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    • Buxton Mineral Water / Soft Drink / 51 Readings / 50 Ratings
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      25.12.2009 12:00
      Very helpful



      Same as the other Bottled Water - Just get it out of the tap.

      I only ever stoop to buying bottles water when I'm out and have forgotten to bring a bottle of water with me. Wanting to go for the healthy option I generally pick up a bottle of water off the shelf instead of a bottle of Lucozade or Tango, or another bottle of sugar filled hydration.

      The bottle of Buxton Water which I bought was 65p, taking away staff discounts and it was a larger bottle, 75cl. It claims to be "Natural mineral waters" from the Peak District and has a flashy logo in a blue and green design. The logo is trying to make out that the water is from a "Natural Place", with hills in the back ground. Looking at the logo, I just think, It's still water...

      The bottle which I bought had a squirty top on it with a flip back lid as well as the normal screw lid. I prefer bottles like this because you don't have to unscrew the lid everytime you want a drink. The only problem is that if you turn it upside down, the water flows out like a river, whereas some of the better designed bottles trap the water and only release when you suck on the top.

      Suprisingly, the water did taste very nice. It's marginally better than tap water and I can't justify 65p for something like this that can be run out of the tap for a much lower price. I bought mine refrigerated, so when I opened it it was nice and cool, very hydrating.

      On the bottle, it claims that the water flows naturally to the surface after filtering for 5000 years through the ancient Limestone of the peak district. I would say that's a lot of rubbish, made up and said nicely to try and advertise the product. That's my opinion, other people may think different.

      Whats in the water? (mg/1)
      Calcium - 55
      Magnesium - 19
      Potassium - 1
      Sodium - 24
      Bicarbonate - 248
      Chloride - 37
      Sulphate - 13
      Nitrate - <0.1
      Iron - 0
      Aluminium - 0
      Dry residue at 180*C - 280
      pH at source - 7.4

      Overall, I would say that this is one of the better brands of bottled water, but I couldn't justify paying this much when you can just run it out of the tap for a few pennies. It does taste nice and I will credit it with that but not nice enough for me to spend that much on it again.


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      • Cadbury's Wispa Gold / Chocolate / 17 Readings / 15 Ratings
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        25.12.2009 11:38
        Very helpful



        Lovely chocolate bar, but watch your pockets.

        ~ - ~ The Wispa Gold ~ - ~

        After reading so many reviews on here about this chocolate bar, I decided to go and try it myself. I have mixed feelings on the outcome. I bought my first one from Morrison's for a criminal - 57p. I could never again justify 57p for a 52g chocolate bar. After looking at the price, I decided to go ahead with it as a one off and after reading some good reviews on the bar I thought that you are probably paying for the quality and the brand name.

        Looking at the wrapper it looked of a good quality and clearly had the Cadbury's logo on the front which did reasure me a bit. The wrapper is gold with "Wispa Gold" written over the front. The logo is above the "Wispa Gold" and there are a few white stars dotted around the name, giving it more of a glamourous look and feel.

        Opening the wrapper I was greeted with a chocolaty smell and a rectangle block of chocolate, I was suprised that it smelled more like a Crunchie. I took a bite out of it and it did taste very nice. On the inside, the top half is a sweet caramel and the bottom half is the normal Wispa, Aero taste. This is then coated with a generous ammount of Milk Chocolate, holding the whole thing together and stopping the carmel from running away. I have to say, I really enjoyed the taste of the Wispa Gold and the texture was very nice. The caramel was slightly too sweat for me but I wouldn't really mark it down for that. Of course, all of this Caramel and Chocolate come at a price, not only on your pocket but on your diet.

        ~ - ~ Per Bar ~ - ~

        260 Calories
        23.9g Sugars
        14.9g Fat
        8.9g Saturates
        0.2g Salt

        I almost choked on the bar when I read "8.9g Saturates". The GDA for Saturates is 20g for an average female and 30g for an average male. That's nearly a third of my GDA... But thinking over that, there aren't many chocolate bars which are any better than this.

        - ~ - Ingrediants - ~ -

        Milk chocolate, Caramel (35%), Glucose syrup, sweetened condensed skimmed milk, vegetable oil, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, invert sugar syrup, dried skimmed milk, salt, sodium bicarbonate, flavouring.

        - ~ - Overall - ~ -

        Overall I would try this again, and I have tried this again. The taste is very good, but it does put a dent in your pocket and with nearly a third of your GDA of Saturates, I'm going to be careful when I do buy another one of these.
        I am rating this as 4/5 mainly because of the price compared with some other chocolate bars which I regularly buy.


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          10.12.2009 18:35
          Very helpful



          Pleasant Seaside Town in Pembrokshire - Definately worth a visit.



          Thanks for taking your time to read my review. It might be slightly long winded, emphasis on the slightly, but it includes everything that I would be looking for if I was wanting to visit the area. If you do not have the time to read the whole review, please do not rate.

          -~-~- Where are we?-~-~-

          Tenby is a seaside town in the south western tip of Wales, Pembrokeshire. The welsh name is Dinbych-y-Pysgod which means "The little town of the fishes". Tenby is part of the Carmarthen Bay in the south eastern part of Pembrokeshire. The town has a population of around 5000 people and is truly one of Britain's best coastal towns. Tenby is home to museums and is partly a castle in itself, with St Catherine's Tidal Island and it's fort, just alongside it. The town has been home to many writers, artists and even the inventor of the = sign, capturing the stunning scenery and excellent feel and atmosphere into paintings and books. At high tide Tenby has in total four different beaches, South, North, Castle and Harbour Beach. As the tides go out, the South Beach and the Castle Beach merge together. This is also the same with the North Beach and the Harbour Beach, creating another larger beach. One of the main things that people may remember Tenby for is it's vast array of coloured houses, completely transforming the view and feel of the town.

          -~-~- Brief History -~-~-

          The date that Tenby was built is unknown but there have been references of a settlement in the south Pembrokeshire area as far back as the ninth century. In the 13th Century the 1st Earl Of Pembroke built the town walls around Tenby which are still standing today, alongside the Five Arches Gate. The tidal Island, St Catherine's might at one point have been part of the main coastline, but in 1870 there was a Fort built on it which is still standing today.

          -~-~- North Beach -~-~-

          On many of our camping holidays we used to camp at a site located between Tenby and Saundersfoot, called Travayn. We used to take out at least one day every holiday to walk along the coastal path to Tenby and the first view of Tenby you get is of the North Beach and St Catherine's Island alongside the array of colourful houses. As soon as we could we used to make our way onto the North Beach and walk along to the Harbour and up into the town. We have also spent hours sitting on this part of the Beach, at the top end of the Beach furthest away from the town, usually deserted compared to the other Beaches. The disadvantage of this being that you haven't got as easy access to toilet facilities and if you want to waste money on Sunbeds and the vast quantity of "Bucket n' Spade" stalls then this is the wrong place to be. To the far north side of the harbour beach there are a lot of rock pools where the beach ends and meets the cliff, if your wanting to search the rock pools, make sure you bring some sandals or beach shoes because the rocks are full of barnacles. The North Beach is also the home to the very noticeable and prominent "Goskar Rock" which is simple a massive rock standing in the middle of the beach. I hadn't actually realised until I did a bit of research before I started on the review, that there is a Dog Ban on the north beach between the months of May and September. It's strange that I haven't noticed this before, but if your wanting to walk your dog between the months of May and September, North Beach isn't the place to do it.
          -~-~- Harbour Beach -~-~-

          The Harbour Beach is a very small patch of sand which sits between the town and the harbour. This beach is never touched by the incoming tide and it shows in the quality of the sand. The Beach is home to the Sailing Club and also offers convenient Toilets and a lot of "Bucket n' Spade" stalls. It is generally the most crowded Beach of the four although it is also the smallest. We haven't spent much time on this Beach because of the amount of people that are there and it is a bit inconvenient if you want to get to the sea, walking through the Harbour and out across the North Beach, distance varying depending on the tide, but it can be a long walk.

          -~-~- Castle Beach -~-~-

          The Castle Beach is another small Beach at High Tide. You could roughly say that it is the same size as the Harbour Beach when the tide is at it's highest, and this is the part of the day which you want to avoid the beach. Same as the Harbour Beach you can buy many different Buckets and Spades and rent Deck Chairs, also having a close Toilet if you find the need. Castle Beach is patrolled by a Life Guard in the Summer Seasons during the day and as the tide goes out you'll find an amazing stretch of beach which joins itself with the South Beach. It might be good to note that you can't walk between the South Beach and the Castle Beach during High Tide. Personally we have spent a bit of time using this beach but have always made sure we go during low tide when the whole of the beach is uncovered. This is also the beach which you will find the Boat Trips being launched from, trips to Caldey Island and generally just boat rides around the bay. The Castle Beach at low tide also creates access to St Catherine's Island and it's Fort although you can't actually get onto the island itself due to the cliffs, the only way is by taking a footpath which isn't open to the public.

          -~-~- South Beach -~-~-

          The South Beach is the largest of all four beaches and connects with the Castle Beach at low tide. The beach runs down the coast into the distance to Giltar Point and also has it's own car park, costing £2 per day. I haven't spent much time on the South Beach because of the fact that it is pretty far from the main shopping area of Tenby, although it does have toilets nearby it is a bit of a walk if your wanting any more than that. The South Beach has won a Tidy Britain Group Sea Award, which means nothing really to me as the other three beaches match it's quality.

