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      13.03.2013 19:42
      Very helpful



      Highly recommend that you watch this amazing film!

      The award winning film, Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone, is a fantasy based film that revolves around the life of a young boy called 'Harry Potter'. The film was directed by Chris Columbus and produced by David Heyman. The leading actor who plays Harry Potter in the film is the one and only, Daniel Radcliffe. The film was released on the 4th November 2001. Daniel Radcliffe has won a variety of awards for his brilliant acting skills. He has won the Saturn Award for best Young Actor and the Empire Award for Best Actor.
      Firstly, this film starts off in the quiet little neighbourhood of Little Whinging where the Dursley's live. After Harry's Mother and Father tragically died in the hands of Voldemort, Harry's yet to be discovered arch enemy, He was brought to the Dursley's, his cunning Aunt and Uncle to be looked after. While living there he has to put up with his fat cousin Dudley. Harry's adventure starts when he is sent a letter addressing his name and address which was sent from Hogwarts, The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
      Dare to carry on?
      Secondly, Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone is an adrenaline pumping thriller which in my personal view is an exhilarating film that will completely take you breath away! Personally, I think that Daniel Radcliffe who takes on the role of Harry Potter is brilliant. Not only was he perfect for the role but also, his excellent acting skills give the film a touch of magic! Similarly, Hermione Granger played by the incredible actress Emma Watson plays a big role in the film too and gives the viewer's something to look forward to. In contrast, Harry's annoying cousin Dudley is my least favourite character as he makes the film extremely boring.
      Thirdly, Let's explore the film in more detail! When Harry makes his journey to Hogwarts, he doesn't know the dark secrets that lurk in the underworld of Hogwarts! He's in for many dark adventures and life threatening events that will haunt him forever! There are also many secrets that he must uncover in order to succeed and he must be willing to fight for survival!
      Overall, this film unarguably is the best film ever made in the history of films! I highly recommend that you watch this breath-taking film that will truly blow your mind away! If you like a good thriller then this is the film for you. Sit back and enjoy!


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      13.02.2013 18:11
      Very helpful



      Strongly recommend that you at least try it out once and see what results it returns to you!

      Vanish have now designed and produced another stain removal product for us to use!
      Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover offers you an easy reliable solution to your carpet and upholstery stains.

      Are you having a tough time taking out a stain you've found on your carpet or upholstery? Well, There is no need to worry because Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Powerspray produces mindblowing stain removal results first time every time! Vanish Powerspray can completely remove even the toughest stains from your carpet or upholstery.

      Stain Removal Tips:

      1. Always test on a hidden area of carpet to check colour fastness.
      2. Allow the test patch to completely dry first.
      3. If the carpet colour is affected, do not use this product on the rest of your carpet.
      4. Do not use on any materials that are unsuitable for wet cleaning or marked as dry clean only.

      Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Powerspray is the best product for removing everyday stains from your carpets.

      How to use Vanish:

      1. Spray Vanish Oxi Action Spray directly onto the stained area and rub gently.
      2. Leave the spray on between 1-5 minutes before washing as normal.
      3. Heavy stains may require a second application.

      Important: Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather - for example wood, metals etc.

      Vanish Oxi Action Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover also known as Powerspray is a brilliant product and works wonders on carpets and upholstery items. I use it occasionally on some of my carpets if they have been stained. It's better than using Fairy Liquid to clean your carpet because at least you know that you can trust Vanish.

      Now, as far as I know, ASDA don't sell this Vanish product so I get mine from Tesco's for £4.60 which I personally think is a bit much. I pretty sure Waitrose sell it for the same price.

      I definitely recommend that you buy this wonderful product and see the amazing results for yourself!

      I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and Thank you for taking your time to raead it too.

      Many Thanks,


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        12.02.2013 23:14
        Very helpful



        Strongly recommend that you at least try it out once and see what results it returns to you!

        Do you have terrifying nightmares about those little blighters sitting in your whites?

        Well now, there's no need to worry because Vanish have given us all an easy reliable solution!
        Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder has the magical power to 'Vanish' those little horrors on your white clothing forever! Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White gives you amazing stain removal and whiter whites 1st time every time!

