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      04.09.2011 17:36
      Very helpful



      A very nice aftershave that last's much longer than most other aftershaves.

      I have been using this aftershave on and off for around 4 years and in short: It's one of the nicest smelling aftershaves I have used.

      Despite being relatively expensive (Around £40 for 50ml) as soon as you open the box you realise this is a premium product due to the nice metal container for the bottle and also the bottle being in the shape of a male's body.
      I have found this aftershave lasts alot longer than most on the market, that long sometimes I can even still smell it on clothes after they have been washed!
      The perfume combines the smells of mint, lavender and vanilla to create a very fresh scent.
      Because of the aftershave lasting so long you will not need to keep re-applying it, so the aftershave does last along time due to not having to use as much.

      This aftershave has been at the top of the market for such along time I believe that suggests how good this aftershave really is; the smell and how long the aftershave last's really set's it apart from the crowd.
      I would recommend this to anyone based on those facts.


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      • Adidas Adicolor Airline Bag / Handbag / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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        04.09.2011 16:36
        Very helpful



        It's a very attractive bag that despite lacking compartments in area's will be good enough for most.

        I have recently purchased this bag for £35 pounds from JD Sports intending to use it for school, the bag is one of the more expensive bags in it's category but the appearance of the bag is very nice and available in many different colours.
        I purchased the bag in a Brown colour with white adidas labelling and white bordering.

        The bag has 3 sections: A large compartment can be found on the front of the bag, The main storage section and a small storage section inside useful for pens/mobile phone.
        I do feel however, the bag could have had another compartment on the back quite easily.
        The main section will be able to hold many items; if intending for school I would say you could get a lunch-box, P.E kit and a few books in there no problem, but remember there is the compartment on the front where books could be stored, this would avoid any spillage from drinks in your lunch.
        On many bags there are also side pockets to perhaps store a drinks bottle but again unfortunately this bag has nothing.

        To conclude, it is an attractive bag which will offer enough storage space for most people however being £35 it's possible to find leather bags of similar price or slightly higher than this, which of course will offer high-quality and will perhaps last longer, Saying this, the bag does feel quality and looks quality and I am sure it last along time.


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        • Samsung R519 / Laptop / 6 Readings / 5 Ratings
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          04.09.2011 12:54
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A relatively cheap laptop that will serve most people's needs very well.

          I have now owned this laptop for just over a year and it has served me very well, It has mainly been used as a desktop replacement and is usually on 24/7, however I also take it with me on trips if I need something more powerful to use than my Netbook and despite being plugged into the wall socket 24/7 and despite reading other reviews about this laptop having poor battery life, I still manage to achieve 3 hours with it which is more than enough in my Opinion.

          The Samsung R519 has a completely plastic casing and is surprisingly very sturdy and have had no problems with pieces of the construction such as the hinges becoming lose, I have had this problem with previous laptops I have owned including my Samsung N130 Netbook I currently own.
          The Samsung R519 has a glossy black lid which is very prone to fingerprints as you might expect, however luckily it doesn't seem prone to scratches which you may also expect from a glossy surface.
          The laptop has a very nice keyboard that is easy to type on however some may have preferred a numeric pad which this laptop is unfortunately missing, the touchpad is on the small size but despite that is still very nice to use and the right and left click are separated on a panel underneath the touchpad so will not be mistakenly hit.
          The Laptop has a 15.6" screen which seems to be the most common size on Laptops these days, the display is nice and bright and the laptop has built in power-saving options for when away from the plug such as the screen slightly dimming to pro-long battery life.

          Windows 7 comes pre-installed on this machine, Windows 7 is the most recent operating system from Microsoft and is the successor the windows vista which received very bad reviews, you will pleased to know Windows 7 is probably the easiest operating system to use and you will pick it up very quickly, I personally consider it to be easier to use than Windows XP.

          The Samsung R519 comes with 3GB of Ram and a 250GB hardrive which is more than enough for loading most computing tasks. I use my laptop for my entire iTunes library and also play various games such as football manager yet there is still enough power in this Laptop to have lots of other applications running at the same time.