          -~-~- Accommodation -~-~-

          Tents/Caravans - If your wanting to camp around Tenby there are only a few different sites which I would consider, at the top of the list Trevayn Farm Camping and Caravanning a bit up the coast from Tenby, which has stunning views over the bay. Unfortunately from where the tents and caravans are placed on this site you can't get a direct view of Tenby although if you walk to the bottom of the field you will get an amazing view over Tenby. Apparently legally they aren't allowed to have any Tents which can be seen from Tenby, which I think is pretty stupid. Trevayn is a farm and has some animals to watch, including horses and last time we went, Piglets. The owners are very welcoming, the Tarrifs are around £11-£16 a night for a family of four in a tent and pets are allowed.

          Static Caravan - If your wanting to rent a caravan, near Tenby, Kiln Park is the place to go. Kiln Park is a holiday site and has nearly everything you could want, pools, gold, cafe's, play areas, snooker tables, kid's clubs and a spa. The site is really friendly and you do get what you pay for. I really like this site because it is close to Tenby and has some very good facilities. Trevayn could be seen as a municipal site next to Kiln Park, but it really does show in the prices, reaching over £60 a night for some of the caravans.

          Hotels - If your coming to Tenby to stay in a hotel, I recommend going the full way and booking into Four Croft Hotel. It's located just up the hill from Tenby, right on the coast with an amazing view over Tenby itself. You couldn't get any better in terms of views, but again, you pay for it. It has it's own garden looking over the beach and offers free accommodation to children under 15 sharing with parents. A full welsh breakfast is provided and the majority of the 40 rooms overlook the bay. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful and there is no way I could fault the hotel. The prices are from £50 to £80 a night depending on the season.

          -~-~- Shopping -~-~-

          Over the many years that I've visited here, staying in a tent, we needed provisions, mainly food. There was a Summerfield in town centre, but last time we visited it had shut down and we had to drive for half an hour to find a suitable supermarket. They are building another supermarket in it's place and if I remember right it's open already. If not, there is a small Coop in Tenby along with a few other smaller food shops and fruit stalls. The rest of the shops in Tenby are generally geared towards the tourists with plenty of shops selling novelties and buckets and spades. You will also find a WHSmith, a Holland and Barrets, plenty of old book shops and bars around, a very good fishing shop and there used to be a Woolworths there as well. On a Wednesday and a Saturday there is a car boot sale just outside of Tenby which we visit every year, you will find nearly everything you are looking for here and I can guarantee you will not leave empty handed. Another of the highlights of Tenby is a small glass blowing shop, with the owner stood behind the counter making the glass objects that you buy, right in front of you!

          -~-~- What Can I do In Tenby? -~-~-

          There are many different places to visit in and around the Tenby area, I will try and concentrate on those in Tenby itself because the review is actually about Tenby! Other than the four main attractions I have explained below, there are day trips that you can do across Pembrokeshire which will take you to secluded beaches and castles.

          -~-~- Silent World Aquarium and Reptile Collection -~-~-

          If your an animal lover and your staying in Tenby this is one of the "Must" attractions. The Silent World Aquarium is housed in an old chapel which is very peaceful and tranquil. There are over 100 species of fish are on display, fish, crabs, sea stars, shellfish, the list goes on and on. They also have over 50 different snakes, lizards, frogs and spiders also on display, most of them you can touch and handle. Visitors are asked to park in the North Beach car park because there is nearly no parking around the aquarium itself. It's a 5 minute walk from the North Beach car park and they also say you can drop off passengers outside the Aquarium before heading off and parking. The upstairs area has no disabled access and there are no public toilets in the aquarium itself, although the staff do say that in emergencies there is the staff toilets. Prices are £3 for children, £5 for adults and £15 for a family of 4. There are also season tickets available. I've been over here twice now and it's a very enjoyable experience, being able to hold and touch most of the snakes and lizards.

          -~-~- Trefloyne Golf Club -~-~-

          For the golfers, this is a stunning course to play on, overlooking Tenby and the bay. The club is very posh and the prices match it as well, costing from £15 - £27 per round per person, depending on the time, person and season. The course will certainly test your golfing ability and the standards of the club are very high. There is a very strict dress code in place on the course, having to wear golfing shoes at all time, Jeans, Tracksuits, Football and Rugby shirts are all banned and you have to even tuck your shirt into your trousers! Club and bag sharing is strictly forbidden. Once you get past the rules you will really have an enjoyable time and there is a bar and restaurant available in the club house offering meals and snacks at average prices.

          -~-~- Quad Biking -~-~-

          Two minutes drive out of Tenby, you will find the Ritec Valley Quad Bikes, a massive 25km route for quad biking. If your under 16, a 30 minute ride with everything included will cost you £17.50 and for an adult with the same offer, £21.00. The prices are high, but on average it's a good price for quad biking. If you have the time to pop out here, it's definitely worth while checking out. The site is currently closed, reopening early 2010, there's WIFI points with no charge and you must watch out for the weather. In wet weather the routes may close down, talking from experience, if it's raining on the day which you have booked, phone up to make sure that the routes and site is still open or you might be disappointed when you arrive.

          -~-~- Fishing - "Tenby Fishing" -~-~-

          This is another of the activities which I would highly recommend from experience. Tenby Fishing is a company which takes people out on boats to fish just off the coast, generally looking for Mackerel. You don't need any experience at all and the staff on board will always be there to help you out if don't have a clue what your doing, like I didn't! It's open from May - September and there's a flat rate of £10 per person for a 90 minute trip. All equipment is provided, all you need to do is turn up on the day. The boat is limited to groups of smaller than 12 people, or the boat may sink! One of the main aspects that I loved about this fishing trip was that the skipper lets you keep all of the fish that you catch, or set them free if you want too. He will also demonstrate how to fillet and show you the best ways to cook the fish if your wanting too.

          -~-~- Eating Out -~-~-

          There is a wide choice of places to eat out in Tenby, from fish and chip shops to top quality restaurants, from £5 meals to £35 meals, Tenby has it all. At the bottom of the range, I would recommend Park Road Fish and Chip Shop, offering amazing chips, possibly the best in Pembrokeshire. The prices are average Fish and Chip shops. Of the various Pubs and Inns for a meal I would recommend the Crown Inn, although it doesn't have a good view of the sea, it's warm and friendly and offers some decent prices. The average meal at the Crown Inn will set you back £10, these range from lasagne to battered cod and different curries. At the top of the range in restaurants, if you have the money to splash out at the Blue Ball restaurant, the average meal will cost you £35. It has a large and varied menu from traditional, sea food and European dishes.

          -~-~- Overall -~-~-

          Overall my experiences of Tenby are very good, I don't know much of the night life because that isn't really my sort of thing. There is a lot to do around Tenby and it really does have the pleasant seaside town feel too it. There are other places you can visit around the coast of Tenby, secluded beaches, caves and coves, days out and much more.

          -~-~- More Information -~-~-

          Here are the websites of some help sites for Tenby, extra information and the websites of the Hotels, Camp Sites and Activities.

          Tenby In General - (http://www.virtualtenby.co.uk/)
          Tenby In General - (http://www.tenbyguide.com/)
          Travayne Camping - (http://www.camping-pembrokeshire.co.uk/)
          Kiln Park - (http://www.kilnpark.com/)
          Fourcrfot Hotel - (http://www.fourcroft-hotel.co.uk/)
          Silent World Aquarium - (http://www.silentworld.org.uk/)
          Trefloyne Golf Club - (http://www.trefloyne.com /Trefloyne_Golf_course_and_Country_Club.asp)
          Ritec Valley Quad Bikes - (http://www.ritec-valley.co.uk/)
          Tenby Fishing - (http://www.tenbyfishing.co.uk/)

          -~-~- Pictures -~-~-

          Here are some of my holiday Pictures which I have taken, they're on Photobucket. The link below will take you to one of my favourite pictures of Tenby, feel free to browse through as many of them as you want.

          (http://s749.photobucket.com /albums/xx134/Pete1993/?action=view&current=SouthSide.jpg) (All pictures are ©Pete1993)

          All content ©Pete1993.


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          • magichat.co.uk / Internet Site / 48 Readings / 47 Ratings
            More +
            25.11.2009 21:28
            Very helpful



            A very pleasant site, providing free magic tricks to budding magicians.


            I have always had a very, almost serious addiction to magic tricks, the ability to be able to astound people and just to know what other people don't. This website is one of the classics which I have used along the way, it's one amazing site. The basic aim of the site is to offer a large quantity of FREE magic tricks to the user. These aren't the crummy "Pick a card, any card" tricks which you'll find amateurs doing, although you will find a very small amount of them on there. The majority of the tricks are professional tricks, a lot performed by David Blaine, levitation, bitten coin, etc. Not only does it teach the magic tricks, it teaches you sleight of hand that you can use with the tricks to make them look so much better and make them look just like a professional is performing them. The tricks range from extremely simple to do, too very hard to do and each trick is rated by the readers on a scale of "Hate it - Love it" and "Easy - Hard".

            When you first load up the site you'll find a pretty simple layout which looks pretty easy to use. It could be better and there are some parts which I still can't seem to find and get too. The colours are pretty good and it looks professional.

