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    • Tipsy Feet / Shoes / 19 Readings / 16 Ratings
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      03.07.2010 14:03
      Very helpful



      Easy to throw in your bag, a delight to wear. Your feet will thank you.

      I bought a pair of these for a friend after reading about them on dooyoo, after seeing them I just had to get a pair.

      What are they? I would describe them as temporary flat shoes, which are small enough to carry around with you where ever you go.

      The purpose of the shoes are to be a saviour for your feet after a night long in high heels. They come in a small zip locked pouch which easily fits into all bags I have, including the small evening clutches which I own. The small pouch then opens up into a bag with handels which you can fit your heels and bag into to carry around with you for the rest of the night. The only shoes which I can't fit in are knee high boots, but all my "normal" high heels are easy to fit.

      The shoes: They are slip ones which if you get in your right size -which isn't that difficult to do- stay on your feet for the dancing and the running. The bottoms are quite thin and so for the "blind mens pavement" can be quite painful on sore feet. They are also not waterproof, they are however very pretty so you won't be thrown out of any clubs and they will go with any outfit. As they come in a range of colours, mine are black so that they can go with almost anything.

      All in all they are handy to have, they are not everyday shoes and would ruin if you do wear them. So far I've worn them a handful of times and they are still almost as new, and I must say I'm the evny of my friends when I have comfortable shoes to wear.


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      03.07.2010 13:32
      Very helpful



      This product does not work with my hair, but may work with yours.

      I always treat myself to mini Charles' (75ml) for travelling -which for my thick long hair lasts around 2 weeks. In the past month I've tried the UV protection and this Volume one. I always use the corresponding conditioner and shampoo.

      For my long thick hair I need about 2x marble size blobs to degrease my hair. I always use the technique that you apply shampoo to wet hair and then lather it up without water, really rubbing the shampoo in until you look like a cartoon mushroom. The wash that off, run water over your hair and then condition damp hair leave for 3 minutes and rinse.

      -Price: For the little ones at Sainsburys with a special offer, they cost ~£3 each a little pricy, but ideal size and shape for travelling. Plus there is nothing like pampering yourself after a hot and sweaty day of travelling.

      -Bottle: A pointy ellipse, which are easy to hold in the shower. They are tough plastic so wont squeeze out in your suitcase. The lid is also solid and so in the two weeks wont break off, although I wouldn't trust it after a couple of months use with the larger bottles. The main problem with the bottles is that you can't take the lid off to decant other shampoos into the bottle -although I suppose that's the point.

      Smell: One of the most important factor for me, as it effects how your hair smells. Beautiful, very light and fragrent. I can see how somepeople, who might be sensitive to smell, could find it off putting and artificial, but for me I enjoy the smell and it stays on my hair for about half a day.

      Easy of use: Very easy, just like any other shampoo and works just as well as any high quality shampoo.

      Does it produce volume?: Yes, however for my hair it produces volume by increasing frizz and fly aways. For my mum's hair which is thin and is blown dry everyday it does increase volume with out noticable frizz.

      How does it compare to other Charles Worthingtons. It's smell lasts a little longer than others which I've tried, but I do not obviously like the frizz effect.

      Would I buy it again? No, but I would still buy Charles Worthingtons.


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    • shopstyle.co.uk / Internet Site / 11 Readings / 11 Ratings
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      03.07.2010 12:56
      Very helpful



      A great website which i now use to keep me up to date on sales.

      Shopstyle.co.uk, have you been there? No, oh my you don't know what you're missing? Do you LOVE shopping? If so this will be your Mecca with every designer under one roof with on-line shops from Gucci and Net-a-porter to New Look. Not only that but the search and filtering features are superb (see below).
      Do you HATE shopping? Then this is definitely the site for you. Want black trousers under £50? Well it will list every online option which suits your criteria. Then it redirects you to the online shop and in under 30 minutes you can have those trousers sorted out without having to step out of the house.

      So now that we've established that this site is for everyone (it has men's, women's and children's clothes), you're probably wondering just what exactaly is this. It is in it's simpelist terms a search engine for online clothes and homeware stores.

      How easy is it to use? As said it is for everyone the technophobe and computer geek alike. The standard page, what you'll see no matter what, has links to the sections (Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Children, Home, Mens, etc), a search box and limiting factors (brand, size, price etc).

      How does it work? I don't know how it is financed, I do however suspect that they get money for the referals when you click through to an online store, but what shopstyle is there for is just that a portal to that alusive dress.

      So if I havn't intridged you to try out a website which is easy to use, provides acess to numerous online shops so that you can find any item you want then you must be the person that has everything as this is a resource not to be forgotten.


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      03.07.2010 12:46
      Very helpful



      Stick with the large eggs, they came first for a reason.

