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      30.05.2011 22:54
      Very helpful



      Little bit about me to ease me back into writing reviews because it's been a while

      I haven't written a review on this site for a good four months or so because Iv been busy finishing uni for good. So I thought to get back into it i'd write a nice easy review that you may or may not find interesting we shall see.

      1. Which do you prefer - shower or bath? And why?
      A bath, Hot bath, bubbles and music sounds a bit feminine but I don't care

      2. What do you swear you'll never do?
      I will never try black pudding. Dried blood. Why?

      3. What's the most embarrassing thing you ever done?
      Probably falling over in middle of a packed school yard in my last year at secondary school

      4. What is your favourite quote?
      "Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings" sorry to any religious people I just like the quote

      5. What was your favourite holiday? And why?
      My first holiday without my parents. Me and three of my best mates road tripped round France, Belgium and Holland

      8. Savoury or sweet?
      Sweet! Ben and Jerry's Chocolate the lot!

      9. Hot or cold?

      10. What's your favourite drink?
      Nice ice cold pepsi mmmmm

      11. What's your favourite food?
      I think I could constantly eat chicken fajitas and never get sick

      12. Who do you hate the most?
      few contenders here. Joey Barton the footballer Dappy from N-dubz an ex girlfriend of mine haha and that annoying guy off the go compare adverts

      13. Do you have a crush on someone? If so, who?
      Few contenders here too. Pixie lott, Jessie J, Avril Lavigne sooooo many

      14. What is your favourite colour?

      15. What did you do last night?
      Worked a night shift for my first time ever and now hopefully my last time

      16. What's your favourite thing to do?
      Watch Football, listen to music and chat

      17. Favourite movie, TV Programme, Book?
      Favourite movie is a toughy but im going to say independence day because iv seen it at least 20 times now and it still isn't getting old

      18. Who's your hero?
      Difficult one I can't actually think. There are people I look up to musicians, sports people so on but there not hero's

      19. Favourite song of all time?
      Smokers outside hospital doors (editors)

      20. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
      No not really I dont really believe in supernatural stuff I think science can explain most things

      21. Favourite Sound?
      A guitar

      22. Favourite Smell?
      Petrol and coffee

      23. Favourite place to be?
      Bed or at a gig

      24. Happiest moment in your life?
      Being introduced to my new little brother
      Celebrating my 21st by having a party and noticing tons of people from past and present in my life turned up

      25. Saddest moment in your life so far?
      Pet turtles dying probably because luckily for me no one in my family has died

      26. What is your dream job?
      Managing football team or owning a music venue

      27. What would be your idea of a perfect date?
      relaxed and casual no pressure or reason to be nervous

      28. What are your favourite Newspaper/ Magazine?
      none really

      29. Which celebrity do you like the most?
      Simon Neil from band Biffy Clyro

      30. Do you have any siblings?
      Yeah 2 younger brothers

      31. Have you ever been in hospital? If so, why?
      Yeah mysterious high blood pressure turned out to be just stressing about being in the doctors haha

      32. Have you ever broken a bone or had stitches?
      Thumb and finger. Dislocated shoulder and had my knee stitched up

      33. Do you believe in Angels/Ghosts/Demons?

      34. Are you superstitious?
      Nope again

      35. What colour eyes do you have?
      Greeny Blue

      36. What colour hair do you have?
      Dark Brown

      37. What religion are you?

      38. If you could change 1 thing about you, what would it be?
      Little bit shorter and thinner

      39. If you could change 1 thing about your personality, what would it be?
      Not think things over too much

      40. What is your biggest fear?
      Dogs was but iv overcome that so now

      41. Do you have any regrets? If so, what are they?
      Yes but I could be here all day. However mistakes are good arent they

      42. Have you ever been in love?
      Yes foolishly

      43. What's the most important thing to you in the world?
      Music and my little brother

      44. What is your most treasured possession?
      Ipod without a doubt

      45. What's your job?
      Student/Shop worker

      46. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you?
      My nana gave me £250 for my holiday because she knew I had barely any spending money

      47. What's the worst thing anyone has done to you?
      Cheated but that was ages ago now

      48. Dream car?
      Dodge Ram

      49. Favourite celebration?
      Christmas was but its not as special now im older so i'd say my birthday

      50. Where do you hang out?
      Town, Pub, Mates houses


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        17.02.2011 23:27
        Very helpful



        There's so much i'd do I would probably spend more time deciding

        I don't play the lottery much probably put it on 6 times in my life and got about 4 numbers across all those tickets so I hardly bother but if I did win what would I do....

        Well the first thing i'd do is find a nice polly pocket to put the ticket in and protect it from the rain or any other fluids. I'd get any old pair of horrible trackie bottoms on that has zippy up pockets and thats where the ticket would stay no matter how long I have to keep those horrible trousers on til the money is safely in my account.

        Iv often day dreamed about winning the lottery and every time I have always thought I would keep it a secret from friends and family for a good while so I can plan what I want to do with it but im sure I wouldn't be able to do that for long.

        I'd firstly treat all my friends out to a massive celebratory meal and night out all on me of course and probably help out my best mate financially with the massive wedding she is trying really hard to pay for in time for may.

        My ma has had to lend me tenner's here and there in the past when its few days to my pay day and she's always struggled by on her own to pay bills, feed me so I would buy her the car she's always dreamed of a nice brand new silver Audi and have it wrapped in a big ribbon and parked on the drive way of my house one morning but not tell her till she goes outside.

        I have some very small debts to pay off and also uni fee's that I owe so i'd pay them off and still finish my last year at university because though I will be rich I still think a degree would be a useful thing to have.

        Im going to Tanzania in June and would make sure I have all the gear needed for that and plenty of money to spend there but I would put travelling at the top of my spending list. America road trip, Japan, Italy would be the first places my un hard earned money would go towards and then when I eventually get home I would buy a house.

        I love where I live even though It may not be the most glamorous city in the world it's where im from and I am proud of it. Im sure most people would get a house in spain or Italy or something but though I love travelling I love knowing I can come home to England and everything English so I would buy a nice sized house on the sea front somewhere semi quiet with a nice big drive for my brand new shiney motor.

        My house will be pimped out with lovely televisions, xbox60 and most importantly for me a nice big games room with dart board pool table and huge TV for having my friends round to watch the football.

