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    • VTech Playtime Bus / Baby Toy / 19 Readings / 19 Ratings
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      12.01.2010 15:58
      Very helpful
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      Educates ur child

      V tech Learning Bus


      I bought this bus for my son for Christmas, he is 2yrs and half and he loves it. The fact it does learn your child is amazing. This bus learns the child a lot of things ranging from numbers - letters, songs - sounds. And it even quizzes your child, helping them learn what things do what. Let me tell you more about this bus...

      More about the learning bus ..


      The mode selector is on the left hand side of the bus, with a little slider to help switch between the modes. The modes are as follows ....

      PHONICS - When selecting this mode and pressing any character on the bus, you will hear what they say, and then if left they will sing a song. If pressing the letters in this mode your child will learn the alphabet. Pressing the numbers in this mode your child will learn numbers from 1 - 10. And pressing the shapes on top of the bus in this mode and all modes you will hear bus sounds.

      LETTERS - When selecting the letter mode and pressing each letter on the bus this will learn your child the alphabet, what the letter stands for like .. A is for Apple, then gives a sounds resembling the apple, same applies for the letters in this mode.

      QUIZ - When selecting this mode your child will learn how to find things around the bus, by pressing on the characters. When pressing the characters in this mode they will ask your child to find something on the bus.

      MUSIC - When selecting this mode your child will learn songs and sounds .. Pressing the characters your child will be able to learn songs, also while pressing the letters. While pressing the numbers in this mode your child can play a musical keyboard.

      The on/off switch is above the mode selector and as 2 volumes. The bus is made from very hard plastic so when dropped it wont break as easily as other toys, and also as a handy carry handle on the back of the bus for easy carrying for your child. The shapes on top of the bus are colorful and makes bus sounds, like horn, the bus starting up, and a skid noise, it also teaches the shapes and colors. There is also a GO button on top of the bus and when your child presses this it will change the destination screen at the front of the bus, to either zoo, school or train station.

      The bus also takes 2 AA batteries to work, the bus itself does power down after a short while by itself, and is easy to turn back on, just press anything on the bus and it will come back on.


      The learning bus is for children aged 1 - 3 years old. My son is 2 and half and he loves it.


      You can buy this item from argos priced at £19.99
      Or from toys r us priced at £16.98

      I paid £9.99 from toysrus at Christmas time so was a good bargain.


      Well I think this learning bus is a great buy, its hard wearing, colorful and more to the point it learns your child, my son is now singing along to most of the words and also learning the alphabet and some numbers. He loves playing with the bus as a bus, you know driving it around making the broom broom sounds. Over all I think its a great toy to have for your child.

      I hope I have covered everything
      Not wrote a review in a long while.


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        28.04.2008 15:38
        Very helpful



        baby meals


        My partner John bought this recipe book to help us out into what to give Ethan for his meals.

        I have been a little unsure what sort of things to give to Ethan and also what not to give to him.

        Although Ethan is now 9mnths old there are still some foods out there that he can't eat.

        The book is full of good healthy meals for babies ranging from 6mths - 12mnths.

        The book is intended for babies that are just stating solids to those babies that are on more independent foods.

        Knowing what foods you can and can't give to your baby helps to keep your baby healthy, happy and to enjoy meal times. Also helps reassure parents to know we are giving our baby everything they need.

        The first part of the book starts us off with a little information about different things like -

        Starting solids

        Signs that your baby is ready

        Your baby's nutritional needs

        The benefits of homemade baby food

        Vitamin Supplements

        The importance of milk in a baby's diet

        The best first foods for your baby

        Foods to avoid

        Cooking baby foods


        Freezing food

        Food allergies

        After reading about all this I felt a lot more confident into preparing and cooking meals for Ethan.

        The book then moves onto the recipes. Even though Ethan is 9 months old I still make meals that was aimed at the younger baby, but I do not puree the food I leave it lumpy to encourage chewing. Also within the recipe pages you will learn facts about certain foods in the recipe, which is something else I have found useful when cooking for Ethan.

        All the recipes I have followed have been clear and easy to follow and don't take a lot of time to cook the meals; I have also found that the ingredients are easy to get hold of, so all in all I don't have a problem in cooking anything for Ethan anymore.


        Annabel Karmel is a leading author on cooking for children and has written 14 best sellers all over the world.

        After the tragic loss of her first child, who died of a rare viral disease aged just 3 months Annabel wrote her first book "The complete baby and toddler meal planner" which is now an international best seller.

        She is a mother of three and an expert in devising tasty and nutritious meals for children without the parents needing to stand in the kitchen for hours.


        John bought this from Amazon.co.uk priced at £5.75

        I am sure though you can buy from other places.


        I have really made use of the recipes from the book and will continue to do so. I have felt like it as helped me to know what meals to give to Ethan and what not to give him. All the meals in the book are nutritional and good for your baby which helps a lot in the growing of your child. Ethan is happy and healthy and now tasting more new foods as the days and weeks go on. I defiantly recommend this book for any parent that is currently feeling there baby on solids.

        Thank you to all that have read and rated

        I hope I have covered all.


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          27.04.2008 19:32
          Very helpful



          Vtech Baby's First Steps Walker


          Ethan is now 9months old and trying to walk. Ethan as always wanted to be on his legs for as long as I can remember; you can't get him to sit for more then 5 minutes. This is where I decided to buy a walker for him to help him balance when he is trying to alk. Since buying this for Ethan he hasn't stopped playing with it.