      It's the time old question, how do you eat yours?. Personally I'm a bite off the top, scoop out the inners with my tongue and eat the remaining chocolate. But do I like them mini? Well on the whole no. Mainly because I don't like munching chocolate, I prefer to melt it, and you can not do this with the mini ones unless you lick them to death -which can get so messy!.
      But for those of you who have never had a cream egg, yet alone a mini one, deciding how to eat it you must first be educated that it is a hollow Cadbury's (kraft) chocolate egg filled with sickly sweet liquid sugary filling of a yellow yoke and a white white. This filling is sticky and very sweet, so time must be taken over it. The chocolate is standard, so not that rich and doesn't distract from the centre.

      With the larger ones, as you can imagine you have a lot more -which I find is just that perfect amount to leave you feeling indulged and satisfied, where as the mini ones are too small leaving you wanting more and can't be eaten in the way I want.

      So from a 5ft 4 girl although I love small things (like me) I would prefere to spend my money on a large cream egg, and if I need a party bag to buy mini eggs or m&ms.


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    • Ferrero Rocher / Chocolate / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      30.12.2009 00:56
      Very helpful



      Go on treat yourself.

      Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate. And for me that means Ferrero Rochers, always brought in the typical double layered box, wrapped up and placed in my stocking.

      These little luxuries taste heavily they have a crunchy outside which once you've broken through you will intersect the soft nutella like center. These little golden nuggets are a delicious treat, well worth the price for luxury.

      Now if you've tried them and arn't convinced try eating them my way. First peal off the chocolate nut shell with softly biting into it. Then grasp the wafer ball in your mouth and bite down softly on the joint line to split it into two. Eat the empty side, and then you have the soft center to suck, lick, chew or consume anyway you please. This is the ultimate indulgence treat.

      Just be careful though eating them as above takes a long time, so if you are sharing, make sure you carve out your fair share.



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      30.12.2009 00:43
      Very helpful



      A great product, especially if lazy!

      For me my complexion was nigh on perfect until I hit 19, after blissfully enjoying teenage years of no skin care regime I became completely lost with what to do and quite frankly not only did I not have the discipline but I never found consistent results. Also I always wake up with a shine on my face in the morning. I had all but given up and then on a Christmas wander I stumbled across these beauties.

      Why are they so good? They are very quick to use, like most moist tissues when sealed properly they keep very well so all you have to do is pull one out and use (no faffing with trying to find cotton wool there). Then you just wipe them over your face, neck, hands where ever. They remove all make-up apart from eye make-up (you're not allowed to use them on your eyes anyway). Afterwards your face feels oil free and soft, I'm sure it does get rid of the dirt and grease, but the tissue won't turn brown so you miss out on the satisfaction you get with cotton wool, however after a week i've seen a drastic improvement in the amount of yuky sots I get, and therefore for me all the proof I need. They are also bio-degradable, but not flushable, which means you simply throw away with a clear conscience. So they work and they are perfect for removing make-up at the end of the night, taking that oily sheen off your face first thing in the morning, freshening up on a flight or long time travel and on the go wipes.

      Personally I keep a little pack by my bed and use one first thing which wakes me up and keeps my skin clear.


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      30.12.2009 00:10
      Very helpful



      A place to go at the end of the night, when you're in the mood for dancing.

      Now one must remember that there are only three clubs in Falmouth, a place which has a student population of just 3000 and around the same amount of club ready locals, now with that in mind please read on.

      I have only enjoyed the joys of Rememdies at night, although I hear it is quite nice during the day. So lets get down to the nitty gritty details.

      To enter this place the price is only two pounds (a bargin on anyones buget). The entry staff were very pleasant and polite. Then you climb the many stairs and get to the "happening" floor. A place where the music is the best in Falmouth and where there is plenty of space to dance, but no where to sit. The atmosphere is normally ruined by an "in-promtu" organised break-dancing which stinks of "high school musical" an era which any 18+ person is far too old for.
      The bar staff range from helpful to rude, although there is free water which is a luxury in these parts (no joke). The staff also won't look after you, legal obligation to punters is an unknown of concept, a friend of mine who was falling asleep got thrown out, even though they had no way to tell whether she was either far too tired or drugged. And another friend had to help a girl who had slashed her arm open and was fading in and out of consciousness from the upstairs toilet to the front door and then order the door staff to order an ambulance, a task which she was lucky enough to undertake whilst sober.

      The drinks are reasonable around three pounds and standard selection is available. A large plus for Remedies is that it can be enjoyed whether sober or drunk a small luxury for places in Falmouth.

      So good drinks, ok staff, ok music, a place to dance should you go here?
      Well I would recommend going here for large groups (5+) to ensure a good experience. Also if you are a male out for an easy pull, I would recommend steering clear of the "porn party" and the "foam party", which although intended to attract all the girls, they attract however sleazy guys and as a result put off the girls.


