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Member since: 25.06.2003

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    • Foxtons / Estate Agent / House Builder / 5 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      25.06.2003 23:57
      Very helpful



      • "nowhere to turn for help when it goes wrong"

      If I ever have to have anything to do with Foxtons Estate Agents ever again it will be too soon. I should have been deterred by the fact that most SWLondon homeowners can tell you a Foxtons horror story, or by a bad experience with an extremely rude & arrogant agent in Fulham when I was looking to buy, or even when their agent told me the content of other bids in a sealed bid auction. But somehow I ended up letting my flat through them, probably because stupidly I thought that being so large and prominent in the market they should be trustworthy. I was very wrong. From start to finish it was an expensive disaster. But what made it worse and what they totally failed to see was that this was my home they were letting while I was stuck abroad working. A home is quite an emotional thing, but Foxtons were devoid of any emotion at all being driven only by money as far as I can tell. I fought them as hard as I could over everything, but when they don't want to yield they just ignore you, do not return phone calls, emails or letters. The final insult was when the tenants moved back to America, apparently with both sets of keys, and Foxtons had not only not been bothered to do a check-out of the apartment with them, but had not got a forwarding address either, apparently a UK mobile phone number and a photocopy of a passport is enough. I am someone who reads the small print, every time, but Foxtons have every single avenue covered, they are clever I have to give them that. Be warned that should you decide to deal with Foxtons you do so entirely at your own risk as they have conveniently put themselves outside any form of arbitration by not subscribing to any one of the numerous estate agents regulatory associations. You will have noone but your solicitor to turn to to help you.


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