        My ultimate aim would be to invest the money wisely and have some kind of business because business management is what im doing my degree in. I'd like to have a music venue of some kind similar to the 02 academies you get dotted around the UK and then i'd have a nice hobby to invest time in as well as having fun and seeing all my favourite musicians

        As I talk more about the stuff I'd do I get more and more ideas I'd probably actually run out of money. Anyway enough of all this talk im off out to buy a ticket for Saturday :D


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        • Lucozade Orange / Soft Drink / 46 Readings / 45 Ratings
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          16.02.2011 14:59
          Very helpful



          A nice refreshing drink but too many will ruin your insides

          As im sure with 99% of people reading this review you have at some time had a nightmare hangover and looked for ways to cure it, Fatty food, Sleep, Exercise or just getting your head down and dealing with it. I however turn to Lucozade orange. Full of flavour very very sweet even for me and full of glucoze that gives you enegry and cures that lathargic can't be bothered feeling that comes with having to much to drink.

          In actual fact this drink is also perfect to have at the beginning of a hard days work, just before exercise or as a pick me up during strenuous activities requiring concentration. Its full of Glucose (24%) and this is in simple terms the part of sugar your body takes into your blood and gives you added energy for a short time only. For extended energy you would need slow burning foods like pasta.

          The standard bottle size is 380ml and is full of flavour. There are cheap alternatives "explosade" from aldi being first one that springs to mind however like most cheaper alternatives there are sacrifices to the overall quaslity of the product. Lucozades is by far the better quality and all round product and is available at pretty muche every single newsagent and retail outlet that has a drinks fridge.

          ***The Boring Stuff***
          This is the nutritional information per 380ml bottle

          Energy (kj) 1132
          Protein (g) 0.1
          Carbs (g) 65.4
          Fat (g) Nil
          Sodium Trace

          Other information worth noting are that it has:

          Calories 266 (13% RDA)
          Sugars 52.4g (58% RDA)
          Salt 0.1g (2% RDA)

          ***What can be said about nutritional info***

          Looking at the nutritional info for the first time to write this review and I must admit although I always known an energy drink such as this would be high in sugar content, too see that just one bottle is over HALF!! one days allowance of sugars is a shock to me, especially since ive had two today....ooops

          Im no weight watcher attendee or know any great detail about calories and what is alot and what is not but 13% of daily Calories seems to be reasonable to me especially considering the overall aim of this product is actually for aiding exercise therefore the calories gained should really be getting burned off as soon as they are put into the body.

          ***The Rest***

          The Lucozed energy range has many other flavours that off top of my head include Cherry, Apple and original however this is my favourite mainly due to the nice after taste it leaves. It is a carbonated drink and very fizzy at that but refreshing.

          Created by Glaxosmithkline a massive company that is probably more well known for it's toothpastes and medical orientated products, this drink is usuallyu availabe just short of the £1 mark however in many places (like where i got mine from) they are specially marked at offer price of 79p.

          ***Contact them***

          If you ever need to a) know more about the product or range or b) comment or complain there are a few ways to do so:

          Lucozade.com is one way

          or they have the following contact details for post and phone communication

          Customer relations
          TW8 9GS

          Phone: 1850 508 509


          Its a tasty energy drink brimming with flavour and a much needed boost however also with Sugar. Be wary about how many you have as it would appear they will not do your insides the world of good and I best take note.


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            15.02.2011 23:06
            Very helpful



            An amazing festival in a place that blew away all my negative expectations of Poland

            I wrote a review on this a month or two ago however I had to put it in the wrong category as this festivals product page did not exist however I suggested it to dooyoo and now it does so I want to be the first to write about it. This review has been changed and expanded upon from the first one.. I chose Open'er Music festival which is a rather new music festival in relation to others based in Gdynia, North Poland.

            ***Choosing this festival***

            I myself had never been to Poland and to be honest had no desire to visit there in my lifetime however researching potential festivals to attend in the summer of 2010 me and my friends decided to go to a one overseas for a change and upon looking around stumbled upon this particular one which had won various continent wide awards and to top it off it was roughly £80 cheaper then similar festivals based in the UK.
            We booked our tickets through their online website which you then have to print off yourself and exchange for wristbands on the day. Then all we had to do is sit and wait excitably for news of bands being announced over the months. At the time the only band that were confirmed were Pearl Jam a personal favourite of mine and looking back at previous years line ups we expected alot.

            I was pre warned however that taste's in music are slightly different in Poland and that the festival itself does tend to promote polish bands as well as less popular genre's. Over the months many bands were speculated to be playing however in the end the top bands that most British people would recognise were the likes of Pearl Jam, Kasabian, Damien Marley, Gorillaz, Fatboy Slim and Cyprus Hill. A great mix of music types from rock (pearl jam) Reggae (Damien Marley) and old school hip hop (Cyprus Hill) However there were many other band's Id never heard of but i'll mention them later.

            ***The Website***

            For my degree im currently studying basic e-marketing and website construction at a basic level however I would need no knowledge at all of websites to feel that this one is quite poorly put together. It does look very amateurish and I will be honest when my friend's told me how to order my tickets i asked for reassurances that it wasn't a scamming website due to how basic the site asking for my card details was.

            The main site is in polish however there is a sister site in full English perhaps a notification to how popular this festival has become with nationalities to whom English is their native language.

            It was not a scam and the tickets once paid for are saved on your account to be printed off at a later date with your passport number on to be exchanged for a wristband when you arrive at the site on the outskirts of the city.

            ***Getting There***

            We all went to Berlin first for few days and then got an amazingly tedious and uncomfortable 9 HOUR!! Train to Gdansk train station and were met there by blinding 30 Celsius sunshine and droves of visitors in similar situation to us. The City is a port city and clearly by the enormous ships and cranes littering the river it is a key place for imports and exports in the country.

            We wandered the city for a bit to get our money ex-changed into Polish zloty as it is called. It is pretty clear it is still a developing EU country as there were alot of worn down areas and buildings but peppered with nice new shops, mall, restaurants and bars undoubtedly created as an indirect result of the 80,000 people the festival brings in once a year for 4 days.