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      28.11.2009 13:57
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A feminine smell, in great packaging.

      A stylish bottle, a lovely box and what more a truly delicious smell, when it comes to perfume this one ticks all of the boxes. Lets first start with apperances:
      1. The box. Simple darkish purply red. Easy to open and has a lining of red cardboard. It is very sturdy (testimony to that is the fact that it traveled round Vietnam with me and didn't even get a dent). Being a box, very easy to stack and nice on display. In case you're wondering why I am harping on about the box it is because you should always keep your perfumes in their original box as this stops the sunlight getting in a making your perfume go off.

      2. The bottle. Very pretty and nice to hold, if you do insist on not keeping it in the box, then you are forgiven as it is a very nice bottle. I also feel that you are not getting any wasted bottle, as the perfume fills it all up.

      3. The smell. Soft flowers, very delightful, but don't take my word on it and never buy a perfume without trying it on your skin first. All of you which spray it on a piece of card to try STOP! Perfumes these days are made of chemicals, therefore how your natural body oil reacts with these chemicals will alter how it smells. Personally this is my favorite smell, very feminine, no hints of musk.

      4. Staying power. Perfumes don't stay on me for very long and so I always spray them on my hair and clothes as well. This one, as long as it's not raining will stay ~8h on a woolen coat and a little bit less in my hair. Which for me is a long time.


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      • Wild Tiger Balm / Pain Relief / 35 Readings / 35 Ratings
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        14.08.2009 17:01
        Very helpful



        A good pot to have on hand, treat it with care though it is still a medication.

        I came across this product when I was in Sydney and had problems with ankle and knee pain which were caused by previous injuries and too much sport. I only bought one pot and was annoyed when it ran out as it is unknown of in England, luckily though I found White Tiger Balm in a pound shop of all places.

        So for those of you who don't know what is it?
        It is an "ancient" Chinese ointment which helps with muscular pain. It comes in red or white. The red one is for warming up, where as the white one provides a cooling pain. For more information check out http://www.tiger-balm.org.uk, although I wouldn't recommend that you buy from them as they seem quite expensive and you can find it off ebay for much cheaper. Or even better if you have a friend going to south east Asia ask them to bring you some back.

        So how does it work?
        You apply the balm to the painful muscle or joint and massage in. The balm has a similar consitancy to Vaseline jelly but smells like Olbas Oil. It is very potent and it is important, especially if you have children, to wash your hands afterward otherwise your sandwiches or anything you touch will taste of it. Once you have applied the balm it is recommended that you don't cover it with clothing for a while as it will rub into that and the smell is potent. Although this has a hidden advantage as before I went to play sports I would rub a good amount into my ankle and then put my sock on. The sock would then absorb it and keep it there. Now for those who have never heard of it, you are probably wondering what it feels like and most importantly does it work?
        It just warms your muscles very much like deep heat and makes them more malleable. It is also perfect to use on aching shoulders after a long day at work. Yes for me it does work. My problems are to do with muscles being too tight, tendons being too stretched, knots in muscles and most painfully my knee cap not pulling correctly over. It works on the first three, not on the last one which is skeletal and nerve based.

        Who would I recommend it to?
        -Anyone with muscular pain. the website claims that tiger balm (or one of it's derivatives) can help:
        - Arthritis and rheumatism
        - Muscular and joint pains
        - Neck and back pain
        - Tired feet
        - Muscular aches caused by stress
        - Sprains
        - Warm up rub prior to exercising
        - Massage

        Note it is not a cure it is merely a stop gap for the pain.

        Additional notes: If you get regular sports massages then I would take it along and ask if they could use that on your problem areas. It also lasts for quite a long time as I found a pea size glob was all my ankle needed, so although the pot looks small then it will last.


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        • Lush Pied de Pepper / Skin Care / 18 Readings / 16 Ratings
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          14.08.2009 16:27
          Very helpful



          A product with a low price tag which is definatally worth it.

          Very similar to marmite people will either love or hate Lush. Reasons to hate include the pushy (on commission) sales people and the smell. The latter one puts my boyfriend off. Reasons to love include their ethics or not testing products or ingredient on animals, the wide range of products and products that actually work.

          although I'm not here to talk about Lush I am here to discuss their "Pied De Pepper, foot lotion" with you.

          Firstly Looks? Well it is presented in the well known black pots with white writing and a yellow/green sticker. The pots are 100g (travel friendly), and have a screw top lid and made out of plastic. The white writing tells you about the product (how to use, what it is and ingredient). The yellow or green circular label shows you the use by date and has a caricature of the staff member who made this particular pot. (Nice personal touch, but I really don't care).

