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      07.09.2011 21:05
      Very helpful
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      Handy kitchen gadget

      Kenwood CH180 Mini Chopper

      I received this as a gift a few months ago as I am quite handy in the kitchen! I love kitchen gadgets so I was happy when I opened this. It is small in size fitting neatly on the kitchen counter, although I store all my gadgets in the cupboard and take them out when needed.
      There are 4 parts to the mini chopper; the main unit which powers the blade, the bowl which slides onto the unit along with the blade, followed by the lid. It is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is recommended that you read the instructions carefully and wash the parts before first use.

      I use my mini chopper to chop vegetables and puree fruit, all of which it does quickly and easily. Although when processing heavy ingredients you are warned to avoid running the motor continuously for periods of over 10 seconds without resting. I haven't processed any heavy ingredients as of yet, but judging by the sharpness of the blade I have no doubts It will do the job. There is a big grey button on the front of the unit which operates the blade. The button needs to be held down, but not for too long.
      The cord for the chopper isn't long but it isn't short either so I don't have any complaints about that.
      To wash the bowl, blade and lid it is a simple matter of unlocking the bowl from the power unit by twisting it slightly. All of the parts are easy to wash but the blade is sharper than I thought! I am a cautious person but when washing the blade I accidentally cut my thumb which was quite nippy so be careful!
      To wash the power unit wipe with a damp cloth then dry. For the lid, bowl and blade wash by hand then dry. You can alternatively wash them on the top rack of your dishwasher. The plastic is said to discolour with some foods, but it can easily be removed by dipping a cloth with vegetable oil to remove the discolouration.

      The chopper comes with an instruction manual which also has a few handy recipes, and a processing guide outlining which foods can be used and the maximum capacity for each food type.
      It is a mini chopper so it isn't meant for large quantities of food. I personally think it is wonderful for quickly chopping onions and other vegetables, which saves me a lot of time.
      As I got it as a gift I don't know how much it was bought for, I didn't want to be rude and ask! I have done a bit of research and found the choppers going from £13 to £21.

      Thanks for reading


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      • The Fox And The Hound (DVD) / DVD / 38 Readings / 38 Ratings
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        17.07.2011 23:23
        Very helpful



        Heartwarming tale of friendship.5 stars :-)

        The Fox and the Hound - 25th Anniversary Edition

        Being a fan of Disney movies I was happy when my partner bought this for our daughter. I had watched it once when I was quite young but had forgotten a lot of the story. I knew with it being a Disney film myself and my family would enjoy it.

        The film is based around a baby fox whose mother is killed by a hunter. He is taken in by an old lady named Widow Tweed who lives on a farm alone, she names him Tod and they become friends. Tod has a comfortable life with the old lady, and his new friends around the farm including Big Mama the owl, and two wacky birds Boomer the woodpecker and Dinky the finch who are a mischievous duo. Throughout the movie Dinky and Boomer try to catch a defenceless caterpillar named 'Squeeks' who gives the birds a little surprise at the end!
        Widow Tweed's neighbour, Amos Slade who is a hunter brings home a hound puppy named Copper. Tod and Copper become friends blissfully unaware that they are meant to be enemies. The two have a lot of fun despite Amos trying to kill Tod at every opportunity!
        Copper is taken on a hunting trip with Amos and his other dog Chief, who teaches Copper to hunt. They are gone a long time and when they return Copper is a full grown hound. Tod is also grown-up and is excited to see Copper again.
        Tod soon realises he is meant to be hunted by dogs like Copper. His life becomes endangered and Widow Tweed sets him free in the woods where she feels he will be safe. Tod meets a female fox named Vixey but Amos, Chief and Copper soon find him but can Copper kill whom was once his best friend? I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'll stop there with the plot!

        I thought this was a lovely touching film with a fantastic story behind it. The viewer sees the transition physically and emotionally in Tod and Copper. I found it incredibly sad when Widow Tweed sets Tod free for his own safety. It is a weepy part to watch!
        Overall I think the movie is a beautiful tale of friendship which is sadly interrupted by the animals different life styles.
        There are a few famous voices in this such as Paul Winchell voicing Boomer, who is more famously recognised as Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Others include Jack Albertson (Amos Slade) Kurt Russell (Copper) Mickey Rooney (Tod) Pearl Bailey (Big Mama). I couldn't help but think of Tigger when I heard Boomer talking!

