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    • The Football Factory (DVD) / DVD / 60 Readings / 58 Ratings
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      16.06.2007 20:20
      Very helpful



      If you are not easily offended you will enjoy this a little

      This film is about football violence other wise known as hooliganism. This film is about Tommy who likes to fight other clubs and has a vicious set of friends. He is part of Chelsea football clubs hooligan firm. The other films of this nature are Green Street and I.D. This was made in 2004 and has a certificate of 18. The fight come towards the end of the film and has a big build up before that. You see them living the hooligan lifestyle of watching football, fighting other fans, getting drunk at the pub, and having a lot sex with girls. This film runs for 87 minutes and has excitement running all the way through it. This film takes a look at the average hooligan on a Saturday. I hope this film doesn’t encourage children to copy the acts. With any luck it will give them the opposite effect and make them fink why would i get involved in fight and get injured, or something along those lines.

      Unfortunately this film states just what hooliganism is about. Although it is stating to die down now it still exist. So is a bad thing to make a film on it? I am not sure. It certainly isn’t a film to show your children. One aim in these kinds of films is just to show people what kind of things does go on sometimes and although people will strongly object to this kind of thing they still might find it interesting.

      I strongly believe this is a good film. If I rated it out of 10, it would give it around a 6.5 – 7. It is clearly not one of the best films around but is a good one. The fighting scenes can be very realistic under the circumstances, while the settings are very good like under the viaduct near the stadium. One disappointment about this film is the storyline. It is not the best. Green Street, a very similar film to football factory has a much better storyline and therefore maybe a better film but it is very hard to judge. There are some things I do not like in Green street also though.

      The Actors
      The actors do there job very good. Not many actors could have acted this film out. its a very different film to act. In the cast there is Danny Dyer who has done a lot of work recently on football charity matches and hooligan programs on Bravo and the other main actors are Frank Harper, Tamer Hasan, Roland Manookian and Neil Maskell who are all good actors. Danny Dyer is very convincible in this film and also boasts the perfect face and attitude to play his character. Danny Dyer is very much in interest in Hooliganism. He has created a spin-off series called The real football factories. Danny dyer in this programme goes over to some football teams firm and just has a chat with them and witnesses some things what happen.

      The main character Tommy Johnson (Danny dyer) is part of the head-hunters which is Chelsea’s hooligan firm. His best friend is Bob (neil maskell) and Zeberdee (roland manookian). He live for away days at clubs like Cardiff and west ham. But most of all Millwall. His life is full of drinking, sex and fighting while he doesn’t see much of a football being kicked. When they find out they are playing Millwall in a cup-tie they cant wait to go there for a fight. Tommy Johnson eventually takes too much drugs and starts going crazy and seeing things but then by the end he gets all right and goes to fight the Millwall firm. The fight looks realistic and the director should be given credit for that. There are a few fight throughout this film one fight is against spurs another stoke and lastly and the biggest against millwall.

      Fans of the film
      this is a very popular film but does have a strict target audience. For hooligans them selves they would love it. Its perfect for them but then again any film of this nature would be perfect for them.
      Critics have condemned this film saying it will create more and more violence on a Saturday at football matches. I you wouldn't want that with tournaments like the world cup coming up.

      Target Audience
      Most people I know who like this film are between the age of 15 to 30 and are men. I find women don’t like this film at all and for anyone to watch this film under the age of 15 is wrong and might make them copy this in the future

      Personal Thoughts
      I really do like this film and i think it is interesting to actually see for sure what hooligans get up to. It give you a good insight into what happens. The fights are very realistic and it is a exciting film from start to finish. I think this film is more of a documentary than a film as there is a narrator. It is different to green Street in many ways. If you watch them both the two main characters are completely different. I want to see more films like this come out. They are good films.

      This film is good but the verdict depends on the audience and what there taste is. I hpoe this doesn't give children ideas as i think there might be more films of this genre

      The DVD extras
      There are a number of extras to keep you happy there’s a audio commentary to show what the actors/directors think of the scenes, there’s a making of which is good for a film like this, you can see the alternate opening scene which is interesting, you can watch to fight fighting scenes again, deleted scenes are always a good thing to watch and then there’s the normal trailer so the DVD has done well to get all that and make it more worth the money in shop and websites. It might have helped the sales. This also gives you the right to buy and watch this if you haven’t already

      Buy It


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        15.06.2007 14:57
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This is a album for a any indie/rock fan out there

        The Killers
        Sam’s Town

        The Killer new album (Sam’s town) is certainly one to own, although is not at good as Hot Fuss. This new album features many great songs, which have been released as singles, and many of you would have heard them before at some stage. ‘When You Were Young’, ‘ Read My Mind’ ‘Bones’ and ‘For Reasons Unknown are the singles that have been released at the moment. The band from Las Vegas haven’t disappointed in producing the second long awaiting album.

        Sams Town is on the whole very upbeat which is quite unusual for an album so full of emotional songs. ‘Uncle Jonny’ for example is about Brandon Flowers’ uncle, who had a cocaine addiction. He clearly didn’t like the fact that he was on cocaine and Brandon just wanted him to be a proper uncle to him who didn’t take drugs. This song is still quite upbeat although his voice does sound a little depressed. A lot of the stuff Flowers writes is based around how he has lived and what he has done in the past. A lot of that material is very sad. A line from ‘Reasons Unknown’ “I check my face, I look a little bit older, I look a little bit colder. This is a line, which stands out.

        The more I listen to this album the more I love it. After I listened to this around 4 times and really thought this is a great album. Two of my personal favouarets, which you might not expect and everyone seems to find them the weakest songs, are, ‘This River is Wild’ and ‘Why Do I Keep Counting’. I believe these are very strong songs and believe the lyrics and the melodies in these two songs are incredible. I am surprised I like this kind of music if I was honest. I am a major fan of rock. But I usually listen to bands like Oasis and U2. When you listen to these kinds of bands regularly you realise just how mediocre some new bands are. Although The Killers are different. The reason I like the likes of oasis way above anyone else is because they can write very good songs and on the instrumental side of things they are outstanding. For example the difference between Noel Gallagher’s knowledge of playing the guitar and composing music and a guitarist from Kaiser Chiefs is unthinkikable. But as I said I believe The Killers have got the talent that many people do like.

        This album is certainly worth buying. The songs don’t seem to get boring either compared to albums like The Kooks (Inside In Inside Out). Which can get very boring quickly. I also believe the album is well structured. The album starts with Sam’s Town, which incidentally is also the title of the album. This starts it all off and gives you a general gist of the future tracks. Then it features Enturelude which is a nice song with a beautiful melody and is almost like a personally message to everyone who has bought the album. Some lines as ‘We hope you enjoy your stay’. While the closure of the songs has Exitlude. This is Enterlude but longer and more like a song. This one being the better of the two.

        One reason The Killers are a great band is because so many of their songs will get you singing along to the tracks which is a real factor of mine. If a song makes you sing a long I believe that must be a good song. Brandon Flowers has used this new album to try and prove that he has grown up a little now. The new shorter haircut and the moustache suits him much better and in his aim to be more acknowledged he actually plays the guitar in a song off this album which is very unusual for him. He plays the bass guitar in ‘For reasons unknown’.

        Hot Fuss is a really difficult album to carry on from with such songs as the loved ‘Mr Brightside’ to ‘All these thing that I’ve done’. Which were both great hits although never really made it in the charts. The highest The Killers have been in the charts is at number 2. With ‘ When We were Young’. If you just think that The Killers have never been number 1 and have only ever been close it just shows you how much rubbish must be in the charts today. I really do not see the attraction in Rap/ Hip-Hop.