          The walker is very simple and easy to assemble and takes matter of minutes to put together.

          The activity centre is easy to detach from the walker and to put back to the walker, just lift the blue clip on the walker to release the activity centre and just clip it back onto the walker once you have finished with it.

          The walker is made from hard plastic which makes it very hardwearing which is what you need in a child's toy. The red textured wheels and the blue and yellow sturdy frame and the easy grip handle helps with the aid of Ethan's first steps, it gives him balance and courage to walk. Ethan as no problems with walking with this walker and enjoys doing it.

          The walker as also got a detachable learning and entertaining activity centre. The activity centre is full of many activities like puppy, cogs, rolling discs, light up musical keys, butterfly, shape buttons and the detachable rattle phone. Once you turn the butterfly wing the centre turns into music or learning.

          Your child can learn many things with the aid of the activity centre such things as -

          Letters,Words, Numbers, Animals, Colours and songs.

          In order to use the activity centre you will need to make sure you have 3aa batteries, as the batteries are not included. The walker is not that big so is easy to store away.


          The walker is suitable for ages 6mnths - 30mnths


          I bought mine from Argos for £21.97

          But you can buy it from other places like Amazon


          I am happy with this walker and by the way that Ethan plays with it all the time so is he.

          With it being colourful and is able to learn Ethan things it's worth the money but most of all the sturdiness of the walker will help with Ethan's first steps. Ethan is well balanced when walking with the walker, and enjoys being able to get around a little. I recommend this walker to everyone.

          Thanks to everyone that reads

          I hope I have covered everything.


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            17.01.2008 13:46
            Very helpful



            Dove cream for your under arms


            Having tried many deodorant products in my time, and not being satisfied with the product, it was time to look again for another one. I am very anxious when it comes to body odour as I guess most people are. So when shopping at my local asda store I decided to take a trip down the deodorant isle, even though I had many at home which I have used but doesn't work. I came across the dove range and was a little weary whether to try their product again, as I have tried there aerosol deodorant and wasn't best pleased with it. I decided to stick with it and try it again but buying the roll on instead.

            About Dove Cream anti-perspirant

            Dove Cream anti-perspirant is a roll on based deodorant. Although it is a roll on, it is not a firm ball or stick form roll on, what do I mean? Well usually with a roll on you normally have a ball or stick that you roll under your arms, with dove cream you don't have either of those, it is in fact a cream based roll on.

            To be honest with it not saying on the tube I didn't know it was a cream until I got home to use it. I have never used a deodorant that was a cream and to be honest I have a good feeling about this one and hoping that it proves to be different from the rest of the products I have used.

            Dove cream is made from ¼ moisturising cream which means it is sensitive to your skin, adds moisture when you need it most, and protects your skin from shaving. I have noticed since using this product that it doesn't sting once you have shaved, it doesn't leave me feeling sticky once applying it. I have also noticed that it doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. Using this product makes me feel confident, fresh and clean through out the day once applying it, it as a long lasting freshness which means you don't need to keep re-applying through the day.

            The white moisturising cream is applied by turning the base of the tube (making sure the lid is off of course) until the cream comes out the oval top, then apply as you would using a roll on, it is that easy.


            Compared to the other products that I have used myself this is one of the best, why? It doesn't leave you feeling sticky, it moisturisers your skin when applying it, keeps you feeling and smelling fresh and clean through out the day with out re-applying, no white marks, absorbs easily and effectively, and doesn't sting when applying it to your under arms once been shaved.


            The dove tube is no different to other dove products so really isn't that hard to notice it in shops. White tube, blue top, gold dove on the front. The front of the tube as the description of the product, the back as the information, warnings, ingredients, where to apply, helpful addresses and numbers to contact if need be. Always read the label before trying products.

            Availability & Price

            I bought this product from Asda at priced £1.79 for a 50ml tube.
            I am sure you will be able to find it in most supermarkets or boots.

            Final Thoughts

            I am glad that I chose this product, as I know it works well, and can be confident all day long without having to take it out with me for re-applying. Knowing that I can use this on shaven skin also helps me feel better, I used to dread applying other ones to my under arms as it used to sting or leave me sticky. I recommend this deodorant to others as I know it's the best I have used so far and is a brand you can trust.

            Thank you for reading
            I hope I have covered everything.


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              09.01.2008 22:45
              Very helpful



              Learn and Groove activity table


              I was looking around for presents to buy Ethan for Christmas, I wanted something that would entertain him, keep him occupied, and something that would help teach him new things. I came across many things and the learning table looked just the thing, so I bought it.

              ** ABOUT THE TABLE**

              The table can be used as floor play or as a table, at the moment the table is used for floor play for Ethan as he cannot stand yet. The table as many activities and sounds for your child to learn and play. The table is also multi-language as you can switch it over to French, I guess this is a good thing if you are French or wanting your child to learn it. There are a lot of things to push, slide, spin, pull, open and close which will learn your child also when doing these things it will teach your child more things like sounds, 123, ABC, songs, shapes, colours and even counting.
              In the centre of the table there is a book with a turnable page, once flipped over the table turns into a different learning activity for your child, there is either learning or music to entertain and teach your child. The table is made up of musical instruments that are brightly coloured. There is also a volume switch, which is also the on/off switch too; you can find this near the language switch on the table. There are lights that sparkle around the table when certain things are touched.

              ** AVAILABILITY AND PRICE **

              You can find this table at many places; we bought ours from Amazon as it was cheaper then anywhere else.