            One thing noted on the whole trip is that Poland is amazingly cheap. I exchanged roughly £200 on the first day and including beer, food and some shopping over the four days I still had some change left at the end.
            At the train station we joined the queue for the many shuttle buses put on for free that takes us to the festival site based right on the outskirts of the city a few miles away. This bus journey was only 25 mins yet I would swap it for the 9 hour train anyday. 25 minutes in 30 plus degrees heat squeezed into a bus with sweat dripping from my face it was very very uncomfortable however we finally got there.

            ***Festival Location***

            After a sweaty cramped uncomfortable bus shuttle to the festivals site it becomes apparant how ideal a location this festival is. A brilliant location to rival any other festivals im aware of. A lovely clean beach just a 5 minute walk down the road. Or a busy city centre a short journey in the other direction as well as being surrounded by some cafe's and restaurants and open fields to play sports or relax on.

            The site itself is actually on an old abandoned airfield and is positioned adjacent to a wide tarmacked runway and in the distance a run-down air control tower can be seen which makes for an interesting back drop at this brilliant festival.

            ***The Festival ***

            The festival itself is exactly the same as any festival I'm sure many reading this have been too. Camp site, shops selling random things that you'll never need, horrible portaloo's and food stalls selling in this case weird and wonderful polish delicacy's. We got there quite late and as a result got quite bad tent sites but couldn't really complain.

            On site shower buildings with mirrors and sinks was a god send after 3 days in burning heat and probably the most pleasant difference to uk festivals was that the thousands of portaloo's were changed on a night so everyday's toilet facilities were fresh and clean.

            The site operates a swipe card system where u buy a card fill it with credit and as you buy stuff you just swipe for a nice easy transaction. Beer wise the festival does not allow you to bring your own onsite unless it's wine because the festival is the "Heineken open'er festival" and as a result the only onsite alcoholic beverage available is Heineken surprisingly cold.

            The stages are based a few hundred metres away from campsites and the bands start at about 6 in afternoon with the last bands usually on at about 12 at night each day and usually a dance based act like fatboy slim or groove armarda. There are three tents spread across the site and we like many there tried to have a look at each one just a bit. I have now become a follower of artist's I'd never heard before like matisyahu a rapping Jew haha.

            When all the bands are finished the place is still alive with music, drunk people dancing and best of all an underground air raid bunker that is now converted into a night club to party on as long as you wish.
            The world cup was on and sadly England had just been knocked out however there was still a tent with a big screen in filled with myself proudly wearing my Sunderland shirt mixed with football shirts from around the world, Germans, Australians, Dutch and it was one of greatest moments of festival seeing people from countries around the world mixing talking football and having a bit fun. That was the Highlight of the festival for me in general, People from around the world all proud of where their from discussing stories of where they come from. In fact I myself made friends with four people from Manchester who I often Meet up with now back home.


            The beach near the festival which I fell asleep on and woke up to hundreds of people playing football and volley ball at half seven in morning, the Ice cream bars, Friendly polish people and visitors in general, Cheap beer and food (70p a can of Heineken £1.50 for a 12 inch pizza or example)there's just so many plus points.
            For the more adventurous when it comes to picking music festivals or someone who wants a change from the same Uk ones every year I absolutely recommend this one be looked at. It is very difficult to put into words everything there is to do and all the lovely moments I had surprisingly in Poland of all places but Iv tried thanks for reading :)


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              15.02.2011 22:20
              Very helpful



              A powerful and loud album unlike their newer stuff

              I thought I would continue to work my way through the back catalogue of my favourite band Biffy Clyro by rather then looking at there newer more commercially successful work, taking a look at their debut album released back in march 2002 a whole nine years before they were widely noticed because Matt Cardle in my opinion butchered one of the most beautiful songs ever written "Many of Horror" on x factor.

              The album Blackened sky is just shy of 50 minutes long and from the first song to the last it is a mostly an alternative rock album very rough around the edges and rather unrecognisable from the newer more polished work they produce that has a more mass appeal.

              This was the album that launched them into the world of music and the three manned band from Scotland began to gain a hardcore yet rather small at this time following with a well written and chaotic proper rock album released from there now old record label "Beggars Banquet". The album only reached #78 in the charts however as their popularity has grown in the near decade since then more and more people introduced to the band through newer works have went back and enjoyed the older stuff (myself included)

              ***Track Listings***
              1. "Joy.Discovery.Invention" 3:38
              2. "27" 3:27
              3. "Justboy" 4:22
              4. "Kill the Old, Torture Their Young" 6:12
              5. "The Go-Slow" 3:59
              6. "Christopher's River" 4:09
              7. "Convex, Concave" 4:28
              8. "57" 3:21
              9. "Hero Management" 4:46
              10. "Solution Devices" 3:18
              11. "Stress on the Sky" 4:14
              12. "Scary Mary" 3:05

              The album is quite heavy in places with hard rock riffs screaming in parts however it is balanced off with beautiful and meaningful lyrics that you can tell from listening mean alot to Simon Neil singing them. In fact upon research it has come to my attention alot of the songs are wrote about the lead singer's experiences of breaking up with his girlfriend who he believed at the time was the love of his life.

              In fact the albums title blackened sky indicates straight away that this album has a slightly sombre undertone however because of the loud delivery of the songs it doesnt feel that way

              My personal favourite Biffy Clyro song of all five released albums Justboy and the second ever single released by the band in October 2001 features on this album and even lead singer said "that song is still my personal favourite". This song more then any other demonstrates the varying speeds and tones of the album as the song bursts into life with a heavy guitar opening then turns almost silent as the lead singer sings passionately about his experiences.

              If you like many of the new songs then I can not guarantee that you will particularly enjoy this album as it is a totally different sound to the newer stuff. The song 57 demonstrates this as it is alot of shouting with very loud guitar work however like most songs on this album peel back the loud exterior and you will hear nice meaningful songs.

              Like I said before I guess you will not like this album much if pop and calmer music is more your thing however I beg of you to give this album a chance and if you don't like it then you've lost nothing but it's my favourite Biffy album :)


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                10.02.2011 20:28
                Very helpful



                Just a few things that put a smile on my face

                For my 20th review which I thought was alot til i looked how many everyone else had wrote I want to look at what things make me happy to balance because I recently wrote things I would like to get rid of and this ones alot more positive. Im quite a happy smiley person as most will tell you so there are loads and loads of things that make me happy so im going to narrow it down to my top 7 things so that I don't bore you to death.