        By using Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder on your whites, it's scientifically designed formula is working hard to ensure that your whites come back to you not just without stains but upto several shades whiter!
        The special formula contains Oxi Powerlift agents which penetrate and lift the stain first time, and also whitening ingredients to help retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing.
        Add a scoop of this powder to your wash load to see great results.

        Direction for use:

        Removing stains from your whites has never been easier with Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder!

        Washing Machine:
        1. For tougher and dried-in stains, add 1 scoop to your normal detergent in the washing machine drawer.
        2. For normal stains, add 1/2 a scoop.
        3. Wash as usual. You can get great results even at 30 degrees.

        1. Fully dissolve 1 scoop in 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C). For normal stains use 1/2 a scoop.
        2. For the best results, soak for 6 hours.
        3. After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.

        I use the amazing Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White Powder everyday when I wash a heap of whites. It also works well when soking clothes which I also do quite often. However, If I soke something, I usually leave it to soke for at least 2 days as it cleans and refreshes them completely.

        I definitely think this is a brilliant product and sure is reliable and trustworthy. I strongly recommend that you buy and try it out for yourself but trust me, you'll absolutely love it!

        I buy mine from ASDA for £6.00 which isn't bad for a 6KG container full of it. It can also be bought from Tesco's and many other major retailers but it costs more!

        I hope you have enjoyed reading my experience of using this product and do hope you have thought about buying it too.

        Thank you very much for reading and taking your time!

        Many Thanks,


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        12.02.2013 22:53
        Very helpful



        Strongly recommend that you at least try it out once and see what results it returns to you!

        I have used Vanish Pre - Wash Spray ever since the day my mother recommended it to me. She said it works wonders on clothes especially the whites!
        Even now, I am still using it and spraying away at my whites and colours and it works wonders!
        I just couldn't believe my eyes when I first observed what it did.

        Vanish Pre - Treatment ensures that your clothes will be stain free within an instant action 1st time round. Vanish Pre - Wash Spray is specially designed and formulated to remove the stains and grime that detergents might leave behind!

        Removing stains from your clothes and other fabrics is easier than you might think with Vanish Stain Remover Pre-Wash Spray.

        It's simple to use by following the correct directions -

        How to use:

        1. Shake the bottle before use.
        2. Turn the pink nozzle to the 'ON' position.
        3. Spray on the stained area. Both sides of the stains should be treated.
        4. For best results, leave to work for 1-2 minutes.
        5. Wash as usual.
        6. After use, turn the pink nozzle to the 'OFF' position.

        Important note: Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather - for example wood, metals etc. Safe for use on white and colourful fabrics.

        As mentioned earlier, I have been using this particular Vanish Pre - Treatment product for some time now and everytime I have been 'Spraying Away' it has always worked and is definitely a great product for in the home especially when you have heaps upon heaps of laundry.

        I must strongly recommend that you at least try this product once and see what results it gives you and I am very sure you will be extremely pleased with how it works and what it does for your clothes!

        I purchase mine from ASDA for just £2.00 which is very good considering how great the product is but it can also be purchased from Waitrose for £2.30, Sainsbury's for £2.35, Tesco's for £2.30, Ocado for £2.30 and Wilkinsons for £2.00. So obviously, ASDA and Wilkinsons offer the best price for the product but I'm sure you could purchase it from local shops maybe even for a cheaper price!

        Thank You for reading another one of my reviews and thank you for your time!

        Many Thanks,


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        12.02.2013 21:56
        Very helpful



        I strongly recommend that you buy this product if you love a good crime thrilling game with action!

        You may be wondering what L.A. Noire is. Well your not the only ones, when I first saw this game, I had no idea what it was about either!

        Well, L.A. Noire is a dark and violent crime thriller that will make your spine chill.

        Set against the backdrop of 1940's Los Angeles, L.A. Noire blends the breathtaking action of chases and shootouts with true detective work such as criminal interrogations and clue finding. Officer Cole Phelps embarks on an action - packed adventure in the desperate search for truth in a city where evrybody has something to hide.
        So join the newly - minted officer on his journey and gradually make your way up through the ranks by showing outstanding police work. 'But it'll be hard, trust me!'

