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Member since: 22.03.2012

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      22.03.2012 00:37



      Great References

      I am still studying towards achieving the Child Psychology Diploma as well as Writing for Children Diploma and I am finding the topics on Psychology fascinating. I can't wait to complete these courses so I can grab myself another challenging subject. Initially I was a bit unsure about studying online, but so far I have no regrets and I would definitely take another course.
      Basically you get a paper and questions, basic reading on the subject, and lots of references to dig for more (when the fun starts) answer your questions, send the paper to tutor, tutor sends back really quickly along with your next paper and questions on the following unit and so on. Easy, concise, straightforward, plus if you're not sure about something, your tutor will be in contact with you in no time.
      The course on writing has great potential for adding on to my working life. Communication with the tutors is great. I am sending my assignments in the post and getting them back in no time! Excellent references.
      I love the fact that I can study on my own limited times. Having 2 children and a part-time job I find this a great way to keep on learning whilst maintaining a balance in my work-study-family life. I'm loving it!


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