                I love music whether its listening to it on my most prized possession my Ipod or going to see a band live which I try to do all the time I think music is the most amazing thing ever invented. Songs can cheer you up when your feeling down, can make you dance and sing or can make you remember good memories from the past.

                I have been to many gigs for a variety of bands and have started to attend festivals and they have given me some of the greatest memories of my shortish life so far and i'll continue to do so. Im always on the look out for new bands as there is an unlimited amount of excellent music out there to suit any occasion or mood and more importantly to make me feel happy.


                I was pretty un-adventurous I was told by a college teacher which I suppose I was. Only time i'd been abroad was one family holiday to Greece and I'd been to Edinburgh a few times then that was about it. At that time I thought I was not missing out on anything oh how wrong I was.

                I first got adventurous going on a road trip in one car in 2009 with my three best mates. London-Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam it was no marathon of a road trip but for our first adventure with only a few weeks planning we were very proud and the whole time we were away we were able to forget any problems or stress's at home, Uni work, family problems or money the lot. Just a car, endless music wonderful scenery and good food.

                My appetite was wet from the journey and so I travelled to Poland for a festival and stayed there a few days after too. Making new friends and memories whilst having fun experiencing a different way of life and spending my hard earned money on good times and relaxing

                Next my biggest adventure yet. A month In Tanzania. Volunteer work, climbing a mountain, Scuba diving, Safari all set to take place in June 2011 if my last trips are anything to go by this one will be special :D


                Who doesn't like food? Nothing makes me happier then knowing some sinful amount of calories is on its way from dominoes to my front door or that im sat at a table with family or friends waiting for a waiter to bring me my main course.

                Im not too adventurous with food really and cant stomach alot of popular foods like fish and eggs but my mothers home cooking is delicious and it always cheers me up after hard days work or at uni when I get home put on the football or a movie and get to devour a lovely mothers meal.


                Im very competitive as my broken xbox controllers will tell you. I don't care if im playing my 10 year old brother on the wii or having a game of football down the park with mates I don't want to lose and when I win It makes me feel good about myself that I have done my best and maybe a tad bit smug.

                ***Being with mates***

                Im quite lucky to have quite alot of friends due to me getting around a bit (not in that way haha) studying at college, uni, travelling, and couple of jobs but I still have a select group of closest friends who know exactly what I like and can tell when im in need of cheering up and exactly how to do it.


                I think something that can make you happy is something you feel passionately about for example some people it is religion for me its football and more specifically my football team Sunderland. Supporting a team especially a one like mine can cause distress and sadness very often but theres still not many happier moments then the moment your team scores a goal or the final whistle goes on a in.


                Most things that make me happy seem to be guilty pleasures like eating and spending is no difference. For some reason spending money you've worked hard for makes you feel bad and same for me. However it still makes me very happy when I get home and Iv got a nice new shiny toy or a new DVD to watch.

                ***The End***

                There are countless things that put a smile on my face and these just scratch the surface but I feel if I go on too long I'll bore the hell out of you all and probably myself so i'll stop now. What make's you happy hmmm?


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                  10.02.2011 17:35
                  Very helpful


                  • Reliability


                  Cheap and does it's job

                  Im sure alot reading this review will have an Ipod or some kind of mp3 player. Since I got my Ipod 1 and half year ago I have went through roughly four pairs of earphones including the standard white Ipod one's to some expensive fancy ones costing a whopping £35!!!! all have broke within months for various reasons, sound fading, wire around connection fraying, and most annoyingly when one earphone stops working

                  I was fed up of paying £15 for a set of earphones that turn out to only last a few months so i looked for a budget pair. I stumbled across these JVC ones at my local asda for only £4.99 a fraction of the cost of previous purchases. I noticed firstly the array of vivid colours, orange obviously, purple, blue and green were available where I was but im assuming there could be more.

                  The earphones slip straight in ready to go and they look very good and sound even better. The sound is far superior to the standard issued Ipod earpieces and on a par with the higher end priced ones so for that reason they are a good buy.

                  Apart from looking good and sounding good the real test for an earphone now for me is its durability after heavy constant use. Iv now owned and used these earphones for well over 4 months now and the quality of the whole product is Identical to the quality when I originally bought them last year which for me is a big bonus. The main problem in the past seemed to be the join where the earphones wire meets the device (ipod etc) bending and eventually ruining the sound or cutting it off altogether. With these the connection is very solid and durable and has to this day showed no sign of breaking yet fingers crossed.

                  overall though its a simple piece of equipment un fancy other than its extravagant colour and it does its job and has so far out performed and out lasted its often pricey predecessors :)


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                    09.02.2011 19:17
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    An album im sure the majority of KOL fans will enjoy and be glad their back

                    The 5th album from the now very popular King's of Leon. The band had many gem's of tunes from their first few lesser known albums and built up a very good and devoted following though they had not quite reached mainstream success.

                    The band hailing from Nashville USA eventually reached more commercial success and wider recognition for the singles "use somebody" and "Sex on Fire" from their last album only by the night. Too the die hard's from the start this album signalled the band "selling out" and giving up their old ways where they'd blow away listeners with loud fast paced songs like "red morning light" and "Molly's Chamber" and exchanged these songs for one's that would appeal to more people.

                    For this reason everyone was awaiting the new album announced to be released late 2010 early 2011 will they return to basics and the sound they started out with or continue on the road that gained them more success with more polished songs?

                    ***Track List***

                    1. The End
                    2. Radioactive
                    3. Pyro
                    4. Mary
                    5. The Face
                    6. The Immortals
                    7. Back down South
                    8. Beach Side
                    9. No Money
                    10. Pony Up
                    11. Birthday
                    12. Mi amigo
                    13. Pick up

                    When buying and listening through an album, listening to lyrics and looking at what is being said about it I can usually get a general feel about the mood of the album for example the new album Relapse by Eminem is clearly all about his journey and recovery from drug addiction and rehab and is an upbeat album looking at life and focusing on getting back to what he does best.