              Amazon - £21
              Argos - £29.99

              ** FINAL THOUGHTS **

              I am glad I bought this table as Ethan does enjoy playing with it and does get excited to what things do, the legs for the table are easily put on and taken off again. There are over 50 songs and melodies for your child to listen to and learn. I would recommend this to other parents for their children as it is good value for money. Suitable age for the use of this table is 6mths +. The table is a little bulky with the legs on or off, but slim enough to be put away in a corner when stood on its side.

              I hope I have covered everything.
              Thank you all for reading.


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              • Graco Fun Rock / Baby Activity / 29 Readings / 27 Ratings
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                08.01.2008 23:35
                Very helpful



                Activity Station for baby's

                -: Introduction :-

                I wanted to buy this activity station for Ethan since before Christmas but everywhere I went to shop for it they sold out, in fact even similar items to this sold out, leaving me with no choice to shop for it after Christmas. I managed to find one, and bought it, it took 9 days for them to deliver it which was annoying, although I must say it was worth the wait and the money.

                -: About the activity station :-

                Fun rock giggles is a product made by a company called graco, this company also specialises in pushchairs to, which I also bought. The activity station speaks for itself; you have a washable, removable, swivel seat for your child to sit in. The seat swivels on 3 white plastic wheels which will help in the access of the toys on the tray. The swivel chair also helps your child to see where you are.

                There are 8 interactive toys for your child to play, make sounds, and music with. The toys are colourful and mostly made from hard plastic although there are a couple that are soft toys which Ethan loves to play with, as there are different textures on them. There are toys that squeak, which also excites Ethan and is able to learn that touching this toy will squeak which he does well. There is a plastic ball with a toy inside with beads that make a noise when rolled by the child, Ethan also loves the noise of this and does get excited. There is also something that looks to me like a caterpillar with rings on it, that Ethan can slide up and down.

                Also there is a mirror that Ethan seems to love, he loves looking at himself, the little poser. There is a musical star, which lights up and plays music when pushed down, ( although my bf broke this when placing it on the table ) the only one he put on there and he breaks it, and men think women are useless putting things together. I have added some toys of Ethan's to the station; I just linked them onto the toys that are already on the station.

                The activity station as 2 modes to it, you can either have it rocking while your baby plays or you can have it stable. To put it into stable mode all you have to do is place 3 little plastic legs into the base of the table this will stop it from rocking, to put into rocking mode just life up the legs. I have tried both modes and Ethan doesn't really like when it is in the rocking mode, he seems to be very unsettled, which results me taking him out. He does however enjoy and love being in the stable mode and can be in there a while playing and being entertained.

                -: Size :-

                The size of the activity station is 75 x 70 x 26 so is pretty big and not easy to store away. I suppose you could always just take off the base and legs and store it separately, but could be a pain in the bum every time you want to get it out again you would have to set it up. I don't really have the storage problem at the moment.

                -: Suitability :-

                The suitable age for this station is for baby's 6mths + or for baby's that can sit unaided up to 30lbs. or less than 80cm (2ft 8)
                Ethan has just turned 6mths old, and he cannot yet sit unaided but he seems fine and happy in the activity station, he is strong enough to sit in the seat. I think as long as your baby can hold their own weight then they will be ok.

                -: How easy to put together :-

                The station comes in many parts, but it doesn't take long to put together, you do have a instruction manual to help you along the way, although it is pretty easy without it. It took me 15-20 minutes to put it altogether. Mostly everything clicks into place with a simple push; a couple of the toys has to be screwed into the table but is easy to do. The legs that connect the toy tray to the base are adjustable for the right height for your child; there are 3 adjustable heights which your child will grow to.

                -: Availability and price :-

                I bought mine from toys r us for £49.99, there was 20% off when I bought this just after Christmas
                Or you can buy it from Argos for £69.99.

                -: Fiinal Thoughts :-

                I am glad I bought this now; Ethan loves it, and is entertained for ages. I would also say it was hard wearing as most of the things on there is made of hard plastic, and today Ethan was bashing things on there with his other toys. I cannot compare this product with any other as I have bought anything like this before and don't know anyone that has. I think these are safer then baby walkers as your child is able to move around but not causing any danger to themselves. Also I would have thought it would strengthen your baby's legs to with them bouncing/standing on them. The activity station is worth every penny.

                Thank you for reading
                I hope I have covered everything.


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                  07.01.2008 17:25
                  Very helpful



                  Treatment for Cradle Cap

                  -: Introduction :-

                  When Ethan was a little younger he had cradle cap in his hair on his scalp also on his eyebrows. When seeking some help on how to treat this I was told not use anything but water baby oil and a brush, which effectively it worked a little. I didn't use the baby oil, I gave him a bath as normal and washed his hair with baby shampoo and brushed it out as much as I could. With a couple of days it was almost gone but not entirely but looked a little better then it did. It as now come back and its thick then it was from when he was younger, so I decided I was going to try and use a shampoo especially formulated to treat cradle cap as brushing it out has not worked this time.

                  -: What is Cradle Cap :-

                  People might be wondering what is cradle cap, so let me tell you what it is. Cradle cap is a harmless skin condition that affects the scalp, hair and can affect the face. It causes no discomfort to your child but doesn't look pretty as you can imagine. Cradle cap is yellow and scaly and can become quite thick. It can also cause a rash mostly on baby's neck but can be treatable with cream from your doctors. Sometime just brushing your babies hair when been bathed can help but not always.

