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      13.04.2015 17:30
      Very helpful


      • "Gives the phone some bounce"
      • "Simple and straightforward"


      • "A bit of a dull design"

      Simple But Effective

      The Easyi Silicone Cover was available for the iPhone 4 and the 4S, I know this as I had the 4S and my daughter had the 4 but we had the same Easyi cover which we bought at the same time. I can't remember how much we paid but it was from Tesco, the current price as per Dooyoo's clever price comparison is £1.90 and I know ours were more than that in around 2012.

      Our covers are both plain blue and the phone is simply pushed inside, there's no front to the cover and it just protects the back and sides - a screen protector would probably be a good idea if you're worried about spectacularly dropping your phone but neither of us bothered (and both ended up with broken screens at some point during the lives of our iPhone 4!

      The cover fits well and still fits now, I took it out of the drawer today to write my review and slipped it onto the iPhone 4 my four year old uses to watch You Tube clips on - the fit is perfect, the silicone moulds itself around the edges of the phone to form a protective band which does more to keep the phone safe from knocks and bangs than you would ever think.

      When placing my iPhone 4 down I can feel that the cover is protecting it as it gives the phone a bit of bounce when it connects to a hard surface. The phone David is using now used to belong to Charlotte, he has a different case on it now but when it was new the Charlotte only used the Easyi cover and still the back of the phone is pretty much scratch free - I started using mine without a cover for a while and mine was horribly messed up by the time I replaced the phone so it just shows it's worth taking care of your iProduct even if it's just with a simple cover like this.


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      13.11.2014 15:00
      Very helpful


      • " vibrant and long lasting too"
      • " young"
      • "Great perfume"


      • "Hard to find on high street"

      Add A Touch Of Class To Your Outing With Ambar By Jesus !

      Jesus Del Pozo was a Spanish fashion designer who was born in Madrid in 1946 and died in 2011. He is a fashion designer and an artisit, he was first fashion designer to receive the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 1998. He designed perfumes for men and women but he was more successful in women’s perfumes.

      Amber was one of his most successful perfumes along with Arabian nights and was launched in 2010.

      The packaging and the design of the bottle

      I liked the packaging, I feel a lot of thought went into it and it characterised the scent well.

      The bottle was designed beautifully to match the name of the perfume. It was made out of orange/amber glass. Even the shape totally matched the name of the perfume; it was curvy, beautiful and very creative. The cap was just like the flame of a candle or a leaf. You can find a bronze medal the size of 10p hanging on the neck of the bottle with name of the perfume in it.

      The notes

      The notes were carefully chosen; I loved the marriage of sweet and spicy cardamom with tangy tangerine, I also adored the cedar as it gives it depth and intensity.

      Top notes are: cardamom, bergamot and tangerine
      Middle notes are iris, tea and peony
      Base notes are Virginia cedar, sage and amber

      The perfume started off with a gentle yet distinctive smell of spices. My first impression was pretty positive, I like it. It was supposed to be spicy but it started with a fresh orange- citrusy smell with a hint sweet subtle scent which was slightly mild spicy, slightly nutty, aromatic and a bit woody. This stage lasted longer than expected. A few hours later, the woody slightly spicy aroma was still there. However, at this stage, there was a nice hint of floral mist. There was a subtle and soft smelling iris accompanied by peony scent which was quite strong. At this point it smelled clean, fresh with spicy oriental notes.

      The third and final notes were very exotic, sexy and warm. I could definitely smell the sage with its strong herby aroma along with a nutty and woody smell of cedar. I have to say that, albeit its name, “Amber” it is not a dominant note in this composition

      It is a spicy, woody kind of perfume but it wasn’t heavy hence making it very suitable for daywear. As for longevity I have to say it is a very long lasting perfume.

      == Prices and availability ==

      Jesus Del Pozo Amber is only available as EDT , the sizes available are :

      30ml, 50ml and 100ml. You can find it easily online but it’s a bit tricky to find it on high street perfume shops.
      The prices are varied between £5.99 for 30ml -£20/50ml and £23/100ml. You can also them with a complementing collection of body spray and body lotion.


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        25.09.2014 10:00
        Very helpful


        • " nice looking bottle and long lasting."
        • Cheap


        • "Confusing start. Might not appeal to some women"

        A Smell Too Strong For Even Kate Moss!

        Superdrug has a variety of perfumes on display and one can’t help not looking at the range of bottles they have. I found this bottle on special offer for just £5!

        I’ve tried Kate Moss perfumes before, albeit it being a sample, and I have to say they smelled gorgeous.

        THE BOTTLE

        The box is purple with gold and black flowers all over the box. The bottle is attractive although it is quite simple. It’s made of purple glass and the name of the perfume, Muse, is written on the top part of the bottle while the name of the celebrity, Kate Moss, is written on the bottom part of the bottle. In the middle of the bottle there is a small pattern formed, it consists of a few squares which are inside each other. The neck of the bottle is golden with some nice drawings of roses and leaves topped with a square shaped purple cap.

        THE NOTES

        Top notes : plum, rhubarb and black currant cream
        Heart notes : peony, tiger orchid and purple violets
        Base notes : ambergris, white musk, and chocolate


        This perfume was launched in July 2010 by the supermodel Kate Moss. They said that the design of it was quite reminiscent of the classic perfumes made in the 1920s and 1930s and they were right. From the first time I sprayed it I remembered Opium but after a few times later I thought it was closer to Poison by Christian Dior.

        The opening wasn’t as I expected, it was a bit sharp and bitter, it was weird and slightly off putting. I didn’t like it at the beginning but when the notes settled down a bit, it dried up to a much nicer scent, a scent that is more flowery and musky.

        I liked the second stage the perfume as it is more floral and a lot calmer. The violet gave the perfume elegancy, it made it just that little bit more sophisticated.

        A few minutes later, I noticed there was a progression in the smell of this scent. The last stage was the best one in my opinion. The white musk was light and powdery while the heaviness of the chocolate gave the perfume that extra hint of sweetness which ultimately pushed it into becoming a better perfume that lasted for hours!


        It’s available in all good perfume shops and online as well. The perfume is available only as EDT, available in sizes of 15ml, 30ml and 50 ml. You can buy them with a complementing collection of body spray and body lotion. The price of a single 50 ml bottle varies between £5-£20.


        I liked this one but I would only pay £5 for it! It has quite a strong yet bitter start but finished beautifully. It’s a bit too heavy for some as it might come across as a quite rich and deep scent.


