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      09.07.2012 02:00
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      The iPad 3 is the best tablet to get in comparison to performance and features.

      I recently picked up a brand new iPad 3 from my local Apple store. I have owned several previous models including the original iPad. From the first boot up, I could tell the A5X processor was much more faster than the older models.


      Retina Display: The retina displays makes the iPad look much more sharper, crispier and more lifelike. The colors are much more vivid. The iPad 3 beats all of the other tablets in screen resolution.

      Camera: With a newer updated camera from the previous model, it now has a 5 MP iSight camera. iPad has made it very unique with many different features. With advanced optics, face detection, auto white balance, and a backside illumination censor. This camera beats all of the other tablets.

      4G LTE: 4G LTE was long waited back when the iPad 2 came out. You can now browse with top speeds and download with high speed internet when you are on the go.

      iOS: iOS is Apple's operating system. iOS is the easiest mobile operating ever created. It includes the App Store (Home to 1 million apps) Safari, and much more.


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      12.01.2012 05:30
      Very helpful
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      Best MP3 player to get!

      I bought this iPod for £215.00 because I was needing a fun device to play with and listen to music at the same time. This iPod Touch is very thin and lightweight. It is about 100 grams and 7.2 mm (0.28 inch). The features they include:

      iMessage: A instant-messaging program to message to other iOS users over WiFi. They must have iOS 5 and it is unlimited.

      Notification Center: The notification system is a lot more improved from previous systems. Slide your finger down from the top and it will bring it down. You will find the weather, notifications, stocks, etc.

      Game Center: This allows you to play against friends or strangers you don't know. You can add your friends or under your game, play with a random person!

      Twitter Integration: With twitter integration, you can tweet your pictures, videos, maps, webpages, etc.

      Reminders: This is great if you think you need a reminder for things. You can set the deadline and it will remind you. This is like an alarm clock.

      Safari: Apple's web browser on iOS, the iPod Touch 4th Gen with the A4 chip makes the speed much faster than the old devices.

      Photos: Take pictures with your two cameras. The 5 megapixel camera records up to 720p which is not bad. Although it isn't the best.

      Newsstand: Newsstand is where you can buy your books. Their are many books but reading on that tiny device can be hard.

      FaceTime: If your friend has a Mac or iOS device, you can talk to him via FaceTime. FaceTime is basically like Skype Video Calling.

      App Store: Their are over 500,000+ apps available to download. Over 100,000 entertainment and games. Now iCloud lets you download from your iPod touch and automatically downloads it to your iPad or iPhone. Many are free and many you need to pay.

      Mail: Check your mail when your on your device. You can link almost any mailing service, and check it wherever you have WiFi. You can fetch whenever you want, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, to Manually. To conserve battery fetch less often.

      YouTube: Watch YouTube videos with the built-in app. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. Sign in to your YouTube to look at your subscriptions, favorites, etc. Basically it is like YouTube but on your iPod Touch.

      Nike + iPod: Nike + iPod is a app where you can track your running. Although you do need to buy the iPod Sensor, which costs about £13.69 at Amazon.

      Voice Memos: Record what you have to say on your iPod Touch. This is good for recording what you are going to buy at a local grocery market or recording lectures, etc.

      Maps: Maps allows you to see where you are or get directions to where your going. It doesn't work on the go.

      Videos: Record your videos with the camera. You can record up to 720p video on both cameras.

      iTunes: iTunes lets you download music or videos without going to your computer to download it.

      AirPlay: You can now stream wireless to your Apple TV. You can stream whatever is on your iPod Touch like music and videos.

      Now here are technical things on the iPod Touch:

      Retina Display: The display is now much more crisp with the 960×640 resolution. Text, games is much more crisp.

      LED Backlighting: The Retina display includes LED Backlighting and an ambient light sensor so it knows when to dim the screen or make it brighter for good efficiency

      Bottom line: If your looking for a MP3 player and with ability to play apps, this is the best you can get!


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