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Member since: 11.10.2011

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    • Benq EW2430 / LCD Monitor / 4 Readings / 2 Ratings
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      11.10.2011 03:06


      • Reliability


      Awesome monitor, great value

      After doing some research I stumbled upon a brief video review posted by trusted reviews on YouTube regarding the BenQ EW2430. It looked stunning. After reading some more reviews and going on multiple forums to get an idea of this monitor I realized that it is a real great value. Unless you were going to use this monitor for heavy FPS gaming, otherwise it's perfect for any other purpose. Funny thing is that I currently use it for FPS gaming myself. So in other words it is a fully purposeful, affordable and yet extremely workable monitor. Unless you play FPS competitively or it is a profession which some extreme cases you will see a bit of trailing, I don't think it really matters. Or if you don't play FPS games and play strategy games, RPG and etc, this would be the perfect monitor for you because the colors are stunning, spectacular and near flawless. For the price that you have to pay for all these bonuses it really is a market steal bargain. However another con about this monitor is as the video review mentions, the onboard speakers are rubbish, the tilt isn't very rangeful, and the monitor doesn't come with an HDMI cable. However, regardless, I think most people that have had a chance to come across the EW2430 would agree that regardless of the few negatives, the positives definitely outweigh them in every aspect and category. If you want a great monitor that replicates the image, color accuracy and display quality of an IPS panel but at the fraction of the price, this is definitely your answer.


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