            When you first sign up you will start with an Access level of 1, which will mean you can only access the very basic of tricks until you prove you are truly motivated in learning the tricks. To prove this you first have to sign up for the newsletter which earns you one or two access levels and then you have to answer a few basic questions about the art of magic and magicians, which if you get right you will be awarded some more access levels. I initially started with this site and they seem to have changed a few things now, when I joined after subscribing and answering the questions you were on level 5, and I'm use this is still the same now.

            If you want to improve your access level after this you have to submit your own tricks with a full method description and some add pictures and even videos to improve the quality and hence the value of the submission. The submissions are awarded access levels depending on how much detail is put in and how good the trick is.

            If you find that you can't access a magic trick that you want to look at you can "Purchase" the trick with Magic stars which are bought from Magichat via paypal. Ten Magic stars will set you back £2.50. If you have an access level of 10 and the trick which you are wanting to view has an access level of 14, you will pay the difference, in this case 4 Magic Stars. This is expensive when you could submit tricks instead, the only downside being you can't submit tricks if they are already submitted onto the site. Trawling through 1000's of submissions to see if yours is on there isn't always possible which means you sometimes think that your trick hasn't been submitted and you go ahead and spend an hour writing a submission to have it rejected because it is already on the site.

            On site there is a forum which discussion is very friendly and range from discussion of the magic tricks themselves and how to improve your performances to general everyday issues. There are a wide range of difference magic tricks and areas of magic and areas that accompany magic, the normal Card and Coin Magic, Pub and Bar Magic, Close-up Magic, Levitation, Mentalist and also holds competitions.

            The site has a good feel about it and the community and staff are very friendly. The forum is very strict and rules are enforced which does create a much nicer atmosphere because only the genuine people are actually posting. There is also a strict rule on using correct English, so there is no internet slang and it is easy to read, this is for the benefit of the Non-English speakers or those who can speak or read very little English, just think of how much more confused they would be if they read slang.

            Overall the site is very useful for those budding magician out there who don't have the source of money to spend a lot of money on buying magic tricks. As long as you are prepared to put in some effort then you will do well. Goodluck.


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            • More +
              19.11.2009 22:06
              Very helpful



              Whack, Unwrap and then Enjoy!

              Competition information added at the end, your chance to win a free bar of Walkers Non-such Toffee! Please read the review first. :)

              ~ ~ Ingredients ~ ~

              Glucose Syrup
              Sweetened Condensed Milk
              Vegetable Oil

              ~ ~ Allergy Information ~ ~

              May contain nut traces. As a Ceoliac, there doesn't seem to be anything in it that I can see that I can't eat and after eating two bars I have had no side effects. Contains Milk, so unsuitable for Dairy Free.

              ~ ~ Other Info ~ ~

              No Artificial Colours, No Preservatives, No Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils.
              Weight - 100g, 3.5oz
              Walkers email - Sales@walkers-nonsuch.co.uk
              Website - (www.Walkers-nonsuch.co.uk)

              ~ ~ Packaging ~ ~

              The Nonsuch Walkers Original Toffee comes packages in a clear plastic wrapper sealed at both ends with a blue strip at each end. Across the back of the packaging is the normal ingredients and allergy and nutritional information in three different languages. The best before date is also printed on the back of the wrapper. On the front the Walkers logo is shown along with the titles and the catch-phrase of slogan for the Original range of toffee bars.

              ~ ~ What's inside ~ ~

              Inside you'll find one large piece of toffee which is separated into 10 smaller blocks. The slogan of Walkers Nonsuch is "Whack, unwrap and enjoy", which kind of suggests that that is what your meant to do. Unfortunately I didn't manage to read that before unwrapping it and nearly tearing my teeth out trying to separate the blocks. The first bar that I bought had obviously already slightly melted and re-set which is why I managed to pick this up slightly cheaper than I would have done normally. I would advise handling the toffee as little as possible because it melts very quickly on your hands leaving them VERY sticky!

              ~ ~ Tastes ~ ~

              The first time I tasted Non-Such Toffee I loved it, it still doesn't disappoint. The toffee is said to be "England's Finest Toffee", which I agree with and it really does deserve. The original toffee bar is very creamy and sweet, just how I like it. The toffee tastes amazingly good once you've managed to separate it from the rest of the block, unless you try and eat the whole thing in one bite, I wouldn't advise it. It has a very distinct and strong Toffee flavour being much stronger than a lot of other types of toffee which I have tried. This is what you might call, the real thing. It does contain a lot of sugar as most treats like this do, I'm not saying that it is good for you but it is extremely tasty.

              ~ ~ Disadvantage ~ ~

              I didn't manage to read the "Whack, Unwrap and Enjoy" until after I had opened my second bar. This was a very bad mistake. On my first bar I tried snapping it which didn't work, I then tried scissors with it, which didn't work and then tried biting it which nearly ripped my teeth out. In the end I found the best solution was to "Whack" it on hard surface which shattered it. I would advise that you do Whack it before unwrapping it because it does go everywhere!

              ~ ~ What happened to me ~ ~

              I have tried some of the other Nonsuch range before, the bagged sweets but never have I seen this type of bar before. I picked my first bar up a few weeks back at a local Home Bargains store. I picked it up for the cheap price of 50p for a 100g bar of top quality toffee, it wasn't bad. One of the reasons that I saw that it was so cheap was that the toffee had already slightly melted and re-set, which had no effect on the taste. Home Bargains probably bought these up very cheap as Misfits or damaged stock, but still it was a very good offer and was substantially reduced. After eating the bar, I went in next time I passed to find that they had run out. Hoping to find information on where else I could buy this, I visited the website at (www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk) it was there that I found the competition giving away 50 bars of the toffee which I had just bought, every week. (More on the competition later). To my delight a week ago I received a bar of the toffee through the post and it was gone within the hour! Next time I see one of these I will definitely splash out to buy one, such an amazing taste.

              ~ ~ Competition ~ ~

              What everyone has been waiting for. Simply go to this website, the official Walkers Nonsuch website (http://www.walkers-nonsuch.co.uk/) and click on the link on the left side of the page saying "Are you a fan of Walkers, click here to enter the competition", if this isn't there then I'm afraid that it is probably closed. Clicking on it will open a pop-up box for the competition, so if nothing happens make sure you turn off your pop-up blocker and try again. Fill in the information on the sheet and then click "Submit". They are giving away 50 bars of the Original Non-such Toffee every week and I received one myself. It tastes much better if it is free! Goodluck.

              Walkers Nonsuch is a family run business which has been making toffee and only toffee for the past 100 years. They only use the finest of ingredients.

              Thanks for taking your time to read and rate my review. I put a lot of work into my reviews and I hope that people have benefited from reading them. Thanks and Goodluck with the competition.


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              • Bicycle Raider Deck / Card Games / 40 Readings / 40 Ratings
                More +
                19.11.2009 17:53
                Very helpful



                Another excellent deck of cards from the US Playing Cards Company.

                The Bicycle Raider Deck is a normal pack of 52 cards, pips in the top left and bottom right corner of every card and an extra two Joker cards which is what you would normally find in a deck of cards. Unlike some of the other reviews I've done on decks of cards, this is a perfectly normal deck of cards, nothing changed or set up with the deck itself!

                The only difference this deck of cards has to a normal deck of cards is the design and possibly the stunning quality and finish of the cards. The quality is expected from the cards when you realise who they are made by, The US Playing Card Company. Unarguably they have been the market leader for providing decks of cards for over a hundred years. This is one of their newer decks of cards.

                The design is a quite a strange one, the cards are Black, with the Spades and Clubs pips being white and the Hearts and Diamonds being red (See Picture). The colours on the picture cards are changed, they are now a mixture of red, black, white, purple and to spice it up a bit, some dark blue. The back designs are strange, they are a kind of art nouveau style and they show two Spade symbols on the top and the bottom of the design. In the middle of the design is a wheel kind of object, or possibly a compass dial, but I am not too sure. The Jokers seem to be a completely different design to the rest of the cards, it shows a ghost pirate similar to that from Pirates of the Caribbean, stood on a beach, next to the sea with a playing card in his hand. One of the Jokers is holding a 4 of hearts and the other is holding a card which is face down in his palm. What makes the Jokers more stunning and nice to look at is the massive full moon showing above the waterline, from what I know is impossible to see it that big from earth, but that's another story.

                The deck of cards comes with an card advertising the Magic Network and backing up the idea that the cards can be used for magic tricks is the extra Gaff card included. A gaff card is a special card which is used for magic tricks. This card is a double backed card, which a lot of people wouldn't have a clue what it's for, but those who know a few magic tricks will be able to use this pretty easily.

                The price is pretty fair for what you are getting. These are definitely contending for one of the best quality cards that you will find on the market, being from the Us Playing Card Company, they are also Durable and easy to use. The Price that I paid for this deck was £5 from Amazon, which is about what you would be looking to pay.

                Overall I think that this deck of cards is well worth getting if you play a lot of card games with friends or if your a budding magician who wants to impress friends with this stunning deck of cards. It's a collectors item as well, for those who collect decks of cards. I really enjoy using the cards and have had no problems with them.