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          16.08.2014 12:02
          Very helpful


          • "Some games are educational and can be fun"


          • "Some children my get addicted to the games and parents might lose control"

          Start Weaning Your Children Off Video Games!

          When I had my own children I decided that I should try to get them as active as I can before introducing technology to them. I took them swimming and I bought them bikes to ride and of course toys and teddy bears. It was going great until the inevitable happened; they began to ask for a game console that Jack owned or Thomas played with so I bought them their first game console, which at the time was a Playstation 1. They played in moderation and I never really faced any problems whatsoever with them at all. As the times got on, the consoles evolved and soon enough we had a third member of the family who started playing with the console, my youngest son. He used to sit beside my eldest son, watch on fascinated by the idea of FIFA Ultimate team. Slowly he’d start talking more and more about it and started begging me asking me if he could play just for a bit. I duly accepted based on the fact that my two other sons had no problems with getting addicted to games whatsoever. Oh how wrongly mistaken I was.

          As soon as he’d come home from school, he’d turn on the playstation and start buying players off of the transfer market. He’d spend hours on end without getting bored or tired and honestly I started to worry. My son became more easily irritated, he rarely talked about anything other than the players and their stats such as pace and shooting and he became really lazy. I had to do something about it, so I decided to limit his time using the game console and I’m more than happy to say that it worked and he is only playing 4 hours per week now!

          === How to limit their time? ===

          1) Try to be the parent and set your own rules: your child won’t like it, it will be tough at the beginning but you need to show the child that you are the parent and you own the place and it’s your rules.

          2) Try to get some more quality time with your child: play with them talk more to them and try to ask your child about his day at school and please try to listen to their conversation!

          3) Show him/her what they’ve been missing out on: take your child for a family day out, theme park maybe or simple a walk to the park.

          4) Set the Alarm clock: Applying a “restriction” time is vital, a little bit of video games can be fun and sometimes beneficial, so make sure not to completely deprive the child of some “fun” time.
          5) Finally no TV in the bedroom.

          == So to conclude: ==

          It’s really vital to put some sort of time limitation on your children when it comes to video games and to be honest, the sooner you do the better. It’s for your child’s own good.


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            16.08.2014 11:54
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • " durable and very accurate"
            • Cheap


            • "Very light in weight"

            Are You Really Fat? Let Salter Tell You The Truth!

            The scale looks quite modern and simple. The colour of it was matt silver which is a good colour as it goes with my bathroom décor very well. The brand name SALTER is written across it in bold on the bottom of the scale. Unlike my old scale, this scale was relatively lightweight, which was much to my dissatisfaction as any kind of accident could have the potential to break it. It did look very stylish though, with two silver metallic crescent like shapes on the scale, one on the left side and one on the right and I discovered later that those shapes were designed in order to place our feet there for a more accurate reading.

            It has a decent size rectangular shaped LCD which allow us to see the reading clearly. There are 4 buttons located just under the LCD which are the On/Off button, up button, down button and set button.

            == Some basic techs and info ==

            • It has easy to read LCD
            • It has 12 user memory
            • It will measure your body fat and your body water
            • It has athletics, adult and child modes
            • 15 years guarantee
            • The maximum weight is 150kg which is 23st or 330lb

            The scales arrived quickly so I immediately set it up. To be honest, when I first saw it, I wasn’t over the moon with look of it. It was very light compared to my old scale which was heavy and chunky. I always like to read the manual because it’s time saver and stress free and it really helped out in the setting up of the scales. It took me about 10 minutes to get it all ready and set up for the whole family.

            It measured my weight and body percentage very well and I was very pleased with it accuracy. The surface is easy to wipe and clean and the LCD was made of good quality materials. Surprisingly and despite the initial impression that it was lightweight and easily breakable, it turned out to be very durable and I realised that after a little accident that my little son had. He stepped quickly onto the edge of the scales, it flipped on the floor face down, luckily it survived!

            The battery is a very long lasting one. if the scales haven’t been used for a minute, it automatically shuts off.

            There are some disadvantages, not many but I think it worth mentioning:
            You should be quick because it will switch off if you don’t step on quickly. Also you need to choose your user number quickly after the HI message otherwise it will open on the last used user number which may result in you need to switch it off and turn it back on. Another disadvantage is the error message that you might get if you didn’t stand properly which can sometimes be very annoying.


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              02.08.2014 20:37
              Very helpful


              • "Cheap and thick"


              • None

              Thick ,creamy and tasty. All you'll ever want!

              My youngest son loves custard and asks for it all the time. This is a good thing because it’s nice to have a milky pudding every now and then especially that he is not so keen on drinking milk on its own. Due to this, I always try to include milk in the dietary intake indirectly by cooking him rice pudding or giving him flavoured yoghurt or cheese.

              A few years ago, I used Bird’s instant custard or powdered custard .To be honest, I found that it very runny no matter how much powder you put in. In all cases, I didn’t get the result I wanted. Therefore, I decided to try another brand. I tried Tesco’s powder and was satisfied with the results

              As for the powder itself, it looked similar all the other brands as it is mostly made out of cornflour so there was nothing exciting about it. However, the smell was very nice . You could smell a bit of vanilla unlike bird’s custard powder which didn’t strongly smell of vanilla.

              === Preparation ===

              You can cook it on the hob or microwave. Cooking it on the hob is my preferred method as it gives better results. In order to cook it, you need to add 2 heaped tablespoons (36g) of custard powder into a basin with 18g of sugar or anything similar to it .Then, mix it with some milk taken form a pint of milk and make it into a paste. Add it to nearly boiling milk and give it a good stir until the mixture is thick and is lump free. This will take about 5 minutes. The same can be done on the microwave however, it can go wrong sometimes and the custard will get very thick and lumpy. Therefore, I recommend spending a few minutes stirring instead of being lazy using the microwave.

              === The results ===

              I find that all the brands give products with almost the same taste. However, I managed to notice a difference with Tesco’s custard. It was thick and creamy as it should be and the colour was just right. My son was pretty happy with it so I’m happy too.

              === Recommendation ===

              I highly recommend it, it’s a nice and easy dessert. It has got a very nice smell and you will get perfect results everytime . As a mentioned before, it’s even better than some very well-known brands and it’s only 62p for a 300g tub which is very cheap compared to the Bird’s brand which is £1.31 that’s is more than double the price.