                    This album emanates a sense of happiness and cheery mood from a band that at times have had their strops and down moments with songs like revelry and cold desert from past albums though brilliant songs giving off sombre tones. This album feels different. Upbeat tunes that will make you feel happy. Even the title of the album and the summery front cover indicate this is an album from a band that is now happy where they are at and writing positive songs to show so.

                    The album once again has gained commercial success on a wider scale that im positive the die hards of yesteryear will once again grumble about but no one can begrudge a band that have tried so hard for years touring and playing to millions a bit of reward for all their efforts.
                    I will get into which songs from the album have been released and so on as I look at each song that stands out but the band have announced a massive UK stadium tour for June (Including on my door step in Sunderland) and a few festival headline spots off the back of this record so things appear to be going very well indeed.

                    Just also to note the album was released a day earlier in the UK than the US on the 18th of October 2010 and this indicates the bands fondness of the UK and the fans here who they have always maintained were the first fans to truly embrace them right at the beginning.

                    ***The End***

                    The album quite ironically starts with "the end" and it would fool you into thinking the whole album is going to be downbeat because it is the slowest out of all the tracks on this album and personally would have began with something else.

                    Though a rather slow song it is still a great listen and lead singer Caleeb reminds you of why he has one of rocks most unique and powerful voices. The song is all about reflecting on how things can end at any moment maybe a reference to the careers of themselves and the band.


                    This track begins to be more in keeping with the overall upbeat theme of the whole piece. It is difficult to tell exactly what the song is about though many derive it to be about the typical "doesn't matter what colour or creed you are were all human". The tune features the usual Kings riffs and excellent drum work coupled with the as always powerful voice of the lead singer.

                    This track is the first one to be released as a single from the new album and is a good pick off an album that features a few potential singles.


                    The second single to be released and personally a favourite of mine. It plays through at a nice steady pace for the listener and is apparently about an event in US where a group of Christians were killed by the police though that may just be rumour. For those who want to get a jist of how good easy listening and catchy this song is I suggest listening to their live performance on Jools Holland where the band blew away the audience with none other than Eric Clapton watching

                    ***Back Down South***

                    Potentially the third single or at least if I had to choose it would be. It has the feel of a good old fashioned deep south of America tune that I could picture listening and singing along too while driving through the dusty roads of the US. Anyway back to reality I test anyone ho loves this band and listens to this album to not be singing along to this cheerful tune before long

                    ***Best of Rest***

                    I understand that in all albums usually unless its an absolute great (which this probably is not) there are songs that have the feel of "time fillers" that were maybe added to fill the album and wont be seen making waves in the charts and this album does have a few of those that sound very similar without any really distinguishing feature.

                    However "Mary" track 4 is a beautiful song apparently referring to marriage and has no shortage of trade mark deep screams from the lead singer and catchy lyrics. It stands out for me as another potential single to be released.

                    No money track 9 has the feel of the old school kings of Leon back and this track is probably the only one that does so indicating that the band have more then likely continued in the commercial chasing direction.

                    ***To Sum Up***

                    I have liked every album released by this band there's something about their consistency in releasing contagious songs that make you want to sing along or lyrics that appeal to me and its obvious im not alone judging by the fact the album got to number 1 world wide.

                    I am certain that this album does not have the sound of the old style and for that reason once more questions will be raised by some if they have decided to sell out once again in pursuit of cash. If they have so what, they deserve it and the songs may have progressed from the Kings of old but who says change is a bad thing?

                    Thanks for reading


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                    • Review of the Year 2010 / Discussion / 47 Readings / 44 Ratings
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                      08.02.2011 20:30
                      Very helpful



                      A decent year like most filled with downs but more ups

                      I realise it's getting into 2011 now and probably a bit late to be looking back at last year but this year has so many big things planned and I want it to be much better then the up and down year of last I wanted to look back and think about everything that happened and share it with you good people.

                      ****The Start****

                      I seen in the year as I expect 99% of the UK did, drunk with friends. It was snowing and It took a 1 hour taxi queue and 30 minute drive to take me and my friends back to my empty house because my parents were away to continue the party. (never again hate tidying) The new year and first day was great and I was very optimistic about the year.

                      I signed up to the gym and surprised myself by going very regularly and began to noticed a change from my chubby self. 2009 was bad and alot of that was down to me and my long term girlfriend ending our relationship after 3 and a bit years which is quite long for two 21 year olds. That said in 2010 I'd totally forgot about this and moved on it was going to be a very good year I felt.

                      In February time I began seeing someone else from miles away which was hard but it was good. I won tickets to go see a radio 1 show in a Local city and went with friends and had a brilliant time. I also tried Ice skating for first time as an attempt at a romantic double date but me falling flat on my face for an hour was far from that.


                      By complete accident I mentioned to friend at work that I'd never been to a proper festival and it so happened him and three friends were going to a music festival in Poland after a few days in Berlin and he suggested I come and I said Yes :)

                      A few weeks before I was set to leave I was for a second time in a year doomed to be a singleton haha. However I had a great 2 weeks holiday to look forward to and so had no time to mull over it. Got to Berlin after rearranged flights which seen us Given £250 compensation from easyjet. We arrived in Berlin and spent a few days there sampling the beers, sights and food it really is a wonderful city with great history and surprisingly to me really friendly people as I thought the whole German/English thing would be a tiny problem.

                      We then took an agonisingly long 9 HOURS!!! train in 30 degrees Celsius heat and my ipod battery was dead. It was most unpleasant but was well worth It for the 4 days of fun that followed. 70p pints of heineken, Bars devoted to just ice cream!! and fun people. Camping was fun at the festival and while there we met up with a group of 5 Manchester folk who im now really good friends with. After seeing some brilliant acts like Pearl Jam and Fat boy slim it was time to head home and back to work :(

                      ****Itunes festival****

                      Back home getting prepared for final year at uni, the big one and also working every hour under the sun at my part time job I was pleased to find out I won tickets to see Biffy Clyro my favourite band at the Itunes festival in Camden town London about 500 miles away but I wasn't wasting free tickets so I grabbed my friend lisa and we went.

                      We stopped in a lovely hotel under the London Eye staggered to the show deep in London and watched what is to this day still my favourite show Iv ever been too. A day of sightseeing and a nice meal followed before going alllllll the way back home and once again back to reality.

