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Member since: 17.11.2012

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    • Apple iPhone 3G 16 GB / Smartphone / 19 Readings / 17 Ratings
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      17.11.2012 17:21
      Very helpful



      Iphone 3G

      IPHONE 3G

      I have had this phone for the last year, So I am going to tell you the pros and cons in buying this apple product. As a new owner of my first apple product my first impression was good as box and packaging was
      presented well. The User Interface was so simple for people using the phone for the first time. All the icons or calls to action are very simplistic. The icons have descriptive icons aswell as typography explaing were that icon will bring you. Let me explanin for calls the icon is a phone so anyone can tell by visually communicating with the UI it is to make calls. The music icon is a simple music note, so it is idiot proof. The phone is very easily to naviagte around. The phone is consistent through out.

      The phone is a multifunctional, it is a ipod, phone, camera, and you can surfthe web too. So it has many calls to actions. Now the functionality is good in all these areas apart from the camera, which I think apple did not think about properly. The camera is ok not he greatest for pictures, but that is not were the bad design stops. The camera does not have a flash so there is no way of taking pictures in dark places or at night which frustrates me so much as a user. This is the main thing that annoys me and I would like to make potential buyers aware of this. The second complaint is the phone is light but the screen is very very fragile. My phone is very well looked after and I did have covers on the phone to protect it, but the cover broke and then the sreen shattered. If you drop it on a hard surface itis very likely that the screen will be damaged.

      The phone is great for listening to music it plugs into ipod docks and you can use it as and ipod. It has an app store. The app store is great for a wid range of different things. For example fitness apps, shopping apps, games, sports apps, fashion apps, social medi apps. Some apps you pay for but a lot of them are free too. The phone lets you watch videos from youtube and you can listen to audiobooks aswell as music. The phone is perfect for surfing the web. You can send and recieve emails and all the basic phone functions i.e texting and calls, calendars, alarm clock etc.

      I would recomend this phone to anyone that does not use a phone for taking pictures.


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