              === Ingredients ===

              Cornflour, Flavouring ,Salt ,Colour (Annatto)

              Suitable for vegetarians.


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              02.08.2014 20:29
              Very helpful
              1 Comment


              • "Amazing smell"


              • none

              A perfume That Brings Sunshine Into My Doorstep

              The box was bright yellow, it was like it was representing the sunny days of summer. To be honest, it was pretty simple and had tiny silver dots but it was very eye catching. The bottle itself was a piece of art, a pretty bottle with ornamental value. I must say it has a vintage look about it with a touch of classiness. It was a clear round glass with dimple like dents all over it. The neck of the bottle was beautifully covered with golden rings and the cap was just like the bottle but in smaller shape. The perfume inside was golden yellow which completes the whole theme of joy and happiness.

              === The notes of Dolce Vita ===

              Top notes are:lily, magnolia and rose
              Heart note: peach, apricot and cinnamon
              Base notes are : sandal, heliotrope and vanilla.
              It’s a delightful fragrance that lifts your spirit and makes you happier. In this distinctly feminine scent, the scent opened with warm smell of white lilies and magnolia. I personally loved this opening however; Lily is such a strong scent despite its delicate looks.

              People either tend to adore its intense fragrance or really can’t stand it. The magnolia scent was creamy sweet with a light citrus touch. It beautifully combined lilies and a shy hint of rose. The scent roses was hardly there at the beginning because lilies and magnolia are dominating the whole opening of the perfume, however when the perfume settled down, the smell of rose was there.

              After 10-15 minutes the perfume conveyed into another phase. It was fruitier now; the subtle aromatic sweet smell of juicy peaches and apricots steeped with a lovely zest of cinnamon gave it that touch of spiciness without being over the top.

              The final stage is my favourite one. After 30 minutes, the perfume transformed into a much more elegant and sophisticated scent. The woody notes of sandal and heliotrope supported the sweetness of the perfume, gave it that extra maturity and kept the delicious sweetness of the fruits slightly in rein. Blending the cinnamon with the wood gave it deepness and made it more intense and warm. I can’t say that I smelled any vanilla to be perfectly honest with you, the other components were over powering this gentle smell so it was hardly there. A few hours later when it completely settles, it become a bit more powdery but in a sweet delicate way.

              I love this perfume, it’s welcoming and pleasant, quite simple but delicious. It’s fruity, juicy, floral and delightfully spicy. It has the right balance of sweetness and spiciness so it’s not sickly sweet or over powerfully woody. This sensuous fragrance is full of life and vivacious it matches my body chemistry very well.

              It comes in three sizes:

              100ml, 50ml and 30ml. it’s slightly an expensive perfume, the prices varied between £79-£76 for the 100ml, £55 for 50ml and £36 for 30 ml. It can be found online and from department stores.


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                02.08.2014 20:20
                Very helpful


                • "Great choices of colours"
                • Moisturising


                • Expensive

                Big on price , little on lips

                While I was on Boots, I passed by the Clinique counter and I saw Clinique Chubby Sticks Lip Balm.

                Clinique Chubby Lip Balm looks exactly like a chunky crayon. The colour of the pencil matches the colour of the content. The name of the brand was written in silver, the cap was made of clear plastic and on the bottom of the Crayon there is a silver colour which I discovered later that it has a purpose. The design is simple but elegant and it’s easy to fit into the smallest hand bag.

                === My experience ===

                Clinique chubby Sticks Lip balm has super-nourishing ingredients such as mango and shea butter which helped in healing and moisturising dry lips leaving them extra soft. I thought from the name super strawberry that it might smell of fresh strawberries; in that respect I was quite disappointed as it only smelled of wax! When I applied it, my lips felt very smooth and velvety which left me very impressed. It left a nice little shine with a beautiful subtle colour though what I must say that the colour of it wasn’t as intense as I expected it and that certainly was the case when applying it. If you want it a bit more intense you could add an additional layer of the lip balm. Unlike some lip balms or lipsticks, it provides a nice glossy finish without any stickiness whatsoever; it won’t crack like lipstick or dry your lips. I liked the final result, I was after smooth moisturised lips with a hint of colour and I got what I was looking for. It left a semi-gloss finish and dried quickly which no more embarrassing marks on mug or cups.

                The downside of this one is the longevity. Unfortunately it won’t last for more than a couple of hours and it will fade even faster when eating or drinking so you need to keep the lip balm stick in your hand bag in case you need to reapply.

                On the positive side it’s not gloopy or messy and it doesn’t need sharpening when you need more just twist the silver bit at the bottom of the crayon to reveal more of the product.

                === Available shades ===

                I discovered that they have the full range of colour on Boots store while you can’t online you can’t find all of them.

                The full range is:

                Richer Rasin, whole lotta honey, fuller fig, mega melon, chunky cherry, whooping watermelon, super strawberry, graped up, heaping hazelnut, bountiful blush, two ton tomato, oversized orange, mighty mimosa, curvy candy, pudgy peony, plumped up pink, plushest Patel, supreme sorbet and finally jumbo jasmine.

                It is available on Boots, superdrug and many other department stores. It is also available online and from Clinique own website. It cost £17.

                I don’t think I’m going to buy it again, even though it served its purpose in terms of moisturising and colouring but I can’t imagine paying £17 for it again


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                18.07.2014 11:36
                Very helpful
                1 Comment


                • sophisticated
                • Classy


                • "None for me"

                Why Oh Y?

                I’m going to review one of Yves Saint Laurent TIMESLESS perfumes, the perfume I’m going to talk about is “Y”.

                == The packaging and the look of the bottle ==

                The bottle looked very simple too; it certainly did look very retro. The cap was quite large and in general, looked like the outer box especially with the same white and gold finish. It was attached to the bottle along with the atomiser too. The clear glass bottle was nearly rectangular standing upwards just likes the box. The name of the perfume was written on the bottle in white this time. It might sound really simple but to me it looks quite classy, sophisticated and mature. To complete the golden theme, the colour of the perfume itself was golden just like the sun rays.

                == Notes for “Y” ==

                Top notes :are aldehydes, honeysuckle, gardenia, green notes, peach, mirabelle plum and galbanum.

                Heart notes are tuberose, orris root, jasmine, hiacynth, ylang-ylang and Bulgarian rose.

                base notes are sandalwood, amber, patchouli, benzoin, civet, oakmoss, vetiver and styrax.