        01- Sam’s Town- This is a great song to start the album off. This song starts off with a good intro, which features the strange sound of a piano/organ. This song is about how no one ever seemed to back him or the band for success in their hometown Las Vegas (Sam’s Town), but he used this to prove even more that they have got it in them. ‘Nobody ever had a dream round here, but I don’t really mind that it’s starting to get to me and then says in the chorus ‘So why do you waste my time’ aimed at those who had no belief in the band. It then ends with what seems to be a different song. This is one of the best songs on the album. 8/10
        02- Enterlude- This is just a quick song to open the rest of the album, has some memorable lyrics which are easily sung along to. This song is basically thanking the listeners for buying the album and quoting ‘we hope you enjoy your stay’ as in they’re hoping you enjoy listening to the album. This song is not one of the better ones on the album, but no one claims it is and it isn’t supposed to be. 6/10
        03- When We Were Young- This song is easily one of the best on the album and maybe one of the songs of the year. This single got to Number 2 just missing out on the number 1 spot. This song reflects backs on their lives are what they did when they were younger. Some brilliant lyrics in this song, and some quite humorous. There is a good little solo half way through the song just before it slows down and continues like this for 15 seconds then the drummer comes back in and it all gets back into a brilliantly composed piece of instrument work. Basically just a great song. 9/10
        04- Bling (Confession of a King) – This is one of the weaker songs but nevertheless is still a good addictive song. It is quite a emotional song and sung in a sad tone. The Keyboard is dominate in this song and has a interest set of chords in the choruses which I am sure I have never heard anything like it before. The chorus is the best part of this song. Very different and just is great to listen to and the verse right at the end is probably my favourite part of the song when the whole songs comes together and slowly fades out. Brandon Flowers uses his usually couple of lines without instruments at the end of their songs. 7/10
        05- For Reasons Unknown – This song is the 4th single of their second album and is very similar to Read My mind in my opinion. This song is also very emotional. Brandon sings about how things have deteriorated compared to the past and how sometimes the old days were the best. ‘… And my heart they don’t beat, they don’t beat the way they used to. And ‘ I take a look a my face, it looks a little bit older, it looks a little bit colder.’ This is a very addictive song. One thing about this song I found was the chorus spoiled it a bit. The Killers usually write much better verses than choruses, which is very unusual for a band. Overall an excellent song. 9/10
        06- Read My Mind- What can I say about this song. This song is probably one of my favourite songs now; this fairly slow song is just perfect. Beautiful melody, lyrics and singing all come together in this song and really works. The chorus is excellent. It is really one to sing along to. The piano dominates the instruments in this song and that seems to work well. The more the song progresses the better it gets. Then a guitar solo comes in around ¾ of the way through the song, which adds the song a bit of talent then the song continues getting more emotional which makes it better. This also has a great video to it. Remarkable song. 10/10.
        07- Uncle Jonny- This song is about his uncle called jonny. He was a cocaine addict who had many problems. Brandon, as a kid just wanted a reliable uncle who he could see. In this song there is a great guitar riff. Obviously Brandon feels very emotional about this song and the song suggest that. The thing I really like about this song is the ending. I like how where another member starts singing and Flowers almost replies to what is being said. Overall a good song. 7/10
        08- Bones- This was the second single of the album and was a great hit although the chart position did not suggest that. Very good beat to it and the lyrics are interesting. The chorus is very memorable and this song makes you feel happy. The song eventually builds up to make it a bit faster, emotional and louder. The best bit in my eyes is when it slows down a little which is typical of the Killers. 9/10
        09- My List- This is a very slow song, which eventually becomes faster a little. This is a very emotional song and I believe it is about his ex-girlfriend and he is trying to say that no matter what he will still have a bit of love for her. The words ‘you should have known by now, that you were on my list’ I really love the chorus in this song. Another reason I like this song is because I believe everyone could think of someone appropriate to these lyrics. I like the ending to this song as well. 8/10
        10- The River is Wild – One of my favourite songs on the album. This song is underrated and could have easily been a single and I suppose it still could be. ‘Should I just get along with myself, I never did get along with any body else’ this is typical of Brandon’s new style lyrics. Very negative and almost against himself. I like the ending to this song where he sings very emotionally when the music dies down. Anyone who only knows the singles should give this a listen. 9/10
        11- Why Do I keep counting – Basically the description above for the last song is almost exactly how I feel about this song. This song starts off very slow and has a very sad tone to it. This song is about his fear of flying in aeroplanes and you will gather that when listening to the lyrics. The line ‘will I live to have some children’ seems like it is sung while he is crying. But it soon cheers up a bit in chorus, which is a very good chorus. This is a great song to sing a long to. 9/10
        12- Exitlude- Caps the album off beautiful with this great melody. This is more than just enterlude. This song is much longer. Apparently he thought of these lyrics in a dream about Kirt Cobains death and he found that the lyrics suited the closure of the album. ‘Outside the sun is shining, seems like heaven aint far away’ is the gist of the lyrics. To sum this up it is basically enterlude but better. I love the piano in this song. 7/10

        Buy this album now you will not regret it.


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          08.06.2007 14:19
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          If you have a DS it is worth buying

          Wario Ware was one of the first games to be released on the Nintendo DS and uses the features of the console to perfection. I bought this with the the Nintendo DS and i loved it i bought it along with Mario DS and the demo you get free. All three game got me exited and i just wanted to go out and buy more games.

          Aim Of the Game
          The aim of the game is each time you complete a level you get a new character and they have a story at the begginning but then it soon breaks into their own little fast mini games which you have to win. Each little mini game is around 5 seconds long. The thing is you only get 3 lives so if you mess up on any of your mini games you will find your on your last warning. You may be thinking how do i get a live back, well every 10 minigames their a mini boss game and if you pass that game you will retain your live back. If you finish your mini games when the time is up you pass and go on to the next character. The mini games are hard to explain what they are like but for example there is a pizza displayed on your screen and it says above it 'cut it into 4' so you will have to move the pen on your screen and put the knife through the pizza.

          This game is neither hard or easy as the more the mini game goes on the faster it gets and the better and more concentrated you will have to be. Anyone can play this and find it easy but then again anyone can play this and find it hard.

          This game is targeted at any audience really anyone can play this and enjoy it. But if it had to be age for most gamers it would be 10 years olds, but dont get me wrong 40 year old play it and enjoy it so much. Its such a different game to every other game out.

          There are not many disadvantages in this game but one is that if you like the game so much and you play it a lot it is likely that the mini games get to repetative and if they are going to make a new game they should make a lot more mini game. Also there have been a lot of reports of people playing this a lot resulting in the screen being scratch and it not working to it best ability. Im not saying this game is dangerous and will damage your Nintendo DS but you should just be careful.

          It's Competition
          Theres not much competition up for this game, can you think of another game like this, i can posibly think of one which was called point blank and was on playstation 1. But that was obviously a long time a go and is not on the same console so there is no competition from other games although it will trying to be the best game in the mario creation series.

          The graphics are not great but it doesn't efect this game. This game doesn't need good graphics but it would be good if they improve it they were to make another game. Many of the pictures are just cartoons as are a lot of nintendo property. But some are real life pictures as you can get away with that on this game.

          This is hugely addictive you will be sitting down a home thinking what to do and then this game will appear instantly in your head and you will go ahead and play it. Once you turned this game on it is likely it is going to stay on for a long time. Unless thats just how i feel.

          Personal Thoughts
          When i first got this game my exitement levels were sky high and could stop playing this. As this was the first game i played on Nintendo DS and i was on a long car journey and that made a 6 hour journey feel like a 2 hour journey it blew my mind. This game and console really does bring back the memories.

          There are also extras on this game when you complete levels. You will win a little extra. This could be anything but one a can easily remember is the aeroplane game, what you have to do is when the aeroplane goes off the edge of a platform you need to blow in the microphone and the harder you blow the higher you will go and the aim of the game is to travels as far off the edge as you possbibly can. Sounds great dont it?

          If you got the Nintendo DS buy this it is essentual to have this if you have the console you will have hours of fun, and you will be suprised how much a simple game like this can give you so much fun

          Buy It Of


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            07.06.2007 16:47
            Very helpful



            For all rock fans, just buy this

            Don't Believe the Truth

            This album is another in the collection of oasis' top notched albums. Although it isn't the best of the bunch they still make great albums 10 years on from where it all started, when they bought out defiantly maybe. This is in the top 50 albums of all time and I'm not surprised.

            Oasis are fabulous you can't put a title on their music. Its just oasis music. Like U2 just make U2 music as these two bands dominate the Indie/Rock/Brit Pop charts whenever they releases a new album.

            There was a hell of a lot of build up to this and they gave us a taster when they bought out the Longley awaited song 'Lyla' and no one was disappointed at this single. It was a good way for them to get back in the charts and it got to number one fairly easily. The video to this was unlike oasis' recent music videos. It shows a girl who's having a bad time with someone she is living to and she goes into a dream where oasis are playing and there is dancing on the dance floor. The people dancing have got strange masks on etc. It is suppose to be strange and dream like. The second single of the album was The Importance of being idle. In my opinion this was better than lyla. I remember the first time they shown this video was on a Friday night on channel 4 at about 9 'o' clock. It was a exclusive thanks to channel 4. The video Is also unlike oasis. In set in the 50s or 60s and doesn't really have much of a story to it. The main character in the video isn't any out of band. Although you do get a few glimpses of the band playing cards in a room with top hats on. Noel Gallagher is shown most in it. There are many shots of him shaving looking into the mirror.

            This album isn't the best from the group but certainly isn't the worst. I think oasis weakest attempt by quite a long way was Familiar to Millions. This owned a few good hit but overall was a disappointing effort by the group which is uncharacteristic of them as Noel Gallagher is such a great musician and obviously Liam is equally good with his incredible vocals in 95% of the songs they produce. The albums defiantly maybe and what's the story (morning glory) were I'm afraid were superior to this. But 10 years ago they weren't running out of ideas. I think this album still has some absolute classics on. On each of oasis' albums they all have at least 3 classics on. I mean who doesn't like Wonderwall or Don't look back in anger. They were great songs in the music industry and will remain to be. The fact that oasis have still got enough to make albums is good enough they could of easily packed it in ages ago with the money they have gained through the music business. But its there sheer will to make music; they have got such a passion for it. If a member leaves a band most bands would have packed it in and given up. But not oasis around 5 members of the band have left but they are quickly in to make the replacements. One of the newest newcomers is Zak Starky on the drums. That is Ringo Stars son from the Beatles. Not any band could have got the quality of Zak Starky. But don't forget we are talking about Oasis here.

            In this album there are many members which did different work in it so here's some brief info on who did what
            • Mucky Fingers, Lyla, The Importance Of Being Idle, Part Of The Queue and Let There Be Love were all written by Noel Gallagher
            • Love Like A Bomb was written by Liam Gallagher with Gem
            • The Meaning of Soul and Guess God Thinks I'm Able was written by Liam Gallagher alone.
            • Turn Up the Sun and Keep the Dream Alive was written by Andy Bell.
            • A Bell Will Ring was written by Gem
            This shows all the members of the group are class musicians and are very versatile so they can all do the different jobs like 2 of them can sing. They all write the songs. Gem plays guitar but also plays a harmonica. But they never use to do this. It all use to be Noel Gallagher work and Liam just sang with the occasional song sung by Noel. But on this album Noel sings in 4 songs out of 11 which are pretty impressive. I love it when Noel sings the songs. Noel sings all the best songs in my opinion and his voice when he plays unplugged is breathtaking. This album doesn't like oasis' usual songs. They are different in some way. This albums still has got the lot couple of classics, great opening and ending song In Turn Up The Sun and Let There Be Love, a lot of variation. All of this leads to a brilliant album no matter what anyone says.

