaper elsewhere.

                  The website has a very useful section dedicated to choosing your wedding shoes with really important tips for consideration. It is worth reading as it highlighted a few important points I hadn't thought of.

                  Delivery costs £3.95 but is free if your order is over £80.

                  This site is featured in many bridal magazines which is where I first heard about them.

                  ~~My experience~~

                  I had been hunting high and low for a pair of shoes I had been lusting after that had been discontinued. After being let down by one shop Elegant steps had a pair. I rang them up and the lady was extremly helpful, polite and friendly. She affirmed they had the pair I was after and sent them to me same day. I rehey were well packaged. I unfortunately did not like them upon receipt (which was disappointing!) and sent them back. I had to pay the return postage fee but they received it and sent out my alternative pair. I LOVED my new pair, they sent these out free of charge to me as well. Again when I called to discuss the return the lady was so helpful and understanding.

                  I would completely recommend this site, it has a great selection and the service is second to none! Even if you are not after bridal shoes take a look they have so many evening/party shoes at fab prices!


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                    04.01.2010 18:41
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Smell like strawberries all day

                    Over the last few months I have accrued many varieties of moisturiser.In the spirit of 2010 I have decided not to buy any more until I have used up what I have already. I am nearly through my strawberry body shop body butter tub and felt the urge to share my experience.

                    I was given a large tub of this body butter a few months ago and was farly pleased but I placed it on a shelf and soon forgot about it. Coming back to it a few months later I opened it up and it still smelt as good as new, it had not gone off.

                    It comes in a large red tub with very appealing pictures of strawberries on top. It is easy to open and by unscrewing, the lid is easy to grip even after you have moisturised and your hands are a little slippery.

                    The smell is the first thing you notice. It is very very sweet, almost on the verge of sickly sweet but not quite. It is very fruity and clearly very strawberry-y. It smells delicious, like you could eat it.

                    The colour is a light pink, like strawberry angel delight. It is a thick consistency. The jar is more or less full, you do get a generous amount in the pot.

                    I have been using the body butter every morning for about a week now, all over my body. I have about half used the tub, I have been generous in the amount used, I'm sure you could make it go further but I am preparing for a wedding so am being generous in skin care and moisturiser allowance.

                    It leaves my skin very soft. It soaks in quickly and is not greasy. Saying that it does leave a greasy feeling on my hands, I wipe it off my hands as it doesn't really soak in very fast. Being body butter it is thick and therefore not really suited for hands or face but everywhere else it is great and very effective. I tend to get hard elbows but since using this my skin has been left soft and in very good condition.

                    The fragrance is quite strong to start with but quicklyeases off and just leaves a lovely strawberry scent lingering on your skin all day. It is really rather pleasant.

                    I use in the morning after a shower, the only negative thing is that it does leave your skin a little sticky for a few minutes after application which can make pulling clothes on afterwards more complicated (especially if you are trying to pullon jeans) so my advice would be to apply it with about 10mins to spare before you ned to get dressed so it has properly soaked in. I wouldn't recommend using it before bed as th scent is quite strong, unless you or partner does notmind strong strawberry smells before/during bedtime.

                    This is for normal skin - so can be used by all. I can have quite sensitive skin and it does not irriatate me at all. It come in 50ml pots for £5 or 250ml tub for £12.50. I do think the price is very high for what you get and although ethically sourced you can buy products that are equally effective from other shops. I really enjoy M&S body butter - it is half the price and of the same effectiveness.

                    To quote www.thebodyshop.co.uk "An intensive creamy all-over body moisturiser, offering up to 24 hours moisturisation with a sweet berry fragrance. It contains moisturizing strawberry seed oil and Community Trade shea and cocoa butter" All very good and true points but expensive none the less.


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                    • marksandspencer.com / Online Shop / 52 Readings / 51 Ratings
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                      20.12.2009 15:56
                      Very helpful



                      I wouldn't recommend shopping online with M&S

                      I have shopped several times with Marks and Spencers and have been disappointed each time.

                      The website is pretty standard for any online store - easy to navigate, easy to transact on, easy to browse. The pictures and descriptions of the items are very clear and accurate.

                      In general I love Marks and Spencers products. The food is always delicious, top notch in my mind and the clothes are always of a very high standard. The clothes sizing can come up pretty small in some cases. Although not the cheapest you definitely pay for the quality from M&S, I especially like their lingerie, very good fit and long lasting, worth every penny.

                      I much prefer shopping in store because of my prior experience with their online facility.

                      My previous two shopping experiences, to be fair were a number of years ago so things may have changed but bad impressions last:

                      First bad experience: I had a job interview and needed to get a new shirt and suit jacket. Due to existing work commitment I was unable to go out and go shopping so ordered from M&S online as I knew my size from them and also love the quality.