                == My Opinion ==

                If you are a fan of powerful scents such as Opium or poison, Y is a perfume you may well like. The perfume begins with a very sharp smell of chypre, it’s pretty evident from the very first sniff. For me, Chypre was and still is a very classy genre, it’s one of my personal favourite genre’s.

                After 10-15 minutes the top notes were still there. Yes they were slightly more subtle but you do start to smell the other components such as gardenia as well as a slight hint of fruitiness which was mostly peachy. This breath-taking scent blended nicely with my skin. The Chypre settled into a quite powdery-musky scent, something I really loved about it. The second stage followed around 20-30 minutes later where you will definitely start to smell a beautifully collected “flowery bouquet” genre starts coming through. This fascinating bouquet contains roses, ylang ylang and Jasmine. The scent at this stage is still very powerful but earthy and warm. I wasn’t surprised by its longevity; it was clearly due to its unique composition it lasts for hours and each phase is very different from the other.

                A few hours later the powdery-fruity combination was evident. The slight sweetness from the fruits was over powered again by the wonderful bitterness of the patchouli, the woody oakmoss and sandlewood. These notes beautifully combine with one another to give us a scent directly from heaven.

                ==Prices and availability==

                There are 4 different sized of “Y”; they’re available in 30ml, 50ml, 80ml and 100ml sizes. It’s available in Eau de Perfume and Eau de Toilette forms and personally I prefer the lighter version (EDT). The price varies between £34 and £75.


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                • More +
                  16.06.2014 13:42
                  Very helpful


                  • Crispy
                  • Light
                  • Tasty


                  • "Not enough for me!"

                  Give me Crispello, give it to me!

                  I crave chocolate to the extent that I have to have at least three bars of chocolate per week. Although I am a very active person, I do have genuine fears about the amount of calories that is in each and every bar but I do end up eating the chocolate anyways regardless of the calorie content. I like trying good quality chocolate; Cadbury''s being a firm favourite of mine, especially the old fruit and nut bar. However recently, Cadbury''s introduced some very tasty chocolates such as Cadbury''s Marvellous Creations and Crispello which I''m going to review now. I only just realised that this chocolate existed under a few weeks ago. I discovered it when I was at WHSmith''s the lady at the till asked me if I was interested in buying Crispello at a reduced price of 22p. The chocolate came in an easy to open foil wrapper. Typical of Cadbury''s, the wrapper came in a shiny purple colour with the name of the chocolate, Crispello, being written on the front. The usual nutrition facts and some useful information could also be found on the wrapper. Inside the chocolate bar, the chocolate smelled divine as all Cadbury''s chocolates do. As for the looks; it wasn''t as creative as I thought it might be and to be honest it looked very familiar to me. It kind of reminded me of Kinder Bueno; it has a nice and crispy shell filled with chocolate cream. The chocolate bar consists of individual near square wafer shells which were all covered in creamy, delicious, silky milk chocolate. The wafer was so crispy and light and the chocolate that covers the wafer was thick and tasted brilliant, it gets even thicker at the base. Inside the hollow wafer, the filling was another story, it was nothing like the chocolate I earlier alluded to, Kinder Bueno. It was so much thicker. It was generously filled with chocolate cream; the texture was like just like dense whipped cream. It was rich, divine and it wasn''t so sickly sweet, it was just right with the right sweetness and consistency. It was guilt free, with only 55 calories per square so the whole bar was only 165 calories. I can''t really fault the taste of this one; it''s tasty, light and crispy though to be totally honest, it didn''t satisfy my craving for chocolate and it is a tad overpriced for a chocolate bar consisting of only 3 pieces of chocolate. Crispello is available in most supermarkets such as Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinson''s. The price varies from as little as 60p to a hefty 87p for a 30g bar. === Summary === The taste of the chocolate is absolutely perfect, it''s crispy on the inside and thick and creamy on the inside. The chocolate coating on the outside is delicious and it''s just about the right consistency. The only downside to the chocolate is that it is too light, hence it not fully satisfying my chocolate craving.


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                    18.03.2014 11:42
                    Very helpful



                    Just great!

                    I like to take good care of my skin and I like to battle a war fought by many women out there, aging. However, deep down, I know that nothing can stop the aging process but I do know that we can slow it down. We can soften our lines and wrinkles by making them look less visible. This "slowing down" process can be done by using certain skin care products to keep our skin look good and the lines less defined, hence allowing me to age gracefully.

                    A major challenge I usually face is choosing from a range of products made by many good quality, not being loyal to a specific brand. I do have a few favourites such as Olay, L'Oreal , Nivea and Garnier but if I do find a better product on offer, I'd probably go for that product.

                    Garnier is a brand that I have used to great effect over the last few years and what makes Garnier stand out is their influx of new ideas and new products produced at such a high standard. One of these unique products was the anti-aging cream for Garnier skin naturals, in specific it was the Ultra left range. Anti-aging creams work very well with my skin as they hydrate it nicely whereas serums are great because of their quick absorbent.

                    == Garnier Ultra Lift Serum + Cream ==

                    === Packaging ===

                    The packaging is pretty much like most of their ultra-lift range. It consists of a red and white box with a clear widow on the side showing the actual product. Some very useful information can be found at the back such as the chemical composition as well as the name and the address of the company.

                    Garnier usually place their products in little jars, however this time they were placed in a tube like structure showing the actual content inside. The cream-serum was stored in a way such that it made me reminisce back to the ice-cream we used to buy from the Ice cream machine! The cream-serum was stored in a way which gave us an illusion of a white spiral staircase. View it as you wish but I really do believe it was an extremely innovative creation I must say.

                    The tube has a cap with a very small opening to control the amount of the cream that we want to use, which in a way or another ensures that none of the cream will be spilt out or wasted for no reason.

                    == The look, texture and the smell ==

                    When I first looked at the content, the mixture was white but when I looked carefully I saw that the mixture was made of two lines, one white and the other was clear so I knew that both the cream and the serum came out at the same time with the same quantity. It was creamy , light and fluffy and the smell was the same as all Garnier Ultra Left product, it was very pleasantly sweet and fruity.

                    == When and how to apply ==

                    It's not mentioned whether to use it day or night but from my previous experiences with anti-aging product I use it first thing in the morning after washing my face and at night before going to bed. However, this product doesn't has SPF so when applied during the day you need to use your usual sun block after applying Garnier cream and serum.