            There's plenty of competition out there for oasis to contend with but no band are on the same wavelength as oasis. Oasis are too good for most bands out there now. Bands like, The Libertines, U2, Razorlight, Feeder and The Zutons are all decent bands. But they just haven't got the calibre of oasis quite simply. The days of blur beating oasis to the number one spot are well over. Oasis are the best band in the world. They have got so much pressure and expectation which is the only trouble but Noel Gallagher is better than that he doesn't let anything in his way.

            The Cover for this CD isn't your average case. It open like a book and inside are many page. On the pages are the lyrics of every song on the album clearly displayed. The front of it show 4 garages and on each says the word of what the album is called (don't believe the truth) and on the back list all the songs in order. It's very flash. You also get a bonus DVD with exclusive band interviews, fascinating track by track insight into the making of the album and the lyla video.So you do get your moneys worth

            **Review of Each Song**
            *Turn up the Sun**
            Perfect opener to a album with one of the best inros I have ever heard which features a great riff. Liam's vocals perfect for the beat. This song written by Andy Bell and is written well. Good guitar sounds throughout. One of my favourite songs on the album and it starts it off wonderfully. 9/10

            *Mucky Fingers*
            This one is sung by Noel, his vocals are good although they could be a bit louder. This song give you an impression of a underground train coming past when Gem plays his harmonica which makes a great sound and makes the song better. Like the lyrics. There is a constant beat all the way through. This in my top 3 songs of the album. 10/10

            This was the first single of the album which was bought out before the album itself. Liam's vocals are good in it. I like the chorus especially. There is a fantastic riff near the middle of the song and is th most fantastic sound you will ever hear. Good Song and it carries on with being a untouchable start. 9/10

            *Love like A Bomb*
            Liam and Gems creation and this is sung by Liam. Good song. It is a slow song. Four songs in a still there isn't a weak song. Liam's voice is very rough in this song to match the beat 8/10

            *The Importance of Being Idle*
            This was the second single of the album and is a cracker. Sung by Noel and created by Noel. Noel give oasis a different voice and change in his songs. I love this song and is a classic already. The lyrics are fantastic. and the intro is one of the best. Great song 10/10

            *The Meaning Of Soul*
            Sung and Created by Liam. Very upbeat song and Liam's voice is again rough as apposed to soft like in Stop Crying Your Heart Out. The drum is the dominant instrument in this song. This song is a real head banger. Still not a weak song to be seen. 8/10

            *Guess God Thinks I'm Able*
            Another song sung and created by Liam Gallagher. Liam's goes for the soft voice in this song as it is quite a mellow and slow tune. This is again a good song. Don't partially like the ending but ow well 8/10

            *Part Of The Queue*
            We now come to the first and weakest song on the album is sung and created by Noel Gallagher. Quite a slow song, not much of a intro. Looks out of place on a album like this. Just not good enough. 6/10

            *Keep The Dream Alive*
            Another quite weak song but a lot better than Part of the Queue. Nice guitar sound. This was created by Andy Bell. He makes two on the album and for a person new to writing he's done well for himself. 7/10

            *A Bell Will Ring*
            Lovely little sound made by Gem the guitarist. Great intro. Really up beat song and puts you in a good mood great vocals from Liam. All in all a good song and well done to Gem hope he make another if oasis release another album 8/10

            *Let There Be Love*
            We now come to one of the best songs to end a album a slow emotional ending with both Liam and Noel singing there part. Could well be the best song on the album. Great lyrics written by Noel. Lovely mellow sound which is acoustic. Particularly like it when Noel sings his part. Classic 10/10

            So overall a fantastic album but not there best. If you are a oasis fan this is essential. Also this could well be there last so make the most of it

            Buy This off


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              04.06.2007 18:38
              Very helpful



              If you like the sound of it, go and give it a try

              Dandelion and Burdock (For Ben Shaws)

              The first time I tasted this was after a very long week at school. On a Friday we always have a weekly take away like many other families. Which I always look forward to immensely. Anyway I was eating my fish and chips then I found that we got free drink with the take away, as you do when you spend over a certain amount. So I looked at the drink and fought what's that. Can't be that good never heard of it. If it was that good it will be as famous as sprite and coke. So while I was eating I took a sip of this and to my surprise this drink was mind blowing, I loved it with a passion. I was the first to go for a second drink. I asked my farther about it and he explained how long it has been around for. Etc. I found out that Ben Shaws was the original brand for this drink and they have been making pop since 1871 so from here on my choice of pop was always Dandelion and Burdock.

              When I go to the shop to buy it especially on a warm day I get it and rush home to put in the fridge. This drink really does have a advantage when it is cold. The taste comes out when it has been in the fridge. I usually drink this while sun bathing. Perfect combination as this is one of the most refreshing drinks I have ever had. I normally buy this for around 35-60p for a can. This is the norm for all pop really. You get better prices at different shops though I have bought a 500ml bottle for around 65p which is a excellent. This is my favourite pop, shame it's not healthy for you, but there is a downside to everything.

              I know many people who don't like Dandelion and Burdock, I suppose it is a love it or hate it situation. I've heard people say it tastes like medicine and it is terrible sickly. I really couldn't believe my ears. In a way its good though, just means there's more stock left in shops when I give them I visit. I personally think the taste is lushes. I find if a have a 500ml bottle it seems to go in the evening I buy it. I make sure I get my fair share of in the household. The taste is incredible better than coca cola and that is the most popular pop. So it makes you wonder.

              I always struggle to describe a taste of food or drink but I always try my best. If you had to say what drink tasted like this most, I would choose coca cola although it doesn't actually taste the same it is probably the closest. It has a unique taste. It seems there is more fizz in this than any other pop, don't know if that's a good or bad thing. This drink especially by Ben Shaws is incredibly sweet. It has loads of sugar, you can tell by the amount of fizz in it and you can taste it. Don't know what they put in it to give it that distinctive taste but it's a pleasure to drink especially accompanied with the sun.

              So overall I love this and is my choice when it comes to pop now. Maybe the original Ben Shaws is rather overpriced but is well worth purchasing to try it and then if you like it you should buy it from then on. It is addictive quite literally don't know how, but you will find yourself reaching for the cupboards and grabbing a glass again and again and again. This drink is perfect for a hot day sitting outside. The price could be a little cheaper as I said. But get out there and try it
              There's nothing to lose


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              • Proview 765 LCD 17" / LCD Monitor / 36 Readings / 34 Ratings
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                02.06.2007 19:39
                Very helpful
                1 Comment


                • Reliability


                If you dont want to push the boat out on a monitor buy this

                Proview Monitor 713
                A Good Flat Panel

                I used my computer regularly everyday and I had my computer with nothing broken for four years until my very large and heavy old monitor decided not to work. It was annoying because we knew the new flat screens cost a lot and we couldn't go without a monitor so we went quickly to the shop, wasted no time. We went to pc world as we thought they would have the best choice available. Which they probably have from what I saw. I take a lot of interest in computing so before I thought about buying I just looked around to see what kind of monitors are available and what are the newest like. I saw a monitor/TV in which you could be on the pc and watch the Tv at the same time on the same monitor, fantastic but it wasn't for me

                The Proview Monitor 713 was though when I first saw this it stood out as it looks good then I saw the price it was the second cheapest there. So I though its cheap and it looks good you can't get much better. So I went to purchase this. I also got a good guarantee on it which made the purchase better. I eventually got home and for those people who still have those monitors with bricks at the back you will be shocked when you eventually get a flat screen. Everything about it is so much better. Looks so much more stylish, gives a lot better picture, only need half the space and it has a nice big display with plenty more pixels.

                This monitor features an brilliant resolution of (up to 1,280x1,024 for both PC and Mac) which is great for a start. It also has a bright 450:1 contrast ratio and 250 nits of brightness. Which is also very good if you were wondering. All LCD flat panels deliver a very clear bright and crisp image especially this one. The actual size of the screen is 17 inch. Which, yeah, is fairly big. Personally I wouldn't want anything to big anyway. One of the best things about the Proview Monitor 713 is that it gives out a extremely good pictures when watching videos and playing games which is very helpful for me. It's flicker-free.

                This is one of the best looking monitors I have ever seen. That was probably why I bought it. It's mainly silver, but on the base and stem it is black which is a good colour combination for me as the rest of my computer consist of those colours. Those colours also make it very stylish as white is going more and more out fashion. Proview Monitor 713 has a range of buttons on it the buttons are
                • Volume Up
                • Volume Down
                • Auto Adjusting
                • Menu
                • Power On/Off
                They are all very easy do use and you don't need to be very good on computers to change the brightness for example.

                The great thing about all flat panels are the space they leave on the tables. You now need minimal space for a monitor now giving you more room to put your drinks or documents. If you haven't had a flat screen before and you go and buy one in the future you will be delighted when you notice how little space they actually take up. Funny thing is electronics is always getting better, well how can a monitor get better for how much space they take up?
                The picture is brilliant you will notice the difference. I find these LCD's find it easier to get dirty and dustier some how so you might often need to clean the screen unless you get one of those plastic bags to put over them when you are not using it. The picture can be changed to your satisfaction with the…
                And OSD
                So you can have it your way you are use to. Although I have never once changed mine. I don't know why you would actually won't to. Maybe it's for people with not so good eyes and can see better on a darker contrasted screen.

                I have now had mine for around two years and not one thing has gone wrong with it. So they are certainly made to last which I am glad to hear. The difference I noticed when I got this was phenomenal. I favourite thing about this is it's got everything you can want for a standard monitor. Obviously you can get extremely good ones which all sorts on. But for your standard monitor. This is one for you. It's great.