        Blurb from back cover

        When fiesty little fox named Tod is adopted into a farm family, he quickly becomes friends with a fun and adorable hound puppy named Copper. Life is full of hilarious adventures until Copper is expected to take on his role as a hunting dog - and the object of his search is his best friend!

        DVD Extras

        Games & Activities

        NEW! Forest friendship game - Play a fun game of Hide 'N' seek and learn more about the characters and their best buddies.

        DVD storybook: New best friends - Read along or listen to the tale of Tod and Copper's special friendship.

        Backstage Disney

        "Passing the baton: The making of the Fox and the Hound" featurette - Hear Disney history as legendary animators hand over the reins to a new generation of artists.

        The Fox and the Hound gallery

        Bonus Shorts

        Lambert the sheepish Lion and lend a paw - More lovable animal characters from Disney.

        -And More-

        Including "The best of friends" sing along song.

        The best friends song is featured in the movie and the sing along bonus feature is great. My daughter can't read yet but her dad was having fun singing along!

        The movie is Universal (U) suitable for all: contains infrequent mild scary moments. It was released in the UK in 1981 and runs for 79 minutes approx.
        The Fox and the Hound 25th Anniversary Edition (which is what I'm reviewing!) is eligible for Disney reward points at www.disneymovierewards.co.uk. Enter the code on the leaflet inside any participating title from Disney and points will be added to your Disney account, which will go towards Disney rewards such as DVDS and loads of other Disney stuff.


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        • Castaway (DVD) / DVD / 34 Readings / 34 Ratings
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          27.06.2011 15:07
          Very helpful



          Fantastic movie about survival.5 stars *****

          CAST AWAY

          Released in 2001 (UK) this still remains one of my favourite movies. The film is mainly shot on an island Monuriki, which is sited off the coast of Fiji's largest island.

          The Plot

          The movie surrounds a FedEx systems engineer, Chuck Noland who lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his girlfriend Kelly Frears. Chuck's hectic work life interferes with their relationship as he is always away dealing with the business's problems.
          Whilst at a Christmas party with relatives Chuck is called away to resolve a problem in Malaysia. He gives Kelly a ring box as a Christmas present, and tells her not to open it until he gets back. He plans to propose on New Years Eve. Kelly gives Chuck a pocket watch with a picture of herself glued inside, which he takes with him.
          Chuck gets on the plane along with the pilots and his nightmare begins. They fly through a violent storm and the plane crashes into the sea. Chuck manages to escape the plane and is saved by an inflatable raft. He loses consciousness and floats all night in the raft before being washed up on an island. When he first arrives on the island he explores it to find it uninhabited. He becomes frustrated as he tries to survive. FedEx packages from the plane are washed up onto the island containing some unusually useful items, one of the items being a volleyball. Chuck's bloody hand leaves a subtle appearance of a face on the ball. He names it 'Wilson' and begins talking to it.
          We see Chuck struggle to catch food, start fires and find safe water to drink when he first arrives. He believes he will never be found. He finds a cave and uses it for shelter. The only company he has is Wilson and the pocket watch with Kelly's picture.
          Four years later Chuck is still on the island, with long hair, beard & looking thinner. Over the years he has learnt how to make something useful out of anything he finds. Chuck even contemplates suicide as he doesn't think he will escape. He doesn't go through with it and tries his hardest to send signals via HELP messages on the beach, and large fires. He realises his chances of being found are slim and does his best to survive. After years of experience he is a pro at surviving alone on the island, but never gives up on the hope of getting back to Kelly.
          I won't give anymore information on the plot as it could spoil it for people who haven't seen it yet.



          Chuck Noland- Tom Hanks
          Kelly Frears- Helen Hunt
          Wilson as himself!


          Albert "Al" Miller (Pilot)- Vince Martin
          Ramon- Paul Sanchez
          Bettina Peterson- Lari White
          Jerry Lovett- Chris Noth
          Stan- Nick Searcy

          The movie has more characters but these are the ones that play more of a significant part.

          Technical Information

          Director- Robert Zemeckis
          Writer- William Broyles Jr.