                ~~Other Resources~~

                Video showing the deck of cards, very useful to watch before thinking about buying. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRD2KE2V-Yg)

                The Back design, Joker and Ace of Spades are all shown in this picture. (http://media.photobucket.com/image/raider%20deck%20Ace/jaragi/MM/Raider2.jpg)

                The two links above do not belong to me, they are simply added to further explain the looks of the cards.

                Thanks for taking the time to read my review, I hope it's been of some use to you. Pete.
                ~~ Written For Dooyoo, may also appear on Ciao, same username.~~


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                • Mr Bean's Holiday (DVD) / DVD / 50 Readings / 47 Ratings
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                  07.11.2009 17:41
                  Very helpful



                  Wasn't very impressed by it, but If you want to watch it, do so at your own risk.

                  Mr Beans Holiday is a comedy film starring Rowan Atkinson, directed by Steve Bendelack. The film was released on the 30th March 2007 and lasts 90minutes long, being distributed by Universal Pictures. Mr Beans Holiday was the official Red Nose Day Film 2007, with some of the profits being donated to the charity. I have mixed feelings about the film, all will be explained during the review.

                  The basic storyline for Mr Beans Holiday is quite predictable. Mr Bean attends a Raffle Draw, which he has entered into, for a holiday down to Cannes along with 300 Euros spending money and a camcorder. Already there is a pitfall, as soon as he enters through the door you know he's already won it, even though there will be some kind of complication in the middle. The film being called "Mr Beans Holiday", more or less means it's impossible that he doesn't win the holiday or what is the point of him being there. In this way it's very predictable, but on the upside they get it over and done with quickly. Mr Bean ends up on the train and arrives in Paris, the only footage shown of the train ride is Mr Bean getting over excited with his camcorder and making some stupid faces. He then attempts to take a Taxi to the next station, but ends up getting into the wrong taxi and being dropped off half way across Paris, with the train station nowhere to be found. Following a map he eventually finds the station only to miss the train because he gets his tie stuck in a vending machine. This is one of the "Classic" parts of the film for me, it brings back memories of Mr Bean buying cakes, while behind him his car gets crushed by a tank. I think the reason why I find this funny Is because of the sheer disrespect Mr Bean has for anyone else, it's funny to see him not get his own way, which he always desires. Mr Bean gets the next train down to Cannes but has a misunderstanding and makes a young boy's dad miss the train. He then feels guilty, which I'm not sure he has ever before and starts to look after the boy. The only problem is that the boys Dad has reported the boy as being abducted and Mr Bean is the prime suspect.

                  One of the main parts that really does annoy me during the DVD is the first 10 minutes. Ok, yes it is very predictable, which I have said before, but to add to that the first 10 minutes exactly have credits over the top. Come on, it's not the end of the film yet! The few main Directors and Actors are usually put at the start of the film but to put virtually the whole of the cast in the first 10 minutes is ridiculous. Another of the aspects that was pretty annoying was the fact that a lot of the background actors are clearly seen more than once and it's very obvious. At the start of the film when Mr Bean goes into the train terminal he walks past a man playing a Saxophone kind of instrument, the same person is seen about four times during the film. This really does annoy me, when the directors are trying to make it look realistic and then they use the background actors more than once. It would be nice to know exactly how much they pay the background actors because surely they could afford a few more, even double the amount as they did make a whopping $229,736,334 (229Million) revenue from the film.

                  One of the main objectives of the directors for the film was to try and show how Bean would survive in a culture that he is not familiar with, being in France, he doesn't know how to speak French so he has to go about as he usually does, not communicating with people. I thought that this was a really good idea the only downside being that it was very much out of context. In the older series, the classics, Mr bean generally fitted in with his clothing and hairstyle, but in the film everything else had gone modern. Everyone is wearing modern clothes and Mr Bean is stood there in his old fashioned suit and tie and polished shoes with his combed across hair. It just doesn't work because he sticks out like a sore thumb, they have taken Mr Bean into the 21st century. This might have been the objective of the Directors and Writers but I'd say that it wasn't the right thing to do.

                  With the older series, they were short ten or fifteen minute sequences that overall were pretty funny. One of the best parts was that he communicated with people without really talking, but in this film he does exactly the same thing. I would go to the extent of saying that he talks more in this film than he did in the previous series, and he can't even speak the language. Maybe it was ok for the first series but to sit through a whole 90minutes of the main character hardly talking was one of the many other downsides that I found with the film.

                  I did like the story line because it was really well set out and planned, but another of the bits that I didn't like was that they showed a lot of the film through Mr Beans Camcorder, as he had it on nearly 100% of the time, they just took clips out of that and put them smack bang in the middle of the film.

                  One of the few parts that I really did like was the acting as a whole. Rowan Atkinson is a very good actor, but I think that the film wasn't as good as the old classics, not being affected by his acting but just by the layout and feel of the film. The other actors were very good, Willen Defoe was the Producer of the film in the story line, continuing his bad-guy act from Spiderman with a more or less corrupt Producer who out of jealousy cut out Sabine's scene in the film. The young boy that Mr Bean looked after was played by Max Boldry and Sabine was played by Emma de Caines. Both of them acted very well and did really work well with Rowan Atkinson in his main role.

                  The film ended, giving me another rant. They ended with all of the main characters in swimming wear on the beach in Cannes, Mr Beans Original destination. What I hated about it was that they ended it with a song, the whole of the cast miming the song, surely they could find a much better way of ending the film?

                  Overall, as you might have guessed from the main content of my review, I wasn't that impressed with the film as a whole. It was entertaining to say the least, with some very funny parts, but disappointingly I have to say the downsides greatly outnumbered the good parts. I'm not sure whether I could recommend this film, All I will say is If you want to risk it, go for it.

                  ~~ Information ~~

                  Directed by Steve Bendelack
                  Produced by Peter Bennet-Jones, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
                  Written by Screenplay: Hamish McColl, Robin Driscoll
                  Story: Simon McBurney
                  Characters: Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis
                  Starring Rowan Atkinson, Emma de Caunes, Max Baldry, Willem Dafoe
                  Music by Howard Goodall
                  Cinematography - Baz Irvine
                  Editing by Tony Cranstoun
                  Distributed by Universal Pictures
                  Release date - Uk, 30th March 2007
                  Language English, French, Russian
                  Budget $25 million
                  Gross revenue $229,736,344 (worldwide) - Someone is rich.

                  For more info please check out these sites.
                  Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Bean%27s_Holiday - (**Contains Full Plot Spoiler**)
                  IMBD - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0453451/
                  MrBean - http://www.mrbean.co.uk/


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                  • Two Brothers (DVD) / DVD / 32 Readings / 6 Ratings
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                    05.11.2009 17:18
                    Very helpful




                    Error In Posting.
                    Sorry for the mistake, If anyone has the time ot remove this it would be appreciated. I can't change this review back to an express review so I will contact Dooyoo and ask them to remove this review along with the Miles credited to my account, Very sorry for the error.


                    Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words. Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words. Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words. Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words. Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words. Please read the above for the reason why I have to make this up to 150 words.


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                    • Room 101 / Discussion / 48 Readings / 41 Ratings
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                      04.11.2009 18:11
                      Very helpful



                      If you want to disagree what anything I say, please explain why, don't just say I'm wrong.

                      Room 101

                      This is my contribution to Room 101. For those who haven't heard the concept of Room 101, it's a concept introduced by George Orwell in his novel "1984". It is a room where you put everything that you hate the most. Of course it's only imaginary, but it's a good chance to have a rant at all the things out there that you most hate!


                      In my opinion, one of the worst habits going around. I have no idea whatsoever why people do it, I can't see any reason for doing it. When I say "Spitting" and refer it to a bad habit, I mean people who constantly spit, over public paths and just anywhere they please. There should be a law against spitting, it spreads germs and diseases and especially with the Swine Flu problem going around. We've all seen these swine flu posters, "Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases!", Hang on a minute, what about spitting? These are a definite addition to Room 101!

                      ~~Loud Music!~~

                      This is starting to happen more than often now. People who play music as loud as they possibly can whilst driving, with windows down and sunroof open. Why do they think that everyone else has to listen to their music? It's downright selfish and rude. This applies to everyone who walks along the street playing music out loud, with no thought for anyone else, and then wonder why they get so many dirty looks all the time! I've heard from friends that this is also a problem on Buses, but I never use buses.

                      ~~Empty 150 Word Reviews~~

                      People who write empty 150 word reviews, with their only aim being to earn Dooyoo Miles should be another addition to Room 101. I spent over an hour this afternoon reading and rating reviews, most of them being rushed 150 word reviews that didn't help me at all, which is why most of them didn't get any higher than a Somewhat Useful. I think that for most categories, reviews should have to be at least 300 words long to get paid for them. Anyone doing this is rudely and wrongly taking advantage of Dooyoo's reward scheme. What makes it worse is if they then send you a message demanding a reason why they didn't get a Very Useful rating!

                      ~~People using the term "Racist" in the wrong context~

                      I have to be careful here, I do see racism as something wrong, what I am ranting about here is people who take perfectly normal comments and say they are racist. One of the common examples of this is the Blackboard, which is now referred to as a Chalk Board, partly because people were saying it was racist. I was in town a few months back and there was a long queue and there was a young woman at the till explaining to a customer that she couldn't give him a refund on a product if there wasn't anything wrong with it. After a few minutes of arguing the man blew up and starting shouting at the lady at this till, telling her that it was because he was Black, she wouldn't give him a refund. It nearly reduced her to tears and everyone else in the queue were so shocked they didn't know what to do. This is what really started my grudge against people who take perfectly normal comments and say they are racist.

