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      01.06.2011 05:11


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      The iPod touch 4G is a fantastic device that does what it is designed to do tremendously

      Apple has been selling quality products for years, and the iPod line is among the most successful devices of all time. The iPod classic, shuffle, nano, and the touch all sell extremely well, and it is no wonder once one picks up any of these Apple devices.

      The iPod touch keeps making many great improvements, and this is the best model yet. Now a question that has been raised goes something like this: "If I have the iPod touch 3rd generation, should I spend the money and upgrade to the 4G model?" My answer is no. All iPod touch models are extremely well built and capable of handling regular usage, the 4G model just does so a little better. Besides the upgraded screen and the camera for FaceTime calling and photo-taking, the iPod touch 4G is nothing TERRIBLY new. But don't get me wrong, this is an amazing device that does what any user could ask for. If one decides they cannot live without a camera in the iPod, then this is the only option of iPod touch. If one has an iPod touch 3G and is satisfied with everything it does, it would be wise to stick with that model.

      The iPod touch has a few hardware changes that make it the best iPod touch to date, and it is a device that fulfills all needs, as far as handheld devices go. Music, movies, Internet, E-mail, games, calendar, camera - those are just a few of the many reasons to make one buy an iPod touch 4G.

      Buying this Apple product will not upset; it will not go to work for you or finish homework or write papers, but sometimes, with the ongoing App store and beauty of this device, it seems like it almost could!


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    • Palm Pre / Smartphone / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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      01.06.2011 01:50
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      The Palm Pre succeeds with its OS, but the phone's quality is subpar and not worth the price

      Palm is a company that has been around for many years, specializing in handheld devices, so I figured the Palm Pre had to be one of the best devices on the market! Turns out, I became increasingly disappointed over time with the build quality of the Pre.

      The minute I opened the Palm Pre box, I was excited about the slimming look of the phone, and the concave view when the keyboard slides out. The phone is fairly light, small; the screen is just about the perfect size - not too big for pockets, and not too small that larger fingers can't correctly tap the screen. The keyboard is excellent - finding individual letters feels natural, and there was rarely a mistake made.

      The new Palm OS is exceptional. That was the real selling point of this phone for me. The calendar, the contacts list, the internet operating system, and the "cards" view were the main positives of this phone, for me at least. The operating system was really a breeze to work with. The learning curve was about a zero.

      With all of this said, the Palm Pre started to upset me with its build quality. After two months of having this phone, the little plastic flip-plate that covers the USB plug-in/charging port fell off. I did not use this phone improperly or mistreat it in any way, it just fell off. Not a big deal, but it was a deal. A couple weeks after that, the volume rocker got jammed. I did nothing to contribute to this problem, it just jammed. So whenever I wanted to adjust the volume of the phone during a phone conversation, I really had to jam my finger down on the rocker for it to register. This was disappointing. Long story short, in under half a year of owning this phone, the phone's screen cracked after I gently pushed the center button to get into "card" view, and this should not have happened. I found the design quality quite sad and and thought Palm should really make some updates.

      Overall, this phone is OK. I would not buy it again, and I do not recommend it. The OS is wonderful and easy to use, but based on my experience with this phone and the build quality, it is not worth the money it costs to buy the phone, or replace it if (when) it breaks. I do, however, like Palm, so I think they should just simply try again.


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