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      11.02.2013 22:00
      Very helpful



      Beautiful hands for the working woman!

      This is the most famous and frequent soap & glory product amongst my circle of friends and family.
      After being a bar tender and wait staff for a few years I have had to hunt down a hand cream that is not only reliable but keeps my hands looking good as I am serving customers all day. This just might be the 'one' as far as hand creams go!

      The tube I usually buy is 125ml and it is priced at £5 from Boots, although sometimes it is on offer or comes as part of a set. I recently received a travel sized version in a gift set for Christmas.
      It can be argued that £5 is pricey for a hand cream and I would tend to agree but as it works so well for me I feel that the price can be justified. You can also make the product go a long way with a pea- sized amount when using it as regularly as I do.

      The packaging is of the quirky soap & glory standard with a fun name and has on the front "The most astonishing hand cream ever? YOU DECIDE!". This could be seen by some as bold, I personally would answer yes!

      The lovely girly pink colour makes it a great gift either as part of a set or as a nice extra for a birthday or Christmas present.

      When you first use the cream the fresh and clean smell is the first thing that you will notice and the smell lasts for a good while.
      As my hands are in and out of hot and cold water washing plates and glasses and washing my hands with that standard pink industrial soap, they can dry out very quickly. I feel that using hand food my hands feel soft and smooth afterwards. The extra bonus is that even though my hands feel soft the cream does not make my hands feel greasy. Another advantage this hand cream has over other products is it can smell great without being sticky. I have found with other products that you do not seem to get both a fresh smell and a non- sticky consistency.

      As the price is not the best on the market I do hope for this hand cream for birthdays and Christmases but those stock up times usually last for me and I get to use the hand cream all year round.
      I do admit when I do run out I invest in hand food because I know it works.


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      11.02.2013 21:23
      Very helpful



      Fresh smell and packaging, however, caused disappointment in the end.

      I only ever receive soap and glory as Christmas presents and this year I decided to treat myself to a fancy face wash. Getting any soap and glory products is always a nice treat for me.

      I bought it from boots for £7 which, for me, is quite expensive for a face wash but again I wanted a nice treat for my winter skin care plan.

      The packaging is fun and colourful. The name "Scrub your nose in it" is quirky and modern. It draws you in to read the tube and the wording often gives me a giggle.

      The scrub has a fresh and clean fragrence. The appearance of the actual scrub is an almost green colour and thin in texture. You can see the small exfoliating beeds.
      The green if it made contact with fabric stained it so I have a green dot on a white t-shirt of mine.
      The texture was quite watery compared to other facial scrubs I have used and I felt that the small beeds did not exfoliate my face as well as other products I have tried.

      I could only used this scrub on my face a few times as I felt a burning sensation on my skin during use. I have quite sensitive skin and I felt that my skin was very dried out after using it so use a good moisturiser! After washing the product off I had red patches on my face for about ten minutes before they started to fade. Not a good look in the morning!

      It is good that it doubles as a face mask as well as a cleansing exfoliator, however, as I had a bad reaction to washing I did not use it as a mask because I needed to wash my face thoroughly after use due to the burning sensation.

      Over all I am not sure if £7 is great value for money as here are better facial scrubs out there, in my opinion, which are cheaper, more affective and kinder on my skin.
      The soap and glory range have released some great skin care products and this one has not put me off trying others in the brand.

      I, personally, would not buy the "scrub your nose in it" again due to the irritation and bad reaction my skin took to the scrub.
      I was very disappointed due to the cost of the product and the over all experience of using it.


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      11.02.2013 19:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent product with up to date technology. Incredibly easy to take everywhere with you.

      I must admit I was an apple-phobe before buying my IPad 2 in November 2011. As my first apple product I had to have a master class from my sister which seemed easy enough.
      To be honest I think I am still finding things out about how it works now!

      The price is what was expected of an apple product I suppose. I saved up for 5 months after deciding to purchase one and I paid £399 for the 16gb.

      I purchased the ipad2 in black and looks wise it is presented really well.
      The size and weight of the iPad is ideal for even a small handbag and easy to quickly take out when going through airport security. It's not small enough for you to lose awareness of it which is good for me as I treated it like a baby when I travelled!

      The video quality is best in natural light as I have found that photos and videos taken in doors have not been as great and can come out as dull and blurred. I have some great videos from out side at just before dawn of some dancing and the video quality is amazing and it has two cameras which you can easily switch between.
      It also came in handy when making a video with children.

      The iPad's ease of use came in hand when working with children in Africa. Within seconds they could listen to music, take photos and try to read my emails!

      The durability of the ipad2 is ideal for a dropper like me! I have 'accidentally' dropped, bumped, spilled on and it only bears a few scratches on the back of the device and none on the screen at all.
      After a year of having it the button sticks a bit but it has been in rural Africa to dusty Eastern Europe so after a small clean with a spare tooth brush it un sticks easily.

      The FaceTime app and the messages app allows you to call and text to any apple device for free and within seconds. The FaceTime quality is very good, the connection, sound and picture quality is reliable even with low wii fi signal.

      Even when you are on the move without wii fi then you can download many apps to keep you well read for free and well entertained. The battery life is excellent and with some tips and tricks you can make it last for a good 10 hour trip when using it constantly by closing back ground apps.

      With the iPad, which I bought in an apple store, I received a charger cable and plug with a manual with useful information. The great thing about purchasing straight from apple is their customer service. It would have been useful to receive a set of headphones with the iPad as well.

      To conclude I am very impressed with my first apple purchase and I am never without it because of how easy it is to carry and lightweight in even a small handbag. If you buy the right cover then it is discreet enough to hide in your bag. The iPad cases and covers online are much cheaper than the ones in store.
      The iTunes is always something I have struggled to use and I am still learning how to work it properly, though.

      Even though the iPad was a lot of money compared to other tablets, I would recommend this to travellers especially as all you need is wii fi and you are connected to loved ones the world over.


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