                      ~~Tail Gating~~

                      I don't drive, but the amount of times I've been scared because of people tail gating while I'm a passenger in a car is far too many to count. Thinking about the fact that I'm only a passenger in the car, I can't start to imagine what it's like for people like me, who get nervous pretty easily, who are actually driving.

                      ~~Disrespect for Cyclists~~

                      I cycle everywhere, because I don't have the cash to spend on learnign to drive at the moment as I don't have a job yet, other than Dooyoo. What prompted me to add this in was an incident that happened this morning when I was out on my bike. A was riding down a hill at a pretty average speed, a deserted road and coming up on the left was a left turning, off the road. I was going straight on, but as I approached the turning A White Van came up to the junction and pulled out right infront of me. I nearly went straight into them, If I hadn't swerved and nearly fell of I would have gone straight into the side of them. This is too common today, people just think they have total supperiority over people on bikes.


                      I might get a few nagging comments about this section, but to make it clear, Passive smoking is the subject. Smoking is proven to increase your chances of Cancer and other diseases: If you want to pay to kill yourself, that's fine with me, but don't risk other peoples lives while doing it. In other words, If you want to smoke, do it off the streets out of the way of other people, It's a disgusting habit as it is. And for all those who think they look cool smoking, you should really think about what you are doing.

                      There are plenty more things that should be put into Room 101, but unfortunately there isn't enough time to list all of them.


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                      • Samsung C3050 / Mobile Phone / 25 Readings / 21 Ratings
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                        04.11.2009 17:54
                        Very helpful


                        • Reliability


                        Overall a good budget phone with a basic camera and music player.

                        Samsung C3050

                        This is a relatively new phone on the market, being released around February this year. I've had this phone since May, so I have been using it for a reasonable amount of time and have a good idea on all of the features and reliability.


                        The phone has the usual Samsung looks, with Samsung pasted very clearly above the screen on the phone. How many people need reminding what make their phone is every time they look at it? I suppose most phones have this, but it is a bit annoying. The C3050 is stylish and easy to hold, it's design is a bit strange because it has two blocks of silver on the top and bottom, but the case itself is black. Above the bold SAMSUNG sign, there is a tiny speaker if you look hard enough. Below the screen is the general left right up and down keypad, which is a large rectangle with the Enter button in the middle. To the left of the keypad, you have the usual Green button, which doesn't actually show up in green and to the right of the keypad you have the usual Red button, which doesn't actually show up in Red. When you slide the phone up to reveal the number pad you will find that it is a bit strange, different to the normal Samsung number pads. It has a normal 8 button number pad but the pad is one large piece of what looks like shiny foil, which has three plastic silver lines stuck to it. I'd say this is slightly going over the top with it, but ohh well.

                        ~What Can The Phone Do?~

                        Other than the general SMS, Phone book and Phoning services that all mobiles have as standard, this budget phone has some extras. The phone can play most of the latest Mobile games, which you can download onto it. It's equipped with a Voice Recorder which is very easy to use but lacks slightly in quality. It has Bluetooth, countdown timer and a music player, which plays mp3's. The mp3 player is pretty good but it does lack in quality compared with Ipods and Walkmans. It has a limited 0.3 Megapixel VGA camera which isn't the best of quality, but it does the job for general off hand photos if you need it. With the camera comes a camcorder which is the same quality as the camera. I haven't had any problems with the camera or camcorder, but if I want to take pictures with any quality in them, I use my 10MP Fujifilm Camera. You'll also find an organiser, with Calender, Memo, World Clock, Calculator and a Currency Converter. All of these work fine, but I have to confess I haven't used them much. It has an FM radio, which is pretty limited where I am, it doesn't pick up many radio stations even though they ARE there, another point with the radio is that you have to have your earphones plugged in to use it. Lastly, the phone can set up too 5 alarms, and you can select which days of the week you want the alarm to go off. This is very useful for me because I use it as an alarm Monday to Friday but I don't want it waking me up at the Weekend, with my old phone I had to turn the alarm off on every Friday and back on on Monday.

                        ~What's In The Box~

                        In the box you'll find the phone, never would've guessed that. You'll also find a Mains charger for the phone, a battery which goes in the phone, the headphones for the phone and the manual and drivers. Disappointingly the phone doesn't have a USB cable, and it doesn't come with a memory card either. You can buy a USB cable for a few £ on Ebay and you have to buy a memory card if you want one. The phone takes up to 8gb SD cards or Micro SD Cards.

                        ~Battery Life and Usability~~

                        The phone has a battery life of 7 hours talk time and 340 hours of standby, this is plenty of time for me and I rarely have to charge up my phone, maybe because I never use it! Still, it's a reasonable time for anyone really. The phone is durable and I've dropped it once, not even found a scratch to it yet, but as a general rule, Don't drop it. The phone is small and light so I hardly notice that I have it in my pocket. In a way this might be a bad thing, because you won't notice if it's gone!
                        The sound quality of an incoming call is very clear, making it easy to use.

                        ~~What Else DO I like About The Phone?~~

                        - On the main screen there is a bar down the side, which has listed different places that you can go to, this is very helpful if you want to quickly get to your messages.
                        - The time is permanently on the screen, top right hand corner, strangely you can get another time to come up just underneath it, But having the Time there and the Date there is helpful.
                        - You can set your phone to show your number on the home screen, which is also useful because if you forget your number and your asked for it, it's there!
                        - As most Samsung's have, the C3050 is no different, It has the feature that you can set the Left and Right keys to short cuts to get to certain areas. I have mine set to go to the Mp3 Player and a new message.


                        Overall I think that this is a very good phone. It's limited with it's features and some of the features that it has aren't that good, but you have to remember for the price your paying for this, you shouldn't expect anything more than what you get. The phone is mainly for those on a tight budget that don't want one of these fancy Iphones and aren't fussed about the extra features which the phone comes with. This is a phone that you buy if you want a phone, If you want a Camera, buy a camera, if you want an Mp3 player, buy an Mp3 player. For me it's exactly what I'm looking for. Yes it has it's downsides, such as the lack of a USB cable, but overall it is a very good phone for the price.

                        Battery - Standard battery, Li-Ion 800 mAh, up to 340 hours standby time and up to 8 hours talk time
                        Camera - VGA, 640x480 pixels camera
                        Data Features - EDGE, GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots, 32 - 48 kbps), Bluetooth v2.0 and USB v2.0
                        Display - 2-inch TFT (65K colours/176 x 220 pixels) display
                        Size and Weight - 97 x 47.3 x 14.9mm
                        Networks - 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
                        Memory Features - Comes with the normal Phonebook which stores up to 100 contacts, 30missed, Recieved or dialed calls. Builts in 60MB of memory and a card slot to expand the memory up to 8GB with a MicroSD card.
                        Sound - Speakerphone, Vibration alert, MP3 ringtones and Downloadable polyphonic

                        Other Features - SMS & MMS Messaging, FM radio, WAP 2.0/xHTML, Browser, Games, MP3 player, Java MIDP 2.0, Bluetooth messenger, Voice memo, Organizer, Calculator, Calendar, Alarm, Clock, Mobile Tracker,T9

                        Any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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                        04.11.2009 17:40
                        Very helpful
                        1 Comment



                        I would definitly recommend these to anyone wanting a high quality snack!

                        Sensations Roasted Chicken And Thyme

                        Whenever I am hungry shopping, these are the first pack of crisps that I look for. I've tried both the 160g bag and the 40g bag, cleverly noticing that they taste the same! I'm ashamed to say that when I first tried the 160g bag, I ate the whole bag in one because they tasted so nice. I buy these a lot from a Home Bargains shop located near to where I live and they offer them at a very good price.
                        I would say that one of the main aspects that drew me to them to start with was the packaging. It's smart and relatively simple with a large S on the front of the packet, at the centre of the S there is a farm scene with a sunset or sunrise, the bottom loop of the S is made up of the main ingredients which, in this case is the potatoes, lemon and herbs. Looking at the packaging now, I see that there is a lack of the Chicken part, which is curious but doesn't really matter. The top loop of the S is covered with a vine and then a trumpet at the top. I'm not sure what the trumpet is meant to be saying or why it's there. Across the back of the packaging are all of the normal information you would find, ingredients, Guideline Daily Amounts and a brief explanation of what is in the packet!
                        When you first open the packet you are engulfed by the smell of roast chicken and especially the smell of herbs. I can never tell the difference between herbs but this is meant to be Thyme, all the same, they taste just as nice. You get a strong taste of chicken and a slightly weaker taste of the Thyme although the chicken is definitely the prominent taste in there. There is also a very slight taste of lemon, which really does add to the flavour of the crisps. The three main flavours are the Roast chicken, Thyme and Lemon, added together they make a very enjoyable flavour. One of the other things that I was really impressed about was the amount of flavour per crisp, it's very thick and creates a very strong taste which makes it much more enjoyable.
                        Even though the Sensations are slightly more expensive on average to a normal packet of walkers crisps I would say the Sensations are more upmarket than normal packets of Walkers crisps. They have much more flavour, very attractive packaging and generally just the extra quality that other packets of crisps don't seem to have.
                        I paid the cheap price of 35p for a 40g packet, although this was reduced from around 40-45p. The 160g packs cost me around 80p-£1.20 depending on where you buy from. I would definitely say that the extra cost is well worth it, a much nicer taste to other crisps out there. Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme are definitely very high up on my list of most favourite crisps, I will definitely be continuing to buy these for all occasions.