                  -: What does the Dentinox Shampoo do? :-

                  The Dentinox shampoo is a treatment shampoo especially formulated to treat cradle cap for young babies. The shampoo as a thin clear consistency (like water) and has a nice fresh, clean small to it. The shampoo helps to lift the scaly cradle cap off the babies scalp making it easier to brush out. When applying to your baby makes sure you avoid contact with their eyes. You can also use this shampoo as a general shampoo which keeps your baby's hair and scalp clean and healthy and can prevent cradle cap from appearing.

                  -: How to recognize the shampoo :-

                  Dentinox shampoo comes in a 125ml white, flip lid bottle, with green writing on the front telling you the product name and description of the product. On the back as your normal information for a shampoo like

                  Active Ingredients

                  Sodium lauryl ether sulpho - succinate 6%
                  Sodium ether sulphate 2.7%

                  Also contains

                  Sodium salt of coconut, imidazoline, oleic, acid, diethanolamide, sodium chloride, rose perfume and water.

                  Directions of use

                  Wet baby's head with warm water, put about 2-3ml of shampoo onto your palm (this is about ½ tspoon). Massage gently but firmly onto your baby's scalp. Do not be afraid of touching the soft area of the scalp (fontenelle). Rinse off and shampoo again, Rinse well and dry. Repeat at each bath time until baby's scalp is clear. Then use as necessary to keeps baby's scalp and hair clean and healthy.

                  Always read the warning information.

                  -: Availability and Price :-

                  I bought this from our local asda at around £1.97 a bottle, I should think most supermarkets would sell it and places like superdrug or boots would too.

                  -: Final Thoughts :-

                  Well this product works well on Ethan's cradle cap, I have been using it for a couple of weeks and already saw the difference it as made to his scalp and hair. The shampoo leaves his hair soft, healthy and smelling clean and fresh. It's worth every penny and would recommend this product to others. I cannot say how it compares to other brands as this is the only one I have tried, but does the trick just nicely so I can't see me looking for another one.

                  Thank you all for reading
                  Hope I have covered everything


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                    05.01.2008 13:13
                    Very helpful



                    Learning Puppy

                    The Learning Puppy

                    ** INTRODUCTION**

                    I bought the learning puppy for Ethan for Christmas, he loves it. He smiles when you give it him, and gets excited when the sounds come on. He triggers the sounds off by accident as he doesn't really understand how to do it yet, but he is getting there slowly.

                    ** ABOUT THE LEARNING PUPPY **

                    The puppy was something I was looking for Ethan, its fun, entertaining; it will teach and learn Ethan when he is older. The puppy is colourful, parts of the body is labelled to help with the learning process. Each part of the body makes a sound, plays learning games, and plays learning songs.

                    Turning the puppy on is easy, there is a Orange patch on his left foot with the turn off, ABC, and the music trigger. Although when turning the puppy off any kind of interaction with the puppy will trigger it off again, and can be quite annoying.

                    While the puppy is in the ABC learning mode, it will teach and learn Ethan when he is older with learning games, sounds, teaches alphabet, and colours. When putting the puppy into the music mode, you will hear learning songs, and learning games and sounds. The puppy wears a bright coloured shirt which at the back is Velcro'd up, under the shirt is where the battery is, well it is actually placed under a plastic casing which to change the battery you will need a screwdriver. (not had to do this yet)

                    ** PRICE AND AVAILABILITY **

                    You can buy the learning puppy from the following places

                    Amazon - £14
                    Argos - £19.79

                    ** FINAL THOUGHTS **

                    This is well worth the money and keeps occupied. The bright colours, sounds, and noises keeps him entertained. I bought the puppy from Amazon as it was cheaper, I am happy with the puppy as I know Ethan likes it too. There are many sounds, learning activities and colours to learn. The puppy is suitable for ages 6mths +.

                    Thanks for reading
                    And I hope I have covered everything.


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                    • Cruise Ship Tycoon (PC) / PC Game / 34 Readings / 30 Ratings
                      More +
                      15.10.2007 17:50
                      Very helpful



                      Pc Game

                      I enjoy these type of games which is why I am always on the look out for more tycoon games. My partner john likes playing boat games, and so he came across this one, and told me about it. So I went and bought it, as the downloading the demo would of taken ages to download, I don't usually buy games straight away without playing the demo first, but seems I enjoy playing tycoon and john like playing boat games I thought It was a good choice. Let me tell you more about the game.

                      ABOUT CRUISE SHIP TYCOON
                      Cruise ship tycoon is basically what it is, you're in charge of a ship, hiring and firing staff, building up the ship with such things as restrooms, bedroom suites, play areas for kiddies, bars and restaurants, etc. Keeping the peeps happy earns you a reputation so keep an eye on them, depending on your bedroom suites you have available does counter for the amount of peeps you will have on your ship. If your peeps become unhappy then you will loose the reputation and will loose the amount of peeps that enter your ship.

                      Once you have finished doing the rooms and making up your ship, its now time you book your rooms, this allows you to see how many peeps have booked a ticket for your cruise, you can also see how many and what rooms as been taken and ones that are still available. You can put up your ticket prices, or decrease them; also you can buy advertisements for your cruise ship which does sometimes get you more peeps. Your about to start the cruise, make sure that you have enough fuel to get you to the next port otherwise you shall be towed which also can lead to the decrease of reputation of your ship.
                      You're then ready to set sail, while sailing you cannot add objects, well in fact you can but they are under construction until the ship as ported. On the way to the next port you need to keep checking you map to make sure no monsters or storms are on your path, otherwise you will be in a lot of danger, well I am assuming you will be I have been fortunate to escape them so far since playing.

