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Member since: 02.05.2006

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      02.05.2006 12:11



      Overpriced, dingey, unhelpful rude staff.

      I booked a double room at the Strand Palace back in July 05 for NYE 2006. I did this to ensure there would be no availability problems. This was not to be the case.

      After arriving after a long journey we looked forward to checking in and relaxing. There was a big queue, understandable seeing as it was NY and obviously very busy. When we got our turn to check in the lady dealing with us was rude and abrupt. We were then told in due course there has been a mix up with the bookings and they did not have a double room for us. Instead we were told we had two singles. Not acceptable seeing as I had paid £160 for a double room for my partner and I. When I showed dissatisfaction the lady told me that it's ok, I wouldn't be charged any extra for having two single rooms!!! After a lot of talking and not getting anywhere we were offered a twin bedroom, or to be sent out to a novotel on the outskirts of London where they had free double rooms (no way!)

      We took the key and made our way to the twin room. Only to find the card hadn't been programmed properly and it did not unlock the door. I went back to reception to find the same lady 'sucking her teeth' at me and tutting... She checked the card and sent me back to try. AGAIN, this did not work. I was getting quite angry by the whole situation and this time the manager reprogrammed the card and we were able to enter.

      We found the room, small dark, dated, musty. Certainly not what I'd expect for the money I had paid.


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