          Good/Bad thing about the looks?
          Good: The pots look nice and they are easily stackable with other lush pots also the black means that they keep longer as sunlight can't get in. The instructions and product detail are clearly visible. Lush will reuse your pots, so you can save them up, take them back to the store and get a freebie!
          Bad: Also on mine the use by date has dissolved off due to the oils in the pot. I don't trust the pots to be 100% water tight and so wouldn't take them on a plane without making sure they are in a plastic bag.

          The product its self.
          The smell is ginger, cinnamon and clove. It is a very strong smell and will make your room, feet, socks, shoes and sheets smell. I really like this smell as it reminds me of christmas, however if you don't then it will annoy you. As this is lush then you can always try before you buy and I would strongly recommended doing this as other wise you'll hate using it just because of the smell.
          Applying the product. You are recommended to apply to feet daily. It's not as easy to do as you may have thought. The cream is really globby/runny and will stain white furnishings if it gets on to them. So I have to apply it with my feet on an old towel. Also, probably because of all the dead skin on the bottom of your feet, it takes ages to soak through (about 30minutes), so it's not always possible to find the time to apply it. When you do get round to applying it it's quite simple just massage in to skin. Or even better get your boyfriend to massage it into your feet.

          What does the product do? Well it has the following added:
          -stimulating ginger oil to increase circulation and make your feet warmer.
          - antiseptic cinnamon and clove oil
          - nourishing olive oil and cocoa butter to soften your feet.
          -Lemon oil to control perspiration.

          Does it do it and how well?
          -Stimulating? I have very cold feet always and although it does make them feel nice and toasty then that could just be because you are stimulating your feet through your massaging. I get no long term effects and the warmth lasts less than an hour. My sister who has circulation problems does not find that her feet warm up at all.
          -Antiseptic? I normally have very healthy feet but they did smell nicer and less feetish for about a day after using it, so i guess it must have killed off those bacteria.
          -Nourishing? Yes. It does make your feet feel smoother, though doesn't take away from their insensitivity, which for me is a bonus as I go everywhere bare foot. I have noticed though that the top of my foot (also included in my Pied De Pepper massages) does feel an awful lot smoother.
          -Perspiration Preventing? well as said above then my feet do smell less, so I guess it must stop them perspiring.

          Summary: Nice looking tub, not 100% trustworthy that it won't leak under pressure. Smell very strong, nice to me but it is a particular smell so you may not like it. Application a little messy and requires massaging. Living up to it's promises? I guess it does but i see no definite proof. Would I buy it again? Crucial Question, but yes I would. Esp. at the great price of 6.40 for 100g, which lasts me about 3-4 months using it everyday.

          Any last notes? It is Vegan friendly. It does go off, if yours is going off or already done it then the smell will start to go a little tarnished and more harsh. If I was you I would fill a plastic box with the left overs and soak my feet in it for about 20-40 minutes.


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            14.08.2009 15:57
            Very helpful



            Isn't worth the pennies.

            I was lucky enough to receive this product free from Clinique and as everyone knows I love free things!

            The 24ml tube is small <10 cm makeup bag size with a screw top box. The one to buy is 200ml tub. I prefer the packaging of the freebe as it is easier to travel with and it's below the 100ml liquid limit so it can fly with you. So if you buy a tub of it, it may also be worth while asking if they have any of the little ones spare. The tub is also quite heavy so I wouldn't take it traveling even if it could fly.

            The product: What is it?
            It is a body moisturiser Which promises "Fragrance free. Butter rich. intensively replenishing. Wraps dryness-prone spots and the body all over in soothing, penetrating moisture" As told by the tube. It has also been Allergy tested, although as it says nothing about animals I presume it has been tested on animals, which isn't good for me as I'm against animal testing.

            How does it live up to it's claims?
            -Fragrance Free? The cream by it's self smells of sweet. Like sweet pea flowers not very strong, but you can smell it. Once it has been massaged into your skin then the smell remains, it isn't a bad smell, but there is defiantly a natural smell to it, so don't be fooled into thinking that just because they havn't added anything means that it will be smelless.

            Smell: The smell as stated above is subtly and sweet, you won't regret it having that smell.

            Butter rich? I laugh at Clinique for jumping on the body butter band waggon. This product is quite thick probably a touch thicker than the Bodyshop body butters. One wouldn't describe it a gloopy, it is just tick but also smoothly massages in, so yes it is butter rich.

            Intensively replenishing?
            Yes I find that if it is applied to normal skin then it does make it feel a lot smoother, I'm not quite sure if it's replenished my skin with anything that it was missing, but it does feel nicer for it.