          Release Dates:
          USA- 22 Dec 2000
          UK- 12 Jan 2001

          Runtime- 143 minutes
          Age Rating- 12+

          My Opinion

          The idea of this movie is simple yet complex. It is a man trying to survive on an island. Whilst some people may find this kind of movie boring as there isn't that much talking, I found it extremely entertaining. There is a lot of interesting things going on in the film so it wasn't a problem that there was little talking. There is a lot of dialogue before & after the island so It was a perfect balance for me. People with an issue should have watched something else as It is to be expected!
          I found it hilarious when Chuck was having a conversation with the volleyball. He left pauses as if Wilson was talking back!
          Tom Hanks plays the part wonderfully. I was impressed with the way he looked thinner after four years on the island, he obviously had to lose weight for real. That's dedication to the role! They have left no stone unturned in my opinion.
          I liked the way Chuck made useful items from everyday things he found. The movie shows him develop his survival skills and adapt to the setting, gradually as opposed to instantly knowing what to do. You see him trying hopelessly to start a fire, his hands sore from twisting sticks. Small details like this makes this such a great hit. Then when he eventually starts his first fire, he is overjoyed with his achievement.
          Chuck doesn't give up trying to get home which I thought was touching. There is a mixture of things in this movie that makes it a brilliant watch. 5 stars *****


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            26.06.2011 01:37
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Great expansion to the game.Highly recommend *****

            *The Sims 3- World Adventures*

            World Adventures is the first Sims 3 expansion to be released. The game allows you to take Sims on holiday to France, Egypt or China. Previous Sims vacation packs have never used real country names in the game so I thought It made the game a bit more life-like.

            *What's New?*

            Apart from being able to go on holiday there is a wide selection of new skills, traits, adventures and rewards that your Sims can experience.


            You have three locations to choose from, France, Egypt & China. Each location has different adventures to complete, interesting locals, new skills to learn & dangerous tombs to explore. You can send Sims travelling by using the phone or computer. You will then have the choice of which location you would like to visit and for how long. If you are a beginner traveller with a low Visa level you only have the choice to spend 3 days in each location. To improve your Sims Visa level complete adventures abroad. Once you have returned back from holiday you cannot go back on vacation for another 2 days. Pregnant Sims and infants/toddlers cannot travel, and children must be accompanied by an adult.

            Each of the locations has a Base Camp in which Sims stay while abroad. The base provides them with basic amenities. It is a good place to meet fellow adventurers too! Every Base camp in all three locations has a job board where Sims can check for adventures.


            Whilst on holiday you have the option to complete adventures, which are on the job board as mentioned above. Adventures are a good way for a Sim to spend their time in the country, as it lets them explore the area meeting & helping people along the way as well as earning Visa points. Some adventures require you to enter scary tombs to collect relics, where you might bump into a mummy!

            *Adventure Journal*

            All sims have a journal that they use to keep tabs on important information about current adventures. There is information about tomb stats, relic-collecting and facts about each destination.


            Mummies can appear when sims inspect sarcophaguses (coffin basically!) for treasure. They will attack if sims do not flee quickly enough. Mummy snacks can be purchased from the special merchant for ancient coins, the mummy can be distracted with these snacks! If sims are unable to escape the mummy they may be knocked out or cursed!


            Every location has a market place where sims can purchase new items. There are specific markets for different things such as books, food and a general store where you can buy tents, cameras, shower in a can, dried food etc. There are also special merchants in the market place which sell special adventure rewards. They only accept ancient coins which can be found in tombs and treasure chests. Some items require a higher Visa level to purchase.


            This expansion adds a few new traits for your sims:

            Disciplined- Disciplined sims are the best martial artists, making them learn martial arts more quickly. They are also better at sparring and breaking boards.

            Photographer's Eye- Sims with this trait will learn the photography skill faster. Their photos will also be worth more simoleons (sim money).

            Adventurous- Sims with this trait are...adventurous! They are able to improve their Visa level more quickly, and can go back on holiday sooner than 2 days.

            *Martial Arts*

            Sims are able to learn martial arts in Shang Simla, China. They can visit the academy or purchase a skill book available in China.
            Skilled martial artists can train by sparring with others, meditating, breaking boards and participate in the academy's martial arts tournament. Tournaments are only held in China where martial artists can call other sims and meet for a tournament match.

            *Nectar Making*

            There is a Nectary in Champs Les Sims for sims interested in nectar making! Sims can grow grapes and other fruits, combine them in the machine and stomp them into a fine nectar! Sims can improve the quality of their nectar by storing in a nectar rack. The nectar matures faster if stored in a basement, which is also a new feature of the expansion. Basements are fairly easy to build and are a great addition to the game.