                    == Why it's different? How does it work? ==

                    This product is different because it combines the traditional face cream with serum as well so both are used as one product instead of two so it's two times more concentrated and even more effective than your usual product.

                    It has twice the amounts of Pro Retinol so it's twice as effective. Pro retinol reach the heart of wrinkles and target wrinkles and make the skin firmer and brighter.

                    == Recommended user age ==

                    Skin care starts as early as your teen however; using an anti-aging product should be when you reach your thirties most preferably before your mid-thirties. There is a small chart at the back of the box showing the recommendation age and it's roughly between 33-35 until late 60's but I mentioned before it's even better to use it in your early 30's depending on your skin type of course.

                    == Their claim ==

                    They have so many claims and high hope for this products some of them overly too optimistic. So according to their claim they believed that :

                    Immediately: Your skin looks visibly firmer.

                    After 10 days: Your skin appears tightened as if it lifted. Your skin looks visibly younger

                    After 28 days: Your wrinkles appeared reduced even the deep ones.

                    After reading their claim I wanted to try their new product and put it to the test even though I had my doubts especially that the price of this one was just under £10 so looked forward for the challenge and hope that this one will be the new youth code for most ladies!

                    == My experience ==

                    Before I start to share my experience I would like to say that I'm in my mid-thirties so I don't have deep wrinkles plus that I take a very good care of my skin and I'm a not a smoker nor sun worshiper and I have some good genes from my mother but my skin has some issues like all other people at my age , I had a few lines here and there and needed that extra boast to look more youthful and radiant.

                    I pressed the cap a little and the mixture came out easily. As I said before, it's a combination of cream and serum so I was wondering how am I going to get the amounts equally but I discovered later that the twisted cream-serum wasn't for fun because the made it that way to ensure the distribution of the formulae in one step.
                    Applying the mixture was so easy, it was so light and none greasy. It penetrated into my skin quickly. I only needed a very small amounts to start with.

                    I started to apply the mixture with circular movements, not forgetting my neck . it was very pleasant to apply and unlike my normal face cream it wasn't heavy and didn't left any residue at all. Some creams make my skin tingle but this one was as light as a feather and both the cream and the serum melted blended perfectly at the same time in my skin.

                    '''So back to their first claim:'''

                    === How did my skin feel instantly?===

                    My skin felt very soft more than it used to be and it felt slightly tighter but in a good way so I think it's one box ticked.

                    You can use it with your usual SPF and it's a great base for your foundation and that what I did; I used for the next few weeks along with my usual SPF and foundation.

                    === Now, about their second claim: How did my skin feel after 10 days? ===

                    My skin was brighter and glowing; yes it was tighter and firmer but not as if it was lifted! With all honesty my lines were still there waving at me!

                    === Finally, after 28 days: How did my skin feel? ===

                    The tube lasted me for over 5 weeks so it was very economical and I'm using my second one now but what about their final claim? I can honestly say that my skin is a lot softer firm and more supple. I woke up to a perfectly soft skin in the morning and the hydration lasted all the day. Before using Garnier Ultra Lift serum and cream my skin was a bit dull and lifeless now it's more lively and youthful looking however, my lines didn't disappear but they are a lot more reduced even the tough one on my forehead can hardly be seen now so I'm pleasantly surprised.

                    == Summary ==

                    I can confirm that this product is an excellent one, most boxes were ticked here. I'm very satisfied with it and it's going to be one of my favourites. It proves that sometimes a budget face cream can do wonders.

                    == Ingredients ==

                    aqua / water, glycerin, pentylene glycol, neopentyl glycol diheptanoate, glyceryl
                    stearate, dicaprylyl carbonate, acrylamide/ammonium acrylate copolymer,
                    aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, benzyl alcohol, butyrospermum parkii butter / shea
                    butter, caprylyl glycol, carbomer, cetyl alcohol, chlorphenesin, cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, disodium edta, ethylhexylglycerin, glyceryl acrylate/acrylic acid copolymer, hexylene glycol, hydrolyzed rice protein, palmitic acid, panthenol, phenoxyethanol ,polyisobutene, polysorbate 20, retinyl linoleate, silica, stearic acid, tocopheryl acetate, triethanolamine, xanthan gum, parfum /fragrance. (f.i.l. b50306/1).

                    == Price and availability ==

                    I bought from Boots 3 for 2 offer which is less that 10% of the price tag of some very expensive brands. It's available in boots and most chemist and supermarkets and online too. The price vary between £11.99 -£9.99.

                    == My recommendation ==

                    I'm more than happy to recommended it for all women in their 30's up to late 60's. The results are amazing and I can assure you that you will notice the difference after a couple of week and with continuous use you will have a beautiful skin whatever your age is.


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                      06.03.2014 11:12
                      Very helpful




                      Key feature :

                      Brand: Rochas Femme

                      Launched: World war 1943

                      Type: Eau de toilet

                      Gender: Women

                      Classified as: Woody, earthy , spicy and fruity.

                      Suitable for : evening or special occasions.

                      My ever existing love for perfume never dies especially if it's a woody or spicy one. They just seem to cling on to you just that extra bit longer, they just seem denser. Old fashioned perfumes have a unique smell that can be easily identified. The celebrity perfumes nowadays are contained in extremely attractive bottles however perhaps the smell is not quite up to the standards. Most of them start off with a really exciting smell but ending up just fading away after a few hours.

                      When browsing for topics to write a review about, I was surprised that no one reviewed this perfume before so I decided to give it justice and review it.

                      == Rochas Femme ==

                      This perfume has been around forever, it's been worn by women from different generations, yet it never fails to disappoint. The mastermind behind this perfume is a man who goes by the name of Edmond Roudnitska. He is also the nose behind fabulous perfumes such as Dior Dior and Eau Sauvage .

                      == My long relationship with femme Rocha ==

                      I've been exposed to this perfume probably ever since I was born. I can recount it being worn by my mother on several occasions when I was a young child. I can vividly recount the smell of Femme Rocha following me everywhere around the house, though I must emphasise on the fact that a bottle of the perfume was more concentrated and a lot stronger than the version I am currently reviewing.

                      I would say Rochas Femme smells along the lines of Shalimar which is another personal favourite, it certainly does have notes of a very similar nature. I've been an avid user of Rochas Femme for over 20 years, which ironically is a longer time period than that of my marriage to Mr Dreamz! Now although I've been using this perfume for such a long time, it's not always been the same smell. It's certainly changed over the years, in the sense that it's become slightly lighter and a little bit fruitier.