            Wraps dryness-prone spots (I guess they are trying to say that it will stop dryness prone spots). Then that would be a no. For elbows I would use Lush's thicker lemon butter which really does work. And for hands and bottom of feet I would use a product specially for them. Also if you have very dry skin then I would choose a specialty product. I would say that this is suitable for normal-dry, normal and people with normal to oily skin.

            Soothing, penetrating moisture? It is smooth and does massage well so yes soothing. But it sits on top of my skin for about 5 minutes after it has been massaged in, and I have found that after a shower if I rub it in then it will take about 20minutes before I can put clothes on without feeling sticky. So that's a no for penetrating as it takes time.

            Summary: A product which works for normal skin to keep it feeling smooth. Do not use if you are looking for a product to deal with a specific dryness problem. The smell and the feel of your skin afterwards is pleasant. At a 20 pounds for 200ml I don't think it is worth it and I would save it for a special treat, or better still go to body shop where they don't test on animals.


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          • Google Sketchup / Animation / 15 Readings / 15 Ratings
            More +
            14.08.2009 15:26
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            If you use 3d images for anypart of your life then I recommend this program.

            I stumbled across this fantastic software after reading seantheprawn's review. Now I gave up architecture a long time ago, but I still love designing and this software will also help with my current studies. So what exactly is it? It is freeware 3d modeling program from google. This means that it is completely free to down load the basic one (like it is with google earth), and it will allow you to design models in 3d.

            What are its good points?
            -Free (always a bonus), - Very easy to use, - Doesn't take up much room on your computer, - good for a wide rang of projects., -online free training, -inference.

            *Ease of use*
            If you have experience with design programs, such as corel draw, photoshop etc. then you will find using this very easy and off you go. If you are new to graphic programs, don't despair they provide free video tutorials which will help you along. I do suggest that everyone has a look at the tutorials as they will give you tricks which will speed up the time it takes you to produce your masterpiece. Such as how to use the "Follow Me tool".

            *Range of uses*
            If you need to create a 3d image, for what ever reason, then this s the program for you. It's only function is 3d, so that's where all the development time has been spent, which means that it is a fantastic 3d program.
            You can also import images to either lay on top of your image or import a google earth image and then use it as your blue print.

            *light on space*
            My computer (which can barely run Sims2 with everything turned off) can run google earth, google sketchup and Mozilla Firefox all at the same time. Now my computer is about to be 5, so I am confident that if your computer can access the internet it can handle this. I also haven't noticed any lag.

            This is google sketchup's big thing. It is an inferring tool. This allows you to raise blocks to all one level, match up sides on a cube and basically gives you guide lines so that you know what you are lining up your line with. Check out the online tutorial on it, very useful and infact it would be very frustrating without this.

            Now that I've sung it's praises it's time for its bad points.
            - 3d only, - walking around, - limited range of textiles, - fiddly, -google earth import is in black and white.

            3d only. Yes ok it needs to be in this so that you can create your master piece. Personally for me I have a high 3d IQ score, basically I can imagine things in 3d, for those of you who can't then obviously you will find it more difficult, but it won't be impossible. They have made it very easy and give you colours for your x,y and z axis, so for example you line will turn blue when you are on the x axis.

            Walking around.
            You can not walk through walls. I know that this seems obvious, but it's really annoying when you have spent ages creating a perfect door, and then you must delete it so you can get through to the other room.

            Textile range.
            Ok yes it is free so I shouldn't complain, but it is so frustrating as they have supplied a limited number of textiles for you to cover your surfaces in. This results in me wanting more. In all credit to them though they do have a sufficient variety such as metals, water, wood, colours and you can edit them by changing their transparency and colour, but still I want more!

            The fiddeliness.
            They have the autofeature where the program guesses where you want the line to connect to, unfortunately sometimes it is wrong and it just won't click to where you want it to as it is too busy thinking you want something else. This is easy to fix, just zoom in which gives the program greater sensitivity or spin around to a different view which has less going on. This autoclick is a common problem in most graphic programs I have used, however it is very useful when it guesses correctly, and it is quite easy to fix.

            Google Earth B&W.
            It is so helpful tracing over a google earth image. But you know what they are like, a little bit grainy, and with trees in the way etc so it's not always clear just where exactly the house ends and the garden starts. Luckily you can decipher this when it's in colour, but when it is in black and white it is almost impossible. I presume that it is in black and white so that it saves space, but maybe in a later edition it could get imported colour and then once you've traced what you need then you could click desaturated google earth image.

            All in all, great program, in fact I spent 7 hours on it yesterday and so far 4 hours on it today. Looses a star as they are some tweaks that it needs, it's not perfect but then again who is?

            P.S. What does Noise mean? I didn't know so i've left it blank.


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            • Come Dine With Me / TV Programme / 28 Readings / 24 Ratings
              More +
              12.08.2009 22:14
              Very helpful



              It does entertain me, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.