            *Photography Skill*

            Aspiring photographers should first purchase a camera! Cameras can be bought in all three locations, some better and more expensive than others. Photography skills books can be purchased at the Egyptian bookstore.
            When your sims take pictures they are stored on the camera, and can be viewed by clicking on the camera in the sims inventory. There are photo collections in which sims can complete, things like Family, Travel, Still life etc. You have the option to sell the photos but I prefer to keep them, or hang them on my sim's wall!

            There is also a large array of Egyptian, French and Chinese themed items for your home as well as new clothes, hair-dos and makeup. You can even build a pagoda roof for a Chinese feel to the sim's house!


            I like this expansion as it makes the game a bit more 'real'. The adventures are fun and aren't difficult to complete. France is the perfect place to take your sims for a romantic break as it has a very peaceful setting. Egypt is more of an Indiana Jones type place with the sand, tombs and pyramids! China has to be my favourite as it looks very Chinese! It even has the Great Wall of China, impressive!


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            • Batiste Dry Shampoo Diva / Hair Care / 20 Readings / 20 Ratings
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              18.06.2011 01:29
              Very helpful



              Good product to have when In a hurry.

              ~Batiste Dry Shampoo - Diva~

              I bought this a few weeks ago after a recommendation from a friend. It was £2 down from £4 so I thought I would give it a go. It is a useful product to have but I didn't think it was anything special. After hearing a lot of praise about it from numerous people, I was expecting something spectacular! It worked fine on my hair but not as well as I'd hoped.
              The instructions for use are clear and the smell is lovely. On one occasion there was a white mist in my hair even after massaging through and brushing, but I put that down to holding the can too close!

              I have not tried any of the other dry shampoos in the range but I have heard good things. My friend who is male says he loves the stuff. Before this I didn't think men would be interested in using dry shampoo as It doesn't take them long to wash their hair! Diva is directed at females as It has a feminine smell and is named "Diva"!

              ~What it does~

              It is used to revitalise greasy, dull hair in-between washes. It claims to leave your hair feeling cleaner, full of body and smelling beautiful. It might not work that great on everyone, I believe it depends on your hair type.

              ~The Can~

              The can Is eye-catching; It is purple with a pink disco ball and a pink light beam design. The product name is in the centre. The lid is green. Weird choice of colours but I think it works!
              It comes in 150ml can with instructions are on the back. It is highly flammable as is every spray can product!

              ~Instructions for use~

              The back of the can instructs you to shake the can vigorously before use and in-between sprays. Hold can approx. 30cm away from head and spray lightly and evenly. Massage thoroughly with fingertips and leave for few moments then brush out, preferably with a natural bristle brush.

              This shouldn't be a replacement for washing your hair properly!


              I will give this 4/5 as It is useful if you haven't got time to wash your hair. It is eye-catching, cheap, smells great and has a good general purpose. It is small enough to pop into your handbag so you can use it on the go. I wouldn't recommend using this when there is someone quite close to you as it comes out quite forcefully!
              My hair reacts differently to different brands of shampoo so I wasn't sure this would work for me. It worked as well as a dry shampoo can so I am happy!


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              13.06.2011 13:42
              Very helpful



              Ambitions add alot to the game.Highly Recommend

              THE SIMS 3 AMBITIONS

              Bit about The Sims 3

              The Sims 3 is a game in which you create your character(s),choosing everything from their hair, skin & eye colour to the shape and size of their facial features. Choose their clothes, shoes, accessories, and customize the colour and pattern of everything. Make them as beautiful or as ugly as you want! You can build them a mansion or a hut, it's upto you. The options in Build Mode are endless. The colour wheel in Buy Mode allows you to change the colour of any piece of furniture and most objects. The Sims money is called simoleons, just to save any confusion.
              I absolutely love all of the Sims games, from the first right to the last. I have collected nearly every Sims game throughout the years. Although I don't play them as much as I used to, I still like to play when I have some spare time in the evenings. For me the Sims is a game with endless possibilities, and with The Sims 3 Ambitions there is even more opportunity to expand your game.

              The Sims 3 Ambitions

              Age rating- 12+
              Game Requirements- The Sims 3 (Base Game)

              The Sims 3 Ambitions is the 2nd expansion pack released for The Sims 3, following World Adventures. Ambitions was released in the UK on June 4 2010.
              New additions with this expansion include, new careers, skills, traits and furniture. The new features are; control within work (professions and selected careers), Laundry, Tattoo system and the new lifestate/creature available is called a SimBot.
              The SimBot is like a robotic Sim friend in which you can buy with reward points, you need to have 40,000 or more for this, or build one as an inventor but your Sim's skill level of inventing must be pretty high.