                To install this on to your computer it couldn't be easier. Literally all you have to do is put the cable in the back of your computer and tighten the screws on both sides, restart your computer then that's it. No CD's nothing just one plug to plug in good isn't it.

                If you want a standard monitor this is the one for you with a low price tag it delivers a great picture, its easy to install, looks very stylish and takes up next to no space at all. So buy this I would defiantly advise you to. I already told my friends to and they are very happy with it.


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                • Worms Armageddon (PC) / PC Game / 26 Readings / 26 Ratings
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                  01.06.2007 13:11
                  Very helpful



                  This is a good fun game worth a try

                  Worms Armageddon (PC)
                  Great Worming Fun

                  I first played this when I went to town into a gaming shop and came across this on the shelf. It was fairly old at the time but it cheap so I thought might as well give it ago. It looked good from the box, good pictures and good makers. It certainly had potential to be a great game. Got home and played it straight away. I was loving it. I went on the options and went on unlimited weapons and turned the cheat system on, so I could get a grip of the game. Such a good game to just play to beat boredom. I was so please I got it, as it wasn't planned and on any other day I might have missed this game in the shops.

                  This game is very popular and for any video gamer you would of heard of the series. I know a lot of people who have got this I they haven't been let down with the game. It is one of those addictive games and it is likely that if you have bought one in the series you will go on to buy the newest addition. Team 17 are the makers of this and never fail to produce the goods they have already made games such as Amiga Age which was such a good game at the time when I played it.

                  The aim of the game is you are a team of worms which you can make your own team name and names for each worm. There is a piece of land which all your worms and the opposing worms are on. The objective of the game to try and kill the other team worm. There are many ways you can kill them. There around 25 weapons for a start. So you can blast them to death, you could push them in the water (which will result in death) and you can go for a defence system at the same time so they can not get you. There are many defence systems one being the Digger. The digger digs underground for shelter from the opposing teams bombs and guns. Having one person defending is always a good option.

                  So its just a full on battle between two teams but there can be more. I would advise you if you have just started it to go on training mode first. There are a lot of aiming tasks to help you. You will need to do this first as you won't be very good in the real mission or battles with your friends. There are many missions to keep this game going for a long time. But it's all about the battles. You will get so much fun and laughs out of just one match.

                  Before you start the battles there are plenty of option to get a battle of your satisfaction. If you won't a long cold blooded battle you might want to make the starting HP (life) up to 200 as apposed to the standard 100. To all the weapons to start of with there will be a limit. But you can make the weapon count as many as want or unlimed. There are certain options like Sudden death which is after a certain amount of time all still surviving worms will all get the life of 1HP so it's a real race for the winners spot. One little prod from anything and the worm will die. You can also change the rate of how often the boxes fall from the air with special prizes in to win the battle. There are just so many things for you to do and play with. You will be having endless fun with your friends.

                  Worms Armageddon has a online feature now so your mates won't have to go to the bother of coming round they can just stay at home and still play each other. But you don't just have to play with your mates you can play with many people from several countries. You can make friends and make your team together sounds good doesn't it. This is possibly the best game ever to have online play on it. Just one of those perfect arcade video games which will never boar you. But the games come out regularly anyway. You might find network play a bit hard to start with but you shouldn't do it is all easy to use and pretty obvious.

                  For me this is my favourite worms. There are now worms which is 3-D instead of 2-D like this one. You might think that sounds good, well it probably is. But for me this is the best one. It is like sonic. The original 2-D one was so much better then that of the latest 3-D ones. Worms Armageddon was at its peak it wasn't going to get better than this. It loses its arcady effect when games turn 3-D unfortunately. But you can't blame the makers of the games because you have try and move on to bigger and better things.

                  I really love this game as I said my favourite weapon is the holy bomb as it gives off such a big explosion. Does so much that half the land blows up. Which result in ones falling in the sea and dying. It is quite funny as well because it you have the sound on you will hear the word 'Halleluiah' sung in a high pitched voice very quickly followed by the explosion. I would advise you to limit this weapon to around 3 at the most as they are just to good and will spoil the game.

                  So overall I would defiantly advise you to buy this as this still remains to be one of my best games on the PC obviously your not all going to like it so don't be surprise if you don't but for most gamers you should enjoy this extremely especially playing against your friends or on network play.

                  Buy this off www.amazon.co.uk


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                  • earth.google.com / Internet Site / 42 Readings / 36 Ratings
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                    31.05.2007 13:23
                    Very helpful



                    This is a great piece of software which lets you see a satalite view for anywhere in the world

                    Google Earth is free of the website and is a satalite image from around the world. It facinated me so much and its all for free. Although you can pay for the beter version. You can even type in a streetname and it will come up. It make you feel like you are flying over the world.

                    How Does It Compare to Others
                    From what i know there isn't another piece of sofware which has a satalite image and if there is i havent heard of it but the great thing about the software is that it is free . It is a very unique piece of software its in a world of its own. I think there will be more companies making a satalite piece of software and trying to better it so if you like it now. It should be fantastic soon

                    Value For Money
                    Cleerly the value for money is great as it is free of charge. Although you can buy Google Earth Plus for $20 or Google Earth Pro for $400 so pressumably those versions are upgrades from the free edition and they might be advertising a demo version to make people buy the other versions. Google fails again fails again to let us down. I would also say the price will fall in the future.

                    Image Quality
                    The imagae quality in some areas of the world is breathtaking, its fabulous it really does feel like your just on a skyscraper looking down on everything. The images are really clear in 90% of the world. But on 10% they are blurred for no apparent reason.

                    What I Do On This Software
                    What i liek doing on this software is looking up football stadiums and loooking how big they are and what the surroundings are like. What i also like goin on this software is trying to find special places like 'eifel tower' or 'leaning tower of piza'. It is very interesting and perfect to do if you are board. I also try and find my friends houses and the route i walk to get there so i have used this software a lot and i cant really get boaring

                    There are many features to feast your eyes on, on this piece of software.
                    *You can zoom to look closer at things which helps immensly in some cases.
                    *You can tilt the image to give yourself a different looking perspective with a different angle
                    *You can choose to have the street names on or not.
                    *You can locate all the special buildings
                    *You can locate all the resturants
                    and many, many more.

                    This software is really easy and is self explanitory you dont have to learn how the software works. Google just make it obvious . Everything you want is where you want it to be. So well done google on that account.

                    The only real downside is not everywhere is a clear picture and that should be googles next task to be. To make all the images perfect. I live in nottingham which is a big and well know place and the whole city is blurred but then you can look at a town like lincon and it is clear. So it is a bit suprising but as i said its only a minority of places which is blurred

                    Download this of the website you have got nothing to lose, if you like it enough you can look into buying the other additions which cost money

                    Download it or buy it of


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                      30.05.2007 21:56
                      Very helpful



                      This is a great piece of work, well worth a listen

                      Arctic Monkeys
                      Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

                      Fantastic Debut Album

                      Arctic Monkeys are the new band of 2006 and kicked there album off with the increasingly popular song ' I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor'. There music is special. This is easily one of the best debut albums I have ever seen. Iv'e never felt more like singing along to an album thatn this one, theres just something about it. It's different from everything else out at the moment. It's there own kind of music.

                      Arctic Monkeys consist of 3 main band members from Sheffield. They have grabbed there fans by a lot of mentions is magazines, great live performances and internet downloads of there songs. The singer and also lead guitarist is called Alex Turner who was born in 1986. Arctic Monkeys have come a long way since when they were not famous. They did everything to make sure they would make it big. They gave away free demo cd's at there gigs, which work in there advantage to perfection. Maybe one of the biggest ways they made It big though was all the publicity in the magazine NME. 'NME' described Alex Turner as a 'Master Lyricist' and many other positive things about him. One other being 'Alex Turner is the coolest man on the planet'. So NME are to be thanked gratefully for the Monkeys.

                      Alex Turners vocals are perfect in all his song, he never fails to impress when he is singing, and he also plays the lead guitar at the same time. His voice is very distinctive; you could tell it is him a mile off when he is singing. His typical Sheffield accent shines through all the Arctic's hits. I think it's better for the band if he does sing with his accent, something different about it. His accent especially suits certain songs in the album more than others. In my opinion 'A Certain Romance could only be sung with Turner's voice.

                      The lyrics produce in the Arctic Monkey's songs on the album are breathtaking. I can't explain how good they are. My favourite band are 'Oasis' by quite a long way and Noel Gallagher's song writing is very hard to beat but in my opinon The Monkeys win the lyrics hands down. Don't know how they do it. All the lines make sense which doesn't always happen with some bands. Turner creates his real life experiences to the song lyrics. Everything you hear him sing is a personal experience Turner's had in the past.

                      The album features 13 songs on it. On average they are around 3 minute's
                      Long. Around half of the songs are shorter than 3 minutes but some are around 3 minutes 30 seconds and ' A Certain Romance' is by far the longer track on the album as it is 5 and a half minutes long. This album was released in January and for a lengthy spell I couldn't stop listening to it. It is very addictive especially if you are a huge fan of 'Indie'. There are no weak tracks at all. Some people find the track 'Riot Van' is a weak link but some find it as one of there favourites it is down to opinion's but I think you will find there all great hits.

                      'What ever people say I am, that's what I'm not' was so popular it out sold oasis's debut album by the middle of the week and this manages to sell more copies than the entire top 20 albums put together it shows that they really have demonstrated how much it helps to build a fan base from scratch before they made it big.

                      The cover defiantly would not be my desired choice for the front of an album. I don't know why they went for this idea, A man face smoking a cigarette not very convincing but the album quality overpowers little factors like the cover. There next cover will have to be better, because it must put off customers buying it especially older people as it is not setting a good example.

