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Member since: 23.04.2010

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    • Media Markt / Electronic Store / 13 Readings / 8 Ratings
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      23.04.2010 12:59



      May buy again, but will be extra cautious. Ich bin doch nicht bloed.

      Beware: False or misleading information at point of sale. Media Markt..!!

      I recently bought a new Laptop from a Media Markt store in Southern Germany. I visited my nearest store there to make enquiries, but the item they advertised for sale on the Net was out of stock. They were reluctant to help me find out if there was one available at another store, it seemed they were short of staff that day. Eventually we located the Laptop I was looking for. I travelled 100km to a Media Markt store where the item was in stock. I paid my money, and went home to use my new Laptop. There was a built-in AntiVirus with a free trial period, after which I was required to pay to activate it. OK, but in BOTH stores I was told this would cost about 20 Euros. It actually cost nearer to 80 Euros. I was not pleased to have been mislead by several staff members, just to persuade me to buy the machine with the promise of a small fee to activate the Anti-Virus. I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences..??


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