                        NO artificial Sweeteners
                        NO artificial flavour enhancers
                        NO preservatives
                        NO artificail colours


                        Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (26%), Roasted Chicken and Thyme seasoning, Salt, Calcium Chloride (Firming Agent),
                        The Roasted Chicken and Thyme Seasoning contains - Dried Milk Whey, Flavouring, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Butter Oil (From Milk), Dried Onion, Sugar, Dried Chicken, Parsley, Dried Lemon Juice, Thyme.

                        Allergy Information - This is the only part that I can fault with the crisps, as far as I can see there are no Allergy Information on the packet, and me being a Ceoliac, It's essential that I make sure that I cut out Wheat and Gluten and It's very helpful when it says on the label "Suitable for Ceoliacs" as it saves me time checking the ingredients. I didn't actually check these before buying and now that I've gone through the ingredients I've noticed the Hydrolysed Wheat protein which I'm not sure whether I can have. As far as I'm concerned It didn't cause me any illness or troubles eating it before, so I'll eat it again!

                        For more info check out;


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                        • Taxi [2004] (DVD) / DVD / 99 Readings / 94 Ratings
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                          31.10.2009 12:15
                          Very helpful



                          Overall It was pretty enjoyable but I won't be watching it again in a rush.

                          ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.- Taxi (2004) -.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.,

                          After writing my first review in the book section, I decided to try and delve into the DVD section as I haven't actually written any reviews on DVD's even though I have a stack of them lying around. Any tips on making it better would be appreciated.

                          Taxi is a hilarious action film directed by Tim Story, set in and around New York city in America, brought to us by 20th Century Fox. Taxi is an American re-make of the original French "Taxi" created by Luc-Besonn, which was a major hit across France. The film has a 15 rating, the box saying it had Moderate language and Sex references, I noticed a lot of the mild language but that was really it. Queen Latifa plays Belle, New York's fastest cab driver, in the film and is joined by Jimmy Fallon playing Andy Washburn, a discredited, car-less cop. Jenifer Esposito also appears in the film as Andy Washburn's Lieutenant and ex-girlfriend. The Brazilian Super Model, Gisele Bündchen appears as the ringleader of the female bank robbers and twice Oscar nominated Ann-Margret plays as Washburn's Mum.

                          Andy Washburn is a New York Cop who loses his driving license after reversing a detectives car through a convenience store window, causing £40,000 worth of damage. He is left to do his work on foot, but when he hears of a robbery taking place two blocks away from where he is, he jumps into the best cab he possibly could - Belle, the fastest cab driver in New York City, who has spent 5 years tuning up her taxi. The two join forces to chase after the bank robbers. It's not a good idea to put a power crazed Cop and an over protective Cab driver together and you can visually see the tension appearing between them as the film progresses.

                          When you look at the acting line-up for the film you see Queen Latifa who has successfully appeared in top comedy films with well known stars, and then after her on the list you see Jimmy Fallon who has very limited experience, it's a recipe for trouble. The experience shows during the film, Queen Latifa shows a very competent and successful attitude to her acting and makes it look very realistic, but on the other hand Jimmy Fallen makes his character look so stupid it's funny, it's hard to tell whether he is meant to be doing this or whether this is what he normally acts like. The other actors in the film perform exceptionally well and I would say Gisele Bündchen does a specially well convincing us that she's a real crook. Along side these experienced and competent actors, Jimmy Fallon sticks out like a sore thumb.

                          I think that the Film overall was an experience, it had it's upsides and it had it's downsides like most films do. The plot itself was pretty good and well thought out, but it started to get a bit repetitive. During the 3rd car chase it seemed like a case of De Ja Vu, the same tricks being repeated from the first and second car chase, it was almost predictable. One of the main problems that was bugging me throughout the whole of the film was how she managed to drive around New York City, with a modified taxi, which the Lieutenant states at the end has "Violation of 27 vehicle codes", but what's more, she and her taxi get let go. During the car chases, the police were chasing the Bank Robbers car, but they didn't seem at all interested in a supercharged Taxi following the Bank Robbers car at speeds over 100 mph through the city! The limit for me was when Belle changed the steering wheel while driving down a crowded street over 100 mph, without even taking a glance at the road. As for the humour, it takes an acquired taste to appreciate it.

                          One of the other parts that I enjoyed was the music side of the film. They included some good tracks within the car chases to liven it up a bit, and it worked. Using Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", "Pick up the pieces" sung by the Average White Band and to top it all off Natalie Cole singing "This will be".

                          There is a point where a film can get so unrealistic in parts, it does eat at your overall rating of it. Near the start of the film, Andy Washburn runs out into the middle of a street, holding his badge up to try and take a vehicle so he could get to the Bank Robbery. As he does this the car swerves off to the side, crashing into the line of cars which were parked down the side of the street. This causes ten or more cars behind that car to crash into each other and then one final car to fly into the air and land on top of them. After that happened, although it was slightly funny I didn't take much more of the film seriously and although the film was pretty good as films go, this incident at the start did really effect what I thought of the film.

                          Overall I did enjoy the film, even though I laughed more at the Bloopers during the credits at the end of the film, it was definitely an experience. I'm not sure I'd watch Taxi again but I may consider it if they brought out a Taxi 2.

                          ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.- Extra Features -.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.,

                          The film has a few extra features with it, if you've bought the DVD version. These included four deleted scenes that weren't shown in the main film. They were shocking to say the least and I'm not surprised they were deleted. There is also a clip with the Director talking about the use of the Blue screen in a lot of the scenes, which enabled them to use a stunt driver instead of Queen Latifa driving the cab. They had some other mini clips that were all boring and of no use really. I wouldn't recommend watching these, they were a waste of time.

                          ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.- Other Details -.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.,

                          Directed by - Tim Story
                          Produced by - Luc Besson + Robert Simonds
                          Written by - Luc Besson + Thomas Lennon + Robert Ben Garant
                          Starring - Queen Latifah + Jimmy Fallon + Gisele Bündchen + Jennifer Esposito
                          Distributed by - 20th Century Fox
                          Release date(s) - October 6, 2004
                          Running time - 99 min.
                          Country - United States
                          Language - English
                          Budget - $25 million
                          Gross revenue - $68,895,435 (Blimy, Some ones rich)
                          Certificate - 15

                          Price - I got this film at the ridiculous price of £2 from my local CEX shop, but you can also buy this on Amazon, New for £5 (http://www.amazon.co.uk /Taxi-DVD-Queen-Latifah/dp/B00070HK6A /ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1256987020&sr=8-1).

                          ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.- Want to read more? -.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                          IMBD - (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0316732/)
                          Wikipedia - (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxi_%282004_film%29)
                          Movie Web - (http://www.movieweb.com/movies/film/FIGeNKGN2squKH)

                          Note. There are 3 different front designs for the Taxi DVD, one being the one posted in the picture is the "Extended Version" and you might see other front designs in the link provided, these are all the same film.

                          Thank you to those who have taken their time to read and rate my review, I have put a lot of work into this like a lot of other reviewers do.


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                            30.10.2009 19:13
                            Very helpful



                            Very Enjoyable book to read, You'll never want to put it down!

                            This is the first time I've delved into the book section, any tips on how to improve on this would be very grateful.

                            ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' The Recruit - CHERUB '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                            The Recruit is written by Robert Muchamore, a writer which I had never heard of before, which made me slightly cautious. The book is the introduction to a 12 book CHERUB series, aimed at teenage readers and contains come bad language and swearing, so it's not exactly suitable for younger readers. The book was published in 2004 by Hodder Children book's, winning the Red House Children's Book Award in 2005.

                            My younger brother took this out of his school library not long back and I noticed it lying around in his bedroom while he was out at school, so I decided to take a look. From the front of the book, you wouldn't guess much about the story line, but If you come back to it after finishing the book, it all fits in. There is a young boy wearing a muddy and stained orange t-shirt with the CHERUB symbol on the front and along the bottom of the cover the title and author in big bold letters. Leaving it blank like this drew me in, because I was curious of what the symbol meant.

                            The blurb, on the back of the book, explains that a terrorist wouldn't let a stranger into her flat, (Don't ask me why it's a her), but the terrorists children bring all of their mates home and the kids run all over the place. It then goes on to say that one of these kids has bugged every single room in the house, stolen her address book and made copies of all of her computer files. This child is a CHERUB agent, aged between 10 and 17, these children are trained Government operatives who go into real world scenarios to gain information that sends criminals and terrorists to jail. After reading the blurb I was impelled to read the book, the idea seemed pretty clever, of sending children in to do intelligence jobs which adults can't do, adults never suspect children of spying on them.