        Different Platforms:
        The game can be purchased for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or PC

        L.A. Noire was produced by rockstar Games which are by far the most greatest game producers ever!

        Game Details:
        The game is only 1 player, Takes up 300KB to save, HDTV 720P / 1080i / 1080P, In game Dolby Digital and
        Game content available for download.

        Please note that: L.A. Noire contains very strong language, strong violence, sex references and nudity and is only suitable for persons 18 and over!

        My personal experience with this world famous game:
        The great thing about this game is that it was put through hell in it's design and development stages. However, it was still brought onto the gaming market and surprisingly, it was a common favourite. It is also a very sucessful game!

        Another great and tremendous thing about this epic game is that it lets the player interact and engage with the game by letting by letting you examine bodies, possible murder weapons and many different and interesting locations.
        It not only lets you see and feel what being a professional detective is like but it also allows you to see what 1940's America was like 'Crime Wise'.

        I particularly like the part when you are involved within a vicious and violent gunfight not forgetting the face to face fights too.

        So there you have it! I hope I have drawn your full attention towards this thrilling game and I definitely hope you go out and buy it and experience the great things that are involved within professional detective work whether it be in the 1940's or modern detective work.

        I purchased my copy from Argos but I'm sure many other retailers including online retailers such Ebay and Amazon will have these products available for you to purchase!

        Thank you very very much for reading my review and do hope you have enjoyed reading it too!

        Many Thanks,


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      • UK Truck Simulator (PC) / PC Game / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
        More +
        12.02.2013 08:48
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth buying

        UK Truck Simulator is a virtual lorry driving simulator for your PC or laptop. Using a vast network of motorways and major routes you can gain access to 18 of the UK's largest and greatest cities.

        Cities Included:
        London, Manchester, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edingburgh, Newcastlee, Carlisle, Sheffield, Grimsby, Birmingham, Swansea, Cambridge, Felixstowe, Dover, Southampton, Plymouth and Cardiff.

        You will need to makesure you make your deliveries on time, keep your truck well maintained and check your fuel consumption. Gradually build up your delivery business making sure it is running smoothly and efficiently.

        Traffic violations are included in the game throughout and if you are caught on the wrong side of the road, speeding, crashing into objects or driving over red lights you will be fined immediately.

        Minimum System Requirements:

        Windows XP/Vista/7 - Processor with 2.2 GHz - 1GB RAM - (2GB For Windows Vista or 7) - Graphics Card 256 MB - Direct X 9 Compatible Sound Card - Direct X 9.0 - 900MB Free HD

        Recommended System Requirements:

        Dual or Quad Core Processor with 2.2 GHz - 2GB RAM - Graphics Card 512MB

        This game is definitely worth the money and you'll love it. It's designed for boys obviously but I'm sure girls and adults play on it too. It gives you a small taster of what the lorry driving world is like in real life and how time consuming and stressful it can be. It lets you learn about how to control a lorry in real life and how to manage your time properly so that you might your given deadlines.

        There are many different lorries included in the game and as you get more money the better class of lorry you will be able to purchase.

        My personal experience with this game:

        I absolutely love this game as it gives you a taster of how it would be driving a lorry in the real world. It definitely helps you learn how to manage your time and keep what your doing in order.
        It's definitely worth £ 25.00 for a brand new one. I got mine from GAME but they might not sell it anymore.

        So yes, makesure you go out any bu this wondeful game.

        Thanks for reading,


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        11.02.2013 20:56
        Very helpful



        Definitely recommended for people who love a good hilarious comedy!

        Mrs. Brown and her family are back for another BAFTA award - winning series full of action! Mrs. Brown's
        Series 1 was only a small portion of her amazing comedy series but Series 2 is an absolutely outrageous masterpiece. 'Thought you'd seen Mrs. Brown at her most craziest in series 1, well you ain't see nothing yet!

        TV's most funniest comedian, Agnes Brown, is back again for another action - packed series that will blow your brains out!

        Join Agnes Brown and her family in her brand new series where she will be constantly meddling in her childrens lives but does she know what consequences and problems she will be faced with!

        Dare to read on?