          To conclude, I am very pleased with this Laptop and it has served me well being used as a Desktop replacement and occasionally being used as a travelling companion. I feel it would be an excellent purchase for most general users however, some users may find the 250GB hardrive not enough for them and I'm almost certain this laptop will not play graphic intensive games due to it's Intel Pentium processor and Intel Graphics.


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        • Samsung i9000 Galaxy S / Smartphone / 10 Readings / 7 Ratings
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          03.09.2011 20:00
          Very helpful



          A great phone that really is difficult to find anything bad to say about it.

          I have now owned the Samsung galaxy S for 3 months, and what a pleasurable experience I have had with this phone, Like the Headline says: This is the best phone I have ever owned, and the reasons for being so will be explained in this review.

          I purchased this phone second-hand for £190 and consider it an absolute bargain, a phone that I consider to be one of the best smartphones available at the time of writing only being topped by the new dual-core phones such as the Galaxy s II, Motorola Defy and HTC Sensation.
          It is worth noticing that if you were interested in purchasing any of the 3 phones mentioned above you would be lucky to purchase it for £400, more than double than what I paid for my galaxy s, and for what? Dual-core that doesn't have much support at the moment.

          Anyway, this is a review on the Samsung i9000 Galaxy s.
          The phone is quite a large device measuring 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9, perhaps too large to fit in some trouser pockets, this size is mainly due to the phone's 4" Amoled display. The display is very bright, as you would expect from an Amoled display. The front of the phone is made completely of glass, you will only find one physical button on the front of the phone positioned in the centre at the bottom (this is the home button) - much like the iPhone. On the front you will also find two touch sensitive buttons either side of the home button, the button on the left acts a sought of settings launcher, the button on the right is a back button.
          The touch sensitive buttons offer good feedback letting you know you have hit the button with a nice vibration, however I have one niggle; I have experienced on many an occasion the lights on these buttons turning off when in use and I would much prefer them to stay lit when an application or webpage is loaded.
          Despite the phone being fairly large due to it being on 9.9mm thin it also makes the phone very light, only weighing 119g.
          Due to casing of the phone being plastic it is easily scratched so I would recommend getting a case/cover for your phone, I purchased a case-mate barely there case for my phone and it has served me well so far, but due to it being 'barely there' I'm not confident it would protect the phone from a nasty drop, but at least it still protects it from scratches..

          The phone has a 5MP Camera like as with many of Samsung phones comes packed full of features, such as: different shooting modes, scene mode, exposure value,GPS tagging and a timer.
          The phone's camera offers auto-focus by simply tapping on what object you want to be the focus.
          The Samsung Galaxy doesn't stop there by having just one camera! Oh no, it also has a front-facing VGA camera useful for self-portraits or even video calls using the Skype application downloadable from the Android market.

          As this is an android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S has access to the rapidly growing Android market which offers over 200,000 applications many of which are free!
          The phone has 8GB of Internet memory, plenty space to store lots applications as well as photo's, video's and music on your phone.
          The memory is expandable by inserting a micro-SD card, upto 32GB is accepted equalling a potential 40GB of memory! I have yet had no need to buy a micro-SD card as I have not even filled the 8GB internal memory.
          The phone also has 512MB of Ram meaning you will be able to have plenty of applications running without much lag.

          I have read, and I am sure you will have read reviews stating that this phone has poor battery life however I am yet to experience this.
          I have WiFi and 3G running 24/7 and screen brightness set at about 75% and at the end of the day my phone 's battery percentage is at about 60%, so the phone could possibly last 2 days without any attempt at trying to save the battery, Note I say possibly because the phone does still use quite a bit of battery when it is in standby but this is mainly due to me not turning things off running in the background which are set to auto-update.

          To conclude, and I will finish as I started: This is the best phone I have ever owned. There a few little niggles but you will struggle to find any more than I have mentioned, and I know I haven't mentioned many, this is how good this phone really is! Yes the build quality could be better, and perhaps it should be as it is a high-end phone but I suppose this decision was to keep the phone light. In the end though this really is a great phone thanks to it's 4" Amoled display, the internal specs. and the Android operating system.