                      The Singles
                      The artic monkeys had three singles from the album so far them featuring 'I bet that you look good on the dance floor', When The sun goes down', and 'view from the afternoon. They are good chooses for singles as they are certainly among the best songs on the album. 'When the sun goes down' happen to be my favourite Arctic Monkeys song. I love it. Its about prostitutes, drugs and sex. That's not my reason for liking it so much, far from it. It's just a fantastic song

                      Here a brief review of all the songs

                      View from the afternoon
                      Very strong start to the album which is important for all albums. The intro the song off well as well. It is a musical intro which kicks into the lyrics, which are very good. Not the best on the album but I wouldn't expect that for the first track.

                      Bet that you look good on the dance floor
                      First single of the album. Who doesn't like this? No one. This is a favourite for all the music channels on TV the videos just shows them performing the song which is better then being a story to it. One of the best intros I have heard. Good singing from Alex. Great

                      Dancing shoes
                      If you had to say the weakest links this would be one of them but is still good to listen to and fits into the album well. Hard upbeat tune. I still love it. I think this is going to be a single as I have heard rumours.

                      Fake tales of San Francisco
                      Almost a perfect song. One of the best on the album. The best possible vocals and also best possible lyrics. Typical Arctic monkeys songs. The chorus is rememorabel and I love it.

                      Still take you home
                      This as most Arctic Monkeys songs is a quick tempo song. I love the chorus in this. The music is really good in between each verse and chorus. Not much to say about this but it's a good song

                      Mardy Bum
                      My second favourite song on the album and has very good and local lyrics. I've found most my friends who have the album find that it is there favourite song on the album. It is a great hit. Lovely song Perfect vocals. What more do you want. When the sun goes down and this will be in my favourites for a long, long time

                      Riot van
                      This is the slow and down beat song of the album. Turner is almost talking the lyrics out. It is about underage drinking and the police coming in there riot van. I love this song is possibly a love it or hate it situation as I can see how people don't like it but I do. Good song.

                      When the sun goes down (scummy)
                      This is my favourite song on the album and glad it was made as a single although it wasn't a popular with other people as much as I thought it would. Extreamly good intro, really kicks in well. Amazing vocals throughout. Good lyrics although not about something everyone wants to hear about. My song of the year anyway.

                      A certain romance
                      Definitely one of the better songs on the album with a very long intro leading into the lyrics which are fairly slowly sung throughout the song. His voice fits the song perfectly. I love the lyrics

                      From the ritz to the rubble
                      A quick tempo song which now and again picks up more pace and has a quicker beat like the song. Lyrics are about clubbing and pubs. This is typical of them

                      I would recommend this to anyone who like this type of music, the lyrics are amazing, vocals are different and sounds great. There are no weak links which is incredibly rare and this is all in there debut album. So get out there and buy this you will agree with me and love it. I hope they go on and make there second album in the foreseeable future. Well done Arctic Monkeys, you've made a great album to remember for years to come

                      Buy this off www.amazon for a cheap price

                      Performer: Arctic Monkeys
                      Artist: Arctic Monkeys
                      Title: Whatever People Say
                      Producer: Jim Abbiss; Alan Smyth
                      Released: 23/01/2006
                      Original Release 2006
                      No of Discs: 1


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                      • ebay.co.uk / Auction / 22 Readings / 20 Ratings
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                        29.05.2007 23:00
                        Very helpful



                        This is a brilliant website which is worth a go

                        Ebay is the best aution site and always will be . It is getting incresingly popular every day. The great fing about his website is that it is so easy to use to say how complicated it should be. Think about buying a product off a site

                        You think is this seller a good dealer and is he safe====theres a profile on everyone to say how well the dealer is at selling. This works by people who have bought of the dealer before rate them a leave a meesage to tell buyers what the dealer is like so ebay make it easy.

                        Then you think how do i actually pay with my card==== all you do is geta pay pal account and when you buy something it will automatically take the money out of your account and put it in into the sellers.

                        Next you think i might want to buy something but its got a long time before the item finishes the bidding==== again its so easy on eabys account, you can just go on 'add item to my favourates' and it will keep track of it and even email you when its almost up

                        You might think i want to inform the seller for details and information===easy all you do is go on the item page and on the right hand side where the seller profile is it say 'contact seller' and you will find that nearly all sellers are organised and quickly reply.

                        Theres just a few reason why buying off ebay is easy

                        Ebay has got the most variety of stuff you are ever likely to see. Some items on ebay blow your mind! Ebay is the best place for a bargain especailly with new features like 'buy it now' which means there is a set price and if you want it youve got it. No messing you would have just won the item in the aution. There is also 'buy it now or best offer' this is if there is a buy it now item and you think its a little bit too expensive then you can contact the seller and ask him if you can get a better offer on the iten if agreed then you get the item. But i like the traditional normal aution witha set time. You get the best price out of an item even if its not what the seller wants.

                        How Safe is Ebay?
                        There has been a lot of fraud casses on ebay recently but they are doing all they can to cut down on it and it is gennerally becoming a lot safer with questions when you log in and the feature of pay pal being very, very safe. Some people worry about buying online, if you know how to use a computer and buy off someone with a good feedback rating you will be all right and there should be no worries.

                        Range of Services

                        How Fast does it Update?
                        How fast does it update?, well at a clcik of a button. when you click the refresh button every time and every price with every new product updates, all in one clcik, pretty impressive? eh. Its such a good website in all areas

                        Ability to Custumise
                        Once you got an account you have your own section called ' my ebay' when you go on that it has a summury of everything to do with you. You can get messages from other ebayers it will show you all you have bought. If you are watching an item which has a long time left it saves into 'my ebay' and you can easily see how much it is later and how much it was sold for. On my ebay you also have to leave feedback for every item you purchase to tell other ebayers how good the seller is. Once you have given some feedback they should return the favour. The my ebay page is made to make it incredibly easy for users of ebay. Theres no learning curve around ebay really its all self explanitory. It also tells you how so the products you are selling are getting on so all this on one page sorts out your whole ebay account and is made very easy for users

                        I love the layout of ebay, everything is in the right place. Its so diiferent to other autions on websites. Ebay is unique and it will never be mastered. The layoutout makes it so easy and quick to navigate around the website

                        Selling On Ebay
                        You might think this is to hard and complex but it is really easy. The item page you make to sell your item is all set out from ebay and a lot of it you just have to pick the right boxes like if its says condition, you can pick from 'new with tags' ' new without tags' and 'used' so ebay do a lot of the hard work. The most work you have to do is the written part where you explain exactly what your item is. You just need to make sure that you look on the website regulary and see if your item has been sold so then you can post the item quicky so the buyer gets it quicker therefore they will give you better feedback. So again its all down to ebay making it easy for customers.

                        Ebay Tips
                        *Go on late at night when not as many ebayers are online therefore you can get some bargains
                        *Make sure your password is very difficult for any one to guess because if they could they would have access to your credit card and then they could purchase anything.
                        *If you want an item quick go on the 'buy it now' feature
                        *Remember dont think you have won if you bid about 3 minutes before the end because the last minute is the rush hour
                        *Pay quickly after you won the item for good feedback
                        *Quickly post anything as soon as the item has been payed for, for good feedback.
                        Remember better feedback the more someone will trust you.

                        This is the best site to buy things off, its the cheapest and has the best range of items you could think off, there are fraudsters around but they are easy to stay clear off. Ebay make it easy for everyone who has ever used it so well done ebay


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                          29.05.2007 02:05
                          Very helpful



                          If you own an xbox it would be a crime not to buy this.

                          Gears of war is based in the future when locust take over the universe, and it is up to the cogs (solders) to save the world and kill off all the locust. In completing this game there are 5 long acts with 3 different difficulties. Casual, Hardcore and Insane. Each one is a big step up. As you play the game you will witness many different kinds of locust, which use different weapons and behave in different ways. The story is very simplistic although hard. Simplistic in the way that the game is very repetitive. For example you enter a kind of battlefield where you have to kill of the enemy’s and then once it is cleared, there will be a checkpoint and the game will be saved. That is how the game generally works which makes it different to games like Call of Duty 3 as there is plenty to do with a lot of variation. For example you can drive tanks, shoot off tanks, guide people by using your binoculars, attach destructive bombs to places, jump, massive range of weapons, many different scenes (from trenches to small town inside houses and using special weapons like the mortar which is basically a bazooka which takes advantage of the double analogue sticks to control. All this array of features does not seem to appear on Gears of War. You may think it sounds boring- But it is certainly not. With by far the best sales of any game on the xbox 360 that clearly demonstrates how popular it is and the quality it is.

                          In this game there is a little range of weapons. At all times the most amount of weapons you can carry is 4. You start off with the general weapons. Lancer which also contains a chainsaw as its melee attack, a hand gun which is good for a quick burst of bullets and to knock people down with, a shotgun which is the weapon to use for a close battle and frags which you can either throw or attach to people which results in blowing them up. The less common weapons known to this game which you can swap with, is the burstfire gun, which is like the lancer with a better damage ratio but does not come equip with a chainsaw, smoke which can smoke out an area to make it hard for any one to see and shoot you and a different kind of pistol with also takes more damage of your opponents. Then the more complex weapons are the sniper which is great for long range as it has a zoom, torque bow which can be charged up and shot in a kind of cross bow fashion and if you aim it well it will attach to the enemy and blow them up instantly, hammer of dawn is a kind of satellite gun which can only be used outside, when activated a beam will come down onto the destination and destruct anything or anyone close and then there is the boom shot which is essentially a rocket launcher and will kill on impact on people. The great thing about this game is when you reload if you get a active reload which is a perfectly timed reload when the bar comes across the bullets will damage locusts more which is a great and interesting feature. Whereas if you reload badly it takes longer to reload which isn’t ideal when a locust is running at you.