                      ****The rest****

                      Finding out my auntie had a brain tumor was the lowest point of the year but watching her get healthy and all clear again months later was the highlight. The year was filled with boring nights out and occasionally a good one that I enjoyed but they were few and far between. I'd become bored with the repetitive uni, work, sleep routine and wanted something big to look forward too and that was just around the corner

                      Whilst having a chat and catch up with a friend she let me in on charity work she was doing and a big trip to Tanzania they were arranging to do volunteer work amongst other things like climbing Kilimanjaro. She asked "would I be interested" and I said yes without a seconds thought. So June 2011 I will be living in Africa for a whole month doing volunteer work and loads of other stuff (which is only starting to seem real now)

                      ****The End****

                      I was relatively happy with the year behind me but happier and excited at the year I'd already began to put in place for 2011. I ended the year as I started it, With a party at my house while my parents were down Chester with all my other family. Had a few friends round food, music and even attempted vodka jelly. It was a small scale end to a pretty exciting year and ended pretty good with me beating my friends at poker :)


                      Even though looking back 2010 was pretty good I want this year to be even better. A month away on Safari, climbing a mountain, volunteer work is one way its going to be brilliant. A music festival in Belgium to look forward too and my best friend being married at the petwood hotel in Lincoln makes 2011 look like it will be the best yet

                      Thanks for reading Hope you all have amazing years too :)


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                      • Puzzle - Biffy Clyro / Music Album / 63 Readings / 61 Ratings
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                        07.02.2011 20:25
                        Very helpful



                        A good album from a great band that continues their previous good work

                        Thought I'd write a second review about a band I got my first crown for a few months back, my favourite's Biffy Clyro. Last time I wrote about their newest album and their most successful commercially but this time im writing about the fourth album from them which is widely regarded as the first piece of work they produced that appealed to a wider audience.

                        The Album Puzzle by the Scottish based rock band was at the time the most successful of their work since the band formed in 1995 reaching number 2 in the album charts selling a whopping 200,000 copies in the uk in the year of its release and even more worldwide.

                        The album recorded in Canada is alot simpler with less rough edges then that of the previous 3 albums which were alot heavier.

                        ***Track Listing***

                        "Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies" 5:18
                        2. "Saturday Superhouse" 3:19
                        3. "Who's Got a Match?" 2:23
                        4. "As Dust Dances" (Contains bonus track 2/15ths - 1:02) 4:34
                        5. "A Whole Child Ago" 3:07
                        6. "The Conversation Is..." 3:40
                        7. "Now I'm Everyone" 3:50
                        8. "Semi-Mental" (Contains bonus track 4/15ths - 0:45) 3:22
                        9. "Love Has a Diameter" 3:53
                        10. "Get Fucked Stud" 3:37
                        11. "Folding Stars" 4:15
                        12. "9/15ths" 2:46
                        13. "Machines" 3:56

                        The album really is brilliant and I admit that even though I love the older stuff more now it was this album that first introduced me to them and prompted me to go see them live.

                        The album by 14th floor records released 7 single's from it the first of which being semi mental which is not so dissimilar to there older heavy stuff and turned up loud will make your ears bleed but I promise the album's song do get more mellow and easier on the ear.

                        There are some loud and attention grabbing song's that sound amazing live such as "Living is a problem cause everything dies" and "9/15ths" that were clearly created similar to the tunes found on the first couple albums. The album though is diluted with easy listening songs like the last song on the playlist "machines" which is a nice slow melody.

                        My personal favourite is the song "folding Stars" and is the 4th single released in July 2007 is a very sad and meaningful song about the death of the lead singers mother. It is a beautiful song and was the most successful of all the single's released.

                        Overall the album is wonderful and has a great mix of songs that vary in style, speed and loudness and for those who love the band or love good music in general I think its a good buy plus it's very cheap now so my advice...GET IT!! :)


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                        • General / Discussion / 45 Readings / 43 Ratings
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                          06.02.2011 21:03
                          Very helpful



                          Just a little bit info about myself

                          Gonna write a small bit about myself because it's an easy review to write I think and would be nice to let few people know about the person they rate and who rates them

                          My Name is Adam and Im 22, the title Big me is reffering to the fact that Im 6 foot 5 which is quite lanky as my friends and family remind me, but im the right height I think it's everyone else who's too small :) I was born and have lived all my Life in Sunderland in the North East of England and Im very Happy living here when im not travelling about.

                          Im almost finished studying my Business management degree at Uni which has got me into alot of debt with fee's but im sure it'll pay off and be worth it in the long run.

                          Im generally quite a happy guy and apart from being called Lanky and Baby face people have told me I always have a grin on my face that looks like I know something they don't. Im always itching to go places and do new things because I hate being sat around either working at uni or asleep so im always off on little trips around the UK to see friends

                          ***Thing's I like***

                          -Music, I absolutely love music of all kinds and when im not at work or asleep I have my Ipod in my ears and I also love going to festivals and gigs. My favourite bands are Biffy Clyro, Editors and Pearl Jam but I like bits of everything really.

                          -Football, Like playing it and also painfully watch my team Sunderland regularly although lately they havent been their usual terrible self :)

                          -Travelling, There's nothing better then getting away from normal life for a bit, Iv been on road trips round Europe and a Festival in Poland and In June this year Im going to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro for a charity and live out there for a month. Iv met so many amazing people on my travels and alot of them are good friends of mine now


                          -Black Pudding, Dried blood, enough said

                          -Bad people, The usual liars, bullies all them kind of people

                          -Chav's, There everywhere and they are a pain in the....

                          ***To Finish***

                          Errrrm didn't know what else to write about really and now im thinking most people wont actually care about someone there never going to meet but iv done it now so too late

                          cheers for reading :)


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                            06.02.2011 20:18
                            Very helpful



                            A nice little city that im proud to be from

                            I'd like to start by setting out two things, Firstly the title sunny Sunderland is a bit of a mis truth as the weather can often be terrible but that's the same anywhere in the U.K. Secondly I am from Sunderland, born here lived here and probably plan to live here til the day I die (hopefully no time soon) so i do clearly posses a bit of bias but I will give an absolute honest story of the city.

                            The city is now more diverse with relation to religion and ethnicity mainly down to the expansion and improvement of the Uni bringing in people from around the world as before it was a lot less so but just like anyone else not from round here they do tend to find it easy to settle in and make friend's.