                      There are 3 game modes to play -
                      Instant Action - Not played this mode I am thinking it is free play, and no time limit, and nothing to play for.
                      Career - This is where you build up a career by setting yourself up with a profile and trying to reach a goal.
                      Challenge - Here is where you have 10 missions to play with.

                      Depending on which game mode you play on depends on how much money you get to start with. You also have a choice between 4 ships but they do go up in price so better to start off small and grow.
                      Small ship - which allows you to play on 7 decks
                      Medium ship - allows you to play on 9 decks
                      Fancy ship - allows you to play on 9 decks
                      Big ship - allows you to play on 10 decks

                      You can download a free trial from
                      http://uk.download.games.yahoo.net/t25oaukca/8_441/Simulation/Cruise-Ship -Tycoon.html
                      you can also buy the game from here to. If your choosing to download to trial version it does take a while to download and to be honest the game to buy also takes a while as your still having to download the game online, and they send you out a key to put into the game in order to play when buying it. It took me an hour to download the game but it does depend on your internet speed.

                      Once you have downloaded the game and saved it to the location you want it to, then double click on the installation icon for the game, it will open up a dialog box which then you follow the on screen instructions for setting the game up. Once you have set up the game and put in the required cd key, you're ready to play.
                      Starting the game is simple just click on the game icon and get playing. The first screen that will appear is the introduction screen as I call it, this is where it gives you several options, either play game, options, updater, quit, and the credits for the game. So once you have toggled with the options then you're ready to go play the game.

                      AVAILIBILTY AND PRICE
                      You can purchase the game from the links above
                      And the game costs £14.99

                      FINAL THOUGHTS

                      I enjoy playing this game in my spare time, my partner John also plays this a lot too. The game can be addictive if it is your kind of game. It is a enjoyable game, and fun for all the family. The graphics and sounds are good too, and well worth the money I spent on buying this game. I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys playing tycoon and simulation games.

                      Thank you to everyone that read and rates
                      I hope I have covered everything.


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                        19.09.2007 13:53
                        Very helpful



                        Softwash for baby's


                        My son had very dry skin when he was a baby and I found that putting baby oil or lotion on his skin made it worse rather then better, so I was on the look out for something more along the lines of bath lotion in hope that would work better. Here is what I found.

                        ABOUT THE SOFTWASH

                        I bought one of those Johnson’s essentials box when I was pregnant which had a good range things in it. And one of the things that I have recently been using on Ethan for his bath times is something called Johnson’s Soft wash, it’s a body wash with a built in lotion.

                        I normally pour a little soft wash under warm running water in the bath, which produces bubbles, and nice fresh smell. I let Ethan splash about for a while before washing him, with the soft wash being in the water it helps to wash Ethan and also lotion his body leaving him feeling soft and clean.

                        Although I do wash his body with a little of the wash on a flannel, to get into those little creases that splashing around doesn’t get into.

                        The wash is a thick white cream, which is in a bottle that stands on its lid for stability. The soft wash has 1//3 of lotion in it which leaves you baby feeling soft as ever, I find using this is a lot better then any body lotion or oil, and I am glad that I use it on him.

                        Since using the wash I do not have to worry about his dry skin anymore as it seems to have gone now.

                        Compared to other products I have used on Ethan this as to be the best I have found by far, not only does it soften Ethan’s skin but leaves him smelling nice, fresh and clean to. I wouldn’t use anything else on him now. Also with it being part of the no more tears range its sensitive for baby’s eyes.

                        It is also safe to put directly on the skin although I tend to put a bit on a flannel with a little water and make lather before washing Ethan with it.

                        The soft wash is also ideal for us adults to use too, although I haven’t yet used it on myself as yet, but I think I will start using it.


                        The softwash comes in a white shaped bottle with a light blue lid, the lid is the stand for the bottle and also has a built in dispenser meaning you have to squeeze the bottle before anything comes out of it which is handy. In the centre of the white bottle you have a light pink label, with “new Johnson’s baby softwash bodywash” at the top of the label, and the no more tears underneath with 1/3 baby lotion our softest ever underneath that.

                        On the back of the label you have information like the –

                        Introduction of the product

                        Best for baby use

                        New improved baby softwash with 1/3 baby lotion, moisturises the skin to protect its babysofteness while washing. This no more tears baby wash is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.

                        Best for mum use

                        Softwash will make your skin feel babysoft every time you wash. Its new formula with an incredibly richer lather envelops the skin for our best ever softness.

                        Directions for use

                        BABY – use directly on the skin with hand or wash cloth.
                        YOU – squeeze a dab onto a puff to work into a rich lather.

                        And the ingredients

                        Aqua, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Lauroamphoacetate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Polysorbate 20, Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate, Citric Acid, Polyquaternium-7, Styrene / Acrylates copolymer, Acrylates / C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Paraffinum Liquidum, PEG-80 Sorbitan LAurate, PEG-150 Distearate, Sodium Hydroxide, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum FPT0857

                        Warning information too

                        KEEP OUT OF CHILDRENS REACH

                        There are some numbers in which to call for information regarding the product

                        AVAILABILTY AND PRICE

                        You can buy this product from any boots or supermarket

                        As I mentioned before I bought mine in an essential box
                        But you would normally pay £2 - £2.50 for a 250ml bottle

                        FINAL THOUGHTS

                        I would not use anything else on Ethan now since using this product, its nice smelling, it makes baby’s skin really soft, its pretty cheap, and is largely available in supermarkets.