              New Professions in Ambitions

              NOTE-To look for any profession check on the computer, or in the newspaper under Professions.

              FIREFIGHTER- As a firefighter your Sim will work at the local fire station, and respond to any fires throughout the neighbourhood. While not fighting fires it would be best to stay based at the station during work hours. There are beds, bathrooms, a kitchen and forms of entertainment at the station so your Sim won't be bored, whilst waiting for their next job! To get a job as a Fireman/woman pop into the local firestation.

              GHOST HUNTER- Aspiring Ghost hunters should head down to the science facility to apply for the job. Your Sim will use their tools to locate, capture and collect spirits at work or in their free time. They can also sell the collected spirits at the science facility.

              DOCTOR- Being a doctor in this expansion is basically the same as being one in the base game, you don't actually get to see inside the hospital. When your Sim reaches a certain level of the medical career, he/she will get the opportunity to take part in free clinic trials for extra cash, where they will treat as many people in the specified location as possible. Also they will have the chance to try experimental drugs which may have good or bad effects. Head down to the hospital and apply for the medical career as normal, and at about level 3 or so you will get the benefits of the Ambitions expansion. Not that impressive in my opinion.

              INVESTIGATOR- As an investigator you can blackmail other Sims, break into neighbour's houses. Hide in shrubbery to spy on people to find the answers you need! Can apply at the Police Station.

              ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER- In this line of work, you give your client's houses a complete revamp they love, or give them a house make under from hell! You'll have a design portfolio in which you take pictures of the finished job.

              STYLIST- Like the architect, your job also entails designing things...Sims! You can go to the salon and pick on a helpless victim or wait on clients approaching you. Give them wacky hair and even wackier clothes, or give them a look they like! You also have a portfolio in this career.

              SELF-EMPLOYED- You can register your Sim self-employed on their phone or computer, then go to city hall to obtain a worker's permit. Be your own boss and make the most of your skills to earn simoleons. From inventing, gardening, fishing and loads more!

              INVENTING- If your sim is a dab hand at inventing and handy work, this is their perfect job! Purchase scrap at the inventing workbench or at the junkyard, and get inventing! Once their skill level is high enough, they can detonate almost anything!

              SCULPTING- Buy your sim a sculpting station and let them make works of art. They can unlock new sculpting materials as their skills improve to create bigger and better things!

              New additions include:

              Tattoos, salon, junkyard, Laundromat, fire department, Laundry (yes Sims can do laundry!), consignment store.


              NOW GET TO WORK!

              Fight an inferno as a fire-fighter!

              Be a hero and save the town as fire-fighter, private investigator, doctor, or ghost hunter.

              Clean up town as a ghost hunter!

              Choose your Sim's career path and see them rise to the top or cause mischief.

              Create masterpieces as a sculptor!

              Master inventing, sculpting, and tattooing, and use your skills to earn simoleons.

              Fashionistas-or fashion victims?

              Change the town's structure and style as an architect or stylist.


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              • tesco.com / Online Shop / 9 Readings / 9 Ratings
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                12.06.2011 22:30
                Very helpful



                Highly recommend


                Tesco.com has a wide array of services which are extremely useful. The site is set out in a clear easy to use way, less fuss the better! I am mainly reviewing Tesco's online grocery section but I have written a short piece about their other services as well:

                Tesco Direct

                Here you can buy essentials for babies and toddlers, phones, sports and garden equipment, toys, jewellery etc.

                Fresh Food & Groceries:

                In this section you can order online and get the shopping delivered to you. There are recipe pages with step by step instructions and helpful tips.

                Wine by the case:

                There is a range of 1000 wines and champagnes to choose from which will be delivered.

                Tesco Entertainment:

                CDs, DVDs, Games, Mp3, Blu-ray and DVD rental which all have free delivery.

                Tesco Clothing:

                Clothing for Kids, men and women can be found here. With free delivery on all order over £50.

                Phone Shop:

                Buy handsets, phone accessories, pay monthly contracts, broadband deals.

                Banking & Insurance:

                Loans, Savings, Credit Cards, All kinds of insurance.

