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Member since: 21.09.2011

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    • Virgin Trains / Transport National / 7 Readings / 7 Ratings
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      21.09.2011 05:54
      Very helpful




      As an American, my experience with the Virgin brand comes from the Virgin Airlines. They have worked hard to develop a brand that centers on excellent service, with a cutting edge approach to passenger service and comfort.

      I cannot believe that Virgin Train is owned by the same man. My recent experience was truly horrible. From being overcharged, mislead, lied to; buying first class, when the only time I EVER saw a cabin attendent was 30 minnutes before the end of a 4+ hour trip. The "conductor" or ticket taker was rude...I mean downright rude to us. Their platform personnel was unhelpful, and gave us incorrect information. It was just a miserable ride from Glasgow to London (except for the view out the windows).

      If the lack of promised service and food that never showed up was not enough; three hours into the trip, a second ticket taker comes walking through the train, claims that we are missing a document and tells us that we have to purchase another ticket or be thrown off at the next station. May I say Highway Robbery! What do you do? You pay it, and try to take some satification in telling others of your experiences, and hope that you can help others for making the same mistake. TAKE MY ADVICE, DON'T TRAVEL ON VIRGIN TRAINS!

      I only wish I knew what government enities regulate train service in the UK so I could file a complaint with them.

      Buyer beware, do your homework and never assume that because you recongnize a brand name, it's reputable.


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