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Member since: 17.07.2010

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      18.07.2010 00:46
      Very helpful


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      a good camera that has both compact and manual options for one price

      This was my first experience of a hybrid camera and I can recommend it for good quality pictures. The functions are straight forward and easily laid out and as it has features of both a compact and a manual camera, it's perfect for either the beginner like myself or someone more experienced. I am having trouble finding the perfect setting for indoor pictures but outdoors, I select the 'sport' function and as a result have had some beautiful shots of my granddaughter during her birthday parties. I've had this camera a couple of years now and it is always with me for parties and get togethers. It has a Carl Zeiss lens which compensates for the 7 megapixels which now can be considered a little outdated. Pictures are transferred easily to your computer and I can enlarge pictures with good results. The camera features RAW as well as manual aperture and shutter speed options. I've recorded good quality videos and beautiful close ups. I would recommend the camera but at the time of this review, the chances are there a large amount of new cameras with new and improved functions.


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