                            The city now is home to approximately 290,000 people and here are some of the reason's why people choose to live here:


                            The city is filled with history and landmarks are dotted around this fairly large place. From Penshaw monument visible on the highest point of the city seen from miles around to st peters church in the heart of the city recognised as one of the oldest churches in the country and still in brilliant condition.

                            Historically the cities main sources of work were ship building and mining. During the 80's majority of the mines that were used for many years and homes to thousands of workers were closed leaving many jobless and the ship building industry slowly dwindled after the end of the world wars and with the recent trend for companies to take business abroad due to cheaper labour. The city has had to cope with this massive void in jobs and luckily plugged it with the massive Nissan car factory located on the fringe of the city and now the most productive car plant in Europe, also service jobs and wave upon wave of new call centres have helped ensure the city stayed on its feet.

                            Sunderland paid a vital role in the world wars and was one of the biggest contributors of ships which sadly resulted in it being targeted many times by bomb raids.

                            If you were to take a stroll through the city or speak to someone from here you would recognise a very strong accent which I can imagine would be difficult to totally understand. You would hear the phrase "makem" and this is what a person from Sunderland is referred as. Newcastle have Geordies we have makems. The term Makem comes from Sunderland's ship building past where the ports here would make the ships then be taken away. Make them would be pronounced "Makk em" by people up here.

                            It is widely know that a bad bit of Sunderland's History is that it is the birth place of cholera. Not one of the Cities proudest accolade's im sure but it is official that in 1831 the first case of the disease was found in this city.

                            Historically there has always been a big rivalry with local neighbours Newcastle which stems from not only close geography but also the two cities split traditionally in religious views where Sunderland was the majority protestant whilst Newcastle was more catholic. The rivalry is still as fierce as ever to this day which I will cover later.


                            If there's one thing the North East see's as one of life's important thing's its sports. Football, Cricket, Rugby so on the area in general is mad about it's sport and in Sunderland there is alot of places to facilitate for visitors or people moving here.

                            A brand new Olympic sized swimming pool has been opened in the shadows of the stadium of light and boasts being the only olympic sized pool north of Sheffield. It is confirmed also that this aquatic centre with a gym will be the base area for many of the 2012's Olympic swimming teams.

                            I touched there upon the Stadium of Light. This is a 48,000 seater stadium home to Sunderland's football team but also the venue for other events like music, wedding's, graduation's and boxing amongst many others. Built in 1997 and first used for a football game against Ajax (with entertainment from status quo) it has also hosted England International's most notably the heated match between Turkey and England to qualify for Euro's.

                            As in any city there are park's, sport's centres, tennis courts and gyms dotted all over but one notable new development from 2010 was a massive multi million pound investment in the Universities sports facilities with the universities aim to be at the for front of sport science and other sport related studies. I myself took part in American football with the university and played against other uk wide uni's and it is very good at encouraging participation in regular arranged sport.

                            If Sunderland doesn't have it then near by will. Durham Cricket team is just a small bus journey away which also hosts England internationals. The metro radio arena often host's basketball and hockey games, Gateshead (European capital of sport) has Gateshead stadium which last year held the European athletics and then there is Sunderland greyhound stadium.

                            The sport in and around this city are endless and for those coming to the area looking to fulfil sport need's you will not be disapointed.

                            ***Other points of interest***

                            First of all I would like to start by mentioning the Sunderland International Airshow which is the the largest free event in Europe of which 500,000 people pour onto the miles of award winning beach to watch air based acrobatics and displays from many aeroplanes and helicopters including the famous Red Arrows and Harrier Fighter jet. Set in late July every year usually with decent weather there is plenty to do there on the ground too with fairgrounds, army stalls, food and so on it really is a great place to visit

                            The City is split in Half by the River wear which runs from miles inland through Durham to Sunderland and into the sea. Along this river are many bridges including the more notable Wearmouth bridge which connects both sides and goes straight into the city centre. Along the river and at the end where the river meets the sea is the end point of the Coast to Coast cycle route.

                            The seaside stretches for miles and upon it are hotels, recreational fields and restaurants and the beaches here though freezing cold for 80% of the year are wonderful for the small amount of time that they are graced with sunshine and heat. They have also been given awards for there cleanliness and safety.

                            Inside the city centre is the Empire theatre, a very old building and one of the cities primary show hosting venues showing plays and comedy acts and recognised as one of the only theatre's outside of London with the capability to host west end shows.

                            This June the Stadium of Light will Host stadium shows from the band's Take That and more importantly for me King's of Leon to add to past show's the like's of Oasis and Pink. New small music venues are opening up and there's always the metro radio arena and 02 academy just a short distance away for all you live music lovers

                            There is everything in the city that you would expect from anywhere else in the UK an abundance of pubs and drinking establishments, Transport links, good school's, Cinema, Bowling alley, restaurants and a very good and vibrant night life.


                            To southern people there is a general consensus from what iv heard and seen over my relatively short time on earth that the North East is miles away there's nothing there and it's pretty much Scotland as I have been told once in Greece by a person from Portsmouth. But I'd say you can't judge unless you've been here

                            Yes like all cities there are rough areas and the region also suffered more then most with the loss of traditional industries however regeneration and investment across the whole region has seen the area come on leaps and bounds with alot more exciting projects due to be coming in the near future.

                            There are alot more thing's I could mention but have either forgotten or don;t want too write too much so have cut it out like the Great north 10k run that the city has, the transport links, the bridges shopping centre but i feel iv covered more then enough.

                            The people from Sunderland and surroundings are generally very friendly and accepting of people not from here and most of all I like most am proud to be a Makem :)

                            Thanks for reading


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                            • Religion / Discussion / 42 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                              24.01.2011 15:53
                              Very helpful



                              For me its too far fetched and I am a man of facts

                              My title is a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln and sums up to a tee my personal opinion on the whole religion issue. I understand that there are many many people who believe whole heartedly in religion and their own god and if there's anything that I want people reading this to remember it's that I am merely giving my point of view and not in anyway telling anyone that they are wrong and im right as we'll never know until we die (touch wood not soon)

                              I was forced at school only 6 years ago to study a Religious study subject, hours which I would have preferred to have put into bettering my English and maths areas. However religion still fascinates me even though I am not a believer and I done very well in my final tests in fact surprisingly it was my most successful subject. But while I am fascinated I do not have even the slightest bit of commitment to it to be able to understand or empathise why people believe they should blow themselves up in the name of their god or why religious groups think eating one animal is ok yet another is forbidden.