              I first started watching come dine with me in it's 30 minute slots. Since then it's gone from strength to strength and is now shown at prime time and lasts for an hour. It also has a spin off show which is based around weddings. So what is this show and why does it out compete other cookery shows?

              The show is set around each guest throwing a dinner party for the other three guests. The dinner party is then rated by the other guests on how the whole evening goes. At the end of the four dinner parties (2 hours) then the host which scored the most gets 1000 pounds.

              First of all it's not a cookery show it's more reality tv show dinner parties, set in a comic manner. Secondly there is no denying that the commentary by Dave Lamb is the comic genius with clever editing which turns out making fun of the contestants.

              My opinion.
              -It is very funny, one instance which springs to mind is Guest: "Wow it looks like one of those stately homes" Dave Lamb "Um that's because it is". The comic is only provided by the cometary or the clever juxtapose editing such as guest A things guest B is vile, guest B really likes guest A and their opinions are juxtaposed together.
              -It is not a cookery program, although they do take you through the steps of how to make it, then it won't teach you. It is more just enjoyable to watch how disastrous meals can go.
              - It has a little bit too many, previouslies and coming up after the break.
              - It is a little annoying how if you miss one episode then you miss out on the in-jokes which are brought up in the next episode.
              -It isn't a building series, although each two episodes belong together, so you can watch it anytime.

              Summary: A very easy way to spend your time. I preferred it in it's 30 minute format, and it isn't very addictive and I will often switch it off mid episode. It does provide light relief though. All in all I wouldn't pay to watch it, but I would avoid it if it was on.


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              • General / Discussion / 18 Readings / 15 Ratings
                More +
                12.08.2009 14:25
                Very helpful



                Sorry if it bored you.

                1 - First Names:
                Oh comlicated.

                2. - Pseudo(s)?
                Loo loo (loo on it's own sounds too much like lou -which is too masculine for me )

                3 - girl or boy?

                4 - Towns? (Birthplace and living town)
                I move around an awful lot, so recently I've just moved from Leeds to Sheffield and now I'm about to go to Falmouth. I was born in Sheffield.

                5 - Size?
                5'4 (or small)

                6 - Age?

                7 - colour of hair?
                Currently brown with a bright white streak right at the front, not like a tiger strip (I hate that), just a feature fringe. I also changes to blue and purple and next time I might go pink.

                8 - colour of the eyes?

                9 - Employment / current occupation?
                Nill at the moment, see profile for current predicament

                10- astrological and Chinese sign:
                Cancer and I am a fire rabbit.

                11 - I like/love?
                Shoes. It may sound shallow but I love them. I also love rocks, show me some sandstone interbedded with shale and I'm happy. Show me a complete bouma sequence and I'm yours.

                12 - I don't like?
                Time wasters, people who are rude.

                13 - If you can met one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
                HATS, an ancestor of mine. I would also like to meet another ancestor who is at the very top of my family tree so that I can make the tree go further back, but I feel they would take offense to that.
                In an interesting way I think Americans should meet the ancient Romans, and see how democracy really works.

                14 - What do you like to do, generally, during the weekend?
                At the moment I have no money so my weekend is the same as my weekdays. Although I do love it as I get to see my mum at weekends and she doesn't have anywork to do.

                15 - The town/country that you want to visit or even live in?
                Singapore to live. If they had a job for me I would move in an instant. Visit would have been Afghanistan, before they blew up the giant budda. But now it would be Khartoum.

                16 - The first thing you do when you come back from school or work
                It used to be talk to who ever was in the living room or kitchen, but next year there will be just two of us, so I'm going to get lonely.

                17 - Style of music or radio that you prefer?
                Classical, Jazz, Radio 4. Yes I realize that at my age I shouldn't, but what the heck.

                18 - The most beautiful song which exist for you?
                I love Melody Gardo (I think that's her name) and "Your heart is as black as night". But for beautiful I'ld have to choose monk chanting, there is something magical there, maybe it's the strength of their faith? Maybe it's just because they are great singers who knows.

                19 - The singer, or band that you prefer?
                See above.

                20 - The reality TV show that you prefer?
                Come Dine with me and Grand Designs, also America's next top model is my guilty pleasure, but as I don't have sky then I can't watch it.

                21 - the advertising that you prefer?
                Funny ones. Usually banned. The polo one showing off it's strength is a v. funny one.

                22 - Are you single?

                23 - If no, are you happy?
                Very much so.

                24 - if yes, are you happy?

                25 - Have you ever known an unhappy love affair?
                Yes and no. I tend not to think about how bad things got and instead look at all the great times that were shared.

                26 - How many Harlequins' collection (books) do you have?
                As I don't know what that is I'll say none.