                        I really recommend this for everyone to use on their baby, especially if they have dry skin too, it is worth every penny, plus it goes along along way, as you don’t need to be using much.

                        You can also use as part of the top and tail wash as you can use directly on skin just like the baby lotion and oil that you can use, although I have never used this product for the daily washes my son as, I use another product for that.

                        With the soft wash being so caring to the skin I think I will give it go and see if it works on my skin in the same as it does Ethan’s, once I have tried it for myself I will update the review.

                        Thank you to everyone that reads and rates
                        Hope I have covered everything.


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                        • Deluxe Baby Bather / Baby Care / 23 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                          18.09.2007 14:18
                          Very helpful



                          Baby Bather


                          I actually stumbled upon this product when I was shopping for bottles for Ethan. Bath times wasn’t much fun for Ethan has I think he was a little scared of the bath, at first I used to put him in the bath with me and still he wasn’t so happy. And I tried everything to keep in happy while giving him a bath, although he used to make my arm ache when putting him in the bath alone. Anyway when I saw this product I just had to buy it, and here is why.

                          ABOUT THE BABY BATHER

                          The baby bather is a chair that goes into your bath, as it wouldn’t fit into a baby bath. The chair as a rubber base on it so that it doesn’t slip around in the water and as 2 height adjustments on it so your baby can either lounge or sit upright. The rest of the chair is made of soft mesh so it is soft for your baby to lounge in. There is also a adjustable head support for your babies head. The mesh sling as a clip to the back of the chair so that you can take it off to wash if needed to.

                          The bather is like a baby bouncer but smaller and doesn’t bounce. The chair is able to let you have both hands free to comfort and bath your baby, without the fear of him slipping out of your arms and being to heavy to hold while bathing him. The chair cradles your baby to make him feel safe and snug while having a bath.

                          The chair can easily be folded flat and stored away when not used and with the chair having its own bag it makes it easy to travel with. The chair cradles your baby to make him feel safe and snug while having a bath. The baby bather comes with a bag one side to put in the chair when not using or travelling and a little pouch on the front of it with brush, comb, baby scissors, and nail clippers and anything else you want to throw in.

                          PRICE AND AVAILIBILITY

                          I bought mine from argos for the price of £15 although now it is priced at only £9.99.

                          FINAL THOUGHTS

                          I bought the chair for easier bath times, also for the first few weeks it was tough giving him a bath as I still sore from the CS ( C Section) I had so was kind of awkward and uncomfortable for me to bath him. Also with him not liking his baths, so I was in need with something that was safe and was able to help me with bathing him easier and this suit all the requirements that I needed.

                          The baby bather is really good for the money and does its job well. The only thing I regret is not buying it sooner, this is a must get for parents to make bathing your baby easier.

                          Thank you to everyone that reads and rates this opinion
                          I hope I have covered everything about the chair.


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                            25.08.2007 13:01
                            Very helpful
                            1 Comment



                            Best bottles I have used, and these have won awards for being the best bottles.

                            -- INTRODUCTION --

                            I am currently breast feeding and bottle feeding little Ethan at the moment, in which the health visitor encouraged it with him being so young it will get him used to bottles. Although the bottles I had was not much good as he had restless feeds and was always cramped up with wind troubles. I do also have a breast pump which I can express my milk into 4oz avent bottles but again he was still having the restless bottle feeds, and still having the wind trouble too. So when I saw these bottles when browsing the Argos Catalogue it was a must buy. Let me tell you why they were so appealing to me.

                            -- ABOUT THE BOTTLES --

                            When I saw these bottles the thing that stuck out the most was where it states that the bottles are made to mimic the breast, for easy switching from breast to bottle. There was quite a lot that tempted me to buy these bottles, for the fact also of the anti colic valve it as built into the teats, not that Ethan as yet experience colic but I was told that bottle fed babies are prone to get colic more then breast fed babies, so I wasn’t taking any risks of keeping him on bottles that obviously could get him colic, and is making him have restless feeds.

                            The bottles themselves are bigger then the normal avent bottles, there is a slimmer part of the bottle near the centre which helps you handle the bottle. The teats are wide neck and again are bigger then the avent teats, although they have to be to mimic the breast I guess, the teats that I have at the moment that came with the bottles are slow flow which I found to be just right for Ethan as with the older bottles I have the teats were hard and to fast flow for him, yet they were suppose to be slow flowing teats. The teats also have built in colic valve as I mentioned above which reduces/stops colic appearing.

                            The teat is easy for your baby to latch onto, which with the older bottles I was finding he couldn’t latch on to them as the teats was to small for his mouth. The teat is made from soft silicone which gives the natural reflexes of the breast when the baby is feeding.

                            -- WHAT COMES IN THE BOX --

                            The box is grey, pink and silver so you cant miss them.

                            You get 6x 9oz Bottles
                            6x soft silicone teats
                            6x bottle lids

                            -- AVAILIBITY / PRICE --

                            You can buy these bottles from quite a few places

                            Argos - £10
                            Ebay - £15 for 8
                            Mothercare - £7.49 for 2
                            Boots - £12.99

                            These are worth the money you spend on them.

