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Member since: 07.11.2012

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      07.11.2012 14:37
      Very helpful
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      Need a deep cleansing shampoo with no build up, result shiny, clean, yummy smelling hair

      I have trouble finding shampoos that make my hair actually feel clean. I find lots of shampoos especially conditioning and intensive ones are really heavy difficult to wash out and make my hair feel greasy look greasy after one day , almost like they coat the strands of hair with something. Also they never seem to get a good lather so you feel like you need to use more...Anyway no more!

      Milkshake intensive shampoo is fantastic I totally recommend this product, you don't need much I have just above shoulder length hair and I use a 20p size blob and it lathers up really well so you feel like your hair is getting a really good deep clean. It also smells amazing, like ice cream, not sickly though still fresh smelling! I hate vanilla smelling products as they give me a headache but trust me this smells divine!

      After washing, your hair actually feels squeaky clean! Once blow dried it makes your hair feel light but with body and very shiny, I have had two mums in the school playground ask what shampoo I use because my hair looks so shiny!

      So looking for a deep cleaning, conditioning shampoo, look no further you have found it!


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