                27 - Have you ever read "NOUS DEUX" (to make the bond with England, "Nous deux" is a tabloid)?
                See above.

                28 - The magazine, which you never miss?
                None. I frequently miss magazines.

                29 - Your book of bedside?
                Sebastian Faulks, "Dolphins on.... street" Although Dooyoo has ruined my reading pleasure as I always am now thinking about what I would say in a review about it.

                30 - The novel of which you would have liked to be the author?
                Shantaram. Just for his life in india, not for the one before that.

                31 - Your society game (or console) favourite?
                What's a society game?

                32 - The dish which you prefer?
                Ahh too many. Right now I would love some ox liver lightly fried.

                33 - What do you buy when you go to the fair when you are hungry?
                Candy floss, or if I'm really hungry a hotdog.

                34 - Drink preferred?

                35 - colour preferred?

                36 - fetish number?

                37 - The quotation which you prefer?
                "I have never had a problem with drugs, I've only had problems with the police"

                38 - Film Actor which you prefer?
                Jonny Depp, mainly because I can never recognise him as he changes for each role.

                39 - cult movies?

                40 - Preferred series?
                Grey's Anatomy (Another guilty pleasure)

                41 - Your more beautiful quality?
                Hmm, you would have to ask other people.

                42 - Your worst defect?
                I make snap judgments about people and end up disliking people over nothing.

                43 - Your worst nightmare?
                Not having a chance to say goodbye.

                44- The worst shame of your life?
                I managed to severely piss off my housemate and best friend and in the same night I told my boyfriend's best friend that he had a stupid name, over and over again. In my defense I had downed two dirty pints and a lot of tequilla. Although apparently I was a complete bitch to everyone that night, now I stay away from tequilla.

                45 - The most beautiful thing which one made for you by love?
                An ex of mine created a beautiful box to hold all my jewelry, he painted it my favorite colour and spent so much time over it. I wish I still had it.

                46 - The thing of which you are proudest?
                Getting my first at uni.

                47 - A fairy lends his magic wand to you for a wish: what you make?
                Money, infinite money.

                48 - The first thing you do in the morning?
                Press snooze.

                49 - what you think when you are not able to fall asleep at night?
                I stress a lot, and think about all the things I have to do tomorrow.

                50 - What will you bring with you on a desert island?? (5 max)?
                Rope (from rope you can make string)
                Knife (useful for cutting, making string and hunting)
                Bamboo (rafting)
                Sun tan cream
                The easy light flick things. Yes I am going to survive on this island.

                51 - If you have to buy a handbook of survive, that would be which?
                Probably one which I will write when I'm a hundred. I would hate all of my losses not to have been learnt from.

                52 - Your bedroom takes fire (or is flooded, it depends of the place), what do you rescue at first?
                My teddy bear.

                53 - Quelle(s) peluche(s) partagent ton lit ?

                54 - What do you have on the wall of your bedroom???
                Nothing, as my bedroom is only temporary. Last year lots of posters, next year a very nice picture.

                55 - pets ?
                dogs and fish.

                56 - Do you get on with your parents?
                Very much so.

                57 - with your brother and sister ?
                With my sister? Umm occasionally.

                58 - Which is the cartoon which you preferred child?
                Dexter's Lab.

                59 - And now ?
                Family guy

                60 - Which is the job which you dreamed to have child?
                A vet.

                61 - Why the lady is big of her belly ?

                62 - Tell us your most beautiful memory of childhood
                That's a tough one.

                63 - Were you already scandalmonger (to say evil of people behind their back)?

                64 - You have the possibility of saying your four truths to the person whom you hate more in the world, what you would say to him?
                That they were a rubbish boyfriend. Although he would never believe it, because no it was all my fault. Ok better stop before I rant.

                65 - The insult which you say more?
                I don't really insult.

                66 -The word you overuse to much?

                67- Do you speak another language that English?
                Not really. I am learning Spanish at the moment and can say hello, thank-you, please and other general words in a multitude of languages.

                68 - What countries have you been to?
                UK, Eire, Singapore, Australia, Vietnam, America, France, Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Holland.... there is quite a list.

                69 - The area (or the place) of England which you do prefer?
                Umm, right here I guess.

                70 - The area you least like?
                Milton Kines.

                71 - If one day you become hyper famous, in which would you become famous ?
                As an investor.

                72 - What you would buy if you won the lotto?
                A suite on Singapore airlines to go to Sydney with a stop off in Singapore.

                73 - Where and How do you see you in 2015? In 2040 ?
                2015. Living in Africa mining.
                2040 - Being at my house in England on a two month break visiting my children.

                74 - One makes it possible to you to use a "Stargate" (cf Stargate
                SG1), which planet visits you of first?
                The one with the copper sulphur crystals and the sulphur earth.