                      == The packaging and the bottle ==

                      The old saying of simplicity is beauty certainly applies to the perfume. The box colour is primarily black in colour, with the name of the perfume and the Rochas Femme logo printed in gold.

                      One thing that hasn't changed over the years is the bottler. It still has the same classic curvy look as before. The sprayer is covered by beautifully shaped golden cap which has the perfume's name engraved on the upper part of it making it look extremely classy.

                      == The colour of the perfume and the smell ==

                      The colour of the perfume is slightly darker than most perfumes, it is an Ambery-orangey. Please note that because of the darker colour of the perfume it might stain your clothes so try to spray it from a distance at least 10-15 cm.

                      Before starting to review the perfume I would like to take you through the notes briefly just to give you a quick information about the unique blend that is present in Rochas Femme .

                      == Notes for Femme: ==

                      === Top notes: Peach, Plum, berbamot, rosewood, lemon ===

                      === Middle notes: jasmine, may rose, ylang ylang, orris, clove ===

                      === Base notes:patchouli, musk,amber, civet, oakmoss ,vanilla, benzoin, leather ===

                      == My opinion ==

                      When I sprayed the perfume, the smell was one that consisted of strong fruity notes. It was definitely fruity, maybe slightly overpowering but it wasn't sickly sweet. I don't know why, but it reminded me of Christmas and the smell of mulled wine. The sweetness of the plums and peaches gave it that fresh fruity scent. The dash of rosewood helped contribute to the sweetness. The sweetness was somewhat controlled by a hint of lemon, that slight citrus scent gave it a little tangy kick.

                      After 30 minutes or so, the scent started to settle down a bit. The sweetness of the previous note was still present, however new notes started appear. It became more of floral scent now with a slight spicy kick to it.

                      A few hours later, the perfume was still strong yet it wasn't as sophisticated than when it was first sprayed, which was expected. It became more musky and woody. It's reminiscent of a rainy Sunday in autumn, where your senses are tingled by the earthy smell from the ground around you. Although vanilla was mentioned a base note, I couldn't really smell any vanilla there. This may be due to the fact that there was slightly too much amber there which was dominating most of fragrance at this stage. It ended with dry powdery and rich scent that settled in beautifully.

                      I love it; it is one of my favourite. It is long-lasting and very warm hearted and spicy. Although it's one of my favourites, I don't wear it all the time. It's a classy perfume for classy times; I just can't imagine myself wearing at while on the school run or when going out shopping at my local town centre. It's a very classy and sophisticated perfume which I only wear on very special occasions such as weddings or parties or simply wear it to at home to please myself ïS

                      It's more of a mature perfume for older women than a perfume for the teenage group but it had an amazing impact on me, it just seemed to blend beautifully with my skin. It felt really light and delicate, but that was only in my case as it might not work on sweaty skin type. Certainly in the case of my younger sister, it smelt like she'd just sprayed spicy sausage fragrance on herself so make sure to try it out before trying it.

                      == Price and availability ==

                      Although this perfume is from a famous designer house, surprisingly it is very reasonably priced. You can buy the 100 ml bottle for as little as £20-£25 from allbeauty.com or Amazon.co.uk, an immaculate price for such precious perfume. Mind you it is a lot cheaper than some of the tatty celebrity perfumes that are sold, usually those don't last longer than when I first leave the house!

                      == My recommendation ==

                      I would highly recommend it especially if you are into woody/musky perfumes, it will last all day, it's suitable for special occasions and romantic occasions. I must point out that it may not be everyone's cup of tea and that it may be more appealing to older women but I used to wear it when I was a teen so you'll never know until you try it out.

                      I will give it 9/10
                      I deducted one point because it does stain your clothes so be careful not to spray too close on your garments.

                      == Ingredients ==

                      Alcohol, Aqua/Water, Parfum/Fragrance, Ethylhexyl, Methoxycinnamate, Alpha Isomethyl, Ionone, Linalool, Limonene, Benzophenone-3, Butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane, Citronellol, Eugenol, Benzyl Benzoate, Cinnamyl Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Coumarin, Hydroxycitronellal, Benzyl Salicylate, Bht, Generiol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Citral, Farnesol, Isoeugenol, C1 14700/Red 4, C1 19140/Yellow6, C142080/Blue 1


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                        25.02.2014 11:18
                        Very helpful



                        Stay strong!

                        This review was posted on Ciao a year ago. I'm re posting this review as a dedication to my county . This country went through a lot in the past and I'm sure it will stay strong whatever happens.

                        There are so many cities and destinations which come to our mind when we think about THE best city. I've been to so many interesting places however none of them can beat my favourite city "Beirut".

                        Some people may scorn upon my decision of choosing Beirut but this choice is down to two aspects. The first aspect is this city, Beirut, has picked itself up after so many tragedies while the second aspect is the most important one to me which is there is no place like home.

                        Some people may agree with my choice, others will never consider this part of the world as their favourite place as the majority still think of it as a dangerous and gloomy place. However the majority do not know that it is always buzzing with life hence it being named the "Switzerland of the East". From clubbing to shopping Beirut is one of the only cities with natural beauty to have it all.

                        If I were to describe the city of Beirut as a person, I would say that Beirut is strong, determent and open minded. I'm going to explain my love for this city in the next few lines.

                        == Why Beirut? ==

                        This city is unique in many ways; its location on the Mediterranean Sea is one of the factors that make it so special. The people are so warm and welcoming even though there is still instability surrounding the country. I also have to mention the weather, the country is also known as the "country of 300 sunny days."

                        Although I spent all of my childhood abroad, I love the city for what it is, regardless of the political and social problems It had faced in the past, it is still special due to the fact that it can offer many things.

                        == Beirut, a city with a view ==

                        It might be a city, it might be the biggest city in Lebanon and the busiest but Beirut was and still is a city with so many natural places to visit.

                        I liked sitting on the rocks of al Rouche and watch the sunset, the view is just breath-taking and so relaxing. The golden beaches are to die for , the warm water and lovely sunshine gave me a lovely tan I couldn't get anywhere else. Yes sometimes it's extremely hot and the electricity plays up a lot but somehow this city has still managed to get a special place in my heart.