        Her mind - blowing DVD contains not only 1 DVD but 2 DVD's. The second DVD includes lots of DVD extras, her amazing end of series wrap, Brendans fantastic jokes and her great extended scenes!

        Why did I particularly like this comedy?

        Well, there are many different hilarious comedy's to choose from but Mrs. Brown just simply caught my eye. Before I'd even purchased the DVD, I knew it was going to be a thrilling experience when watching it and guess what, I was exactly right! I loved it! Her extra - ordinary jokes and even the way she talks makes the comedy great.

        I won't give the storylines away as it will definitely spoil it for you. I will leave you to see for yourself!

        I must warn you that Mrs. Browns Boys does contain strong language and sex references and should only be viewed by 15 year old's and over.

        Each episode last's approx 30 minutes but you'll love it, trust me! I hope I've given you a small taster of what Mrs. Brown is like.

        I definitely recommend this amazing DVD to you and makesure you buy it!


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        11.02.2013 18:51
        Very helpful



        Definitely recommended for people that have blackheads or spots.

        Well, As you can see this is another one of my reviews except this time, it's for something much different!

        Clean and Clear are a Johnson and Johnson company which produced and create many different products for facial and skin care. They make many different products including exfoiliating and refreshing facial washes, spot, whitehead and blackhead cleansing lotions and many facial moisturisers.

        Why did I pick this particular product?

        Well, this particular product offers a range of benefits for your facial skin. Not only does it help clear and prevent breakouts of spots, whiteheads and blackheads but it also cleans and refreshes skin by removing oil, dirt and dead cells trapped deep in the pores. It's non - toxic and gentle formula is specially designed to cleanse your facial skin without damaging pores or cells.

        Why is this product so great?

        Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser is specially formulated to start fighting blackheads from Day 1! The formula also contains a blackhead fighting ingredient, and when used daily, helps prevent blackheads from forming.

        Directions for use:

        Apply cleanser to a cotton pad and wipe over your face and neck, giving extra attention to the T-zone and avoiding the sensitive eye area.
        Alternatively, use it after cleansing to tighten and tone pores.
        Use once or twice a day, there's no need to rinse your face after.


        Aqua, Alcohol Denat., PPG-5-Ceteth-20, Glycerin, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Gel, Bisabolol, Propylene Glycol, Glucose, Butylene Glycol, Menthyl Lactate, Sodium Benzoate, Parfum.

        My personal experience with this product:

        I purchased this product from one of my local village pharmacies and it cost me £1.99 but the price may vary in other shops and supermarkets.
        I used it for around 3 weeks applying it twice a day after washing and it removed every single blackhead, whitehead and spot.

        It is an exceptionally useful and reliable product which definitely works for both men and women. I definitely recommend that you try this product and any other products from Clean & Clear's amazing range.

        Thank You for reading,


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      • Simple Gentle Shampoo / Hair Care / 20 Readings / 17 Ratings
        More +
        10.02.2013 23:06
        Very helpful



        Definitely recommend using this product for sensitive, weak and un-healthy hair!

        Simple Gentle Shampoo is yet another fantastic hair cleansing product from the Simple range. Simple have made many great body and hair care products but why did I personally pick this particular one?

        Good question, well this particular unique shampoo offers a wide range of benefits for your hair! With vital vitamins such as Pro Vitamin B5 which enhances look and shine, Chamomile which gently softens and soothes and Glycerin which hydrates and nourishes, your hair will look great for any occasion! Whether it's a date, party or your just going out to enjoy yourself, Simple Gentle Shampoo is the one for you!

        Simple Gentle Shampoo doesn't contain any perfumes, colours or unnecessary chemicals so you dont need to worry about your hair or scalp! Just lie back and relax and leave the hard work to the shampoo.

        For best results...

        Lather up shampoo by gently massaging into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly and repeat as necessary. Follow with Simple Gentle Shampoo Conditioner for even better results!

        My personal experiences with this extra-ordinary shampoo!