                              If religion did not exist would we still have wars in the middle east? would we still have terrorism? would the holocaust have happened to the scale it did? yes I think it all would have because its evident terrorism and wars are just as much about territory and nationality as they are religion however religion gives and extra dimension and fuel to some people's fire.

                              My mother was married at a Church in a traditional ceremony like many of my other family who if i had to describe them would be "relaxed Christians" they believe in heaven and hell yet are not active enough to attend church on sundays and quote bible passages in everyday life.

                              To me cold hard facts and scientific proof are what matters and science can explain pretty much everything that has or is going to happen in this world without having to go into the vagueness of god created it so on. Essentially the only solid facts that most religions depend upon are books and stories told many years ago that have stayed being told til the present day and in my humble opinion they are just stories.

                              Im a darwinist, a man of science and evolution makes absolute sense to me, however I would like to point out just now that I 100% would love to be convinced of an afterlife a heaven and hell because the last thing I want is to just be dead and that's the end but i find it difficult to comprehend that their is this amazing place after death where all the people you love who are gone are waiting for you, it seems too good to be true.

                              The argument against science is that it doesn't know everything but of course it does not or else it would stop.

                              I feel that iv aired all my views upon religion and dont need to go on but wanted to finish by saying I genuinely hope that this is the one thing in life I am fully wrong about this and I hope everybody here reading this meets up with people they've lost when they inevitably go.

                              Please give me your views on religion you never know someone might make a point that could change my opinions slightly :)


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                                24.01.2011 15:16
                                Very helpful



                                A very tasty difference to normal milkshake flavours

                                Whilst in Asda i wandered past milkshakes and usually would not give them a second glance, same boring flavours (strawberry, chocolate and Banana) However the face of Simpson's character chief Wiggum got my attention. Chocolate fudge brownie flavour??

                                Now I love brownie's and I instantly assumed it would just be same as chocolate maybe a bit richer but 50p on special so thought may as well try it. It is delicious and though it does not contain any actual brownie just flavourings the similarities are easily noticed. It is very thick and I can imagine some people will find this very sickly and hard to take all 500ml's of it at once.

                                Something tasting this good has got to be bad for you surely? and you'd be right to think that. Firstly just looking at the side of the bottle at ingredients I noticed 45% Whole milk and Sugar were some of the highest quantity ingredients which in nutritional terms isn't great.

                                Next I looked at the Nutritional information which is somewhat misleading. It states 2.1g of fat which for something like this appears not bad at all til you notice that is per 100ml and the bottle is 5 of those therefore its a massive 10.5g of fat in just one bottle of this drink.

                                On top of taste it's not all bad news. One bottle does contain 39% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium and the manufacturers are also very keen to point out that it is not only a gluten free product but that there are no artificial colours or preservatives for those who care about those things.

                                I however am a 22 year old male and probably rather naively choose taste over worrying about all the scientific stuff so for me and those like me this is a good nice tasting and refreshing twist on usual bland milkshakes, however for those watching your hips I would advise not having this Frijj in your Fridge


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                                21.01.2011 17:35
                                Very helpful



                                A great follow up album to the brilliant debut and I reccomend Highly

                                I first stumbled upon this band by accident in May 2006 at radio 1's big weekend in Dundee, Nothing else on and so walked into a tent packed out for a band I'd never heard of. I listened to their rough edged music sound and thick Scottish accents and loved everything they were doing. Got home bought their first album "hats off to the Buskers" and I can honestly say every single track on the album I love and that's uncommon for me with any album.

                                After the success for me of the first album I eagerly anticipated the second one and I totally would understand that 2nd albums can often not live up to the former (Arctic Monkeys for example) However I put "which Bitch" on for first time and they'd done it again.

                                Released early in 2009 because of the bands grimey kind of sound similar to libertines it was never expected to do amazingly in the charts yet still peaked at 4th which is no mean feat in this current x-factor cheesy pop music and Rihanna climate were in.

                                The album is 50 minutes long and broken into 14 great songs varying from songs about sad personal experiences of the lead band member Kyle Falconer to more upbeat songs about women.

                                Track Listing

                                1.Typical Time 2" - 1:36
                                2.5Rebbeccas" - 3:50
                                3.One Off Pretender" - 3:29
                                4.Unexpected" - 3:39
                                5.Temptation Dice" - 3:47
                                6.Glass Smash" - 4:20
                                7.Distant Doubloon" - 4:36
                                8.Jimmy's Crazy Conspiracy" - 3:47
                                9.Covers" - 3:23
                                10.Double Yellow Lines" - 4:09
                                11.Shock Horror" - 4:07
                                12.Realisation" - 3:41
                                13.Give Back the Sun" - 5:54
                                14.Gem of a Bird" - 3:32

                                The album open's with a very short yet upbeat Harmonica solo similar to that of the first album and now infamous amongst their legions of fans.

                                Many of the songs such as Gem of a bird and Covers are songs aimed at girlfriends from past and present and all feature catchy lines and chorus's that you will be whistling long after you hear them. On the subject of covers the song also features fellow Dundee based artist Paolo Nutini (personal favourite of mine)

                                If there were two songs to sum up the diversity of this album it would be my favourite song of the the album "double yellow lines" and the song "unexpected". The first is a loud upbeat song about life and finding your way home compared to the somber yet thought provoking song "unexpected" which is wrote entirely about the passing of lead singers dad.

                                It is very difficult to describe music and songs and how you will take the lyrics and sound because I beleive that everyone thinks different things when they hear music and relate it too there own life and personal experiences however for me It is all round perfect.

                                The album is from a still little known band that wont be getting to number one anytime soon due to not being very mainstream however they have proved that their brilliant first album was by no means a fluke and have hit back with a 2nd album of equal brilliance and I eagerly await their 3rd album due out this year :) I reccomend this album very highly especially if you enjoy the likes of Babyshambles, Libertines and Jamie T.


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