                        == Beirut, the crazy city ==

                        This city is so mad during rush hours; I just stop and watch how crazy it goes. The Lebanese people are unique, they are multitaskers, they can drive, talk, look at their mobile phones and still manage to get safely to the place they want. Beware of taking a taxi with a wacko driver; he's probably as reckless yet as fast as Jason Statham in Transporter 3.

                        Beirut is the city of entertainment, it reminds me of Las Vegas since it is lively and bubbly and in my eyes Beirut may even out pip Las Vegas. Unlike many areas where nightclubs are usually for younger people, older/ more mature people won't find themselves isolated as there is a mix of young and old people and if you don't believe me you'll have to go to Jemeyzeh to see for yourself! It is an amazing place and an unforgettable experience.

                        Theatres are open till very late, music festivals are held constantly. The city is illuminated, it never been dark even with its darkest war days!

                        == Finally a nice little poem will tell you why Beirut is my favourite city. ==

                        A Beautiful City on the Mediterranean Sea
                        A city which can welcome you and me,

                        The fact that there is such a cultural diversity,
                        Ranging from the mall to the university

                        This is the reason why this is the city for you and me.
                        Speaking English, Arabic, French and Francophone

                        The people can greet you with a nice cup of tea
                        Quite very happily.

                        From shopping places as far as the eye can see,
                        To the countless bees and cedar trees

                        Beirut is the city for you and me.

                        Have fun at the city for modest fees
                        From eating snacks and burgers for as little as 99p

                        Or enjoying yourself at Jemeyzeh in a wild party
                        Beirut is the city for you and me

                        Whether your name is Bob or Lee,
                        Whether you like the quiet or like parties

                        Beirut has it all, so let me see,
                        Who shall join me and make Beirut their favourite city?

                        Beirut is my favourite place , it has that special charisma about it.


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                          24.02.2014 10:11
                          Very helpful



                          Bargains online!

                          I like shopping as do most women in the world. I enjoy shopping for perfume and cosmetics. Prior to the invention of the internet and online shopping, I used to buy my beauty products and clothes from high street or duty free shops or from catalogues via mail order. Mail order was seen as a very easy and convenient way to shop but that was BEFORE the internet. As soon as internet shopping was introduced, I became hooked to an extent that I haven't ordered from an offline catalogue ever since.

                          Ordering online is very suitable for me as I don't drive and using public transport is a complete nightmare, especially when carrying lots of bags. Also another benefit from online shopping it is hassle free and no queuing.

                          I buy my beauty products and perfumes from several online shops; some are famous and well known like Amazon.co.uk, others not so much. '''Direct cometics.com''' may not be a household name, but it's one of my favourite online stores simply because it provides amazing value for money.

                          == How did I come across Direct Cosmetics? ==

                          My love story with Direct Cosmetic began when I was buying from their online shop via Amazon.co.uk. I was looking for a perfume for my mum for her birthday. If you're an amazon customer, you would know that for a specific perfume, there would be many sellers selling it with varied prices. I found that the perfume I wanted was significantly cheaper on Direct Cosmetics than via any other sellers.

                          The dispatching of the order was very prompt and upon the arrival of my order, a 10% off voucher was provided by Direct Cosmetics to use on my next order. This voucher would only be applicable via their own site so I looked it up and since then I've become a loyal customer.

                          == About Direct Cosmetics ==

                          According to their website, they've been around for a good 35 years selling quality brand fragrances, cosmetics & skincare at discount prices. All their products are guaranteed to be authentic.

                          == The design and layout of the site ==

                          The site is bright and colourful; I must say it's quite organised and easily navigable unlike some sites that are very clustered and crowded. Poor design of the website would make it more difficult to find any product, this site is simple and straightforward.

                          Searching for an item is pretty straightforward too.

                          You can find the newest items and special offers on the homepage and all categories are located on the top of the page.

                          You can subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest deals and offers but I must say that their newsletters are not as frequent as they should be.

                          == Product categories ==

                          As I mentioned before they sell beauty products and cosmetics. Their site is so organised; they have sections or categories to make browsing even easier and more fun. Sometimes I spent hours just browsing through their site, looking for bargains.

                          === They have 7 main categories each category has a sub category: ===

                          '''Fragrances''': there are two sub categories women's fragrances and men's fragrances. There are over 650 items to look at in some sub category. To make the search easier they add filter to the search, so you can search according to price or manufacturer.

                          '''Gift set:''' again there are divided into men's and women's gift sets

                          '''Make up: they are products for face, lips, eyes and nails'''

                          '''Skin care:''' There are skin care and suntan

                          '''Accessories:''' they also sell accessories such as toiletries, bags, hair care, brushes and miscellaneous things such as sun glasses . mirrors, caps, batteries and many other more.

                          '''New arrival:''' it's my favourite category it has all new the new items that arrived to the site so it will save you time looking for new arrivals.

                          '''Special offers:''' you can search for bargain here.

                          == How to place an order ==

                          Placing an order is really as easy as it sounds. It's is not obligatory to create an account with them but I advise you to do so as it saves you the hassle of filling out your address each and every time when ordering.

                          As usual, you can buy your product by pressing the "add it to the shopping basket" button and then checking out through their secure page.

                          == How to pay for an order ==

                          There are several ways to pay for your items. You can pay via any Visa or MasterCard credit card. Maestro, Visa Electron and Delta debit card are also accepted. UK customers can also pay via PayPal which may be the best choice for people like me who earn Paypal money via surveys.

                          == Order delivery and charges ==

                          Once payment of the items is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm the details of your order and estimated delivery date. Normally the dispatching of the order is within an estimated 24 hour period. Another email will be sent confirming that the order has been sent to your address. The time needed for your order to arrive is fairly quick as they use very first class for small parcels and parcelforce for bigger parcels. They deliver to the UK and Europe ONLY.

                          === There are three main delivery options to choose from being: ===

                          1) Standard shipping for £1.95

                          2) Tracked service for £3.95

                          3) Next Day Delivery for £6.95

                          Personally I select the £1.95 option, simply due to the fact that the items arrive quick as they are sent first class, but of course, each service has its advantages.

                          == Return policy ==

                          You can cancel you order before it is dispatched and you can cancel it after dispatching. However the cancellation should be within 7 working days, the products should not be opened or used.

                          == My experience and opinion ==

                          I've been a loyal customer for 5 years now and I must say I'm probably their biggest fan. I always buy my skin care products and fragrances from their site simply because they provide the best value for money whether your reference is offline or online stores. Their homepage is updated daily hence new offers and new bargains cropping up every day!