                          My personal view of the game.
                          My first thought when I got this game was…WOW!! And it still is but not to the same extent. You will find me playing this game sometimes around 4 hours a day on live sometimes, as it is so addictive. Also all my friends think the same way as there’s nothing better then playing gears of war with your friends. Story is great as it’s value for money on casual it took me around 8 hours, then later I tried it on hardcore and that took me about 10 hours, then I thought as I like the game so much I might as well play it on insane. That was a challenge but I did it in the end and that took me about 14 hours all together to complete. I think this is the best game of its genre by a mile. I think it is incomparable to the likes of Pro Evo as it is a completely different genre and that is one of my favourite games as the game play is simply brilliant.

                          The graphics are breathtaking. They really are. Although dubbed down over the xbox live system it still contests with the best gamed graphics ever made, and I would take pleasure in saying the graphics I witnessed in the story section was the best graphics I have ever seen and by quite a long way. I have recently purchased ghost recon and that was also brilliant graphics. Its certain things on this game that make you think the graphics are so good. The soldier’s faces actually look real and when you first see the locust’s faces they are actually really scary and not nice. The attention to detail on this game is frightening like the background images which you wont even go through have ridiculous graphics and such things as the sky and the transport like the train on the fifth act actually look real and I really fail to see how they can improve it for Gears of war 2, but it is clear they can tweak it in a few places. One moment in this game should create gaming history with everyone and temp people to buy it. When the tension is built up right at the end of the story and you have to defeat Raam. The cinematic is crazy and also frightening. Raam is the perfect kind of character you might have in a nightmare. Completing this game certainly makes it feel like it is a war and adventure and I think we can only thank the hard effort Epic games put into this title and all there doing with the new maps on the multiplayer.

                          On Live
                          On live there are 4 different kinds of modes you can play. One of them appeared in a late update for the game, which is called Annex.
                          Here are the 4 modes explained.
                          Warzone- is a battle where if someone guns you down there is no getting up unless one of your friends revive you then you will be back up and can continue with the battle
                          Execution- this is the same as warzone but when you are down tapping the ‘A’ button as fast as you can will help yourself get up.
                          Annex- this is basically defending your own area. You will have to go to the destination and make sure the opposition do not take it over, if they do then they score points, for each second you are in the area you get points and you can select the number of points you want to make it first to.
                          Assassination- There is a leader on each team and only they can unlock the weapons, so whichever weapon they unlock there team will be able to use. Whoever wins the round for the team becomes the new leader for the next round.
                          There is also a choice of player or ranked matches. Player matches do not count for anything. They are good for practice and you can go through the maps in the same server which you can not do in ranked matches as when someone has won a ranked match you have to leave and enter a new server. With so many people owning this game you are always likely to get into a good and exciting game. The host can choice from a range of features to personalise the server, on player matches they can change where weapons are placed and which maps they want to cycle through while on both of them you can decide how many round you want, what bleed out time you want, which map you will play on and which mode you want. Being the host sometimes gives you an unfair advantage which is the downfall of this game but personally being such a small problem doesn’t really matter to me. The most players you can have on a side are 4 players. But on ranked matches it is possible to start a 3 on 3 matches. A player match can start with any number on each side, which is good sometimes but can be a challenge to some people. There have been many update and new downloads to take advantage of including 4 new maps and some glitches have been removed.

                          I bought this game for around £45 around Christmas time and the price hasn’t changed substantially but has dropped slightly. This game is certainly worth the money as it is additive good quality and contains hours of fun. If you don’t want to pay that price for a game you can always take a look at ebay.co.uk. I have purchased many games off ebay in the past and have had absolutely no problems.

                          Multiplayer Maps

                          Canals- this is set on a canal with 3 main bridges all connected to each other, this map has 2 snipers, frags, torque bow and a special pistol. This is one of my favourites and is perfect for a slower battle with long shot weapons.

                          Fuel Depot- Fuel depot is based at a depot which contains lots of boxes a hangar and a factory, this map has a hammer of dawn, frags, 2 snipers and 2 hammer bursts. This is good for an explosive game.

                          Gridlock- this is set on one street with cars, van , two towers and a sniper tower. This is probably the most popular maps on the game and is a bright map compared to most of the dark maps like mansion. This map has a sniper, two hammer bursts, frags and a boom shot. This is great for many reasons.

                          Mansion- this is one of my favourites and is set in a old mansion where you can access the back garden of the mansion where the boom is, the back door of the mansion is a very dangerous place to be with the frags and boom being very explosive weapons while people with those weapons still need to be wary as a sniper can still shoot you from there.

                          Tyro Station- I don’t really like this map, but if you’re after the torque bow achievement you should play this map as there are two torque bows. It is set at a train station and you can get killed if you are on the track while the train is coming. When on the track there is a set of stair going down underground, where many people already are. But going up to the top where the trains go past is most popular as both bows are up here.

                          Old Bones
                          This is one of the new maps, which you can download for free. Both sets of teams start inside and nearly all the action ends up outside where you can find a boom shot and a sniper along with the frags. This map is fairly good.

                          Raven Down- This is also one of the new maps you can download for free. It is set on four separate streets and is a very small map. There is a helicopter which has crashed in the middle of the four streets. This is a great map for a quick battle and a attackive player as there is no long shot or explosive weapons apart from the frags which are found the back of trucks.

                          War Machine- this is easily one of my favourites because of many reasons. It has a range of weapon from torque bow to sniper and there is always a rush for these weapons. Upstairs there is a troika looking down on the downstairs waiting for people to shoot it.

                          Clocktower-This is like war machine in the way that there is a upstairs and downstairs but the upstairs is used much more in this map as there is a sniper up there. There is also a bridge where you can find a boom shot at the end. Both spawns can be very good places to hide.

                          Rooftops- if you are a king of the hammer of dawn this is your map. There is a hammer of dawn on either side and this map is often seen many explosives blowing up cogs and locust. There are also frags, torque and sniper. The hammer of dawn is found in a hut near spawn.

                          Overall this game is immense and you can have hours of fun as long as this is your kind of game. Brilliant graphics, good but simplex story and an excellent online multiplayer which I play just about every day and never get bored of it.


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                        • The Truman Show (DVD) / DVD / 20 Readings / 17 Ratings
                          More +
                          28.05.2007 02:12
                          Very helpful



                          Even if you dont like it, it is still one of those films you have to watch

                          The Truman Show (VHS)
                          The bigger big brother

                          The first time I watched this was when my brother came home with it on VHS, and later on that evening we watched it. My brother told me it was a good film. So there was no hesitation to watch it. He was going to get it on DVD but the VHS was cheaper so he went for VHS. My whole family sat down to watch it. We were not let down. This is a family film and anyone will like this. I never heard about it while it was in the cinemas strangely enough in 1998.

                          The Truman Show is basically big brother in many ways but on a much bigger scale. Truman Burbank (Jim Carry) is being filmed everywhere he goes, literally everywhere. There are secret cameras put in place all around his house, and everywhere else in the whole town, even in the water. The reason all this happened to Truman is because he was unwanted as a baby and so he was sold to the corporation of the show. While he was still in his mother's stomach they started with 1 camera, watching the baby move around ready to be born. By the time he was born soon there were around 5,000 cameras for the ret of the world to see on the TV set. For years and years Truman did not suspect a thing.

                          Until one day when he cottoned on to mysterious things that were happening that day. While he was driving to work he turned on the radio and picked up the directors radio signal following Truman's every move in the car, obviously he started to think but then he thought he wouldn't think about it. But then he starts wondering again and when he goes in to his work place, he takes the elevator up, little did Truman know that there were some producers and workers working for the show and it wasn't actually a elevator. When Truman saw this is had to be taken out by bodyguards.

                          When he got outside the building he did a lot of things and while he was walking he saw his dad, Truman thought he was dead. As soon as he saw him there were many people trying to get the farther away from him and they put him immediately on a bus. It's all part of the show you see. In his mind his fathers dead but he's not he's actually working for the show. So if he did start wondering the program what has been running non stop for years and years could come to an end

                          He gets home and he tells his mother that he saw his father. Obviously her like everyone else in this little world is in on it, so she just said it was probably just your mind playing up, as you would. The next day Truman takes his girlfriend in the car to a point. He noticed that on the exact second every day the same things go past on the same things. So Truman could predict what was coming up the road next and he did it right. He says 'a woman on a yellow bicycle with flowers' the next second she came past. Her girlfriend put it all down to coincidence.

                          Later that day Truman remembers all the strange things what have been happening to him that day and yesterday. So he turns to his best friend. Even he's in on it. Truman's friend takes him to a quiet place at the end of a broken bridge. Truman and his friend get very emotional. Truman starts to wonder if being messed around and his mate just says 'no your not in on anything, Truman, don't worry', they both start to cry a bit and really emotion. His friend says 'there's nothing wrong with you Truman I would tell I there was you're my best mate and I have known you for ages'. It's a very sad moment. Little does Truman know that every word he is being made to say by the director who is talking to him as he has got an ear piece on.

                          Next day he decides he wants to move away abroad that very day. But Truman knows he's afraid of water. The reason he is afraid of water is because the producer of the show made it that way. While he was a kid he was out with his farther on a boat and the producer made there be a massive storm. The waves were really big and Truman's father fell out the boat and was never seen again (even though he is still alive but not to Truman's knowledge). So Truman is mentally scared for life going near water. The reason the producer did all this is so he will never leave the city and get out of the fake world as there is water around all the sides of the world

                          But maybe one day he might over come his fears, and try and escape, or maybe you see live his live normally for the rest of the show. It is up to you to watch it now. It's a great and emotional ending. So I wouldn't want to spoil it for you.