                My Experience

                As you have probably gathered I am a proud customer of Tesco, I find their prices cheap and their service excellent. I am a regular online grocery shopper and the service is a god send as I stay a considerably long way away from the supermarket, and I don't have a car so it's perfect for me.
                The Grocery part of the site is set out with tabs for each grocery type;
                Fresh food,Bakery,Food Cupboard,Frozen Food,Drinks,Baby,Health & Beauty,Pets,Household,Home & Ents. Each of these categories has a large range of products.
                There is also a special offers page in which you can view all the offers, such as buy one get one free,multibuys and any other offers they have going at that time.
                They always have the products available and substitutions are very seldom.I am a regular customer at ASDA and Tesco but I personally find Tesco to be a bit better.

                Delivery charges vary with time slots,so a specific price cannot be given.I cannot fault any part of their delivery service,as they are always on time and offer to help take your shopping into the house.When ordering you are given the choice to say where your shopping goes if you are not at home.I always make sure I'm in the house when It arrives though so I've never had to leave it with a neighbour.


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              • Madagascar (DVD) / DVD / 17 Readings / 16 Ratings
                More +
                12.06.2011 19:23
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Fun family movie.Highly recommend


                The Movie

                Madagascar is an animation about a bunch of wacky animals that live in New York Central Zoo. The main characters are Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Gloria the hippo, Melman the giraffe and a group of penguins! They all live harmoniously together despite their species. Pampered, well fed and cared for the animals couldn't ask for more!

                The movie starts with Marty's 10th birthday which makes him question where his life is going. After living at the zoo all of his life he craves something different. Alex, Gloria and Melman throw him a surprise birthday party, where Marty makes a wish after blowing out his birthday cake candles. He wishes he could go to the wild! The animals pester him to tell them what he wished for, but Marty is hesitant as it is bad luck. He finally tells them and they are shocked and confused as to why he would want to leave his perfect life.
                Another day at the zoo and the penguins are planning an underground escape to Antarctica! As they shovel through the dirt with their plastic spoons they pop up in Marty's pen. Marty questions what they are doing and is intrigued by the penguins plans to go to the wild. He didn't know anyone could actually go there!
                That night whilst everyone was asleep Marty broke free and took a walk through the streets of New York! The others soon realise that he is missing and go on a search for him. After roaming the streets, taking a ride on the tube and battling with an old lady, they eventually find him! They are then faced with a crowd of zoo keepers and animal handlers who believe the animals were trying to escape due to unhappiness. Tranquilised, crated and put on a ferry the animals awake confused thinking they are getting a zoo transfer. Alex is furious at Marty for getting them into the predicament, and taking him away from his perfect life where he is adored by human fans and fed with all the steak he could eat!
                After an argument and a few knocks the crates come loose and fall into the sea. They are then washed up onto a deserted island (Madagascar) where they meet a slightly mad lemur King Julien (king of the lemurs!) and his loyal followers. Along with the dreaded foosa who are feared by the lemurs. King Julien has a plan to use Alex the lion to keep the foosa away for good., but after days without food Alex's predatory side comes to light. All the animals soon realise the foosa are the least of their worries!
                Good comical movie with a few sad and mild scary parts.


                Alex the Lion- Ben Stiller
                Marty the Zebra- Chris Rock
                Gloria the Hippo- Jada Pinkett Smith
                Melman the Giraffe- David Schwimmer
                King Julien- Sacha Baron Cohan

                The DVD

                The cover has Madagascar at the top in yellow bold letters with a picture of the animals on the island.

                Bonus Features-over 100 things to do!

                * "I like to move it, move it" music video
                * Behind the crates
                * Mad Mishaps
                * Meet the wild cast
                * See the amazing tech of Madagascar
                * Enjoy hours of interactive fun and activities for the whole family
                * Download DVD ROM printables of your favourite characters

                Technical Stuff

                Feature running time- 1hr 22 mins approx.
                DVD Extras running time- 1 hr 10 mins approx.
                Rating- U (Universal) Suitable for all
                Contains very mild language and violence.

                Released- 15th July 2005 (UK) 27th May 2005 (USA)
                Directors- Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath

                My Experience

                I bought this movie when It was released on DVD and it was a huge hit with all the family. The fact it had a few famous voices added something to it for me. I liked Marty the best as I love Chris Rock and he voices the hilarious zebra perfectly! Sugar Honey Ice Tea was one of Marty's lines, subtle yet funny If you understand what he means! I wasn't a huge fan of Melman voiced by David Schwimmer as I find his voice to be a bit monotonous. This doesn't take anything away from the movie just a minor thing for me. This movie Is great to watch with kids as they add something to it by just being there! The animation is excellent and the storyline well written. A lot of funny moments. All round great film, 5 stars!