                            FINAL THOUGHTS

                            After using these bottles I wouldn’t change back to the other bottles. I would recommend these bottles to everyone that breast feeds, although you don’t need to be breast feeding to use the bottles. I haven’t had a problem with using these bottles, in fact Ethan is very settled and happy when feeding from them, and I don’t have the wind problem with him anyone which is a huge relief. The teats are also able to be placed in the steriliser without taking it off the screw cap, the only time you need to dismantle the teat is when cleaning it in warm soapy water, and are easily fixed back on. The bottles are easy to clean too. They are a little big for the steriliser as I am only able to place 4 bottles and teats in a 6 bottled steriliser, but that doesn’t really make me regret buying them. I also bought the bottles due to me formula feeding as well as breast feeding him as he is underweight at the moment, so I needed to get some good bottles. I dont have a problem in handling the bottles even though they are bigger then normal bottles, and can still feed little one with one hand while keeping the other hand free for a drink or something to eat.

                            Thank you so much for reading
                            Hope I have covered everything.


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                            • Avent Isis Breast Pump / Nursing / 33 Readings / 23 Ratings
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                              16.08.2007 13:18
                              Very helpful



                              breast pumps


                              I was planning on breast feeding baby before he was born, although I never kept to it with my youngest child when he was born. I was determined to keep to it this time around. Although the only downside to that was my partner was unable to feed baby, so getting a breast pump was going to take away the downside and my partner is able to feed baby. Let me tell you more about the pump.

                              ABOUT THE PUMP

                              The avent breast pump is a manual pump that helps to express milk for bottle feeding, there is no discomfort in using the pump although if you do have tender breast then I wouldn’t advise using it. And although the pump is easy to use and is very quiet when using it, I wouldn’t consider to use it in public.

                              The pump comes in many pieces and can look a little complicated, but it is easy to set and use. The pump allows you to express breast milk, so that you can have a break of baby being latched on to you all the time, and also to give the partner or family/friends to feed baby too, it is also handy for making up bottles for going out on journeys too.

                              The pump is easy to use and isn’t to strong on your breast, you can control how strong you want the suction by just pressing the handle of the pump, pressing the handle all the way down will create a stronger suction then just pressing it down a little. You don’t need to press the handle all the way down if you have a good supply of milk as a little suction will drain away your breast milk with ease.

                              Cleaning the pump is easy too although the valve is little and could be lost if using a dishwasher to clean the pump. You can wash the pump in warm soapy water and then over to the steriliser once the pump as been rinsed off in cold water.

                              The pump works as a sucking machine basically, it works as though your baby is feeding from you. It creates a suction technique which will drain your breast milk into a bottle which will be attached to your pump. Once you have finished pumping, unattached the bottle from the pump, then add the teat to the bottle and there you have a bottle of breast milk for storage for your baby.

                              WHAT DOES THE PUMP CONSIST OF

                              You will get the following

                              2 5oz avent bottles
                              A manual breast pump
                              Instructions on how to use the pump ( which are easy to follow )
                              PRICE AND AVAILABILITY

                              I bought mine from boots £25. You can also buy it from places like
                              Woolworths £27
                              Or online at – www.babycity.co.uk £25

                              FINAL THOUGHTS

                              I wouldn’t be without it now its very handy to have, especially to know my partner can feed baby even though I am breast feeding, thanks to the pump. It doesn’t normally take long to express milk depending on your supply. Sometimes its faster to latch your baby on you especially if you haven’t made a express feed in advance, also when/if your baby is very hungry and you don’t really have time to warm up the bottle. But other than that then I would consider getting one, they are not that expensive!!

                              Thanks for reading and I hope I have covered everything!


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                                16.04.2007 16:41
                                Very helpful



                                This a tycoon game for the pc

                                ~~ Downloading & Installing ~~

                                You can download a trial version of the game before buying it, download the trial from http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/fairygodmothertyco/index.html?src=bfg 12y09engsfgmt&gclid=CK6jn5mpx4sCFRROQwodd3uhHw
                                The download doesn't take long, once downloaded click on the installation icon which then proceeds the installation. Follow the onscreen instructions. Then when done click the game icon and begin to play.

                                ~~ About the Game ~~

                                Godmother tycoon is self explanatory you're basically working for the fairy godmother, making up potions for the people of the village and trying to improve your sales and reputation within the village. You also have competition which is played by the computer. You also have help from other sources to make your business successful like ….

                                ~ Reports ~

                                Once clicked on this tab you will notice on the left hand side of the screen there are more tabs which include ….
                                Finances, customers, competition, and graphs, this will help you know about your finances, how many customers you have had coming in to your shop and if they were happy etc, you will also know about what your competition is doing, and the graphs is to show all of the above. Also at the top of the screen it will tell you how to reach the next level.

                                ~ News & Weather ~

                                Clicking on this tab will allow you to view the weather report of the day. This will give a little hint for how much to spend on potion making and also how many to make for the day.

                                ~ Supplies ~

                                Clicking this tab will take you to the supplies screen to where you can purchase all you need for the potions. You will also notice on the left hand side there are more tabs including the purchase, recipe book and trash. Pick your daily amount for the potions and don't over spend as this could leave you short of cash in the long run.

                                ~ Pricing ~

                                Clicking here will allow you to set your price on the potions made. Don't over charge as this will make your reputation worse and customers will not buy from you, also do not undercharge as then you will not make profit.

                                ~ Marketing ~

                                Clicking here will help with advertising of your shop. Set your price for flyers which is a daily cost, and also hire something called a goon, this will also help with the business as they will hopefully attract the customers to your shop rather them going to the opposition.