                            The blurb on the back gives you a good idea of what the general story line of the book is, although by the eighth chapter I was wondering whether they had got the wrong blurb on the back of the book. The book started off pretty plain and didn't have much special about it, but it does pick itself up. James Choke is the main character in the book, he lives with his Mum (Gwen Choke) and his Half-Sister (Lauren Onions). James gets excluded when one of the girls in his class starts making jokes about his Mum, he pushes her up against the wall and her cheek goes into a Nail sticking out of the wall, which puts her into Hospital. James comes home to find that his Step-Dad is visiting and him and his Mum are drunk in the living room, he goes out to fetch Lauren from school and when he returns he finds his Step-Dad gone and his Mum asleep in bed. He goes into his Mum later that evening to find her tragically dead. James blames Ron, his step-dad for this because his Mum was taking pain killers for an ulcer on her leg and wasn't meant to be drinking. Ron had come over with the Beer to get her drunk in the hope of getting some money out of her. This takes up the first three chapters of the book.

                            The story carried on, James and Lauren were taken into a care home, but after the first day Lauren is taken home by Ron, who refuses to take James as well because they have a deep hate of each other. James is put in a room in the care home with Kyle, another main character that we see quite a bit in the book, and starts attending the new school near to the home. Each evening James would hang out with a group of Yobs, some of them living in the home. On the first night he smashed up a car with them but that was all they did until two weeks later when they volunteered James to steal a few bottles of beer from the local Off-licence. He runs in but the gang hold the door so he can't get out and he's caught by the owner of the shop who calls the police. This is the turning point of the story, he is taken to the police station and given a lecture on people like him who end up in young offenders for the rest of their lives. Next thing he knows he wakes up on the CHERUB campus and after completing some tests he is offered a place as a CHERUB spy. It was here that the blurb started making sense. James completes his 100 day training and sets out on his first CHERUB mission. I am not allowed to tell you any more of the storyline because it is highly confidential.

                            I really enjoyed reading the book because it did put into context some of the experiences some people go through, I got really absorbed by the book and read all 322 pages in one sitting. Once you pick it up, it is hard to put it down. One of the key parts which upset me was the death of James's Mum, which really did hit me even though it is a book. My Mum was diagnosed with cancer years ago and the first few chapters really do put into perspective what they had to live through and what I might have had to go through. The care home community which they were introduced to sounded like an appalling place to live, at one point James was sat in the office and one of the workers was sat at the desk smoking, James was looking at the No Smoking sign and the worker said, "If they sack me, they'll be six staff short," and then proceeded to ask him if he wanted one! It was really portrayed as a dump and a very bad environment, which I'm not sure is 100% true in real care homes.

                            Having never read one of Robert Muchamore's books before, I was very impressed at the way it was written. It was very gripping and written perfectly to keep you curious as to what would happen next. The book also has hints of humour added into it, cleverly placed where you would least expect it. He has also cleverly left plenty of loose ends which are, hopefully, explained in the later books.

                            When the story is finished it has an Epilogue of what happened to the majority of the characters seen in the book between the end of this book and the start of next book. After the epilogue there's a brief history line of the CHERUB organisation and then finally the Blurbs or a quick explanation of the second and third books in the series.

                            When you get past the first six chapters, the story starts to kick in properly, it's extremely fast paced and I'm surprised they managed to fit everything into the 322 pages. The book is a thrilling read and even though it is clearly written for Teenagers I wouldn't consider it to be just aimed at Teenagers any more, anyone with a good imagination and a good sense of humour is almost guaranteed to enjoy this book! I will definitely be reading on through the rest of the series of the CHERUB books.

                            This is all 100% fiction but it really did leave me wondering whether there is an organisation like this that exists. Knowing society today, there would be a major problem with the Health and Safety concerned with putting children into dangerous situations.

                            ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' The CHERUB SERIES '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                            1.The Recruit
                            2.Class A
                            3.Maximum Security
                            4.The Killing
                            5.Divine Madness
                            6.Man vs Beast
                            7.The Fall
                            8.Mad Dog
                            9.The Sleepwalker
                            10.The General
                            11.Brigands MC
                            12.Shadow Wave
                            Another book was written with the CHERUB storyline but doesn't officially come under the series. This book is called Dark Sun and was written for the 2008 world book day.

                            ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Prices '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                            You can find The Recruit for;
                            Amazon, New - £4.89 (www.amazon.co.uk, enter this code into the Search bar: 0340881534)
                            Amazon, Used - £2.76

                            Ebay, New - £2.40 (Search, "The Recruit CHERUB" and select Lowest first)

                            ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Other Information '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                            Product Category : Books
                            ISBN Code : 0340881534
                            Book Title : The Recruit: Bk. 1 (CHERUB)
                            EAN Code : 9780340881538
                            Authors : Robert Muchamore
                            Binding : Paperback
                            Publisher : Hodder Children's Books
                            Publication Date : 24th May 2004
                            Pages : 336
                            List Price (MSRP) : 6.99
                            Height : 0.87 inches
                            Width : 4.88 inches
                            Length : 7.72 inches
                            Weight : 0.4899 pounds
                            Keywords : Fiction


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                            • Rubik's Cube / Puzzle / 166 Readings / 156 Ratings
                              More +
                              27.10.2009 14:07
                              Very helpful



                              Overall a very good classic toy for those who enjoy it.

                              ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' What Is it? '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                              The Rubik's Cube was created in 1974 by Erno Rubik, a professional Hungarian Sculpture. The Rubik's cube is a perfect cube, made up of 26 smaller cubes which are attached by a pivot mechanism at the centre of the cube. This enables you to rotate a layer a full 360 degrees around the centre. The cube has different colours on each side of the cube, the traditional six colours are Yellow, Blue, Orange, White, Red and Green. The aim of the puzzle is to muddle up the colours by rotating each of the sides and then try and put the cube back to it's original position of having one colour on each of the six faces. Overall there are 8 corner cubes, 12 edge cubes and 6 centre cubes. The cube is nearly impossible to complete unless you have some planned method of doing it.

                              ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' My Story '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                              I grew up with a Rubik's cube which my Mum had when she was younger. She had one of the ordinary square 3x3x3 cubes and then she also had a Triangle puzzle which had the same aim as the Cube. I'd tried and tried for years to try and finish either of them and I had never got anywhere with them. When I got one face into place, getting the second one in always used to upset the positioning of the first one! Eventually I gave up with it and it went into the back of the cupboard, it wasn't until last year that it came out again. What prompted me to do it was seeing a video on Youtube of a 3 year old girl completing the cube Live on one of those Chinese chat shows, in 114 seconds! This made me feel very stupid, watching her stare at the cube and turn it meaningfully, at 3 years old and she actually knew what she was doing. (Link included at the end)
                              That was the final straw. I found the cube at the back of the cupboard and sat there for over an hour trying to figure out how to do it. Needless to say, I failed at it again and ended up searching the internet for a solution to the cube. I found one! A site which told me everything that I needed to know and then I found another video on Youtube which explained how to do it step by step. I practiced with the cube and learnt the four algorithm's off by heart, that you needed to complete the cube. At one point I was completing the cube in under 30 seconds. After that it went downhill, I got bored of sitting there doing the same thing with it, which is the main problem with the Rubik's cube, it gets very repetitive especially when you know how to finish the cube and you know the algorithms you need.

                              ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Today? '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                              Rubik's cube is still, today the best selling toy World-Wide. In excess of 350 Million of the original Rubik's cubes have been sold, since the release in 1980. It's been so popular that people have even made a professional sport out of it, known as Speed-Cubing. I think it's pretty ridiculous, but there is a world champion Speed-Cuber! What is the world coming to. There is even a Guinness World Record Entry for the fastest time completing the cube, which at the moment is Eric Akkersdijk with a time of 7.08 seconds. And I thought I was good doing it in 30 seconds!

                              It didn't stop there, the release of the "Pocket cube" which is a 2x2x2 Rubik's cube, technically isn't a Rubik's cube, but I'll add it in anyway. After that the "Rubik's Revenge" was released, which is a 4x4x4 version of the Rubik's cube, and then the "Professor's Cube" a 5x5x5 cube. Designs started for the 6x6x6 cube, but the pivot mechanism wouldn't work for that amount of smaller cubes attached together. Not long after that a new method was designed to create V-Cubes of 6x6x6 all the way up to 11x11x11. In the end, anything higher than the original 3x3x3 cube shouldn't be attempted if you get stuck on the 3x3x3, because they're twice as hard and take twice as long. Anything higher than the 3x3x3 cube are professional Speed-Cuber's. The original is good enough for me!

                              I didn't purchase the 4x4x4 cube or any of the others, but my brother did. I've attempted them many times, to no avail! Maybe I'll try again some day if I see another 3 year old doing the 4x4x4 cube in 113 seconds. I very much doubt this will happen.

                              ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*' Price And Overall Opinion? '*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                              The price of the original Rubik's cube is £7.99 on Amazon, (Link Below). I wouldn't recommend buying this one as it can get very stiff and hard to use. You can buy the professional version which cheaper and is very well oiled and turns MUCH easier on Amazon for £2.99, which is the one that I have. (Link Below)
                              If your wanting the 2x2x2, 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 6x6x6 or 7x7x7, all of the links are listed in the Source section below, along with the price.
                              Overall I think that the Rubik's cube is a classic toy which is still very much alive today. It's interesting to use and it gets your brain working! The only problem is that it's very hard to complete if you don't have a proper method, but I've added a link for the method below. It can get boring if you know how to do it and can do it very well, so if you get to that stage you'd be better going onto the 4x4x4 and beyond!