                          This film is defiantly worth more than one watch as because you now know the story more and more things will make you 'oh that's why it happened' and so on. For example throughout when Truman's is around his girlfriend she advertises appliances. By holding them up in front of the camera and describing them. The reason she does this is because she is on TV and it's there version of a commercial. They need the money for funding for the programme

                          The sound throughout the film is great. Without the sound in this film it wouldn't be the same. The sound really gets emotional at emotional times. The sound is all controlled by the makers in the studio for the live show. They have even got a live orchestra in there and when they are told to play they do. All the viewers who watch it (that is just about everyone) love Truman he is an idle to everyone. They always want the best for him. But then again if they wanted the best for him why would they all be in on it.

                          In this film it was important that they had good actors otherwise it could have been a flop. But the director of the film chose his cast to perfection. You can't go wrong with Jim Carry, such a great character, actor and comedian. The rest of the cast act there parts really well and deserve a clap.

                          So overall for anyone who watches films this is defiantly one to have on your Film shelves at home. You will not get bored of it either therefore it is good value for money. This films got the lot, fantastic storyline, great actors and a great ending. So get your own copy of this and watch it you wont be let down by it

                          Actors: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natascha McElhone, Holland Taylor, See more
                          Directors: Peter Weir
                          Run Time: 99 minutes

                          DVD Features:
                          Main Language: English Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital 5.1, Surround
                          Trailer - 1. Theatrical Trailer
                          2. Teaser Trailer

                          Buy this off www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com


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                            Good read for younger viewers, but 4-4-2 clearly wins hands down

                            Match is suprisingly one of few football magazines around, especially, and all of them are monthly, but this is weekly. This magazine costs £1.60. Match is a glossy magazine with many pictures.

                            The layout of match is all over the place. The magazine is full of pictures which shorten the written side of the magazine. The magazine is really colorful. The writing in this mag is limited a lot of it is down to bullet points or text boxes. It is reall y for children, so they don't have to read much. They try and make it as graphic as they can. There are always banner on the top and bottom of the page, stating facts and having joke and so on which is worth a look. There are a lot of poll's from this magazine so a lot of pages are made up of them.

                            How Popular Is It
                            I would say this is the most popular football magazine around
                            easily for under 15's . I know a number of people who buy this and they like it. A number of people buy it just for the posters inside to put on there wall. I think the reason this is popular is because the other two football magazine which are 4-4-2 and Shoot both have very complex writing in. Match gives out the news in a easy format unlike Shoot which is flooded with words. Another reason its popular is because it is cheep at £1.60 compare that to 4-4-2 hefty price tag of around £4-5 and you can see why the youngsters go for this. But i think the main reason for the good amount of fans is because there just simply isn't enough football magazine, so they all get a good share.

                            Quality Of Pictures
                            The pictures throughout this magazine are of a good high quality and are hugely clear. They need to have good quality of pictures because 90% of it are pictures. With some dodgey looking pictures the magazine will be nothing. Looking at one of the interviews now it show five pictures of the person being interviewed which is an awful lot.

                            Quality of Interviews
                            The interviews are disappointing theres just about 5 questions and the answers are always about one line long. You want to read the full story of the interview. There are around 5 pictures always of the person being interviewed so you can see why theres not much writing. But on the other hand the questions asked are good and are the ones you want to hear. The interview is color coordinated well. E.g.. if the player was playing for man city the background of the interview would be baby blue. It does suprise me that stars of this ilk give time to magazines like this but you got to give match credit for getting these people like Steven Gerrard and Thierry Henry.

                            Value For Money
                            £ 1.60 might sound really cheap but the price has steamed up since a few years ago. I remember when it use to be under a pound. It seemed more worth buying then. But then again the magazine is getting better and theres more to read now. Its around the right price but if it rises any more then i think it will lose the readers.

                            The Advertising
                            There is a great number of adverting all over the magazine. the back page is especially for advertising. In the middle of the pages there are a good amount as well. The adverts have got the right target audience like they have Nestle cereals, and they are more of a childs cereal. Also advertised in the magazine are Pro Stars which are football figures which you can buy in packs. This magazine is also a perfect match for the advert. As its about football and Pro Stars are for children

                            What I Think
                            I actually buy this weekly, i don't like it that much but it is always worth a read to catch up what s happening in the footballing world. The character of the magazine is match man and he uses slang writing and find it really babyish and think is this actually worth reading when its got things like that in. but i continue to purchase this every Tuesday. I like the posters as it makes good artwork on the walls of my bedroom. But the older i get the more board i get and i read more of 4-4-2 as it is more for adult and gives you a better perspective of hwats happening.

                            Front Cover
                            The Front cover is always the same layout. It always has the title in the same place also. The banner across the top show you the players of who the posters are of this week. So it makes you wan to look in.There are always a set of players, and they have speech marks and it shows them saying stuff and it is really phoney.

                            The posters are a good quality and are colorful but there is limit with how long you can keep them as the paper is really thin and if it is windy if will probly fall down and get creased. They should make more posters of teams in championship and leagues 1 and 2 and it is predominately premiership

                            Pages That Are Always In The Magazine
                            The pages that are always in the magazine are
                            *always at least 2 interviews
                            *always a match stats bit at the back which has all the information on the game which have been taken place in the week
                            *always has a page of new products which tells you how much they are e.g.. pair of boots which they rate out of 5
                            *always has a news page
                            *always has around 10 posters

                            So overall if you are under 15 and you like football its worth a read if not don't buy it. Buy 4-4-2


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                            • Limewire / Communication / 16 Readings / 11 Ratings
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                              28.05.2007 00:30
                              Very helpful


                              • Reliability


                              This is a great programme which you should download if you want to boost your music selection

                              Ever wanted to get every songs ever made with just about every video and DVD for free? well now you can with Limewire
                              Limewire is the f astest P2P file sharing aplication for all the types of computer files around. It is a really easy aplication to use as well , theres not much to learn about it. Its also all for free

                              Where to Get it From
                              You can get this aplication from this web site for absolutely free with no strings attached
                              Once You are on the web site just click the 'Get It Now' button and you will be on your way to having absolutely free music, video and images downloaded onto your computer, there is a choice between getting the 'Get Basic' or the 'Get Pro' you should get the basic version to start of with so you can get to know how it works and so on. You wouldn't have thought it would be this easy to get just about every song ever to come out, i certainly didn't believe my friend when he said you could. But i gave it a try and it was amazing all the songs i ever wanted were just free and at a click of a button. Fantastic!!!!

                              Difficulty To Use
                              You will be suprise with this aplication it is easily the most simplistic P2P aplication i have ever seen and iv 'e seen a lot. Aplications like kazaa don't come close to how easy they make it for there fans. I know a lot of people who have a P2P and out of all the aplications you can get 90% of them own limewire. No suprise really. The layout is set out to make it easy for anyone. Theres three different tabs to click on. Everything on the whole program comes under one of these tabs. The Tabs are
                              and 'library'
                              This shows how easy they make it, these tab titles tell you exactly what are on it. So if you wanted to look on your library you would obviously go on the 'library' tab. If you want to put your songs onto a mp3 the mp3 files you download of limewire will instantly transfer onto windows media player so then you can just 'synchronies' the files to your mp3. Easy.

                              Value For Money
                              This aplication is obviously great value for money as it is absolutely free. Anything for free is worth a try, and this is definitely worth a try. More than a try your life will get taken over by limewire you will be making endless downloads of your favorite band or your best videos. You can get Limewire Pro for $18.88 this is the main way limewire makes money as there are no advertisements on the software unlike P2P's like kazaa which are flooded with them. They can get quite anoying. Limewire is free of adverting. Which is another reason why this is great. I would advise you to buy the basic version first no matter what so you get a sense of this software then the question is up to you should i get pro or not?

                              Other Versions
                              The other version of limewire is Limewire pro in which you have pay $18.88. If you want my opinion don't buy it! There is next to no difference on the better version. You expect extra fast download speeds i would say it is the same speed as basic. The pro version has more features like new skins to give if a different look every now and again. But there isn't really any new features on the pro version that make you want to buy it. It is basically the same piece of software but its there way of making money and they have to do that somehow. One good thing about Limewire Pro is that there are more searches for things to download, theres more on offer. Which is helpful. I would buy Pro if i was you though definitely not worth the money when you can get the same thing for free. But if you like limewire enough and you dont mind paying money then yeah it is worth it.

                              Erm... Downsides to this software...Well the biggest one has got to be Virus. Limewire is full of virus's and can mess your computer up if you don't be careful, but if you got an anti virus theres nothing to worry about. The anti virus will find and locate the virus and simply delete it. Then again some people don't get virus's of it. It is unlikely you will get some and if you do you will be very unlucky. If you ever do make sure you get rid of them before its too late. Another downside might be lack of features. This software, unlike most software of this kind doesn't have its own video player so when ever you download a video and you play it, it will just open in windows media player and start playing. Any other downsides erm.. I don't think so. Its got to be a good piece of sotware with such little downsides.

                              Good Features
                              Good features on this software. Well theres plenty to keep you feesting on. For one theres a nice little feature where you can see exactly what other people have been searching and if its to your satisfaction you can click on it and all the searches will come up as if you typed it in yourself. It show you what people are downloading of you which is interesting. But the best two features on this software by far are the speed and the fact it is free. The speed of the downloads are unbelievably fast. Songs can download up to as quick as 30 seconds on a good computer. Videos will take more time but can be worth the wait if its a good watch. It would be fast as its the fastest piece of software of this kind, the next fastest are probably kazaa and imesh but these are not as good as limewire.

                              Limewire is in a league of its own as i said the next best are probably kazaa and imesh they both have there avantages and disadvantages. Limewire is fastest, has the best searches, is the easiest to use, have no anoying advertisement, transfer mp3 and videos straight to windows media player, you can see what others are searching, and its completely free. So this is the best and if you are going to download one download this.