        Well, I first purchased this shampoo from Poundworld as I was looking for a gentle, hydrating and nourishing shampoo for my hair. When I first saw this I thought 'I'll give it a go and see whether it suits me'. So I tried it and guess what, It worked wonders for not only my hair but my sensitive and itchy scalp too. What else can I say? My hair was shockingly beautifal and it had never looked so revived. It was as if this wonderful shampoo had revived my hair and simply brought it back to life in a flash!

        So there you have it, Why don't you try Simple Gentle Shampoo and the rest of their amazing range of products today and see how you get on. I bet it will work wonders just like it did for me!


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        04.01.2013 01:09
        Very helpful



        Definitely worth buying for hours on end of family fun and entertainment

        Monopoly is an absolute classic family game that used to be manufactured by Parker but is now made by Hasbro. Unlike Jenga, chess, draughts and other classic games, Monopoly is an endless family favourite that millions love. Monopoly was first produced in the Great Depression probably to entertain people as they had no other means of entertainment. As Monopoly is a family game, then people in the family would gather round together and start playing. You cant stop playing once you have started, I should know, I'm addicted to it.

        I purchased it for my son for christmas and he and his sister play it with each other when there bored. It occupies and entertains them for 2 - 3 hours or more! What more could you ask for? I also think it's very educational for children because it learns them about buying, selling, property trading and about how to manage their money carefully!

        How to play:

        The basic plot and aim of the game is too be the only player at the end of the game with money.

        Playing Monopoly is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. A certain amount of money is split between each player. According to my instructions, each player must have 2x £500, 4x £100, 1x £50, 1x £20, 2x £10, 1x £5 and 5x £1.
        One person must be a banker who is incharge of selling properties, managing bank money and things like that. There can be upto 6 players in the game. Each player must roll the 2 dices and then the player that gets the highest score will roll first. You move your chosen counter the number of squares you have rolled on the dice. If you land on a property which has a colour, you can buy it. If you land on 'Community Chest' or 'Chance' you must pick a card and do what it says. If you land on 'Income Tax' or 'Super Tax' then you must pay the bank that amount. When you pass the 'Go' square, you can collect £200 salary from the bank.

        When you have all the properties in a coloured group, then you can purchase and build houses and hotels. You can sell or martgage your properties for money too. When people land on your property, they must py you rent.

        It is possible to become bankrupt by using your money too much or by falling into debt. If this happens, then you must pay whatever you owe to other players or the bank and put your properties up for auction. The game is really quite easy to get the hang of, you only need to basics and then you will eventually become better and hopefully win the game.

        Remember: Your aim is not just to get rich. To win, you must make every other player bankrupt and become the only player left with money.

        Usually, the Monopoly board consists of 40 spaces and 28 properties (22 coloured properties, 2 utilities and 4 railway stations)

        I purchased Monopoly from Argos which cost just £14.97 which is a whopping price for a great game. I guess you could purchase it from off the internet on Ebay or Amazon for cheaper.

        It's a great fun - packed game for families and friends which provides hours of entertainment. I would definitely recommend this game to large families. It is also brilliant for playing on long holidays and rainy days.


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        • Poundland / Highstreet Shopping / 27 Readings / 24 Ratings
          More +
          01.01.2013 23:34



          Definitely worth having a look in Poundland if you are near one, Great store!

          Poundland: Everything One Pound! Pounds, Pounds, Pounds!

          I find Poundland completely amazing. They have so many amazing and brilliant products that would cost a fortune in other shops but not Poundland, everything's £1 Pound. You simply can't beat them! Nearly everyday, I hop on the bus just mainly to go to Poundland to get my daily essentails such as cleaning, food, snacks, drinks, garden products, gifts and beauty products too. I really don't know what i'd do without Poundland being in city centre!

          There's amazing value on daily stuff! You can purchase all of your office equipment and stationary, it equipment, DVD's and CD's, birthday gifts and cards, Garden plants and pots, beautifal ornimants and lots of other great stuff too!

          I'm very impressed with Poundlands amazing range of items and also the customer care and service is very impressive too. They always ask how you are and say hello. They are always helpful when you are returning an item too. They are truly from Heaven.

          I can't say nothing bad about them because there is simply nothing that is bad about them and there are no dis - advantages except some people claim that what there paying is a bit of rip off. I suppose some products are a bit on the down side. I did purchase a pear of Signalex Diamante Earphones from them and they didn't work so I purchased another pair and neither did they! But otherwise, they are a great store.