                              ,.-¬*''*¬-.,¸¸,.-¬* Facts And Figures' *¬-.,¸¸,.-¬*''*¬-.

                              There are 40,320 ways to arrange the corner cubes.
                              There are 239,500,800 ways to arrange the edge cubes.
                              There are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 (Approx. 43 Quintillion) different "Permutations". If you were to start with a solved cube, the solved cube is one Permutation. If you were then to take the cube and turn the top of it, the outcome would be a second Permutation, as long as it isn't the same as any before. Each time you turn something on the cube you get a different Permutation, as long as it isn't the same as any done before.
                              If you were to take 43 Quintillion Cubes and put one Permutation on each of them, lining them up would reach 261 Light Years long. To put this into perspective, if that's possible, that would reach from here to Pluto 3.25 Million Times.

                              It's impossible to get to some "Permutations" through turning the cube. If you were to count these Permutations into the figures, by taking the cube apart and putting it back together again in the unreachable Permutation, you would end up having;

                              A final total of 519,024,039,293,878,272,000 (519 Quintillion) different Permutations reachable from taking the cube apart and putting it back together again.

                              (For those who want me to put Quintillion into a context, firstly you have Million, then Billion, followed by Trillion, then Quadrillion and finally Quintillion)

                              If you thought that was big enough, the 7 x 7 x 7 V-cube has a number of Permutations too long to list here. It is a 161 digit number.

                              The 3 year old girl who completed the Cube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSqUcrFJ498)

                              The Video which explains how to do it. (www.videojug.com/interview/ how-to-solve-a-rubiks-cube-in-under-a-minute#first-layer) Be aware that before the video, there is usually a 20 second advertisement which you can't skip, Just bear with it.

                              Some of the figures came from Wikipedia. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubik%27s_Cube) All have been put into my own words and the only part of the figures which I claim as mine is Point 4 in the Facts and Figures Section Which I worked out myself.

                              I took the Light speed and put it into Kilometres using the calculator on this page. (http://www.angelfire.com/empire/blueyard/calcs.html) and then using the fact from Wikipedia on Earth to Pluto distance, I arrived at the value of 3.25 million.

                              2x2x2 - £2.99 from China. (http://www.Ebay.co.uk) Search for 2x2 cube and you will find hundreds, most from China. Best price I could see was £2.99.

                              3x3x3 Original - £7.99. (http://www.amazon.co.uk) Search for Rubik's origional Cube.

                              3x3x3 Speed-Cube Recommended. (http://www.amazon.co.uk) Search for speed cube, it will be the 3x3x3 cube for £2.99.

                              4x4x4 - £16.95. (http://www.amazon.co.uk)

                              5x5x5 - £22.99. (http://www.amazon.co.uk)

                              6x6x6 V Cube- £37.99. (http://www.amazon.co.uk)

                              7x7x7 V Cube - £49.99. (http://www.amazon.co.uk)

                              -All of my work is my own, except what has been stated.
                              © Pete1993 and written for Dooyoo.co.uk
                              This review may appear on other review websites such as Ciao, under the same username.


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                                20.10.2009 18:20
                                Very helpful



                                I would highly recommend this to anyone. An amazing peice of technology. Guaranteed to help Studying


                                The Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen. Amazing new technology, all built into a pen. Of course it has it's downsides, but overall the pen is very useful. I bought it last month and have been using it none stop since then, it has never failed me yet. Absolutely amazing! I was extremely surprised that this item has actually had no reviews on it.

                                ~~What does the product do?~~

                                The Livescribe Pulse Smart Pen (A bit long-winded), is a pen which has amazing built in technology. The pen functions as a normal pen but it has a few extra features. Inbuilt into the pen is a voice recorder and also an infra-red camera at the tip, which records everything that you write or draw. The pen records everything that you write and attaches this to the audio file which is being recorded. The pen has an inbuilt speaker for playing back anything which has been recorded. You can also play back through headphones. The pen can then be plugged into a computer or Mac, via USB to download your audio files and written drawings or notes. You have to use special paper with the pen, which is basically how the camera works. The paper has millions of dots on it, which shows the camera where you are on the paper.

                                ~~The Box~~

                                So, What comes in the box? First of all you will get a completely interactive set of instructions. You take the pen and click on each number in the leaflet and the pen itself will talk you through it! I thought that this was a very good addition to the package, a very good idea. Secondly, you will find a starter notebook, which has around 100 pages of the special paper which is needed to use the pen. Underneath the notebook you will find the pen itself, alongside a case for the pen. Alongside the pen, you will also find the USB pen charger, which is also used for downloading your audio files off onto a computer or Mac. You will find a set of Stereo Earphones and a spare ink cartridge.

                                ~~The Notebook~~

                                The Notebook consists of 100 pages of the special paper which is used to write with the pen. The first two pages of the notebook are packed with special features for your pen, there is a full scientific calculator printed on the paper, the settings for the pen, the date an time are also on here. There is a keyboard on here, which you can't currently use. The paper consist of millions of tiny dots which helps the camera to pick up the marks that you make on the paper. Along the bottom of each page, there is the interface. It is printed on the bottom of a page and is nothing special, until you touch the buttons with the tip of the pen. The interface is used to control most of the functions on the pen. The buttons along the bottom go in this order; Record, Pause, Stop, Jump Buttons, Bookmark Buttons, A scroll bar which allows you to jump to a position in the audio which your playing back, Playback Speed (Up and Down) and finally Volume (Up and Down). To use the buttons just tap the nib of the pen on the button, printed on the paper. The pen will do the rest. The camera on the bottom of the pen picks up which button you have pressed and completes the action required.

                                ~~The Case~~

                                The case is made of leather and it is in the shape of a pen. It has an open top, so it is more like a pouch to slide your pen into. The open top shows the earphone slot, which means you can play back your notes while the pen is in it's case. Near the top of the case there is a clear plastic rectangle, which allows you to see the screen while the pen is in the case. There is also a slot on the back where you can keep additional ink cartridges. The case is very durable and is a perfect fit for the pen!

                                ~~The Earphones~~

                                The earphones are not just ordinary earphones. The earphones are designed so you can get even crisper and clearer playback than with the built in speaker. The built in speaker is good enough anyway, but this just takes it to a new level. There are tiny microphones on all sides of the earphone which allows you to get a perfect surround sound effect. It more or less sounds like someone is in the room talking to you.

                                ~~The Pen~~

                                The pen has many different features when writing down on paper. When you start the pen recording, make notes to the person talking or the music playing. After the session has finished and you stop the pen you can go back to your notes written on the paper and click on any part of the text, it will then play the audio which it recorded when you wrote down that part of your notes.
                                When you are finished you can then put these files onto your computer to access whenever you want to. Using the computer software, it will show you your notes on the computer screen and you can search these notes for specific words and then click on certain words or sentences to find out what audio was recorded at that time.

                                ~~Additional Features~~

                                Translator - The pen has a special Translator feature which is on the back of the Demo card, in the notebook. You can set the pen to translate everything that you write. If you wrote down on the page "One" and the pen was set to translate too French, the pen would say out loud "Une".
                                Paper Instrument - Another feature on the demo card, it lets you draw a 9 bar keyboard on your paper and then play the piano or other instruments on the keyboard. An amazing feature added to the pen.

                                ~~My Experiences Using The Pen~~

                                As I said previously, I have been using this pen for nearly a month now. It is one amazing piece of technology to use. I have recorded about 10 hours worth of notes onto this and it still has space left, showing that the 2GB memory is plenty of space. I have charged the pen up twice, averaging about 5 hours worth of audio and notes per charge, this may be just how I have used it. For me the battery life is very good and lasts long enough. Charging the Pen doesn't take very long either. One of the slight downsides for me is the size of the pen, it is bigger than a normal pen and can get pretty heavy when using it for an hour long period, but if you've got the audio there you won't need to make many notes. Another thing which really impressed me was how it managed to recognise my writing. My writing is pretty dreadful but it still manages to pick up every single word which I write, nothing left out. The playback quality is very impressive from the speaker, and even more so from the earphones themselves.
                                There are, however some drawbacks with this pen. You cannot write in colour, so you can't add colour to your notes which a lot of people like doing. This isn't much of a drawback for me, because I never actually write or add in colour with my notes anyway, but other people may find this a bit annoying. The more annoying bit is that you can't erase with it, if you write it on the paper, it's there permanently, you can't get rid of it! This is a bit annoying for me, because I make a lot of mistakes, so some of my pages are full of scribbles, which doesn't help because the scribbles have audio attached to them too. Lastly is the paper, you need special paper to use the pen, so you can't just use normal lined paper. The paper costs $20 (Approx. £10) for four professional notepads, the same as the one that comes with the Pen, each pad having about 100 pages to it. I have also been told that you can print your own paper, but you need a good printer and the special template from the LiveScribe website. (Edit. Checked this out. You can print your own paper, using the software provided with the pen. That is, if your printer can cope with it, which mine can't!)

                                ~~The Price~~

                                The LiveScribe Pen is pretty well priced considering all of the features that it consists of. It's ground breaking technology and is starting a new way to study and learn. You will never miss a word your Boss says in meetings or your lecturer says during a lecture. The pen is £119.99 on Amazon.co.uk, which is an extremely fair price in my opinion.


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