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        • Samsung GT M8800 Pixon / Mobile Phone / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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          03.09.2011 17:50
          Not Helpful



          Good Camera and Design, that's all that is good.

          I owned this phone for around 6 months and the experience if I am honest was, well, not the most enjoyable experience.
          Well, where do I start?

          I found the phone's screen to be very un-responsive due to the 'resistive display' this is the sought of display used in low-end phones, the thing is when release this wasn't a low-end phone, it was a high end.
          The 'resistive display' is different to the 'Capacative display' found in various phones such as the iPhone, the difference being the responsiveness. I found the Samsung Pixon's screen to be very un-responsive and this was particularly noticeable when texting, making texting a very unpleasant experience.

          The Phone however wasn't all bad, it had an excellent camera. The Camera on the Samsung Pixon is 8 Mega-pixel's and is THE best Camera I have ever used on a phone, the pictures it produced were excellent and it had a nice little feature of automatically opening the camera lens when the camera application was opened/closed - just like a digital camera does. I have owned a Sony Ericsson Cybershot C905 since and the pictures product from that phone were not comparable. I now own a Samsung Galaxy S, although this phone is 100x better than the two previously mentioned I do miss the camera on those 2 phones.

          To Conclude, the phone may look good on paper with it's 8mp Camera and 3.2" touch-screen display however, the design and camera are the only things good about this phone.
          The screen is very unresponsive and I have also experienced the common problem of the phone screen becoming frozen and totally unresponsive.


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          • Samsung N130 / Netbook / 5 Readings / 5 Ratings
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            03.09.2011 17:32



            Great Netbook for a reasonable price however there are now better Netbooks.

            I have had this Netbook for one and a half years, I could sum it up in three words - The Headline.
            The Netbook I have has 1GB of Ram and a 160GB Hardrive and runs Windows XP, you can also now buy a version of this Netbook that has 2GB of Ram and a 250GB Hardrive running Window's 7 starter; you will want to upgrade Windows 7 starter has alot of limitations such as not supporting these features :
            * Aero Glass, meaning you can only use the Windows Basic or other opaque themes. It also means you do not get Taskbar Previews or Aero Peek.
            * Personalization features for changing desktop backgrounds, window colors, or sound schemes.
            * The ability to switch between users without having to log off.
            * 64 bit version
            * Multi-monitor support.
            * DVD playback.
            * Windows Media Center for watching recorded TV or other media.
            * Remote Media Streaming for streaming your music, videos, and recorded TV from your home computer.
            * Domain support for business customers.
            * XP Mode for those that want the ability to run older Windows XP programs on Windows 7.
            However, this may be perfectly acceptable for some people who just want to use this netbook to quickly browse the web, check emails etc...
            For browsing the web, this Netbook is perfect; it is speedy, loads up quickly and has a large keyboard - 92% of a full-size keyboard so you won't have any problems typing.

            In my experience with this netbook the battery life has been very good, usually achieving around 5 hours of web-browsing but ofcourse this won't be achieved if you are watching movies/listening to music.

            Now not everything about this laptop is good, the build-quality certainly isn't.
            This laptop made entirely of plastic and it is not un-common for key's/hinges to become lose and eventually fall-off, the laptop is also quite prone to scratches and finger-prints, particularly the glossy black version.

            To conclude, for most people this will be a very capable machine to do most tasks that you will want it to do, however there are now more powerful netbooks on the market offering 10 hours battery life and having the new dual-core intel atom processor and now high-end netbooks do often ship with 2GB ram and a 250GB
            hardrive like previously mentioned, this netbook however is easily upgraded to 2GB of ram by simply unscrewing the hatch containing the Ram on the back of the Netbook and swapping the ram over, there are various guides on the Internet to help you do this.
            However, where this Netbook falls short is the build quality, and if your a clumsy person (I'm Not! and even mine has lost a hinge) even if your carrying this Netbook in a bag each day to work I would strongly recommend investing in a well-padded, sturdy case for this to travel in.

            The list of Windows 7 starter limitations was found in this forum: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/


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