                      Given I had an interview I had a strict deadline for when the items needed to arrive. I had nearly a week and a half to sort my outfit out which should have been ample time. I order my items and delivery was supposed to on Friday (I ordered on a Wednesday). Friday came and went, and my items did not arrive. I was a student at this point with multiple essays and exams, juggling a part time job of about 30hrs a week.... (Hence not being able to go out to shop). I was technically in all day Friday and the items did not arrive. I called up and the customer service team (it took over 10minutes to get through by phone) apologised and promised delivery the next day......I waited in, as I lived in student flats I even left a note on the front door for the delivery man to know exactly where to go.....at 5pm I rang to find out where my items were....they said they did not deliver on a Saturday...despite having been promised delivery the day before. I was fuming...they then promised delivery on the Monday, they absolutely 100% promised it. Again I waiting in doing my essays......5pm came around again and nothing so I rang again only to be told that as my delivery went wrong on the Friday apparently no-one was in to accept delivery (which I was all day) they delivery wouldn't go out again for 48 hours so I wouldn't expect it until Tuesday...it did arrive on the Tuesday and to be honest I don't actually mind if that is the process but I was so annoyed at being told the wrong thing twice by the customer services and being made promises they did not keep, they should have managed my expectations better.

                      Second poor experience - I ordered a lot (£80) of lingerie on the website, the order was quick and easy, I received my confirmation email and delivery date was given. The delivery date came and went and no items....the website has an order tracking section so you can see the status of the order and at no point was there any indication of a problem.

                      I called in only to find out that my card had not been processed, there was no issue with money just a technical hitch so slightly annoyed as I was expecting the items to be delivered already, I gave my details again.

                      It seems repetitive but the delivery date (the new one) came and went and no items....I called in and again the card had not processed. I gave them a different card and then called back next day to confirm payment had processed, which it had. My new delivery date then kept being delayed on the website due to availability of items which had not been a problem in the first place.

                      I called in again and they were apologetic and suggested I do a new order with items that would now be available. They cancelled my order and as good will gave me £80 credit to spend on their site. I though this was fairly generous. I placed a new order and had the same problem, no delivery. By this point I was ready to give up but felt entitled to my £80 of credit to spend given the calls and hassle to date.

                      In the end I complained to head office as two months down the line I still didn't have my items, even when they had given me compensation I was in no better position. They then sent me £80 gift vouchers in the post to spend in store, which didn't address the problem but did make me feel better. 1 week later the items ordered online (with the £80 credit given) arrived so I ended up effectively with £160of compensation which kept me happy but despite this given m experience I will not buy online with them again.

                      All in all I have had such an awful experience of their online shopping and customer advisory team that I would not recommend them or use the online service again.

                      As said before I love M&S products but think their online service lets them down, especially given how lucrative e-commerce is.

                      I will given this 2 stars - the 2 being for quality of items and resolution provided. But seriously let down by customer advisers who didn't know anything and a poor poor delivery effort.


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                      • Littlewoods.com / Online Shop / 50 Readings / 49 Ratings
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                        18.12.2009 20:18
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        Useful for emergency purchases at last minute.

                        I signed up for a littlewoods account a few years ago and have purchased lots of different items from them. I tend to shop online rather than via the catalogue.

                        ~~The Website~~
                        It is very clear and easy to navigate. It is clear which sections to go to, there are lots of category choices. You can filter your search by lots of options but also just browse the whole collection.

                        I find it useful that if you are looking for something you can filter by price so see how many of the item you are looking for falls within your budgeted price range. This has been very useful to me in the past.

                        The pictures are always very clear and detailed, I have never been misled by the pictures on the site. I always know what I am getting and the item received matches my expectations.

                        The product details are very accurate and again not misleading.

                        ~~Ease of signing up~~
                        It was very easy to join, they took a few details and I was able to shop more or less right away. Be warned though they are very generous with their credit limits and you do have topay it back, it is easy to spend lots in one go, make sure you can afford the repayments. You can buy lots of items on nterest free, so spread the cost over 26 or 52 weeks without interest which is good providing you keep up with the minimum repayments.

                        I do find the price of items on Littlewoods tobe either the top end of average or a little over the odds. They obviously make money on they fact they do interest free ordering by hiking their prices up a little. However,this is never a problem for me as the facility has allowed me to buy pieces I couldn't afford in one go. I tend to just double check online the average prices and if the Littlewoods price is considerably over the odds I usually dont buy. I would just advise to check as rices can be steep.

                        I have bought:

                        Clothes: jumpers, dresses, coat, underwear and nightwear
                        Ladies shoes and trainers
                        Gifts and novelty items
                        Household items: Rug
                        Electrical items: DAB digital radio and sat nav

                        I have sampled a good range of their products, they are always top quality, well made and long lasting. I have not been disappointed with any item. The only time I have been disappointed it when the size was sall/large so have had to return the item.

