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Member since: 19.09.2012

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      19.09.2012 12:20



      Helpful company who quickly settel the claim

      Warranty Direct. I have used this company since I decided to buy second hand cars. I buy my cars when they have approximately six months left on their warranty. I also make sure that they are one owner and have full franchised dealer service history. The Mercedes, BMW and Saab Dealers have been happy to carry out an inspection of the car and will then undertake any warranty work required before the warranty expires. The advantage is that the cars are in as perfect condition at this point with no known faults. To underwrite my risk I then take out the top policy with Warranty Direct. This gives me the comfort of knowing that if a major catastrophe occurs I will be covered by their warranty and will only have to pay £25 towards the repair instead of potentially being at risk to the tune of thousands of pound. I have claimed and they settlement process has been prompt. I have always paid the bill and then made the claim. The operators on the telephone have always been helpful although I have sometimes had to queue on the telephone. I mentioned this to them and they explained they were aware of this and would be taking on more staff. Again it is nice to have a positive responses to my comments. Well Warranty Direct, keep it up.


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