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        • Kodak P76 / Digital Photo Frame / 10 Readings / 9 Ratings
          More +
          01.01.2013 17:59
          Very helpful



          Definitely worth buying if you want to be able tp view and share your favourite memories

          I recently purchased The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame from Curries. Having had a new digital camera too, it's easy and amazing to view and share me and my families most treasured moments and memories on one small digital device!
          I really do love this product and it's truly amazing too have in your home. Showing family and friends photos has never been easier. It gives you the power in one truly amazing, affordable package. It lets you store your favourite photos and share them with people while KODAK Colour Science adjusts your images to make them look even better! The eye-catching animations and transitions will give your images that extra special effect to make your memories even better.

          The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame is also a great gift for birthdays and christmas and would truly make someones day!

          Product and Technical Information:

          1. Store and share up to 1,000 pictures,
          2. Easily and simply put in your memory card or USB flash drive to start the show,
          3. Compatible with most memory cards--just drag and drop,
          4. Smart search menus make it easy to find your favorite moments in seconds
          5. Share more while using less
          6. ENERGY STAR qualified for efficient power consumption
          7. Enjoy our thinner mercury free LED backlit display
          8. Displays pictures beautifully
          9. Enjoy stunning picture quality--the P76 Digital Frame features proprietary KODAK Color Science 10. Technology to enhance each picture individually
          11. Pictures look amazing on the 16:10 17.8 cm (7 in.) high-resolution viewing screen
          12. Create eye-catching slideshow effects--clock & calendar mode, panoramic sweep, and dynamic collage view

          I really like the exquisite image quality and the intergrated battery too. This product is truly worth thinking about buying. They are brilliant for kitchens, Lounges, Front rooms, bedrooms and offices to remind you of your beautifal memories.

          There are a few dis - advantages to The Kodak Easy Share P76 Digital Photo Frame though.

          Many people have complained that it takes them a long time too transfer their pictures and photos onto the product and that it takes too long to label their photos. They can be very expensive depending on where you purchase them from. Some stores might be charging to much money for The Kodak Easy Share and some might be charging just the right price. You really need to shop around a bit and decide which product is the best one for you and also consider and take into account how much you actually and would like to pay for this item. You need to ask yourself these questions: Do you actually need one of these products or can you manage with your digital camera and PC to share and edit your pictures. I hope I am not putting you and anyone you know off about buying this product because I would personally recommend this product to people. It is also definitely worth buying as long as it is a fair price.

          It's quite nice to see one of these digital photo frames in your home and too let people that come to visit you see these wonderful memories without having to through picture albums and booklets.

          Overall, Its definitely worth buying and I would recommend it to people!


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          01.01.2013 16:25



          Overall, This product is brillaint and I definitely recommend you to try it out!

          I wouldn't usually by carpet cleaners and shampoo's as they don't really work in my opinion and from past experiences. The main problem with carpet cleaners and shampoo's is that they don't suit some carpets and they can damage colour and the fibres.
          You may think that the only way to get rid of a dirty stained carpet infested with bacteria is too either get rid of it and purchase a brand new one or alternatively, you could purchase an expensive carpet shampooer.

          But now there's a simple non - expensive solution, 'Vanish Hand Shampoo for Carpets.' This brilliant formula is great for reaching deep down into your carpets fibres, removing dirt and bacteria. It also de - odourises your carpet to get rid of any foul smells and odours. It leaves your carpet smelling and looking clean and fresh.

          Vanish also produce and sell a range of other great high quality products that can be used in the home to remove stains, odours, grime, dust and dirt!

          So get down to your nearest store and buy yourself a bottle of Vanish Hand Shampoo for your carpet today and see the briliant results for yourself!

          In my point of view, this product is brilliant and all the good describing words you possibly imagine. It works for me and gets rid of the dirt and grime in my carpet too. This product also improves the overall look of your carpet!


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            23.06.2012 09:47
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Definitely recommended for purchasing for home computer security and business computers too!