                                ~ Upgrades ~

                                Clicking this tab will allow you to purchase many upgrades.
                                You can purchase storefront upgrade which will give a different look and feel to your shop front.
                                Purchase a spy which will keep an eye on your opposition.
                                Potion makers can be purchase this will help with the speed and accuracy of the potion making.
                                In store entertainment can also be purchase for inside your shop to keep customers from boredom of waiting
                                Purchase a bigger warehouse to hold more potions
                                And also you can purchase different spells which do different things.

                                ~ Local Characters ~

                                Clicking here will let you hire freelancers these are people that will help to cause problems with the opposition, like stealing there ingredients for potions, stealing cash and also closing down there store so customers are forced to come to you, also get people to make the people need potions.

                                There is also a loan shark in here too; this will allow you to borrow money if you ever fall short.

                                ~ Research ~

                                This tab will allow you to set a daily price for your researching, the researching is for different kind of potions but it's a good idea to get in before the opposition does, as then you will get more customers if the opposition doesn't have t hat potion made. The screen will show you the next item being researched, the money that you have set and how long its going to take to make it.

                                ~ Menu ~

                                You can see on the game screen the menu button which is located at the top left hand of the screen. Clicking this will take you to a options screen in which you can toggle the settings for the game. You can toggle the fullscreen on/off; music and sounds on/off, you can set auto pause on/off which will pause the game if you click elsewhere. You can quit and restart that village whenever you want to as well.

                                ~~ Graphics & Sounds ~~

                                The graphics are good looking for this game. The sounds are good also but the music can get a little to much especially when playing the game for a long time, so I usually click off the music.

                                ~~ Price & Availability ~~

                                You can purchase this game from https://www.gamecentersolution.com/RequestOrderForm.aspx?pid=C4213117504552 75223&ReturnUrl=http%3a%2f%2fwww.harmonicflow.com%2fgames%2ffairy-godmother -tycoon%2fgame.php&FormType=buy_now

                                You can buy it for $ 19.95 which relates to about £10. I am not sure where I got mine from as it was a present for me.

                                ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

                                I enjoyed playing this game as I do like playing tycoon games a lot. Its easy for the little ones to have a go too. Its cheap, fun, graphics and sounds are not bad for what the game is. Although can be addictive so if you don't have much time for games don't buy this game.


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                                • Virtual Villagers / PC Game / 26 Readings / 25 Ratings
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                                  23.02.2007 17:33
                                  Very helpful



                                  Pc Game

                                  ~~ INTRODUCTION ~~

                                  I was playing a game on the pc the other day and when I had closed down the game there was a pop up telling me about new games etc, so I thought I would go on the site and take a look. The game that catched my eye the most was virtual villagers I read about it before downloading the trial version of the game, and seemed to be my kind of game, so thought I would give it ago.

                                  ~~ DOWNLOADING AND INSTALLING ~~

                                  You can download a 60 minute trial version from http://www.bigfishgames.com/downloads/virtualvillagers/ …. Once you have downloaded the trial version then you are ready to begin the installing procedure. Just double click on the install icon, and follow the on screen instructions for installing the game to your pc. Once you have done this then its time to start the game up and play. To play just click on the game icon and away you go.

                                  ~~ ABOUT VIRTUAL VILLAGERS ~~

                                  Virtual villagers is a real time based simulation game, a little similar to the Sims. Upon starting the game you will be asked to choose a tribe name, you will also be asked if you would like help with it being your first try, which is a good idea as it will get you used to the gameplay and to what you have to do.

                                  You start of with around 6 villagers, some as already got training in certain things, others you will have to train yourself. The basics to the game is that you have to keep them alive, you are in charge of getting them fully trained and making sure they survive. There are puzzles also that you have to complete through out the game which involves you also putting your tech points to good use by buying extra farming, medicine construction, science, fertility, and spirituality, in which you can buy from the tech button on your screen. All these will help with the completion of the puzzles and unlocking more and more things through the game, making it easier for your villagers to survive.

                                  Also through out the game you will notice little pop ups, that will tell you that a villager as found something or something is happening in the surroundings of your village, sometimes your face with a decision to make, but be careful if you make the wrong decision as it can have bad effects either to your village or your villagers.

                                  You can also extend the popularity of your villagers by getting 2 villagers together for some privacy the more villagers you got to help around the village the better. Although while the villager is carrying the baby there will be no work done around the village by her, until the baby is old enough to look after itself. All children can start work from the age of 14, so get them trained up as soon as possible as this will help with the running of the village.

                                  There are a number of options within the game, which enables you to change the sounds, toggle with the screen mode, and also the difficulty and speed of the game. But remember also that while your not at your computer or while the game is turned off it the game still continues, so make sure you check back often to see how things are improving, sometimes you get a nice surprise other times you get not so good ones.

                                  ~~ GRAPHIC AND SOUNDS ~~

                                  The graphics are pretty good, they are nothing like the Sims but more cartoony type characters. The sounds are good as well you have background music if you want it and you have sound effects which sometimes can get on your nerves.

                                  ~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~

                                  You can buy this game from

                                  http://www.virtualvillagers.com/ £10.60

                                  ~~ FINAL THOUGHTS ~~

                                  I think for this type of game it is not a bad price for the game. It is easy to play and even good for children to learn from, although I don’t advise young children to play this game, for the simple reason of the dying of the villagers, which you can see the bones left on the floor, and also the fertility side of it too. I enjoy playing it and will play it as often as I can, in fact you could say I am addicted to it. It is an entertaining game and can be very surprising also. To be honest I am just a big kid at heart. J

                                  Thank you for reading.


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