                              Personal Thoughts
                              I love this aplication, it is quality where else could you get free download of music and videos. You would normally be expected to pay for this stuff. In my opinion why not get this piece of software, whats their to lose. You will have a libray full of songs before you know it. This is definitely the P2P sharing software around and that is why iv 'e got it. So download this and try it out and if you like it enough its worth looking into buying the Limewire Pro version. I still can't believe how easy and how available all the downloads are.

                              What You Can Download
                              You can download just about anything. Every song which has ever been released and the range of videos is fantastic. I have downloaded many many films of this and are very good quality and for all you film fans its your chance to watch films for free and sometimes before they have been released. I downloaded the new oasis album two months before it came out, it was great i couldn't believe it. I bet i was one of the first people to listen to the full album. You can also download documents which are word files e.g. How to.... booklets and so on. And also you can download images. Their is a massive range of images on show, just type in what you want download it and you've got it. One of the best things for images are that you can geta picture of a album front cover then print it out and burn your songs onto a cd and there you have a full album with the front cover. Its easy to make

                              How It Works
                              P2P sharing sounds complicated but really its not in the slightest. All it is other people sharing their files with other people the more users the application has the more files and a better range of files you will get and thats about it. If you want to see if anyone is taking your downloads just look at the uploads page on the software.

                              Is It Legal?
                              Legal or not. Its not our fault as it shouldn't be published on a web site if anything they should get sued. But anyway it is legal as all you are doing is sharing files with other people. So don't worry about it being legal or not theres no problem with it and after all many, many people have Limewire so your not the only one

                              Simple, if you are going to download a P2P Sharing software get Limewire

                              So Download IT Now Off


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                                28.05.2007 00:21
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                                Overall a unforgetable able and is such a shame they spilt up

                                The Libertines Is a Great Album

                                This album is wonderful for all indie lovers. This is the groups second album, the first one being 'Up the Bracket' which was released in 2002 and this latest released being made in 2004. They are very different to every other band out there; they make their own kind of music. This review should make you decide whether you want it or not. If you are a rock/indie fan you should purchase this. Definitely one of the finest bands out there and put together some songs which are straightforwardly contenders for song of the year and other polls. I am personally a huge big fan of the libertines and regularly listen to them.

                                ***About the Libertines***
                                When the two lead singer Pete Doherty and Carl Barat met little did anyone know they were going to be a exceptionally good band. They are both dreamers with a great amount of ambition especially Pete. He is the more successful of the two. Although Carl Barat is a very good musician and is the more sensible one. He has moved on in his life to the band name 'Dirty Pretty Things' who are similar to The Libertines. Pete Doherty has also moved on to a brilliant band named 'Babyshambles'. I love them and have produced some excellent songs. The reason The Libertines split up is because Pete's drug addiction got the better of him, and later on was involved in a burglary of his friend house Carl Barat. After that Carl knew what he was going to do without delay and that was to never forgive him and obviously to break up the band. This was a real shame as they made great music and they were also very close and they had a nice relationship going on which reflects in to the lyrics. Their songs are real anthems 'What a Waster' , 'Don't Look Back Into The Sun' , 'Cant Stand Me Now' , What Became Of The Likely Lads' and 'Music When The Lights Go Out' their all greats and deserve more attention as they as highly underrated. There live performances also are simple fantastic. Definitely one of the unsurpassed live performances from a group. They are electric and have something about them.

                                The lyrics are extremely emotional and mean an awful lot to them and to there fan who buy the albums. If you look at the lyrics in the song 'Can't Stand Me Now' this demonstrates this. But I will go into further detail of that later on in the review. The majority of there songs are about personal feelings and how they go about living there lives. Most of them being real life crisis's like 'Can't Stand Me Now' and 'Music When the Lights go out'. Like in 'Music When the Lights Go Out', its about pubs, clubs and drugs and how they are taking over there live. Very emotional when you listen to the lyrics.

                                ***Cover and Booklet***
                                The cover is unusual. It pictures Pete and Carl showing there tattoos off. Both of them having Libertines' tattoos on there arms. Pete has also got a cigarette in his hand which is no surprise really. I fink this is just demonstrating how close the pair are as they are together touching each other. The Booklet is very helpful, unlike a lot of albums which just have useless pictures in which no one cares about; this has all the lyrics from the songs which are stated clearly. The name of the song is titled in a red box. Also in the booklet they give you a quick reminder of the Libertines' badge which is the name Libertines above the picture of a skull and bones. Pete and Carl have got a tattoo of that. Just goes to show that if Pete didn't make such a stupid mistake they had potential of being around for years and years to come.

                                There's obviously a lot of competition out there for The Libertines to contend with. But you rarely get bands which can match the standards of The Libertines mainly because Carl and Pete are musical geniuses and make likeable music. But there are better bands than this one. Oasis for one, but are many more U2, and oldies like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. I fink The Libertines would have gone on to bigger and better things if they carried on the way they were going. Although I think Pete Doherty will completely lose the plot soon due to drugs.

                                ***Consistency of Tracks***
                                There isn't a weak song on the album there are the better and worse songs but there all are interesting, good and worth listening to. The best two songs are the opening songs and the last song those two being 'Cant Stand Me Now' and 'What Became Of The Likely Lads' both represent the libertines really well and are arguable there best song to date. So from the start to the end are great songs and the songs are have a different variety. Some upbeat some slow they are all have there own little personality. My favourite tracks on the album are the 1st, 2nd , 3rd, 5th , 9th, 10th and the 14th so they are all spread out and don't do what a lot of band do. This is to put all the great songs at the start and then make the magic ware off near the end. But not The Libertines.

                                This CD has a lot of extras and makes it more of your moneys worth. With a separate DVD which has live footage of Factory, Moby Dick and Busking For Beer. It also involves the videos of the songs 'Cant Stand Me Now' and 'Scenes From The Forum. Which are interesting and you get a idea of what they are like on live stages. You will be baffled. Also on the DVD they have a photo gallery of the band in action and so on and lastly it has interviews from NME awards and credits.

                                ***Personal Thoughts***
                                Well, my personal thoughts, I absolutely love the libertines and have both albums and am glad I purchased them. The Libertines have probably produced my favourite song of all time, Can't Stand Me Now. And I will never get board of it. It is a classic! If I was you after reading this review and the others I would just go out and buy it now. At least 5 songs The Libertines made come in my top 50 songs of all time. They are really addictive songs and get in your head. You will find a lot of the songs you will start singing along to. They are also in my top 10 bands of all time. I there are a group of excellent bands like oasis and U2. So overall I love The Libertines

                                EACH SONG REVIEW…

                                ***Can't Stand Me Now***
                                This song is one of my favourite songs of all time it is simply fantastic, and has some of the best and appropriate lyrics I have ever witnessed. The lyrics are so meaningful. It has the best possible intro to song which starts the album of perfectly and shows you just how good The Libertines can be. The intro lasts for about 45 seconds and its all worth it. With a fantastic guitar noice and a outstanding drum beat, and when the singing kicks in the voice suits the beat so much. I think this songs is about Pete's break in into Carl's house. Get a copy of the lyrics and you get a feeling it is about the burgulary and how there relationship is falling apart. Best Libertines Song ever made.

                                ***Last Post On The Bugle***
                                The Intro is very good again with a extremely good riff as in Cant Stand Me Now. Again the vocals are good. A good song to carry on from a classic. Remember able chorus and very addictive chorus. Vocals get better towards the end of the song when he really goes for it. Good Song

                                ***Don't Be Shy***
                                Again a great song and is a favourite song to listen. Vocals could be a bit better. The tune is good. This songs shows the chorus off a lot and hasn't got much of a verse/verses. Overall

                                ***The Man Who Would be King***
                                Not the best on the album but definitely a good song. Different speeds of vocals throughout the song. Likeable Chorus. Sounds like a typical Libertines song. This tune is very up beat.

                                ***Music When The Lights Go Out**
                                Definitely one of the Libertines best songs they made. Extremely emotional song with fantastic lyrics which represents there way of life. Good riff throughout the verses. Like the way the chorus picks up in speed and volume. I love this song Brilliant

                                Good beat, good tune, good intro. Hugely upbeat song. Amazing vocals. Love the chorus

                                ***The Ha Ha Wall***
                                More or less the same point as I made before ab out the last song. Constant beat which I like. Again the lyrics are about what the boys do in there life.

                                ***Arbeit Mact Frei***
                                Very short song. Don't really see the point in the song. Strange vocals

                                ***Campaign of Hate***
                                Slower song compared to previous songs on the album. Not the best song on the album. Very average.

                                ***What Katie Did***
                                One of my favourites on the album. Love the vocals in the intro. Real sing a long song, especially in the intro. Great Lyrics. Good beat. Again a really good riff to add to the quality of the song.

                                Good guitars sound. Also one of my favourites on the album. Good lyrics.

                                ***The Saga***
                                Nice upbeat song, typical Libertines song, nothing more to say.

                                ***Road to Ruin***
                                Good Intro, with a very good riff, good song to almost end the album off. Excellent vocals.

                                ***What Became Of The Likely Lad
                                Probably the Libertines 2nd best song and one of my favourites of all time. Amazing Lyrics, Amazing Vocals. Amazing riff, Great, great beat. You can get much better than this song. Well Done Boys

                                So overall the libertines are a great band who produce fantastic songs and this album is worth buying so buy it from Amazon. The vocals of Pete and Carl are breathtaking at some points. If you are a big indie fan you should go out to the shops and buy their two albums right now. But then again if you are a big indie fan you would have probably already heard of this band.

                                Buy It Off


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