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Member since: 23.10.2011

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    • Kleeneze / Highstreet Shopping / 12 Readings / 6 Ratings
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      23.10.2011 15:05
      Very helpful
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      You may be joining a great business but dont just rely on your sponsor, introduce yourself to others

      Kleeneze is a well respected business in the Work-From-Home or MLM industry. Reading the reviews below you see the good and the bad, but at the end of the day there are a lot of people doing very well from Kleeneze, so why is it not working well for others ?

      I put it down to training and mindset which comes from experience and having the right support. Too often you hear of people starting a new business only to fail in the first six months. But in my view that is because they don't have the right training or support, and when I say support I mean not just the business support but support from your family. You should sit down with them and tell them what you want to do and how you need their support and energy to help you.

      When I started my first business, my sponsor at the time told me to make a list of friends and family and start selling to them, then start knocking on doors in my local area and do the same. I found approaching my friends and family very embarrassing and they only bought from me out of charity rather than they needed the actual product. Knocking on doors, also known as 'cold calling' was worse as I got so much abuse and rejection that it just knocked my confidence. My experience now tells me that my sponsor was wrong.

      People don't like to be sold to so you can see why the approach above did not work. Imagine being the other person, you are sitting down having your dinner when someone knocks at the door pushing their products in your face. It doesn't work does it. The ideal business is where people come to you because they know what they want and you don't have to do any selling at all.

      If you decide to join Kleeneze or any other business in fact don't try and do it alone, my advice is find other people in your business, talk, meet up and share ideas. Don't think for one moment you have the winning idea and successful formula and not share it. In my experience for every idea I shared I got several back. As well as meeting and making new friends you will gain an extra level of knowledge and confidence from all that you have learnt.

      Once your business is up and running never stop learning or investing in yourself, never think you know everything to run a successful business. Maybe look at ways to diversify your business by having multiple income streams, so if you have a bad month in one area of your business, another area has it covered.

      I really hope you have found my review helpful as I certainly enjoyed writing it. I could go on about some of my other experiences but I think I will leave that to another review at a later date. Feel free to contact me, you can find my details by clicking on my name above or http://Paul-Ingram.com/

      Many Thanks

      Paul Ingram


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