                75 - The Earth is destroyed. You have time to flee, where you go?
                To my own planet.

                76 - The Earth will be destroyed. You do not have time to flee. Which is the last thing which you make ?
                Have sex.

                77 - How many children do you want ?
                two to three. Although I think that having children is irresponsible as they are such a drain on the world's resources I would still want some. If I could only have one I wouldn't have any at all.

                78 - How you call them?
                I can't tell you that. Although the first born male's initials will be W.H.C.J.P.

                79 - What would you like, boys or girls?
                I don't know. I would want a girl and boys but I'm not sure if I want them to have brothers and sisters.

                80 - If you can change a part of your body, Which one do you choose?
                Nope I'm a positive thinker.

                81 - You dye your hair. Which colour you choose?

                82 - If you can have a tattoo, what?? And Where??
                I don't want a tattoo.

                83 - Are you beginning, intermediary or expert when it acts of Internet?

                84 - What mouse mat do you have?

                85 - Which is your background desktop picture off?
                One at a diamond mine.

                86 - What can we find under your bed ?

                87 - How many times a week do you come on Internet? How many hours?
                Everyday and lots.

                88 - What do you think about cyber sex on the internet ?
                Well at least the people are gettin it free.

                89 - What was your resolution on the new year ?
                To get my first.

                90 - Do you do it ?

                91 - The best gift that somebody offer to you ?
                A dressing gown.

                92 - The worst gift that somebody offer to you?
                Plastic make-up

                93 - Somebody offer to you a house. You choose an igloo, an Indian tipi, a African box, the same house as your parents, a farm ?
                Depends where they are. Location, Location, location.

                94 - How much do you weigh ?

                95 - How much would you like to lose ?
                I would like to be 55kg, but 60 would be good.

                96 - the best teacher did you have?
                Geography teacher at highschool

                97 - the worst teacher did you have ?
                Chemistry teacher, we had huge arguments.

                98 - Dedicate this questionnaire to someone?
                Umm no.

                99 - What do you think of this questionnaire ?
                The english needs improving.

                100 - Would you recommend it?


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                  12.08.2009 00:18
                  Very helpful



                  There are people who want to rip you off, just make sure that you keep all your documents.

                  So you are about to rent a house. Here are my top tips for being a good tenant, making it your home and most importantly getting your deposit back.

                  Good Tenanting.
                  1. Pay everything on time. Set up a standing order and tell your letting agent/Landlord that you have done so and tell them so. Make sure they know that you are going to pay up even if you need a month to get the money for your deposit in your bank then make out a post dated cheque for a time you know you have money. Check with the letting agent/LL that this is ok first though.
                  2. Be clean. Not necessarily tidy, but clean. Also remember in some contracts if you have left a mess which attracts rodents then you have to pay for it. Also most of the time these houses will have at some point been your LL home and they don't want to see it in a mess.
                  3. Let them know that you are being a good tenant. For example if there is a garden ask them to send you written conformation that you can weed the patio.
                  4. Get to know the neighbors, or at least don't disturb them. These peoples may know your LL and complain, which means that you may get evicted.
                  5. Just because it is not your carpet/sofa/lampshade does not mean that you can let things soak in. Treat it with respect at the very least this means that you won't loose any money.

                  Making it yours.
                  Personalise, Personalise, Personalise! Get pot plants, get pictures (though check that you can put it up first), ask if they buy the paint would you be able to redecorate. Buy a door mat. You will feel a lot happier in there once it becomes your home. My way is to surround my self with photos for the first week until I feel more at home and settled.

                  Getting your deposit back.
                  I am at the moment in a huge fight with my ll about how the house was when we moved in. In my words a tip. anyway it has all boiled down that they won't give my deposit back and it is a horrible feeling and place to be so if you are moving in follow these steps.
                  1. Fill in their inventory and your own. Send a copy to them preferably by email and keep a copy for your self. Not down everything. Even if you think that it is just minor note it. Same as you do when you first rent a car.
                  2. Make sure you know what you pay for ie. light bulbs, cleaning, left furniture, missing furniture.
                  3. Take photos of anything broken or in bad repair. Digital is best then burn them onto a CD-R and make sure they are date stamped. You may also want to email your LL these photos.
                  4. If anything happens such as brick through your window or spray paint on the brick work then report it to police. Then you get a police incident number which then your LL can pass onto their insurance.
                  5. When you are moving out take out your inventory and take all of your furniture and leave all of there's.
                  6. Get final copy of all bills and make a photocopy. Send the receipt of final payment to LL.
                  7. If you don't get your deposit back call them, talk to them. Last resort legal action, although normally just the threat of legal is enough to make them get in shape and get it back to you.

                  Hope everyone has lovely honest LL and enjoy their rented home.


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