                        You get 14 days to return items, you have to return with labels intact and in original packaging - you normally expect this with online shopping. Returns are free so you take them via the postoffice and you dont have to pay - this is really useful and I have never had a problem returning items. The returns are always processed on the account very quickly.

                        Unlike other online shopping facilties I have NEVER been let down by Littlewoods. You can order for next day (you pay more for this though) or specify dats. If you take the day they offer you delivery is free. They use the home delivery network and their delivery dates are always correct, sometimes they have been early but never ever late which is brilliant.

                        ~~Customer Service~~
                        If you ring up to discuss your account the telesales people are always polite and helpful. They are UK based call centres. They are always quick to resolve the issue. The only annoying thing is at the end of every call they try and sell you some wonderful promotion and they're clearly reading from a script but if you say no thanks they don't push - they're just doing their job so I don'tmind really.

                        I once did not make my minimum payment because I read the statement date wrong and they were really understanding and waived the account charge. I think they will only do this once but it ws really helpful, they were very nice about the whole thing

                        Overall I am very satisfied with my shopping expeience with Littlewoods.


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                        • RAC / Transport / 30 Readings / 29 Ratings
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                          16.12.2009 22:31
                          Very helpful



                          Excellent roadside assistance

                          I have had RAC cover for years and it is totally worth every penny....

                          I pay just undr £7 per month by direct debit and have used the service several times.

                          Every time I have needed them they have answered the call promptly and professionally. They are always very efficient and respond very quicky, especially when I am alone at night.

                          They have been out for: flat battery x 2, puncture x 2, car wouldn't start, failed brake lights.

                          I think it is excellent that the cover follows the driver as I have had to use it in a friends car.

                          The mechanics who come out are always very helpful, they explain the problem and what they are doing to rectify the problems, and they have never been patronising when they realise I know nothing whatsoever about cars and ask 'what's that?' 'why are you doing that?' 'what's wrong with my car?'

                          I have had to be towed before and they have been very helpful and taken me where I have needed to go. Even though when I hav used them they don't hike up my payments the next year.

                          The mechanics frequently go above and beyond the call of duty....when my brake lights went he also took the time to fix an indicator which he didn't have to do, it was really useful and he was so very kind.

                          My brother was with the AA and paid their top level cover, he hit a pot hole and damaged his car. The AA would not assist as they claimed it was an accident not a breakdown - we rang the RAC and they would have assisted. Needless to say he switched providers very quickly.

                          I see RAC like an insurance policy, you pay for a service that you hope never to need but if you do you are paying for the quaity of service and the comfort that they will help - it is worth every penny and I totally recommend their services.


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                          • Debenhams / Highstreet Shopping / 35 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                            13.12.2009 18:55
                            Very helpful



                            OK for an average wedding

                            I will be reviewing Debenhams Wedding Insurance......(there wasn't a specific box but wanted to share my experience)

                            I looked around the market for various wedding insurance options, working in the insurance market I am aware of the need for good cover. I would definately recommend getting wedding insurance, if you think how expensive the one day would be, could you afford topay for it again if one of you were ill or someone died in the run up to the day?

                            I spent a LONG time reading different cover wordings and found Debenhams to be the best in terms of breadth of cover for price you pay so I took a policy out and spent about £50 which covers up to £10k budget plus about £2k attire and other extra sublimits which seemed quite generous for the premium paid and fairly few onerous restrictions.

                            I was really pleased with this as it came in under budget and seemed really good....meant I could spend more money on flowerrs (hurrah!)

                            However, the thing with insurance is you are paying for a promise to pay so the premium isn't what matters it is the claims service which fortunately thus far I have not had to test.

                            I went to collect my wedding dress a few months ago, I checked my policy to ensure it would be covered whilst being stored at my brother's house when I noticed that dresses are only covered in the month before the day. Now this is obviosuly as most brides only colect their dress from the seamstress a few days before but I have 10months to go. I rang up the insurance company to see if I could extend cover on my dress (for additional premium) and their answer was No, they didn't even try and help. They didn't care. Fortunately my household insurer would cover it but I was very disappointed in the attitude of the company.

                            Now I know this is their customer service department not claims handers but my confidence has been knocked by their inflexibility, but more so in their attitude that they weren't even sorry they couldnt help at all even when I explained I was collecting my dress in 1 hour.

                            I know this doesn't directly indicate what their claims service will be like and I certainly hope I don't have to test it but I am less than impressed.

                            If your wedding is standard and needs no flexible insurance underwriting then Debehams poicy should do fine but if you may need anything slightly unusual (like an early dress collection........) then perhaps look elsewhere.


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