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                • Toy Story 3 (DVD) / DVD / 18 Readings / 18 Ratings
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                  12.06.2011 00:41
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  Great Family movie.Highly recommend

                  TOY STORY 3

                  Toy Story 3 is the best one in the series for me .Myself and my Family went to see it at the cinema mid year 2010,and later bought it when released on DVD. We all enjoyed the movie immensely and were sad to see the series come to an end.
                  Disney PIXAR movies never fail to amaze and entertain me, from the old to the new they are all fantastic.

                  THE MOVIE

                  Andy is all grown up and preparing to leave for college. Woody and the gang are kept in an old toy box in Andy's room, desperate to be played with. Andy's mum tells him to clear out his bedroom before he leaves. Andy puts Woody in a box which he is taking to college with him, and puts the others in a bin bag intending to keep them in the attack. Molly distracts Andy and he leaves the bag in the middle of the hall way to help her. Andy's mum assumes the bag is trash and puts it outside, Woody sees this and rushes to help his friends.
                  The toys free themselves and jump in a box for Sunnyside Day Care centre. Unaware of the troubles that lie ahead.
                  Upon entering Sunnyside they meet a bunch of new toys, not all what they seem. I won't tell you who the villains are, as I don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet. They find themselves being rough handled by the toddlers of Sunnyside, who don't know how to play nice. They become trapped in Sunnyside by some bad toys who have sacrificed the gang, so they have an easy life with the older kids.
                  Buzz was captured by the baddies and switched to demo mode, which gave the villains a chance to use Buzz to their advantage. The evil toy empire was preventing any of them from leaving, with the help from evil Buzz! As always the toys had a plan and were determined to get out of there.
                  Woody and the gang experience a lot in this movie, all of which stirs an emotion. There is friendship, bravery,alot of comedy and some pretty scary bits as well!

                  WHAT I LIKED

                  I loved the Ken and Barbie romance, it is hilarious! When Mr Potato Head uses a tortilla wrap as his base,then a sausage! Very Funny! The new characters, the story, the music...near enough everything, I loved it! Also I NEVER cry at movies but I did at this, which shows the sheer brilliance of it. It can be watched and loved by all and it is!

                  WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE

                  There isn't a lot that I didn't like, apart from the part where Buzz starts speaking Spanish after Rex holds his reset button for too long! There are subtitles but for younger children who can't read well enough yet, it could be a bit of a pain, but I read what he was saying to my daughter in a buzzy kind of voice lol. This isn't in the movie for a long time, 10 minutes or so.

                  THE CHARACTERS

                  Buzz Lightyear
                  Mrs Potato Head
                  Mr Potato Head
                  Slinky Dog
                  Lots'o Huggin' Bear (Lotso)
                  Big Baby
                  Bonnie (Little girl)
                  Chatter Telephone

                  There are a lot of other new toys but they don't play a big part in the movie.

                  THE DVD

                  The case of the movie, is an average size DVD case with a picture of the toys with the words, Toy Story 3, Disney PIXAR. The movie is rated U (universal) although there are a few scary bits in there which might frighten younger kids.

                  DVD BONUS FEATURES

                  "Day & Night" theatrical short
                  Buzz Lightyear Mission Logs: The science of adventure
                  The Gang's All Here- A look at returning voice talent
                  3 Studio Stories
                  Plus much more!


                  The creative minds behind Disney Pixar's groundbreaking animated blockbusters invite you back inside the toy box for a heartwarming and hilarious movie experience you'll never forget. In Toy Story 3, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) and the rest of the Toy Story gang return for an all-new adventure, along with a few new faces-some plastic, some plush- including Barbie's counterpart Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton), a thespian hedgehog named Mr. Prickle pants (voiced by Timothy Dalton) and a strawberry-scented bear named Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear (voiced by Ned Beatty).
                  It's "the biggest, best, most exciting Toy Story of them all," raves Access Hollywood's Scott Mantz.
                  As Andy prepares to depart for college, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of Andy's faithful toys wonder what will become of them. But, when a mix-up lands them at Sunnyside Daycare, they meet a host of new toys and soon discover a wild new adventure is just beginning.