                          I've never had any problems with the site, there are no glitches whatsoever and it runs very smoothly. I've purchased over 100 products from Direct Cosmetics over the past five years or so and not once have I not been less than 100% satisfied.
                          The only time I've resorted to contacting customer services was when I once received a damaged perfume bottle. The perfumes cap was damaged during delivery hence a slight leakage occurring in the perfume which ultimately led to the box being very wet. I looked up their customer services email and emailed them. The response was very swift; it took them not more than 5 minutes and the offered to provide a replacement for the damaged product. I got to keep the damaged bottle too which was very good gesture from them because no leakage would occur if the bottle is stood upright. The replacement item arrived in a couple of days along with a 10% off the next purchase as a gesture of good will.

                          The perfume and skin care products are available at knockdown prices; however you can still get them for even cheaper if you buy a tester or unboxed items. The saving varies; it starts from around 25% cheaper to approximately 70% cheaper depending on the product. Yes, I love buying testers, they are a lot cheaper and they are still not opened. Sometimes it's just that the outer box is damaged or the cap is missing which in my eyes isn't that big of a problem

                          A few weeks ago I purchased a David Beckham "tester" perfume for my son. I paid £5 for 75ml, it is normally sold for £17 in all other high-street shops and online. I ended up saving £12 on a perfume that arrived with its original packaging undamaged and the cap still perfectly intact. The only thing that made it seem like a tester was the fact that it had the word "tester" written down in the corner of the box. Personally I don't care about it, would you?!

                          After years of being their customer, there is no better person to ask about Direct Cosmetics than me. Their products are 100% original, their prices are sublime, their delivery is quick and they have brilliant customer service hence earning the full 5 star rating from me. There's no need to go to other popular high-street stores like Boots if you have the ability to access the website.

                          Original products. Great Prices. Quickly Delivered to your doorstep

                          Thank you for reading

                          PS : This review was also posted on ciao.co.uk


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                            03.04.2013 10:37
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                            You can't go wrong!

                            When I go shopping, I never come back home without a bag from boots or Wilkinson's, as they are my favourite stores that sell skin care products. Yes that's right, cosmetics are on the top of my never ending agenda and I can't help buying something that I fancy, which is quite often .

                            I ran out from my favourite eye roll on. I went to Wilkinson's to buy my usual eye cream as I always get it from there. Unfortunately it was out of stock so I looked for some other alternatives and I saw a new range of skin care named Pro-Derma and they had their own eye roll on. I wasn't so sure whether to buy it or not but after 10 minutes of reading the information on the box I brought it to try it temporarily until my next visit.
                            I never heard of the brand before so I did a little research on the internet and I was hoping to find some useful information.

                            The company

                            Russell and Mellor LTD is an independent, UK Beauty Company that is based in the beautiful and historic village of Silkstone in Yorkshire. The company possesses and develops beauty products in all health and beauty departments. Their products work as a good alternatives to some well-known brands. They have products to suit every skin, they have facial creams, hair colouring, Lip Balms, Children shampoo, shaving gels and creams, seasonal gifts for him and her, depilatory Wax's and their own dental range. All are at an affordable price which is a lot cheaper than the usual high priced products.
                            To check out their full range, visit their homepage


                            Pro-Derma innovations energising and rejuvenating eye roll on
                            The box is slightly tatty which was the first thing to put me off the product because it looks cheap; however it contains all the necessary information which can be counted as a good thing.

                            The eye roll on is from the anti-wrinkle range "the innovation". The eye roll is depicted on the front and the name of the product written baldly. You can find more information about the product on the sides of the box and on the back there is all the necessary information such as the ingredients, postal address and internet address.

                            Their claim
                            They claim that it diminishes wrinkles, reduces eye bags and flabbiness.

                            The product

                            It contains Q10, which can help accelerate the skin regeneration and improve elasticity and appearance.
                            It has Shea Butter, therefore it can make the skin look healthier and more supple by relieving the dry skin in addition to restoring its healthy look.
                            It consists of an improved moisturising compound which supplies the skin with high level of moisturising, which is called hydrovation 24.

                            The actual product comes in a thin, blue cylinder. The tube is made out of hard plastic with a shabby sticker on it. Once again I have to say that it isn't the best looking product in the world however the worst either. There is a clear plastic cap on the top of the tube; underneath it there is a metallic ball applicator to roll on the eyes contour, under the eyes.

                            Applying the product wasn't as easy as I thought
                            First, I shook the bottle to make sure everything was mixed properly. Then I gently rolled the ball on my eyes contour and under my eyes rolling it from the inside to the outside TWICE, with me paying extra attention for the mixture not to go near the eye. Once I had finished I patted the treated area gently using my index finger.
                            It took me a while to get the mixture out of the ball. I rolled the ball with my finger however nothing came out, so I tried again and again and the ball was still dry, after several minutes of rolling, I nearly gave up until the liquid finally came out, after that it worked perfectly fine.

                            It came out as a clear, sticky liquid and the smell was hardly noticeable. The whole process was pretty quick because the liquid didn't take much to absorb but I could feel something a bit heavy and sticky on my eyes contour.

                            The results
                            I loved the result; I was completely surprised by the results, indeed I was a tad stunned with them, despite it having slightly shabby packaging. My eyes contour were moisturised and they were softer by the touch. I used the whole bottle over a period over 2 months. Yes it lasted even with the everyday usage. I could see a lot of improvement, my eye bags now show less, and my eyes look healthier, fresher and definitely younger. I was completely satisfied.

                            Where to buy this product

                            I only found this item in Wilkinson's; they stock the eye roll and some of their pro-derma range. The price is astonishingly cheap, it is only £1.73 for 15 ml bottle, while my usual brand is 5 times more expensive .

                            My final opinion

                            I highly recommend using this item as it's easy to use once you get to know how to use it. The eye absorbs the mixture fast and it provided me with great results. As for their claim, I have to say I only used it to reduce the puffiness that I had. As for winkles around the eyes, which thankfully I don't have, I haven't noticed any change apart from being softer and smoother around the eye area. I am more than happy to recommend it and I'm giving it a healthy 4 stars.

                            Recommendation age from mid-20's to mid-50's
                            Product of EU

                            Postal address
                            103 High Street
                            S75 4LT


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