            Every single day, more and more personal computers are becoming infected with viruses and tracking software! This happens when they are downloaded and installed from a website that the user visits! #
            People who do this are finding more ways of stealing identities over the internet and permanently affecting personal computers!
            This is a serious problem for some people and that's why having an Anti-Virus program installed on your computer is vitally important to keep you and your files safe!

            Resolving these sorts of problems!

            Luckily, AVG are here to help us with these problems. There free edition of AVG is very helpful if you don't want to pay!

            Personal Experience!

            Only 4 months ago did my brand new Windows 7 computer get infected with a severe virus which permanently affected it! I lost my files including music, videos, photos, documents and programs! Luckily, I got help quickly and they were removed for good. After this, I thought I don't want this to happen ever again so I looked for Anti-virus software and found AVG 2012 Free Edition! Since then, I have had no trouble at all with viruses!

            Introducing AVG 2012 Free Edition!

            The new AVG Free Edition is a great reliable tool to have installed on your PC to help fight off any viruses, trackers, Trojans, backdoors and many more malicious programs!

            When you open AVG, you will see an overview screen which shows you all of the anti-virus components on your computer!
            It's basically the same as a folder such as 'My Documents'!


            Anti-virus, protects your computer from viruses etcetera,
            Linkscanner, tells you whether links are trustworthy,
            Email Protection, neutralises any mail that is infected with a virus,
            Anti-Rootkit, prevents rootkits from taking over your system or even network,
            Identity Protection, hides your personal details from potential attackers!

            Why should I choose AVG 2012 Free Edition?

            AVG 2012 Free Edition is entirely trustworthy and reliable so you don't need to worry about viruses,
            It can automatically scan your computer and update its software so you don't need to bother,
            Doesn't take up valuable memory on your drives and doesn't use many resources,
            Its compatible with many different PC's and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7!
            Last of all, it's free! No pennies at all!

            Overall, AVG 2012 Free Edition is a great alternative to purchasing Anti-virus software which does the same! It's useful features are absolutely brilliant because they help keep your PC safe and secure in every way, everyday! It's great for home computer protection and even business computers too!

            There's nothing better than AVG 2012 Free Edition Anti-virus software!


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          • More +
            22.06.2012 22:26
            Very helpful



            Definitely recommended for purchasing to help you with office tasks and many other things too!

            Introducing Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus!

            This most recent version of Microsoft Office that was released for Windows is Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus, the perfect office suite software for many different uses including home and office work. This time, Microsoft have finally decided to give the whole layout a change and to include more interesting and useful features to help us with our day-to-day office tasks like writing letters or designing presentations! This incredible new version of MS Office is also easy to navigate around because they have scrapped the old drop down menu and they have designed a quick access toolbar which has tabs instead of drop down boxes!

            What does this version of Office include?

            Due to software design becoming more complex and advanced, Microsoft has been able to include more easy use software in this version.

            This version includes:
            Microsoft Word,
            Microsoft PowerPoint,
            Microsoft Publisher,
            Microsoft Access,
            Microsoft Excel,
            Microsoft InfoPath,
            Microsoft OneNote,
            Microsoft Outlook,
            Microsoft Lync,
            Microsoft SharePoint

            Why should I choose this version of MS Office?

            This version Office as mentioned previously has many different features included in it to improve the user's experience.

            Reasons to why you should:
            *Helps make your work stand out more than before,
            *Instantly share your work,
            *Respond quicker when your away from the office with Microsoft's new web apps,
            *MS Office 2010 Professional Plus is compatible with PC's, Smartphones and Web Browsers,
            *Plus much more!

            MS Office 2010 Professional Plus is definitely a reliable Office suite and helps you get your work completed much more efficiently and faster!

            Negative Side!

            The only problem with this version of Microsoft Office is that it can become very slow at times due to it being a bigger size than the older versions!

            To get this software cheaper search for 'Software 4 Students' on the internet. This company only lets you purchase this software cheaply if you are eligible. To be eligible, you must be a parent/guardian, teacher or student in full time education!


            I conclude that this incredible version of Microsoft Office is perfect for home and office use. It has many different and useful features for designing publications, presentations, letters, webpages and lots more! This product is definitely worth purchasing.


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