                  Buzzing with hours of bonus features, including the Pixar short film Day & Night, Toy Story 3 goes to infinity and beyond!

                  Runtime is 103 minutes


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                  • Kill Bill Vol. 1 (DVD) / DVD / 8 Readings / 7 Ratings
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                    12.06.2011 00:27
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                    I would recommend this to anyone of age.Give it a miss if you are squeamish!

                    KILL BILL VOL.1

                    Even though this movie was first released in 2003 I didn't watch it until two weeks ago! It was on the telly and I thought I'd give it a go and was stunned at how much I enjoyed it. The film has been around for years but It didn't seem like my cup of tea. Upon watching it my view changed completely. I have since bought Kill Bill vol.1 & 2 on DVD.

                    The Movie

                    The film surrounds a women known as "The Bride" who was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. The Squad is lead by her lover 'Bill'. His face is not shown, we hear his voice and see things like his hand in the shot, but never his face. This added a bit more mystery to it for me. The Bride falls pregnant with Bill's child and decides to escape her life as a killer, to protect her unborn child. She flees to Texas meeting a new man but on their wedding day, the bride and everyone in the church was shot dead by bill and his deadly squad of killers. Or so they thought...the bride awoke 4 years later from a coma thinking her baby was dead and seeks revenge on the 5 responsible people. All the members of the squad have codename's including the bride, who's real name is beeped throughout the whole film and Isn't known until Vol.2. The bride's codename is "Black Mamba". The first to suffer at the hands of Black Mamba is Vernita Green, codename: Copperhead. As both women are trained assassins the fight scenes are long and intense. There isn't that much of a story behind Vernita, she was once a Squad member then years later was living a normal life, with her young daughter Nikki. Black Mamba shows up unexpected! Next is O-Ren Ishii, codename: Cottonmouth who witnessed her parents being brutally murdered under orders of a Yakuza boss, she was nine years old. Two years later O-Ren kills the boss in an act of vengeance. She later becomes one of the best female assassins in the world. Though she was once a member of the Deadly Viper Squad she became head of the Tokyo Yakuza and gathered her own bodyguard army, the "Crazy 88". Black Mamba needs to take out O-Ren's large body of murderous protectors before getting to her.
                    The other three squad members who we don't see much of in the first movie are; Elle Driver, codename: California Mountain Snake. Elle is a loyal swordswoman to Bill, and it is implied that they have had relations. Budd, codename: Sidewinder Is Bill's brother who was also part of the church killings. Last is the infamous Bill, codename: Snake Charmer who is the squad leader. All the members have codenames referring to snakes and Bill is the Snake Charmer. Elle, Budd and Bill are targeted in Kill Bill Vol.2 which is also a thrilling watch. Volume 1 ends on an intense cliff-hanger so I had to watch Vol.2!

                    My Opinion

                    As far as movies go this was amazing. From start to finish it was intense and exciting, and Vol.1 & 2 are now 2 of my favourite films. I'm not really into action/thriller type films but I really enjoyed this. There is a part in which I was particularly impressed; It is a 5/10 minute anime scene depicting O-Ren's parent's horrific murder. Also there are scenes which are in black and white. Things like these keep a movie from becoming boring especially the way it was brought to screen in this film.
                    This is an extremely violent flick, showing limbs being cut off with samurai swords and things like that. I would advise squeamish people to give it a miss!
                    The script is well written and the actor's performances are spectacular. Nancy Sinatra's wonderful song 'Bang Bang' is played at the start.I like this song and think it fits the film perfectly.

                    I loved it!-5 stars

                    Main Characters

                    Uma Thurman - The Bride/Black Mamba
                    Lucy Lui - O-Ren Ishii/Cottonmouth
                    Vivica A. Fox - Vernita Green/Copperhead
                    Daryl Hannah - Elle Driver/California Mountain Snake
                    David Carradine - Bill/Snake Charmer
                    Michael Madsen - Budd/Sidewinder

                    The Cover

                    The cover is bright yellow with a black stripe down the right side, with a picture of Uma Thurman standing in a yellow biker's suit holding a samurai sword. The words Kill Bill are beside Uma in black bold letters, with volume 1 written smaller underneath in red. Also 'written and directed by Quentin Tarantino' in smaller red letters as well.

                    Technical Stuff

                    Director- Quentin Tarantino
                    Age Rating- 18+ (Strong bloody violence, language and some sexual content)
                    Runtime- 111 minutes
                    Colour- Colour/Black & white


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